Past and Future Reunion

Madoka arrives from the past to reunite with Sayaka and seek out some help. Unfortunately her best friend having a boyfriend now is the smallest of the revelations given to her.

Date: 2017-09-21
Pose Count: 64
Stahlritter 2017-09-21 22:59:31 83154
It's some few hours after school has let out-- late enough that the streets aren't filled with students commuting back to school anymore -- the ones who don't board in the schools themselves, anyway.

And yet early enough that the Residential Areas in Mitakihara aren't sprawling with much activity yet. So not all that many people to turn heads when a a motorcycle rider in a brown leather jacket brings a black, sporty suzuki bike rumbling through the street-- and clear enough that it stands out all the more so when he comes to a stop right in front of the Miki household.

When the rider takes off his black, mirror-visored helmet, the face revealed is that of... not a local. A caucasian boy, tall enough by japan's standards that he could be mistaken for an adult too, really, but *just* young enough for certain youthfulness to stand out. Short brown hair, and... inexplicably, with a slightly-bloodied scratch along his right temple.

Let's be honest, with the overall strong frame, the leather jacket and the faint frown on his face, this one probably comes across as a thug. Which probably becomes all the more concerning for whoever might see when this one goes padding right up to the Miki household and thumping his fist against the door.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-21 23:24:26 83157
It had been an awkward few days for Madoka after waking up to find that her memory had more than a few sections of its library missing. Specifically two years worth of it. Her parents had been frantic, none more so than Junko who didn't let the confused girl out of her sight for more than a few minutes, even taking sudden time off from work which had been so graciously granted, all things considered. It had been Tomohisa, ever the calming voice of reason, that convinced Junko that she should relent and let Madoka see her best friend.

Thus she set off, wearing a light blue summer dress, yellow coat to keep the chill off and long black socks with matching Mary Janes. Getting to the Miki household wasn't an easy task either, with poor Madoka getting lost on more than a few occasions before she finally stumbled down the correct street, or at least what she believed...until she saw him. When Madoka pictured foreigners she imagined big, blonde, masculine men with scars and motorbikes. What she saw slinging himself off that bike was close enough to that picture, minus the trademark blonde hair. "U-Uhmmm...." she checked the address again and looked up. There was no mistaking this was the correct street...and that the house the foreigner was marching up to was where Sayaka lived.

Cautiously and more than a little timidly she walked up the street, keeping her head hung low and doing her best to avoid looking at him, though the sheepish posture may have given it away. What was someone like this doing here? A myriad of thoughts ran through her mind, a few which even made the young girl blush. But she came here with a purpose, and a purpose she had to fulfil. "E...Excuse this the....Miki household?" Madoka spoke up, her voice shaking and her eyes doing their very best to look at anything but the person she was speaking to!
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-21 23:33:53 83160
The noisy motorbike is hard to miss along the usually quiet upper class residential Boulevard. It might warrant a few raised eye brows from some people, but from the second floor of the house that the rider parks in front of, a window opens and a moment later she rushes down the steps, taking two at a time.

Amoment later, the door flies open and Sayaka practically leaps on Alex, hugging him tightly, a wide grin on her face. "Hiii, Lexi!" she seems particularly chipper today, kissing him brightly o the cheek before spitting a certain pink haired girl.

Wait, wait wait..Is that..? "MADOKA CHAN!!" it's her turn to be leaped at and hug-tackled!!
Stahlritter 2017-09-21 23:45:12 83162
The head of the foreign thug-looking guy turns sloooowly to face Madoka. He all but stares her down there, which... probably doesn't help much at all with that whole unsettling presence he carries. Slowly, his bright green eyes give the pink-haired girl a once over.

"Yes," he eventually says, with his head tipping off to the side. "Are you a friend of hers?" HIs japanese at least sounds surprisingly fluent just from that-- even if it carries some manner of european accent to it.

And then the door opens, and in an INSTANT the blue-haired girl that is Sayaka comes leaping at him to hanging off the young man, just barely jostling his sturdy frame, with one eye closing over the cheek-peck. "Well, hi to you too," he murmurs with a low-rumbling chuckle, and--

Then he watches the extreme reaction over Sayaka sighting Madoka. His own eyes widen a little to stare at the two, and his mouth works itself open and closed a few times over. "...She's...?"
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-21 23:57:32 83164
Madoka watched Sayaka pounce upon the foreigner, her expression one of utmost confusion and some relief. If she was this friendly towards him, then he couldn't possibly be a bad guy right? Then a second thought hit, that she was being VERY friendly with him at that! Could they be...?

But those thoughts were erased in an instance as Sayaka turned towards her and she was instantly set upon. Arms locked around her as her friend practically leapt into her arms, prompting a grunt from the unprepared girl before she relaxed and returned the hug in turn, pulling her arms around behind her back and leaning in "Sayaka-chan!"

Emotions overcame her and she didn't know why. To her it had seemed like it had only been a few days since she saw Sayaka , yet that wasn't the case at all...was it? Madoka couldn't hold back as she pressed in against her best friend, resting her head on her shoulder and sniffling as she tried to hold back tears which welled up inside of her. "I-It's really me Sayaka-chan."
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 00:04:24 83165
Sayaka Miki smiles, all eyes on Madoka for the moment. "Madoka-chan, where have you been all this time? I mean after all the witches vanished, I just figured you and Homu-chan just sailed off into the sunset, but then you never answered your phone or your texts and then I figured you were just really busy with your new business but then you never ignored my texts before so I figured you just...Just........!" and that is when she has to come up for air, because she's talking way too fast now. And probably strangling her with huggs!

Taking a deep breath she lets go, looking her up and down. "Oh! umm this is Lex-chan, my boyfriend!!" she blushes and smiles as she says that, looking back at Lexi, pecking him on the cheek again, "Lex-chan, this is Madoka Kanane, my best friend. She just kinda dropped off the face of the planet one day...."
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 00:12:54 83167
The collection of emotions shared between the two there actually leaves Alex wordless for a while. He just watches after the two girls in silence, with a faint, warm smile itching along his lips while the sight is taken in. Melts his heart, it does.

