A Mixup of fruits leads to a big dark energy fueled gorilla messing up the zoo.

Date: 2017-09-29
Pose Count: 59
Lacrima 2017-09-29 00:11:12 83852
** Not All That Long Ago **

Lacrima hates paperwork and corporate rules. One is that she needs a manifest when moving a large crate of collected duskfruits to another facility wherein she can experiment with them. Experimenting, in this case, meaning- 'use time to create a bunch of dark energy confections for personal use' because of course. Thusly, when she opens the medium sized crate that's been slapped next to the kitchen area in the location she's procured she blinks rapidly. "These are. Bananas." she huffs. "Where's my duskfruit?" she asks. She eyes the crate label. Oh. Oh dear. Someone read a 6 as a 9 it seems. These are supposed to be due at the Penguin Park Zoo.

"If I have the zoo's bananas. Then that means...."

Her eyes shoot open and she suddenly races out the door.

** Now. At the Zoo. **

Lacrima is racing towards the primate area as the zoo are feeding weird fizzy fruits to one of the animals. And apparently one is being greedy. "Wow. Bongo really likes these things."

"STOP IT AT ONCE." calls out Lacrima. "THEY'RE DANGEROUS AND MORE IMPORTANTLY MINE!" through the exhibit.

The Zoo keeper doesn't get a chance to retort as some sort of horrible dark energy overtakes Bongo and begins growing. and growing. and...

The cage enclosure snaps as he gets gargantuan. Like a large Semi truck.

It stops. Bongo is now some sort of grotesque create. "BONGO LIKE FRUIT. BONGO HUNGGGRRRRY." the Murdermonkey tells as it pounds the ground. Sending a roaring shockwave as Lacrima legit looses her footing falling to the ground as others do. And begin running.

"This is bad." she mutters to herself as she tries to work herself to her feet.
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 00:20:42 83853
Hokuto hadn't wanted to go to the zoo. It wasn't her idea. It was the girl she's been calling "Aya-chan", a short girl - maybe 12 or 13 - with shoulder-length black hair and a white school uniform on.

"C'mon, nee-chan, c'mon! I wanna see the falcons! They're right up here past the monkeys!"

Hokuto chuckles softly, and nods to the girl. "Alright, alright. Just quit bouncing around like a monkey, alright? Stick with me." The exorcist is dressed casually, unlike her companion, a sleeveless chinese-style top with billowy black silk hakama instead of a skirt. She reaches over to ruffle Aya's hair just as the screaming and running breaks out. "Oh, bloody heck, what now?"

The pair advance carefully through the crowd until they can get a view of what's going on, and the black-glowing monkey ... does not impress. Indeed, Hokuto finds herself needing to facepalm once she takes in the sight. "... what?"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 00:26:06 83856
Makio Ryu was on his way to the rather coincidently closely placed Mew Mew Cafe. He had been about to check in there to see how things were going, buuut it was probably hard to fail to notice the yelling (if not the size of the creature itself) from even this far. With some amount of curiousity and more than a slight bit of concern, he tries to make his way over toward the direction of that strange sensation he's feeling from the zoo across the street. It can't be a predasite... There's no alert from Mini Mew and the sensation he's feeling is /slightly/ different.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 00:29:16 83857
The drawbacks to being a natural bookworm and study-goblin are, one does not often get out unless one remembers to make a serious effort at it. The benefits are, when extra credit opportunities come along, they are often *great* excuses to get out and do things.

And so, it is FOR SCIENCE! -- bonus points, anyway -- that Rashmi is wandering the zoo, taking notes on the captive wildlife for a later essay about selective pressures of biomes. Nose in her notebook, happily scribbling away, it's not until Rashmi bumps into the back of a gawker on the fringe of the crowd that she looks up.

...At a semi-sized monkey.

"Oh no..."

Ducking into a handy restroom stall, Rashmi hurriedly changes into her Barrier Jacket, and then a slightly older male voice rings from the women's restroom:

*bing!* << WIDE-AREA BARRIER >>

Centering on the restroom and covering a good chunk of the zoo, a dome of green-black light resolves around the newly-claimed battlefield, shoving all magical beings within a half-step to the left, dimensionally speaking, and phasing all the bystanders out of harm's way.

It's going to be really weird and hard to explain, given the broken cage, but, better than the alternative?
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 00:32:29 83858
Unmei Tama had been doing... well. Sorta. She had her powers back, had even practiced a bit with her girlfriend(who was back in town, yay!) and all in all was feeling pretty good about herself. So when she actually had a chance to go to the zoo and explore the town a bit, she decided to take it.

She'd never really done the tourist thing. She'd more been the... hide in her room or go where she was told person. She mostly wanted to see the fuzzy animals. So cuuuuuute! She also fed the goats cause, again. Cute. Also, she heard there was a water park opening up. She'd HAD to see that.

Of course, then the roar, the sensation of magic. And she gulped. Crud, there was a monster and--

Her eyes lit up. Wait, she had magic now! She could HELP! She ran towards it and, within moments, she was there. A grin formed on her face. Okay, her first time as magical girl clotho since she got her powers back! No, more importantly. Her first time as a HERO! She took a deep breath, okay. She. Could. Do this! Pin and Win popped out of her hair clips and appeared by her shoulder. "What are you waiting for?" Win asked.

She held her hands over her gem and the Clotho Fate Gem glowed. The seven rings appeared on her hands, red threads shot out from her right hand and wove around her body. within moments, she was covered in red armor, complete with the horned helmet, thread like tail and, rather than the lance from before, the sword had become a standard longsword on her back, which she drew. She then jumped forward, landing on the top edge of the cage.

