Gimme Some Dance Moves Honey

Lacrima comes over to give Mamoru a binder of dance notation of the ballroom dances of Endymion's youth in the Golden Kingdom, taught to her in dream, and Mamoru gives her a jar of rose honey. They talk about a lot of things!

Date: 2017-10-05
Pose Count: 16
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-05 21:39:29 84534
The way the guys' schedules work is generally an incomprehensible mystery unless one uses differential calculus on the class lists posted on the fridge. It so happens that at the moment, Neil's passed out asleep an apartment over, Kunzite and Jadeite are at class, Zoisite's... somewhere, and Mamoru's watching Star Trek in the mosaic/mural living room while ostensibly writing an essay.


His tablet's on the coffee table in front of him -- with coffee next to it -- and the document opened on its screen is blank. His phone's on the other side of it, and a book with those little sticky book markers sticking out between a bunch of pages is next to that. And the projector, pointed at the roll-down screen at the far end of the room, has Amok Time running. Kirk and Spock are armed with lirpas and going at each other while the famous Star Trek Fight Music plays in the background, and the prince's eyes are a little glazed over.

The doors, however, are as open as they ever are.
Lacrima 2017-10-05 21:52:42 84535
Lacrima said she'd be over today and that wasn't a lie because here she is. Arriving-- well it doesn't matter if the main door is open because she just Dusk Zone steps out onto the balcony and peeks past the curtains. Okay. She hears some familiar music. She has never quite watched Star Trek. At least The Original Series, but everyone has heard that at least once.

'Da na naaah na na na naaa naaaah!'

She has the book binder in her arms. It's filled with lots of thick paper. She peeks at the TV. Then looks back to Mamoru.

"Those effects aren't a little believable. That's clearly craft paper." she says curtly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-05 21:59:21 84536
Mamoru tips his head back over the back of the couch and looks back at Lacrima. "It's pretty good for the sixties," he objects. On the screen, Spock smashes the weighted end of the lirpa into the gong, and the gong breaks like it's made of styrofoam. Mamoru glances back at it and points. "Besides, how else were they gonna show how freaking strong a Vulcan is when the Vulcan's played by a human?"

He lowers the volume on it -- who doesn't need Theodore Sturgeon's writing playing in the background at all times? -- and hauls himself to his feet, giving Lacrima a crooked smile. "By the way, hi. You want some tea or something? I'm pretty sure there's half of a cake left in the fridge, too. Only because not everyone's been home since this morning." His gaze flickers to the binder -- clearly, he's curious as hell to see what she's put together, but he's being a good host.
Lacrima 2017-10-05 22:25:22 84537
Lacrima eyes the kitchen. "Hello." she says. "I'm going to go get some of that cake before someone else inhales it then." she says curtly. If that's okay. I can go get it myself if that'd be easier." she says. She looks at the TV and grimaces. She can deal with it. Was William Shatner ever actually that handsome anyways? Maybe it's TV magic.

She slides the binder to the top of the couch. "There." she says. "It's all dance notation. And dance steps for the notation." she says. "I dunno if you know how to read it. Others will. I can at least." she says. "It's by hand. That's the best way to do notation. I had a bunch of papers all over my study floor. They're in there now. No footprints. On them." she asides.

"But I cheated and floated." she asides.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-05 22:42:23 84538
"Sure, go ahead! Just leave three pieces-- the two people who didn't get any yet and the one person who will kill me if she doesn't get another one," Mamoru tells Lacrima with a laugh, moving off to put water on for tea. There's already coffee made, but tea is important for all the reasons.

"I am super jealous of the floating," he admits, spooning tea into a ball and sticking it in the pot, then filling up the kettle. "I am also super annoyed that I still can't teleport without getting queasy and dissociated. Either way, though, I am really really looking forward to looking through it. I can't read dance notation yet. Kunzite probably can. Naru probably can."

Kettle on, Mamoru reaches into another cabinet and takes out a jar about the size of a sterno can and a half, stacked, with a label on it that has a date about a month ago. The liquid inside is viscous; faintly-pinkish golden honey. To Lacrima's senses, it feels like there's energy in it, contained and humming gently, like a much less powerful version of one of Ami's or Lacrima's emergency magic epi-pens. Mostly, though, it looks delicious. He holds it out to Lacrima.
Lacrima 2017-10-05 22:59:54 84539
Lacrima grabs a piece of cake. Which is as easy as a piece of cake. Because it is a piece of cake. It really isn't simpler than this. She eyes Mamoru and blinks. "You get sick when you teleport? It's probably something motion sickness associated then." she says. "I've never gotten sick floating or flying or dusk stepping. It's a different feeling. Yes. But I've never gotten sick." she says.