Aaaand then Sayaka's namedropping witches and all. Alex's eyes widen a bit, he tosses looks this way and that along the street and he slips himself where the two girls are between him and the door. "Oooookay," he lets out, with hands going to each of their shoulders to gently nudge them towards the door. "We should go insiiiide." NUdge. Nudge. NUdge.

And of all things, when Saya introduces him to Madoka, there's actually a brief hint of red flushing over the boy's cheeks, especially right where she pecks him. "...Straight to the point, huh?" He mumbles before turning a look to Madoka. "Yeah, I remember... You told me a lot about her before." Once they're inside, he turns to face the pink-haired girl properly, and in true European fashion, extends one large hand over towards her in offer. "Alexis Raskoph. ... Your best friend's boyfriend."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 00:27:13 83169
It was a lot to take in at once which wasn't helped by the fact she was being practically choked by the force Sayaka was applying to her hugs. She had been used to her being a little forceful and maybe overeager before, but this could be classified as an especially excitable Sayaka hug filed away in the hug-library under 'Seeing your best friend again after she vanished into thin air for nearly a year'

When released she took a deep breath and quickly wiped away at her eye, going over everything in her head as she followed on inside. Absolutely....none of what Sayaka said made any sense to her no matter how many times she thought it over. Witches? Business? Missing one of Sayaka-chan's texts? ....Homu-chan? All of it sounded preposterous! But first thing was first and that was addressing another of the startling new revelations. She looked at his hand, then at Sayaka, then back at the hand and extended her own, shaking it with a weak grasp "Nice to meet you, Raskoph-kun! If Sayaka-chan likes you then you must be a great person!" Madoka replied, tilting her head a little to the side with a sweet smile. She figured it may be best to not mention Kyosuke.

After a few seconds of slightly awkward hand-shaking she pulls her hand back and turns to Sayaka, thinking over everything again in her head and looking visibly perplexed. "U-Um I'm not sure how to put this but...apparently I may have amnesia!" she exclaims with a forced giggle "The last thing I remember is walking home from school with Sayaka-chan and Hitomi-chan, you jumped on my back Sayaka-chan, we were talking letters again!" she reflected, holding a hand up to her cheek with a smile despite the strangeness of it all "So all this talk about witches and missing one of Sayaka-chan's texts just sounds silly to me!" she nods her head firmly, both of those clearly belonged in the same category.

Madoka then tilts her head to the side with a blank expression on her face. One thing especially stood out to her. "And who is....Homu-chan?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 00:38:56 83172
Sayaka Miki blinks slowly at Mado's blank looks and is careful not to squeeze her anymore. "Amnesia?! Woah, what happened?" she blinks, "I mean, do you remember anything at all?!"

But what Alex says is true and she frowns a bit, nodding, "Right, right! Errr except my parents are home sooooooo we'd better sneak in the back. They're watching tv Abd..Yeah it's super awkward. Can't wait til I turn sixteen and don't have to sneak around!" she makes a face as she steps out, locks the door and leads then to the back door. "Come on then, there's a quicker way to my room too!"
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 00:48:17 83173
"...Huh?" Alex lets out in bemusement and surprise alike after the handshake when Madoka says all *that*. He looks over her, then over to Sayaka, then to Madoka again...

And then something clicks. Well. Several different things in Alex's head click, actually. "...Oh," he lets out quietly, just before Sayaka mentions THE PARENTS. And he actually visibly winces. "I thought they were still away!" he whispers out to Saya, before he turns to nudge at both girls' backs gently to try to direct them off. "Let's go, let's go before they realize who just knocked wasn't some vacuum salesman! I don't think either of us wants to explain our situation to them right *now*."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 00:57:24 83175
Madoka doesn't say anything, looking at both of them with a nervous smile on her face and occasionally glancing to the windows, worried that Sayaka's parents would appear at any moment and make things more awkward than they already were. She didn't really understand what was going on, both Alexis seemed especially worried about being identified here.

"E-Ehehe...." Madoka laughs softly, pressing her hands together nervously before finally speaking up and nodding along with Alexis suggestion, "I think Raskoph-kun is right Sayaka-chan. You don't want to get in trouble or anything. Both of you. We could always go someplace else!" she then suggested herself...without actually suggesting a location, an obvious reason for that.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 01:10:02 83179
Sayaka Miki makes a face, "It's real?y okay, I wanna show you my room! And it's more private there so don't worry! They go to bed pretty early!" she makes a face at Akex as she leads them to the back garden and towards the back deck door, "Yeaaaaah, they came home early..."
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 01:23:30 83180
"I mean, if the walls are thin..." Alex mumbles, and then turns an apologetic look down to Madoka. "Um... her parents kinda... don't know about me," he tells her, as if trying ot offer some explanation for the akwardness.

"...Guess we're going up, though..."

And so through the Gardens they go-- with Alex moving just slightly behind the two girls, as if making sure that there's no one sneaking about behind them. Or... something like that.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 01:32:24 83182
With Alexis explanation, Madoka nodded her head understandingly and waved a hand as if it was fine . She figured maybe Sayaka was nervous about bringing home a foreigner and introducing him as her boyfriend, but then she didn't really seem the sort to worry about such things. Or her parents were just really scary and she didn't know it! 'Silly Sayaka-chan, some things haven't changed' she thought with a grin, following after her friend with careful steps.

At the back door she stopped, glancing around a little more nervously herself now and half-expecting Sayaka's parents to come bursting out any second to tell them all off. "It's fine right Sayaka-chan?" she whispered conspiratorially, her eyes glancing this way and that all the while, eyeing the flowers of the garden suspiciously!
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 20:10:05 83233
The garden is as lush and generous as the large home that Saya lives in, adorned with a variety of colourful flowers, trees and even some fruit and veggies!

Saya pushes a branch out of the way as she sneaks past the back window to the kitchen. "Just duck your head a bit, I'll let us through the deck door.." she seems to enjoy sneaking around and one has to wonder if she does it often!

