Making a Mewtastic Autumn Festival

Things go a little weird when two students begin showing signs that everything is not alright after some bizarre events yesterday...

Date: 2017-09-21
Pose Count: 48
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 02:04:15 83100
Summer is finally coming to its end. The air is changing, becoming cooler. Already the need for sweaters and the desire for pumpkin spice everything is becoming apparent. Just a few more days of Summer and it will be Autumn. The sun is shining, Its a pleasant day. Not overly hot but not cool either. Just a good day. The schools have decided to come together to celebrate the changing of seasons. They have opted to use Infinity to be the place for the celebration this year and students from the various schools are here. Everywhere you look, there are students doing different things. Some are putting up decorations. Some are setting up a stage for a little music. Some are even out carving pumpkins and all over, people are having fun. Teachers are using this day as an opportunity to teach life lessons as opposed to curriculum. All in all its a very interesting day.

Among the students who are present is Ichigo Momomiya from Seishou Middle School. She happens to be one of the students carving pumpkins. Or... at least she should be. Ichigo has been feelign a bit off since yesterday. The whole situation with her boyfriend and her passing out... even the weird dream she had is playing on her heavily. Right now she happens to be sleeping using a pumpkin as a pillow!!! As she sleeps she mutters a various barrage of mews and nyas. One of her friends just looks at her and comments to the others. "She is such a freak." Another of her friends wake her up.

Ichigo stretches and yawns in a cat like fashion. "Mmmmm its really nice out. I think its going to rain though nya~."
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 02:11:34 83101
Somewhere nearby is a guy in infinity university high's school uniform. He looks to be pretty average in hieght and such. Only thing that stands out besides what he's doing is his hair. Not only does it looks a bit crazy, but there's a darker bit on top that seems to almost move independantly of the rest of his hair. As for what he's doing? He's just leaning against a wall, slacking off as he people watches for a moment.
Mara Brando 2017-09-21 02:17:27 83102
    Mara is from Seiou Public school, and is definitely good with sound a decent at playing guitar, so she should know how to set up the stage. She is directing where to put the amps while the stage is being placed together. It doesn't take her long before she gets bored of watching everyone put the stage together with that one good eye of her's.

    Mara turns away from her duties and walks over to her guitar case that was sitting at the edge of the stage. She stops to crouch down next to it, opening it up to pull out her electric guitar, a pick, and her cable to plug into an amp. She grins maniacally and looks over to an amp.. "Good thing I tuned this thing earlier... hehe...." She walks over to the amp they were testing earlier and it is still plugged in, thankfully . She sits down on it, turning the knobs to where she wants them to get the sound she wants, and even knows where to turn them without have to strike a single cord on her guitar. Once she gets it plugged up, she goes through the notes, low to high, then back to low. The volume isn't loud, but if people were paying attention, they can hear it.
Lacrima 2017-09-21 02:28:31 83104
Lacrima has not been 'Norie' for a while. That won't change. 'Norie' has run away again. Norie is dead. Her brother said so. So she can only be Lacrima. But there's always a thing that Norie wants to go to and that is the Equinox Festival the school holds and thusly, she has also dragged Jiaying along- who is back from Taiwan!

She's dressed up more than a little, in her fancy dress, with it's corset top. She eyes Jiaying and says. "Thanks for coming with me." she says quietly. "I used to like going to this, with friends, but..." she says. "That obviously doesn't happen a whole lot." she says curtly. "Anymore." the vampiress says.

She looks back front and-- there's. Someone slacking. Someone is tuning a guitar. And pumpkins are being carved.

"Maybe I should go as myself for halloween." she spits out for no particular reason.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-21 02:33:52 83105
Jiaying Maki is in fact back town once again, she's not quite as dressed up as Lacrima, having instead opted for a long knit jacket, a simple black blouse and a long skirt. There's boots there too, but they're a lot harder to spot and all. A bucket cap with a number of pins stuck around it finish the look out. She may or may not be going for lazy and comfy.

Looking back to the vampire, she glances around, puts an arm around her and gives her a hug that may include some lifting. Then she grins, "So nothing's changed. You're here to have fun with friends right? Just make it a new habit."