"Chosen of the threads of fate, wielder and protector of the potential within all! The guardian of Sins and Virtues, Magical Girl Clotho!" She posed, lifting her sword over her head.

Then saw Lacrima. And screamed, jumped away, shrieked as she dropped her sword and fell OFF the cage, hitting the ground with a pained cry. Her sword landed a few feet away. "Owie... What are you doing here?! Oh gosh don't eat me please I'm only here to fight the dark energy..."

Win blinked and stared. "This... is the chosen of Clotho?"

"Tell me about it," Pin grumbled.

"... Perhaps her pre-chosen fate was worse than I imagined..."
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 00:38:52 83859
Jiaying Maki is out and about because that's what she enjoys. She's barefoot again, wearing a pair of baggier cargo pants that look almost surplus and a yellow top with some strange graphics on it over the shoulder and back at an angle. Topping it all off, so that she can be lazy as much as anything else is a charcoal grey bucket hat. At least she has her sandles hanging from a loop.

It's while perusing the zoo, idly laughing as some of the exhibits show more interest in her than most would expect, or in a few cases seem agitated. She's not shying away from them at least. They're caged after all! And she's not pushing her luck that much. Wasn't pushing it that much. Why is there a giant monkey?

She starts running towards it, pale mist trailing after her after a few steps while she's ranting in Chinese, "Wa sai, zao le!" Which puts her in a good place to skid to a stop, hat stuffed into a pocket, foxy ears and tail on full display and sliding to a stop and a stumble as she sees Unmei tumble to the ground. She stands there over her, hand out and asks, "Are you okay?" Occasionally trying to make sure they're not about to get quished by said monkey.

"No-Lacrima what happened this time?" Kind of surprised to see her out, about and at a zoo. "Is it a date?" What, she wasn't about to blame her right away!
Lacrima 2017-09-29 00:48:23 83861
@emit Bongo looks down and... there's all sorts of people down there. BUT. Bongo looks agitated. "ARGGGGHHH! BONGO HATE ANTS! BONGO CRUSH!" he calls out as the barrier shifts just as he brings his foot down on---

Well It's Lacrima obviously as he eyes widen and she dusk steps out of the way just in time just about ten feet to the right as she resteadies herself. That one was too close.

She blinks down at Jiaying. "W...wha? Why would it be a date? Eilam-kun isn't even anywhere here..." she says.

She is however, wearing her labcoat and suit. Eyes trace to Rashmi grateful for the barrier-- she can't cast her own. Eyes shift over to.... Makio with a blink. Isn't that, that waiter and Equinox Festival guy? There's Hokuto. Minor familiarity. Then towards. that. Unmei? Clotho? What? She eyes back to the Gorilla as she grumbles tersely.

"The idiots delivered the wrong box to the wrong place and basically that animal ingested an unhealthy amount of Dusk Zone energy." she says.

"It needs to be beaten out of it. Or purified out."
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 00:54:54 83863
By the time the blue-glowing runes from her talismans have finished washing over Hokuto and transforming her garb into the familiar (and protectively enchanted) miko uniform, Aya has leapt up to perch on the fence opposite. The smaller girl has a camera out, already snapping pictures to document the battle! She leans back a little to get a good shot of Bongo, then rotates the camera to get a full-body shot of the giant monkey.

"What the heck is this?" Hokuto asks, flipping another set of ofuda from her belt-pouch. "Somebody slip some youma snacks into their diet today?" She shakes her head and starts circling around it, flicking a pair of paper slips out to plaster them against the walls of adjoining enclosures.

"This is just oh so very wrong."

Aya has to agree. "And we didn't even get to see the falcons yet!" the little photographer shouts to her, still snapping away.
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 01:02:14 83864
Magical Girl Clotho blinked a few times then glanced to the other girl. Then Lacrima. Then the monkey. Then... "You date... monkeys?" she asked.

Even with their tiny wings, the sound of Pin and Win face winging could be heard.

Then Lacrima explained. "Oh! Ummmm..." She looked to her sword and picked it up. "Right. I don't think I can purify so... Ummmm..." It disolved into threads.

Okay, Unmei. Think. She knew she could do this. Giant gorilla, any weapon she wants. And it'll kind of magically obey her. What kind of... "Ah ha!" Brown threads flowed from her right hand as she swirled in place. The threads lingered for a moment, before she did one last circle in the air. A brown metal orb formed on the end of a chain, which she caught. "Perfect. Range plus blunt." She spun the ball around, before hurtling it, letting the chain go loose in her hands.

If it hit the gorilla... the metal orb would explode as brown threads broke apart and, more importantly, tried to bind up the gorilla. Now, it likely wouldn't do much on its own. But it SHOULD slow it down some. Hopefully. Once she did that, she gave the chain a tug, now sans metal orb, leaving the threads in place before she started weaving a new orb to connect to it.

Okay, so maybe she wasn't ENTIRELY useless.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 01:06:27 83865
*bing!* << FLIER FIN >> Nicomachea in hand and wings activated, Rashmi flits out of the restroom, hanging in the air above the cage. "...Is anyone hurt? Did I get the Barrier up in time?!"

Her eyes flick over the assembled magical types, a worried smile on her face as she spots Lacrima. "Heeeyyyy Lacchan... Everything okay?" she asks, as a half-dozen spheres of sun-colored magic resolve into existence around her head. "Actually y'know what, let's deal with this first." And as Unmei's wepon sings out to bind the gorilla, and Hokuto starts setting up wards, Rashmi grins. "Hey this could be kinda fun... Nicomachea, let's give those bindings a hand?"