Reaching the deck door she carefully turns the key, "Don't worry, my parents are hopelessly clueless, and they talked about maybe going out, later tonight."

She slides the door carefully open, waiting for them to step in first.
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 20:17:56 83234
All things considered, Alex seems to be just as comfortable in actually sneaking aorund-- it even seems to be natural for him, really.

One might wonder if he does this with Sayaka a lot, actually. As if the surprise of her having a boyfriend wasn't already a big one for Madoka to deal with.

Once Saya gets the door open, the German boy pats Madoka's back lightly to urge her on forward and slip in first-- if the parents happen to notice, at least they'll be greeted by the sight of someone they know instead of... well, the secret boyfriend.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 20:29:06 83235
Madoka of course wasn't used to sneaking around, being as good a girl as she was. The idea of subterfuge, intrigue and sneakiness was foreign to her. Completely alien! But she couldn't deny that this was strangely fun in its own way, though that may have been largely down to the fact she was with Sayaka and her 'new' boyfriend. Or at least, new to her specifically!

When nudged forwards, she looked between Sayaka and Alexis and smiled a little nervously, pointing a finger at herself as if saying 'me?!'. It made sense at least to her. Though the shock of Sayaka's parents seeing their daughters best friend who had otherwise been reported missing for a long time might surprise them...but that might somehow be less surprising than a secret boyfriend.

With a sigh, she composed herself and flashed them both a thumbs up and a firm nod of the head before turning around and poking her head inside. It seemed threats in sight. Slowly she stood up straight and stepped through the threshold into the kitchen, glancing around for any sign of activity. The coast seemed clear and she turned to poke her head back through the door and ushered them in after her.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 20:37:07 83236
Sayaka Miki is the last one in, and she holds her breath as she carefully slides the door closed. And of course she is enjoying this sneaky thing too!

However, once they're inside, the voices of her parents can be heard, watching tv in the next room over. "Honey, did you hear a noise?" asks Saya's mom to her dad.
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 20:47:44 83237
The voice causes Alex to visibly stiffen, briefly. But without a beat, he suddenly slides up behind Sayaka and slips his hand down into one of her pockets to fish out her phone. In japanese culture, that is more than likely considered INCREDIBLY INAPPROPRIATE of a manner of touching.

Alex is probably at least conscious of that, so his other hand pre-emptively goes right over Saya's mouth, too, to muffle any noise she might make. This probably doesn't really help the image at all for any observers (which in this case would be Madoka!), but he can make apologies later.

And without any pause, he quietly slides himself over to place the phone on top of a cabinet nearby while his own phone gets fished out-- and the hand freed of Saya's phone turns to point at the bluenette herself, over towards the end of the hallway and then to the phone. Thumb tapping keys through his own phone.

And then Saya's phone goes ringing. And Alex just rapidly nods his head to the girl, just internally praying she got what he's intending without having to actually say it.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 21:02:38 83238
The noises made Madoka freeze up instantly, suddenly the little stealth game they were playing became very real with the prospect of being caught. Panicking, Madoka turned around to look at Sayaka and Alexis, visibly quite nervous herself, not for herself but for both of them. If they were sneaking around like this, getting caught would be a disaster!

Her nerves hit their peak when she watched, wide eyed and horrified when Alexis grabbed hold of Sayaka and basically man-handled her, clamping her mouth shut and rummaging around in her pockets. This was....this was like some sort of mugging! "R-Raskoph-kun!" Madoka squeaked near enough silently to not blow their cover, her cheeks burning up bright red as she frantically looked back towards the hallway where Sayaka's parents were and back towards the two of them.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 21:10:06 83239
Sayaka Miki is still frozen, not used to sneaking more than herself thru the back door, and certainly not expecting Alex to...To do that!

She gasps and hold her breath, freezing as he muffles her and picks her pockets and..What the heck, Alex-chan!?!?? Is what she thinks..Until he pulls out his own phone and waves her towards the hallway towards the upstairs.

Qith a quick nod, she grabs Madoka's hand and pulls her along with her towards the upstairs, moments before her phone bursts into chorus, blaring off Beethoven's 5th symphony of all things!

"What's that?" asks Saya's mom, about to rise from her chair. Her dad sits on the sofa, lazily flipping through the paper and laughs, "Oh that's just Saya's phone, must have left it downstairs. I'm sure she'll come back for it!"
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 21:13:58 83240
"Shh!" is all that Alex sounds out in response to Madoka's squeaked protest, with his index finger held up over his lips in the universal "BE QUIET!" gesture.

Alex is right along with the two girls, at least, on the way to upstairs-- his footsteps phenominally quiet for someone that large, actually. Though right at the end of the stairs, he tugs lightly at Sayaka's shoulder and then points down the stairs again before slipping around her to give a gentle nudge to Madoka's shoulder. One more nod to the bluenette while he directs the pink-haired girl down the upstairs hallway to the direction of their mutual friends' room, trusting for Saya to go down and cover for the noise with the whole Phone Situation.

And despite all the looks given to him, he doesn't seem to be thinking much of anythign at all about his particular, uh, methods with all this.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 21:23:16 83241
It was like a whirlwind, being dragged along towards the stairs by Sayaka, trying to keep her footfalls as quiet as she could which wasn't particularly difficult for such a small girl. Away Sayaka went and up the stairs Madoka went with Alexis trailing on her heels before they safely arrived outside the bedroom, Madoka slumping against the hallway wall and wiping her brow with a sigh. "I-I think Sayaka-chan has it..."

It then dawned on her that she was alone with Alexis, for the moment at least, and suddenly she felt a little awkward again, especially after that little moment downstairs. Maybe it was just something a boyfriend and girlfriend did? "Uhm that thinking Raskoph-kun." Madoka remarked, still not quite looking directly into his eyes.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 21:29:05 83242
Once the two are on the way up the stairs, Saya goes about halfway up after them then pauses, waving then on with a grin and wink.

