Alexis and Rashmi have arranged a surprise birthday party for Lacrima. Oh dear.

Date: 2017-10-14
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Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-14 01:27:19 84783
It's Friday the 13th. Shockingly, no hockey-masked youma have made their appearance.

Incidentally, October Thirteenth is also the birthday of a certain Vampire, following a Not Good Very Bad Terrble Week.

And of course, on this very day, Alexis Raskoph called Norie Okana, to inform her that something has come up, and he really, really needs her help to figure it out, and thus come meet him at Korma Chameleon to talk about it while feeding on curry. Because curry is delicious and the Terios household is actually letting him eat there again.

What Alexis has neglected to mention, however, is that he'd been conspiring with Rashmi to arrange an actual, honest to god party for the vampire. Truth be told, Rashmi probably did most of the design and organizing because Alexis is TERRIBLE at that kind of stuff, but at least he's *trying*. And he did funnel a fair deal of money into it himself, too, to make up for the fact.

Various messages would have gone out a day earlier to route out potentially interested parties to attend, and arrange for them to arrive in the restaurant before Norie would, naturally-- so that when Norie herself opens the door (with the windows conveniently dimmed out by shades), she is greeted by a crowd of friends and sundry in the indian restaurant inexplicably decorated in various balloons, confetti and a huge banner reading "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with a collection of cute little bats surrounding the words.

Also, instead of a cake? A HUGE pile of donuts with candles stuck in.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-14 01:31:14 84784
It was a bit of a job, convincing her Papi that Alexis was genuine about this birthday party. That it was for one of Rashmi's new friends, even if it was the slightly creepy Gothy one that her parents carefully never asked much about, helped to assuage his worries. When the money came in, though, all was good, and the kitchen got to work.

The confetti would be a pain to clean up, but, that's for worrying about later. For now, its party time! And Rashmi is practially vibrating with anticipation.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-14 01:32:20 84785
Okay, so Saya isn't exactly Norie's friend, but she does tend to find herself in the same social circles as her, and if Alex is here, of course she's gonna want to support him and help him out with this party shindig, even if Norie may not necessarily be happy to see her here. She steps in and heads towards the small group, peering at the donut mountain. "Woah. Donuts? Really?!" she makes a face.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-14 01:36:43 84786
    One of those friends is leaned against the divider between one booth and another, arms folded over her chest, trying to look aloof. This is somewhat undercut by the band-aid that is half-visible on her forehead, peeking out from under her hair; it's neon green, covered in Kero Kero Keroppi, and incongruous enough to utterly deflate her attempt at tough-girling. Anyone who's asked has only gotten an irritable, "Don't worry about it."

    It's especially odd seeing as she hasn't been in any fights at school recently. Huh.

    Nevertheless, she is there, and watching the door expectantly for the moment the birthday girl walks in.
Lacrima 2017-10-14 01:42:27 84787
Lacrima is busy doing magical research. Mainly. She has decided to busy herself with not her birthday but ambient luck levels on FRIDAY the 13th. So far. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. No strange readings. She is going to write an essay and submit it to the Eclipse Research Databanks on how Friday the 13th is some made up human superstition for /super sure/. Until there is a sudden spike. Of. Something. AND IT'S COMING FROM HER!? Then her PHONE RINGS!? And it's Alexis.

She mutters a bit. This has to do with that stupid blanking out condition going on. She's positive and it's bad luck for her. Argh. "CONFIRMATION IS NOT FACT!" she cries out for no specific reason as she makes for a dusk step out into an alley near the stores and walks into it and--

There's decorations. and decorative bats. Is this a halloween decoration setup for Rashmi's shop? Why does that banner say 'Happy Birthday' though? Oh. OOOOOHHHHH.


She raises her phone. Takes a picture of what is def. the Korma Chameleon decked out in weird halloween birthday decor with a simple caption. 'Ugh. Korma Chameleon.'.

