Running late

Naru and Kyouko are totally coming to help the crew with what's going on at Kunzite's Dad's place. There's just a couple things to deal with first.

Date: 2017-09-25
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Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 16:15:18 83546
There was a plan. There's often a plan, but this one was rather straightforward. There's something up with Kunzite's Dad. Naru and Kyouko will meet them there and help out with whatever horror is going on there.

Plans rarely survive contact with reality.

Naru and Kyouko, check.
Travelling in the general direction of Kunzite's Dad's place, check.
Meeting up with everyone else... well they are going to be late.

Someone clearly didn't check the bad guy shared calendar to confirm that this afternoon already had something going, as there is quite clearly the sound of screaming and RAWR and Unpleasantness coming from a little shopping area just down a narrow side street that the two girls are passing.

With a bunch of folks already busy, perhaps they DID check the calendar.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 16:30:23 83547
    They were running a bit late already. This was partly because Kyouko couldn't find her spare bike helmet. You see, normally she would super-jump to the scene of the action. But Naru isn't very good with jumping, which means that alternate transportation had to be arranged. The motorcycles (of which several are in their posession) seemed like a good choice, but Kyouko, always inclined towards the 'heap' method of storing her posessions, had a hard time tracking down the second motorcycle helmet required.

    No doubt some harsh and/or sarcastic words had been exchanged, but eventually the second helmet was found and they had been able to be on their way- only a few minutes late. It'll be fine, there's no way the rest of the group will have even started the expedition yet-

    Except, driving down a side-street on the motorcycle, with Kyouko at the helm and Naru seated behind her, they are interrupted by the sounds of monster-attack. Its audible even over the motorcycle engine, and Kyouko brings the bike to a stop with a faint screech of tires as she turns to peer down towards the commotion.

    "Either this is not our day for being on time.. or it's exactly our day for being on time." She comments, wearily, to Naru.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 16:38:30 83548
As much fun as it is to cling to the one jumping, hiding one's face and shaking like a leaf, it does make Naru somewhat less effective once they get there.

Instead there's clinging on the bike, but it's far more enjoyable all around.

There was only a couple eye rolls and comments, and more help looking. (Seriously, in a bag under a blanket? Seriously? Blue men. Only answer.)

Naru's sigh is longsuffering at Kyouko's words, her own attention turning to try and get a look down the side street. "Little of column A, little of column B, I think. We should deal with this. It won't take long.." Optimistic words, but hey.. could be true.

A man emerges from the shopping plaza at a run, hands waving and screaming, which seems like a cue to hop off the bike and henshin up. Setting the second helmet in the saddle bag. Where it belongs. It really does only take a second.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 16:45:35 83549
    "It shouldn't, but we don't even know what it is, yet." Kyouko points out. Nonetheless, she is doing the same as Naru. At least she manuvers the bike over to a proper parking spot before putting down the kickstand and hopping off.. shedding her own helmet and locking it to the handlebars via a little chain for the purpose, before a flash of red light envelopes her and leaves her henshined and be-caped, spear in hand.

    A quick glance around makes it clear that whatever is causing the disturbance, its ahead and in the shopping plaza, and not anywhere else- meaning, a single incident rather than any kind of city-wide chaos like the other night. "C'mon." Glancing back to make sure that Naru is with her, and gripping her spear at the ready, Kyouko takes off down the side-road towards the shopping plaza at a half-run.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 16:56:24 83550
"We'll just be the cavalry at Kunzite's Dad's place. Ride in when they need backup." Hyalite grins, holding to that optimistic mindset as she follows Kyouko down the side road, her own transformation so subtle as to almost be unnoted, save that she's now in a white dress, with boots and reaching for her sketchbook in her pocket as they hurry down the path.