There's a view of other people being lazy as well, which gets a grin from the fox-girl. "Oh great, I won't stand out too much." followed by a sidelong glance. "I've done that. It gets tails pulled. Maybe you should go as uh..." she pauses. Frowns. "I can't remember the thing I Was thinking of."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 02:42:02 83106
As Ichigo finally wakes up a little more. She looks at the pumpkin she had been using as a pillow and starts carving into it. She cuts the bottom off and starts working on the scooping out all the nasty stuff inside. THen she starts carving it. But... The sun is shining right down on her. How can she not feel a little drowzy from this. She yawns and then begins working on he cutting the lines she wants in the pumpkin. And then... Zzz. She's out again and practically purring over the comfort of the warm sun.
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 02:48:56 83108
Lamya has this habit of just kind of appearing out of nowhere. It's not like she was invisible, or that she teleported or antyhing. Just, despite her unusual looks people seem to just not notice her until she speaks. "What are you doing?" she asks the sleeping Ichigo from out of nowhere, crouching so her school skirt covers her legs, arms clasped about her knees for balance. Her red eyes flicking curiously between the cat napping girl and the half carved pumpkmin.
Lacrima 2017-09-21 02:56:41 83110
Lacrima softly looks to Jiaying and doesn't smile, but keeps her usual straight face, though her eyebrows raise a little. "Maybe." she says quietly. "But I miss my dance club friends." she says quietly. That was two years ago. Yeah. Sometimes. Things are just a mess.

Even when they're okay.

She blinks over to Ichigo who falls asleep and she frowns and narrows her eyes, before opening them and seeming to search her thoughts. She isn't.. feeling anything horrible and energy draining.

Must just be mundane tiredness, she thinks.

Then wait. is that....

"Jia-chan, do you see that girl there? That's Lamya-chan. The new housemate." she says curtly. Then more whispering. "The dragon girl.." she offers.
Mara Brando 2017-09-21 02:59:10 83111
    Mara strummed on the guitar a couple of more times, then stops.. She sets the guitar down, and pulls her phone out to look at it. She reads a message on her phone for a moment, and just sits there for a few moments. She slides her phone back into her pocket as she stands up and sighs. "I will be back for you later, my lovely guitar.." She hops down off of the stage and walks toward the exit, leaving the campus grounds.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 03:00:08 83112
The guy that'd been leaning up against the wall shoves himself up onto just his own two feet as he eyes Ichigo with at least a minor amount of concern in the half of his face than can be seen through his hair. Sure it's not so much a big deal, but it seems like falling asleep while using a sharp object is really not a great idea. He gently leands over the younger girl that seems to be getting minorly insulted by her friends, and prods at one of her shoulders with a finger. "Dude, are you going to be ok like this," he wonders with a slight tilt of his head.

As the music stops so quickly he peers toward the stage and frowns. Awww, he was looking forward to some music! Ah well, it's not as if there is a lack of people around to distract himself with instead.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-21 03:14:12 83114
Jiaying Maki tilts her head from one side to the other, looking at the pointed out girl. There's a few moments of quiet thought, a few moments of not so quiet hrming and humming. Finally she shakes her head and says, "You said the wing-y sort right?" Surprisingly she's not saying it too loud. Maybe she's learned some tact. Or she's just being more careful at least.

Then she tilts her head the other way, one last time and nudges Norie, "I can't dance, but we should totally do karaoke or something. You ever hear a fox bark? Best sound in the world." She can't even say that with a straight face. But at least it wasn't an old meme, right? ... She couldn't remember how to say it.

