The First Rule Is...

Hannah's Absolutely Legal Fight Club!

Date: 2017-10-07
Pose Count: 30
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-07 00:48:53 84572
There's no kickboxing tournaments for the next few months. This means a very bored Hannah Sharpe, and that means trouble. For once she's not destroying the environment or trying to experiment unwisely. She wants something more visceral.

Friends, lover, acquantances and frenemies alike get invitations to an address near the factory district of Tokyo. An old abandoned steel mill has been acquired by a certain white haired CEO. The factory floor, machinery silent, is all business. Concrete and heavy machinery and the smell of machine oil. It's dimly lit, casting an eerie glow down. There's heavily chalked up ground too, in a large circle. A crude bar has been set up, withod and drinks. And of course, there's a dozen people here. Some men, some women, ranging from rowdy teenagers to what might be salarymen.

The meistro of this little gig is in the center of a circle, smiling. "Wellllcome everyone! I'm Hannah Sharpe, and I am going to be your host for tonight! Let me explain the rules to our little Club here." One finger.

"You don't spread this around. Two, you fight until you give in or are knocked out. We're not playing for point kids~. And the last, most important rule..."

"If it's your first night here at Hannah's Absolutely Legal Fight Club..."

She points at the crowd as they cheer. "You have to fight! So who's first!?"
Akane Hino 2017-10-07 00:58:17 84575
What's a girl like Akane Hino doing here?

Would you believe she got lost somewhere and wound up here?


OK, how about she's got a dark side to her and she's trying to let that out too?

No soap?

OK, here's the real reason.

Akane's got the feeling that there's something wrong with this place, and she's decided to check it out. Wearing her casual attire, no less.

Akane might stand out to some like a sore thumb, but she's doing her best to mingle as best as she can, even if she doesn't seem like she belongs there. She's hoping that Hannah doesn't notice her and challenge her to a fight. Akane's a good fighter, but she prefers to fight as Cure Sunny!
Minako Aino 2017-10-07 01:02:26 84576
    "THE FIRST RULE OF FIGHT CLUB IS THAT YOU DON'T MEOW ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!" yells Sailor Venus at the white cat with a yellow moon symbol on it's tiny forehead. "But Venus this is a really bad idea." says Artemis.
    "No Meowing!" yells Venus. "About fight club but still meow about anything else because it's cute!" calls Venus as she jumps through old machinery and lands on her feet near the edge of well, wherever this is primarily taking place. "Hrm this place looks familiar. Did I defeat a bunch of jerks here once as 'V'?" she asks. Artemis shrugs a bit. "I dunno these places all look alike! I blame template architecture!" she yells out.
    "I'm here to school you all and show you all why Sailor V is the best so don't mind me! Look forward to putting you all on your cute butts!" she calls out singingly.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-07 01:03:10 84577
Alex got the invitation too, it turns out.

And of course, Alex being Alex, he jumped at the chance. So after stashing his bike to a nonconspicous place nearby, he made his way into the warehouse, effectively announcing his presence with the SLAM! of a door when he slips in. And then comes upon view, with his hand loosening up the tie of the partial school uniform still left underneath his leather jacket.

After Hannah's spiel, he's about to pipe up to her final question-- only for him to hear Haruna speak out a VERY CERTAIN NAME.

Cue the german's eyes sweeping over, and then promptly widening.

Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-07 01:06:20 84578
Mikoto had received the invitation and blinked at it twice before re-reading it and deciding that, yes, it did in fact say what it said. So. Hannah wants ... a fight. Or, well, a lot of fights. "Probably sparring with the kids in the club at school is getting boring, I'll bet."

Hikari nods. "I'd wager you're right, nee-san." The silver-haired girl concentrates for a moment, becoming a silver-furred kitten that perches on Mikoto's shoulder and snuggles up against her cheek.

"So, what the heck. Might as well check it out. Make sure she doesn't break anybody too badly."