Then, making a big act, she rushes down the stairs and yawns. "Sorrry, I guess I left my phone behind. I'll just grab it before I head to bed!" she grins sheepishly at her parents as she reaches for her phone, glancing upwards to make sure things are clear upstairs, then hurries over to her beckoning dad, speaking to him quietly for a few moments later before hurting back up the stairs. "WellIm gonna study a bit more before bed. Good night!" and she hurried back upstairs to join the other two.
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 21:39:48 83243
Saya is given a thumbs-up and a grin from Alex before she heads back downstairs, and he's parting to just usher Madoka down the hall. At least the noise from Sayaka going down less-sneakily helps to mask any other noises a bit too.

"Yeah, well," he murmurs in a low whisper to Madoka's remark then, with a sheepish grin. "Comes with certain experiences. Come on, Saya will be right behind us, we should..." And then his hand is going to the handle of the door leading into Saya's room, and...

Alex pauses briefly there, in a sudden moment of hesitation. And considering everything else Madoka has seen of him earlier today, she might think what follows is entirely out of character for him:

He blushes. Fiercely. His whole face goes red.

"U-u-u-uhm," he stumbles over his own voice, and turns a brief glance to Madoka. "I, uh, um... haven't... actually been in her... r-r-room y-yet," he confesses, and then swallows with a nervous gulp, and caaaaaarefully opens the door, ushering Madoka in first before he slips in right after her.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 21:57:28 83244
"C-Certain experiences?!" Madoka replied a little aghast, perhaps not the reaction Alexis would have wanted Madoka to have, or the thoughts to go along with it either. She decided it best to drop the subject there, at least for now, simply watching him wide-eyed and blushing like a bride as he turns to the door and...

Madoka couldn't help but find his awkwardness of his own cute, despite the perhaps hastily drawn conclusions she had drawn so far. It contrasted so much with this cool and mysterious foreign persona she thought he had! "Ehehe...allow me then" she offered, stepping past him, before suddenly noticing something terrible! "A-Ah, shoes!" reaching down, she slips her mary janes off and urging Alexis to do the same with his boots. She had only forgotten due to all the sneaking around. Going into Sayaka's bedroom with them still on would be simply rude!

With shoes in hand, she walks inside and ushering Alexis in after her, a great beaming smile on her face as she took it all in. A few things stood out to her in particular, from the mantled kendo sword to the soccer and baseball posters plastered messily all over the walls seemingly without purpose. Slowly walking around, she glances over the messy bed with the sheets dishevelled and then down at the desk, running a hand along the textbooks sprawled over it, mixing in with CD's for albums she didn't even recognise. "'s definitely very Sayaka-chan" she commented.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 22:05:17 83245
Sayaka Miki returns a moment later, looking a bit disheveled, carrying a plate of cookies and hot chocolate, a large impish grin plastered on her face. "Phew, that was more work than I expected, but here we are!" she smiles as she wipes her homework to one side of the desk, setting the tray of milk and cookies on the cleared space.

"Help yourself, my mom makes the best cookies ever!" with a tired sigh she flips on her bed, kicking her shoes off. "So what do you think of my room, you two?" she smiles, "Feel free to put on a CD if you like.." and then she realizes she never invited Lexi to her room with a blush and bashful smile. "Ummm..Yea. So here it is. Hope you like it!"
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 22:22:12 83246
The reason behind Madoka's shocked reaction over Alex's answer seems to go completely over his own head. At least judging so from the look he gave her before the matter of entering Sayaka's room.

He DOES look grateful for Madoka taking the lead, though, as if going in there with his girlfriend's best friend somehow makes the whole thing that much more legitimate and proper. He even pauses to remove his boots when she reminds him (and herself!) of needing to do that.

Not that he isn't kind of left standing akwardly in one side of the room, continuing so even once Sayaka herself comes in. He just akwardly nods to her, and then turns, wordlessly, for the line of music CDs and the player on one wall, apparently taking her advice.

He slips some manner of classical music playing, soon enough, and... he adjusts the volume just enough that it can be heard through the walls, too, then nodding over to both of them with a murmur of, "That ought to help mask our voices a little, huh?"
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 22:39:04 83247
"It's very messy! Geeze even after all this time you still haven't changed Sayaka-chan!" Madoka lectured teasingly, grabbing a cookie and cupping under it with one hand as she sat down on the end of the bed, next to her friend. Biting into the cookie just as the music started to play, she nodded her head appreciatively at the taste and swallowed, politely wiping some crumbs from around her mouth, "Pappa would be proud! Ehehe...I still remember the meals during our sleepovers, your mother does make the best cookies."

Madoka did notice the ever present classical music, both on Sayaka's ringtone and the CD playing through the stereo. She'd have to ask about Kyosuke, knowing full well the feelings Sayaka had for him, though it would have to be another time, not when her boyfriend was in the same room!

Noticing Alexis standing a little awkwardly on his own, Madoka decides to help, or at least try to "How long have you been um...going out?" before turning to look at Alexis and asking the obvious question on her mind, directed right at him with a smile "And where are you from Raskoph-kun?... if you don't mind me asking!"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 22:48:46 83248
Sayaka Miki sits upright on the bed, watching Alex with a slight grin as he steps towards the stereo system, playing something soft and pleasant enough, but loud enough to cover their voices.

Thanks, Lexi! come sit over here!" and she pats the seat next to her on the bed, with a totally innocent look on her face! Totally!

Glancing at Madoka, she blushes shyly, just remembering that Madoka is there in the same room! Whooops.

"Um! Errr anyway, we've been dating for, err I dunno, a year or two now?" she glances back at Alex sheepishly, scratching her head. Honestly between fighting witches, fighting an emovamp Alex then trading partners with him Kyouko, discovering wraiths and then trying to help a demon-Seth, she kinda lost track of time..

As for that messy comment, she makes a face. "Awwe, Mado-chan, you're soooo mean! I've been pretty busy afterall. Homework comes second to fighting witches afterall!"
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 23:02:23 83249
"Y-...yeah," Alex mumbles out akwardly, and comes padding his way over towards Saya's bed with the invitation, and slooowly, carefully lowers himself down sitting right besides her there.