*bing!* << COMMAND INPUT READY, >> the book states, as a magic circle spreads out to revolve under Rashmi's feet. << RING BIND >>

And with that, a ribbon composed of thin threads of light woven to resemble a rune-marked piece of wide tape slithers from between the pages of the book, snaking downward to form a series of rings that don't quite touch the creature's skin, but restrict movement anyhow and feel uncomfortably hot to the skin besides.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 01:11:32 83866
Wait...there's people transforming here? Where'd all the people go? Umm...

Makio looks around in some slight amount of concern. Well, he can't see many people around, and most of them are transforming. That means it's safe, right? He hesitates but ultimately pulls a golden object of some kind from one of his jean pockets. No questions, despite his usually talkitive nature, this doesn't seem the time.

As Makio calls something about Macaroons and Metamorphosis, he's surrounded in a blue light here he can barely be seen touching the pendant to the back of one of his feet...and from there the blue light hides pretty much else untill a much brighter colored version of himself is standing there in a sort of pirate-esque cyan uniform.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 01:15:18 83868
Nuwu isn't really sure how much martial arts will really affect a giant monkey. Maybe she can keep it distracted? She hop-steps away from Clotho, clapping her hands together, rubbing there for a moment before taking a loose defensive stance, ready to dart out of the way at any moment. She swings her arm out wide, gathering the mist around herself, then with a smooth sweep, spreads it around before her and Clotho, obscuring their movement, but seemingly not blocking either of their line of sight. Is it really even there? It seems to originate from the foxgirl herself.
Lacrima 2017-09-29 01:28:04 83870
Lacrima eyes Rahsmi. "I think it got up in time before he tried to stomp me." she says as she looks back to Unmei and just...stares. "W..what? No!" she huffs. "Stop making jokes at a time like this." she snaps angrily a little.

She eyes Jiaying. "Be careful." her eyes go to the uh...

Well there's Hokuto and now there's .. pirate. She blinks at this.

Rashmi and Unmei work to bind the giant money, as Hokuto flings ofuda which definitely /hurt/ due to their purifying and holy properties.

"TINY ANT PAPER BURN! TINY PEOPLE TIE UP BONGO! BONGO MAD!." screams the giant gorilla as he stretches. and tests. and BREAKS OUT of it's bondage, the explosion of weakening magic around it as it begins to run towards Unmei with it's arms out, trying to lean down and grab Unmei.

"WATCH OUT!" Lacrima yells at Unmei.

She looks towards the broken enclosure and eyes the box of duskfruit. She slips behind some broken rubble to make her way towards it.
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 01:33:02 83871
Magical Girl Clotho cringed. "S-sorry. I didn't mean to, I was just--"

"CLOTHO PAY ATTENTION!" Pin yelled, flapping about.

Unmei looked up to see about a ton of gorilla racing at her. She eeped and stared. Oh crud oh crud WHAT DID SHE DO?! She squeaked and just... stared as she tried to come up with a dozen different escape options. Nothing came to mind except...

Hey left hand went out as the chain fell to the ground, nothing but blue threads. White threads formed in front of her, weaving themselves into a great, round shield. Now, it likely wouldn't stop the blow. But it would hopefully make it hurt a heck of a lot less.

Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 01:40:59 83872
"Hey!" Rashmi shouts, sending the balls of magic speeding down to splash hard against the giant ape's back. "Over here, Bongo!" ...Well, it seems like a good idea anyway, stealing the creature's attention.

"Nicomachea, we need to start leveling the field. Start with, um... ...her," she says, pointing at Jiaying.

*bing!* << COMMAND INPUT READY -- STRIKE BOOST UP >> Another magical circle, and another ribbon of light snakes down from the sky... This time, to wrap around the martial artist's wrist, sending a wave of warmth and power up and down Jiaying's arms.
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 01:41:11 83873
Aya is practically dancing with glee as she bounces about the fence - and, even, up onto the roofs of some of the enclosures nearby, to get better shots of the fight. She seems to be quite the enthusiastic photographer! "That's it, beautiful! C'mon, monkey, fight! Beat 'im down, girls!"

Hokuto, meanwhile, just shakes her head, and flicks out another set of ofuda. This time she's not aiming directly at the monster, but at the enclosures around them, starting to set up her familiar containment pentagram.

She only gets one of them off, though, before she spots something else, and the handful of paper slips tumbles to the ground in a mess as Hokuto turns and bolts! She isn't running away, though, she's heading straight for Unmei to try to tackle the girl out of the way of the monkey's attack!

Aya loves getting shots of heroics like this.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 01:43:00 83874
After finishing his transformation, Mew Macaroon holds up his hands, calling out his macaroon shards. This causes two things that look like weaponless hand guards to appear in his grasps, before he brings his arms back down to his side, bringing ice energy blades (that look rather like jagged icicles) to life from them at an angle where the blunt sides are pressed upward along the inner side of his arms.

The first thing to get his attention Nuwu. Wait, what? That wasn't some WAY more experianced Mew Mew was it? ...the big guys didn't say ANYTHING about there being other Mew Mews before him and Ichigo. Maybe not? Ugh...later! His attention is quickly tugged back to the giant gorilla as it makes a Rush for Unmei.

Mew Macaroon's normally upbeat expression narrows into a rather serious one. He darts forward toward the Gorilla, putting his arms infront of himself (palm/inner side out) and leaping. The cyan color coded lite pirate's goal being to try and smack ice energy first against the Giantilla's side before making a back flip off of him to land back on solid ground.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 01:47:28 83876
Nuwu calls out to Lacrima, "I'm always careful! It just doesn't always work!" sees the gorilla rearing out to try and attack Clotho, who is.. not trying to get out of the way. She crouches down and with a shout, a burst of magic and a suddenly diminished amount of mist around her leaps towards the attack. She's attempting a flying kick to knock it out of the way! Which may or may not leave her in a good position after the fact, what with attacking a much larger creature than herself with little more than magic boosted martial arts, but she's sure it'd be better than getting clobbered, right? She's used to being hurt at least!