The sleepy girl gets some of her curiousity too. Why's she so tired? "Was there a big test coming up? Did I forget to study for something?" she asks to Norie, leaning over to do so.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 03:18:36 83116
Ichigo snaps awake again. She looks around. Then, "OH! I was umm, I was just carving a pumpkin. Getting it ready for halloween nya~. Would you like to carve one too?" She offers to Lamya. Whats really amazing, even though she fell asleep on her pumpkin again and was cleaning it out, she actually isn't covered with pumpkin on her school uniform. She may be wearing an apron to avoid that thankfully. She then looks at the guy that called her dude. "Oh umm. It just really nice. though I think its going to rain. Still the sun feels really nice and I Just want to curl up and enjoy it. Don't you think nya~?" She doesn't even realize that she is making a cat mew like that. Why would she? She's too drowsy to notice. Happily she begins working on the pumpkin again, sketching the design on it to get it purrrrrrrfect.
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 03:20:49 83117
Lamya's serious eyes slide from Ichigo to the pumpkin. "What is halloween?" she asks, as she picks up one of the already carved pumpkins as studies it. "And what is the relevence of defacing perfectly good gourds?" A familiar voice catches an ear and she turns to spy that her roommate and friend are walking along together. She raises a hand in greeting and offers a smile before turning back to the not-catgirl.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 03:23:38 83119
The guy who'd prodded at Ichigo smiles at the others, though he's not entirely looking satisfied. "Well, maybe not fall asleep using the knife?" Then peers curiously toward the others before he moves to sit near her. Talking with all those Nyas is deffinetly different, but it doesn't seem to put him off at all.
Lacrima 2017-09-21 03:35:56 83120
Lacrima gives a little wave back to Lamya. "Why don't you ask her later, when we're not in public. Not a lot of tact. Asks too many questions still." she says silently. She gently sighs a bit. She walks on over. "Halloween. Is a time of year people dress up in costumes to collect candy to appease spirits." she says quietly. "Hallo's Eve. Sam Hain. Similar holidays." she says curtly. "Not all the same. But sam idea."

She sighs and flips her hair a bit. "I am La Crima." she says. She eyes the odd verbal tick. She grimaces a bit.

She looks back to Jiaying. "This is Jiaying Maki. Lamya-chan. She this is girl I talked about before. Who also shares the manor with me to some degree."
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-21 03:42:21 83121
Jiaying Maki screws up her face for a moment before asking, "Sam Hain's the pumpkin guy right?" There's a brief scowl, then a shake of her head and a shrug. Halloween's only known to her as an excuse to go in 'costume' in public. She does at least follow after Norie, wanting to avoid the whole problem of getting lost and distracted by something shiny.

"Did I say the other name out loud?" When she hears Norie stating her name, the disguise-y one. She does return the wave to the maybe-actually-a-dragon and asks, "Me or her?" while leaning over to keep that between Norie and herself. That was in response to the tact question. She thought she'd been trying!

There's a beat or two before she snaps out of her thoughts, "I warded a lot of it after a shado- I spend time there a lot too. That's why there's so many eggs there." Not her smoothest coverup. She's distracted!
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 03:49:37 83122
"Oh! Nice to meet you all. My name is Ichigo Momomiya. I am from Seishou Middle School nya~. I was just working on my pumpkin" She giggles a little and looks at Lamya. "Well the idea is you carve a scary face into the pumpkin and you put a candle in it. Light it at night and it will scare off evil spirits! Its a lot of fun! Then on Halloween, At the end of next month, we all dress in costumes and we go get candy! Its really fun!" She giggles. She backs up from her pumpkin a little so everyone can see the scary face... The very scary... Cat face.

Her attention goes to Makio, "I didn't even think about the nyaife. I was just so tired." She smiles a little. "So what are you going to carve into your pumpkin?" she asks him. She turns back to Lamya, Lacrima and Jiaying, "Would you like to carve pumpkins mew?!"
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 03:52:18 83123
Lamya eyes the carved pumpkin critically, turning it over in her hands. "I do not see how this will scare off evil spirits," she admits. "It's really not that frightning." When Lacrima comes to greet her, though, she ends up setting the pumpkin down and getting to her feet "It is a pleasure to meet you," she says, before bowing hesitantly before her new roommate, making sure she's getting the local custom right.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 03:56:37 83124
Makio Ryu tilts his head again. What to carve on a pumpkin that's scary? "Oh yeah, I'm Makio Ryu," he replies, not bothering to point out the fact he's in Infinity University High due to his uniform, "Nice to meet you dudes...welcome to the campus." Apparently he's the sort that throws the word 'dude' around for either gender. At Lamya's critizism of the pumpkin he looks over as well. "Maybe it'd ward off spirits by making them too distracted by how cute it is?"
Lacrima 2017-09-21 04:06:53 83125
Lacrima frowns. "It's supposed to. I say. There's no such thing as spirits." she super lies for the crowd. No she knows spirits exist. She's kind of undead. If she exists So can other things. Also. Jia-chan's ghost pal. GHOSTS EXIST.

