Killer Bunny from a Parallel Dimension!!! (But not really...)

Madoka makes a Mew Friend!

Date: 2017-09-23
Pose Count: 23
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 12:51:25 83312
The phone rings out loudly. Well Its not THAT loud. Lets face it, When you are asleep, a pin could drop and it would sound like a crash cymbal. Its almost afternoon and the sun is shining nice and bright through the window. Glowing through the bedroom window of Ichigo Momomiya. Why is she sleeping so late? 1) She busted her butt the night before at the cafe. 2) Its the weekend. 3) The sun is shining right on her bed. Right on her and there is nothing in the world more inviting to a cat then a nice warm spot in the sun, except maybe a box. The phone is answered sluggishly and gives a little groggy, "Hello?"

The voice on the other end is that of a man... He sounds cheery enough. "Ichigo-chan, could you come in to work early today. I have some new pastries I want to test out and could use some advice." The voice is that of Keiichiro, the owner of the Cafe and the chef.

"But I worked late last night, Do I really..." She pauses and snaps awake, "Did you say taste test?! I will be in soon!" With that, she gets up and quickly gets dressed. Changing into her normal weekend clothing is easy enough. She will change into her work clothes once she gets to the cafe.

As soon as she is ready, She rushes out of her room and... gets stopped by her mom and dad who want her to eat before she goes. She protests but, as kind and awesome as her parents are, there is no getting out of it. So She grabs a piece of toast, puts it in her mouth and gives a little wave.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 13:16:57 83313
Madoka had a lot on her mind after the past few days which revealed more than a startling few revelations that left the poor girls head spinning and with no sign of stopping anytime soon. Magical girls, time travel, alternate dimensions, love and romance! It was like something out of a manga she read yet apparently it was all true, all of it! She had no reason to disbelieve her best friend after all of the events but despite that, it was still a difficult pill to swallow for the otherwise mundane girl which she believe she was.

For moments like these she needed something to take things off her mind, and a strange new cafe she heard about in Tokyo which was popular with schoolgirls seemed to be the perfect answer. "Mamma, Pappa, I'm going out!" Madoka shouted after her parents as she hurried down the stairs, dressed in her usual casual attire, this time her summer dress being yellow and with a blue coat slung over her shoulders. As much as Junko protested, Tomohisa persuaded her yet again. Madoka seemed otherwise a lot more cheerful after her last trip out.

A cool crisp breeze welcomed her as she made her way through the maze of streets, the hustle and bustle of city life sounding out around her. Madoka was oblivious to it all, locked away in her mind as she contemplated a mixture of thoughts, ranging from such ponderings as 'What cake do they serve here?' to 'I wonder if animals can talk too?"

After checking the directions on her phone, the young schoolgirl puffed her cheeks out with a huff. The directions wanted to take her down an alley as a shortcut, and Mamma always told her to never take such dangerous shortcuts if she could help it! Just as she was about to walk on, a rustling noise sounded out from the alley catching her attention. Peering down it, she thought she spotted an animal underneath a pile of cardboard, flinching every few seconds as if trapped. Madoka couldn't just ignore a poor creature if she could help it, what if it was suffering or died? Thusly she gathered her courage and stepped into the alley, leaving the busy streets behind her and carefully walking towards it...
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 13:36:26 83314
As Madoka walks along, a cute, little, black bunny goes hopping by and noms on some grass. The cute little bunny is quite content to be enjoying its day. As the pinkheaded girl gets closer to the bunny, it takes off running, moving into the safety of some bushes. Just a completely normal bunny. Above them though is something that is easily overlooked because how often do we walk around looking up? A strange Jellyfish like thing, pulsing with a little light. But within the light of day its easy to over look. The strange jellyfish quickly makes its way into the bush with the bunny.

"So Are we ready for another work day Mini Mew?" Ichigo asks as she makes her way towards King Penguin Park. She at least seems happy today. What could be wrong. She hasn't had any mew mew moments so far. That alone makes things all the better.

"Predasite Alert! Predasite Alert!" The small pink floating puff ball robot cries out. Then the sensation hits her. That feeling that Nature itself is crying out that something is wrong. The feeling of dark energy blended with it.

"Where at Mini-Mew? I don't see any predasites around here." The pink puff ball quickly goes flying, making its way in the direction of Madoka Kaname.

