What's a Predisite?

A mutant rat attacks an innocent bystandard. Ichigo and Makio team up with the Guardians and discover they are MEW MEWS!

Date: 2017-09-21
Pose Count: 57
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 23:19:55 83156
School was long and boring but, when is it not? It is after all, School and Ichigo just can't wait until its overwith to be honest. Though she did get some quality sleep in thankfully. She didn't even hear a word her teacher said during Literature.

Now though, School is out. Its time to find some answers. She is supposed to be meeting Makio and Kukai at the park to see if they can find some things out. So thats where she goes. Its not really a long walk to the park so it doesn't take her too terribly long to get there. As she arrives she starts making her way to the place where everything started going crazy. The small hill where her and Her bo... Friend were just enjoying a date when she 'fell asleep' Quietly she looks around. Taking a seat in the grass, she waits for her friends to arrive.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-21 23:29:15 83158
School was... school. Same old same old. Sleeping through class wasn't really Kukai's style, but neither was being exactly good at it all. So, Kukai had patiently waited until classes were done, happily gone outside to be Sportsball-kun, and then left a little early to go meet Ichigo at the park after he'd gotten her text. He'd also managed to mention something about the whole thing to Amu, but whether or not she shows up...

At least it's still King Penguin Park, maybe his favorite place in the city. He'd passed this area a hundred times before and never noticed anything magic or strange about it, so this whole thing seemed curious to him. And finding out there was a newly magic girl made on it? Weird. But that's his responsibility, trying to do right by newly made magical girls.

It takes him a minute or two to see Ichigo in the distance, but he finally finds her and waves in her direction, Daichi riding his shoulder as he approaches.
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-21 23:33:03 83159
The hushed whispers. The pointing and gawking. The more hushed whispers. People parting the way and moving aside. It could only mean one thing.

Cool and Spicy Amu had arrived. she was, of course, wearing her traditional tough girl getup.

"I heard she got suspended for punching out her teacher..."

"I hear she got suspended for punching out the principle."

"I hear she didn't get suspended at all, that they're too scared to suspend her..."

"I heard she joined a gang and she's been showing up their every day after school. And she killed a person."

Or, you know. The people could just go to the guardian garden and SEE that she's there after school every day. taking care of the duties she'd been helping Nade's and the others with in an effort to actually HELP more with the whole being a guardian thing. But hey, when have rumors ever been deterred by something like facts?

She'd heard about the whole thing from Kukai and said she'd try to make it, but it had been iffy if she would.

But then, here she was. She walked up to Kukai and... "Hey. Kukai-kun, is this her?" she asked, glancing to ichigo. Oh crud it really was her. Amu. The demon child of Seiyou. The one who broke her hand by punching out a truck(No she hadn't but that's what the rumor said in the end.) Oh crud was she here to steal their lunch money?!

She then gave the girl a smile. "Hey. I'm Amu Hinamori, nice to meet you."

Then from her little pouch, there was a little crack, and suddenly three mini people of varying colors flew up, flying around the girl.

"I'm Ran!"

"I'm Miki!"

"And I'm Su!"

"Guys, don't overwhelm her right off the bat..." she said with a sigh.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-21 23:41:24 83161
A guy with dark blue hair (and an even darker blue bit of hair at the top) walks his way into the park, hands shoved into his over sized, grey hoodie's pockets. The one eye that can be seen in his hair peers over the park before spotting Ichigo...and then he comes over to join her. "...sup?" he wonders. You'd think he hadn't showed up to talk about something so serious.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-21 23:51:16 83163
Ichigo Momomiya gives a little wave to Kukai and then to Amu. She doesn't know Amu. This does make her curious. When she introduces herself, her eyes go a little wide. She leans towards Kukai and she mutters to him, "Is it true she's in the Yakuza and the last teacher who gave her homework disappeared?" As Makio shows up she greets him as well, "Hey Makio. Okay Well here is where I was when everything happened. I guess the question is, whats going o..."

And then it happens. The three Charas come flying out and around her introducing themselves. Ichigo begins watching them very intently. "Please don't do this right... meow!" She begins trying to gently bat at the charas. "They are so cute!" Swat Swat, "I'm Ichigo Momomiya. Nice to meet you all." *PLING* Unknown to her, suddenly she has a pair of black cat ears atop her head and a long black tail with a bow and a little bell on it.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 00:07:57 83166
Kukai grins as he looks back at the sound of Amu's voice, then nods. "Yeah, and this is her friend Makio. I guess they're here together to talk about... you know. Things." He nods at Amu's Charas even as Daichi cheers and flies up to catch all three of them in a big hug!

Kukai blinks, then snickers and leans over towards Ichigo, speaking quietly. "Worse than that. Her last teacher WAS a yakuza, and when he gave her homework he dishonored her, so she beat him up and took over his family!" He stands back up and then blinks, watching Ichigo react badly to the Guardian Charas. "Ok, ok, girls, calm down. Hug Daichi for a minute or something. Uh.."

There is a PLING and two black cat ears at on Ichigo's head. Kukai just.. blinks, then looks over at Amu for a moment. "Well. I mean if we were looking for a sign, one just pawed up and nya'd at us." He eyes Makio for a moment to see if he can see the ears or the Charas or.. anything.
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-22 00:13:15 83168
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times... then... Her hairpin changed from a plus to a heart. "Oh my gosh, that's so cute! you're some kind of magical cat girl, right?" Then acked, it turned back into a plus sign. "Ran!" she snapped, glaring at the sporty chara who just dove and wove around the hand with ease, likely making it worse since she was now playing with the poor girl. And then the hug! Yay! Unfortunately, this would likely slow them down enough.

Amu blinked, cocking her head to the side. What were the two of them whispering about? Eh, probably nothing. She doubted it was about her. "Yeah. Guess she's a--" And then she froze. Her eyes fell on the boy. A little hint of red to the cheeks. Oh gosh he was cute. Her biggest weakness. Then yelped. "Don't you dare," she told the girls, glaring.

She then glanced to him. "Hey. I'm Amu Hinamori, nice to meet you," she repeated to him.

"Amu totally thinks you're cute!" Ran said as she flew over to him.

"She's wondering what your hair smells like," Miki added.

"She's hoping she can help teach you all about magic, too!" Su added, the most helpful of all.