She then lowers the phone defeated. She waits for the 'Happy Birthday'. It's gonna come. She knows it.
Sora Hisakata 2017-10-14 02:24:26 84788
Sora is totally here, she's just very tired. She got Lacrima a very old copy of Nosferatu as a gift, and is sticking to herself trying to stay awake to little success.
Kukai Souma 2017-10-14 02:29:31 84789
Kukai Souma is running late. This is pretty much his default state, but this time it's because he wasn't expecting to go to a birthday party. He really wasn't expecting to go to a birthday party for Lacrima of all beings. And of course you can't go to a birthday party without getting someone a birthday present, so that means running out to get a present!

Fortunately something had appeared rapidly and he'd picked it up, bought it, found a gaudy looking birthday present-style bag with a snap at the top to keep it closed, and was on his way to the Korma Chameleon, turning around the corner just as Lacrima enters.

So, when he opens the door, he will probably find himself right behind a defeated, possibly annoyed vampirette. "Happy Birthday! Hey, you're right here, hello!" He knows better than to hug her, though. But it's what he'd do otherwise.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-14 02:32:17 84790
"Happy Birthday~!" Rashmi says brightly, standing next to the mountain of donuts (and the smaller pile of presents, because all the real joys of a party should be in proximity). Her exuberance fades a bit, as she sees the look on Lacrima's face, but she rallies like a champ.

"It was mostly Alexis' idea."

"Decorations aside, c'mon Lacchan you know how much we all like to get together, and at least this way you know you're around people who really like you, y'know?" She waves to the big table, clearly made up of half the tables on the floor pushed together with Lacrima's place at its head. "Have a sit, Papi's doing a full five-course spread fine-dining style this time around. Just let me know whether you want your presents before or after, 'kay?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-14 02:39:10 84791
    There's a mumble that starts out with a sound which sounds fairly close to 'Happy', but sort of falters after that. But Kokoro does at least look Lacrima in the eye when she comes in, and moreover, even lifts a hand up to wave in greeting. If anything, there's a sympathetic sort of look in her eye.

    With the obligatory Happy Thingy greeting done, she leans away from her spot and ambles over to the table, taking a seat... well, somewhere close to where she expects Rashmi to sit, at least. Rashmi still holds the 'Designated Friend' slot just yet.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-14 02:47:03 84792
All of a sudden, the door opens, and no one is there-- a cold wind blows, ruffling hair and shirts and skirts and making the candlelight dance. Abruptly, the room is plunged into a darkness most complete!

A bolt of red lightning cuts the pitch-black air, and the candles on the doughnut pile flare back to life; one light above them comes back on like a spotlight, revealing a rose impaled through one of the delicious pastries. It quivers there, a petal falling to the floor, to the distant sound of spanish guitar and the rattle of castanets.

There's a dramatic pause.

A stentorian voice intones, "Lights in darkness bide."

Another light comes on, this one above a chair that Tuxedo Kamen stands upon (since it's rude to stand on tables and there really isn't anything taller to stand on in here). He dramatically flings his cape back, gesturing to everyone with his cane, and continues.

"Well-meant misapprehension!
Friends do not believe.

A celebration
made without consultation:
a dangerous ploy!

Rue finds many hearts;
recovery is awkward,
not impossible.

Thoughtless but earnest,
the doughnuts of affection
may yet save the day."

Tuxedo Kamen jumps down from the chair back into the shadows--

--and the lights come back on, and Mamoru-but-in-henshin (as opposed to TUXEDO KAMEN) literally already has a doughnut in his mouth, glancing guiltily back toward the man by the door. "Uhh-- but seriously, they might, they're really good," he tells Lacrima seriously from behind the hand keeping doughnut from falling out of it. "Sorry. If I knew I would have warned you." Then he eyes Rashmi from behind his mask. "If I knew. So I'm gonna hope I wasn't invited because you knew I'd tattle."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-14 02:47:19 84793
Back by the door, Kunzite's whites and grays are a perfect contrast to the red curtains. His head is leaned forward into one hand; that and the curtain of long white hair falling in front of his shoulders do not, even together, hide the expression of resignation (or the tiny little twitch at one corner of his mouth).

