No Bones About It

Date: 2017-10-01
Pose Count: 77
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-01 22:26:23 84171
    The Uminari Sea Park has a new exhibit! Aquatic Creatures of the Past.
    Showing fossils and replicas of creatures that once swam the seas in times long gone by.
    Fate Testarossa is not here for an educational reason however.
    Though the attraction is mostly an indoor series of displays, the underwater windows that peek out into the tanks of the parks myriad living creatures as well, occasionally allowing a curious orca or dolphin to peek in on the exhibit and people coming to visit.
    But the key piece on display... Would have to be the full sized pliesiosaur fossil replica.
    The reason Fate is here... Is because of the Jewel Seed reading somewhere nearby.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-01 22:35:18 84172
Biology extra credit! The best excuse ever to Go Out and Do Stuff, especially when Doing Stuff involves making puppy eyes at seals and dolphins and taking notes on their behavior. Whoever said learning is boring has never spent five seconds in the head of Rashmi Terios.

At the moment, the dark-skinned redhead is practically vibrating in place to keep herself from mooshing up against the glass of the otter exhibit. Because in case you didn't know, otters are so adorable.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-01 22:37:17 84173
Nanoha Takamachi is here on a school trip. She's evaded Arisa and Suzuka however for a big reason. Yuuno is in her backpack and says that there's a Jewel Seed nearby. This is very bad. Yuuno is p. sure it's somewhere on the grounds, if not in the Aquatic Park proper.

She does peer into one of the tanks. Ohh Orcas and Dolphines and Fish oh my! She looks away though, as she eyes around. This thing needs to activate to actually be found though.

That's Rashmi-chan over there by the otters. She meanders on over in a hurry.

She leans up on tippy toes almost and whispers. "Rashmi-chan...!" she says.

"Yuuno says there's a Jewel Seed on the ground." she says.

"...have you seen Fate-chan around?" she softly asks. She expects this to be an occurance that will happen eventually soon if not before.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-01 22:38:26 84174
    The reason Kokoro is here... schoolwork.

    After five months (admittedly, some of which was summer vacation), the tall teen has been forced to admit that she might actually be here through the end of the school year. Even fights have been happening less often, and privately, she finds herself musing that for once the house she's staying at is tolerable to be in. So... maybe. Possibly. It's worth at least trying a little. It's worth putting in at least a bit of effort on schoolwork, which means visiting the new exhibit and doing some kind of report about it. A report Rashmi will probably be helping her with.

    And today she's been accompanied by her foster father of the moment. He turns out to be a slender guy, not really strongly built, and his entire demeanor seems rather quiet and unassuming. He's also about a quarter-inch shorter than Kokoro herself, with the end result that beside her, he looks almost frail. "So, Kokoro, which one was it?" he asks, to which she replies in only an awkward, "The, uh. The big one. New one." Neither of them seems quite used to the other's company.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-01 22:41:20 84176
When you tell someone you think Octopi are cute... suddenly you're being dragged along for a visit to the Uminari Sea Park. Koji feels like he's getting a bit of whiplash from all the places that she tends to drag him to, but thankfully once Mom heard that the 'pair' were going, she fished out her lifetime membership for the kids to use.

So for Rashmi not ONLY is it seeing otters, it's seeing Otters without spending a single yen out of her own pocket!

Finally, a perk to being the child of government employees, AND a marine biologist!

Nanoha did not see Young Mister Silvia at first because he was around the corner gettings drinks from the vending machine, coming back with an iced green tea and a bottled water for himself or Rashmi depending on her tastes. Spying Nanoha, he goes back to the machine and gets an apple soda in the can for her as well. Reappearing to the two girls, he says, "Hi there, Nanoha-chan. I brought drinks for everyone."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-01 22:44:57 84177
    Going to the aquarium was not Mikoto's idea. She ... really didn't care all that much. Now, a museum of Old Belka, that'd get he attention, but she'd have to get off-planet for that, and that just wasn't in the cards yet.

    No, it was Hikari's idea, and right now the silver-haired Guardian Beast is in human form, walking along with her and grinning at the prospect of all the fish.

So in they go, the price of two admissions paid, hands stamped, and bottled drinks purchased to enjoy along the way. It doesn't take long for Hikari to be pressed up against the glass, watching a small shark circle its domain, grinning and playfully snapping her teeth at it whenever it seems to be looking her way.

    (It doesn't seem to take notice of her, much to her disappointment.)

    Mikoto, meanwhile, leaves her to her fun while she takes a look around, and recognizes a familiar face or two. She waves cheerily to Nanoha and Koji, and Rashmi too, if they happen to look in her direction.
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-01 23:01:11 84179
    It really is a nice day. Bright and sunny outside, excited children in the exhibit, school trips and all. It's both entertaining and educational, with interactive exhibits, and animals swimming by the windows.
    None of that matters to Fate. Not when Bardiche pings. Other Device users might pick up on the familiar sound, and the blonde goes bolt still. She's not more than ten paces from Koji, Rashmi and Nanoha. It's a fact that makes the situation worse when the Jewel Seed nearby decides to wake up.
    It's a... Sound. A shrill chiming noise that makes people cover their ears in pain- especially worse for the magically sensitive that says somewhere around here, something powerful is rousing.
    ... Did the plesiosaur fossil just twitch?
    No it couldn't have.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-01 23:05:36 84180
"Huh?" Rashmi says, blinking down at Nanoha, eyes widening when the young Mage talks of nearby Jewel Seeds. Immediately, she starts to look hurriedly around the park, as if she could tell where a Seed's target would be just by spotting it -- she can't -- and gestures hurriedly toward Koji, then Kokoro and Mikoto as she spots them. Fate, she manages to overlook at the moment, more caught up in her worry than actually looking for the renegade Mage.

"I haven't seen her," she whispers hurriedly as she extracts Nicomachea's charm from her bookbag and stuffs her note-taking materials away. "But this is a bad place for one to show up... Thanks so much Koji-kun but um you're gonna want a pocket for those, there's a Jewel Seed around."
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-01 23:15:29 84181
Nanoha Takamachi looks up to Koji-kun a wide smile. "Koji-kun! Hi! Um. Yeah. Jewe---" she sees her behind Rashmi and Koji and Mikoto in the distance as she goes a little straight faced. Yeah. She can see you Fate. Yuuno is peeking his head out of the bookbag. Wait. Did that thing just move? He's staring at it.

