Early Mornings Stink

Date: 2017-09-20
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Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 12:31:54 83076
The sun hasn't even risen yet when Yuuki is awakened. there is nothing more miserable then early morning training. Its just horrid. Still, training is what she needs to do and even if she wants to curl up in the bed again, she has to go out and do this thing. Quietly she slips out wearing a sweat suit and her star bracelet.

The morning is crisp and rather quiet. She takes off running at a steady pace moving quietly she makes her way toward the park where she begins doing laps. Already she is sweating up a storm. Its just a little humid and it shows. As she runs, she is humming a classical music piece. One she is practicing and preparing for competition.
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 12:44:39 83077
Well, it's a mostly quiet morning, anyway.

Off the beaten path, a scuffle echoes through. Fists meet bone and flesh-- and pummeled bodies hit the ground. Unconscious color gangers spread through the grassy areas there.

And then, it quiets up again. And the one who's left ends up right upon the path Yuuki's taking to jogging.

The tall, distinctly caucasian boy that stumbles there isn't wearing the colors of any gang-- unless there's a gang that typically wears brown leather jackets. Tired, bright green eyes don't notice Yuuki immediately after what could just as well have been an entire night of brawling, even-- he's just glad to be out of it all now, even if he is coming out of it with a bloodied nose.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 12:49:49 83078
Yuuki Oshiro continues moving. She doesn't exactly know what is going on in the park. The color gangers are a complete unknown to the young girl. Probably best they didn't come after her though. Its not like she has anything they would deem valuable on her anyway. She just keeps running and barely enjoying herself.

When Alexis comes out onto the path, she catches sight of him. She notes the blood and winces a little. "Owwie, Umm, your nose is bleeding." She states as she slows down to a stop. She pulls a bottle of water out of her pocket and takes a long sip. "Are you okay?"
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 12:58:12 83079
"Neh?" Alex's eyes snap over to the direction of Yuuki's voice, taking the girl in for a moment, head tipped off to one side.

"..:Yes," he offers in apparent agreement to her observation. "That tends to happen when you take baseball bat to the face." Well, he's fairly nonchalant about that, isn't he.

Rather than answering to her question, his eyes dip down to the bottle of water, and he holds his hand out, palm up, in apparent request. "Spare a sip? Been a long night."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 13:03:30 83080
Yuuki Oshiro winces a little and nods. She hands him over the bottle. "Keep it." She states with a little smile. "So you took a baseball bat to the face and all you got out of it was a bloody nose? Not a busted nose? Not a broken head?!" She shutters at the thought of taking such a hit.

She quietly thinks as she takes a little break. "That would mean either, the person who hit you held back or, you're a lot stronger then you look. Stronger then a normal human anyway." She states in observation. "So ummm. How did it happen?" SHe asks curiously.
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 13:10:33 83081
"Nah," says Alex, right before he takes the bottle and takes a sip just long enough to properly wet his mouth-- and after swallowing, he hands the container back over to her, claiming "Hydration's important when you're runnin', eh?"

At the rest of her words, he lifts his brows up. Stronger than normal human, she says, huh? For a moment, his expression turns... rueful? "Don't get me wrong," he says with a shake of his head, sticking both his hands down into the pockets of his jacket as he turns along to the length of the path proper. "I'm tough, but I ain't no superhero or nuttin'. I just know how to take hits and give'em back worse. It ain't like I just let 'im get a free shot in, ya'no? And as for how it happened..." His expression turns briefly sheepish. "...You know. Stuff happened. Some people got pissed at me for... stuff. And they got their friends pissed about it too and then things kinda just escalated from there."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 13:19:22 83082
Yuuki Oshiro Hmmms. She shrugs. "Taking a baseball bat to the face and only getting a bloody nose from it? That has got to be some amazing skills there!" She smiles a little and shakes her head. "You keep it. I'm not far from home." She looks around and thinks a little.

