It's All Good

Turns out, 'all' is relative. In a good way.

Date: 2017-10-03
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Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 17:53:42 84296
    It's a quiet night in the apartment. Momo is off somewhere- perhaps already asleep. Kyouko is sitting on the couch in the living area- more threadbare than those upstairs, well-worn, but also well-loved. Comfortable. She's clearly doing her best to be that, also, though she's still wearing jeans and a t-shirt, no doubt recently returned from a closing shift at work.

    She has a cup of tea in her hands, still steaming, and is peering out through the sliding glass doors to the narrow balcony. The curtains are open, providing a rather stunning view of night-time Tokyo, a sea of lights as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by the shapes and lights of nearer buildings as tall or taller than this one. Although usually full of energy regardless of the hour or situation, she seems to be enjoying a quiet moment by herself, sipping from the tea every few moments as she peers out and thinks about... stuff.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 18:00:40 84297
Naru has been home from school, and there was dinner waiting on Kyouko geting home from work, but their overlap wasn't ideal. Naru was already out for a run by the time Kyouko got home. Her schoolbooks waiting on the table, homework already done, and her sketchbook tossed on top of that.

It's not so long into Kyouko's quiet cup of tea that the sound of a key in the lock provides a clue that someone's home. The fact that it's a quiet entry, with shoes unlaced and lined up neatly rather than kicked off, means it's likely to be Naru. She's still fussing with her phone, recording the workout and pulling out her earbuds as she emerges into the living room, her cheeks flushed.

At seeing Kyouko on the couch, there's a bright smile. "Hey love."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 18:10:46 84298
    Kyouko looks up from the nighttime view out over the city as Naru enters the room, her red eyes (such an unnatural color, yet managing to look natural in her face, though if one were to really pry they might learn that pre-wish they had been brown) focusing on the other girl. Although she had been feeling contemplative, perhaps even pensive, the bright smile from Naru brings one out on her face without much effort- a naturally sympathetic response. "Hey." She greets.

    "Kinda late for a run, isn't it?" The sun had been down for a while already- not that she was terribly worried. Tokyo is a safe city, by mundane standards, and Naru can protect herself better than most joggers. "There's hot water in the kettle.. I didn't make coffee, but the tea is fresh, so if you're willing to deviate the water should still be hot."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 18:14:21 84299
"Yeah, I almost didn't go." Naru confirms as she heads towards the kitchen in search of the hot water in question. Too late, realistically speaking, for coffee, but tea sounds good. After more water. "But I was restless after I finished my homework, and my brain went for creepy on today's drawing prompt, so I figured a run would knock out some of the weird."

There's the sound of water, for the initial thirst quench, and then a peek into the kettle to see how much hot water is left to get tea. "How was work?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 18:21:11 84300
    Kyouko stays where she is on the couch, listening to the sounds of Naru puttering about in the kitchen- soothing sounds. Funny how something so simple and mundane can come to mean so much to a person used to being alone. Just the ambient sounds of somebody else, somebody you are comfortable with, doing simple things in your vicinity is as good a balm for the nerves as can be imagined.

    "Fine." The typical answer, along with a shrug which is unobserved. "Nothing crazy, anyway. I think Tachibana-san is getting a little senile.. she reminded me three times about the same shipment of ice cream we have coming in tomorrow, but other than that, just the usual sort of busy."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 18:23:42 84301
Water AND tea and a plate with a pb&j sandwich on top of the tea mug is balanced as Naru emerges back out into the living room, setting things down before flopping onto the couch next to Kyouko.

"You should totally bring some of that ice cream home with you tomorrow." Naru points out with a grin. "Perhaps she just really wants ice cream?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 18:26:29 84302
    "Ice cream, check." Kyouko says, smiling as Naru emerges and settles down beside her on the couch (well, flops, settles.. take your pick). After a moment she shifts, curling her legs up and pushing her bare feet against Naru's leg- wanting contact, but realizing that snuggling would interfere with Naru's tea-drinking and sandwich-eating. Kyouko respects food too much for that. So she settles for resting her feet against Naru's leg as she leans back into the arm of the chair and sips her own tea.

