Super Bowling Date-off!

Hannah and Haruna go to the bowling ally for a date! Hannah learns of the fate of Spark, finds house-suplexing amazing, and is a big smooth-talking Eclipse jerk! Also Haruna can't bowl~

Date: 2017-09-30
Pose Count: 10
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-30 23:05:52 84061
What evil plans does Miss White have today? The most diabolical of all!

She's dragged Haruna off to a date! For BOWLING! And even paid for it all, the horrible Eclipse agent! Hannah has brought Boris along, and they have several sets paid for as well as a few practice shots to get things rolling. The young woman is a bit rusty at the whole thing, herself.

Hannah is clad in a red-and-black skirt-blouse combo with a jacket over the back of one of the seats heading up to the lanes themselves. Some white bowling shoes complete her outfit, with Boris lounging on about three bowling seats and chewing on a bone. The big husky Familiar occasionally arfs or wags his tail in encouragement!

For now, with a burger, fries, and typical overpriced bowling alley beer waiting for her, she's getting her first practice set in. Raging Tempest is getting some maintenance tonight, and so after a nice, clean near-strike, Hannah takes a picture with her phone. A few taps? And it spits out the numbers of the pins still standing.

Her last ball has one pin left! Cursed split pins has cost her a neat spare~

"Yeesh, I'm rusty. Your turn Haruna-chan!" Smile. Her own engagement ring shines on her finger, even as her hairclip is settled nicely. She's sure to keep it /away/ from her food hand. Treated alost as preciously as her beloved Device.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-30 23:18:02 84062
Haruna is usually used to Hannah not needing special phone apps because Hannah usually has her device on her, BUT tonight is different and also it means no devicy comments. Also. No Raven-become-seagull comments because Corvus is at home playing Xbox because YOU DON'T BRING YOUR MASCOT ON A DATE GODS.

She has her own ring on of course. That in fact, hasn't left her finger. Nope.

She grins and wiggles a few steps back and says. "I'm THE STRIKE KING, Just you watch. They call me... CURE STRIKE!" she insists.

Then she runs forward and rolls the ball and !-----

Rummmble slop. That's the sound of a gutter ball. Haruna sulks. "Ugh! Bowling! The ball is warped! It's holes are too small! It's too HOT in here!" she calls out and walks back and harumps to the seat as she marks the strike mark on the sheet.

Burp. Fries are delicious. She covers her mouth when she does so.

"So." she says as she leans and whispers. "Kaz-kun's dad was stuck in a house with a horribad. We don't like talking about horribads. Because they're horrible and awful." she says. "But anyways Me and Sailor Jupiter totally suplexed a house to release it so we could fight it." she says with wide eyes.

"In a barrier of course. Destroying Kaz-dad's house would had been um."

"How would. An American say it..." she gets out her smart phone. "Ah..."

"A Dick move! That's it." she says enthusiastically.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-09-30 23:35:54 84063
Does Boris count as a mascot? Or is that Raging Tempest?

Hopefully there's an exception for Service Familiars. Particularly ones utterly occupied by Big Bone!

Hands clap as she devours burger, and Hannah has a big, smug, jerk grin on her face! "It looks like Cure Strike has struck out! She'll get stuck in the Low Ball Kingdom at this rate!" Hannah's eyes sparkle.

That said though, as much as she leans against Cute Harumph Gull, she listens in. And then she's tearing into her own fries like a maniac! This is Angry Eating, everyone. She's like a mini-Usagi for a few seconds. Then she swallows it all down with her drink.

"Jerks!" She shouts. And pauses as she gets several other patrons annoyed at her. Then she too whispers.

"E...err, right. Is he okay? I still need to say sorry for...well, everything to Kazu-kun. Wait, you and Miss Fury and Lightning? Ohhh that must have been /amazing/!" Is her eyes tearing up? Are sparkles and bubbles suddenly floating around her, at the thought of such combined destruction?

Yes, yes they are. Sorry Haruna-chan, your girlfriend has weird notions of what is adorable.

"So, who did it? Is his dad going to be okay? I seriously don't want to have any of the Boys in trouble." There's some guilt in her voice right now. And worry.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-09-30 23:56:35 84064
Boris is super awesome so doesn't count. Besides, he's a necessity right now. A seeing eye Haruna doesn't work when she's distracted by super shiny things anyways. She sighs a bit and leans against Hannah in turn. She nods a little. "Kaz-kun is okay." she says.

"Mamoru is okay. So was Nephrite who is there. Who apparently finds Jupiter punching things hot." she grins cheesily.

"You should apologize. But no reason to go overboard." she says. "I don't think Kunzite will hold too hard a grudge if one at all." she says.

She shakes her head. "His dad was confused but that's normal for a guy who sees someone with wings and a magical device mage lift him to his feet." she smirks.

"I think he'll be okay. As for who did it."

"Well Phantom. Technically. But not on purpose we don't think. The Generals don't summon Horribads because they're horribly strong and don't follow orders easily." she says.

"So only good for wrecking things rather than that... ground conversion stuff they do." she says.

"Phantom turnt a better part of the city into Terribads. That's.."

