Just A Normal Checkup, Yes.

Lacrima takes Eilam to her lab in UMBRA to do a quick study to figure out a few things about his 'live forever' affliction.

Date: 2017-10-04
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Lacrima 2017-10-04 07:32:35 84327
Lacrima has somehow managed to convince Eilam to come to her lab. She's promised privacy and she's promised tact. And he's getting just that! By taking him!...

To a fast food joint? Yes. It starts out like that and Lacrima walks Eilam down the bathroom aisle. Around a corner towards an 'Employee's Only' door at the end that would either lead to a back room or a closet. There's a momentary flash when she touches the doorknob and Lacrima opens it...

Into a neat and weird looking complex hallway that she ushers Eilam through before closing the door. There are windows. Mitakihara is out there! But it's upside down? Where is this?

"This is where I work. There's various doorways all over the city. But that's standard Eclipse procedure." she says.

"And we're not the only ones that use them nor do they all connect to the same place. Where somewhere 'sideways' and 'far between' right now. Not quite the city. But close enough." she says.

She mutters. "Riventon-sama isn't here right now. Or if he is, he's probably sleeping in his office again." she says.

She walks to a door and eyes and swipes her passcard and she walks, in taking Eilam with her. She's holding his hand, IF he lets her.

Lacrima's Lab Room appears to have a few benches with some sort of weird crystalline structures being worked on, some sort of lab terminal with a chair in front of it, a few tubes with various Dusk Zone flora and fauna contained within. One appears to be some sort of floating rocky growth with weird flowers growing out of it. The flowers seem to twitch and freak out when the light comes on for a second. Another contains a mass of what appears to be worms. The other contains Mister Squiggles, a currently tiny little ball of tentacles with a giant eyeball as the base body. It begins jumping up and down when Lacrima enters like a happy puppy. She gives it a little wave. Yup!

"Um..." she begins clearing one of the benches, moving projects to another bench.

"I don't spend nearly as much time here as Riventon-sama does in his lab." she says.

"But it's a little messy. S-sorry." she mutters.

"None of this will hurt. And if you feel uncomfortable at any point during this. Just say so." she offers. "Um, if any of the. Specimens are making you uncomfortable I can turn on the tube blinds too." she offers. "Or retract them into their floor containment vaults."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-04 07:48:35 84328
    Honestly, the entire situation did leave Eilam uncomfortable. But he was trying to take more chances, trying to be hopeful. Wanting to trust Lacrima even if half of him was screaming to hide. Even as things started to become rather strange with the door looking magical or sideways landscapes and just... he was quiet, following along and not really saying much. He could be seen clenching that stave he had with him a bit tighter, though. Some nervous habit, perhaps.

    Once inside, though, his attention starts to wander and this might be one of the few times Lacrima had ever seen him uncomfortable. But not really at any one thing in particular. Overall, Eilam just didn't feel like any of it was real, even if he nodded at Lacrima when she complained about the mess. Once a bench was clear, Eilam moved to and took a seat upon it. "I am still trying to cope with magic being real, even after all this long, and just... this. I have had enough problems in the past with /humans/ recording and experimenting on me. Without magic. While I trust you, knowing nothing of magic or how to protect myself from it, it brings me back hundreds of years to before I had ways to try and keep myself safe."

    And with that, he fell quiet, looking towards the monster in the tube that was bouncing up and down. "..."
    Yeah, he had nothing.
Lacrima 2017-10-04 08:20:56 84329
Lacrima eyes Eilam. "I may have. Something to help with that 'coping' feeling." she says softly. "And your mood in general. Soon. I don't have it yet, but soon. I'll come home with it." she says. By home she means 'Eilam's place' right now. She eyes Eilam and looks to Mister Squiggles. "That's Mister Squiggles. I raised from a tiny thing. I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm 'Mom'." she says. "Which is fine. He's adorable. But he's also an energy drainer. So it isn't safe for me to bring him out to interact with you." she says.

She takes the terminal and moves it over next to Eilam. She purses her lips and sits down at the stool it dragged with it and turns toward's the screen and bites her lip. tapptappity tap tap. She tugs a baton of sorts from a holder on the device as she turns some dials on it. "This is just a scanner. Ever watched um. Star Trek? It's basically like a tricorder." she says.

She sighs and waves it in front of Eilam a few times, from top, to bottom. "Just getting a base reading. You shouldn't feel anything during this. If you do let me know. That's not supposed to happen." she offers.