She places the cake on the table and takes the honey into hand. She can feel that energy. Yes. She eyes it's color. "Thank you." she says quietly. "This may help me. But it's going to help... someone else too." she says. "Eilam-kun is having trouble coping with. Magic. As stupid as it sounds." she says. "But he thought he was unique for. Well parts of him are hundreds of years old." she says. "But others are only a few days old. So for those many years he never ran into--- someone like me or you or anything actually 'magical' besides himself. I'm hoping this will help him cope in some way. Tea is something he drinks a lot of. And I know he likes honey in his tea." a pause.

"I mean. Unless you don't. Want me sharing it like that." she says. "But. Figured. I'd let you know. Before I go doing that. I don't think you'd give me something dangerous like that."

She places the honey back down before she takes a bite of cake. It's good cake!
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-05 23:59:17 84541
"It's-- it's partially vertigo, yeah, and I can take dramamine to offset that, but it's also partly..."

Mamoru's hands hesitate; he basically pauses mid-step, wondering if he has the right to use the word, almost.

"I can't feel my body," he finally settles on. "It's like someone turned me into a brain in a jar, or like I'm the wrong shape, or like I've been compressed into a tiny little box floating in space. It's like sudden total sensory deprivation except for one very cold toe, even if I'm hanging on to someone else, even if I can see and hear. Because I can't feel the rest of me. So I really hate it, I hate doing it myself and I hate it when other people teleport me. But it was so convenient."

He turns back to the tea-making, but not before giving Lacrima a wry look over his shoulder in the process. "I wasn't me when I didn't hate it, I was locked up very deep inside. But I remember all of it. And flight and easy teleportation are super easy to miss, but... I'd really much rather be me and not in hell. But I can totally be jealous."

There; boiled water's poured into the pot, and Mamoru moves it to steep on the table, watching Lacrima with the jar of honey. There's a quick and gentle sideways little smile he gives her, tilting his head a little, looking incredibly affectionate. "And there you go making sacrifices for your friends, at cost to yourself, and you think yourself incapable of love." He laughs a little, then picks up the binder and sits across from Lacrima. "Of course you can share it. I'm not sure it'll help him; things went badly awry when I tried to heal him... but maybe little doses of a diluted version will be like willow bark tea."

He considers for a moment, then says cheerfully, "And if you like it, or if it helps either of you, let me know when you're getting close to running out."
Lacrima 2017-10-06 00:21:35 84543
Lacrima frowns. "The fact parts of him are older than others may be part of why it's hard to heal him. Things need more healing that others and so on." she says. "I do know that whatever did that to him did it purposely. It wasn't an accident. I.. convinced him. To let me get him under some instruments back where I work. So I was able to learn some things like that." she says.

She nods. "It might not work. But it might make it so when the dragon girl comes up and introduces herself as a dragon girl when I'm on a date with him it doesn't completely ruin his mood." she says wrly.

She takes in what Mamoru talks to him about though as she purses her lips. "I have theories about the difference of 'Teleportation' versus a 'Dusk Step'. One seems to be an actual movement from one place to the other. Another uses a side dimension- the Dusk Zone- as a intermediary dimension." she says. "But that's just my theory on how it might work. I'm positive if Ami-chan were here she'd have something more to say about it. I am basically a scrub who's learning as she goes for her own good." she says with a tsk.

She does frown as Mamoru talks about about 'being him and not in hell'. "I never encountered you like that. But I imagine it wasn't even a little okay. I'm glad I'm mostly. Still Me. Somehow." she says. Having a hard way of explaining it. "Despite what I am. To say it hasn't changed me would be idiotic because it has. But. Nrg. You know what. I suck at explaining this." she says.

"I'm sure Kunzite and Naru can teach you to read dance notation or you can learn easily because Google is a thing that exists." she says more coyly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-12 21:09:56 84722
"...well, part of it may also have been that that card was draining his energy as fast as I was giving it to him, at the time. But if that's not a problem anymore, I'm guessing it might be easier to at least ease his pain and fatigue during the day," Mamoru says thoughtfully. He opens the binder slowly, considering Eilam's problem all over again. "Obviously I won't be able to permanently fix his problem; it'll be there again every morning when he wakes up until the source of the problem is resolved. It does sound like a curse, and... well, Ikiko and Sora and your friend Jiaying seem to be pretty good with those. I mean better than me and mine, anyway."

Then the prince glances down at the notation and Lacrima can actually see his eyes glaze over. "Ye-e-e-es, Kunzite and Naru and Google all together, I think..."