"I umm. I was just training. I have so much I need to learn and such a short time to do it. I wanna learn to do otherstuff but, apparently stuff and physical training are linked. That makes it really difficult."
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 13:26:50 83083
"Nah, I'm not so starved or bled out that I need to steal water from a girl," insists Alex with a shake of his head-- though he comes to a stop to turn a bemused look back at Yuuki at her last words in particular.

"...'Other stuff', huh?" He repeats, turning back to facing her more. "What kind of 'stuff', exactly?"
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 13:32:35 83084
Yuuki Oshiro blinks a few times. "Oh umm. I am ummm.... I dunno what you would call me really. I'm confusing. Sometimes I go out and I help people but I don't think I'm a superhero either. I mean I'm not a sailor V or anything" She states lying through her teeth. "Fine!" She takes the water back and slides it in her pocket.

"Anyway its a lot of training to become stronger and stuff. Well not as much physically stronger but... well yes, physically stronger I guess. But mentally stronger too. Its really difficult at times.
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 13:42:13 83085
"Oh yeah?" says Alex, sounding distinctly unimpressed by Yuuki's explanation. He crosses his thick arms together, and regards the girl for a long, analytic consideration. "You know," he says eventually. "If you don't want people to think you're magic, you should come up with some better cover story than 'learning to help people without being a superhero'. Say you're exercising for self-improvement's sake because your instructor said a healthy body brings out better music from the soul within." He flashes his teeth in an amused smile with that.

"It's okay. I hold a lot of secrets like that for people."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 13:48:21 83086
Yuuki Oshiro Looks at Alex and raises an eyebrow. "You? Think I'm Magical?" She laughs a little. "If I were magical wouldn't I be flying instead of running? I'd have crazy powers that I'd be training with rather then the whole physical training wouldn't I?" She comments as she looks around.

She's actually looking for other people. Last thing she needs is to get more of this secret out. She simply tries to wait and see what else Alexis might say. Instead of simply giving in she waits to see his deduction of the situation.
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 13:53:50 83087
"You *just* said you're wanting to learn to do stuff that involves being physically more strong too, didn't you?" Alex points out with a raise of his brows. "Magic powers can just as well take some stamina too-- and I know a lot who use them in conjunction with their own physical abilities, see? I can only assume that 'other stuff' has to do with that, outside of training your mental strength to have more solid willpower to challenge through, hm? Besides, judging from your expression before, you probably thought *I* was some superhuman guy too because I don't have my head cracked open on some ditch somewhere."

Then, one corner of his mouth flickers upwards slightly. "Also," he says. "Everyone who's magic has this throbbing vein visible on their temple when they're in chilly air like this."

That last part is an utter and complete lie, but he's not letting *that* show from his expression-- he just wants to see how she reacts to that.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 14:01:45 83088
Yuuki Oshiro Looks at the man. "Oh so you're magical!" She states with a little giggle. Quietly she does another glance around. Finally she does the big test. She speaks up. "Magical! Radiant!" She focuses and then calls out, "Barrier!" A grey circle begins extending from her feet outwards. Within moments she will be covered by that barrier. If Alexis is touched by magic, he will be inside the barrier too. If not, he won't be. She will have simply faded from sight.
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 14:20:07 83089
"Well..." Alex starts to say when she declares him to be magic, only for her to carry on to CAST A SPELL. His eyes widen and he holds up a hand. "Wai--!" He tries to say, but it's too late. The barrier takes place already.

"...Guuuu." Alex's brow twitches rapidly, and inside the barrier, he sloooowly looks to the left. He looks to the right. Twitch. Twitch. "...Am I outside of time and space *again*?" He grumbles, before looking down at Yuuki. "Was this *really* necessary? I was just about to say that I just *know* magic people! I just *know* them!"