Indeed, she's just getting a basic scan. Not looking for anything particular right now. That comes next.

"I'm sorry you're having a hard time coping." she says a little more softly. "I wish I could help you directly." she says quietly. "But as I said. Maybe I can provide something soon."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-04 08:36:16 84330

    Right. Squiggles. Because you give a name to a creature from another horror dimension the name of a stuffed octopus. Part of Eilam wanted to get angry, to complain or moan about how this cannot be real. But in the end, it just made him feel ignorant. How could he have been alive so long and just never known. "Should I continue to hate myself for having stuck my head in the sand so long I might have missed out on hundreds of years of magic... and possibly a solution to my problems?"

    Eilam did not at all resist whatever she was doing. If anything, everything about him seemed... normal, by all accounts. There was the faintest trace of something about him seemingly trailing off in one direction. Barely anything at all, a wisp of magic like a single hair - a connection between him and something. Though it was very easily missed as it wasn't even doing anything at the moment.
Lacrima 2017-10-04 09:00:48 84331
Lacrima frowns. "Not really. Tokyo is just a hotbed. Magic is more rarer other places. Not absent. But it's harder." she says softly. "-and even if you knew anyone like me before- it's not always sure they're efforts were benign. Lots of people seek 'immortality' without the disadvantages being a dark energy creature is." she says.

She's moving the device up and down and--- hrm. "There's something trailing off." she says. She tries to follow this trail if she can as far as the room will let her. She'll take note of it's bearing and direction, and continue on. "It isn't active." she says.

"So I'll note it." she says.

She turns a dial on the device and she's trying to get an idea how old Eilam's aura might be. She imagines 'very', but his regenerative facet might make it ready '1 day' for all she knows as she purses her lips.

"I've only been as I am for two years." she says. "I've been thinking about my early days as this thing I am due to another person who has become something like I am and how he's handling it poorly." she says.

"Of course the difference being, he was a jerk to begin with before he became a vampire jerk." she rolls her eyes.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-04 09:17:03 84332
    The trail away from him just seemed like a bit of something, from him, was trying to travel somewhere. Just were it was trying to go was hard to say, but the direction was present. "So you are telling me... I am lucky? I have what others want, I just... got it at a poor time in my life?" Honestly he'd never once considered himself lucky. Cursed, actually, but never lucky. The idea of something trailing off, by this point, didn't even surprise him.

    "Watch it be another damned one of those card things."

    He still hadn't gotten over the last one. Honestly it didn't do too much, but at the time it seemed like a lot for him. Eilam did take a moment to look at Lacrima idly as she worked, waiting until she was distracted to lean in and kiss her cheek lightly. "Hopefully it is not like vampire stories where those you... create are somehow attached to you forever? If they are a jerk, then... it is something to consider." Any readings the device got might seem strange. Eilam himself seemed to be in a form of statis, age-wise. Like, he, himself, everything about him seemed still. But there was traces of things about him much older. Bits that were fifty, traces that were a hundred, even more sparsely two, three... nearly five hundred at the oldest bits that were lingering somehow. Maybe any lingering bits from so long ago were still there, but getting less and less. Everything did have some kind of functional halflife after all. In theory.
Lacrima 2017-10-04 09:37:59 84333
Lacrima shakes her head. "Impossible. They were only sealed until very recent history." she says. "Can't be those cards." she says. She shakes her head more. "He isn't my fault. He's someone else's problem if that's the case.

She hrmmmms. "That's intresting. No one bit of you or your aura is the same age. Or reading as such. Some only seem a few hours old while others are good hundreds." she says softly.

She shakes her head. "I'm not calling you 'lucky' persay, but the current most 'easiest' form of gaining immortality means infusing yourself with dark energy- or some other powerful being do so to you. Dark energy has advantages. No entropy. You will live a lot longer. You will gain abilities and powers that normal humans don't have. But it changes you on a fundamental level. You are not the same person you were. Your world view becomes corrupted. You become reliant on draining energy for some reason or another. It will mutate you physically in some manner. You become effectively inhuman." she says.

"But you're still human. I think." she says as she runs the scanner to confirm that for one.

She picks up another baton and changes the setting to a higher setting. The machine whines a moment as if it were charging like a flashbulb, but no such effect happens. She sighs.

"I'm going to see if I can't determine a potential origin source of this." she says.