    A few moments pass in relative silence, perhaps with just a few more innocuous comments about the day's happenings. Then Kyouko tilts her head slightly as she looks sideways as Naru. "So.. gunk in your head, huh?"
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 18:31:17 84303
There's some quiet time, curling up together, as Naru gets a snack into herself. When it's back to just tea, water and sandwich gone, the leaning can be a little more pronounced, the contact welcome.

"Gunk in my head." Naru confirms quietly, with a little nod and a wrinkle of her nose. "Different yet again than any other time my head's been messed up. I'm never sure if that's good or bad."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 18:36:00 84304
    Kyouko leans more pronouncedly, when it's safe to do so, settling in against Naru in a way which has become familiar and comfortable over the past year. She considers the other girl's words.. then says, "Should I have noticed?" A moment pause, then, "I really don't mean to make this about me, sorry, I just.. well. I keep thinking that if something was seriously wrong with you, shouldn't I be the first one to notice?"

    "I mean.. I knew you were being a little withdrawn.. like you were feeling a bit antisocial and stuff but.. sometimes I feel that way, too. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to seem like I was pestering or trying to be too.." She searches for the right word, face twisting a little with the effort, "Controlly? Or maybe not that but.. meddly. Like.. you're allowed to be a little antisocial if you want to. I didn't want to make a big deal out of nothing. But now I'm afraid sometime I might miss something really important."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 18:42:53 84305
"I don't ... I don't think so." Naru shakes her head a little, settling it against Kyouko's in that familiar and relaxed and cosy way that makes difficult conversations somehow easier. "I don't know." She admits. "It didn't /feel/ unreasonably weird."

There's a sip of tea before Naru continues, her voice quiet, thoughtful. "I /do/ get quiet and a little withdrawn and that's just my head being my head, and it feels weird calling it being depressed, but its probably what it is, and that's just part of me, and yeah.. not overmuch to make a big deal of. Its when I realized that a social event I should have enjoyed was just /hard/.. that's when it kinda felt like okay, this isn't just going away on its own." She turns her head to kiss Kyouko's temple lightly. "I honestly thought I was being stupid in talking to Endy and not just going to my doctor to discuss mental health."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 18:47:23 84306
    "I wish you had talked to me about it." Kyouko says, after the temple-kiss.. and then quickly adds, "Sorry.. that's probably a selfish thing to do. I mean.. Mamoru was the right choice. He has the skills to help with the problem you had, and I don't. Just.." SHe shifts a little bit, putting her tea down so that she can slide an arm around Naru's waist and squeeze her a little bit. "I don't like not knowing what's going on with you. We're together all the time, so you'd think that we'd be in tune with stuff like this but clearly we aren't. But at the same time, I don't want to be overbearing, you know?"

    She sighs faintly. "Still. I'm glad that you got help, and that it's better now. At the end of the day, that's the most important thing for me as well as you." Another squeeze with her arm. "Just know that I'm here and I wanna help, even if I actually can't." A soft laugh. "I'm not the type to get depressed, but I have other sorts of problems, and I'll be counting on you to give me a good whack if they ever start to crop up, too, y'know."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 18:51:46 84307
"I'm sorry. I should have." Naru admits as she sets her tea down and wraps her arms around Kyouko. "I was barely willing to talk to myself about it either. I texted Mamoru in a momentary burst of frustration, and then couldnt weasel my way back out of it once he knew something was up. Which he'd already figured something was up when I was not coping at the cafe opening." She nudges Kyouko gently. "We're together all the time, but we also give each other space, and I like that about us. It just means both of us, currently me, needs to remember to use words. Which I failed on this time."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 18:55:17 84308
    Kyouko gives a little laugh. "Which is funny, because usually you're a lot better at that than I am. Words ain't my strong suit." She smiles though.. reassured, at the very least, that she hasn't been overly negligent. "It's not like I'm a pro at this whole relationship thing, y'know." She adds, her tone defensive but playfully so. "Still kinda figuring it out as we go. But yeah.. Mamoru isn't the type to let something like that go once he has an inkling of it. Which is one of his good traits."