Ladies and gentlemen, his boss.
Lacrima 2017-10-14 02:59:14 84794
Lacrima ughhhhs Kukai-kun. Ughhhh Rashmi-chan. Rashmi betrays Alexis and she merely says. "I /know/." she mutters. Alexis probably won't survive today. Probably. Rashmi is a good vampire whisperer. She eyes the donut pile and makes a defeated face.

She looks toward's Kokoro and makes a gentle little half wave. -- and there's Sora. Who seems sleepy. Ugh. She feels bad there. Is it so late?

"Yes. Thank y---"

Did that door just wooooosh? and did the light just go off? and it's dark and it's creepy and she frowns a bit because she's immediately on edge and---- nevermind. It's just a ham youma.

The other kind of ham youma. That wears a ballroom mask and a tuxedo.

She stares at Mamoru for a long long long moment, before she turns towards Kunzite.

"...did he just give my surprise party a justice speech?" she asks. She blinks and looks back towards Rashmi and meanders to the table.

"Hello Mamoru-kun." she says softly. "Hello Kunzite-kun." she says.

She grabs a donut.

"Mmmmph. I'm glad. But I hope someone is actually paying for this." she says silently to Rashmi-chan. "I assume Alexis-kun has it handled." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-14 03:12:20 84795
".....I....." Rashmi blinks, stunned into silence by Mamoru's.......... unique.......... entrance. Her mouth works, but it's still a good bit before she can push out. "...Wait I did! Didn't I?" She scrabbles for her phone, and flushes deep, deep red as it comes to light that she did... just... forgot to hit the SEND button.

"...Welp. Hiiiii~....."

Shaking her head, she nods at Lacrima, pulling out the chair. "...Also Mamo-kun your passion for stage magic is going to get you in trouble one day." Yes, yes indeed she is covering for the Prince of Earth in front of the normies. "Hi Takeba-san... Have a sit, everyone, Papi's probably ready to bring out the first course soon. Presents now or later, Lacchan?"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-14 03:16:28 84796
    Suddenly, darkness. For all of about five seconds, Kokoro's hand is in her pocket, closed around a certain little trinket.

    Then she hears Mamoru's voice.

    The hand slowly comes out of her pocket as the lights start to come up. It slowly ventures higher while the room fills with haiku. And as the lights come back on... it finally stops, pressed palm-first against her face, right through her hair.

    "...yeah, Norie, yeah. He did." She decides to move seats; parking herself closer by Lacrima (though still hopefully close to Rashmi's eventual spot) so that their combined grump will radiate all the more strongly- no wait I mean so that the two non-happychippercheerful types will be able to shield each other from the worst of it.
Lacrima 2017-10-14 03:33:50 84797
Lacrima huffs. "I just told Mamoru not but a few days ago how I was anticipating a surprise party and didn't wanna attend it." she rolls her eyes. "So now he's here because I texted him. And Kunzite is here too. Probably to make sure... I dunno. The donuts don't eat him?" she asks.

Why else would you need a bodyguard at a party like this. Yeah she's just gonna eat donuts right now. "Presents. Presents now please." she says. She does ask /please/ but /things/ will probably take the edge off. She doesn't expect everyone has one for her. That's okay.

She does sort of sneaky the package away from sleeping Sora though and places that by her. "She must be tired." she says a little softly.

She eyes Kokoro and seems thankful. Introver-team go!---and not be social and stay inside and grump at life!
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-14 03:37:00 84798
Mamoru grins at Rashmi, then, and he brushes doughnut dust off his hands. Then he holds up one white-gloved hand-- see? empty!-- and slides a collapsed top hat out of thin air. His eyebrows waggle, and he displays the Disc of Hat for all to see, then pops it open, reaches in, and pulls out a stuffed rabbit in a Sailor Moon costume, holding a chibi bat instead of a Moon Stick. "My passion for stage magic knows no bounds," he tells her, and then plants the bunny on top of the pile of gifts. "Especially in October."

