Tea In The Park

A simple walk through the park ends up with a trip to get tea with friends.

Date: 2017-10-03
Pose Count: 12
Kukai Souma 2017-10-03 03:04:16 84281
It's been a warm and humid day, practically muggy, across Tokyo, with only sparse cloudbursts that served to make things wetter instead of cooler. Thankfully the night is doing a good job of making it less swelteringly hot, the tempurature swinging almost to chilly instead, and so Kukai Souma is out doing his nightly jog around King Penguin Park, looking for youma or trouble of any sort while getting some basic exercise. It's a good, quiet night, the sort where you tend to run into other people while you're out and about.
Mew Macaroon 2017-10-03 03:14:16 84284
Makio Ryu has, apparently, recently left the Mew Mew cafe, as he is now out here, hanging at the King Penguin Park. Odd as it might be, he's alternating between just LAYING there in the grass and rolling back and forth for no apparent reason. ...if it wasn't for his DNA fusion, he'd probably seem just as likely to be a shoe in for pretending to be Tare Panda right now.
Jiaying Maki 2017-10-03 03:17:43 84285
Jiaying Maki is at the park again. She's got a notebook, her phone out and is poking around. A lot of strange things have happened lately and she'd like to see if it's something she can try to pick up on. Also it's a nice night out, mugginess aside and she'd like to be out. She's wearing a comfy pair of cargo shorts, a hooded blouse, has a satchel slung over her shoulder with snacks most likely and as is her preference, is completely barefoot. That's why she's quietly observing Makio rolling around in the grass, crosslegged on a bench. There's a brief moment of thought, mostly leaning towards, 'Am I this weird sometimes?' before notes are scribbled in. In Chinese.
Kukai Souma 2017-10-03 03:33:55 84287
Kukai is in a basic jacket with a hoodie that's down, and light shirt with long pants and sneakers. That's his general outfit these days when he's on his own. He's not expecting much, but he's also sort of expecting that someone he knows will be out in the park. Which is why when he sees Jiaying he grins and heads over towards her. It's always good to see her!

That being said, he and Daichi both pull up short when he looks over to see Makio rolling back and forth on the ground. He blinks, staring at Makio for a moment, before sitting down next ot Jiaying. "How long he been doing that?"
Mew Macaroon 2017-10-03 03:39:10 84288
Makio Ryu has been doing it for about...maybe ten minutes. "Hey Jack," he calls in a lethargic, lazy seeming tone, at least bothering to raise one arm up to wave, "'s soo muggy today..." He's got his hoodied pulled off given that fact, and of course he greeted Jiaying when she arrived too.

He sighs as his arm flops back to the ground. "...I think I need new batteries..."
Jiaying Maki 2017-10-03 04:00:37 84289
Jiaying Maki waves to Kukai and says, "Shh, I'm observing things in the wild." She uncrosses her legs, snapping the book shut at the same time and stands. "How have you been?" The flop gets a snrk from her, then she calls out, "Good tea will work right?" before turning back to Kukai, "Uh, a few minutes. I thought it was funny. I sketched it."
Kukai Souma 2017-10-03 04:14:31 84290
Kukai waves back over at Makio. He's still not sure how he feels about being called Jack outside of his Chara form, but hey, it's not really a thing just yet. "Hey Makio. How're you? Besides, you know, out of energy. What counts as new batteries for you?"

He gets at Jiaying and then chuckles. "Ah. Gotcha. I suppose that works for now." He hmms and leans back. "Good tea sounds like fun, actually. Is there a place to get some nearby? I know a coffee cafe, but it's more to the north end..."

Kukai nods, and then leans over, looking at Jiaying's closed book. "Oh. Cool. Show me sometime?"
Mew Macaroon 2017-10-03 04:17:57 84291
Makio Ryu finally sits up and streches out a bit, seeming entirely unbothered by having been sketched. He's still smiling and seems...lightly amused if anything. "...tea could be nice," he replies, "Actually, now I think I've gotten a craving for some green tea mochi ice cream. I can take care of that later unless you guys want some." "Hrmm, what's good for batteries," he wonders, "That's a good question, actually..."
Jiaying Maki 2017-10-03 04:20:38 84292
Jiaying Maki holds the book up and says, "Showing you?" while sticking her tongue out. Offering it over though, it's full of just sketches. There's a lot of Chinese notes towards the front with strange monsters, demons and ghosts. The back half has a few magical girl sorts, a few of the monsters and a few random things. "I have no idea where to get tea here, I make my own usually. Sort of."

To Makio, she tilts her head and asks, "Tea ice cream might be good. I liked the green tea soda I had a year or two ago."
Kukai Souma 2017-10-03 04:27:48 84293
Kukai examines the book for a moment, skipping over the Chinese that he can't read, looking at the sketches and images. "Huh. Wow, these are pretty good. Thank you." He hands the book back over, then grins. "What, we make good tea!"

Kukai perks up slightly, then stands and goes over to Makio, reaching down to help him get up onto his feet. "Green tea mochi ice cream? Sure, sounds good to me. You know where some is, you lead the way." Daichi is sitting on Kukai's head, leaning forward, wholly interested in the words 'ice cream'.
Mew Macaroon 2017-10-03 04:35:24 84294
Makio Ryu gets up with Kukai's help. "Thanks man," he says before looking thoughtful, "I don't know if any of the resturaunts around here serve it, but it'll be easy enough to grab some from a shop somewhere and split it while we're drinking the tea." He peers toward the book as it's handed back to Jiaying. "I should take a look at that later too."
Jiaying Maki 2017-10-03 04:59:05 84295
Jiaying Maki hands the book over, not seeming too concerned with the idea of handing it over at all these days. "We could probably go finda cafe with something passable at least right? I mean, I'm not too picky with what I'm drinking. Unless it's eggs. Eggs are awesome."