Not that she'll admit loudly in a mundane setting.

Despite who utterly pale and toothy she is in the teeth, dressed like a Victorian vampire.

"Maybe that might work." she says quietly. She agrees for the sake of agreeing as she side-eyes Jiaying. No reason for that. Just. She's putting on a show, hahahahhahahaha.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-21 04:10:53 83126
Jiaying Maki shakes her head and says, "On the other side it's- . . . Supposedly things look different. They're like totems you know? That's the right word right?" There's a moment's thought before adding, "I should look into that at some point. Those are fun stories. The monster parade sorts I mean." She's totally wandered off topic.

Mutterings about red string aside, and her peachwood an... she does catch herself before she's too far gone. "So uh, hi. It's been a while, I've been back home which is why I wasn't around the manor. You'd be amazed what kind of neat things you get with out of the way towns right?"

The other two present get a quick look, "Distracting and cute might not be a bad thing for that sort of thing, I bet it would totally work. In theory." Yes, theory.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 04:17:56 83127
Ichigo Momomiya blinks a few times at her cute kitty face pumpkin. She has a very curious look. Did she even know she was doing this? "This isn't what I wanted to make. It was supposed to be a scary vampire thing. It didn't work right. Maybe I should make another one-nya~." She looks at her pumpkin again hardly noticing the crazy conversation going on. She quietly starts looking for another pumpkin.

A glance at the sky would show that clouds are moving in. Not the cute puffy ones either. The heavy grey ones that like to look menacing.

As the various people enjoy themselves, the schools had a fun idea for their students. A few grills are brought out and fired up. A few things are thrown on them. One of them being... Tuna. "Mmmmmmm Something is smelling really good." A smile crosses Ichigo's face and wait... were those cute little fangs there before?
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 04:19:46 83128
"Mm," grunts Lamya in disagreement. "No. In my experience, spirits generally don't care about such things." Sometimes it's so weird to see a girl so young act so mature. "Here. Let me show you." She sits down at the table with a blank pumkin and a small paring knife and starts to work on it. "See, spirits don't see the world in the same way that we do, so you'd have to make a carving that is not only truly horrifying but is able to pierce into the ether in order for it to be effective...." and with that she's off, nattering away to herself about things like ectoplasmic condensation, necrotic polarization and other such arcane stuff as she works on the pumpkin's face. Occasionally when she's trying to work at a particularly difficult angle, a tongue will poke out, making the dragon girl loook, well, cute.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 04:20:57 83129
Makio Ryu crosses his arms thoughtfully, still all smiles. "Well, I don't know about spirits, but it would probably make life more interesting if it's true..." Yeah there might be BAD spirits, but think of all the cool friends people could make with the good ones. "At least all the stories about magic and stuff are pretty cool. ...imagine if we could make the pumpkins float and breath fire? If they don't look scary ALREADY that'd probably do it." That said, he finally picks up a knife and starts to go for a pumpkin, only to pause mid movement. His eye suddenly goes wide for some reason as he turns to /stare/ toward the source of that fishy smell.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 04:22:21 83130
Familiar to some, unfamiliar to others, and completely invisible and inaudible to those who are not attuned to magical energies, a tiny, perhaps 8-9 inches tall, figure with blue hair and a yellow and white tennis outfit and a white hairband flits over the top of the crowd, flying along and examining the concessions and stands and events and things from all of the schools. Daichi bobs along, looking over things, until suddenly he perks up, looking straight at the group of magical beings. There's one there in particular he recognizes as not having seen in a long time, and one he recognizes but is a little too afraid to interact with much because she threatens to eat him.

