Fighting Styles

Chris Yukine joins Naru and Kyouko at the gym.

Date: 2017-10-05
Pose Count: 26
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 17:29:27 84507
    Upon their first encounter, after chatting a bit, Kyouko had given Chris the address of the gym at which she frequently trains and invited her to stop by sometime if she wanted a workout. In addition to Kyouko, there are frequently other people involved- most frequently Makoto, although for whatever reason she isn't here at the moment. The gym itself is a rather pedestrian affair in a shopping plaza in downtown Tokyo. Kyouko and company rent out a training room at the back- a simple square room with pads on the floor and the walls.

    This is where Kyouko is at the moment. Dressed in her workout getup, which consists of a pair of bicycle-like workout shorts and a tanktop over a sports bra, she is barefoot though has cloth wrapped around both her hands and feet. She is currently engaged in performing a series of complicated punches and kicks at the air- limbering herself up. A backpack rests against the wall with a change of clothes, towels and water bottle.
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 18:02:22 84508
It wasn't Chris's first rodeo at a gym, which made the successive preparations relatively easier on herself. Integrating herself into the landscape of the city was crucial to her (and encouraged by a few people, even), annd this was a relatively benign way to start the process. Technology worked its benign magic, bringing the woman over to and inside the gym, a backpack slung back with a water bottle, a change of clothes, and two empty airsoft guns jangling about inside.

A quick check of the map had her approaching the back of the building, blending in with the other gymgoers with a set of shorts and a tight tanktop, accompanied by a loose flowing jacket for the weather outside. Peeking into the training room, a quick knock of the door and a wave showcased her entrace as she stepped inside. "Yo. Not late, am I?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 18:11:00 84509
    Kyouko pauses in her solo excercise when she hears the knock and then the door opening. Bounding lightly on her toes, she turns, tilting her head slightly as she regards the young woman entering the excercise room, before she seems to remember their previous meeting. "Oh! Hey, what's up?" She greets, flashing a fangy lopsided smile.

    Walking over to the side of the mats, she grabs her clear red water bottle from alongside her backpack and takes a swig, while simultaneously shaking her head, pushing a few strands of red hair out of her eyes. "Oh, no, no need to worry about anything like that. S'not so formal a thing. People come and go, so don't worry about it. I only been here a few minutes myself.. just warming up."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 18:15:27 84510
Clearly not so very formal that there isn't the sound of the door opening only bare moments after Chris has arrived and yet another wandering in. By the ease and comfort that Naru invades the rented space, she is clearly not a stranger to turning up to the gym, even if she's not the most frequent of visitors.

Naru drops her bag just inside the door, already in running gear. A wave for Kyouko and Naru's attention settles on Chris. "Hi."
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 18:19:46 84511
"Heh, that's good. I don't have anthing else for tonight, so..." With a minor grunt, Chris set down the backpack with a slight 'plop', unzipping it and pulling out a long wrap of cloth. Scissors equppied, she set about wrapping her palms and soles in the stretchy fabric, opening and closing her fists to make sure everything was in order. "So let's go as hard as we can."

The entrance of another forced out a similar wave and nod as she pulled out an airsoft pistol, pulling out the magazine to add a few weights into the cartridge slot. "Yo." The exact same greeting, focused on getting those weights juuust right. Loading the weights back into the gun, she stuffed it back inside beofre zippingup the backpack, standing up with a stretch. "Ngah...This gets me out of watching a movie, too..."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 18:23:52 84512
    "Naru!" Kyouko beams a smile towards the new entrant, returning the wave. She gestures between the room's other two occupants. "Naru, this is Chris. I met her recently and she's new to the city. She seemed okay and mentioned being into martial arts so I told her she should come by sometime when we're here training. Chris, this is Naru."