    A moment of silence, and then she nods. "Space. But not too much. I've had too much space in my life. I need people close to me to stop me from doing dumb things. So I'm glad you're here." A firmer squeeze. "With or without head gunk.. but preferably without, please."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 19:18:22 84309
"I am clearly not better at it, when there's magical gunk in my head." Naru steals another kiss before reclaiming her tea. Willing to live on the edge of holding tea /and/ snuggling with her girlfriend. "Hey, we're both amateurs at the relationship thing. I'm not any more experienced than you are."

"Not too much space." Naru agrees after a moment. "And preferably without. Although as we don't know where I /got/ it from, we're not sure if its going to come back either. We think we got it all out, at least. I couldn't see it, it just looked like part of my own psyche to me."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 19:22:19 84310
    "You're better at faking it, though." Kyouko points out, with a slight lopsided smile. "Probably because you actually grew up with at least one loving relative in attendance. Not the same thing, but at least it's a place to start from." Her own tea is reclaimed as well. If Naru can be that daring, so can she!

    Kyouko nods to the information about the gunk. "Yeah.. that's kind of worrying. I mean.. we're all at risk from that sort of thing, given the type of life we choose to lead, but it worries me if it targetted you specifically. Although I guess there's no way to know whether that's true, or if it was just random happenstance."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 19:33:42 84311
"I was /so/ jealous of Usagi's super close family when I was little. My mom loves me lots, but she wasn't around a lot when I was small, out of pure necessity. So I spent a lot of time at Usagi's, and I was petulant about it for a while, but I've got a better persepctive on it now." Naru sips from her tea and mmms softly.

"Could just be the magical equivilant of I got unlucky enough to have picked up something in a fight, like sometimes you pick up .. okay we tend not to.. but normal people pick up colds and flus in the subway. Or could be specifically targeting me." Naru shakes her head a little. "Can't say. Really can't say in a one off. If it comes back, we worry more?" She mmms softly. "I'm a little weirded out by it, but for all we know, it could be something that I got before I got my own magic that was just dormant too."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 19:38:00 84312
    "I don't know if I could deal with super-close." Kyouko says, a bit wryly. "Maybe it woulda been different if I had had that, but, as I am now.. I'm good with 'moderately close'. Still, at least you know what good relationships look like."

    She nods her head then. "Yeah. No sense worrying about it right now, I suppose. If it comes back.. then we worry. And try to figure out a source." She squeezes Naru again when the other girl says she's weirded out by it. "There's a lotta stuff in the world that just sorta happens." She says, trying to be soothing. "The important thing is it got taken care of before it got too serious."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 19:46:56 84313
"I'd probably go nuts at this point with super close." Naru admits with a smiliarly wry smile. "I'm spoiled by having so much independance."

Naru nods at the strangely soothing notion. "Weirded out, but not freaked out, if that distinction helps. Weirded out, cause hey.. evil magic gunk in one's head is super not cool, but yeah. We doused it.. Endy peeled it off, and I lit it on fire.. metaphorically speaking. Working inside someone's head is almost as weird as working in dreams. It should be all good now."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 19:49:02 84314
    "It's never all good." Kyouko says, with well-meaning fatalism. "But that's life. As long as it isn't more bad than usual." She chuckles, finishing the last of her tea before leaning forward to put the empty cup on the table, then leaning back against Naru again. "I suppose if this sort of thing is the worst thing we have to deal with, we're doing alright, by our standards."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-03 19:56:16 84315
"It's sometimes /all/ good." Naru protests lightly as she sips her tea and leans into the snuggle. "You just have to pick a very specific time and location to define 'all' for. Like /right this second/." Naru points out. "Comfy couch, amazing girlfriend, post a good run, with a cup of tea.." She gestures vaguely. "It's all good."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-03 19:58:58 84316
    Kyouko laughs at that, and though it might be a bit of a dry laugh, at least its genuine. "I suppose you're right.. its all about how you define it. Right now? I don't have any complaints." She murmurs, leaning her head sideways against Naru again and looking out over the nighttime city from the high vantage point of the apartment.