Then he leans in toward Norie and says, "Sorry. I figured if I couldn't fix it, at least maybe I could amuse you. Kunzite helped. Under duress. He's not silly at all. Also, he came as moral support for you because I may be too cheerful."

Rashmi's telling everyone to sit down, so the Prince of Earth does as he's told, but not without reaching a hand toward Kunzite and making grabby motions and pointing insistently at the seat next to him. Finally, he just takes his mask and gloves off because there's going to be food-eating eventually and he doesn't want to be rude. Who knows where the hat already went.
Kukai Souma 2017-10-14 03:44:09 84799
Kukai just sort of stands to one side and watches the drama at the door. It takes him a few minutes, but he finally recovers and rubs his eyes. "... man sometimes I'm not sure how I feel about sharing a planet with him. I think I like the idea of him being in space." He eyes Kunzite for a moment, not sure how Wall-kun will take that statement, but then sighs and turns back to the huffy vampire.

Kukai approaches Lacrima and hands her the pink and yellow and blue birthday present bag. "Here ya go. Happy birthday. I'd give you a hug too but you're practically dripping negative energy. Hard day?"

Kukai sees everyone taking a seat, and ends up sitting down as well. He doesn't know some of the people - the foreign-but-familiar looking girl directing things or the other introverted girl that seems nervous about giving out gifts - so he plants himself across from them and offers them a Jack's Grin at about 75 percent power. "Hello! I'm Kukai Souma! It's nice to meet you two, and thank you for inviting me!"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-14 03:47:31 84800
Kunzite gives Kukai a wry look, rather than taking offense. What he does take is advantage of the curtains hiding him from the street, and of the Terios family mostly not being out; by the time he reaches the seat beside Mamoru, he's dressed in civilian clothes again, much the way he's looked when he's turned up to pick up takeout here before. The box he adds to the present pile is likewise not-silly: a small box wrapped in a black cloth. There are no bats, spiders, webs, ghosts, or anything else October-themed. (He had forewarning either way; Lacrima mentioned to Mamoru her birthday was this month.)

"We have yet to encounter a donut monster," he says gravely to Lacrima. "It may only be a matter of time."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-14 03:53:03 84801
"Good to meet you, Souma-san! I'm Terios Rashmi," the redhead says, bobbing her head in greeting. "Okay presents first, one sec." And with that, she bops into the kitchen, opening the door to a cloud of spice-scented steam, and comes back out with a tray loaded ''full' of varicolored lassi -- some of which are actually multicolored -- and starts setting down drinks around the table as others hand over their presents first. "Okay... Saffron for Lacchan, coriander for Kokochan, Kolkatapolitan for Souma-san and Mamo-kun, mango for Takeba-san..."

With that, she sets the tray at an unused table, plucking up her own box (red cloth wrapping with a golden ribbon) and taking her seat, leaving one spot open for Kokoro to sit and show her grumpy solidarity. There, she patiently (not patiently at all) waits for her turn to give Lacrima her gift.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-14 03:55:14 84802
    "Don't even joke about that," Kokoro grunts in response to Kunzite. She remembers the ham sandwich monster. If she has to face a donut monster... just... no. Please no.

    But then Kokoro blinks, realizing... she's... being talked to? Blink blink. Slooooowly does Kokoro's head turn, until one brown eye stares out at Kukai from behind a half-curtain of similarly earthy hair. "...Kokoro." It seems to be all she's offering. Well, that and the distinctive tone of a 13-year-old who wants to sound irritable and unapproachable.
Lacrima 2017-10-14 04:02:36 84803
Lacrima says in a manner that Lt. Worf would probably be proud of. "I hate birthday parties." she insists to Kukai. She eyes Mamoru and nods a bit, and then over to Kazuo. Who places a gift there? There's a gift from Kazuo. She does seem curious about this now. But instead she's peeking into Kukai's bag first. She gently and carefully begins to remove it and---