    Her eyes then follow Chris' actions, watching with some curiosity at the production of a pistol (airsoft notwithstanding) and the addition of weights. "Two questions," She directs towards the new girl. "What's wrong with watching a movie, and what's with the gun?" She doesn't seem particularly worried about said gun, more curious. "We generally don't train with weapons here." The bill for damages would be too high.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 18:27:31 84513
"Hey hon." Naru grins at Kyouko and stays largely out of the way of the other two. "Nice ot meet you Chris. Don't mind me, I'm just trying to get warmed up for a run later."

Naru settles to stretching as she listens for the answers to Kyouko's questions. Clearly they are of interest to her as well.
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 18:32:14 84514
"Ah, the gun? It's for training, that's about it...A-Actually, it relates to the movie part as well! My guardian thinks it's worthwhile to show old fighting movies as a way to train..." The fact that it worked was what was most amazing about it, considering that that was the reason why she bought those airsoft pistols in the first place. "It's unloaded, unstocked, trigger removed, so they're just weights at the moment." A few experimental punches swung through the air, testing the clothes and the cloths before nodding.

"Yeah, a pleasure..." Her voice was quieter towards Naru, nodding in agreement with her statement. "I won't use the guns now, don't worry. Need to get myself warmed up first!"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 18:37:23 84515
    "Oh, does your fighting style involve guns?" Kyouko asks, way-too-casually for someone who just fights as a hobby, without seeming to realize it. She's fought Homura and Mami- somebody who fights with guns is not an alien concept to her. "If they're just weights, that's alright, although you could also get some regular weights." She jerks her head towards a rack containing just that off to one side of the room. She shrugs though. "If that's your thing though, go for it." She doesn't comment on how hard it is to get guns, even airsoft guns, in Japan. It probably doesn't occur to her- she doesn't live in an ordinary world where such things are weird.

    "I ain't worried." Kyouko grins, then as Chris begins to warm herself up some, she turns to Naru. "Oh yeah, you're racing Kukai later?" She asks, confirming what she already knows. "You'll kick his ass, I know it. You need any help stretching?"
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 18:46:41 84516
Naru is thoughtful a moment as she bends her arm up over her head to work on her shoulders. "I don't think I've ever been shot, come to think of it." Testiment, entirely, to the challenge of getting guns in Japan.

"I am unlikely to kick his ass." Naru points out pragmatically to Kyouko. "As much as my ego would be happy to claim that. I hope not to embarass myself, which I am pretty confident I will not do. My half marathon times are pretty solid, and I'm rather looking forward to it, honestly."
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 18:55:45 84517
"Worst comes to worst, neither of you are ever gonna see it." Her mind absentmindedly wandered to the necklace hanging around her neck, the bright red jewel glistening in the ambient light as she kept stretching. A few leg stretches, a few finger and limb stretches, nothing too straining just yet. "The gun weights are important. Trust me, they have a different feel. It's like...Like...Grabbing a baseball bat and a softball bat. That kind!"

"And whomever you're running against, kick their ass. And if you can't, give 'em hell."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 19:04:36 84518
    "If you say so," Kyouko says to Chris with a shrug, not disbelieving as much as simply admitting she doesn't have the experience to be able to refute. "You do you.. these trainin' sessions aren't about styles or rules. Just about keeping in shape and on your toes, know what I mean?" She jabs a few punches at the air as if to demonstrate, then glances back to Naru.

    "Just some dude we know. Naru feels the constant need to prove that she's tougher than all of us by running like 900 miles uphill in the snow." She grins affectionately at Naru.. before adding, "Please do not plan on getting shot just to add it to your repitiore. That list is long enough already. I'm glad you're looking forward to the race though. I'll bring you something high-protein for a snack later."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 19:14:39 84519
"I can appreciate that they'd feel completely differently, if that's what you're aiming to improve with." Naru nods in agreement on the guns vs dumbbells as weights idea. She quirks a rueful little smile. "Friend of ours is REALLY competative and there may have been some good natured trash talk over fries yesterday. I got to choose the distance, but he's basically an athletic prodigy and I'm not. So while I may have implied that he can't keep up with me.." She has the good sense to grin. "Okay, I may have /said/ it.. I'm not sure it's /true/. But either way, I'll make him work for it. Distance running is my idea of fun, and we're doing a half marathon."