He gets distracted by admiring the preciseness of her notation and her script. "You write really beautifully, Norie-chan," he says absently, then wrenches his attention away. "Yeah, but even our teleportation isn't-- it's not like stepping through a portal. I know Mercury's is. But we're definitely in transit through some kind of non-space for a non-instantaneous length of time. It's short, but it's enough to completely throw me. I also know that the non-space we go through doesn't try to scream in my head and eat me like the Dusk Zone does," he says wryly.

Then he's got an elbow on the table and his hand in a fist under his chin, and he regards Lacrima through his glasses, perched almost on the edge of his nose. "My mind shattered and Beryl dug up a shadow of my former self and brainwashed it, filling my body with dark energy in the process. You still have your memory, your life, your experience, and as we've seen, some of your connections. You're still you. But like I said about growing up, there's just more of you than there used to be... and some of it came from an outside source, but you've slowly been assimilating and incorporating it until it's yours instead of an external pressure on you. You're doing really, really well at keeping yourself intact."
Lacrima 2017-10-12 21:46:55 84729
Lacrima seems to appreciate the compliment on her writing when Mamoru goes on about his experiences with Beryl. "Beryl. That girl I met in the dream." she says silently. "She seemed to have some sort of inclination towards you. I don't think it was strong. But I remember her asking if I was 'courting you' as almost the first thing she asked." she says. "--the Dusk Zone doesn't 'scream' at me, but considering what I am, that makes sense to me. I know it affects people that aren't acclimated." she says.

She frowns a bit and shakes her head. "I don't like the idea of. Brainwashing." she admits. "I mean. I can. Hypnotize? People. Normal people. I tend to use this if it makes draining them safer. I don't like doing it. And- I can't really affect like. Magical people with it. I've tried. They can feel... something but it just doesn't work." she says.

She sighs a bit and sulks. "I know." she says. "Things have been getting easier. I mean. That's a good thing." she says. "I managed to not throw Alexis-niisan into the bay when I finally confronted him about him breaking Ryo's nose." she mutters.

"Though it took waiting a few weeks for me to calm down enough." she sighs grimly. "But considering the last time I was that angry I just kind of went off and attacked the person.". She looks to the window a moment and says. "Ugh. October." she mutters. "My birthday is this month. I hate it. Jiaying threw this stupid surprise party last year for me. Because I was separated from the power's influence for a moment enough to tell Jiaying a bunch of things without the misery smothering it and I didn't remember telling her that."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-12 23:32:24 84745
"We were-- we were young, back then," Mamoru says a little uncomfortably, carefully closing the binder and starting to turn his coffee around and around on the table a little until he catches himself and stops. "I thought we were just good friends. She was a little shy, and I thought she was nice, and she figured like everyone else that I'd end up marrying some ... some princess or other of one of the lower kingdoms, and that would be that, but we could be friends, and she could keep other girls away from me if they weren't princesses and wanted to be more than friends. She only got jealous when the princess I fell for wasn't human. And then she sold her soul to the devil and nobody got to marry anybody."

Somewhere in the middle of that, he'd started talking to his coffee, apparently, not really able to make eye contact at all. It's something he has trouble with, sometimes, when he's admitting something or is emotional about something he'd rather not be. But then Lacrima's talking about the dusk zone and brainwashing and hypnotism, and he looks up again, mouth crook'd in a little wry smile.

"Brainwashing-- I'm not even sure that's technically what you'd call it when you break a mind and implant false memories and ideals, create a personality that's loyal to you, that's conditioned to do what you tell it. But it's far closer than hypnotizing, or even mesmerizing, which I think is what you do? Hypnosis is just putting someone in a trance sort of state, makes them a bit more susceptible to suggestion. Mind control is--"

Here, he looks away again, because there's something apparently fascinating about the refrigerator door. "--is when the person who lives in a head has their will and agency stripped from them entirely. Sometimes they're shoved aside inside their own head, sometimes they have to watch..."

HEY A MUCH BETTER SUBJECT. Mamoru relaxes visibly, and looks incredibly amused. "Alexis needs to be less impulsive. I'm impressed as hell that you're less impulsive than he is. That's some damn fine control, Norie-chan. Well done. And you know, if you want to just hide on your birthday, you're entirely entitled to. Just say you're going to be unavailable and unable to commit to any times or dates for the weeks surrounding it. And straight-up tell Jiaying that you really don't like your birthday and don't want to celebrate it, and that's not code for 'surprise me'."
Lacrima 2017-10-13 00:08:15 84754
Lacrima is only listening and trying to take that in. "Not human?" she asks. "You mean. Usagi-san right?" she asks. "She seems pretty human. Unless she wasn't back then? Sorry. I'm not quite right on the details." she says. "Because I don't know them. But that makes sense." she says.