<<"Medical aid required?">>

"Mmm, you're right, Carnwennan. Text Reese, tell him to have that doc of his standing by. Usual rules, usual rates."

<<"Message sent, Meister. Message acknowledged. Wise decision, Meister.">>

Flattery will get a dagger almost anywhere, it seems, as Mikoto pats the little amulet that is the Device's storage form, and heads out for a quick flight down towards the location Hannah had named. She arrives just in time to catch the announcement of the rules -- about what she'd expected from the American girl -- and Sakura's outburst. Welp. That's gonna be just a little embarassing.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-07 01:10:31 84579
Haruna Kurosawa gets the invitation. 'Hannah's Absolutely Legal Fight Club'. Haruna Kurosawa makes this face like 'Hannah nooooo!' and 'What if Aki sees this she almost came close to murdering me' and She 'swears to god if this place is filled with yet more dark energy she's gonna punch hannah and drag her back home.'.

Haruna Kurosawa arrives in old sweat pants and a sweat shirt because she isn't wearing new or even serviceable old clothes to an old factory setting where things might be oily and greasy and-- okay. This place isn't reeking of dark energy so that's a plus. She's still not sure about the whole 'totally not illegal' bit, but at least it seems to not be magically malignant or televised or something and why did she just hear Sakura-chan shriek!?

"Wait, what!?" she calls out. "SAKURA-CHAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?"
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-07 01:13:45 84580
Yuzuki Amemori has an invitation. She even has the approval of her past self. This has long since stopped surprising her. She's showed up in a pair of somewhat baggy pants, having gone with some durable (Albeit old) show clothes, a hoodie with her usual headphones topping it all off complete the outfit Slipping into the derelict factory, she spots a crowd already gathered. There's a moment to scowl when she sees a little kid. One she even recognizes. "That's not right." She mutters, making her way over ot the crowd proper.

"Is this really the best idea? Why do I get the feeling something's going to end up broken." there's a shrug, then a yawn. "I'll try though, why not."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-07 01:19:27 84581
The white haired girl pauses. Paaause. Even she frowns a little. Cue facepalm. "Sakura...ugh, whatever! Sorry, you heard the rules. Someone get that girl some padding!" At least Hannah's keeping SAkura safe. Kind of. The protective headgear and cuirass might almost fit.

There's quite a few familiar faces. Alexis, Gull and Miko both get grins! as she hears their voices. But then Sailor V!

Hannah shoves some poor dope out into the ring. Point! "Well, that settles it! Sailor V, welcome! Now get to punching! I want to hear /teeth/!"

Hannah isn't even questioning it. Then she's at the bar, patting Raging Tempest and procuring a beer.

"Place your bets at the bar kids!" Totally legal!

Akino might just be right. For, outside atop the ceiling, something skitters. And waits.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-07 01:34:14 84583
Yup there it is. "HANNAH-CHAN!" calls out Haruna. "Bad! BAD HANNAH!" she calls out. Oh Hannah is def. sleeping on the couch tonight. Maybe that's why Boris told her that 'couch will be ready for you when you get back, dah?' because maybe Boris is psychic. Or maybe that didn't even happen.

She huffs and sighs and suddenly there is a Sakura hugging her. "No worries. You don't have to fight. You can go sit on the side and watch me fight." she says. "Hannah's /TOTALLY LEGAL/." she yells out to get the point across. "FIGHT CLUB RULES say Sakura-chan doesn't need to fight." she says. "If she doesn't want to." she says. "Also, Sailor V is here and she has a kitty maybe you can hug the kitty!" she says as she turns to the side and cracks her hands. "I'm going to fight thou because suddenly I AM REALLY ANGRY for some reason and I'll probably feel better BY TOMMOROW MORNING. if I BURN IT OFF." she yells pointedly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-07 01:40:05 84584
Hikari blinkblinks and looks up and around to find Sailor V. "Someone else has a kitty? Where?"

Mikoto, meanwhile, pushes her way over towards Sakura and Haruna, hoping to get there before any fighting starts. "Hey, hey, let's all stay sane and social here, okay? Nobody's going to force you to fight, if you don't want to. That's the point of making it a club, it's optional."