"There's Fate-chan." she whispers.

"This is gonna get dicey." she says.

"We wanna be ready to throw up a barrier any moment." she says.

Yuuno seems to agree, he's trying to tug Nanoha's attention to the fossil!
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-01 23:19:10 84183
    At the moment, Kokoro is not particularly minding anyone around her; the sudden shrill noise has both her and the man accompanying her staggering in sudden, pained alarm, and it's only in looking around that she spots Rashmi. The 'oh crap, this is magical girl stuff' reaction hits her immediately, and she's all but panicking for the simple fact of the man with her. "Kokoro, are you alright?" the man asks. "I'm not sure what-" She cuts him off, though, with a hurried, "U-uh, well, um, I- my ears, they're- they're kind of ringing, could- could you go get the car, I just saw a couple friends from school. I- I need to see if they're okay." She's even sort of nudging him in the general direction of 'the exits'. He gives her a baffled look, but agrees with a soft, "Alright, just don't push it if you're really hurting."

    Kokoro scampers over to Rashmi, Nanoha and Koji as quickly as she can. And misses Fate completely.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-01 23:23:04 84184
Thank goodness Koji brought his school bag with him, the leather and denim bag an easy fit for the three drinks as he slides them away, and almost seems disappointed. But then when the topic of the Jewel Seed is brought up, he simply draws out his pencil case in time for the eye of the engraved snow leopard on it to 'blink' at him once.

The girls all see a blue line pass along his eyes behind his glasses, reflected from the inside as he switches over to his HUD-style view of the world, beginning to scan for the location of the Jewel seed, sniffing once as he pushes his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, "Setting up to scan for the Jewel Seed now."

From inside the pencil case and this close by the others, the slide-top comes up and all six of his pencils and pens come out, beginning to float in formation.

He then whispers, "Make sure to get the parking lot too, in case we have to force it outside. We'll work to contain the Seed... Nanoha... I'm sorry, but you should try and talk to Fate. Buy us some time."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-01 23:24:14 84185
    A grimace crosses Mikoto's face at the sound of the ping, and an actual wince tightens Hikari's shoulders. The latter tears her attention away from the shark to look over the crowd and see what's going on.

    "Well, that tears it," Hikari mutters, glaring out at the room. "Who put monsters on the menu today?"

    "It's okay, imouto. We'll stop at that sushi place you like on the way home." Mikoto reaches up, briefly clutching at the little dagger-shaped pin affixed to her coat. "Let's go check in with the others, I see Takamachi over there." She doesn't bother to wait for an answer, heading off towards Nanoha and friends with a quick, purposeful stride.

    Hikari takes a deep breath, then sighs. "Okay, but you owe me, neechan." She hurries after Mikoto, feline ears briefly visible in her hair as her control of her form slips for a moment.
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-01 23:33:32 84187
    There are a lot of people here today... Whether or not Fate is spotted- though by now she can only assume she has been, there is another issue at hand.
    People starts to cry out in confusion, disbelief, and even fear, when the plesiosaur skeleton twitches again. Then it shifts... Then it cranes its long neck to glower down at the park goers with one crystal blue eye. It opens its mouth, though no sound comes out except the ssssshing of a now activated Jewel Seed, the fossil's eye radiating waves of magical energy signatures.
    Fate thinks fast. She may be working against the others but the girl does not want to see people hurt. Especially if they are not involved.
    "Bardiche... A barrier. Now."
    [Yes sir.]
    Just as the plesiosaur skeleton smashes through a wall and glass and dumps itself in the nearest body of water, there's a wave of magic that expands to cover this sector of the park, a Barrier rising and shunting out civilians and non-skeletal aquatic life in a displacement that will allow combatants to try and handle it without worry.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-01 23:49:26 84189
"....Or not," Rashmi murmurs as Fate takes the Barrier chore in hand. "Okay... Kokochan, remember when we were talking about Jewel Seeds? This is what happens, so be careful. It's going to be between Nanochan and Fate-chan who gets it at the end, but try not to really hurt Fate-chan, okay? Meantime... THere's a whole lot of water out there and you've got the thunder. We're probably going to need that. Nicomachea?"

*bing!* << SET UP -- FLIER FIN >>

Rashmi glows brightly for a moment, after which the light shatters to reveal her Barrier Jacket and bright yellow energy wings, with her book in its default form. "We ready?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-01 23:56:50 84190
    Ohhh that's bad. Thaaaat is bad. Much like a truck, that skeleton is starting to move. Where before she missed things happening entirely until the shrill noise, now she happens to be looking in just the right direction to see the plesiosaur twitch. "...ah hell," she mutters, before taking a last glance in the direction of her foster father-


    Well, at least he's safe for now. She'll come up with a cover story later. Even if she's not very good at... at... wait. "Rashmi!" the tall girl says, grabbing her friend's shoulders. "You gotta help me after this. I gotta figure out what to tell Taro. I don't... I don't want him stressin' out."

    And on that embarrassing note, she promptly turns away and quietly pulls out the small trinket that will very soon be a rather large one. A crackle of electricity, a shift of hair and clothes, and Dengeki Shoujo is swinging a hammer up onto her shoulder. It's here she looks at Rashmi again, this time over her shoulder. " and Fate had words once before. She comes at me, I ain't swingin' for the fences, but I also ain't holdin' back. Can't afford to. She's good."

    However, there's something more immediately pressing. A great big Magic Zombie Skeleton Watersaurus. That, she can hit as hard as she likes. So she starts just walking towards the display, calm and easy.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-01 23:56:58 84191
Koji holds out the pencil case for a moment and says, "Tyrfing. SET UP!"


The three pencils float up above his head, while the pens go down to his feet. Each set forms a Belkan Tri-Gram, and rotate slightly before passing over his up and down, each invocation passing through each other. When they connect for a moment, those six writing implements reform into Bits to complete the change as the Tyrfing Knight Cloth materializes over Koji's body, causing the glasses to vanish, his hair to undo and float out around him as if some wind was pushing at it, and for a moment there's the ghostly visage of the Shutran-made Belkan Device's avatar-form around the boy before concentrating down into the pencil case. That transforms, expanding and shifting until it becomes that high tech short-sword sheathe and the two-handed grip. The six Bits each fly into a hatch that opens on the sides of the sheathe as Unity Knight Tyrfing attaches it to his back, and completes the process.