Why is there a pirate out here? Or so many familiar faces for that matter? Why is she focusing on this right before the impact? These questions may never be known.
Lacrima 2017-09-29 02:04:08 83878
Lacrima makes it to the box and opens it. Ugh. a quarter of the box is empty! She closes it and then touches the box and she-- dissapears? Into a dusk step? Yes. Yes she does. With the box. She returns a few seconds later with another box and she opens this box. The bananas! She nods and closes the box as she turns back to the matter at hand as she takes a deep breath.

She gently lets herself melt down to a shadow and slide in a ichor puddle under the enclosure bars and then reform back up as she looks back up at the Gorilla.

The giant gorilla is pretty well contained. It's in a barrier. It isn't getting out. Maybe Hokuto is trying to limit it more.

The murdermonkey gets blasted in the back by Rashmi's fireballs, and then hit in the side of Macaroon and it's Nuwu's final attack that forces the creature to fall backwards. Lacrima opening her eyes as she steps back as the creature THUDS to the ground, shaking the world around-- it doesn't even get to Clotho to grab or try to crush her.

It roars. "BONGO NO LIKE BEING ON GROUND! BONGO MAD!" it yells as it begins to work itself up wards.

Lacrima looks around. She can't really help here. She'd just feed it dark energy if she flung anything.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 02:10:30 83880
Mew Macaroon comes to a graceful little herolanding before smirking as he stands back to full height. "Awww, does Bongo need anger management," Macaroon asks as he peers at the gorilla over his shoulder, "Does Bongo need to be reminded how to be a good monk monk?" He turns back toward the gorilla and hand waves toward himself. "Is Bongo gonna smash the pirate?" He's taunting and trying to take a turn as the bait, calling at Bongo like Rashmi was earlier. He looks tensed in a way that says he's MORE than ready to bolt if Bongo takes him up on the offer though.
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 02:23:35 83882
Magical Girl Clotho blinked a few times. She was alive! More strings fell to the ground. Okay, physical objects weren't doing it. Almost DYING wasn't a good idea. So she quickly jumped up, gripped the bars, used them to propel herself up and onto the cage. Once there, she held out her right hand and swirled it around as red string formed. One, two, three... eight, nine, ten... fifteen... That orb she was making was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then... "Take this!" she yelled, before launching it at the gorilla.

Moments before it hit, it went boom in an explosion of fire. Like a massive grenade. With enough force to send Clotho flying back and almost off the cage again. "O-ow..." she said, groaning.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 02:29:27 83883
Nuwu stumbles, skids, stumbles again and manages to catch herself at the last second. She bounces from foot to foot, turns on her heel and about faceplants trying to show off. She scrambles forward, catching her balance halfway back to the monkey. She breaks into a proper run and with another burst of magic, the remaining mist around her disappearing for a few moments before slowly starting to trail behind her as she not-so-gracefully soars through the air, feet kicking a few times before she focuses and gets herself into a dive kick, aiming for the monkey's sternum. She'll try to knock the wind... out of a giant monkey. That should work, right?

Successful or not, she takes a hop-step away and tries to put some distance between her and the monkey before suddenly doubling back and calling out, "Over here biggun!" while darting past it's foot before lashing out with what look like claws that glow faintly!
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 02:30:15 83884
"U-um," Rashmi says, dipping low enough to be heard by Unmei. "Quick advice; if you're going to make things explode, it's pro-o-obably a good idea to be farther away..." Patting Unmei on the shoulder and giving her an encouraging smile, she flits closer to Lacrima. "Lacchan! Would you be able to do something like, Iunno, blow craters under its feet or something? Just because it's a bad idea to hit it dead on doesn't make you useless, there's a whole bunch of stuff we could probably use! ....Oh! Him next," she says to her book, pointing at Macaroon.

*bing!* << STRIKE BOOST UP >>

As before a magical ribbon snakes out to wind around Mew Macaroon's wrist, lending power to his attacks.
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 02:32:24 83885
Hokuto skids across the ground as her attempt to save Clotho goes awry, something - apparently a bit of fruit rind on the floor - sending her tumbling. And Aya is still up there taking pictures of everything. As she pushes herself to her feet, she pauses to shake a fist at the smaller girl. "You post that picture I'll tan your hide!" she shouts, then pauses to look around and see where the monkey's gotten to. "Right, back in the fight, girl."

She pulls out a new series of ofuda, flicking them out at the walls nearby, getting back into building that pentagram. If the others can hold it in place long enough, she can cast her purification spell....
Lacrima 2017-09-29 02:42:10 83886
Lacrima shakes her head. "Not without expending dark energy to make it." she says. "And that's too close." she offers. She frowns a little, as she watches people fight as the monkey gets to it's feet. She watches Hokuto. What is she doing? She doesn't know. She looks back to the others.

Rashmi-chan is boosting people. She can't do that. Well.

She could. It would just have horrible after-effects and maybe change people in bad ways.

"BONGO HATE PIRATE!" yells Bongo as Bongo tries to run towards Mew Macaroon. The giant energy orb isn't seen by the Gorilla as Unmei's attack smashes into it- Nuwu'a attack driving it further into the dirt and driving it towards the ground as it's back on it's side this time.


Lacrima follows the movements worrying.