"It was a smoke screen. Oresky took Spark-chan's parents. Then her. She came back as... some brainwashed. Doll girl.." she mutters.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-01 00:26:14 84067
There's a brief sigh of relief. Everyone is okay! Really, if anyone gets to punch the Senshi Bunch, it's her after all!

"I'm glad. I swear, how much trouble can one group get into?" Pause. "We call that, my dear Gull-chan, the 'Beautiful Amazing PreCure Clause'." Jupiter, apparently, is a PreCure in Hannah's mind. ANd probably quite a few others.

Squint. /Squint/! Hannah takes it all in, and suddenly she's up. She grabs a bowling ball, and then she flaunces towards the pins! Back, and, boooowl!

KER-STRIKE! One of the employees has to duck an errant pin that goes flying from the force. When she's back again, she whumps down in the seat, one leg over the other.

"That's low. /Real/ low! To think I actually kind of liked the blowhard! What's the plan? How do you stop a brainwashed precure? This might be a bit more complicated than just barging into Creepy Coffin Forest and snatching someone." Froooown. Oh yes, Hannah's mood is foul and /ruined/ now!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-01 00:45:38 84073
Haruna Kurosawa frowns and whispers. She's keeping it low. "Blue thinks she was taken to the Blue Sky Kingdom because what Naomi is now talked about meeting Queen Mirage and it's the reason she is what she is now- basically--- just another General of the Phantom Empire." she mutters.

She frumps. "It's had me down honestly. But there's nothing we can do. Because our powers don't /work/ in the Blue Sky Kingdom. Only dark energy powers do and it's a REALLY bad idea to ask Riventon-san to help with this because we don't need him become King Sorrow-Baka or something because Queen Mirage overpowers him and finds him hot or something." she says.

She flips up and walks to the bowling ball next and picks it up and licks her lips...

"The Bowl, THAT SAILS ACROSS THE LANE. CURE STRIKKKKEE." she yells out like a nerd to the world around her and cermoniously rolls the ball directly into the gutter as it speeds through it and she makes a straight face.

"Argh! Not even one pin yet!" she goes and crosses another strike on Hannah's area and her loser no pins on the other.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-01 01:00:42 84077
Mmmm. Hannah rubs her chin thoughtfully, and leans back over the seat to find a Boris ear! By now he's more or less asleep! Rub rub rub! His leg is soon kicking in the air!

That knowledge actually makes her cringe a bit. Especially the thought of Takashi ending up in their hands. Her own squeeze at the chair underneath her. "I really, really hate those guys. I know that's not something a Pretty Cure would say, but...ugh, I hate them! Snatching innocent people, brainwashing...they're worse than Beryl!" Her voice is low, but a snarl at this point.

"You'll get there! In a thousand years, maybe you'll be able to match me, Cure Strike!" Griiiin. That, at least, has Hannah laughing. She greets her girlfriend once again with a hug!

"Alright. So we need to bring her to us and unbrainwash her. Sounds like we need to talk with Mamo-kun and the gang about that. They're experts in it, after all." What with the Shittenou after all.

Another squeeze, and rings dap. "Tonight though, let's have fun. We'll get little Spark back from Sparky and Co."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-01 01:29:34 84081
Haruna really needs that hug right now! Super hug! She sighs and sits back down. Hannah's turn now as she closes her eyes and sighs. "We'll figure it out later, yeah. Right now I AM trying to have fun!" she says.

She plops down and takes a huge bite of the burger. She huffs. "Just you wait till my next turn! Huff. Should had wished for super bowling powers." she says jokingly.

She then stuffs an entire handful of fries into her mouth. Nom!

Luckily she doesn't cough and make a fry mess.

"Ugh you're gonna win tonight." she whines.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-01 01:50:33 84086
Now that's the Gull she knows! With one more squeeze, Hannah is up on the lane. Up goes the ball, a little twirl and skip, aaand!

Dramatic, sparkling pose, and she lets go! Roooooooll!

Whump. Right into the gutter at the last second. Someone overdid the dramatics. Slowly, she falls to her knees in pure shame!

"Curse you, why must you be so hard, the Mahnhattan Twist!"

Oh yes, she's slumping back. Can Haruna regain the lead!

"Well of course I'm going to win. Even if I got a gutter ball every single time, going home with the most beautiful, strongest feather-lover in the world is the best victory in the world." Griiiin. Hannah's being cheeky, yup!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-01 02:06:35 84090
Haruna Kurosawa huffs. "You got a strike almost every turn and I got ... like three pins total. Of course you're gonna win even if you throw one to be a jerkbutt." she smirks a little. Then she hears that and-- well she's a fluster mess. "A..ah!" she huffs. Hannah so smooth.

So so smooth.

She huffs and stands up and takes her final bowl and... brrrrrrrrrp across the lane to!....

A single pin. She sighs a bit and raises her arms up over her head. "Whelp. That's that. You won Hannah-butt." she says. She meanders over and takes the food trash over to to the baskets.

Then rub rub rub at Boris's ears. "Let's go back home for the rest of the night~" she sings.

"I want some quiet time for a bit~" she teases.