And then Madoka finally breaks that question. Saya's already on answering it, but Alex ends up giving her a bit of a bemused look. "...You haven't even known me for a year, Saya," he points out. "We didn't really... um... start... things proper, until four months ago," he offers then in explanation with a quiet, akward chuckle, before he dips his head down in what amounts to a nod to Madoka.

"Germany," he tells her without any hesitation in responding to her question. "I have been here in Tokyo for a year and two months now, but I had visited before with my parents when I was younger. Learned japanese back then already." Explains how he speaks it so well, then.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 23:13:14 83251
Madoka's expression darkens almost as soon as Sayaka mentions the length they'd been going out, which was still quite a long time when expanded on a bit more accurately by Alexis. The girl looked down at the cookie in her hand sorrowfully, rolling it around between her fingers as she thought it over in her head. "That long....?" she mutters softly. Again she thought of all the things she had believed she forgotten, over a year's worth of memories or more. It wasn't fair. Like she had just been plucked up one day and dropped in the future with no recollection while all her friends lived their lives.

"Your Japanese is very good, Raskoph-kun" she remarks, looking up from her cookie towards him with half a smile "I've always wanted to visit Germany someday. What made you move to Japan?" she asks him, before turning to Sayaka with a confused expression and slight frown on her already rather downcast face. "And you're talking silliness again Sayaka-chan. Why do you keep mentioning witches?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-22 23:18:33 83253
Sayaka Miki laughs nervously, still watching Alex with a beet red face. "Ab..Errr..Has it really been only four months? Feels like we've been dating forever!!" more nervous laughter follows, nibbling hungrily on cookies. Befire Madoka asks about witches again.

Suddenly she is all seriousness, looking back at Madika with a soft frown. "You really don't remember any of what happened, do you. Maybe it's better if I don't tell you. I mean, you found a happy place then, at Homura-chan's see, even if I suddenly felt left out after you two started dating but..." Wait.

"Homura-chan. She's a time traveler. Did she...Do this, to Madoka-chan..?"
Stahlritter 2017-09-22 23:31:01 83257
"My parents," Alex says bluntly to give an answer to Madoka's question. "Kinda been dragging me all over the place, you know? Here being the latest.

And then that interchange with Madoka and Sayaka goes on, and Alex's eyes widen briefly. "Ssshshshsh!" He sounds out, and lightly bumps his elbow against Sayaka's side. "I thought you'd caught on earlier! She-- uh. Looks a little younger than you too, you know? And you were supposed to be in the same grade and..."

His other hand comes up to slap against his face with a mumble of "Oh geez..." before directing an apologetic look to Madoka. "...I think you ought to explain everything to her, now."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-22 23:53:25 83262
Madoka heard everything as clear as day, every word striking her heart painfully, a shadow spreading over her sullen face as she looked back down to the cookie in her hand, no longer rolling it around in her fingers. Witches, Homura-chan, time travel...happiness. What was she saying? Why was he hushing her? It all seemed like a bad joke and she was the punch line.

As Alexis apologised Madoka stood right up to her feet with her back turned to the two of them, her head hung low and shoulders raised up. Her body was shaking. "I-I don't understand....none of it! Time traveller? It sounds so preposterous, why would you say such a thing? I don't know a Homura-chan, let alone dated one. The last thing I remember was walking home with you and Hitomi-chan, and then I'm told that this all happened two years ago, Hitomi-chan is gone and so is everything I thought I knew."

Madoka turned around to face the two of them, tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes red and watering. Her face contorted as she broke down. "I-I'm scared Sayaka-chan. I thought I could be brave but I can't. As much as I try to remember, there isn't anything." she shook her head from side to side furiously, bringing her hands up to her eyes to try and rub her tears away and failing "I don't even know if it's really amnesia. The more I try to think of it, the more I feel as if I don't really belong."
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-23 00:04:36 83264
Sayaka Miki shakes her head at Alex, suddenly all serious. "No, Lex-chan. She needs to know the truth. I dunno if you ever met Homura-chan but I did. And everything that happened is linked to her. Besides if we say nothing, then Kyubey will just track her down and try to trick her into making a contract again.."

She draws a deep breath, climbing to her feet as Madoka starts to break down, stepping towards her, wrapping her arms around her in a comforting hug. "Don't worry about it, Madoka-chan..I think I know what happened to you. You said you suffered from amnesia, right? And you don't remember anything up to that critical moment when you, me and Hitomi chan were all walking home from school, right? Well..."

She draws a deep breath, "I think..Ok this is gonna sound weird but, I think something happened to you, and Homura-chan must have sent you back in time, most likely to protect you from that..Err..Well let's just say to protect you. And as a result you don't remember anything from that point on.."

She frowns, "But that's good, because now you can lead a normal life and not worry about..Things like witches. So just don't worry about what I just said, these, uh, witches are just a bunch of punks causing trouble at school, but I'll protect you from them, I promise."
Stahlritter 2017-09-23 00:08:25 83265
"Saya," Alex calls from the bed after all that, with a faint frown. "You know she's not going to let it go. You shouldn't... go half-way here." He shakes his head then. "Especially if... this really is some time-travel bullshit. I don't really understand... all that very well, but from what I can gather, if that's involved here then... She's gone forward, not backwards. And in that case she's... gonna need help. A *lot* of it, depending on how far forward."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 00:30:57 83270
Pressing herself close to Sayaka for support, Madoka sniffled and listened to every word she said. Despite her words, despite her comfort and despite everything, she only left the despondent girl more confused and dispirited. None of it still made any sense to her, Sayaka might as well have been speaking in another language. But worst of all....she wanted her to just forget it all and carry on like normal. Too many things didn't add up to her. Two years had passed yet she herself looked no different from back then.

"I can't....I can't just not worry about it Sayaka-chan." she held on tightly to her friend and buried her face into her shoulder as if trying to shut the whole world out, leaving only the two of them "I'm not brave like you. I'm not strong enough to shrug it off and keep going like normal."