"THEN STOP YELLING AND MAYBE THAT'LL HELP!" she yells frustratedly.
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 02:46:22 83887
Magical Girl Clotho blinked a few times. She wondered... She held up her hands and formed a giant, brown mallet. "Oh yeah?" she called out. "MIGRAINE THIS!" It was, technically, only her first time as a magical girl on the good guy side. She wasn't sure how she was supposed to do all this yet. That was her excuse and she was sticking to it.

She leaped off the cage and tried to slam the giant mallet down on its head.

Completely forgetting that she was going to within arms reach of a monkey about thirty times her weight and ten times her size. This would likely not end well.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 02:48:18 83888
Mew Macaroon furrows a brow as Clotho blows herself up. "...too bad I didn't get healing magic," he mutters as he looks toward Bongo. He doesn't want to leave the hurt girl alone, but it looks like Rashmi's alread with her.

And then Rashmi's book seems to send a ribbon at him. He peers down at his wrist and grins again. He's not sure what it does, but it FEELS like it's a good thing, and she's a magical girl, right? Why would she do something bad? He's too new at this to have any sort of suspicions in the slightest. ...and wait. Is that Lacrima AGAIN? He's seen her a lot for someone he's barely interacted with.

As Bongo rushes him, like planned, he's NOT planning for the others to ground it again so quickly. Good timing, he was a touch distracted. "Maybe Bongo just needs a nap," he calls before he darts back in. He gets in closer, but stops just short of hand to hand length for his own range. This time he gives a swipe of his arm that's been caught in the ribbon, finding it lets out a bigger slash of ice energy than it had the only other time he'd used it this way.
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 02:55:22 83889
Chanting under her breath in Sanskrit, Hokuto moves deliberately about the battlefield, trying to avoid stepping on BANANAPEELS. It would not do to fall prey to that again. Every few steps, she launches off another ofuda, the inked characters glowing blue as they soak up the magical energy she's imbued them with and the spell they compose begins to awaken. As she works the shape she's forming becomes obvious, a pentagram surrounding the monkey's position.

"Try to hold it in place!" she shouts to the others. "I'm ready to start!" One final slip falls into place, and lines of glowing energy start to flow from each slip to the others, outlining the pentagram...

(Those familiar with types of magic will definitely recognize it as purification, of course.)
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 02:58:52 83890
"Lacchan!" Rashmi calls over the chaos, as Hokuto's movements click in her head. "Get back! Like.... way back!" With that, she darts up into the air, glancing down and shifting a bit here and there as she hunts down the exact center of Hokuto's circle, and the book in her hands chirps the two words that, if not for Barriers being a thing, would be the bane of insurance adjustors everywhere.

*bing!* << SEALING MODE >>

The large armored book glows, its covr seeming to fly apart into constituent pieces, reconfiguring itself into a sort of double-cover folio... with heat-release valves on its spines, and wings of golden mana sprouting from its open edges.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 03:13:33 83891
Nuwu isn't sure if she's sealable. She figures she might be, but she's pretty sure she doesn't want to find out one way or the other and after one last thump with her heel, she bounces off and scrambes away from the thing, trailing mist behind her until it fades away and she takes a moment to watch, honestly curious what's about to happen to Mongo.
Lacrima 2017-09-29 03:14:22 83892
Lacrima can feel the tingle and she's already started 'misting' at the edges of her being. Basically Lacrima is already flailing and moving away from the pentagram until she stops leaking miasma as she huffs. "BE CAREFUL WITH THAT. IDIOT." she calls out.

Bongo gets malleted in the head and--- that's about all it needs to be put back down. "BONGO NO LIKE BEING HIT ON HEAD BY ANT!" it screams as it shoots back with a giant, ground shaking rawr as it opens it's mouth and---- let's lose some sort of awful laser down as Macaroon swipes it, qaiming it at him first, then Unmei and then Nuwu, too and then Lacrima.. who eyes go wide as she gets blasted backwards into the ground and into the rubble of the broke enclosure. She'll be okay. That just hurt a whole lot.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 03:33:45 83894
Mew Macaroon didn't forsee something like a mouth lazer! ...didn't those kinds of giant gorillas have to look at a moon first? In any case, he gets blasted as well, causing him to slide and roll backwards, head over feet for a short distance. He winces as he pushes himself up to a crouch. "Augh...well...I guess it could be much worse as far as first times getting blasted go," he mutters. He takes a little longer to push himself the rest of the way to his feet.

"Hey Bongo! Aren't you tired yet? Isn't this getting a little old for you?" He wishes he had abilities that could hold the guy down like Hokuto was asking. As far as he knows, all he can do is slash around his little ice blades and shoot beams from them when he does his big attack...
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 03:39:09 83895
Up on the roof, Aya's camera clicks away, immortalizing the battle for posterity.

Hokuto, below, casts a glance over at Rashmi, noting the change in her Device, and grins. She waves her hand to get the girl's attention, then mimes a countdown with it as she chants the completion of her spell. 5... 4... 3...

"Ban, Un, Taraku, Kiriku, Aku!" The pentagram around the monkey glows brighter and brighter with each word, energy rippling along the lines between the ofuda.

2... 1... "Gogyou... FUUUUIN!" Five Elements - SEAL!
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 03:42:38 83896
Nuwu dusts herself off, checking her pants, her shirt, tail and ears. A glance around to see if there's anyone hurt. She's about to let her breath out when suddenly mouth laser. She ducks under most of it, ending a bit singed around the edges. She's patting her shoulders, hair and ears checking for fire. She's really getting kind of tired of being burned. "HEY!" While rearing back, the mist swirling around her hand, though instead of a punch as the stance would indicate, she suddenly lashes in an overhead strike, the mist flashing bright green and taking on the appearance of a clawed limb slamming down into the creature before scattering to the wind.