Amu stared. Her cheeks couldn't get much redder and she swooped in and grabbed all three of them, stuffing them BACK in the pouch. "D-don't mind them they just have a really bad sense of humor AH HA HA HA HA!"

Odd how people were starting to scatter after that maniacle laughter.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 00:29:56 83170
Makio Ryu raises a brow as the little creatures come out. Wait...what? He missed it last night cause he was so distracted by the fii-iiii--iiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssh, but now he's fully aware. He rubs at his eyes and then narrows them, as if he thinks he's seeing wrong. This gets no better when Ichigo suddenly spouts ears. "...o....k..." he mutters, "Well that makes sense after all the nyaaaing yesterday, doesn't it?" He gives a little shake of his head. For the life of him, however, there's no visual difference that's apparent on him. At least nothing even HE'S found.

As the little things and Amu start talking to him he can't help giving a small snicker. In time with this the darker part of his hair wrinkles up much like one's shoulder's would bunch up in trying to fight a laugh. "Well I don't really know about all that but I would think that my hair probably smells like salt water..."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 00:37:19 83171
Ichigo Momomiya blinks a few times as she's called a catgirl. "I'm not a cat girl-nya! I'm just a normal every day girl. See No kitty ears or anything!" she puts her hands on her head her fingers touch the soft plush ears. They twitch and she immediately starts panicking! "Oh my gosh make this crazy stuff stop! I'm a normal girl! What will Masaya-chan think! He will think I'm a freak I just know it. " *PING!* Her ears and tail disappear.

"Okay Why am I seeing flying little people!? Why am I sprouting cat eats? And What is going on here!!!" She goes a little white in the face. "Oh my gosh Hinamori-san please don't kill me for that outburst!"

She looks around. She crosses her arms under her chest and suddenly has a rather worried look on her face. Makio would feel the same thing. Something very off. Like nature itself was screaming that something is very wrong. "Ummm. Does anyone else feel Strange?"
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 00:48:44 83174
Kukai just... watches Amu have a freakout, totally unlike her so-called Cool and Spicy Self. The terrified, nervous laughter at this point is just par for the course. Of course, she accidentally sweeps up Daichi too so her egg pouch is filled to bursting and trying to open on its own under the annoyed fighting of four squished Charas.

Kukai looks back at Makio for a moment, watching him closely. His hair's moving a little but he certainly did see the Charas and Ichigo's ears. So.. probably should include him in the talk. Ichigo, herself, though? He sighs and turns towards her. "I don't know what happened, but you are very much not a normal girl right now. So.. don't take this the wrong way, but it appears you've been subjected to some form of magic."

Kukai lets the final word hang in the air before blinking and looking around. "No? I don't feel anything that feels really... weird. Why? Amu?"
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-22 01:09:27 83177
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times. And managed to somehow get redder. oh gosh, like the sea? That's so--

No, no no, focus! She kept a hand on the pouch, not lettin them out and completely unaware she got a four for three deal. She instead put her free hand on the other girl's shoulder and gave her what she thought was a calming smile. Considering the stories she'd heard, it probably seemed more like a 'Don't worry. you'll have nothing to worry about soon' smile. "Ichigo-chan. Calm down, I need you to listen to me closely. It's going to be okay. All of it. We're going to help you, okay? The cat ears, the little people, it's all going to get very confusing, very scary, very dangerous, very fast. But there is a whole group of us out here. We're known as Virtue and we take new magical girls, like you, and help keep them safe as they learn to develop their powers. I'm one as well, as is Kukai-kun. Well. He's a magical boy, but same thing."

She then gave a small nod. "And no, you're not a normal girl anymore. You're one of the defenders of something greater. But... you're NOT alone. We'll be here to help you face whatever difficulties or challenges you face. No matter what they may be, there will always be people in your corner, looking out for you and trying to help you. Okay? So first thing is first. We're going to help you learn to control the cat thing." Then paused. "And I'm not sure who Masaya-chan is but, judging by that reaction, he means a lot to you. The good news is, he likely won't notice. Non-magic people can't see the magic. They can't even notice it usually. So you have nothing to worry about on that end." Most people, at least.

She frowned at that. "If you're sensing something... it could mean dark energy. Which generally means bad things are coming and you're needed. Well, we'd all be needed. But if it comes to that... don't worry. Kukai-kun and I will keep you safe. Okay?" she said with a nod. "Just leave it to us guardians and focus on being support and learning what you can do, okay?" She sighed and glanced around. "And yeah, I feel it too..." She let the pouch open and the charas sprang out.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 01:09:56 83178
Makio Ryu furrows his visable brow. "Ugh...I feel like I'm going to cough up more fish bones...." he murmurs. That's an odd seeming thing to say, isn't it? Magic? Well, he'd question it existing if he hadn't just seen the little flying people. "There is deffinetly something wrong," he insists, peering around. "Like...that kind of feeling you get from being around groups of animals enough...that kind of feeling like a predator or some kind of disaster is approaching..."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 01:23:55 83181
She looks at Amu curiously and then at Makio. A light goes on and suddenly things are making a little sense. "Whatever happened to me happened to you too! You're just not having the same reaction as me!" She comments and then that feeling again starts getting to her. "Umm Its this way." She begins walking. As she walks, she speaks up. "So... Magic is real. Like Sailor V and stuff? That is real?"

She blinks a few times and stops in her tracks. Canting her head she smiles softly. "Oh! Its Masaya-chan!!! He's so dreamy!" She blushes bright as she looks toward the guy. Well she has good taste! He is tall his complection is a little darker and dark hair... Yup! Tall, Dark, and Handsome?! She's got taste alright! She waves at him but he doesn't see her. "Oh Right! Oh gosh Ichi, You are such a ditz sometimes! We were supposed to meet here tonight! Masaya-chan!!!" She calls out his name but he doesn't hear her. Her moves into a wooded part of the park as things start to get a little cloudy in the area.

Unseen to everyone a jellyfish like creature, pulsing with light floats through the air and into the woods. It itself is not a living creature but it is searching for one...
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 01:36:41 83183
Kukai rolls his eyes and grins. "I'm going to have to apologize to Daichi after this." He nods at Ichigo and Makio. "Yup. What she said - we're here to help. There's a whoooole lot of kids our age who all are dealing with some variation of this sort of thing. And yeah, it's scary and dangerous but it's awesome and wonderful all at the same time. And yup. Virtue will be willing to help you and keep you protected if you need it."