"Yeah. It's more suggestion then. Anything else." she says. "Not really changing anyone." she says. She takes a deep breath and rolls her eyes. "Alexis-niisan didn't get why I was upset and insisting he is 'a way better brother my actual brother' but that is also kind of a bad view to have. Regardless how much Ryo is making me hurt right now, I'm sure it's because he's just not grasping things and is scared and what not." she says quietly.

"Though he did deserve the initial punch in the face Alexis gave him. Just not the nose break." she admits.

A pause. "Alexis. Right. Something is going on with him. Just in case Rashmi-chan ends up coming here about it. He keeps --- blanking out?" she asks. "-and apparently can identify facets of device-type magic. Which is surprising because he is as dumb as a rock." she manages to say with a straight face.

"He keeps insisting nothing is wrong. But it's Alexis. Everything is wrong." she insists.

"As for my Birthday. I'll just. Deal with it. Besides. Jiaying came back from Taiwan recently after being gone a while. I can deal with it for just this year." she sighs.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-13 00:25:51 84758
"Yeah, back then, she was Lunarian-- alien. But in this life, she was born on Earth to human parents; she's completely human," Mamoru says wryly. "All the Senshi came from the planets whose names they bear-- the planets were all populated. I don't know, they all looked human to me-- except for Serenity and her mother, they were... they were different. But they were so good, so kind, and Serenity and I really, truly loved each other." He shakes his head. "But it doesn't matter. Usagi and I are the same but different, and we love each other for who we are now." His face definitely always changes when he's talking about her--

--as if even thinking about her makes him calmer, more comfortable, more complete.

But then he's nodding along with Lacrima's estimation -- "Yeah, suggestion. Mesmerization, I think is what vampire lore calls it. Because you can do it by thinking about it instead of needing voluntary participation, which hypnosis requires."

On the other hand, then there's Alexis, and Mamoru's trying to look serious and mostly sort of succeeding.

Until she says 'dumb as a rock', and he almost spittakes, and definitely starts cough laughing. "Hey, my best friends are rocks--!" he manages to croak out somewhere in the laughing and choking, waving one hand as if to clear the air. "I'll-- I'll keep that in mind-- and tell Kunzite if he doesn't already know-- oh my god..."

After a little bit, he's breathing normally again and only occasionally wiping at his eyes or suppressing another gigglefit, and he sighs and centers himself more or less. "Throw a welcome back party for her, preemptively," he suggests.
Lacrima 2017-10-13 00:54:35 84767
Lacrima purses her lips. "Was that a.. controversial thing, back then?" she asks. "I mean. Being from the moon and you from Earth?" she asks. She takes in this information. Not that it's not things one could make assumptions about. She means. What do you /think/ Sailor Jupiter is related to? Pluto? Pfffbt.

She rolls her eyes again. "Politically correct culture is completely out of control when I can not make comparisons to rocks." she scoffs dramatically as if for effect. She is mostly kidding here. "But no offense." she says.

Then she blinks. Then purses her lips in thought. "That would. Be hilarious. But I'd have no idea who to invite." she says. "Sora-chan, maybe. Not sure on anyone else." she admits hesitantly. "I'll figure something out. Even if it's 'just let birthday happen.'" she rolls her eyes.

"Besides. I get a free cake. hopefully. There better be cake if someone is throwing me a party." she mutters.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-13 01:02:54 84769
"Of course there'll be cake, how could it be a party without cake?" Mamoru objects, sitting back and blinking. And then he laughs awkwardly. "Yeah, it was... I mean... it was really controversial. I was crown prince of the planet. Nobody wanted me marrying some alien princess from a race of what they saw as gods. It's-- it's a long story. Maybe get Nephrite or Kunzite to tell it, or maybe Usako. And record it for me. I love hearing other people's versions of it, but I don't really like thinking about it."

Then Lacrima finally gets what's basically a shit-eating grin. Because rocks. And PC culture. And just... "I love rock jokes, sorry. They never get old. And they help me not take my Shitennou..."

He leans in.

"...for granite."
Lacrima 2017-10-13 01:06:18 84771
Lacrima sort of stares at Mamoru for a long moment before she just lifts her hands over her head and just leaves because she's not sure she can't say anything polite to that sort of a pun that isn't 'I'm gonna throw you out a window now.'.

"Thanks for the honey." she says. "I'll bee back another time." she insists cooly as she leaves off the balcony.