She turns and looks Hannah straight in the eyes, or would if Hannah's eyes were bothering to be present and functional. "Right, Hannah?"
Minako Aino 2017-10-07 01:41:48 84585
    Artemis is suddenly at the bar and he lays a 50 yen note down on the bar for Sailor V and looks shifty about it. Never mind that he was complaining earlier. He has total faith he will be rolling in dough later tonight.
    Sailor Venus smirks at Hannah and then looks over to Haruna and then Sakura then Haruna and then she eyes Artemis who looks back at Venus who looks at Sakura then back at Venus and Venus makes a point nod and Artemis rolls his eyes and walks over to Sakura and starts rubbing against her legs. "Meow. Meow. Pet me. meow." he says in a bored voice while actually just saying the meows.
    Venus nods matter of factly. Approved. She looks back. "WHO WANTS TO FIGHT. THE V?" she calls out.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-07 01:45:27 84586
Alexis doesn't really pipe up on the matter of Sakura. But eventually, he does shake his head and mutter something that sounds vaguely like "Yare yare daze."

But then, he barks out, "NEVERMIND THAT!" and steps up towards the center of the formation and... "HANNAH!!!" Yes, her. He even points a finger at her.

"We missed the cross-school kickboxing bouts with all that nonsense that was going on in the spring! TIME TO MAKE UP FOR IT!" And thus, the german boy is sweeping his arms back, and in instant sending his trademark leather jacket flying off to the side.

"I don't know how you're structuring this," he goes on grumbling, while a hand further loosens his tie to the point of letting it fall away, with the top two buttons of his button-up coming undone in the same motion too. "But if you're going to be the last bout? YOU CAN BET YOUR ASS I'LL MEET YOU AT THE TOP!"

Good heavens, with all the burning blood and whatnot.
Akane Hino 2017-10-07 01:47:35 84587
Wait, Sailor Venus is here?

Akane knew something was up, and she knew her gut instinct was right. Still, she tries to keep herself from showing much surprise, lest others suspect something is up with her as well. She simply puts on a smile and tries to keep as casual as possible.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-07 01:48:14 84588
Yuzuki Amemori facepalms and starts to make her way over towards Hannah, a serious look on her usually sleepy looking face. Luckily before she can channel her past self and sucker punch someone trying to take a drink of alcohol, Haruna beats her to the punch. Sort of. What, it's a fight club, her power set lends itself to putting herself in harm's way and who doesn't like a good blindside? ...Bushwhack.

There's a few moments of thought, now that they're not making the young girl fight. Should she have transformed first? Armor's kind of cheating, right? She'll sit the first one out for now. Unless she's pushed into it, either way. Improvising was her past life's specialty! And kind of sort of hers at this point. There's a facepalm at the bragging going on now. She'll avoid the bets for now. She does take a moment to grab a drink though. The water-y sort. Because water is good for this sort of thing. There's a slow tilt of her head, idly wondering if she shouldn't make an earth shaker joke, but that requires magic and she's still not so sure.

Seat found, she sits the first round out.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-07 02:08:27 84590
Sakura jams the guilt needle right into Hannah's heart, unknowingly. Smile. Then Gull righteously yells. And Mikoto. And half the fight club is peering at her. Her smile goes a little wider. Sweat drop.

"R...right then! You have to be this tall to Fight." Her hand is well above Cute Saku Height.

Alexis gets a grin. "I'll fight last! Don't worry, I'll show you the strength of a Sharpe girl, Alexis! I'll crush you with all of my strength!" Promises Hannah, blood now boiling.

"Your struggles will be entirely...USELESS!"

Spiin, she points again. "It's Sailor V versus the most beautiful and hot blooded girl of all, Haruna-chan!" People are so heavily betting on V it's not even funny. Hannah lays out a grand on Gull though!