Kukai nods, then smiles. "We will always help you whatever happens and comes along, and yeah. We'll do what we can to help you control your nya-ness from popping out uncontrolled."

Kukai looks back and forth between Makio and Ichigo, then scratches his head. "Both of you are feeling sick and wrong all of a sudden? That's ... odd. And yeah. Magic is real. The Mages, the Puella, the Sailor Scouts, the Guardian Characters, the Dream Guardians, the Color Guardians, and more. Lots and lots more."

Kukai blinks as Ichigo spouts off about Masaya-chan, whomever that is. "Uh. Wait, is that your boyfriend?" He looks around behind him, scratching his head, and is the last one into the woods, missing the jellyfish creature. "Wait, Ichigo, aren't you listening?" He sighs. "Cats."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 01:41:29 83185
After her months-long 'episode,' Nadeshiko had felt guilty for worrying her family so much. And she'd been out of practice. So of course, that had meant more dance practice. (Of course, they comment how she seems to be far more 'in touch' with herself lately. Obviously. One doesn't quite understand who they are until who they are had been split in half.)

Still, some days she needs a break.

Today is one of those days.

And of course, she's feeling more Nadeshiko than Nagihiko, and so of course, she's dressed as such.

And of course, she ends up where two of her important people are. With other people!

And it's been so long since she's done this that she can't resist.


Finger to lips.

Lean in close to speak in an ear.

"A. Mu. Chan."

Then she's gone from that ear to latch on Kukai's arm, pressing a hand to her cheek. "My, my, I do so love it when you start teaching others about this."
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-22 01:43:52 83186
Amu Hinamori blinked a lot. "W-wow..."

"He's really cute..." Miki said, staring with heart eyes.

"Amu and Miki are both wondering what his hair smells like," Ran said. Amu was a bit too distracted to notice. She then eeped and shook her head. "E-err, right! Dates! Yes! Dates are good! Dates are very important for a magical girl's development!" she said, her cheeks bright red.

"Especially with such a cute guy..." Su added.

"Exactly." Uurk. "N-not that I'd care about such things," she lied with a harumph, calming herself and putting on her cool and spicy. "Do you have his cell phone? Give him a call and let him know you'll be a little late. If something bad is brewing, it's really, really important that we deal with it first. As in life or death important. Otherwise--" And then she jumped, her cheeks going red and she whipped around.

"Na-chan?!" she squeaked, staring and... Oh gosh her cheeks got super red. Ran opened her mouth to speak, but Amu managed to grab her out of the air this time and cover her mouth. "Where have you been? Are you feeling better? Ack! Wait, right, boys first! I mean, dark energy first!"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 02:08:00 83187
Makio Ryu can't help chuckling at Amu again. "Really," he wonders, "But if dates are important for magical girls, then what's that mean for boys?" He's still not so sure he's on with beliveing rather or not he's on this whole....whatever it is that's making Ichigo pop out ears and HOPEFULLY do all the nyaning she's been doing. So far the only wierd thing he's noticed is falling into a fish tank, all the fish ending up dead, him coughing up fish bones, and now he's seeing little people! ...that last one's the only thing that feels like magic to him! Still, these people would know a lot better than he would...probably...right? "And yeaaaaah, why would you care about /dates/," he wonders, "It's not like those are important at all, right?"
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 02:22:18 83188
Ichigo Momomiya is still moving towards the woods. She does stop and look back. "Its getting stronger this way." Though that could be her attraction to Masaya. She keeps moving and slipping into the woods.

"Masaya-chan?" She calls out quietly. There is something really unsettling about the woods. A strange mist seems to roll in turning the creep factor up to 11. "Hello?" She speaks out trying not to be too loud. After all if the nasty feeling she's having is in fact some kind of monster or something she certainly doesn't want to draw its attention.

The Jellyfish like creature continues moving through the woods. It moves quietly pulsing in a near menacing fashion. It moves in to its target. Moving in behind Masaya, The creature moves closer to him and then... moves closer to something else. A bench near Masaya. Underneath is a rather nasty little rat. It quickly wraps its tentacles around the rat and vanishes. Suddenly the rat begins growing, becoming as big as a person and far more freaky looking.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 02:36:16 83189
Kukai was absolutely, totally, entirely not expecting to be followed by anybody but Amu. And he really really wasn't expecting to see Nadeshiko because she was having serious levels of dance practice lately. So the feeling of soft hands on his arm and somebody up against his side, with the most lovely and familiar voice speaking in his ear sort of makes him come up sharp and short. "Na-chan!" No matter where Ichigo and Makio are going, there's time for a big hug for Nadeshiko. "Hey! Um. Long story - new magic catgirl, new magic somethingboy, they're following something that's making them feel weird. I'm trying to discuss what magic is with them. They wandered off."

"Well they're girls. Dates are important to them." Kukai sideeyes Nadeshiko. "I mean some dates with some people are important to me too!" He looks back at Ichigo, watching her move deeper into the small park forest, following her. The mist is upon them before he can react, and one hand squeezes on Nadeshiko's hand nervously. It doesn't take a moment before there's a sudden explosion from underneath the nearby bench and a giant mutated rat appears nearby, eliciting a gasp from Kukai! "There, look!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 02:54:26 83190
She preens at Amu's reaction, pleased that she still has the ability to make her jump out of her skin and turn several shades of red. (It's good for the ego!) "A call would be best, if you can't I recommend a text." She offers a small shrug to Amu. "Well, I believe my parents are finally convinced it was...stress induced temporary insanity. And they're letting me choose which performance to take next, so I'm doing good. Busy, but good."

And then there's a big Kukai hug, one she happily snuggles into. "I see. Well, they're in good hands." She smiles up at him.

And then she lightly pokes his side. "I don't know. I'd never been overly interested in dates until someone came along and ruined that." Ignore that, physically speaking, she isn't a girl, but that matters not!

She jumps as Kukai gasps and then she groans, letting forth a short string of obscenities as her words goes very much against the way she's dressed. "Dammit, ya gotta be kiddin' me!" She catches herself and places a hand over her mouth. "I mean. A large rodent. Goodness heavens."