It's a very mature response from Naru to Kyouko, as the former sticks her tongue out at the later. "The mountain run was short. And the Mt Fuji run is only 21km, and I don't meet the age requirements." There's a pause in Naru's stretching. "I'm not sure there's any snow either. Probably at the top."
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 19:22:35 84520
"Uwah, only 21 kilometers? Only?" Running such a distance was certainly admirable for her, shrugging itoff as she cracked a smile right back at Naru. No harm done. "See? It oes feel completely different. It's not what I'm used to, but it's the closest thing I can use short of actually using them...And I'm not using them."

"But still. Beat him. Make him work for that win." She began her own practice, tossing out a few kicks and punches to accustom herself to the layout of the room. Where to start, where to stop, how to limber herself up.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 19:32:05 84521
    "Please, no real guns during training." Kyouko says somewhat dryly to Chris. "I do not want to be banned from the gym, I like it here and it's convinient to our apartment." She says this in a way which includes Naru, implying without stating that the two live together. "But the weights are cool, yeah."

    She watches Chris' warmup, judging the other girl's form from her punches and kicks. Not that Kyouko is much for 'form' herself- she's completely self-taught, not ascribing to any prticular discipline but her own. But you can get a feel for someone's level of competence by the way they move, even if you don't use the same fighting style.

    To Naru, she rolls her eyes. "Yes dear. Just a few more years, and then you can make your heart explode running up a mountain to your.. well, not your heart's content, if it's exploding. But. You know what I mean." A grin.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 19:36:01 84522
"Just 21 km, exactly!" Naru grins. "Granted, they happen to be basically straight up, and with a super strict time requirement, but I suspect that I can totally get Kazuo to run that one with me." She looks to Kyouko. "He's already turned down doing an Ironman with me, apparently he doesn't like drowning."

"As for Kukai? Yeah, I'm totally going to try and make him work for it at least." Naru agrees as she settles to getting her legs limbered up. "I've no /clue/ how his stamina is.. I know he's bloody fast, but can he be bloody fast for a whole half marathon? We will find out later."
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 19:43:35 84523
"There'd be much bigger problems if I had to pull out guns in here." Her limber form was slowly assuming a confidence born form experience, hands in an open-palmedmanner in an attempt to mimick the feeling of two pistols in her hands. Quick strikes, focused more on incapacitation and pistol followups rather than actually knocking out the invisible horde in her mind. It was clearly self-taught, even if thee general outline of her movements mimicked kung-fu movies of the past.

"..." The slight mention of 'dear' did pique her curiosity, though shyness and social critique put a damper to the question rising onto her lips. "So what about...Huu. What about the others? Is it just us?" Regardless of the exertions, her voice could be described as calm, even with a hint of panting creeping in.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 19:48:02 84524
    "Well, he does play sportsball of various sorts." Kyouko comments to Naru, "Which suggests at least some stamina. Gotta stay in for a whole game or whatever. But whether or not that's marathon stamina, I dunno. I think you have a good chance, honestly, but I might be biased." Another laugh.

    She glances back to Chris, quirking a brow at her trailing off, and then shrugging again at her question about 'others'. "Like I said, it's pretty informal. Mako-chan usually shows up, so I wouldn't be surprised if she peeks her head in later, and there's a couple other people.. a guy named Alex, for one, who show up pretty regularly but not every time. They're all good people though, no need to worry."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 19:50:47 84525
"You are completely biased." Naru informs Kyouko, which probably backs up the casual use of the 'dear' that came out earlier.