After a few seconds she lifted her face back up and looked into Sayaka's eyes desperately, her own still sore and red from the flow of tears which had subsided, leaving behind only dampness. At Alexis's words she nodded her head with a sniffle, "Time travel....Forwards or backwards....Witches....Homura-chan....even magic. Whatever it is I want to know!" reaching down with fumbling hands, Madoka grasped Sayaka's in her own and held them together between the two of them firmly "You're the strongest person I know Sayaka-chan and the person I most trust. I-I'm not good at asking for things but...please, help me." glancing over to Alexis on the bed, she tilted her head slightly to the side and spoke "And I know we just met, and I don't want to push you into anything but if you're with Sayaka-chan I know you're a good person...." her voice trailed off, but her intentions were clear.
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-23 01:03:51 83275
Sayaka's frown deepens at Madoka's reaction, but she just hugs all the more, trying her best to comfort her. "Yea, I guess she will need help adjusting.." she shakes her head, "Huh, you're right, maybe she sent her to a different point in time for a reason. Well whatever the case .." she sighs, loosening her hug on Madoka. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to have to tell this all to you, and I understand it is a shock, but the more you know, the less you have to fear, okay?"

Then Madoka takes her hands and pleads with her and she nods and sighs. "Okay, first thing is first. You are a lot braver and stronger than you realize. And you inspired me to be strong. I can tell you every thing eventually, but you need to take it a step at a time and you need to calm down. But most important, you have to believe in yourself..Okay, Madoka-chan?"
Stahlritter 2017-09-23 01:08:10 83276
"Honestly, I don't know how... 'good' I am," Alex tells Madoka with a rueful, faintly self-depracating smile before he pushes himself up from the bed. "You should make that judgement for yourself, though. But either way... You should sit down, okay? And it's best Saya tells it to you, rather than me. Not just because I don't know well-enough to be able to reliably say it all."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 01:20:57 83279
Madoka didn't know whether to believe she was strong or not. Certainly now more than ever in her life she felt more confused, lost and helpless. What could she possibly do? Yet Sayaka's words sparked a flicker in her heart, moving a smile to form on her face, lips curling upwards slowly at the edge. If she helped Sayaka to be brave, if she could help others...she could be proud. "Mm! I'll...I'll try. I-I'm sorry Sayaka-chan." Madoka nodded her head again, sniffling a little more before moving over to sit back down on the bed, hands pressed firmly into the sheets beside her.

"Ehehe..I'm sorry if I got a little dramatic, it's kind of embarrassing." she apologised with a slight giggle, her sorrowful expression already fading away "I'm ready for what you think is best to tell me. Whatever you know that might help."
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-23 02:00:08 83285
Sayaka Miki smiles and nods. "Don't worry about it, Madoka chan..I felt a similar way when I learned some..Odd things too. Okay." She lets out a deep breath. "So, first thing's first. Yea, time travel is series but..Ok, so this girl Homura can do it. And to be honest, I was wary of her for the longest time, but she can be trusted too and is also another person interested in protecting you, Madoka chan. So if this is her doing, then we just have to trust her. Do you understand? Have any questions before I go on?"
Stahlritter 2017-09-23 02:02:46 83286
"All things considered, you're taking all of this a lot better than I would imagine... a lot of other people taking it," Alex offers, now lifting himself up from the bed to go wander towards the door of the room, and press his ear against it. Trying to keep tabs on the other occupants of the house? He doesn't chime in on the explanation, though. He seems to be sticking to his notion that Sayaka is the best one to be saying what needs to be said.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 02:11:16 83289
Madoka didn't feel like she was taking it in her stride. In truth she felt like she could crack again at any moment, like a simple breeze could topple her over into many little pieces. With Sayaka here however, with the strength of her friend, she felt a lot stronger than she would otherwise. Though thinking still didn't make a lot of sense to her.

Leaning forwards, Madoka opened her mouth to say something but no words came out, the girl thinking it over in her head again and again trying to comprehend it. At this point she didn't believe Sayaka was lying, she had no reason to! But it didn't make it any easier to fathom.

"R-Right. So Homura-chan may have..done something to me? To protect me?" Madoka clarified out loud, blinking a few times before going on "I don't really see why, why would I need to be protected? What kind of girl was she..." A light blush began to creep onto her cheeks "...a-and you said me and Homura-chan were dating?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-23 02:26:28 83291
Sayaka Miki nods slowly. "Yea..Not entirely sure what she would be protecting you against, as I thought we'd already taken care of the biggest threat. She's from the future see, so she knows everything that is gonna happen, although I don't know the extent of her powers..." she frowns, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "Okay..Yea, I guess you two were really close, I suppose if you're here, she won't be far behind." she smiles, squeezing Madoka's shoulder gently, "A lot of people like you and. believe in you, because you're a great person and you've done a lot of good things, helping a lot of people, even if you don't remember.."
Stahlritter 2017-09-23 02:28:23 83292
There's a quiet grumble underneath Alex's breath while he otherwise keeps his ear to the door, just to keep track of things. It's in german-- but it sounds somewhat like there might be an expletive slipped in there. Probably something about time travel.

Eventually, he pushes himself away from the door again, turning a sheepish look to the two girls. "...You know, maybe we shouldn't have lead with the whole 'dating Homura' thing..."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 02:39:42 83295
Those words were exactly what Madoka wanted to hear...though the feel good factor they brought may have been rather overshadowed by the startling revelation she was apparently incredibly close with a girl she can't remember. Specifically 'dating' close. What would Hitomi-chan think! The bewildered girl was just as sheepish as Alexis at this, her growing blush practically swallowing her entire face in a sea of red that made it feel as if her head was on fire.

"Thank you, Sayaka-chan. A-And it's okay Raskoph-kun, I'd have probably found out sooner or later. It might be important to know if this is linked to Homura-chan, including the...d-dating bit." Madoka scratched at her cheek with a nervous giggle. "What about you Sayaka-chan? As much as I want to know what's happened to me, I'm also concerned about you. I know about Raskoph-kun but...has anything else important happened to you?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-23 02:53:28 83298
Sayaka Miki nods to Alex and sighs, "Yeah...Maybe not but, she's right, the more she knows, the better.." she shrugs. "Besides, who says it'll happen that way again? Yeah, she cares about you but I kinda think a certain set of circumstances changed it into something more in that particular time stream."