"Jiaying!" whizz, splat. There is a little Chara hugging the side of Jiaying Maki's neck after a moment, before hopping back to stand on the edge of her shoulder and wave at her. "Hi! I thought I felt you!" He leans over and grins weakly at Lacrima. "Hi Lacrima... Kukai's coming too!"

He looks back at the crowd as a tall, brown-haired figure parts the crowd - it's Kukai Souma, dressed in his Guardian of Seiyou Public School regalia, black pants, open black school jacket with white shirt and green tie, black sneakers, and blue tartan cloak down to his mid-back. He grins at Jiaying and Lacrima and then Lamya too, nodding to the three of them. "Hey, greetings! It's good to see you all at the festival! I'm glad we're holding it at Infinity this year - last time we held it at Seiyou I had to help clean it all up!"
Lacrima 2017-09-21 04:37:50 83131
Better the side of Jiaying's neck than hers. She's not in the right headspace to be hugged right now. "Hi Dachi." is all she says as politely as she can muster. Which that kind of forced terse politeness than one uses when one is trying to not cause a scene. She takes a deep breath as she turns back to where no doubt Kukai will come if Dachi's direction was any indication.

"Hello Kukai-kun." she says lightly.

"Fish it smells like." she says quietly.

Mhmmm. She's feeling peckish. But not like that's an emergency situation when it comes to real food at all. She heads on over to explore the grill area.

Distance will help a little- she figures, from the large group for now.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-21 04:44:39 83132
Jiaying Maki crosses her arms and says matter of factly, "That completely depends on the type of spirit! And who's in char-"splat. Suddenly she has a little fairy smacked into her. Which stumbles her and pulls her out of that retrospection that was not important, or subtle. "I think hugging a neck counts as feeling though?"

She waves to Kukai, offering, "Hi there." while trying to play off the sudden half stumble, chatter and general weirdness. Then wonders if she should just play the weirdness up, that would probably be easier wouldn't it.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 04:52:55 83133
Having found another pumpkin, Ichigo sets it in front of her. But that smell! The sweet smell of the fish is so overwhelming. She looks up and her mouth just begins watering. Her gaze goes to the grills and a longing look fills her eyes. She wants it. Oh how she wants it. She needs the fish. She slowly gets up to start moving toward the grill but then...

PLOP! Something strange goes flying and slams into Jaiying's neck! It catches her attention. A little creature, Flying around, being very odd. What about this wouldn't cause a cat to be very curious. She starts moving closer to the Chara. She cants her head a little to the side as she tries to study the curious creature. Then, she moves her hand toward the creatures in what might be considered a batting motion.
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 04:54:43 83134
It takes a while for Lamya to finish up her pumpkin, her arcane exposition not stopping at all up until the end, "... and so when you light a candle it'll refract the light into the correct dimensions. There. Done." She turns the pumpkin around and beams proudly at her work.

What she had carved was.... horrifying to say the least. Indescribable. Lovecraftian in it's use of curves and angles that just couldn't exist carved into a large gourd. It projects a nearly visible miasma of unease and not-quite-rightness to it that makes it very upsetting to look upon, to say the least. God forbid anybody should light a candle within it.

Lamya looks down at her creation and nods, satisfied. "Yes, I think I did a good job if I do say so myself." She looks up at the little fairy comes whizzing in. "Oh! Good day, Chara! I have made a pumpkin to scare away spirits on Hallowed-wean!" She holds up her abomination, beaming proudly and in the background a mundane woman manages to catch a glimpse of it and screams in terror, fainting to the ground.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 04:58:05 83135
Makio Ryu tries to stifle back a slight chuckle as he pauses in his staring long enough to notice Kukai. As he does so, the really dark part of his hair seems to tense up like his shoulders in the effort of fighting against his urge to make the noise. "Does your school make you wear that cape," he wonders in a tone that carries no sort of mockery in it, "That's kind of you're some campus super hero..." If Infinity has any such practices he's either momentarily forgotten them, or never knew about them somehow.