Rhythm and Temari poke their heads out from her high ponytail where they've been napping. After a hug for the charas, they look at Nadeshiko.

Who will she choose, Beat Jumper or Yamato Maihime? Offense or defense?

It depends on where Amu and the other two go, really!
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-22 02:59:47 83191
Amu Hinamori glanced to Makio. "To magical boys... Dates are important too! Love is the basis for our magic!" she said with a rapid fire nod. "And dates are super important! A young maiden's love must be nourished!"

She then nodded, following Ichigo. "Okay. So, we're in the woods now so... Okay. Have you guys transformed before? We should do tha--" Then the rat. She squeaked and... "My heart, unlock!" She called, making her signs and then... magical transformation! She was surrounded by glowing lights as Ran flew in and, after a moment, she was Amulet Heart, baton in her right hand. She glanced at the situation and... Then glanced to Kukai and Nades. "Okay." She's nades then so... "Kukai-kun, try to get the civilian out of here, okay? Na-chan, you and I distract the creature and we'll keep it busy." She then glanced to the other two. "You two. Try to transform and get the feel for your powers. Once Kukai-kun gets him out of here and safe, the three of us will help keep it busy, while you two try and figure out how your powers work. There's five of us here, so together there shouldn't be any issue. Okay? Don't worry if you have a bit of difficulty at first. We all do. Just do your best."

... Wait, when did Amu go all like... assertive and stuff?
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 03:06:22 83192
Makio Ryu startles slightly, his hair thing....(Really what do you call that? it's not an ahoge cause it's several hairs) stands up must like a cat's fur. "I've never seen a rodent THAT big," he states, "Is THAT magic? Why's someone making a big rat?" He's trying to attend to everybody, but it's worrying how Ichigo's going off ahead the way she is. It's especailly worrying with that giant rat that's there now.

And yet again, from distraction Makio'd been missing a key part of things! Difference is, tonight he notices the fact. "Oh, hi...when did you get here," he wonders as he looks toward Nadeshiko, but this comes on just as Amu suggests him and Ichigo transform. Transform? Into what? How?

"Ummm...." he murmurs cluelessly before staring at his own empty hands. All that's doing is making him remember that flash of fish bones sitting there again. ...what's fish bones have to do with this?! Useless... Useless... His eye narrows in frustration.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 03:18:30 83193
The rodent isn't even paying attention to Amu and company. Nope Its horribly beaty eyes are locked on Masaya who is still looking around for Ichigo. It lets out a growl and moves in on him.

Ichigo is close. She is still moving. "MASAYA-CHAN!!!" She screams out. On the upside That gets the mutant rat from Masaya. It also gets Masaya's attention who is now realizing that he's sorta in danger! On the downside, The Mutant Rat now has a new target. It quickly turns around. Its tail slamming into Masaya and knocks him on his butt. His head hits a rock and he goes out cold!

Ichigo is suddenly in over her head. The creature growls and comes in to attack her. Suddenly, Ichigo is taken off her feet. It wasn't the rat! Nope It was something else or... Someone else! A man dressed in black and white with blonde hair and blue eyes picked her up in a jump up to a tree limb above the monster and the other magical people below.

The strange man in the tree looks at the situation and at the girl he just pulled out of the frying pan. "Ichigo-san, I'm going to need you to go fight that mutant rat down there." The blonde man looks down at Makio, "you too, Makio-san."

"WHAAAA Who are you! What are you doing. Whats going on! What is that thing!? WHAT ABOUT MASAYA-CHAN!?" Ichigo freaks out.

"I'll explain everything later." The blonde man states and proceeds to push Ichigo out of the tree!
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 03:33:38 83194
Kukai looks over to Nadeshiko and Amu, then back to Ichigo as the rat slams Masaya hard and knocks him out - that head strike looked BAD. He points towards the rat and nods. "C'mon, she's going to need our help to not get hurt on her first time! Daichi, come outta that pouch - it's time! Unlock my boyish heart - Chara Transform!"

Amu's pouch pops open, and Ran, Miki, and Su tumble out as Daichi flies out towards Kukai, absorbing into his heart and making him glow brightly enough to obscure anyone's sight looking at him.

As the light vanishes, there stands the pilot and adventurer, Sky Jack! He reaches up, snapping one hand and summoning his flying skateboard, getting some altitude just as Ichigo is dumped out of the tree by the strange blonde guy! "Hey, stop flirting, it's time to fight!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 03:42:35 83195
Nadeshiko nods at Amu. "Temari. My heart, unlock."

Yamato Maihime looks at the rat over the top of her fan as Rhythm perches near her haircomb, never far away in case a char switch is needed. "The question you should be asking yourself is why wouldn't they make a rodent that size."

Her fan closes as she glides toward the rat, dodging any attack with the grace of the dancer she is.

She levels a look at her opponent. "Dance of the Cherry Blossoms." She flicks her wrist and the fan opens once again, sending a spiral of cherry blossoms toward the rodent, intent on obscuring its vision.

Her eyes narrow at the man who brings the two magical newbies away but she speaks to Sky Jack. "Oh, dear. Does this mean I shouldn't flirt with you while I fight? Have I been doing this wrong all along?"

Her fan snaps closed as she holds her arm out to her side, prepared to unleash Robe of the Dancing Feathers when needed.

She whispers to Rhythm. "If that man looks like he's about to hurt those two, give him a hug tackle for me?"

Rhythm puffs out his tiny, tiny chest!
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-22 03:48:36 83196
Amu Hinamori blinked a few times. ANOTHER hot guy? Oh mai! Her cheeks went a little red, but now was not the time! First civilian. She leaped forward, landing by the guy and scooping him up(yay magical strength!) "I've got him! You two, transform and get ready! Just stay calm, and focus. We've got your back no matter what!" She'd then leap away to A. lay the guy against a tree, B. Make sure he wasn't seriously hurt(check for concussion and the like) and C. head back to aid them. She might be a while.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 03:51:45 83198
Makio Ryu seems to decide transformation isn't important and, as Masaya goes down and the rat starts to go for Ichigo, Makio rushes forward. He pauses only when the stranger grabs Ichigo and then talks to them both. "What? That's it? ...just fight the thing," he wonders in slight confusion. He was already planning to TRY to do that, but he didn't think it was a successful idea.