As for herself, Saya hesitates a bit, "Umm well..Actualiy I'm a magical girl. I have super powers, and...Well you did too once. I imagine that part was reset though.."
Stahlritter 2017-09-23 02:57:13 83299
"I didn't say not to mention it at all," Alex points out, with his thick, leather-covered arms crossing loosely together just below his ribcage and his back leaning against the wall just besides the door. "Just, you know... Not lead with it. I know I'd have a hard time processing a lot of other things if the first thing I was told was I was involved with some girl I don't know. ... Just speaking hypothetically."

And then the magic girl matter comes up. Alex winces faintly, and then adds in, "Or you being from early enough of a point in time that you didn't even have the chance to be one yet, or... something like thing. Something about Schroedinger. Freakin' time travel bullshit."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 23:54:57 83377
"A Magical girl..?" Madoka repeated back slowly, the confusion clear on her face "You mean like, manga heroines, frilly dresses, love and hope magical girls?" Considering everything, assuming they were correct, she didn't doubt what Sayaka said was true. In fact if she casually mentioned she one day just became God she'd probably believe it. Though of course it made it no less startling a revelation regardless. ..least of all the fact she apparently was one too in one way or another.

"'s all a lot to take in Sayaka-chan." Pressing her hands together in her lap, she started to play with them as a distraction from her heart threatening to beat its way out of her chest and her brain protesting at this overload of fantastical information being fed to it, changing her outlook on just about everything she thought she knew. "Though I think Raskoph-kun is right. I don't look or feel any different than I last remember, and I'd like to think I at least grew a little bit in the space of a two years or more."
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-24 00:09:41 83379
Sayaka Miki nods slowly to Alex, "Yea, dunno, except that Homura chan may have sent the Madoka-chan from two years ago to this point in time? Why, I dunno, but I'll look into it."

She smiles at Madoka, patting her on the shoulder gently. "Yea, it's a lot to take in but you're doing fine. And now that I have magical powers, I can better protect you too. Is there anything else you wanna know? Maybe this is enough information overload for now..Feel free to eat more cookies and hot chocolate.."
Stahlritter 2017-09-24 00:24:34 83382
"I don't exactly envy the position you are in," Alex says, now stepping along over to the window in the room, carefully spreading hte blinders with two fingers by enough space to let him peek through. FOr whatever reason.

"I mean, when I learned about... magic and the supernatural, it was kiiind of a shock too. BUt at least my revelations didn't come with all the other baggage you're needing to deal with, too." He lets out a rueful sigh over that particular thought before he steps away from the window.

"You should tell her, Saya," he says then, with his gaze sweeping over to the bluenette directly. "About... the rat."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-24 00:33:52 83383
Madoka smiles up at Sayaka and nods her head, "Mm!" She had dropped her cookie on the tray when she broke down in tears, leaving it half-eaten and Pappa always told her not to waste food. Taking Sayaka's advice, she plucks it up in hand and brings it back to her mouth, taking a dainty bite out of it and letting the familiar flavour wash over her palette once again before washing it down with a sip of the hot coco. Maybe there was just something about homemade cookies and hot chocolate that soothed ones heart, but she was certainly feeling a lot better now.

"I didn't ask for this to happen. I was quite happy to continue with my life the way it was, to keep living day by day with my friends." Madoka started to talk, her voice laced with a hint of lamentation as she looked up at Sayaka with a remorseful smile "But I can still do that now. There's no use in complaining about something that's happened. I just need to deal with the hand I've been dealt, and continue to live and hope things will be fine, right?"

At the mention of a 'rat', Madoka turned her head to look over at Alexis inquisitively, then back to Sayaka. The tone of his voice was a lot more serious than it usually was. "A rat?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-24 00:39:52 83386
Sayaka Miki glances at Alex for a moment and frowns, "Kyubey you mean? Geez..." she sighs and nods. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to bring him up, but I know it's inevitable that he will try and pursue Madoka-chan as he has done in many time streams according to Homura-chan." she looks back at Madoka, pondering how to explain it to her in a way that won't freak her out. "Okay. I am a Puella Magi. I became this way because I signed a contract with Kuybey. He is..More like a white cat with floppy dig ears and he can talk. He has the power to turn ordinary girls into magical girls. At a price. Madoka-chan, apparently, you have the magical potential to become the most powerful Puella Mage. So Kyubey will be very interested to learn you are not a magical girl anymore."
Stahlritter 2017-09-24 00:51:58 83388
"He's a rat as far as I am concerned," Alex grumbles out, now drifting his way back to the bed, and sitting himself down besides Saya opposite from Madoka. "The price tends to involve a lot of pain and suffering for a lot of people involved, turns out. With Saya too..." His hand goes over, then, to rest on top of one of the blunette's hands, before giving a gentle squeeze. "In the worst ways."

The german boy's head dips downwards briefly, and for just a moment, there's actually a vaguely guilty look there.

"So if that... *thing*, comes to you... you're gonna want to say 'no', okay?"
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-24 01:13:44 83390
The potential to become a magical girl resonated within Madoka Kaname. Before now she only thought them a thing of fantasy. Magical heroines who saved the day with hope, kindness and the power of friendship through all trials and tribulations. Yet they are real and her best friend is one, and apparently she was too, in a different time. To no longer be hindered by her weaknesses and truly help people with all of her power.

The thought lingered heavily on her mind, persistent and enticing, entirely based upon her own fantastical image drawn up in her imagination from manga and her own dreams. But Alexis's harrowing words erased those idle musings in one swift moment, catching her attention fixatedly.