As the wind generated by the mana settles once more, he draws the sword from his back and re-releases 3 of the Bits. They attach to the crossguard in the center, and then at the tip of the sword, causing it to ignite with blue energy, forming the more familiar bastard sword the pair wield as their primary weapon.

Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-02 00:01:41 84193
"SET UP." calls out Nanoha Takamachi because Fate's the one to setup the barrier and not one of them. The transformation is quick as Raising Heart falls into her hands in it's usual standby form of a staff. She frowns at Fate as she's about to dash over and 'talk' when there's not a giant aquatic fossil on the loose.

Uh. Whoops. This is bad.

Nanoha shakes her head. "One of you can get it too. Just as long as it isn't her." she says worried.

Flier Fin. Nanoha doesn't have to call it out as she frowns at Fate. She wants to say things. But Fate said enough at the most recent meeting.

'That is why. We can't be friends.'. She bites down a little at the thought. Why not. She still thinks.

"Divine Shoot." she calls out, Raising Heart responding with a series of spam blasts at... the creature.

Wait. Tyrfing is fixed!? Yay!, she thinks.

Regardless of the situation, she's still wondering if Tyrfing can still become a cat.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 00:04:01 84194
    *ding* <<Knight Armor - ACTIVATE>>

As the civilians vanish from sight, it's almost automatic -- a swirling triangle glows on the ground at Mikoto's feet, the Belkan spell-glyph rising up over her to leave her dressed in her familiar blue suit. Running up next to her, Hikari abandons her disguise, ears and tail clearly visible as her clothes are replaced with her own combat garb.


    Rapier in hand, she continues forward, aiming to link up with Nanoha's group if she can.... even though there might well be a pleisiosoar in the way by the time she gets there.
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-02 00:16:52 84196
    This is a very bad situation. For Fate. A Jewel Seed right there and she's abysmally outnumbered, when the Barrier goes up an the others still remain.
    With a flash her own body is engulfed in golden light, only for it to fade away and reveal the girl in her own Barrier Jacket, Bardiche clasped in her hand in scythe form.
    Just like that, Fate is off like a bullet, after the deceased dinosaur, but not without a parting gift. Kokoro is someone she remembers. That strength and ferocity is something the blonde is loath to be on the opposite end of again, and that's why...
    [Lightning Bind.] Bardiche chimes, summoning blocks of golden voltaic energy to try and hold Kokoro in place.
    She's not playing fair, but then again when outnumbered she can't afford to. Thankfully the barrier works on animals as well, leaving the plesiosaur in a large pool all its own to swim around seemingly aimless for now. Fate gives no time to Say Things, she's after the Jewel Seed
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 00:24:15 84197
"Hey!" Rashmi shouts after Fate, eyebrows drawing down behind her spectacles. "Fate-chan that's cheating!" With a huff, she turns to Kokoro, all bound up, and holds Nicomachea up to face his 'jewel' at the bound fighter. "Nicomachea, is there anything you can do about this?"

*bing!* << UNDERSTOOD, >> the wise-sounding book says. << SPELL CODE ANALYSIS BEGINS >>

Rashmi spends a few seconds tapping her foot, then looks to the others, jerking her head toward the Plesiopool. "Go! I'll take care of this, and we'll be right with you!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 00:26:17 84198
    Dengeki Shoujo is just starting to walk faster, right on the cusp of breaking into a battle charge, when a Midchildan binding spell locks her in place, halting all that momentum with a sudden, sharp jerk. "Gh-!" Violet eyes whip downward, then dance over to Fate, before all of Kokoro's focus goes into breaking those binds. Yank. Yank yank. No, of course they won't break that easy.

    Snapcrackle. "Hnnnnnnnn-!"

    Lightning dances across Kokoro's arms and legs, a few stray arcs leaping to the ground around her. The magical girl sets herself, muscles straining, applying all the strength she can muster to those binds. And that's not a small amount of strength, either. If she can still brace her feet against the ground underneath her, it's probably starting to buckle. Through gritted teeth, she growls, "Rashmi... I'mma... strain it to the limit... should make it... easier to break, even if... I can't myself...!"
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-02 00:27:51 84199
Nanoha Takamachi is still humphing. "You need a Bind Break Spell!" she calls at Rashmi-chan. "To Break a Bind!" she calls out.

She turns back toward's the fossil swimming around and fires more Divine Shots at it, which apparently, aren't having the effect she hopes it would.

She frowns and eyes Fate again. She aimed for Kokoro. She wonders why. Well. Kokoro did say she met Fate before.

...and Kokoro IS super scary...
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 00:31:55 84200
Since this is as much about blocking Fate as it is about getting to the Jewel Seed first, Koji says to his sword, "Time to see how much you're back in shape?"

From around him, the voice of Tyrfing replies, You got it kid. Let's see how all that training's paid off.

Instead of going for the Plesiosaur at the moment and potentially getting in Nanoha's way, he charges Fate, going at normal speed... or at least as normal speed as any Mage can go in their combat forms. He brings his energy-enhanced blade in on a heavy swing as he says to Fate, "Sorry! Please don't make the big foreign lady come beat me up, but I really have to stop you right now!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 00:46:55 84203
    "Fine, fine, Hikari, you can go play with the fish. I'm going to have a chat with Fate, here." Mikoto watches for a moment as the cat-girl heads out towards the pleisiosoar, then turns back towards Fate just in time to see Koji go charging at her.

    Hikari grins and scampers on over towards the tank the skeletal monster has submerged itself in.

    "So," Mikoto muses as she heads across the floor. "What happened, hm? Last time we talked you were doing well... everything was fine. And now..."