Meanwhile the reaction of the strange jellyfish and the bunny coming together becomes a horrific sight. The rabbit grows huge. Its paws gain long and dangerous claws. It gets nasty fangs. Its tail grows longer almost like a lions tail. The Rabbit lets out a shrilling roar almost like that from some campy Dinosaur movie. It turns and quickly begins bounding its way toward the nearest target possible. Madoka.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 13:55:09 83315
Madoka approaches the pile of cardboard carefully, suddenly feeling very nervous all of a sudden, as if lifting it up would reveal something terrible, something monstrous! Beads of sweat began to trickle down her forehead and into her eyes, forcing her to wipe them with the back of her hand. All of the thoughts of magic, time-travel and witches were making her paranoid despite barely understanding any of it. She had nothing to worry about, right? Reaching a shaking hand out, Madoka picked up the topmost piece of cardboard and lifted it up, revealing.....a small black rat, hunching up on its legs and making sharp, sudden flinching movements as it looked up at her before bouncing off and disappearing down the alleyway. "G-Geeze was nothing." she muttered to herself with an exasperated sigh and shake of her head.

A sudden roar caught her attention from behind her, making the schoolgirl startle and spin around on her heels, turning her head to look at the sound of the noise. The image that welcomed her made her stomach drop in an instance. Black and mottled fur, large sharp dangerous claws that could rake anything they scratched and large, pointy fangs that seemed to glisten under the sun. It was some kind of animal but Madoka didn't know what, but she did know it looked angry and vicious...and was rushing straight for her.

"N-No!" Madoka cried out in unadulterated fear, grabbing hold of her handbag and thrusting it out in front of her like some kind of makeshift shield and taking frantic, panicked steps backwards, as if the weak leathery texture would be able to block its claws or deter it...make it change its mind. It didn't. The distance between them was closed within seconds, the creature only a few feet away, just enough for it to leap upwards and straight at her...!
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 14:15:06 83319
Ichigo is moving as quick as she can! Within moments she is rushing between Madoka and the mutated bunny. "Hey! If you wanna fight with someone take on me!" She quickly pulls out her pendant and holds it up! "Mew Strawberry, Metamorphosis!!!" Immediately a pair of intersecting DNA strands form behind her and her clothing vanishes. A pink dress forms. Her feet are covered with a pair of red boots and of course a garter on her right leg. A choker forms around her neck with her pendant on it. Her hair turns pink, as do her eyes. Her cat ears pop out as does her tail which gets a cute bow and a bell on it. Then... it finishes up leaving Mew Strawberry standing there.

The monster attacks and she quickly brings out her weapon, the strawberry bell which forms a shield around both her and Madoka! She quickly jumps over the creature, drawing its attention away from her. "Okay you over grown Rabbit! Lets do it!" She strikes a pose and sings out, "Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power, IN YOUR FACE!"
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 14:30:16 83322
Her legs were shaking terribly, the thin jittery little things giving out under her as she fell to the floor on her butt with a thump. What could she possibly do against such a creature? Shutting her eyes tight and clutching the bag firmly before her, Madoka waited with abated breath, hoping and wishing that something would happen, somebody would save her...and her wish was granted.

The strange voice startled her again, her eyes parting open slightly as she peered over the rim of her bag and squinted, facing the back of a strange girl who had put herself between them. Before she could open her mouth to speak, she witnessed the most amazing thing she had seen so far. It was like something straight out of one of her dreams. A myriad of colours, ribbons and sparkles forming in the air around the girl, replacing her mundane outfit with something so fantastical, bright and colourful. Madoka couldn't help but watch in amazement with wide open eyes, utterly transfixed on the magical spectacle as it transformed this hero into something different. One feeling persisted above all others: Hope.

The monsters attack was thwarted and it growled in anger at Mew Strawberry, before craning its neck and roaring loud enough that a blood-curdling chill ran down Madoka's spine. Its attention shifted from the helpless school-girl to the bigger threat that was the magical girl, kicking its crooked feet behind it against the floor of the alley a few times before pushing itself forward with incredible speed. It darted from side to side with frightening reflexes, closing the distance between both it and its opponent before jumping into the air and spinning itself around, whipping its spindly tail around from behind it and directly at her!
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 14:47:43 83324
Mew Strawberry snickers and moves lightning fast to get out of the way. "I think its time for you to chill out, Predasite!" Quickly she brings the strawberry bell to her wrist. Then she rises off the ground, spinning in circles before calling out, "Ribbon Strawberry Check!" Light errupts from behind her as she moves the bell forward. Light, bubbles, and Lasers go flying at the creature, slamming into it sending it flying backwards. It hits the ground. The creature returns to being just a cute little bunny. The Jellyfish creature is knocked off and goes rolling. Mini-Mew is on the case! The little pink ball of fluff and robotic moves over to the Jellyfish. It speaks out, "Collect!" Its mouth opens and it inhales the Jellyfish, the inside of its mouth looking like some digital pocket world.