"Raskoph-kun?" Madoka started, looking at him with concern showing on her face "What happened? Sayaka-chan made a contract? What do you mean?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-24 01:23:54 83392
Sayaka Miki sighs, feeling a bit turn on the matter. "Madoka-chan, the contract is not as simple as being a super hero and saving people in exchange for powers. Usually Kyubey will grant you one wish and in exchange, yes, you get to have super powers and be a hero and that's pretty cool. But there is a darker side to it all. Because in order to simply live, a Puella magi must feed on the grief seeds of witches, they are creatures that feed on despair and can trap normal people in labyrinths..So essentially, they must fight and defeat witches for the rest of their lives.." she pauses then, a bit hesitant to get into the really disturbing part of being a Puella.
Stahlritter 2017-09-24 01:36:32 83394

Alex visibly hesitates when Madoka calls after him, and he even turns his head to looking away from both her and Sayaka for just a moment. A moment spent in sinking his teeth against his lower lip.

"...Saya," he breathes out eventually, and his hand turns to guiding his fingers to lacing through hers, squeezing a bit tighter onto her hand. Maybe it's to try to provide assurance for her. Maybe it's for himself. Maybe both.

"Like I said... can't go half-way." But, then, he seems just as hesitance to say what they are leaving unsaid, for now. Perhaps, in his mind, it is still best for her to hear it from Sayaka, rather than him.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-24 01:56:39 83397
It was more information to overload her brain, and Madoka was regretting not bringing a mental notebook to write everything down. Yet a simple glance at the two of them opposite her, told the befuddled girl that this was very serious and not something to joke about, and that alone was enough for Madoka to take every word to heart, even if it wasn't making much sense to her mind.

" have to fight these witches? To save people?" she questioned, leaning forwards towards her with a reassuring smile "You sound so heroic and brave to be helping people like that. It's the kind of person you are Sayaka-chan, and it's wonderful."

Straightening back up, Madoka looks down into her cup held firmly between her hands in her lap, watching as the dissipating foam swirling in the center slowly faded away in the sea of chocolate. "I don't fully understand, but I know you're both serious, I can tell that." looking back up at them, she gave a firm nod of her head "You don't need to worry!"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-24 02:03:49 83398
Sayaka Miki bites her lip, glancing back at Alex, grasping his hands tightly in her own for a moment and nods slowly. "Yeah, I know.." she sighs, "And you're right, she shouldn't be fooled by Kyubey, although..No, never mind, it's selfish of me to even think it." for a brief moment, Alex may just glimpse a look of pure despair in her eyes, before she quickly lets go of him to turn and face Madoka, smiling faintly, trying to be braved for her.

"Yeah, Okay. Sooo the ugly truth is that..Witches were actually former Puella Magi, who gave into their despair, so..Ultimately, we are not fighting some monster out there, we are fighting our former allies. And..." she sighs, "I suppose, one day it will be my ultimate destiny too.."
Stahlritter 2017-09-24 02:17:21 83400
And there it is, then.

Alex's eyes drift to a squeezing close then, and his head lowers slowly. Instincitvely, his hand squeezes on tighter into Sayaka's still.

"There has to be a way to not make it that way," the boy murmurs after all is said, and he retracts his hand from Sayaka's in favor of drawing his arm around the girl lightly pull her against his larger body. Apparently the potential to be abashed to show affection in front of Madoka is overriden by the subject matter at hand and the need to provide some measure of comfort. "But... you understand, right?" The question comes with a peek sent to the pink-haired girl.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-24 02:38:16 83403
The revelation sends a horrific chill running straight down Madoka's spine. She opens her mouth to speak but no words form to speak. What could she possibly say? If witches were former Puella Magi, like Sayaka, then that meant Sayaka would become.....

"Sayaka-chan..." Madoka eventually speaks, her voice quiet as she looks back down into her cup, upset at how cruel and unfair it all seemed. To make a wish, a possibility to bring great happiness and joy into the world and using such newfound power to further spread such good will. But if all Puella Magi became these witches who they fought against, it sounded like nothing more than a vicious circles whose ultimate goal was to spread misery. But why?

Madoka didn't ask. There would be another time for questions and that time was not now. "I understand...." she replies sullenly to Alexis with a slight nod of her head. Somehow she was left with more questions than answers, and more thoughts running through her mind.
Stahlritter 2017-09-24 02:50:25 83406
"The white rat pretty conveniently leaves *that* part of it all out when giving the whole magic girl sales pitch," Alexis notes with a bit of a growling undertone in his voice that carries alongside those words. It's not hard to tell that he doesn't exactly have the highest opinions on Kyuubei.

Alex's eyes turn towards Madoka over Sayaka's head, with his lips slightly twisted into a scowl still as an aftereffect of his previous words. "I'm sorry. I know this isn't easy to hear, but... considering everything else, you... it would be wrong for you to not know, either. Dangerous, even. I hope you understand."

He withdraws just a bit from Sayaka then, with at least a faint hint of red starting to creep over his cheeks over the realization that he's getting REALLY comfortable with her while in the presence of her best friend. Ahem. Still, his voice doesn't wave from the low, solemn tone when he continues; "I hope you also understand how important it is that you don't tell *anyone* about that. I - and now you - are one of the few people in the world who know the truth behind Witches, and... it's best it stays that way. Puella aren't the only supernatural people in the world, you see, and... there's no telling how they would react, were they to find out about it."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-24 03:10:22 83408
"I......I understand" Madoka quietly repeats in a soft and subdued tone of voice, her head still hung low and her shoulders slumped besides her. It was a bitter pill to swallow. The knowledge that not just Sayaka, her best friend, but also others out there in the world were practically ticking time bombs after drinking from a poisoned well, and they didn't even know it. The cruelty and unfairness of it all reared its ugly head up once again, mocking her for this cruel twist of fate.

"I also understand that we'll change this cruel fate. I know...I don't fully know grasp it all...and I may sound stupid. But hope isn't stupid. So long as we have hope, we'll find a way." Madoka spoke with conviction in her voice and a determination that didn't betray doubt not fear. For some reason she was thrust to this time, a reason she had yet to realise. Whether or not she would learn the truth didn't matter. What mattered was that her friend, and others, were in trouble and she had to help.

Though one thing was clear: She would have trouble sleeping tonight.