    She shakes her head, waving her sword to gesture at the giant skeletal fish-monster. "What did I miss?"
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-02 00:50:29 84204
    Oh no, Divine Shooter is having an effect. Plinking at bones as it does, the pink bolts and bullets batter the skeleton and make it lift its head. Now that got its attention. Though with most of its body in the water and just the long neck visible are enough to see, it is turning toward Nanoha, mouth opening... As it unleashes a bolt of blue light from its gaping maw for her.
    Fate is already zooming towards it, heedless of accusations of cheating. "Stay out of my way. Please."
    Not that expects anyone to listen to her, but when Tyrfing moves to engage, the blonde narrows tired scarlet eyes.
    Tyrfing had better be back in shape. Because Fate aims Bardiche.
    "I'm sorry."
    [Photon Lancer: Full Auto Fire.] The Device chimes as it unloads a volley of electrical bullets at him.
    That bind spell is complex; a high level formula and composition put together by a genius level mage, it's not EASY to break, but it's doable with some work on Rashmi's part, with Kokoro putting her all to strain the magical energies holding her pinned.
    Enter Hagane... And Fate's expression darkens, lips pursing into a thin, grim, line.
    "I'm still doing well." The blonde says curtly. "Now I'm just back on course." Whether that's true or not is subjected. Bardiche is raised. "Are you going to get in my way, too?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 00:58:21 84205
*bing!* << ANALYSIS COMPLETE, >> Nicomachea announces, as a seal begins to revolve in front of the book's jewel. << BIND BREAK >> A dozen tiny points of mana gleam brightly around the edges of the circle, like the hour markings on a clock... which then spawns bright yellow lasers, each no thinner than a whisker, that dart outward, then bend at deeply acute angles to stab into the bindings in specific key points, shattering them completely.

With that, she pushes off into the air, turning to face the monster and the young Mage. Seeing the Belkans occupying Fate handily, she directs her own Solar Bullets to join Nanoha in plinking away at the monster.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-02 01:09:06 84206
Nanoha's eyes widen as she throws her hand forward, she has round shield on autocast when she makes this manuever. A round spell marker forming in the air, as it aims to absorb the ray as much as possible. She has to move downwards though and suddenly zips downwards as the beam goes flying past her because she can't stop the beam by herself.

More Divine Shoots. "Divine Shoot!" she calls out as Raising Heart responds. < Divine Shoot! > calls back Raising Heart as a display of more shots come off. That seems to be working. She'll need to weaken it further before she step it up!
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 01:12:51 84208
    All the while, Kokoro's voice is rising into a strained roar, until the instant Rashmi's Bind Break hits the spell that still restrains her.

    When the Lightning Bind breaks, there's a thunderclap. A brief but sudden surge of electricity around Kokoro as her strength is unfettered at last, in the instant before she can stop herself from straining. She looks Rashmi's way, she looks Fate's way, there's a moment of debate...

    But no. She might fight like a brute, Dengeki Shoujo doesn't fight like a berserker. Blindly throwing yourself at an enemy while ignoring an objective is how you lose battles. With a growl (and a crackle), Kokoro turns her attention back to the Jewelosaurus, and breaks into a powerful, loping run, one that takes her right up to the water's edge - where she shoves the hammer underwater, and forces a quick, powerful burst of lightning straight down through it.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 01:13:06 84209
Normally? A Belkan Device user would attack the incoming spells, most by just outright punching it, or in the case of swordsmen like Koji and Mikoto... to slash them apart. But instead of that, Koji's eyes flash once more as he brings one hand up across his body, "Tyrfing! Vier through Neun! Autonome Schild!"


From the sheathe, six more of those spear-point diamond-shaped Bits disgorge and fly forwards, each set of 3 forming shields that begin to speed in front of the young male Mage and catch the electrical blasts before they can hit Tyrfing and Koji. He continues to try and close, even as one of the two autonomous shields fails out as a Bit is clipped by a blast they could not get the energy construct in place for in time, leaving those pair just floating there for a moment. The second shield remains intact long enough for Koji to attempt to close and try to get another slashing strike in on Fate once more, but it's a feint as he leaps up and back suddenly, and yells out a new command!

"Funf! Sechs! Raketenschlag!"

Those two suddenly fly at Fate fast, blazes of blue contrails behind as the Bits become missiles!
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 01:14:43 84210
    "Well," Hagane muses. "That depends, doesn't it?" It seems this is going to be one of those fights.

    "Is there even a point to all this?" she asks the blonde, still walking calmly towards her. "Or is it just someone going for Absolute Power and dragging you along behind them?"

    The tip of Carnwennan's blade makes slow circles in the air, held point-down by her waist, leaving little blurs of light behind it - her favorite Flicker arsenal a-building. She lifts her other hand to form a quick Round Shield to deflect a few blasts that get too close to her, but doesn't slow down at all.

Hikari, meanwhile, jumps up to leap onto the back of the Jewelosaurus, using its ribs as a ladder to crawl towards where the Jewel seems to be hiding.
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-02 01:24:33 84212
    The initial ray is deflected by a Round Shield Spell, but where did the plesiosaur go? Though the continued fire between Nanoha and Rashmi batters it as it sinks, submerging its head beneath the water. This will not be good for it in a moment but we'll get to that shortly.
    Fate hadn't expected a single spell to put Tyrfing out of her way, but she had hoped it would have been a deterrent. She was wrong, and quietly she wishes one day someone will listen when she asks they not interfere. But no. Her spell batters against shield bits, but when the bonded user and unison Device make to close is when they make their mistake. She doesn't flinch. She lunges towards them. It's a blurring Lay fast game of high stakes chicken as she raises Bardiche.
    At the last possible second...
    Fate jinks aside, twirling to put herself in Koji's blind spot. Bardiche is still readied for her blow, and the blonde's face is shrouded in shadow.
    "That's not it at all." Whispered in reply to Hagane, before her golden scythe flashes in a swift cutting slash before she tries to break way and head for the Plesiosaur. But she's assuming those two won't make that easy for her either.
    Hikari scales the long neck nimbly, while electrified waters make the fossil replica rattle and chatter, but in a second its head will be entirely under the water. It glides beneath the waves effortlessly in spite of its skeletal make... Before rising suddenly from the deep, jaws snapping at Rashmi, Nanoha, AND lashing its long neck at Kokoro, that blue eye gleaming brighter.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 01:29:00 84214
"GAH!" Rashmi shouts as GIANT DINOSAR SKELETON SNAPPY TEETH lunge in their direction, whipping a hand out in front of her.

