Some Space Between

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Date: 2017-09-29
Pose Count: 8
Seth Locke 2017-09-29 19:01:49 83939
It's a nice day at the park, and Seth hopes it remains that way. The recent turn of event regarding a certain bluenette have left him... cranky, to say the least. So, is it any wonder that a guy who struggles with his dark side tries to get some inner peace by going to such places, and draw some energy from there - well, not in the energy draining way, of course -, some harmony? (Maybe even some patience?)

As he goes around a pathway, he spots someone's practicing kendo. Then, the features fall into place, mainly the blue neck length hair. And that's enough for him to realize who the person is.

And, hands inside his black coat pockets, he stoically looks at Sayaka.
Seth Locke 2017-09-29 19:19:09 83941
A cold-shouldered wave - no words spoken - is what Sayaka receives for a greet. Otherwise, he's not moving any other part of his body - no weight-shifting from one leg to another, no blinking, nothing.

Just that uncomfortable stare...
Seth Locke 2017-09-29 20:22:41 83945
The pause is long. It's broken with a cold voice.

"Why do you invite me to hit you?", he asks. "Why do you keep pressing that key?"

After another pause, he shrugs. "It's demeaning. It earns you no points in my consideration. It shows a weak side to you that, kami-sama forgive me, really makes me want to hit you."

And in this, the restraint is shown in his eyes, that now glow red.

<<SHOW SOME DIGNITY, FOR ALL THAT IS SACRED!>>, Seth's roaring demon words could rip the skies and earth asunder. "You and I...?" He points between them. "It wasn't so. It was an illusion, brought about by a blind date, that you only happened to accept because you were drunk, and also because you wanted to get back at your boyfriend who wasn't paying you attention." He smirks - though it seems pretty much like a snarl. "So if you want to go and feel guilty and mopey, go right ahead - I'm sure your boyfriend will be there to break your fall and cuddle you till you vomit rainbows. But at least I have the dignity and self-respect to suck it up with my head held high."
Seth Locke 2017-09-29 21:16:09 83949
"Well, I'm glad it's cleared up", Seth remains stoic, "that in spite of fun times and likes, it was just to feel better until you found yourself back with the guy who rejected you in the first place." He nods, "Yes. This revelation of yours has really turned my life around. I've had a true-to-heart epiphany, here."

"But, if he wasn't around when it happened", Seth says, "there really shouldn't be a problem with telling him, should there?"
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-29 23:17:57 83955
Sayaka Miki sighs and shakes her head. "No..I was actually about to give up on him and move on..Sure I wanted to get over him too, but if it was anyone else, I probably wouldn't have pursued them further, probably wouldn't have kissed them either. I mean..It was just one date. One kiss. I thought we were just friends before that, trying to just hang out and have fun..Why can't we go back to that?" she laughs at that last bit, "If it was just some random guy I dated once, who I could easily forget, yea it wouldn't be a big deal, but hearing that I kissed someone I was close to, that I couldn't easily forget..." she sighs, "What can I possibly do to make this less..Difficult?"
Seth Locke 2017-09-29 23:38:51 83962
"Well, then he'd be positively radiant that he was chosen over someone you were close to", he says. "As for making this less difficult...? Well distance is always a good start when you friend zone someone."
Sayaka Miki 2017-09-29 23:46:54 83963
Sayaka Miki blinks slowly, as if trying to figure something out and then nods slowly. "Yea..Sorry, I shouldn't have come here. I know it's one of your favorite parks. Ok, I'll give you space then. Just..Just don't do anything rash, okay?" with a tired sigh, she pulls the bag over her shoulder. "Take care Seth, I really do mean that."
Seth Locke 2017-09-30 00:13:12 83969
"I believe it to be for the best", he says. "After all, to be around me tends to become dangerous." This last bit sounds... ominous. Could it be that, in spite of being angry, he's still trying to keep her out of harm's way?