"Aaaand, Fi..." Her announcement is cut off as the room briefly grows dark. There's screams, and then emergency power flips on. Everything is cast in deep red. The civilians all pass out at once.

And then the roof crashes in, Hannah's already leapt behind the bar. Her magic as she henshins lights up the room more. A giant figure, easily ten feet tall, is a green skinned creature with a giant club! It roars!

"I'll fight! And then I'll devour you all! Ahhh hah hah!"

Miss White's head pops up, clenching Raging Tempest!

"Heeeere comes a new Challenger! Everyone versus Big and Ugly!" Hannah is still giving the play by play. What a jerk, this CEO.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-07 02:14:49 84591
Haruna is gonna fight Venus, okay. "Rolling Mirr-----"

Suddenly a giant green guy. "ROLLING MIRROR CHANGE!" she calls out as she changes into CURE GULL. "THE HOPE THAT SOARS ACROSS THE SEA, CURE GULL. WHAT THE SHIT HANNAH!" she calls out. "THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE A PLANNED THING!" she calls out.

"I'M GONNA INTEROGATE BORIS WITH A BURGER! HE'LL TELL ME EVERYTHING AND GET FAT OFF THE BURGER AGAIN!" she calls out. She eyes. Wait is that Yuzu-chan? "YUZU-CHAN!" she calls out, finally seeing her.

"LET'S BEAT THIS UP THEN I HAVE THINGS TO TELL YOU!" she calls out as she then calls out. "GULL FEATHER STORM!" she calls out, brilliant feathers slashing out against the beast like a series of rapid darts.
Minako Aino 2017-10-07 02:23:19 84592
    Artemis makes a straight face. "Meow I know but Venus says I should come over and meow, meow." he sighs defeatedly. Then there is petting and oh here comes the puurrrrrring. But then there is also a big green fight beast.
    Venus taps her bottom lip. "I wonder if this is a metaphor for anything." she says. Artemis eyes Venus. "No it's a big green youma of some sort. Not a metaphor."
    "Right!" she says as she begins running for the beast because... she leans into it with a kick. "VENUS KICK!" she calls out. That's not an actuak in so far as what she's calling her kicks right now for effect.
Akane Hino 2017-10-07 02:25:03 84593
There's sunshine at night?

Apparently so!

With a cry of, "The brilliant sun, hot-blooded power! Cure Sunny!" The sun seems to shine brightly again, and then the girl known as Akane Hino is replaced by Cure Sunny. "If there's going to be trouble here, then the sun will keep it at bay!"
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-07 02:28:38 84594
Yuzuki Amemori is settled on her seat, seems content to watch this first fight, then suddenly there's a moblin. Wait, that was the big one in the recent one right? She slowly slides from her chair, rolling her shoulders a few times, then suddenly reaches out and grasps something. A red cord appears in her clenched fingers and she pulls it back while calmly stating, "Grip the cord of fate." Surrounded by the cord, soon enough the samurai in orange armor is left standing there. She lets out a huff, lifts her fanged mask over her nose, makes a few adjustments. Then smoothly draws a flintlock and aims high, the flash of green, a deep boom and a lingering cloud of dust indicates the shot from the earth spike. Her sword appears to have disappeared for now, though there is a handle and a strange distortion visible.

Blowing the lingering dust-smoke away from the barrel, a faint whistle through that mask and she says, "Why not use the door." What, it's fun! While she is somewhat enjoying putting on a show, she is moving to put herself between the creature and anyone she figures is close to being collatoral damage.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-07 02:35:25 84595
Well, it seems like someone wants a Big Girl Fight after all. So someone's going to get it.

<<"Get ready. Set up.">>

Runes form into a triangle inside a circle of light, rotating under Mikoto's feet, then rise up over her to leave her clad in an elegant blue suit, a rapier slung from an embroidered baldric to hang at her side.

"In brightest day, in darkest night... wait, no, I used that one last year. Oh well. Hey, big ugly!"