The batons both glow a little. She's trying to determine the weave of what's around Eilam. Is it bestial and uneven? Crafted painstakingly? Something shoddy looking? Overall, trying to determine if some creature did this, or some intelligent being perhaps.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-09 02:25:55 84608
    "I better be human or I am going to say some very un-ladylike things." Though his phrasing was certainly meant to be a bit joking, it was easily seen he wasn't happy with the prospect of the 'I think'.

    It was most certainly not natural. He was not a product of drinking a natural fountain of youth or something. It was very much put into place by something. Someone. Less the work of someone's life work though, even if it was done by the hand of something that knew what it was doing.

    "As for parts of me being... older or... younger, supposedly humans recycle every cell in their body within a seven year period, though your device may somehow be able to detect and roll with such. Me... I know from too many attempts to end my existence in the past that I am stuck."

    Eilam took his stave and pressed a button, unscrewing part of it to pull out the sword that was contained within. "My body continues to 'live' so to speak forever, but it also continues to die forever." He pulled up a piece of his hair and cut off an inch or so of the strand. "As you can see, it does not grow back. The hair is a byproduct of my living, of the hair cells growing. Or something like that. However..." he shifted it and used the edge to run along the back of his hand, wincing as he drew blood. Lacrima would be able to see it begin to bleed, as if cut by a razor, though magic began to be idly pulled in to 'heal' him from the surrounding area passively. And after a moment or two, the bleeding stopped and his skin was back to normal, even if the blood remained. Cleaned up, as well, once he set the sword on his lap and took a napkin from his pocket to wipe it away and show the result. "So I assume what you are seeing... new and old, is parts of me that have been... damaged and healed, compared to parts that have not." Which should give her an image all too well just how much he has been hurt over his lifetime, showing how much of him was 'newer' compared to older. In fact, there was almost nothing left that was truly the oldest parts.
Lacrima 2017-10-09 03:06:05 84609
Lacrima frowns. "It's ironic isn't it? People strive for immortality and the ones that actually have it want to end their own existence." she says. "I haven't tried to-- do as such to myself. Mind you. But I have seen what does and doesn't affect me. Some of those would had been dangerous." she asides.

She then purses her lips, perhaps wryly. "Then perhaps it's good you aren't a lady." she asides.

She nods a bit and taps her foot. "Mmmph." she says softly as she keeps the batons held as she observes. Then sighs and puts the batons down back into the device and turns it off as she rolls the terminal back to it's proper place and she plugs it back into it's magical power source!---- your standard plug outlet. What. Not everything is super magical here. Despite the specimen tubes. She walks back and slides up onto the bench next to Eilam. "So you have something trailing off you somewhere. I dunno where that goes or where it leads to. I could follow it. But it may get too weak to follow on it's own. Or could just lead to nothing." she says. "For all we know. It's some physic trail to a key you dropped years back or some garbage." she snorts.

"But unlikey." she says softly.

"Parts of you are old yes, but some are newer and that makes sense." she says. "But it also means your body regenerates as needed, probably. Which is good." she asides.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-09 03:13:16 84610
    Something from him trailing away? Eilam was quiet as she sat down and talked before asking, "How hard is it to magically travel to different points in the world? I know you have your thing with just... going where you want. How does that pertain to others, if at all?"

    What was he thinking? Hard to say, but it was enough to ask a question of that sort.
Lacrima 2017-10-09 03:25:05 84611
Lacrima raises a brow. "You mean a dusk step. Is 'what I do'. It's limited. I can maybe reach a neighboring city. But any further and there's the possibility I end up somewhere I don't want to be. End up lost or trapped for a bit, or maybe even end up on a different world." she says. "I've seen. Others go vaster distances. Or inferred they've gone to another world before. But There's things like emotional connections and anchorings to consider." she says.

"Magical travel is difficult for fast travel. There's no real options open to me for that." she says. "Or easily accessible for me." she says.

"I've been pondering a trip to Spain eventually." she asides lowly as she folds her arms against her chest lightly as she looks down.

"Why, do you think it's connected to something far away?" she asks.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-09 03:40:05 84612
    Eilam shakes his head at the notion. "I do not know. I try not to... think anything when it comes to this. For so long, after the 40's, I just stopped trying. I just wanted to hide away even more and never deal with anything again other than what I want." Cleaning the sword off as well, Eilam put it back in the stave and sat it aside. "I was thinking, this... thing trailing off, if you could measure it somehow, from where I am, and on a map of the world, just draw a straight line. If I could go elsewhere in the world, and repeat it, if they match up somehow... and can repeat that a few times, might there be something there?"