Mew Strawberry brushes her hands off. Job done! The catgirl moves her way over to Madoka! Two pink girls in one place! She smiles, "Are you okay? That thing didn't hurt you did it? Tell ya what, wanna come get some Goodies? My treat!"
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 15:06:11 83327
Poor Madoka was left speechless after the entire spectacle ended, somehow more so than when she watched it now that she ran it over and over in her mind again and again. It was no less amazing. Looking up at Mew Strawberry with an awkward smile on her pale face, Madoka giggled nervously, her eyes flickering from one part of the magical girls dress to the other in pure wonder. It wasn't fact it was almost close to what her own ideal dress would have been. The cat tail swishing behind her, laced with cute bells and ribbons caught her attention the most, followed by the cute furry little ears poking out of her head!

"A-Ah uhm, yes thank you...I'm okay. Ehehe..." Madoka offered in reply, brushing herself off though seemingly still a little dazed. Less from the fall and shock and more from...everything! "Are you a....a magical girl?" she asked with a tilt of her head, eyes filled with pure wonder. It was just like what Sayaka told her! Slowly the excitement began to show on her face. "You are aren't you! The dress, the bravery, the...everything! I-I was just going to Cafe Mew Mew, you have to come with me! U-Uhm, if you'd like!" She had seemingly forgotten that her saviour had just offered, but she could be forgiven considering everything!
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 15:16:51 83329
The mew mew smiles happily, "As long as you don't tell everyone, Yes I am! My name is Mew Strawberry! Nice to meet you!" She looks in the direction of the Cafe Mew Mew. The same place she was headed. "Sure thing! Thats where I was going to offer to take you!" She then pets the pink floating puff ball. "Good work Mini-Mew!"

The little puffball cheers out, "Mini-Mew! Mini-Mew!" And then it rubs against her.

With that, Mew Strawberry leads the way to the Cafe and quickly enters. "Go ahead and take a seat. I'm going to get the cake!" She quietly slips into the kitchen and explains the situation to Keiichiro. She returns and moves to take a seat, joining Madoka wherever she may choose to sit.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 15:28:11 83330
"I'm Madoka Kaname, it's nice to meet you too, Strawberry-chan!" Madoka replies with a great wide smile of her own and a soft giggle. She follows after her, exiting the alleyway and making the short trip the rest of the way towards the cafe, looking up at it in wonder. It was like something straight out of the land of make believe, totally out of odds with the rest of the neighbourhood. No wonder she heard such great things about it! Yet after the previous events, it didn't seem all that strange.

Looking around the restaurant with curiosity, Madoka couldn't help but giggle to herself again, running a hand along one of the simply adorable heart-shaped chairs and sitting down, shuffling the chair forwards against a table and resting her elbows on it waiting for Mew Strawberry's return. The surrealness of everything was still hitting her.

As she returned, Madoka offered her a welcome smile, "I'd like to thank you again Strawberry-chan, you were simply wonderful! If it wasn't for you I would have..." her voice trailed off.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 15:40:11 83331
Mew Strawberry takes a seat across from Madoka. She does not have the cake sadly. Still she is quite content to just stay in her henshin gets comfy. Her tail swishes about, the bell on it ringing. "Oh! No Problem! I am just glad I could help. Those things are nasty. Not bad for my second one really!" She smiles a little. "Hey, don't dwell on it. You're safe" SHe smiles. "The last one tried to go after this guy I really like."

Then the kitchen door opens and out comes a tall man with brown hair. He is wearing part a white shirt, black tie and black pants. He moves to the table with a small cart with tea and cake. "Welcome to Cafe Mew Mew. My name is Keiichiro Akasaka. I am the owner and head baker here and I was hoping I could get you all to try this new cake I am thinking of adding to the menu. I call it the Chocoberry Dream." He sets plates in front of both girls and steps back. The cake itself is covered in dark chocolate icing with chocolate covered strawberries on top. The cake itself is strawberry flavored giving the whole thing that nice flavor. He gives a wink to the magical girl, knowing full well the situation she's in."