Hikari, meanwhile, has dashed over to Sakura to help protect her. Wouldn't do to have the Special Guest Star get eaten, after all. "Hey," the cat says, "Pick me up. Hold me. Feed me."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-07 02:44:16 84597
Alexis is not magic.

And yet, ALexis is still standing when all the other mundies have fallen down. Strange that, innit?

He was SO PUMPED UP to actually have a proper fight for once, though, and now... he's just left staring at the giant ogre whatchamacallitthing.

And of all things, he actually mutters, "...Are you kidding me," under his breath.

It doesn't take long for him to break out of that, at least, and leave him to sweeping his eyes left and right to look for... something. And after five seconds, he's suddenly bolting off to the side. Is he running away??

No, apparently, since he's coming skidding to a halt about a collection of the factory machinery. It takes another few seconds of studying them while he mutters, "There's lights, so she's had to have brought electricity to the whole place..." he murmurs to himself before slamming his palm down onto a big red button-- and the sound of machinery whirring to life echoes through the factory, thus.

"Okay..." And another button pressed, mostly at random, which... causes a giant steel pot hung from the ceiling to tip over. At least it's empty. "...Okay, not that one," he mutters, and then proceeds to flip a switch, resulting in... a bunch of chains starting to clatter and shift about. "THAT ONE."

And just like that, the next thing anyone knows, Alex is running right back towards the fight with... the hooked end of a length of thick chain in one hand, clattering loosely behind him. "GULL!" he yells out, in an effort to get Haruna's attention. "FASTBALL!"

Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-07 03:13:30 84598
Hannah is as innocent as a puppy. Ignore the cat like smile to Gull! "I am beautiful, innocent, and dashing." Smiiiiile.

"Aaaand there we go! Cure Gull in with the flying feathers! Look at 'em go!"

Those feathery darts slam into the creature, sticking in like needles. It charges, yelling, even as wiffs of dark energy spall off of it's body from the force!

"The beautiful and daring Sailor V in with the kick! The crowd goes wiiiild!"

The club goes up defensively, but the attack shatters some of the stone! The oni youma is pushed back!

Akane gets a leaping kick from the youma aimed downwards! More of a stomp, really! That club is going for Gull and Venus too!

BLAM! Goes Hakuomaru's gun, and right in the chest. Perfect accuracy, and the thing stumbles! Still alive though, it's tough!

Sakura runs. Hannah frowns, but leaps into the air. She's covering her Tiny Sister's escape. They'll have to talk later. Hannah punches a tossed bit of machinery from the youma!

As for Miko? She gets roared at. Hard enough that wind rushes to strike her!

And Alexis sets up the chain bomb. Or at least a charge and attack with Gull! Hannah snaps her fingers, and wind is beneath Alexis' feet! It'll make any Gull Tosses that much more stronger! Rocket Alexis!

"We've got him on the ropes! Finish him everyone!"
Akane Hino 2017-10-07 03:14:10 84599
A leaping kick?

Akane tries to move but it's no use. She's knocked down hard and tumbles against a nearby wall, but she's not done yet!

"The sun shall stop you!" Akane summons forth the light of the sun and shoots out a beam of sunlight at the youma. "The sun shall cleanse you!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-07 03:28:23 84600
Cure Gull looks at Alexis. "Fastball?" she asks quizzically as she makes to dodge the club with a yipe! Arcing downwards to the ground a moment. "R--right, fastball!" she calls out as she reaches out towards Alexis when he runs by and---- swing swing swing around herself before launching him off towards the create with also some help from WIND assistance. Hopefully that isn't too fast of a fastball.

"HA!" she calls out as she flings Alexis. "GULL!!!!!!! THUG TOSS!" she calls out. because CUres call out their own attacks.