Naru isn't here for a hard workout, she's really just killing time waiting for a run later, and lazily warming up as she does. "I didn't realize that Alex stopped by, that's cool. I haven't seen him in ages." She watches Chris work on her movements. "I'm not usually a regular. I prefer to workout in the mornings."
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 19:56:00 84526
It didn't take smarts to catch the implication, finishing off her warmup workout with a roundhouse kick and a closed fist, panting with a confident smirk on her face. Keeping the pose for a moment, she relaxed a moment later to scoot on over to her backpack, pulling out both airsoft pistols and checking the weights once more. "Say, I have to ask. Are you know, together?" Her shyness dipped to a point worth asking that question, twirling the guns and adjusting the weights in the meantime. "Not that it's bad, it's just...curiosity. More than anything."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 20:00:45 84527
    Kyouko blinks towards Chris as the girl over-casually asks said question.. her own cheeks reddening just a little as she laughs it off. "Oh, um.. I guess I'm so used to being around people who know everybody that I never thought to- yeah. We are." She smiles again, glancing towards Naru with just a hint of shyness of her own, although by this point (the two having been dating for nearly a year) it's more residual than actual.

    "Sorry, I should have mentioned that when I introduced you guys, probably." A shrug of her shoulders as she puts her water down and moves back onto the mats. "Sometimes it still surprises me too, but I guess it was last New Year's that we started dating. Hard to beleive it's been that long. But don't worry.. we have strict rules about no mushy stuff during training." A grin.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 20:08:41 84528
Naru smiles at the question, no blush on her cheeks, or shyness. "Ten months, which is basically fairly awesome." She chuckles a little and there's just a hint of a smirk. "No mushy stuff when there's others around to embarass with it." She pauses and then adds. "Other than your sister, and the guys, but that's family and they have to put up with us."

"Are you seeing anyone, Chris?" Naru asks, just as casually.
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 20:15:14 84529
"M-Me? No, no one at all. I know, well, knew a pair that acted even mushier. One's been gone for a while now." A sigh slipped forth from her lips as she took a quick swig from her water bottle, standing up soon after. "It's no big deal." Granted, her circumstances pretty much accepted that part of people.

"But aside from that. Ten months? So it isn't just a casual get-together..." Trailing off from that sentence, she began another set of practice swings and kicks. Wide, sweeping keep-away motions with her legs along with close-quarter jabs and swings involving her elbows and the butt of her pistols, twirling and twisting herself for a clear followup shot. "And what other rules are there?" A clear voice, the same as usual.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-05 20:19:53 84531
    "I think we're pretty restrained when it comes to the mushy stuff." Kyouko says, with a faint smirk of her own. "At least compared to some people we know." A brief roll of her own eyes as she mentally pictures Usagi with.. almost anyone, whether she's dating them or not. Then an amused glance at Naru. "No.. not really a casual get-together." A faint, amused snort.

    Then she shrugs at the question about other rules. "Don't seriously try to hurt anybody, but don't go easy, either. Don't break anything. And-" She almost says 'no magic', but catches herself at the last moment. "And don't be a jerk." Well, that's just as important really. "That's about it. Like I said.. pretty informal."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-05 20:24:48 84532
"I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that based on the amount of my stuff at her place, the time we spend texting, and talking, and hanging out together.. it's pretty solid." Naru grins at her girlfriend and then glances to Chris and adds with a wink. "Besides, she can't get rid of me /that/ easily."

"No weird either." Naru adds on the heels of 'dont be a jerk'. "I mean, there's unexpected and that's cool, but weird is that half step further, and that's how people get hurt badly. Bruises are fine, urgent care visits are irritating." She is clearly staying out of it, keeping to the edge with her stretches and light warmup.
Chris Yukine 2017-10-05 20:34:23 84533
"...Haa. You two are probably as inseperable as they were." Finishing off with a kick thrust high in the air, she relaxed back into position. "There's no reason to be so formal about it. You know the limits, right? Then, it's fine~"

She cracked a smile at that last sentence, leaning against the wall for a small breather. "Besides...Hmm. Shouldn't rush into things."