Jia catches herself, both stopping herself1 from lashing out at the creature again quite literally and, she of course dances away from the sealing circle. Once again not fully sure if she's immune to that sort of magic and having absolutely no desire to find out.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 03:45:04 83897
As Hokuto starts the countdown, Rashmi seems to brace herself against an imaginary floor perpendicular to actual gravity, a wide magic circle spreading out beneath her feet and revolving slowly. "Nicomachea! Solar Storm!"

*bing!* << SOLAR STORM >>

A series of smaller magic circles and rings sprout around and in front of one outstretched palm, locking in on the very mathematical center of the pentagram. Another half-dozen spheres of mana revolve loosely around her arm, then flitting forward, slotting themselves into open spaces in the circles, as the charging mana produces a high-pitched whine like a turbine spinning up to speed.

By the time the countdown hits 1, Rashmi looks like holding back the charged magical energy is requiring a great deal of physical effort. Finally, she draws in a deep breath, and looses the final word of the spell. "SHOOT!"

All the magic built up around Rashmi's arm collapses outward, the delicate lace clockwork-like construct shattering into a coruscating beam of condensed mana the color of sunlight that shrieks downward, drilling into the poor corrupted creature, and drilling deep into the earth beneath it.
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 03:53:26 83898
Magical Girl Clotho hit it with the hammer, yes! "Ha, take--" Laser to the face. She was sent flying back, slamming into the bars of the cage and... her... armor... cracked. Chunks of red thread fell to the ground and she slid to the floor, landing hard and just... "Ow..." she mumbled, shuddering. "Everything. Hurts," she mumbled. Yeah, she would be fine. Magical girl protections for the win! Still, she just got hit with a gorilla laser. She was gonna need to walk that one off for a few minutes. "Just... I'll be good... in a second... ow..."
Lacrima 2017-09-29 03:57:50 83899
Bongo is hit off kilter at some point, being flung back by Rashmi's attack into the ground. Then followed up by Hanabi's purification pentagram which causes Lacrima to sulk into the shadows deeper. She doesn't like how that feels, even all the way all the over here.

The gorilla, engulfed in light, and solar energy, begins to shrink and shrink and there is a heavy expulsion of dark mist turning into nothing rising into the air like a fire until it stops and---

Then there's an unconscious gorilla. Who is okay. If unconscious.

Lacrima peeks out when she brushes down her messed up labcoat as she sighs a bit.

"Idiots." she kicks a rock of rubble, though this isn't pointed at anyone.

"Everyone okay?..." she asks finally. "Jia-chan...?" she asks. "Rashmi-chan?" she asks.

Then an eye roll.

"Clotho-chan needs help. Probably." she mutters.
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 04:01:17 83900
Nuwu pats herself down again, keeping a close eye on the monkey. It's a gorilla, that's dangerous too. Maybe they shouldn't ignore it ent-... it's unconscious. There are zoo keepers for that sort of thing. A look around at the others, checking for injuries. A hand goes up, "I'm okay. Not as burnt as usual. Just singed." Trying to have a sense of humor about it.

Then she turns to Clotho, having already started walking her way towards the girl. Crouching down by her side, she holds three fingers up and asks, "How many fingers?" Waiting briefly for an answer of any kind before offering a hand out to the girl. "You okay?" A glance to the others, then she adds, "You guys okay too?"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 04:03:53 83901
Mew Macaroon shakes himself off a little. "It hurt getting hit with an attack like that the first time, but I can deal," he replies as he rubs at one of his arms and peers toward Clotho. "Yeah, that girl could deffinetly use some attention," he agrees.

After a moment, feeling secure enough that Bongo wasn't going to somehow go back to being King Kong Jr, Macaroon lets the Macaroon Shards 'power down' and then vanish. Giving a little sigh, he wanders over to join what seems to be a starting group up of them. Which...brings him to look at Nuwu once again.

"Hey, um...this'll sound rude, and I promise I don't mean it that way but....what kind of magical person are you?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 04:07:55 83902
"Little worn out," Rashmi calls, out of breath and floating down, her wings disappearing a couple inches from the ground. Folding her book shut and holding it to her chest, she braces her free hand against her knee and bends over, drawing in deep gulps of air. "Hoooo.... she okay? Also, um.... maybe we should get the gorilla back into the cage so he's not suddenly in the middle of a crowd of bystanders...? Before he wakes up"
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 04:13:34 83903
Magical Girl Clotho groans and stares. "Ummm... three fingers." She shook her head again. "Ugh. Think hit like a... well, a gorilla." She gripped the bars, stood up... and her armor fell off into chunks. "... Well, crap." At least she had a bodysuit of red under it. She started weaving with her right hand again as new armor appeared. "I... feel fine. I think." Win and Pin flew down. "Still! Not bad for my first time as a hero! It--"

"That was very disappointing, Clotho," Win said.

"W-what?" she said, looking confused. "We won..."

"Yes. But this was a simple primate. Your power should have been more than able to defeat it. On top of that, you didn't even harness the power of your virtues aside from one movement. You are protected by the spirit of Temperance. If you wish to embody these aspects, you MUST learn to better control yourself, both on and off the battle field."

"Sorry..." Clotho mumbled, her eyes down and rubbing her shoulder. She then glanced around. "Err... hi," she said softly. "I don't... err... know how many of you know me but ummmm... I'm Magical Girl Clotho. Now. I'm not evil... anymore... so ummm... hi..." she said, giving a small, feeble wave.
Lacrima 2017-09-29 04:17:52 83905
Lacrima looks to Macaroon. "I've never seen you before." she says. "Don't ask people that out in the open. My name is La Crima. I am La Vampira. That's Rashmi-chan." she says pointing to Rashmi. "That's Clotho." she motions over to Clotho. She points to Hokuto. "And I dunno who that is because I never bothered to ger her name." she says.