"Thank you Akasaka-san." She smiles to Madoka, and taikes a bite. Her eyes go wide and a smile crosses her face. She begins savoring each bite like she may never get another.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 15:56:06 83332
Before Madoka can speak or ask any more questions, her attention is drawn to the suddenly opened kitchen door, catching her a little off-guard, her elbows lifting off from the table as she places her hands in her lap. She couldn't help but find the little cart with tea and cake on it to be adorable, giving some sense of refinement to this otherwise unorthodox cafe.

The offer to try the cake made Madoka's eyes light up, the girl turning to Strawberry with a happy smile lit up on her face also, clasping her hands together in front of her with a little clap, showing her excitement, "I'd love to Akaska-san!"

Reaching out to take a slice of cake in her hands carefully and a napkin in the other, she wraps the underside up to avoid any loose crumbs falling around and making a terrible mess. Then she lifts it up to her mouth and takes a dainty bite. The flavour and intensity assaulted her taste buds in an instance, Madoka's entire body straightening up as she gasps. "Mm! falls apart in your mouth, giving way to a sweet flavour that warms you inside. A soft texture, one that soothes your palette! Pappa would agree!" Taking another little bite, she looks over at Strawberry who was beaming with delight, making her smile in turn. It seemed apt.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 16:04:15 83333
Mew Strawberry smiles a little as she continues eating the cake. She doesn't say anything. This is one of the things she absolutely enjoys and its a very good thing, she's henshined because this would definitely cause her ears and tail to pop out. As her cake is finished, she quietly pours tea first for Madoka and then for herself. She takes a sip and then finally begins speaking again.

"So what questions did you want to ask, Madoka-chan?" She asks curiously.
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 16:11:54 83334
Picks up her own tea, cupping it gently in her grasp and taking a little sip to wash down her cake with. She has to think for a good few seconds to mull the question over in her head, slowly lowering the cup down to her lap and looking at the swirls in the tea as it settled itself back into stillness.

"Well...truth be told I already know about magical girls! ...Kind of. My best friend is one and I only learned it very recently...ehehe." Madoka giggles to herself, bringing a hand up from her tea to rub at the side of her head anxiously. "But you seem different from her. I mean that you're a...a..." Putting the cup down on the table in front of her, she demonstrates what she means by holding both her hands up atop her head like ears, palms pointing outwards and flexing her fingers a few times. "Cat?"
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 16:22:35 83336
Mew Strawberry nods, "I'm a Mew Mew!" She giggles. "I am part Iriomote Cat. I guess the easiest way to say this, is My DNA was mixed with the DNA of an Iriomote Cat. It basically made me into a Magical Girl but there are some drawbacks to it. I mean now I have to control my emotions and stuff or my ears and tail will pop out. Also I sorta have a lot of cat traits now. Its a little difficult."

She quitly picks up her tea and takes a long sip. She happily smiles over the sweet flavor of the beverage. "So your friend is a Magical Girl too. I'm guessing you've been touched by magic too cause not everyone can see magic and stuff."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 16:33:56 83337
"Mew Mew?" Madoka repeats a little puzzled, head tilting to the side before Strawberry goes on to explain. By the time she finishes, the pink-haired schoolgirl was almost sure she was going to burst from the overload of cute that practically irradiated from the magical catgirl. "That's...that's so cute Strawberry-chan! You're cute! The dress, the..the ears and tail and everything. " It was taking every ounce of self-control Madoka had to not just rush up and hug her there and then.

Taking a deep breath, Madoka raises the cup back up to her lips and takes a long sip herself to calm down. "I'm not sure if I'm anything special., my friend thinks I might be." Looking back up at Mew Strawberry opposite her, Madoka pauses a few seconds before lowering the cup to her lap again and closing her eyes, "I think I can trust you Strawberry-chan. You saved me after all and you seem like a good person. I don't think I'm from here. This uhm...this time? ...exactly. I don't really know. One day I just woke up and a long time had passed."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 16:53:55 83338
Mew Strawberry listens carefully to Madoka, taking in what she is saying. She smiles a little, "Hey, Its okay, I won't tell anyone. Also, A few days ago I was a normal girl. All that mattered to me was the guy I like and getting through school because it was so boring. Then... Everything changed. My world went completely crazy and now I am expected to find other Mew Mews, To fight monsters like the bunny, and apparently aliens. Normal? Its gone. The moment I learned about magic it was really gone." She takes a sip of her drink and smiles. "I guess what I am trying to say is, Yes. You are special. And don't expect life to be normal anymore."