Alright...Makio throws off his hoodie and runs full tilt toward the rat. "Hey fuzzy! If you're looking for a meal, I'm one of the biggest things here right now!" He tries to put himself between the rat and Masaya, balling his fists and trying to stand his ground firmly. The shock of darker hair on his head is shaking, but what can be seen of his features is just screaming in defiance.

What is he doing? He doesn't even know how to fight! His thing is /swimming/! ...hell if he's just going to stand around and be some useless burden though. At the absolute least, he's helping get Masaya out of here safe. "Com'on..." he insists with a defiant grin, "It's some nice rat chow..."

Nevermind Amu's taking the guy he's protecting away and making the bravado for nothing, but hey! He's got it in him at least!
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 04:12:34 83199
The good news!!! Masaya is okay. Just out cold. He's not really too hurt. Just got knocked out. The rat is rather nasty. It attacks in a fierce manner. Lashing out first at Ichigo who of course gets away. It goes after Amu as she is going after his snack! Then after Kukai as Kukai is posing a threat and finally it begins moving in on Makio when he starts goading it.

Ichigo lands on her feet as though she had jumped down herself. She looks at the creature then at the guy. Then at Amu as she takes Masaya to safety. "I can't do this! I don't know how to fight!" She laments to the strange man.

The man responds quickly. "You can do this Ichigo-san. Both you and Makio-san have the animal instinct. Just let it out! Here. Both of you will need one of these. I was hoping you wouldn't but. Here!" He tosses both of them a gold pendant. "Now Ichigo-san, Say Mew Strawberry, Metamorphosis! Makio-san, you say Mew Macaroon, Metamorphosis!" Then he sits back and watches.

Ichigo catches the pendant and looks at it. "Mew Strawberry, Metamorphosis!!!" DNA strandsform behind her and immediately her clothing vanishes only to be replaced by a pink dress, garter and boots. Her hair changes pink as do her eyes. Her ears pop out as does her tail which gets a cute bow and a bell on it.

The transformation ends and now things go a little crazy. The rats attention now goes to Ichigo and it lunges at her. She quickly leaps out of the way like its nothing!
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 04:42:51 83200
Sky Jack can't help but look over at Yamato Maihime and grin. "Oh, well, flirt with me whenever you feel like it! But not while giant rodents are trying to eat people!" A soccer ball appeared in midair just in front of his foot, spinning in place. Jack rears back and punts it, hard, at the giant rat, electricity and force charged into it so that the ball lunges forward with a roar at the mutant beast! "We'll find out what caused you to be so nasty in the first place!"

Jack looks over just in time to see the pendants go out and begin the transformations, and grins, knowing that whatever's going on, the two new heroes are going to be able to deal with it....
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 04:49:36 83201
Maihime giggled again, as always coyly and behind the back of her hand. "I'm a multitasker, darling. I can do both."

Seh allows her petals to clear up with it appears the two newbies might have it under control. She keeps her fan ready, just in case, keeping an eye out between Sky Jack, Amulet Heart, and the other two.

After all, a good offence is a great defence, and she plans on sticking to that.

She calls out to Amu. "Need any help?"

The two newbies could likely benefit from immediate assistance, but how would they learn? It was far better this way, with them here as back up, than to be thrown head first in.

(At least, that was her assessment.)
Amu Hinamori 2017-09-22 04:51:40 83202
Amu Hinamori was in the midst of checking the boy for any damage(and definitely NOT planning to kiss him even if Miki thought she should. She would NEVER do that.) She checked his eyes, head, all that. She'd been taking a bit of first aid lessons, after all. She'd be ready to rejoin them soon. "I'm almost done! I think he's going to be fine, bit of a head ache! Focus on the newbies!" she called back.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 04:55:21 83203
The guy throws some thing at Makio and Ichigo...and then Ichigo uses it to transform... Maybe that's why Makio couldn't figure it out? He looks at the item he caught and tries to figure out what sort of animal instinct he has. ...swiming? ...eating fish? ...playing? What? Eh, guess it's time to play then. He tosses the item up into the air and catches it again, grasping onto it uncertainly as he calls out like asked.

"Mew Macaroon, Metamorphosis!" In his own case, as his clothing vanishes it's replaced with a cyan and white colored get up that looks almost like a pirate or sailor's. His hair's become brighter, matching the cyan of his uniform, and the shock in it has become white. It's also notable that one can FINALLY see his entire face as his hair is tamed and brushed backward, showing both of his now briliantly, striking, bright, blue eyes.

With the rat running toward Ichigo, Makio's imediately off running toward the rat again. "I /still/ don't really /know/ what I am doing yet, but you're not hurting anyone else, Fuzzy!" Crazy as it might seem, he just leaps and basically belly flops himself at the thing. Deffinetly not graceful, but it's the first thing that comes to mind for some reason! The guy said /instincts/, after all.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 05:12:26 83204
The Rat misses Ichigo. This is in part because her super jump out of the way and in part from taking a ball to the face! It growls out and turns to go after Ichigo. This attack is met with... A mighty belly flop courtesy of Mew Macaroon.

Up in the tree, the blond haired man just sorta smirks. He doesn't really laugh. After all he seems much too hard for that. "Call your weapons. Just focus on a weapon. The first thing that comes to your mind."

Ichigo is still a little freaked. She focus a little and holds her hand out. "Strawberry Bell!" Immediately a heart shaped handled bell forms in her hand. Just as the rat attacks her. She holds it out and it slams into... a Magical field around her!!! "Okay Fuzz Butt! You're going to get it now!!! Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace! Mew Mew Power In your Face!!!"
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 05:22:37 83205
Sky Jack eyes Mew Macaroon for a moment, sky pirate to sea pirate, and grins, watching him and Mew Strawberry assault the overgroan mouse. He holds back, giving them time to get used to their abilities. The giant rat is still a threat, but at the moment, he looks over, wheeling back in midair and scooting over to Yamato Maihime, stepping back on his board. "Offer milady a ride?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 05:31:32 83206
Maihime nods at Amu. "Let me know should anything change."

She watches as the Mews worked together, ready to jump in if needed, either with binding or switching to Beat Jumper.

And then Sky Jack shows up, and though she can technically get to wherever she need to with little worry at all, a ride with him is too nice to pass up. She flutters her fan for a moment before stepping up onto the board behind him, one hand on his shoulder, feet braced. "Such a gentleman. Careful, I might just swoon."