*bing!* << SOLAR SHIELD >>

A bubble of golden mana extends back from Rashmi's hand, encasing herself and Nanoha in a shell of magic designed to rebound incoming attacks. At the very last second, she twitches down and to one side, hoping the angle of rebound will be enough to put the neck closer into Kokoro's grip. "Nano-chan! Seal it!!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 01:31:34 84215
    After delivering that much voltage to the water, Kokoro swiftly yanks her hammer back out, unwilling to put her allies in further danger while it's sinking below the waves. That being the case, all she can do is just watch, waiting with a tense body and a wary stance for it to make its move. Even with that preparation, she's not ready at all for the attack it slings at her. That long neck, swinging straight her way, giving her only a split second to react-


    There's a whff of lost breath and grunting pain as the neck makes contact with Dengeki Shoujo's body, and a simultaneous THUD as her dropped hammer hits the ground... which means, she dropped her hammer before the impact. And despite any cracked ribs, the thunder girl remains on her feet, and in fact seems to have them firmly planted.

    She's braced herself for the hit, resolved to take it from the start, in exchange for getting her arms around the skeletal dinosaur's neck. "...heh. Got you now."

    And for the second time today, Kokoro roars with effort, crackles with thunder. She puts everything she has into it, this time probably enough that she'd be regretting it even without the hit she just took. As it is, though, her focus is purely on winning the battle... which, in her case, involves hauling the Jewel Seed monster out of the water with all her might so that it can be sealed. "HIT IT!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 01:43:04 84216
    Hagane shrugs as Fate mostly ignores her to deal with Koji. At least the young Knight isn't hurt too badly, as far as she can tell. "Then what is it?" she asks, only to be ignored as the blonde goes after the monster. She doesn't bother trying to stop her, instead she just takes off in her wake to follow after. A little trail of flickers follows the wake of her blade's tip as she takes flight.

    Hikari, meanwhile, keeps climbing up along the dino's ribcage. It doesn't take her long to get near the head, although she's stopped for a few moments by the electrical burst. "No dead fish is gonna get the better of THIS cat!" She reaches out to get a good grip, then lashes out with a set of binds to try to pin it more firmly in place.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 01:44:36 84218
Koji's Device no longer gives him the raw speed of a Belkan Mage, and he never had the physical training to back it up... so when Bardiche comes crashing down on his back like that, the only things that save him from serious harm are Tyrfing's remaining shield putting itself in the way, only to merely blunt the blow. As the three Bits all burst from mana overload from trying to stop the axe-head from striking, the sheathe takes the rest of the damage and Kojis is push-thrown by Fate into a wall.

Thankfully, the hole is a hole, and not Koji-shaped, but on the other side of it, he shakily pushes himself up out of the rubble, thankfully still holding his once-more short sword. The Bits there were destroyed as well. The only two active ones, those missiles that were fired off, continue to chase Fate.

"How many... ngh... d-do we have left, Tyrfing?"


Koji's grip tightens on the blade, "Okay... give me guidance control on Bits designated Drei through Elf. You handle fire control."

Got it, Kid.

From the hole, nine angry hornets of Bit-drones come flying out as Koji yells, "BARRET! FULL AUTO!"


It's a little of give-back on Koji's part as he begins playing RTS with Nine flying drones that begin peppering back at Fate with blasts that are nowhere near on the level that she or Nanoha can pump out, but they're still going to sting more than a little if they connect!
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-02 01:45:47 84219
Nanoha Takamachi eyes the beast as Kokoro-chan SHOVES it out of the water. "RAISING HEART! NOW!" she calls out as the casting circle appears out from under her. "DIVINE!...." she calls out as the first half of the spell sets up. < DIVINE... >

"BUSTER!" she calls out. < BUSTER! > Raising Heart calls out after her as a giant beam of energy lances from the tip of Raising Heart, streaking through the air to try to hit the fossil creature directly. To knock the Jewel Seed free so it can be properly sealed and deactivated.

So they can get it before Fate can...

...Sorry Fate-chan. Can't let your momma have 'em. :(
Fate T. Waldia 2017-10-02 02:03:36 84220
    What happens next is a bit chaotic. Though the plesiosaur tries to lash out at the others it finds its assault arrested... By one Kokoro Akakuma. Dengeki Shoujo.
    Holding the fossil in place, as much as it struggles, her grip is strong, it cannot break free. Thusly between her grip and Rashmi's shield, it's attack upon all three is rendered moot...
    And Fate is rushing in. Her speed increasing by the second on approach, she ends up slowed. Tyrfing's bits start to harry her, and she wheels around, flying backwards towards the dinosaur while fending off the assault.
    But Hagane is not ignored, Fate hissing through her teeth as she fends off. Koji and Tyrfing's attack. "That's not why she needs them, it's not like that."
    She doesn't clarify though when she spies a bright blast of pink from the corner of her eye. The distraction- and turning her head in time to see Nanoha sealing the Jewel Seed suck in the eye socket makes her click her teeth.
    It also leaves her open Koji. And getting hit does more than sting as Fate is shot off course. She streaks downward, body skipping in a bounce across the water at high speed, before she arrests her momentum.
    She's too far away from the glittering blue gem that floats out of the dinosaur's eye.
    Blink an you'll miss it. Because all it takes is looking away for just one second, and Fate decides discretion is the better part of valor.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 02:24:13 84221
With the Jewel Seed floating free, and Fate batted to the far side of the park, Rashmi thinks quick. "Nicomachea! GRAB IT!"


There's a pulse of magical energy that resonates with the now-unhindered Seed, pulling it toward the book's charm and dimming its glow. By the time the Lost Logia touches the Device, its power has been completely nullified, and Rashmi looks like she's wondering if her book and dear friend is going to explode at any moment.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 02:28:05 84222
    Hikari bats at the Jewel as it flies out of the dino's skull -- more pushing it away than trying to grab it, really. She's had one rather bad experience with them already, even if it did lead her to meet Mikoto-neesama.

    Hagane, meanwhile, continues flying along in Fate's wake, ignoring the harassment from Koji's Bits - they're not aiming at her, anyway. "Well then," she offers the blonde, "We'll have to talk later." And then Fate's just gone. Speed counts.