She crosses her arms and walks over to Rashmi.

"We need to talk about Alexis-niisan soon. Something is going wrong. But he says you already know that." she says curtly. She leans closer.

"Rashmi-chan. Alexis was able to point out the Mid-childian runes on my braclet Riventon made to help control my energy glow. Rashmi-chan. Alexis is very kind to me. But he's also dumb as a rock. There's no way he'd be able to do that unless something is telling him in his head or something."
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 04:19:12 83907
Hokuto slumps, a bit, as the pentagram fades. She presses a hand to her chest, taking several deep breaths, before her energy seems to return. "That was ... intensely annoying." She looks over at Clotho and waves for a moment. "Hey, sorry I missed you there."

"You did good, though." She also offers a nod to Rashmi. "Well-shot, that last sealing. Congratulations."

Noting Lacrima pointing her out, she smiles and takes a brief showman-like bow. "Pleasure to meet you, La Crima-san. I am Hokuto Minase, at your service."
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 04:26:55 83909
Mew Macaroon nods toward Rashmi. "She makes a /great/ think we have enough arm power to safely get that gorrila moved, dudes," he asks before remembering the obvious, "Or some sort of magical ability that can do it?"

On Lacrima's response to him asking about Nuwu he looks a little embarassed. "Sorry, I'm really new at this and she has animal traits like the team I ened up with does, so I was curious..." He clears his throat a little. "I'm Mew Macaroon...this was only my second fight...ever...of any kind...serious noobie here...glad I could help...a little?"
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 04:29:46 83910
Nuwu looks to Macaroon and says, "What kind of magical person am I?" she gives him a confused look. Then slowly pans to Norie. Then back to Macaroon. A hand goes up, a wave is given and she asks, "The kind that dives headfirst into things she shouldn't be?" An ear twitches and she peers, "Or do you mean something else?" Beat, "Nuwu means witch? Sort of? I use magic at least. Sort of. I'm getting better at it. Is that what you meant?" She has no idea what he's fishing for!

"Uh.. I'm probably not at all strong enough to do it. Any ideas? Or improv?" She chews her lip, watching between the unfamiliar faces. "Are you three okay? I can uh, probably figure some way to help. Or act as a prop or something." There's a mention of animal traits that catches her attention though. Head turning, she leans closer and gets a good look at the Mew. "You don't look like a nekomata. Why Mew?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 04:30:54 83911
"Thanks," Rashmi pants, lifting her hand in answer to Hokuto. "You too." Pushing herself up to a standing position, she grins and waves at Clotho and Macaroon. "Hi... good to meet you. But um.... really want to take care of the gorilla before I take down the Barrier..."

Shaking her head, she turns a wide-eyed look at Lacrima. "....Waitasecond, seriously? I knew something was off.... Um. I'll see what I can get from Mizuno-senpai, and call you back so we can talk about it properly?"
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 04:41:06 83913
Magical Girl Clotho glanced to the gorilla. Blinked a few times. Blinked a few more times. "I... do not think I can move that." She looked it up and down. "Correction. I am ninety percent sure i cannot move that. I can make a stick to help prop it up?" she offered. "I do not have that kind of... upper body strength. Or like... any of that." She walked over and nudged it with a foot. Then cringed. "Ow. Back still kind of hurts..."

She then blinked. "Wait. So they get a strange fruit and start feeding it to the monkey? Who in the world works here?"
Lacrima 2017-09-29 04:42:01 83914
Lacrima sighs at New Macaroon. "Of course you're new." she mutters under her breath as she looks at Nuwu. She shrugs at Jiaying and then looks to the Gorilla and frowns a little as she places a hand on the Gorilla. "I'm only moving a couple feet. This should be fine." she says as she dark steps with the Gorilla- back into the enclosure then back quickly. She then pulls a small device up and does a quick scan and nod. "Limited Exposure in the step. Nothing that won't burn off by itself in the next few hours from a big creature like that. Just means a bad mood for the rest of the day probably."

She sighs and looks down at her labcoat and takes it off to remain in the fairly nice looking bussiness-like suit underneath.

"Sorry about all this. Again. A delivery got mixed up, a bunch of fruit, native to the duskzone found itself HERE and I found MYSELF with a crate of bananas." she mutters.

"The idiots must had fed it the fruit anyways despite not knowing what it was."

She eyes Rashmi and frowns. "You can do that if you want. I want to know what your theories are too." a pause. "You do know that...." she sighs. "... a year ago I saved Alexis-niisan from death by turning him into a vampire similar to myself. Mercury-san was able to cure him because he still had a physical body. But I'm wondering if that's related somehow." she mutters.
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 04:46:22 83916
Hokuto sighs and shakes her head. "Duskzone, hm? Sounds like a dangerous place." She waves an ofuda briefly, and with a flash of light and gleaming kanji her clothes return to normal. She stretches out, walking a circle around the area, making sure there are no hurt civilians lurking anywhere.

"It was a magic fruit," she tells Clotho, and shrugs. "I... wouldn't try eating one myself." A smile flickers across her lips as she pats the girl on the back, before turning back to Rashmi and Lacrima.

She listens to the discussion of Alexis, taking brief mental notes about it, but waits to hear a bit more before speaking up on the subject.