She peers over his shoulder. "How do you think they are doing?"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 05:33:30 83207
Mew Macaroon does a far MORE graceful move than he had before by coming to his feet against the rat and suddenly back flipping off, cleanly landing on his feet a small distance away. He turns back toward the rat again, holding out a hand. "Macaroon Shards!" He blinks as what looks like rather unornate, hand gaurd like items with no blades attached seem to appear in BOTH his hands instead of the one he held open. Right then...it's his first time. He's allowed all these little mistakes, right?

In any case, he grips both of the bladeless handles, trying to grock them very quickly. He then holds them so they are angled where the inexistant blades would be lined up with the back of his arms. Once he gets that right, ice energy shoots out of them, forming icesicle like blades.

"Rolling Macaroon Slash," is called out as he, with surprizing quickness, rolls at the rat, the macaroon shards spraying out a quick succession of several ice elemented beams in the rat's direction. Maybe he's getting more comfortable already.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 05:55:56 83208
Ichigo blinks a few times as she sees the attack that Mew Macaroon pulls off. Her jaw drops a little. "Wow! That is so cool!" She looks at the rat who is hurting a little now. "Okay then! My Turn!" She brings the bell to her wrist and rises off the ground. Spinning in circles she calls out, "Ribbon Strawberry Check!" Light errupts from behind her as she moves the bell forward. Light, bubbles, and lasers go flying, slamming the living daylights out of the huge rat. It quickly returns to normal size and the strange jellyfish creatures is knocked loose.

The man in the tree jumps down and releases something rather bizarre. A little pink puffball with cat like ears and pink eyes. It floats over to the jellyfish thing amd calls out, "Collect!" It opens its mouth. Inside it looks like a digital prison of sorts as the puff ball eats the jellyfish making sure its not a threat anymore.

The Blond haired man speaks. "Nice work and and a cute battle cry. Good job both of you. This is R2000. He gathers the infusers so they don't create more Chimera Animals. Or Predisites as they are called. He also has sensors built in to locate them." He looks at the two mews and just sizes them up. "Well I guess I owe you and your... friends, some answers. Come with me." With that he starts moving out of the woods and towards a Pink Building.
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 06:03:41 83209
Sky Jack tips the nose of his skateboard forward, hovering over the ground and sliding over next to Macaroon and Strawberry, before giving them a salute, keeping one eye on the pink puffball cat that's consuming the evil jellyfish. "Great work, you two! You'll be punching youma in no time! And we're sure that thing's gone, eh?" He rubs his nose, considering the quite content looking R2000, before grinning back at the two of them, one arm around Yamato Maihime's midsection. "Well. It looks like you're finding the answers you're looking for. Want us to come with? It's interesting, at least!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 06:15:55 83210
Rhythm just stares at the cat. "Na-chan, I want to hug the fluff."

Nadeshiko keeps her voice soft. "Not now, Rhythm. Let's see what's up, yes? If you don't get to hug the fluff, you may hug a stray cat on the way home."

Rhythm perks. "Really?"

"Of course. But you know the rule."

Rhythm ponders. "Stray fluff hugs means flea bath?"

She giggles and nods.

Now that the danger is past, Yamato Maihime allows herself to lean against Sky Jack, one hand still on his shoulder while the other flutters the fan before her face. It makes it easier to hide the suspicious frown at the blond man. Her eyes smile at the two mews. "I would be delighted if you permitted us to join you."

Softer and from behind the safety of the fan, she murmurs quietly to Sky Jack. "Am I being paranoid in wanting to punch that man?"

It's highly possible! Shugo Charas didn't really have random strangers coming out of nowhere telling them how things were done. It was just sort of...picked up along the way.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 06:18:45 83211
Mew Macaroon blinks a little. It feels like everyone but him and Ichigo are way more in the know about this. At least the strange dude seems like he's going to give some more explanations. He grins toward Ichigo and offers a raised hand (high five style that is).

"Thanks..er...Strawberry," he replies, "Feels like you adjusted to this well!" He offers a smile to the other two up above as well. "And thanks for keeping an eye on us too, dudes," he calls, "It might be useful to have more people knowing what's up, if you're good for it!"

After all, if it's just going to be him and Ichigo for now, what happens if both of them manage to miss the signs? They're brand new to this after all. Despite all his confusion and his earlier frustration at not knowing how to henshin though, he seems comfortable just going with the flow now that there's not people being threatened.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 06:40:09 83213
The man stops and looks at the small group. "By all means." With that he continues walking towards the pink building.

Mew Strawberry looks at Macaroon and smiles, "You're welcome. This is good. Can you umm... Let me know when I wake up okay?" She asks with a nervous smile.

The group moves closer to the building and see the words, Cafe Mew Mew written on a sign near it. Inside, it is empty save for tables, chairs and... Another gentleman. This guy has dark hair and is much taller then the blond. In front of him, a table has been set up with all sorts of pastries, cakes, and tea of course. "Welcome to Cafe Mew Mew." The tall man states. "My name is Keiichiro Akasaka. This is my friend and partner here at the Cafe, Ryou Shinigane." He gestures to the table. "Please, have a seat and help yourselves everyone." He smiles a little. "I know who some of you are but not all. Ichigo-san and Makio-san I know of but, I don't know your friends. If you don't mind would you introduce yourselves?"

Ryou speaks up now seeming the much more abrupt of the two. "Ichigo and Makio, you are part of a special program called Project Mew. Basically You are what stands between Earth and a transdimensional alien threat to the world. The thing you fought is a tool of these Aliens. In order to fight these creatures, My father started Project Mew. He tested it on one person and sadly he failed. He passed away and the project fell to me, Keiichiro-san, and now you both. In order to fix the problem, we needed to find special people whose DNA was compatable with Red Data Animals." He looks at Ichigo, "When we found you, we discovered your DNA was highly compatable. That is when we released the DNA through an energy wave so you would be able to fight against these enemies."