Her opponent of the moment departed, she returns to the ground, walking over towards the skeleton. She has a little smile for Rashmi as she sees the Jewel Seed captured. "Keep that safe, friend."
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 02:29:01 84223
With only eight remaining active Bits, Koji makes his way out of the hole, blade sheathed back on his back, and those lone defenders return to their home on his back. He coughs once, and wipes at his mouth before saying, "Is everyone else okay?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 02:30:53 84224
    And now the skeleton is just... a skeleton. Kokoro lets go and takes a step or two back, taking a single breath- and then hissing quietly. Looks like that one cost her a bit. But she does start to amble her way over towards Rashmi, around the time the much shorter girl is finishing the task of sealing the Jewel Seed. Nanoha gets an appreciative nod, but Koji gets a longer look, before she offers a simple, "...yo, cat. You're looking better. Silvia got you fixed up?"

    But it's Rashmi who gets her attention at the last. "...Oi. Rashmi. Seriously, you... you gotta help me think of something." Grimace. The ribs are gonna make it harder to explain. "...Taro's kind of a wuss, but he ain't a bad person. He don't... he doesn't need a ton of worry about me. Doesn't deserve it." How far she's come in just a few months.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-10-02 02:34:18 84225
Nanoha Takamachi looks to Rashmi as she grabs it and Fate.. disappears. "Fate?.. FATE-CHAN!" she calls out. Nrg. She's gone. She sighs and rubs the back of her head. She smiles at Kokoro and then floats over to Koji. "Hiii Koji and Tryfing! I'm glad you're fixed!" she says to Rashmi. "Thanks for sealing that Rashmi-chan! It'll be okay and safe there. Don't worry. As long as it's sealed- it's sealed until you don't want it to be." she nods.

Then to Kokoro again. "Thank you!" she says. "Dengeki Shoujo-chan!" she says with the most sincerest stern face!
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 02:43:22 84226
"Thanks," Rashmi says to Nanoha, and Mikoto's smile is answered with a half-worried wry grin and a bob of the head, but anything else she was about to say is cut off by Kokoro Needs Help. Welp. Drawing is a breath, she rests a hand on Kokoro's shoulder. "He's going to worry anyway, Koko-chan, and you're terrible at lying. Just say one of the exhibits broke and a friend really needed help. That's true enough, right? Just say you're sorry for making him worry, and it's okay now."

"Besides," she sighs, "the exhibit is broke, and when this Barrier comes down it's going to be a mess."

Which is about when she spots Koji, and her eyes wide. "Koji-kun are you okay?!"
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 02:50:02 84227
Six of the Bits re-emerge to fly up and to form a screen in front of Kokoro, the face of the beastman appearing there as he grins and gives her a thumbs-up, Still gettin used to the little guys, but we're all ready to go again! Looks like you've been keepin' up. Can't wait to see how tough you are now, girl!

Koji in the meantime gives a little shrug, and says, "I'm okay Rashmi... I'm just thankful the Barrier was there. I'd hate to think my Mom would panic over this place being broken up."

The young male Mage looks to the others, and then adds, "So... did we get it?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 02:54:22 84228
"It looks like it's all taken care of," Hagane assures Tyrfing. "And Fate had business elsewhere, it would seem." She shrugs and pauses as a little grey kitten runs over to leap up onto her shoulder. "Now there's just the mess to clean up."

    She turns to survey the wreckage. "This is going to be all sorts of fun, I can already tell. How the heck we're going to get the skeleton back in place...."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 03:07:05 84229
    'Dengeki Shoujo.'

    Is Kokoro turning pink? Nah. Couldn't be.

    "Y... yeah. Yeah, you're right," Kokoro replies to Rashmi. "Alright, uh... thanks." Headscratch. It's another one of those situations she has no social context for. So she focuses on Tyrfing.exe instead, letting a small grin find its way onto her face. "I been practicing a little, yeah." She's even come up with her own signature move! ...but saying that out loud would be embarrassing. Hagane, however, raises a good point. "Uh... I could help lift stuff, I guess, but that's about it."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 03:10:16 84230
"Well," Rashmi murmurs, scratching her chin, "best I can think of is just... move the skeleton back to where the display was, and make it look like it fell over? It's not great, but it beats having half of it floating in a pool." A sidelong look at Kokoro says the redhead has not missed Kokoro turning pink, and is working very hard not to snicker.

Work! Work keeps the snickers at bay. "Koko-chan, want to help me with the head?" And just like that, she has bobbed over to the dinosaur's head and looks to be about to two-man-lift it.

Barrier Jackets are just unfair.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 03:16:41 84231
This time, Koji actually gets to show off that Shields can be used for more than just blocking things, "I can get most of it out of the water, if you all need." He says, thankful that we're all still inside a Space-Time Barrier, but then adds, "UMmm... shouldn't we put up a second Barrier, Rashmi, so that if this drops from when Fate gets out of range? That way... we don't end up looking like we're stealing anything?"

More of his Bits come out, and he begins to try and form platforms under some of the bigger parts to try and lift out of the water...
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 03:18:07 84232
Hagane nods. "It does seem to make the most sense of anything we can do, right now." It's not as if they can repair everything before the barrier drops. She walks over to add her own effort to Rashmi's, squatting to get a good grip on the skull.

"Hope... you've been well," she offers to Nanoha as she hefts it, adding "Haven't seen you in a while."

After a few moments' rest, Hikari hops down from her shoulder to retake human form and help pick things up.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 03:50:00 84233
A voice that'd not yet been involved in the whole situation suddenly pipes up. "Ok dudes, so I got held up and have no real idea what's up, WHY were my best friends getting disturbed and what is it you're trying not to look like you're stealing?" A cyan haired guy in a cyan color, lite pirate type outfit has popped up on the outter edge of one of the nearest BIG tanks, trying to take in what all is exactly wrong with the exhibition that's at what's partially his parent's sea park. "...I maaay or maaaaaay not be able to work out /something/, depending."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 03:52:47 84234
".....THat's a really good idea, Koji-kun," Rashmi says after a few beats, once the skull is set down more-or-less where it might have fallen if the display had tipped over. Brushing her hands, she steps away and raises Nicomachea again. One << WIDE-AREA BARRIER >> later, she's about to turn back to her work, when Makio's voice intervenes.