The little shopping plaza ahead is really just a little cul-de-sac with shops and cafes and apartments around a little central square that has some benches and game boards that the old men sit at all day and gossip at. Currently, there's an oversized robo-esque creature, all jointed limbs and awkward motions standing on one of the game tables, holding one of those aforementioned gossipy old men aloft and shaking him, as if the creature is expecting more life force, or possibly coins, to emerge from the man with a bit of shaking. People are running around everywhere, screaming and trying to flee the swarm of what looks like oversized robotic beetles that manage to catch up with a woman who is screaming, enveloping her entirely and making her screams stop.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 17:26:03 83551
    Kyouko pauses in the entryway to the plaza, red eyes darting about as she takes in the situation. "Giant robot insect thing.. swarm of robot beetles.. somebody's imagination got away from them." She sighs, wincing as the woman's screams are smothered by the tide of metallic creatures. "Well.. guess we just need to clean up after 'em." There's a sort of wry acceptance to her words, as if this is the sort of thing that just happens sometimes, and somebody needs to deal with it.

    "You got my back?" Apatite asks, but she's already moving without waiting for an answer, because she knows what it will be. A few quick leaps, and she turns mid-air, lashing out with her spear which breaks into segments like a whip, cracking forward to slash through the giant monster's arm where it holds the old man, hopefully severing it and causing said old man to thump back down onto the ground.

    It's not the most gentle rescue.. but surely its better than being devoured alive.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 17:53:04 83552
There was probably only a few bettles to start, as the swarm grows in size as the woman's energy is consumed into the mass of robotic insects, heaving and climbing over themselves. They spill over the ground as she collapses, splitting off in smaller sections to make a break for other people. They're quick, chasing down other paniced shoppers, a few forerunners nipping at people's heels.

The elderly gentleman drops with a heavy thump, not the most elegant of landings and the robot's forearm lands next to him making him start and squeal. He's clearly alive as he tries to crawl away, to hide behind a planter, weakened by the attack. The robot turns it's attention upon Kyouko directly, a spinning disk in the centre of its chest spinning up and shooting out darts in the puella's direction, crackling with electricity.

Hyalite is flipping through her book. "Gotcha!" She assures Kyouko as she absently just pulls her beloved flamethrower from the page. Insects and flame seem like a perfect combo, and most electronics don't appreciate being set on fire. Clearly that's plan B, however, as she shoves her book in her pocket, and gestures with a frown, pulling up some of the pavement into a speed bump between the bugs and their target, angled back to hopefully overcome their insect ability to climb.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 18:00:43 83553
    "Sorry!" Kyouko calls to the old man, who probably doesn't even hear it. If there had been an easier way to set him on the ground, surely she would have gone for it, but in the heat of battle, one must do what one can with what one has. Glancing over her shoulder, she observes that Hyalite is doing her best to contain the swaming beetles- her talents are probably better suited to that sort of thing anyway, whereas Kyouko is much better at dealing with large, single-targets than swarms of them.

    Confident that her girlfriend can handle herself, Kyouko focuses on the big beastie in front of her as she lands lightly atop a table, her spear snapping back together as the large monster turns to face her, the loss of one arm not seeming to slow it down overmuch. Electric darts fly in her direction and she's forced to dive to one side, hitting the floor and coming up in a roll before lashing out with the spear again, attempting to entangle the creatures legs and then yank them out from under it with a swift pull, magic enhancing her strength. It may not work, but whether it does or not, she's soon moving again.

    Spear snapping back once more, she summons black-and-red latticework barriers in the air to form a series of steps where none had been before, climbing up them to gain height as she seeks to get above her foe.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 18:13:43 83554
The big robot beastie is stomping across game tables towards Kyouko, reaching out its still functional arm to grab for her when there's a spear tangled up around its legs. The yank sends it off balance, not quite toppling the creature, but certainly prompting a pause and a reconfiguration of current plans. It crouches a little, and then pushes off with a powerful kick to just leap at the moving Kyouko, a bear hug in the offer, even with only one arm.