His attention is soon turned RIGHT back to that grill, however. Maybe it's some wierd trick of the light, but it almost looks as if his eye took on a predatory gleam, COMPLETELY opposite of the attitude he's conveying. That dark part in his hair even almost looks like it's tensed up in an almost sharp, pointy looking way. For whatever reason, he doesn't yet seem to notice the small one... No magic, maybe? Nah, that can't be it, it's there for people who can sense that sort of thing. He IS talking like he doesn't know magic to exist though...give him a moment on the pumpkin, he'll notice it soon. That smell is too distracting...
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 05:06:55 83136
Kukai smiles and waves to Lacrima and Jiaying. "Hello! Ah.." Lacrima turns, leaving the group after a moment, and Kukai huhs. At least she wasn't being overly hostile, just distracted. Probably hungry. The thought leaves a frown in Kukai's mind but he doesn't let it reach his face. "It's good to see you again, Jiaying. Um..." He blinks as Ichigo approaches Jiaying, her eyes focused on Daichi, and reaches up to bat at him. Daichi yipes and dodges back on Jiaying's shoulder, blinking at the girl, grinning. "Uh. Who's your friend?" He nods his head, and Daichi hovers into the air, flying over Ichigo's head and trying to make his way back to Kukai, as long as an inquisitive Mew doesn't catch him out of the air first!

Kukai looks over and then nods to Lamya. "Oh, hey! You're carving pumpkins, huh? I..." He blinks as he gets a glimpse of the pumpkin and boggles, mouth opening. "... it looks like Walpurgis... why does it look like that?" He shakes his head and glares at Lamya. "What's the big idea, carving that? You'll scare the adults, much less the kids and the ghosts!"

It takes Kukai a moment to respond to Makio and he grins, nodding. "Hello! Yeah, actually. I am the Jack of Guardians of Seiyou Public School, Kukai Souma! I am the defender and representative of the rest of the school, and I help guard their interests and assist their desires when it comes to things like sports, particularly. It's nice to meet you!"
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-21 05:15:15 83137
Jiaying Maki watches Norie leave and briefly frowns. She can't decide between making sure Norie's okay, catching up with Kukai or meeting the new people, dragon and weird people. Especially the latter since she loves weird things! She fishes out her phone and sends a text to Norie, checking up on her in a subtle way, the first time she's been subtle tonight probably!

"I was back from Taiwan again. Got sent home for being dumb. Sort of." This means a certain cat-like person gets in her personal space! Which... doesn't do too much luckily. She tosses her phone up, hops back. Hops forward and fumbles with her phone, catches the phone, almost drops the phone, catches it again and pockets it. "Uh, hi there?" Did she ever do that? She hopes she never did that. That might annoy friends and she can't remember if she did or not.

"The cape's a classic look. I prefer the kung fu look though, stuff like you see in those old wire-fu movies you know? Fun stuff!" Beat, head slowly cants towards Ichigo. Hand carefully going up to gently try and hide a Daichi through mundane sleight of hand. If he cooperates and/or she's successful.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 05:23:13 83138
As Daichi seems to vanihs behind Jiaying's hand, Ichigo just frowns a little. "Awwww, I was only curious!" Then Oh Look! There he goes flying back toward Kukai! She quickly tries to jump up and catch him. She misses. If thats not bad enough. She keeps going. Higher then a human ought to be able to. Then if this isn't enough, she lands on her feet like its no big deal at all. This gets her attention. "Oh my gosh how did I do that! How did I jump like that and then land like this!"

Ichigo flops down on her seat and definitely is looking more then a little worried. "Why is this happening to me! First yesterday with my Masa-chan and now today.'s freaking me out!" She frowns and looks down at the ground for a few moments. "I know normal! I'm normal! This is not normal!" If she were normal... She wouldn't see Daichi...
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 05:28:56 83139
Makio Ryu grips tight on the blade for a short moment. However, he's quick to shake his head and put the knife down, ignoring it from that point. His attention returns to Kukai, his darker hair seeming to twitch a bit as he does. Despite the twitchy patch of hair, his expression looks back to normal, smile and all. "I'm Makio Ryu," he replies, "Nice yo meet you Jack! I hope my school's being good to you guys." THEN the pumpkin... "That's the pumpkin you did," he asks, "Just looking at it feels threatening to my sanity. Did you cast some kind of /curse/ on it? It feels so...malicious." He gives a little shiver...and the darker part of his hair seems to do the same.