"Huh.." she says as she opens the bag more wider then eyes Kukai with a squint, like 'really?' and then picks up a napkin and carefulllllly removes what appears to be a good luck charm-- made of black ribbon with silver ink, and prayers for good luck and prosperity and happiness upon her. She makes a short face. "Yes. Thank you, Kukai-kun. I'll be sure to. Um. Hang these. In the manor." she asides. She carefully places it back into the bag. Positive charms. More like a static shock than a legit hurtful experience. She'll probably won't touch it and let Jiaying hang it in like the kitchen. She isn't sure what such charms will do to her. And she's giving Kukai the benefit of the doubt it isn't like some strange ofuda.

Then she unwraps Sora's next. Since that is right there. And it's an early version of Nosferatu. Which she blinks at. "Huh." she says. "That looks like an early edition..." she purses her lips and eyes Sora's sleeping figure over there. She'll have to thank her later.

She eyes Rashmi with a hesitant look then over to Kunzite. Kunzite doesn't look like he's about to explode in the next minute. "Yours next, Rashmi-chan." she says softly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-14 04:05:12 84804
Fortunately-- or unfortunately, if anyone would rather have seen the indignation from a guy in a white tie and tails complaining about not being from space-- Mamoru does not hear Kukai's muttering; he's too far. Also, his presents were a) one tailored haiku dramatic justice speech on Lacrima's behalf, and b) the bunny sitting on the pile of presents near Lacrima, so he can occupy himself with silently switching his and Kazuo's glasses.

He gets one sip of mango lassi in before he glances at Kokoro. "Oh hey, I wasn't sure about your name. Cool. I'm Chiba Mamoru."

And Lacrima must protest; she is not a merry man.

Rashmi Terios 2017-10-14 04:17:44 84805
And her own box is handed over. Opening it, one finds nestled among the cloth covering a few balls of newspaper, a folded up piece of stiff paper, which turns out to be a punch coupon for two free dinner items and three free desserts, wrapped around a macrame bracelet; one side is purple and black, the other red and gold.

Rashmi looks altogether too pleased with herself.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-14 04:25:45 84806
    Oh. Right. Mamoru knows who she is. Kokoro briefly has that look of 'I have been caught', but then she quickly hides it behind a neutral expression, and sloooowly turns her head to face the Prince of Haiku. "...don't think we've met." A pause. It drags on just long enough to be awkward. "N... nice to meet you. I guess." More pressing right now, however, is presents! There are presents to watch be unwrapped.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-14 04:28:07 84807
Kazuo is indeed not about to explode in the next minute. "Thank you," he says to Rashmi at her drink-distribution, then is momentarily distracted by glancing over to Lacrima at her reaction to Kukai's present, then back and forth between her and Kukai. Which is why, when he reaches to try to quietly swap drinks with Mamoru, he discovers the 'stage magician' got there first. Apparently there is no question between those two on who appreciates spice over fruit and vice versa.

Rashmi's present promps Kazuo to give her a flicker of an amused look just for a moment, before he reorients on Kokoro. "Neither have we, I think," he says to her solemnly. "Kazuo Takeba." And then he glances back toward Lacrima, likewise, in the ritual of 'let us steal the closest excuse for not talking.' Hopes that someone will not spike this: low, but one can always try.
Kukai Souma 2017-10-14 04:33:58 84808
Kukai just stares at his drink for a minute, hypnotized by the swirl and mix of colors. "...Wow. I'm afraid to actually drink it. What is it? Wait, don't answer that." He picks up the drink and takes an experimental sip, leaving his upper lip psychedelic. "...Not bad!"

Kukai grins as Lacrima opens his present first. "You're welcome! They'll bring you the best of good luck! I got Na-chan a set kinda like that but more powerfully blessed - I made a point to get yours 'pretty but weak'. I think the guy selling them for the temple was a little insulted." He grins again, with more wry.