Hyalite winces a little as she sees the older man dropped to the ground, but soon all of her attention is back upon the swarm and more importantly, the concrete that she's sculpting into a bowl to contain one of the swarms within. She doesn't quite get all of them, it's not the fastest thing to do, and a few make it out before she's quite got it contained. The other half of the swarm is headed in the direction of their giant robot friend, taking out a man who tried to hide behind a plant on the way.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 18:26:58 83555
    Kyouko, climbing up her impromptu and magically-created stairs, manages to just just high enough to avoid the big robot creature's leap for her. She has to leap up into open air over the last 'step' as its arm swings by underneath her, twisting in the air as it smashes through the platforms she created which shatter like glass under the impact.

    As she jumps up through the air and the creature passes underneath her, Kyouko brings her spear around in an arc, attempting to slash down into the top of the robot's head before it can properly reorient itself. She finds herself falling straight towards it, and attempts to land on its shoulders, balancing herself like a champion bucking bronco rider. If she can, she stabs it a few more times before throwing herself clear.

    Of course, then she finds herself in the path of the swarm returning her way, and has to beat a quick retreat back towards Hyalite regardless of the condition of the big monster..
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 18:40:08 83556
The agility shown by Kyouko far surpasses the agility of a giant robot whose feet were tied together, and now is becoming acquainted with the realities of gravity, sudden stops, puella's standing on it, and the affects of spears upon more pieces of its metallic body.

It's a helluva ride down. The robot flails, trying to shake Kyouko free and losing its head while its at it, wires and cables springing free as that shell is carved open. It doesn't quite stop it, but it's certainly having Major Issues as it lands in a sparking heap on the ground, before reaching out to grab for Kyouko, and haul itself in her direction.

The swarm is on the other side of the puella, making their way towards her, away from Hyalite, who isn't making the footing any easier around here. Another chunk of pavement is being sculpted, literally sculpted to act as a barrier to keep the swarm enclosed in.

Hyalite takes a few steps back, as the giant robot starts towards them, literally crawling along the ground, and a few scattered bettles not trapped start heading their direction. "Jump!" is the advice for Kyouko as Hyalite takes the flamethrower to the stragglers, sweeping from one side towards where Kyouko is running to catch the ones trying to cling.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 18:59:54 83557
    When Hyalite says jump, Kyouko jumps. Such is the strength of their relationship- or maybe it's the fact that Kyouko can clearly see the flamethrower in the other girl's hands and realizes what is going to happen. No matter the explanation, Kyouko certainly jumps.. and its a good jump too, carrying her several times higher than an ordinary person would be able to manage, over the gout of flame which engulfs the skittering buggers underneath her that have managed to evade Naru's trap.

    She lands on top of a street-lamp, balancing easily with her feet atop the bulb, turning to look back at the larger monster only to find it crawling back towards her (and by extension, Hyalite), dragging itself on one arm across the ground. "Oh for christ's sake." she mutters. "Learn when you've lost, huh?" She straightens, turning to face it, and pulls her arm back, spear couched like a javelin thrower.

    Red magic gathers at its tip with little swirls and crackles of lightning. And then she throws it with a crack like a thunderbolt, the spear leaving her hand with a flash and streaking towards the robot to impale it straight through its 'chest' and pin it to the ground like an oversized version of one of the myriad beetles still trapped by Hyalite's concrete barriers.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 19:44:04 83558
Crispy fried bugs, electronics snapping and popping as they succumb to flamethrower heat, flipping them up to curl up very much like dead beetles that they have been modeled after, even if the air becomes filled less with the smell of roasted carapace and more melted plastic.

The spear through the chest pins the giant robot to the reconfigured pavement and it crackles and shutters, adding a few sparks of its own into the electrical snap and then slumps like a reject from Robot Wars, only the occaisional twitch coming from it as it powers down.