The earlier concerned look returns as Ichigo returns to her chair, saying things about normal. Yeah, that jump was impressive...but he doesn't know if it was inhumanly good or not. "What's going wrong?"
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 05:41:00 83140
Lamya scowls as her pumpkin seems to have a much more severe effecct than she intended. "I... um...." she slowly turns it around so the mundane people will stop fainting at the sight of it. "I think I forgot to take into account the magical levels difference between when I would do this sort of thing and now. If it is cursed I certainly didn't mean it to be." She then, discreetly, finds a spare apron and carefully drapes it over the Eldritch Pumpkin. Almost immediately the miasma lifts around the area and it is once again, a nice, sunny autumn day.

The green-haired girl then looks up and blinks at Ichigo's sudden panic attack, bright red eyes studying her. She tucks her creation under an arm and moves closer. "There is nothing normal in this world anymore," Lamya states simply, and pats her on the shoulder as if trying to console her. "So I would not worry."
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 05:52:00 83141
Kukai nods. "Well. I'm glad you're back at least. Are you feeling less dumb?" He grins at Jiaying, watching her deal with the girl swatting at her shoulder. "Well it's what the group decided on. I don't wear it.. at all, if I can get away with it." He grins rakishly and shrugs.

Daichi is pretty spry, and dodging people grabbing at him is something he's used to in certain cases. The new girl REALLY gets some air, though, and he ends up having to do a barrel roll to get away from her! Kukai just.. stares at the whole thing, then grins. "Uh. I don't know how you did that, but it was a really big jump!" He looks over at Jiaying, then back at Ichigo, stepping forward. "You sound like you have problems, miss... If I can help, I will, if you want."

Kukai looks over to Makio and grins. "It's nice to meet you too! And yeah, Infinity is always pretty good when I visit, long as I don't see one or two certain people." He looks back over to the pumpkin and Lamya. "Well. Maybe not cursed, but super-terrifying for sure." He huhs and then chuckles. "And what was normal in the first place? I haven't seen it in a while." Daichi finds a place to hang out in Kukai's jacket pocket, head stuck up out to watch the scene.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 05:59:59 83142
Ichigo Momomiya looks at the people around her and winces. "Everyone is going to think I'm a freak after that one." She does note the rather horrific pumpkin. Thankfully that sort of thing doesn't bug her too much. Nope its Jiaying's friends that actually freak her out. She sighs and starts. "Yesterday, I was out with this really cute guy. I mean really cute. Anyway we went to the Red Data Animal exhibit at the museum. It was really sad to see all those animals that are endangered. I wished I could help them all. Anyway when we left, My boy...errrr The guy I was on the date with. He went to go get us drinks. I apparently fell asleep. I had the weirdest dream ever and when I woke up hours had passed. Then all of this weird stuff started happening. The reason I was trying to get the cute little person is because I was curious. I've never seen anything like that."

She looks at Makio and then at Lamya and Kukai. "I think I need to get something eat. Maybe that will make things better. That stuff they are cooking smells really good and I really want some."
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 06:14:27 83143
Makio raises a brow as Kukai mentions 'certain people', but he doesn't prod about it....and Lamya's words just cause the brow to raise even further. Ichigo seesm to command the most attention though. "Yesterday," he repeats. Something about that makes him look uncomfortable for a short moment. "Yeah, it really does smell good....."
Dragon Lamya 2017-09-21 06:18:31 83144
Lamya scowls and adjusts the Eldritch Pumpkin under her arm. "I. Think. I need to go and secure this in a safe place. I'm fairly certain that there's a spare room in Lacrima's manor that we can use to secure it." She rubs the back of her head and looks embarassed. "Aheh. Excuse me." With that she turns and walks off at a brisk pace.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 06:25:59 83145
Kukai shakes his head. "I don't think you're a freak. Look, let's start at the beginning. I'm Kukai. Who're you?" He holds out one hand to shake in greeting, and continues. "Well... has anyone talked to you about what happened? I mean, it sounds a lot like you're encountering things you've never seen before." He coughs and nods at Daichi. "I can explain some of it, but I'd rather not do it somewhere so public. Maybe I can talk to you somewhere else, after the celebration. And yeah, food and enjoying the day sounds like a good idea. No problem there."