Kukai turns to Kokoro and Rashmi, nodding his head to both of them! "It's good to meet you! I've been meaning to come by here more often but things have been sort of busy lately - coach says we have some big games coming up, so he's been running me ragged. And then there's other stuff, you know. But hello to both of you!"
Lacrima 2017-10-14 04:42:37 84809
Lacrima nods at Mamoru. "This is Kokoro-chan." she says softly. She takes Rashmi's gift and there's the coupons for free items and desserts- and then a.... piece of jewelry is what she interprets this as first. Oh boy. Jewerly! She sure loves that since it cursed her and made her into a vampire, she thinks- cynically.

She eyes Kukai. "Thanks for that. I'm weary of 'charms." she says softly.

She touches the bracelet. Nothing happens. So she goes ahead and examines it and--- it's hand made? of cloth? And the colors...

Oh!...oh. It's....

Now she feels bad for her thoughts earlier about it. "Thank you Rashmi-chan." she says softly. She gently goes about slipping it on now. It fits good. She nods a little, as she gently makes sure the coupons get placed where they won't accidently be thrown out. She'll wallet them or something later.

She reaches for Kunzite's package and begins to open it. Next.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-14 04:49:28 84810
"That's what introductions are for," the cheerful college student tells the sullen thirteen-year-old. "Nice to meet you, too." Then he lets her be sullen. He remembers thirteen.

He remembers thirteen and he's wearing a cape.

Mamoru decides once more to focus on lassi, and then to lean against the wall sitting next to him.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-14 04:50:02 84811
Kazuo's little black-wrapped box does not contain jewelry. It's a wooden comb, double-sided; by modern standards it's awkwardly large, but it makes up for that by the a slice of the width being carved through in a hundred or more tiny holes, made into an elaborate openwork screen pattern; by the fine incised carving in a pattern that weaves around the edges of the screen and the tines, by the angular knotwork that decorates a diamond-shape of solid wood at the center. It is not an actual replica; if it were, that tiny carving would be enhanced with marquetry and ivory and silver, and it'd've sacrificed the modern finish that protects it. But it's remarkably close to a fifteenth-century Spanish noblewoman's treasure for all that.
Lacrima 2017-10-14 05:08:28 84812
Lacrima opens Kazuo's box and inside is... an intricately carved comb of sorts. It's also an item that invokes a certain nostalgia in the back of her head that isn't quite hers, but also invokes a certain sense of comfort to it. Oh it isn't a real original one. She knows that much. She feels like she's /held/ a real one at some point. She never has. But there's still that feeling- and it's obvious.

Not that it devalues it even a little for her. "Thank you." she says genuinely to Kunzite as she gently places it carefully back into the package. That's going on her dresser in the manor for sure.

She then, eyes Kokoro's envelope and opens it. Inside is--- a 3000 Yen gift card to 'Vapor'- some 'totally not Steam' gaming service. She purses her lips a bit. And searches her head. Yeah. Some new vampire dating otome game is gonna hit soon. She'll be buying that with this.

"Thank you, Kokoro-chan." she says softly, as she places that next to Mamoru's silly gift. Of Plush Bunny Sailor Moon hugging a bat.

"I think that's it." she says quietly. She eyes. Alexis no doubt, blanked out in the back somewhere and she'll threaten to throw him into the bay for this party very soon.

She may actually do it this time.

"Thank you all. For the gifts." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-14 05:10:29 84813
Rashmi's normally-sunny smile is practically a light source of its own as Lacrima slips on the bracelet. "I'm so glad you like it, Lacchan, and wow everyone, those are nice! So.... sorry about helping Raskoph-san throw you a birthday party, but not-sorry about helping you get all that. So it balances out!"

At times like this, one has to wonder; is this on purpose, or does she not mean to sound so gratingly cheerful? And which is the more disturbing answer?

"So! Papi decided that the theme of today's menu would be mango, and you're all probably going to be really surprised what he can do with them!"

No, Rashmi was not kidding about the fine-dining experience. Alexis paid well.