"U-u-uhhh," she expounds at first, before her brain catches up with this new reality. "Short version: an artifact from another world woke up and granted the skeleton's wish. We needed to shut the artifact down, and since the skeleton's wish was to come back to life well... means we had to fight a really really nice exhibit and crack it up a little. Right now we're just trying to make it look like the display tipped over, because when these spells come back down there's going to be a pile of skeleton and we thought it was better that it looked like it fell, instead of someone trying to explain how it got in the pool there."
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 04:00:40 84235
For his own part, it's a good thing that Tyrfing can take the load on certain things for him, as the girlish-seeming young man ends up nearly jumping out of his skin when someone else comes walking in like that. He makes a little 'eep' noise as he turns around and looks to where Makio has walked in, and then immediately goes into politeness mode... even as the rib cage of the Plesiosaur is being slowly lowered to the ground.

"We're terribly sorry this happened, and once things are back to normal it will just seem like a bad accident. But nothing should happen to the bones... this a very a nice skeleton, my mother would be really impressed with it, though dinosaurs were not really her thing. She likes orca mostly, says they're the prettiest creatures in the ocean."

Yeah, babbling again.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 04:02:21 84236
    Mikoto doesn't seem to feel a need to explain anything. She just keeps picking up pieces of the dinosoar skeleton and putting them roughly where they seem to go. Hikari helps her, remaining just as quiet. Perhaps the two are chatting telepathically. Or are just ignoring everything around them. Because someone showing up to complain about them now is just dumb and silly, in her mind.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 04:07:16 84237
Mew Macaroon rubs at the back of his head a little. "Huh...yeaaah, that does sound like the best idea," the (not so obvious outwardly) part seal guy replies, "Still need some help, Rashmi?" It took him a moment, but he remembers her and the flyer she gave him at the last incident he got into.

Tyrfing's comment seems to really get his attention though. "Your mother would? She like orca," he repeats curiously, "She just kinda intrested in that sorta thing or is it more than that?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 04:08:48 84238
"Tell your friends sorry for me," Rashmi says with relief, "and any more help would be great, thanks." Koji's mom, she leaves for Koji to explain. But she seems to brighten a little bit as she gets back to her work.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 04:17:58 84239
From behind him, the Drones under the Device's control begin to help individually move and nudge smaller bones, the diamond-heads opening and working like tweezers to get the littler bits that are still in the water, others using their scanner heads to look for the individual small pieces, so that the dino can be put back together.

But Koji in the meantime has this in hand, "My mom works for the Department of the Environment as a Marine Biologist... she and my dad go around the coastlines checking water and soil samples, checking on the wildlife. It's part of a continuing study of the effects of the war on our nation. Fallout studies. But yes, she loves Orca. She says they're more social and better behaved than dolphins, not to mention their social structures are a lot more stable then land-based mammals. She actually wrote a paper on the young orca in Alaska who stayed in a bay around people when she got seperated from her pod."

He pauses and then blushes, "Anyways... hello, I'm... well, I'm Silvia Koji, and this is Terios Rashmi. We're sort of like... well... we're helping collect dangerous artifacts from another world, so they don't end up hurting people."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 04:20:49 84240
    With a couple particularly large bones over her shoulders, Kokoro stops where she's walking, violet eyes darting between Koji and the newcomer briefly. Her mouth opens, then closes. Opens, then closes again.

    "...Dengeki Shoujo," she finally offers, almost sounding embarrassed.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 04:37:30 84242
Mew Macaroon sets to doing what he can to help with moving things, since he can't think of a better excuse to give his parents. He was debating offering to make it look like he'd done something to break it, but...he couldn't think of a good way to fake that. If it's fallen over, NO ONE really has to take any blame. "Sorry I couldn't get over here sooner, dudes. Go fig, I spend the day out in town instead of being here like I usually would, and THAT'S when this happens."

"Oooh, neat! I've been trying to study for marine biology," Macaroon replies on hearing about Tyrfing's mother, "I'm Mew or, Makio Ryu when I'm not magiced up or whatever....your parents sound like neat people, Koji!" He'd lower whatever he was carrying down where the 'fallen' stuff is. "Hi Dengeki! And I'll do what I can to sneak some treats to my fishie besties before I'm gone for the night, Rashmi. ...what's this dangerous artifact stuff though? ...sorry if I shoulda noticed it. guess I'm still too much of a newbie..."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 04:54:26 84243
"It's okay," Rashmi says, shaking her head. "There's always at least four or five things going on around the community, we all have... basically jurisdictions. We're tracking and collecting Jewel Seeds... basically artifacts of huge power that grant the wish of anything it's touching when it's active. Which sounds neat, but I mean it touched this skeleton and the skeleton wanted to be alive again, so... yeah. Also there's another Device User who's trying to collect them for her mom, but... Well there's over twenty of these things and since they're better off being deactivated and locked away, you can pretty much guess what sort of person wants to use them. Anyway don't be upset you didn't notice, Nanoha-chan has a friend who discovered them and he says they're impossible to track until they're active."

Her eyes flick to Kokoro as she introduces herself. Will not snrk will not snrk will not snrk...

... ........ ...

Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-02 04:56:04 84244
    The girl in blue continues her work, eventually turning away from the dinosaur to start cleaning up other debris, her sword directing bursts of wind to blow lighter debris into small piles.

    "Long story," her catgirl partner says quietly, assembling a shattered bench into some semblance of its original position. "Not too long, though, I guess," she adds, as Rashmi explains in more detail. "Bad guys want McGuffin. Good guys try to stop them. Messes are made. You know how it goes."
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 05:01:53 84245
Moving back from things, all the floaty Bits in the air come back around him as Koji moves to a spot where he can then send them all back out over the bones, and create a sort of map of things, and the initial scan that Tyrfing made of the ancient aquatic being.

"Okay..." He says, and then brings another 'screen' up in front of him, "I'm having Tyrfing do all of the math, and we're making a map of where the bones should be if it fell out of the exhibit."

Bones begin appearing on the wider screen above everyone's head as it then lowers down and creates a sort of coloring-book map where the bones that are on the screen but not matched up are red against a blue background.

"I hope this helps."