Ichigo blinks a few times. "Are you kidding me?! I didn't want this!!! I just wanted to be a normal girl! I have enough problems to deal with! Turn me back! " She demands and then the pastries get to her. Her mouth waters a little as she begins nibbling at some of them. "Mmmmmm Thats so good!"
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 06:50:31 83214
Sky Jack leans in, speaking very quietly to Yamato Maihime, holding her close on the board. "Maybe in the stomach. Not quite yet in the face." He leans up and smiles to Macaroon and Strawberry. "Right behind you then! Let's go!" He follows the two Mews into the bright pink building, looking around at it. "I don't think I've ever seen this building before..."

Once inside, Jack lands the flat board on the ground and dispels it, walking along towards the pastry table with Maihime, pulling out a seat for her before taking one himself and putting his feet up in another, picking up a cupcake from off the table and examining it. "Hmmm. Smells really good. Like fantastically good. Whoo." He takes a bite, listening to the explanation, and then grins, saluting Keiichiro with the cupcake-filled hand. "I'm Sky Jack, a Guardian of Seiyou Public, and a Guardian Character Bearer. Nice to meet you." Part of him wants to be polite and introduce Maihime, but another part of him loves seeing her work her charms on unsuspecting people.

Jack sits up after a minute, and before he can make a comment Ichigo explodes, saying mostly what he would have. "That is a question, yeah. Can you undo what you've done, and why'd you just do it to someone who happened to fit your bill?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 07:05:38 83215
She moves her fan so he could see her smile, pleased that it might not be completely in her mind.

Her fingers hold on as they travel and when they reach their destination she steps off the board. She smiles again at Kukai as he offers her a seat, folding her fan a little before accepting the seat he's offered.

After he introduces himself she turns to their hosts, fan put away and graceful charm in play. "I am Yamato Maihime, bearer of Temari. It is an honor to make your acquaintance."

As per her habit, she begins to pour tea for everyone present as she listens to the story and the aftermath, her face impassive.

"I am inclined to agree with Sky Jack. Even the illusion of free will is better than none at all. The senshi are bound by past lives, the puella by a deal they've made. Others, such as bearers like ourselves, are given a choice to do what we do." She reaches out and sets the teapot down before looking up at their hosts. "It seems it would be more beneficial to find willing participants who match your criteria than to hope for the best."
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 07:14:58 83217
Mew Macaroon blinks as the guys basically dump a load of info imediately. Well, on one hand it's a lot to take in, but on the other, it's much better than being WITHOUT all the information! Before it was magic, now it's compatible DNA with red data animals? Fighting aliens? And given the place...it's being run from a cafe?

Thinking all of this simply brings the boy to shrug. It's not that he's complaining, it's just taking time to process is all. Ichigo's protests cause him to pat at her shoulder. He WANTS to say something comforting but...at the same time he doesn't want to sound ungreatful.

This, /wierd/ as it is, could be the thing he needed to turn his life around. Fighting aliens deffinetly sounds like a way to stop amounting to nothing more than a spoiled brat who's always been given anything he asked for...

He thanks Maihime, but as her and Jack speak up as well, however, it hits him that that's a bit jerkish of him NOT to stand up for Ichigo in itself. "Yeah, it does seem a bit...immoral to just make someone unwittingly work for you, dude. I'm good for doing the role but, do you really get to just make people become your experiments?"
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 07:29:14 83218
The two men frown, "We're sorry." Keiichiro frowns and looks down for a moment. "We did not want to just randomly experiment on people like this. We did it with the best intentions. The threat thats coming is very dangerous We just... Our readings show that things are about to get much worse and we simply couldn't wait any longer."

Then Ryou speeaks up, "Listen, We didn't pick you all at random. It was and is your destiny. This is your chance to be heroes. There is no way to undo what was done. I apologize for that." He looks down and thinks a moment before looking up at them both again. "Think of your family. Your friends. The teachers at your schools. This is what we're asking you to fight for. You don't have to do this. We can't undo what we've done but you can learn to control it. The magical types can fight these aliens without you but, you are the best suited for fighting them. It is your choice."

Ichigo looks at Macaroon and his excitement over the prospects. She takes a sip of the tea. "Thank you, Maihime. That is really nice of you." She takes a deep breath. "Fine. I'll do it. It is kinda cool to be a magical girl I guess."
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 07:41:36 83219
Sky Jack hmms, rubbing his chin. "Is this a strictly scientific process, or was there some magic involved? Because it seems pretty magical to me." He glances over at Macaroon, then shrugs. "I suppose if you really don't mind, though, it's all right in the end."

Keiichiro states 'things are about to get worse' and Sky Jack frowns, munching the rest of the cupcake, icing and all, then glances at Yamato Maihime as Strawberry finishes. "Well... geez. If it's something that the Scouts and the multiple groups of Guardians and Mages and Puella all can't face properly, I suppose I shouldn't fuss too much. If you two are really good with it, then ok, it's all for the best."

Sky Jack sits up, putting his feet down out of the other chair, and nods to Maihime. "We should probably make time to train at some point if there's something like that coming." He grins at Strawberry and Macaroon. "Don't want you two to get ALL the glory!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 07:57:59 83220
She listens and hides her frown in her teacup. Rhythm floats over and steals a bit of dripped cupcake frosting from Sky Jack's plate.

She has no reason to oppose if all parties are willing.

It didn't mean she wouldn't keep her eye on things, of course.

"It is also important to keep in mind there is a support group." She glances at Sky Jack over her teacup. "Sometimes it is easy to forget and one may find themselves overwhelmed."

At the suggestion of a spar, her serene smile takes on a shadow of being almost feral. Her eyes almost glint. She smells a challenge. "I am up for the challenge. The question is, are you?"

Her eyes narrow slightly at their hosts, but in the end decides it isn't her place to voice any more concerns.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 08:00:23 83221
"And at the least I'm here WITH you," Macaroon says to Strawberry, "If it ends up too messed up, I've got your back, dude." He gives a nod toward Maihime as if to say 'yeah, what she said'. With Sky Jack's statment the fellow pirate grins back in his direction. "Guess we better be ready to keep up then."

He does turn toward the two guys that put him in this situation, however. "Tell me though...is this stuff the reason I ended up in one of the sea park's tanks, floating with the remains of a bunch of dead, exotic fish? They couldn't find anything. They were wondering if it was some wierd kind of attack."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 08:12:26 83222
Ryou nods, "Yes. You ate the fish. You are fused with the DNA of a Saimaa Ringed Seal. Thats where the bones came from. Its part of being a mew mew. You will experience traits of the animal you're fused with." With that Ryou stands up and moves to the kitchen."