The little robots in their pens are soon just as crispy, much like shooting fish in a barrel, really, save that it's flame roasting beetles in a concrete pit. Just as effective, and probably not half as messy.

There's a lull as Hyalite waits to see if she missed any, or if Robot Dude is getting back up and she glances to Kyouko, confirming that they are, indeed, both fairly well alright, all things considered.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 19:49:37 83559
    Kyouko seems in one piece as she leaps back down from the lamppost to the ground. Her spear is suddenly absent from the magic beastie and back in her hand instead, although there was no visible transition. She doesn't seem to notice the lack, leaning the spear idly back against her shoulder as she watches Hyalite mopping up the beetles with an expression which says she appreciates a woman who can render destruction so utterly upon her foes.

    When that's taken care of, she glances back at the now-inert robot thing, and quirks a brow at the other girl as she says, "So.. any clue what that was all about? I mean, random robot insects? I guess, failing anything else, we can write it off as leftovers from the other night, but.." She kicks at a severed metallic leg. "Damn inconvinient, is what it is." Especially for the people who got eaten.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 19:54:34 83560
"Robots feel new." Hyalite comments as she glances around both at the destruction wrought by critters and <cough> by her as well. She reaches a hand out to try and smooth down the concrete bunkers a little, feeling a touch sheepish about leaving a mess. Immaterial of the robot litter that's hanging around.

"I hope they didn't eat too many people." Hyalite looks around, trying to get an idea on just how many people's worth of energy two swarms might have required to produce. "It /is/ damnned inconvenient, for certain."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 19:59:55 83561
    "Piece of advice," Kyouko says, more conversational than lecturing, "It doesn't pay to dwell on the ones you couldn't save. Which isn't to say they don't matter, but.. thinking too much about the people you couldn't do anything about is a quick way to go nuts in this sort of business. Better to count the ones who might have died, and didn't because of your actions. Only time it's worth feeling bad is if you could have saved someone, and didn't.. but."

    She gives her girlfriend a bit of a wry smile. "I probably know more about that than you. And I'm trying damn hard not to let that number get any higher." A faint sigh. "Sorry.. I know you don't need me of all people to give you psychology lessons. C'mon.. maybe we can still get there in time to be of some help to nii-chan and his old man." A final glance back at the downed robot, and then she turns to start walking back to where she parked the bike.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 20:04:59 83562
"I'm more familiar with being one of the ones saved, than doing the saving." Hyalite comments with a quirk of her lips into something approximating a smile. "Its a valid point, though. It just always feels like such a waste, and like so much.. collateral damage." She frowns a little, not just at the human cost, but the mudane reality of clean up and rebuild and fixing.

A moment or two lingering, looking over the destruction before Hyalite gives another pat to the concrete, getting it closer to smooth again before she turns and hurries after Kyouko, to catch up a little ways down the side road. "See how much /else/ we find on the way, because the universe is like that."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-25 20:12:22 83563
    Walking down the road, Kyouko moves a little closer and puts her arm around Hyalite's hips, just for a moment, ast hey walk along. "It is a waste." She says. "But we're not the ones doing the wasting.. we're the ones trying to stop that waste." She seems to be saying this to reassure herself as much as to say it to the other girl. She gives a bit of a squeeze, then retracts her arm and drops her henshin in a flash of red.

    "I hope we don't catch anything else." She mutters, approaching the motorcycle which thankfully remains where it was parked. "You'd think two magical battles in one night would be enough for anybody."
Naru Osaka 2017-09-25 20:23:34 83564
It's a brief thing, that hug from Kyouko and the lean that accompanied it from Hyalite. "It's true. We're stopping the waste." She repeats back, although not entirely true on all counts. Just most.

It's Naru that retrieves the helmet from the saddle bags and tucks it over her hair, the flamethrower no longer a thing, gone as easily as a thought. "Really, one in a night is generally more than enough." She points out as they head back off. Much /much/ later than they'd planned.