Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Eilam Hisakawa finds Ryo Okana to talk about Norie Okana/Lacrima, his sister. It goes about as well as anyone can expect.

Date: 2017-10-15
Pose Count: 12
Lacrima 2017-10-15 05:08:34 84814
Ryo Okana has had a very ugly last few months which were preceeded by some very not nice years that started with her sister getting ill back way when and got ugly when he found out 'it's because she's a vampire'. Ryo Okana has not been taking this well. He's blaming Norie for destroying his family. She's dead to him. She died. She's a vampire. She is /undead/. Not to say...

He's been taking it well. He used to spend lots of time at home. With friends studying and trying to do good at Verone and make himself worth the half-scholarship he got. He's been failing since.

He's currently staring off into a crowd of people at the food court in front of the clearly green-and-white branded coffee shop there at a table, alone, with a rather grim look on his face. His hair is neat and he's dresses in a simple black T-shirt that's under a white longer sleeve opened unbutton shirt and blue jeans.

He has his smartphone out. There appears to be some notifications of texts on it but they haven't been read yet. And he seems to occasionally check down to check out some sort of social media feed from his crowd staring.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-15 05:28:32 84815
    For his part, Eilam was quite normal. Dressed in an expensive suit and tie, looking like he might very well be a rich person out for a walk. He didn't even have his stave with him at the moment, instead he just had his hands in the pockets of his suits jacket. He'd asked someone to keep an eye on Ryo from afar, though less for his own protection and more because Eilam wanted a chance to speak with him. And then he noticed the fellow seated as he was and took a moment to consider how to approach.

    Well, might as well try money and see how he reacts. It's at least one way to figure out how a person might respond. Reaching into his outfit, Eilam pulled out a ten thousand yen note, stepping up to Ryo's table and leaning against the chair across from him. "Think I can buy a conversation out of you? I mean, usually others would be paying the prettier ones for their time, but I was hoping to have a chance to talk to you."
Lacrima 2017-10-15 05:44:13 84816
Ryo Okana picks up his phone and taps at it. He's texting now. The expression on his face doesn't change much so it's probably nothing pressing or ground breaking he's talking about. Probably a friend. or a boyfriend. Or a study partner. Who knows. This is when someone slides into the seat across from him and he raises a brow and lowers his phone.

It's a boy, about his age. Maybe kind of pretty. But pink has never really been his color. Then Eilam places money down.

Now. Ryo would had probably talked to Eilam without the money, but the generous 'gift' seems to catch him off guard.

"Okay. That's weird." he says. "You're offering money for me to talk. So either you wanna talk about something illegal or you want to talk about something I don't wanna talk about."

He leans in. "You're not a witch like that other girl right? Because I'm not talking to any witches or anything." he says in a hesitant way like he's trying to NOT appear crazy talking to Eilam about witches.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-15 05:59:25 84818
    "Witches?" Eilam snorted at such, "You should be careful. Cute and crazy do not mix well." All considered, though, Ryo was talking and hadn't told him to shove the money or left. Which left Eilam to take the chair and sit down next to Ryo after pulling it a bit closer. Close enough that as he sat down next to him, Ryo could see him lean slightly against the table for a moment before sitting upright a bit more in the chair and shifting a bit to face him properly.

    "I believe the right response to your remark is something you do not want to talk about, perhaps. Though keep in mind I am willing to pay you for your time. So keep in mind it takes little to hear me out and get paid for your time? Besides, considering I am not the healthiest of fellows, if you're that bothered, nothing stops you from having your way with me." then a cough, "I meant you could... that attempt at a joke came out differently than i meant. I only have a few years left, I was trying to joke about being too weak to stop you from being on your way or stop you from simply taking my money and leaving, if you wanted."
    The choice of phrasing there was more meant to tease the other male than anything, since it could easily enough be read into multiple ways. Was it obvious he seemed tired? Because Eilam did seem at least a little tired. "Feel like being a birthday present?"
Lacrima 2017-10-15 06:21:12 84819
Ryo Okana blinks dumbly for a moment and he seems to search his thoughts for a long moment. Wait, is this guy lamely hitting on him? He doesn't know how to feel about that. Usually, /he's/ the one doing it. But more there's something familiar about this guy. Pink hair. Tired. Sick? Sick and tired. Pink haired guy. Who's sick and tired.