Then she follows up with "GULL TEMPEST!" she calls out, throwing a whirl of green wind energy after Alexis of course towards the beast!
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-07 03:31:15 84601
Hakuomaru gets between those mundanes closest to the creature and... the uh, creature. The other flintlock is lifted, looking to follow up in the same spot as her first shot, or at least attempting to! She fires that shot, then suddenly lurches forward, following it up with a sharp stomp that sends a splintering wave of earth it's way! She was about to run in after it, but there's a crowd. There's also the fact that she should probably make sure she's not about to hit anyone and-

That opportunity is lost with that hesitation, but she does twist, start running and try to find an opening to do a leaping attack, both flintlocks held more like clubs at this point, used in her strike! She's just glad she didn't realize someone was being thrown, that would have caused another fumble. She really needs to work in bigger crowds! Maybe Hakuo the former has an idea. Focus. Focus! She catches herself at the last second, striking down with her clubs!
Minako Aino 2017-10-07 03:43:52 84602
    Sailor Venus rebounds off the creature. Deftly lands on that swinging club for a second, coverted double jump and lands on the ground. Then Alexis goes flying past her and a 'huh?'. Wait is that guy even magic?
    She lands on her feet and hrmphs. "Artemis go chase the girl!" she calls out in regards to Sakura. "Make sure she's okay!" she calls out, a little more commandingly because she is currently in serious bussiness mode.
    She raises her finger, like a gun and calls out. "Crescent Beam!" firing a beam of bright golden light at the beast. Repeardly from her finger gun.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-07 03:45:42 84603
Even while he's getting flung about, Alexis actually has the indignancy left to yell back to Haruna, "Wait what do you mean Thu-WAAAAH!" just as he's sent off projectiling towards the ogre. SOmewehre, in the back of his brain, a voice screams out "THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA."

Alexis himself doesn't seem to care about that voice. Instead, with the wind-magic-assistance, he spins around in the air with the chain clattering wildly in the air behind him-- although it's rapidly getting less loose. Back behind where he came from, machinery pulls at the chain, steadily.


The Thug's spin ends with his feet coming first upon the ogre, stamping against his upper chest with a heavy *THUD!* of an impact that strains a bit at his own bones-- wether or not it is enough to topple the creature is to be seen, but Alex doesn't stop just there, apparently. The chain gets flung about the thing's neck and tightened enough for him to hang off it, and the hook at the end-- he actually stabs the thing into it's mouth and jaw! OW.

...For all that, though, none of it is magic, though. He's just an annoyance. A distraction to clear way for the actual magic attacks.

The chain snaps to harpsicord tightness now, though, and keeps getting pulled at by the machinery far back.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-10-07 04:00:07 84604
The purifying rays of Cure Sunny blind and set the thing on fire!

Cure Gull adds her wind to a certain THug!

Shots and pure outright /clubbing/ from Hakuomaru! The creature drops it's club!

Venus' beam smashes through the creature's right arm! All it has now is one meaty fist!

And then Alexis wamu's right into the creature with body and chains! Distracted indeed, the creature winds up for a punch!

At least the stab has a chain connected to the youma now! Hannah makes one flying leap, and gives it a final windy axe-kick!

Their combined attacks finally send the creature down, dissipating into motes of fleeting dark energy. Hannah sighs, and grins. "That was /amazing/ everyone! ...Alright. Free beers for everyone. I need to check on somebody." Then, Hannah's out the door. Gotta find little sis. Seems Fight Club is called off for now!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-07 04:32:34 84605
Cure Gull eyes Hannah as she runs out the door when the creature explodes into dark motes. "Ugh! Sorry guys I need to go chase lil-sis and Hannah and also Venus's cat, I'll send him back Venus I swear!" she yells out as she chases after the group. "SORRYALEXIS-KUNHOPEYOUR'REOKAY!" she yells out as she runs.

Ugh lil-sis! :( Why does this always happen!
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-07 04:39:37 84606
Well, all things considered, Alexis' plan worked much better than even he really thought. But in the wake of all the attacks that follow through, he...

....Is sent flying back away with a surprised "Waugh!", bouncing off the floor and tumbling behind some collection of refuse from the factory's previous users.

Silence, at first.

And then, at Gull's yell, there's an all-too-cheerful yell of "I'M FINE!"