Stop whining, kid., says a voice out of nowhere, This'll work just fine. Even the Professor over there couldn't do the numbers better.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-02 05:07:55 84246
    Rashmi finds herself on the receiving end of a long, baleful stare from Kokoro. Staaaaare.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 05:07:55 84247
Mew Macaroon nods at the catgirl talks. He learned from the incident with Yuzuki that he shouldn't go poking around about if these other animal people are more mew mews. Besides, it's most likely it's just him and Ichigo since they're the only ones working at the cafe and all. "Yeah, sounds like typical good guy and bad guy fare," he agrees as he continues trying to help clean the mess however there is left.

"Well, this is one of the best places to catch me, usually, if you ever need something from a magical guy with some good swimming skill and a brain full of fish info." He kinda wants to ask to read Koji's mom's study she wrote about that orca even, but that feels a bit too forward to him, despite how much of a lack of boundaries he usually has.

That voice out of nowhere causes him to look around lostly for a moment.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 05:18:17 84248
"You'd be surprised how likely it is we'll need exactly that," Rashmi chuckles, setting another bone into place, checking Tyrfing's layout plan to make sure it's set right.
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 05:27:35 84249
Koji ends up going down the checklist, "So... if you're new in town there's three important things you need to know. Rashmi's parents make the best curry in Tokyo, and almost all of us who are... like this... go there and meet. Before we leave Rashmi usually gives out coupons, Macaroon-san."

While Tyrfing maintains the image and his feline muzzle perks into a smile and a thumbs-up at Rashmi while the spot she's working on turns green from the match, he goes on, "Second... there's a group of senpai who've been doing this longer. They call their group Virtue, and they're sort of run by Chiba-san. He's very smart, very polite, and I think he once said he's the Prince of Earth... whatever that really means. Anyways, they're really strong but they're all nice people."

Counting off two fingers, the third lowers and he adds, "Third is that there's a coffee house called Gullwing Coffee on the waterfront, right next to the beach. It's run by Kurosawa-senpai. She makes great coffee, but don't ask for her help with math. She believes in eleventy and that most problems in life can be solved with a punch. It sounds violent, but trust us, with her it makes sense."
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 05:39:02 84250
Mew Macaroon says, "Well I've always been around as myself, but I'm new on the magical person front and I was probably a lot easier to miss as anything but one of the swimmers for Infinity High's swim team before." He grins at the mention of cupons. "I got a flyer last time, but I haven't gotten to check it out yet!" The name 'Chiba-san' causes a slight pause.

"Mamoru," he asks, "...was EVERYONE a magical person and I was just late to the party," he askes in obvious over exageration. "And I work at the Mew Mew Cafe," he notes, "It seems like we might be a new's just me and Mew Ichigo so far."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 05:44:04 84251
"I heard about that place!" Rashmi chirps. "I was thinking of having my birthday party there, do they do special function reservations?"
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 05:46:15 84252
Koji shakes his head as he moves over to adjust a piece, "No, Rashmi and I only became involved in things about a year ago or so, I think. I found my friend when I was on vacation, and Rashmi found her's in a bookstore."

The boy smiles a bit more and then says, "Mew Mew? Is it like one of those breakfast maid cafes? I went to one once where they drew cats in ketchup on your omelette... which would have been nice if the omelette wasn't awful."
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 05:50:44 84253
Mew Macaroon nods at Rashmi. "The second floor's a ball room that's for rent just for that." Koji's question makes him chuckle though. "All I can guess is that they highly generalized the fact that us Mew Mews are people with animal dna fused into us by naming us after the sound of a cat. They basically call everything Mew or Mew Mew. Like I told Nuwu last time, though, I am more of an Arf Arf."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 05:53:11 84254
"Cool! Well, remind us to bring you and... Ichigo-san? Around to the Frat House so we can introduce you around properly. That way you'll know where to go if something incredibly scary's happening that you really really need help with," Rashmi says, shifting a few more vertebrae, then stepping back to check the result against Tyrfing's screen. "Well... I think that's the best we can do, and since time doesn't really get warped under these barriers the sooner we finish the better."
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 05:55:41 84255
Tyrfing's Bits all return to him and slide back into hatches that open along the fat part of the sheathe, taking away the image. He pulls the sword and sheathe off his back, causing the Knight Cloth to vanish and leave the weapon just looking like a pencil case once more. As his hair braids itself back up in a flash of light, and the glasses return almost in a Clark Kent-ish manner, the young male Mage says, "I'll get Nanoha home, so you can drop the barrier safely. We'll come back another time... maybe we can talk to one of the keeper about feeding the otters, right?"
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 06:00:04 84256
Mew Macaroon nods in reply. "I can cut you guys a huge deal on the bigger expenses here, if you want," he states before frowning and hesitating slightly. "Well, I mean, please don't just hang out with me for that or anything..." the cyan haired boy adds before follwoing Tyrfing's example and detransforming into his darker, bushier haired normal self. "But, since my parents are some of the major owners here, I get a lot of special perks... Just make sure to ask ahead of time, in case I'm not actually around here at the time."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 06:03:55 84257
"Oh," Rashmi snorts, waving her hand, "we wouldn't dream of doing that. I mean Koji-kun's mom was nice enough to let us use her ticket, but we're not usually bargain-hunters." Her clothing glows, then shatters, leaving her in the long-skirt-and-gray-top she'd arrived in, hefting her bookbag. "But that doesn't mean you probably won't get comped here and there at the restaurant, Papi likes to spoil my friends."
Koji Silvia 2017-10-02 06:05:49 84258
Escorting Nanoha out so that she's not left to be part of the suspect list of the vandals... Koji looks over his shoulder and waves, "It was nice to meet you Macaroon-san! Sorry about the mess!"
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 06:07:26 84259
Makio Ryu waves after Koji. "No problem, dude, it happens in the heroing business, right? Good to meet, and in Rashmi's case, talk to you more! So how far do we need to go so everyone's out of the range of suspicion before the barrier comes down?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-02 06:08:06 84260
"Just out of sight," Rashmi says, shrugging, as she steps around a tank. "Magic usually takes care of itself past that point!"
Makio Ryu 2017-10-02 06:09:28 84261
Makio Ryu nods in understanding. "Got it, well, see you guys later then!" With that he makes an exit of his own, much less interesting than his enterance of showing up on the rim of one of the tanks... That is to say he just makes like the normie he is right now and walks out one of the doors.