He watches Lamya head off, then digs in his wallet, pulling out a little card. "Here, I had these printed up some time back. It's got my number and email on it. Tonight or tomorrow or whenever you want, maybe I can help you figure out what's going on. It seems like there's still other things to enjoy for now, huh?"
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 06:33:19 83146
Ichigo Momomiya smiles and nods. "My name is Ichigo. Nice to meet you Kukai-nya~. "She looks over at the barbecue and sighs softly, "I will be right back." with that she's off. Over to the grill. Her eyes are fixated the fish. She cuts to the front of the line. The person issuing the food holds a grilled Tuna steak out to her on a fork. Her eyes locked on it she moves closer... Closer... CLOSER! Then... She takes it... With her TEETH! Thats about where she realizes what she just did. She drops ito n her plate. "Sorry!" Quickly she rushes back to the pumpkin carving area. "Oh gosh. Please. No. I can't believe I just did that." She whines a little.

Finally she looks at Kukai. "No one explained anything yet. Everything is really messed up." She looks at Makio... "Wait. You... You reacted when I mentioned yesterday. Why?"
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 06:41:53 83147
Makio Ryu shakes his head a little. "I...something wierd happened, but I don't even know how to explain it," he explains, "I'm supposed to talk with the cops if I remember anything but... I don't think I have anything to say." His attention floats to the fish that Ichigo brough with him... Now his EYE is twitching in concentraited effort not to do something.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 06:51:21 83148
Kukai just... watches the whole thing with the fish steak and the teeth and the cutting to the front of the line. What the hell. Ichigo returns with her imaginary tail tucked between her legs and whimpers, and Kukai shakes his head. "It's not something I should talk about in public, really. We can talk about it tomorrow, I promise, ok? For today you should just try to relax." He nods over at Makio. "I'm not even sure what all could be going on. But.. For now, there's a party going on and I've gotta watch out over my classmates. So we can pick this up later, ok?"
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 06:55:45 83149
Ichigo looks at Makio, "Something weird..." She whispers. "Like blacking out and having no idea what happened?" At least she's being quiet. "Tomorrow, I'm going to the park. Meet me there. That is where I blacked out. If there is anything strange going on it might be there. Maybe some light will be shined on it." She begins nibbling at her fish, eating it in a cat like fashion.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 07:00:40 83150
Makio Ryu nods toward Kukai. "Yeah, no problem," he says, returning to the smile that's usually at home there on his face, "You're the Jack after all." His attention is on that fish again. He's staring raptly as she's eating it. It's like a dog was told to sit and stay while it's master is waving a big, juicy stake in front of it's nose. "The park," he wonders, "You mean Penguin Park?"
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 07:06:04 83151
Ichigo Momomiya nods, "King Penguin Park. Tomorrow. After School." She notes the way he's starring and while she would definitely love to finish the fish, she slides the rest over to him. "Here you go." Then her phone goes off. She quickly checks, and her eyes go wide. "Masaya-chan's Kendo Tornament!!! Oh no I'm late!" She jumps up. "Ummm See you both there!" with that she takes off running in the direction of Seiyou.
Mew Macaroon 2017-09-21 07:12:57 83152
Makio Ryu practically slams his face into the plate once she's offered him the rest of the fish. He brings his face back up with the fish hanging there from his mouth, but quickly brings his hands up to try and hold it at least. "Veh, Ah vee ver," he manages around his mouthfull of fish, "Ach air." He offers a wave before quickly gobbling up the last of the fish and then breathing a bit deeply. It's as if it took everything in his power to NOT have done that in the first place or something. There's then a short pause before he clears his throat. "Sorry about that," is offered toward Kukai with a more awkward looking smile.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 07:15:49 83153
Kukai just.. watches, then grins, waving. "It's ok. You eat better than one of my brothers, at least, and I know what it's like to be really hungry. OK, have a good day!" He turns and heads back towards the Seiyou section of the festival to do the Jack of Guardians thing.