"Wait. Aren't you. That guy Norie-san." Norie-san.

"Is sweet on?" he asks confusedly.

Then Eilam asks if he wants to be a Birthday present. What does he mean by----

Oh. Oh....

"No." he says sternly. He doesn't even hesitate.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-15 06:28:20 84820
    "...I wasn't aware she'd ever mentioned me to you." In fact, he was under the impression they hadn't gotten along well at all since before they met. That's curious. "I am not here to belittle your reasons or try and convince you that you're wrong. You are capable of deciding what life you want to live and... believe me, I know what it means to have others try and trample on your choices." With that, Eilam turned and stared off a bit at the rest of those present. Seems, at least, unlike some of other of her friends - this one wasn't actually upset or anything.

    Resigned a bit, perhaps.

    "Still, I would like to pay you for your time. So at least hear me out, even if in the end you want to refuse. Okay?" As he said that, Eilam reached into his pocket and pulled out a clip of money folded in half. He made a point of opening it and pulling out another twenty thousand yen. "Okay?"
Lacrima 2017-10-15 06:55:21 84822
Roy Okana frowns. "I'll talk. But I'm not taking your money." he says. "-and when I feel uncomfortable enough. I'll leave." he says expressing this by lifting his hands and arms into a shrug. "Got it?" he asks.

"Unless you're another of her stupid mafiso friends. Who's going to beat me again." he says more cynically. He takes another sip of his coffee, then puts away his phone and crosses his arms, as if to show he's ready to listen and talk.

"Also, if you're the vampire that made my sister a vampire I'm just walking away because I don't know if I can live in a world where her stupid novels are real."
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-15 07:19:58 84823
    "I offered you money because despite what you might think, it would make her happy knowing you were taken care of. Considering I am wealthy enough, I could likely set aside money in an account and just leave it, and let you live off of the interest for the rest of your life. But you do not know me and as paranoid as you seem, I am fairly sure you would invent a reason to say no even if I could prove I had no untoward intentions with you." he snorted a tiny bit at that, but despite it all, it didn't really seem like he was trying to insult him.

    If anything it almost seemed like he understood the idea of just trying to keep himself safe. "For the record, the one who attacked you... I was going to reach out through connections and offer a small sum for his... temporary detainment. But your sister asked me not to, so I respected that. And no, Ryo... I am not. She is not a vampire, though I can see what makes you think that. Until recently I did not know magic was a thing either, and even now I still have trouble believing it. It all seems crazy to me, which might even seem silly to you considering... my own situation. But I meant what I said. I was hoping you would agree to be a birthday present. Your sister is important to me. I am not going to say something silly like I am madly in love with her, but... now that I know her, I am uncertain how I would continue living without her. She and I are... cursed in a similar manner, despite our differences. What happened for her, I suppose you are right, it makes her seem a bit like a vampire. She even seems to find comfort in silly things like sleeping in confined spaces. But that was not what I wanted to bring up."