And yet, he's inside the barrier, too. Fancy that.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 14:25:48 83090
Yuuki Oshiro smirks, "And you are Magical in nature." She sighs. "You're in a barrier. It blocks out anyone who isn't magical. If you weren't magical in nature, you wouldn't be inside. You'd be outside of the barrier and I would be there but at the edge of your consciousness. At least thats what Shining Star told me. Yes I am magical. I'm a Mage. Half Earthling half Midchildan." She giggles a little bit. "So yeah. Not outside time or space. Just inside a magical space that causes non-magical types to ignore everything happening in it.'
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 14:35:34 83091
"...No, no, that can't be right," Alex insists with a wave of his hand. "I don't have *any* magic at all. I *used* to be a vampire, sure, but I got cured of that like three months ago, and I was that way for only three months at that. Unless, I guess, since I've been dealing with magic people and things long enough I don't deal with that whole 'forgetting magic' thing either that my soul counts close enough for the barrier or whatever."

...That doesn't sound *entirely* like it would really be enough, truth be told. But *he* sure seems to actually believe it in this case.

And then, the german boy is tilting his head slightly to the side, curiously. "You're half-Midchildan?" He asks. "Not just your Device?" Oh, apparently he knows about *those* too.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 14:43:05 83092
Yuuki Oshiro Smiles, "You were touched by magic though. Its like when we're little and we touch a hot stove. Do we need to be told that the stove is hot again? We learn that touching hot surfaces burns. When you are touched by magic, you never forget it. It becomes a part of you. You aren't a vampire anymore but you were. You had access to magic. That means you were touched by it." She snickers.

"Oh ummm Yes! and my device is a little different too. My dad was from Midchilda and my mom from here. My dad made devices. Shining Star is a prototype. One loaded with lots of information loaded into it. She is actually able to teach me stuff. Cool huh?"
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 14:49:08 83093
"Whoa," Alex lets out in a genuinely impressed sound, eyes widening while they regard Yuuki all over again. "That's... Huh. All the other Device users I've met were all full-blooded... er, earthlings, I guess the word owuld be in this case. Their Devices too, they... well.." His eyes sweep down along Yuuki's arms, as if searching for something. "I suppose yours still counts as a Midchildan device, all things considered, but... I didn't realize they could be made here, too."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 14:53:02 83094
Yuuki Oshiro frowns, "I believe Shining Star was made on Midchilda. My dad crashed here. He stopped making things when he met my mom. He took a job in construction and came down sick. It sorta killed him." She frowns a little. "Anyway. My Device is technically an Intelligent device like a couple of the others. She's just programed with a whole lot more information. Enough to teach me how to be a proper mage I guess. They can be made here I think. I dunno how but maybe it would be cool to try to follow in my daddy's footsteps?"
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 14:57:57 83095
"...Oh..." Alex lets out in a quiet little sound, and suddenly he looks extremely apologetic, dipping his head downwards. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." He murmurs quietly. He clears his throat after a moment, and then nods his head. "You mean, making Devices for yourself? I have no idea what would go into that, but I get the image that it'd be... bit of an ordeal."
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 15:00:06 83096
Yuuki Oshiro nods, "Well, I would need to talk to the TSAB and get some information. I need to talk to them anyway. Anyhoo I need to get home. I have to get ready for school and everything. Sorry about the barrier." She quickly lets the magic fade and smiles. "It was nice meeting you!"
Stahlritter 2017-09-20 15:06:29 83097
"TSAB..." Alex repeats, with a sudden, deep frown. The frown changes almost instantly to a confused look, as if he was surprised at himself for that particular reaction. "Huh?" He ends up saying in response to her then, the thought distracting him almost enough to miss her eclaration of needing to go. "Oh... yeah, don't worry about it, just..." A hand lifts up in a wave. "Take care of yourself, okay?" Says the guy with who got pummeled with a bat.
Yuuki Oshiro 2017-09-20 15:07:59 83098
Yuuki Oshiro smiles, "Time Space Administration Bureau." She states as she stretches. "Thank you! I definitely will. You be safe and umm, you may want to consider carrying a shield or something if you are fighting people with weapons and stuff." With that she's off.