    "Or is that not how it works?"

    He really didn't know, but it was a thought, certainly. "But now I worry... if you somehow do find this out, of I find out... what all of this is, about me, how will it change me? Will i want to try and die again? Will I want to stay how I am now?" To be fair he really didn't know what he wanted out of this or if he even wanted it. But, that was a common theme lately.
Lacrima 2017-10-09 04:11:19 84613
Lacrima purses her lips. "That might work. But it'd be timely." she says. "And there's no telling if it /is/ a straight line." she says. "For all I know it could get one hundred feet from you then take a hard ninety degree angle." she says softly.

"I can try to follow it." she says. "It won't be pleasant for me to do that but I will." she says.

She sighs a bit. "Even if we find it out..." she says quietly. "There's probably nothing we can do about it." she says as she gently lets herself list into leaning against Eilam. She sighs a bit. "If it was easily broken, you'd know by now. Magic has things like it's own limit. I mean." she says. "The whole reason I'm cursed right now is because the seal on a power waned and broke." she says curtly. "And you're not unraveling at the seams after much longer." she asides.

"But not all magic is the same either." she says softly. She purses her lips and seems to search her thoughts. "You don't remember much about .... way way way back. Do you?" she asks.

"Nrg. Probably not." she mutters.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-09 04:20:46 84614
    "If it will not be pleasant, it is okay. I will never ask you to do anything unpleasant for you for me. It was just an idea." And with that said, Eilam leaned over and kissed the girls cheek gently, hugging her and taking a moment to try and show he appreciated her trying even just so far. "I mean... I do not believe anything is truly 'pleasant' for you given your emotional range with your curse or whatever you would call it, but if you ever want to offset any ... unpleasantness, I can always feed you cookies and kisses."

    His tone largely seemed teasing, but that wasn't too unusual for him. "I could even book us a private trip to another country for an evening or two as a date, if you like? Maybe both Spain, and somewhere else? I could... try and think about what I do remember, where... take you there. I cannot promise anything, but it is up to you."
Lacrima 2017-10-09 04:45:35 84615
Lacrima frowns. "It's more following it through walls and items and objects requires going down a step in form and I don't like being a mass of black whatever." she asides. Then there is a kiss and this helps a lot. She doesn't mind that at all. Nope. "Cookies and kisses are always welcome." she says perhaps just a bit coyly.

"As much as I want to go to Spain, I don't think going on a private date would be best. I'd want a few people coming because I'm not sure what's there. Or is drawing me there. Or if it's good or bad for me." she says.

"At least to the specific part I want to visit." she asides.

She purses her lips. "I can at least tell you what this is , is of a magical nature." she asides. "But it's also not related to anything I've seen before." she asides. "But now I have a baseline that maybe I can attune some sort of detector too. Maybe this has touched others. Or maybe I might run into the source here in Tokyo. Afterall. Magic seems drawn here." she offers.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-09 05:20:27 84616
    "Well, instead of Spain, or another country, I take you to a ballet instead? There is an upcoming event in Australia. Otherwise, I could leave it up to you to choose. Just thought you might be able to enjoy it regardless. I have been wanting to spend more time with you as it is. Surely you have been as well? Unless you have a better idea. You may very well, please do share though." Eilam loosely hugs about her side as he sat there, planting another kiss on her cheek before finding himself looking at other things here.

    "Is there anything you have... wanted to share with me, that you have not yet, because of my rejection or concerns of things? Now could be as good a time as any."
Lacrima 2017-10-09 05:37:35 84617
Lacrima shakes her head. "Australia sounds fine. And we can do that in an evening too technically. Australia isn't very far away." she says. "Just south and that's it." she says. She blinks and looks around. "Anything to share? No. Not really. Eilam-kun." she says softly.

"I'm... comfortable. Around you." she says. "I can't say that for a lot of people." she says. "If there was anything I had to say. I think I'd say it." she says softly. "-and the one objection I did have well. We just took care of. Mainly getting some study on you to help figure things out. Even if we learned not very much." she admits softly. "We did learn some things." she says softly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-09 05:50:18 84618
    "In that case, I am... I am yours to test as ou like until you are satisfied. If you wanted to learn, then... go ahead."

    He ws trying. At least that was some improvement compared to normal.