    Eilam put the money away before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a collection of tickets. Three, in fact, to a ballet in Australia. "Three tickets. One for myself, one for her, and one for you. Her birthday was yesterday. You likely remember, know, that she likes dancing. When she was first cursed to how she is now, she didn't know how to control herself, how not to... hurt others. She estranged herself from all of her friends, the dance studio where she loved dancing. Now, she does not have that anymore. I want to be able to give her back the life she lost, because it was not her fault. No matter what you may believe, that is the truth. It may be a lot for you to consider, and as I said... the choice is yours, Ryo. If it makes you feel any safer, I could even sit between the two of you. ...what protection my frail body could offer remains to be seen, but I am trying." Eilam set the tickets on the table in front of Ryo, only to reach up and pull his hair back out of his face. "I had a little sister, many years ago. A family... my mother and father, myself, and my younger sister. When I was still healthy, everything was normal. Then I started to get sick. The worse I got, I began to die. My parents feared if I stayed, that they would die too. So they took me out in the woods a good distance away and just... left me, to die. I am telling you that, though, not to get sympathy for me. I wanted to mention it because... I did not die. And when I finally stumbled and crawled my way home, I found out my younger sister got angry at them and ran away to try and find me. She didn't want to give up on me, even though it was obvious I should have been dead. That I was dangerous to them. And to this day... over four hundred years later, I still do not know what happened to her. If she... died alone, in the woods looking for me, or... if something else happened and she just left them. I never got to know what happened to my sister, Ryo. She died likely never knowing what happened to me, most likely. But your sister... is not dead. Nor is she a vampire, or some monster. She was simply cursed, as I was, and now we are both stuck here in similar situations. The difference between it, however, is you. My sister did not know, and she tried to help me. You... know."
    And with that, Eilam stood up, picking up two tickets and leaving one on the table. "Please, do not leave her without a family like I was. I was alone for nearly two hundred years, trying to come to terms with what i was, to try and... protect myself, to keep others from hurting me, to stay safe. I am not going to let her experience such, unless she truly does not want my help. As I said, I know what it means to have others take away your choices. Both you and her... the choices in the end are yours. But I am still going to offer to try and help. Take a chance and try to find her, instead of abandoning her like my parents did to me. Please. I don't want to see her wind up alone like I was."
Lacrima 2017-10-15 08:16:10 84824
Ryo Okana listens, and listens and keeps his arms crosses. And his coffee gets cold because he's not uncrossing his arms while he's listening to Eilam's story. And Eilam goes on about his experiences in.. 400 or so some odd years or whatever and he's just rubbing his face as the details come on and on and on now because he's still refusing to believe that Norie's stupid vampire novels have any sort of grounding in reality even if the details are askew.

He just /refuses/.

He picks up the ticket and for a short moment. He just wants to rip it in front of Eilam and make it so much confetti and say 'congratulations, she's your problem now, then'. SOMETHING is stopping him from doing that. He does however, place it back on the table, and slide it back toward's Eilam.

"No." he says curtly. "I disagree. Let's pretend Norie. or I. Don't matter for a second? Do you know how sad and depressed my mom's gotten since she stopped smiling? and even just looking a little happy? How much my dad spent money to get her into some shrink that- if anyone found out would be some sort of minor scandal to her because- Look. I dunno where you're from but we don't /do that/ here." he says.

"I don't know what that thing is, but it only /thinks/ it's Norie." he says as he stands up a little angrily. "-and if you want to have some sort of relationship with it. Great." he says throwing his hands up.

"But I'm done." he says. "I'm done grieving. and right now. I'm angry this is coming back up after that witch visited with it a few months back." he says.

UNLESS Eilam makes some effort to stop him, he's going to storm away- leaving his coffee there, just a quarter full.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-15 08:23:50 84825
    "You know... the reason she hasn't been smiling lately? Is you, and nothing else." Eilam didn't move to stop him. "You're the problem, Ryo. But I didn't want to try and put the blame on you wholly... because this is not your fault despite you being the problem here."

    He started to raise. "You may think you are done, and you may be lashing out trying to make it go away... but if you could really live with how you are acting, then why are you failing so badly in school? If nothing else... you owe it to your parents, like you said, pretend you and she don't matter. They would feel better, right, knowing you were trying to get along with her again instead of hiding like you are now?"
Lacrima 2017-10-15 08:43:17 84826
Ryo frowns and turns around and yells out. (Which also causes parts of the crowd to turn around.) "I am done. And it already is over and away." he says a little coldly, as he turns back around. Yeah he doesn't want to have this discussion anymore.

He's in a worse mood than we came in here at least and now he's moving quicker just to get away from. Well whatever Eilam is. Maybe he's a reverse vampire. He adds that to his list somewhere. Under Alexis as 'Yazuka Thug(?)' and Mamoru and Kunzite as 'Also Thugs(?)'.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-10-15 08:51:06 84827
    "Love you too." Okay yeah, that last bit was just thrown out to try and embarrass him in parting. He knew full well Japanese people didn't really... express love vocally like that. If Ryo wants to be childish, he can be that way too.