She sighs and takes a deep breath, "Tell you what, Since you told me a secret, I guess I can tell you one." She looks over at Keiichiro who is wincing. With a quick flash of light, her dress vanishes, her hair turns deep red. She's wearing a typical school uniform. She still has her ears and tail out though. "My name is Ichigo Momomiya. Nice to meet you Madoka-chan!"
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 17:10:51 83339
Madoka listens intently to Strawberry's words, her gaze fixated solely upon her as she nods along. 'Don't expect life to be normal anymore'. The words stuck in her mind almost hauntingly, refusing to leave. "Ehehe...I guess so."

Watching as she transformed back into a normal girl, or at least a normal girl with certain catlike features, Madoka nodded her head happily. Being trusted with her identity was something that made her heart start to flutter inside her chest. "I hope we can become good friend, Ichigo-chan. I might not be a magical girl but...I hope I can return the favour and help somehow, someday." With a tilt of her head to the side, she smiles.
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 17:23:15 83340
Ichigo Momomiya snickers, "OH umm. I also work here!" She giggles. "I was on my way here when Mini-Mew picked up on the Predasite that was attacking you." SHe smiles happily and her ears and tail finally go away. She gives a little sigh of relief. "That isn't something I'm used to. Whenever I get excited, My ears and tail pop out. It makes having a guy friend a little tricky." She smiles

She sips her tea a little more and then stretches. "So don't worry if you are from another time or something. You couldn't be safer... Except when you are around Predasites apparently. There are a lot of magical girls and boys around."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 17:34:04 83341
"Ehehe, it's fate we were both going to the same place. I really like it here. It's cute and the cake is nice and so is the tea...and the service is life-saving!" Madoka smirks before breaking into a fit of giggles. It felt easy to open up to Ichigo and be honest with her about her problems and difficulties. Maybe it was just the place, the people or a combination of both. But at the Cafe Mew Mew she felt at ease.

One thing did stand out to her especially and was stuck on her mind. The image of the monster, and the pain it almost seemed to be in. "Oh, called it a Predasite? What was it? Something came out of the monster before it turned into a rabbit, like a parasite."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 17:41:07 83342
Ichigo Momomiya frowns and nods, "A predasite is a chimera Animal. They started showing up months ago apparently and basically a thing takes hold of an animal and twists them into a monster. That thing... I dunno what they are called but they are like parasites. They turn innocent animals into monsters. Predators. I guess thats why they call them that." She shrugs.

"Anyway, Where do you go to school? I go to Seishou! Its really fun!" She grins happily. "THe guy I like... He's in the Kendo club and he is really cute. I'm sorta worried about my ears and tail popping out around him."
Madoka Akemi 2017-09-23 17:53:49 83343
Madoka's expression sours at the explanation, unable to bear the thought of innocent creatures suffering at the hands of these predators, twisting them into abominations that hurt people against their will. It was horrible "I'm glad you're stopping them Ichigo-chan."

The topic change was a welcome one, though one that also brought up a few troublesome factors Madoka had yet to deal with. "Ehehe, I don't really have advice because I'm not a cat..girl. Maybe um...wear a hat?" It was a silly answer but maybe a practical one she thought! "I go to Mita-, Infinity I mean. Well, I haven't actually attended yet because of the time...thing. It's kind of scary for me truthfully."
Mew Strawberry 2017-09-23 18:00:18 83344
Ichigo Momomiya laughs, "A hat? My ears are a little too big for most hats sadly. Plus I think I would lose a hat that way." She giggles. "Well, I just gotta get used to it to be honest. Its a big difference." SHe snickers. "OH! Infinity is one of the more advanced schools in the city. All of the schools work together at times. Some classes take place at different schools and holidays and stuff. Like I go to Seishou Middle school. If I want to be a part of a school play or something, We usually go to Seiyou because they have bigger facilities for that. "