And of course it's time for Aya to jump back down from her perch and wave her camera around, running over to show off some of the better pictures. She's got a nice well-framed one of Nuwu in action, for example, that she shows the girl. "Tha was great!"
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 04:46:49 83917
Mew Macaroon tilts his head at Nuwu's question. "I'm not sure why we're called Mew Mew, actually. I think I'd be more of an arf arf. Sorry again, I just meant I was curious about if you were another mew mew or not... I /really/ should have just asked it that way."

He raises a brow at Lacrima moving the gorilla on her lonesome. That's...useful... Annnd then she sighs at him and he just looks more embarassed.

" those even look at ALL like bananas? ...maybe it's a magic thing where it looks different to non-magic types? And I think Bongo was going to have a bad mood already anyway..."
Unmei Tama 2017-09-29 04:52:20 83918
Magical Girl Clotho blinked a few times and then tapped her chin. Wait, magic fruit... she wondered if...

"You are not eating dark energy possessed fruit," Win says.

Pin perked up. "I don't know, it could be a good experience for her."

Unmei's cheeks turned bright red. "I-I wasn't going to! I-I was just, I was just curious what it'd taste like! That's all! S-shut up!" she squeaked. "I-I should go. It... It was good meeting all of you! Um, Defender of Sins and Virtue... away!" And ran off.

"Hey, wait for us!" Pin and Win yelled before trying to flap after her.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 04:53:54 83919
"Good thing we have the bananas now, then," Rashmi murmurs, then gives herself another shake, digging into a pocket and pulling out a slightly-crumpled, folded-up flyer and passing it to Mew Macaroon. "Here," she says with a genuine smile. "My parents run a curry shop on Juuban. They don't know anything about magic, but we've been pulling a lot of business from our community their way all the same. You're almost guaranteed to find someone magical there. Neutral territory, too."

With that, she turns to Lacrima again, and bobs her head. "There's still a lot I don't know, mind... I might not have any answers, but I'm definitely going to tr-- Uh..... bye.... Clotho-san.....?"
Lacrima 2017-09-29 05:00:47 83920
Lacrima eyes Clotho and face palms. "She left her two mascots." she says curtly. "They'll catch up." she says. She then eyes Hokuto. "Yes it is. Literarily every horrible dark energy creature that is on Earth most likely comes from there or orginates back there somehow." she says.

"Not everything. But most creatures capable of using Dark Energy have some tertiary connection there. Whether they know it or not." she says.

She sighs back to Rashmi-chan. "I'll talk with you later. I should go home and get cleaned up. Jia-chan?" she calls out.

"Want to come with?" she asks.
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 05:04:08 83921
Mew Macaroon blinks a little at the flyer Rashmi hands him. "Oooh, curry could be awesome," he replies, "It's probably obvious from the name and the team name, but I work at the newly opened Mew Mew Cafe. ...considering that it's a almost a wonder why we try to keep things quiet in the first place when our bosses practically ADVERTISE us to everyone with the name of the cafe."

He blinks and waves after the already well retreated Clotho. At least she has the energy to run off like that!
Hokuto Minase 2017-09-29 05:09:26 83923
Hokuto nods, taking in Lacrima's explanation. "That must be... fascinating. And terrifying." She shakes her head. "I'd love the chance to talk to you more extensively about it, but I need to get this hyperactive brat to the falconry exhibit before she spontaneously combusts."

As if she had overheard the mention of falcons, Aya is suddenly attached to Hokuto's arm like a limpet. "Yay! Falcons! C'mon, nee-chan, c'mon!" She starts tugging the exorcist away, and Hokuto manages to wave to Lacrima and Rashmi with her other hand - and then toss a pair of slips at them that turn out to have no more magic than is needed to get them to the ladies' hands, and her business card imprinted on them. "Keep in touch! I'll see you around!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 05:12:52 83924
"Will do!" Rashmi calls, letting her Barrier Jacket dissolve. "Oh um... everyone who's sticking around probably wants to get somewhere out of the way and change back... I'm going to let the Barrier down, and it's a bad idea to be out in the open where crowds are."
Jiaying Maki 2017-09-29 05:14:42 83925
Nuwu tilts her head and looks to Rashmi, "Not Japanese curry right? It's too sweet. I like it hot!" what, there's a mention of food. Food is good. Lots of it, especially curry. She looks at the picture, then hesitates and asks, "That doesn't show too much right? I don't know if my disguise is quite uh.." she stops, shrugs, "It's a good picture." and offers Aya a smile. Clotho's given a wave, a curious look and a muttered bit of Chinese.

Then she fully faces Macaroon and shakes her head, leaning forward with a grin, "Wrong kind of ears and tail for a nekomata. Wrong nationality for the kitsune too, for what it's worth." beat, "Well. Sort of. I don't think he's anything magical..." She taps her chin, leans back and grins.

To Norie, there's a brief scowl, "I bet they thought it was some new obscure fruit. I had a pen pal telling me about these little green fruits with orange bits inside that were awesome."
Makio Ryu 2017-09-29 05:17:29 83926
Mew Macaroon oops at Rashmi's note before ducking somewhere out of sight...and then replies to Nuwu before being totally gone. "Not magical? More like not doublely magical...see ya though!" With that he's hidden...somewhere so he can stop being Macaroon out of sight.
Rashmi Terios 2017-09-29 05:21:43 83927
Rashmi chuckles at the question. "Mami's from West Bengal, she grows and mixes the spices. Papi's from Osaka, met Mom when he was studying cuisine abroad. Yeah, we've got a couple Japanese curries, but, most of it's food from Mom's country. See you there!" she says, tucking Hokuto's card into her bookbag, and bopping back toward the restroom with a cheerful wave.

A few moments later, the Barrier comes down, and the crowd is back where it was, with the gorilla suddenly back in his broken pen.