Keiichiro speak up to answer Sky Jack. "It is a blend of both. The Science behind it caused a magical situation to occur." He then looks at the two Mews and smiles. "The cafe Mew Mew is our secret base. It allows us to keep track on Tokyo and any threats. It also allows us to keep a watch out for Predisites. So how do you feel about working here?"

At that moment Ryou walks out with 2 boxes. One is given to Ichigo the other to Makio. "Working here will be the easiest way to keep in touch with you. After work you will need to look for two things. Predisites and other Mew Mews."

Ichigo opens up her box. Inside is a very cute red work dress. She lights up. "This is so cute!" She vanishes to the kitchen to change. Her voice calls out. "How are we supposed to do this stuff that you want us to!"
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 08:20:58 83223
Sky Jack nods at Macaroon and Strawberry. "Right. We'll get you set up with..." He stops for a moment, then grins, rubbing the back of his head. "Whoops. Got sort of excited for a minute. Uh. We won't force you to join or be involved. But we can provide you with contact information and communication tools so you can talk more easily with the wider selection of magical people, ask for help, help others, discuss issues and problems you're having, engage in social stuff, that sort of thing." He coughs, a little embarrassed at himself.

Jack nods at Macaroon. "A... seal, huh? I mean, it explains why you're tough and fast in the water. And..." He turns to Keiichiro. "Oh. Well, ok. Science and magic." He rubs his head - there's at least one or two groups he can think of that do something similar.

As Strawberry vanishes off into the kitchen to change, Jack arches an eyebrow and grins back at Maihime. "...Are you challenging me, Maihime?" His own grin is just as cocky and self assured. Oh boy.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 08:33:29 83224
She delicately sips her tea some more as plans are discussed, nodding along. "Partnership is important. And no matter what happens." Here her eyes linger on the two adults. "You know you will have each other if no one else."

And then her eyes do glint. Suddenly she stands and there's a loud 'THUNK as the sharp end of a naginata is embedded in the table. The traditionally dressed dancer, the embodiment of everything grace and poise, has one foot on her chair as she grins down at Sky Jack. "Hell no, bub, you challenged me first! An' I accept!" She leans toward him, thumb jabbing at her own chest. "Gonna take great pleasure in wipin' the floor with yer pretty mug!"

Rhythm floats over to the cupcakes and steals one, chomping away. He looks up at the rest, icing over his face and smiles happily. "Don't worry! Temari says they're just flirting when they do this!"

Maihime turns her attention to her young chara, momentarily sweet voiced again. "Don't eat too much, you'll get a tummy ache."

Then back at Sky Jack. "Speakin' of flirtin,' whoever wins chooses the next date!"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 08:37:00 83225
Mew Macaroon sighs a little. He had a strong feeling he ate the fish, due to the bones. It was just a lot harder to accept when it was mysterious and out of nowhere like it was. "So...I'm a magical boy, who's a seal, and a cafe worker," he wonders as he opens the box to peer inside. To be honest, he'd be willing to humor things for a /moment/ if there was another dress in there.

"Well, being a seal might cramp things up at the sea park a little, but...you guys are giving me a job and my parents didn't even have to pay for it. I'll try my hardest to make sure you don't regret giving me that chance." He lets his own transformation drop (along with the hair back into his face) as he goes to try the suit in the box on.

The almost black shock of hair on his head almost stands straight up at the THUNK, but he relaxes as Rhythm explains things annnnd then continues on to a bathroom or some such.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 08:42:52 83226
Ichigo Momomiya steps out wearing her new work uniform. Her excitement is flat out overwhelming! This is apparent by the ears and tail that are very much present. "This is so adorable!!!" She practically squees.

"I figured that was your color. Also, your ears and tail are out. Because of the nature of the project your ears and tail can be seen by normal people so try to keep things hidden." Ryou sounds cranky as all get out. He looks at the two mew mews. "You have 20 minutes. Enjoy the little party until then. We open in 25." With that he slips off to the kitchen.

Keiichiro smiles. "Sky Jack? Maihime? Please don't fight in the dining room. I actually have some new cakes if you are interested in trying them."
Kukai Souma 2017-09-22 08:54:49 83227
Jack nods. "Having somebody you can rely on is a big help, ten times out of ten. We wouldn't be here if we didn't know how to work together."

And then there is a heart-stopping THUNK of magically sharpened steel planting itself into the wood of the table not a few inches away from Sky Jack's nose. It takes him a second of not acting to get his composure, and he looks back up at Yamato Maihime with a similar grin, standing up to lean over the blade and stare intensely at her. "And I'm not going to hold back one bit from thrashing you all over the place just because you're my girlfriend! This is going to be your greatest defeat yet!" He nods at the final wager. "Deal! And it's going to be me!"

Sky Jack looks over at Keiichiro and Ichigo, then grins. "Sure. Can we get it to go? Somebody's got to go have her perfect butt kicked."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-09-22 09:11:53 83228
She leans even closer, almost nose to nose. "You'd better not! And I ain't gonna hold back just because yer wonderful!"

She, too, looks over at Keiichiro, grin still devious. "An' someone's gotta endure the ballet later."

She wrenches the blade free and spins it to her side.

Rhythm studies another cupcake and, without a Temari to tell him no and a distracted bearer, he scoops it up and floats it along with him. And then, because he's a Very Polite chara, looks sheepish. "Sorry about the table!"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-22 09:13:12 83229
Makio steps back out with the others, suited up and with his hair tucked away out of his face again. "Thanks again for helping dudes," he states toward Jack and Maihime. Then he's raising a brow. "20 minutes already," he wonders, "You guys don't play around."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-22 09:16:17 83230
Keiichiro smiles and nods, "Thank you. And sure!" He quickly boxes up a FULL CAKE! in a nice pink mew mew box. "Enjoy it!" And then, R2000 comes flying over to the Ichigo. It begins rubbing up against her happily.

Ichigo smiles as she eats a pastry, "Oh gosh you're so adorable! I'm going to call you Mini Mew!"

The little robot responds, "Mini-Mew! Mini-Mew!"

"Looks like we're going to have a long afternoon!" With that she starts cleaning up and getting ready to start her life as a Mew Mew.