Mahou Recon

Kyouko and Naru scout out the Raskoph Estate in hopes of finding Alex. They find something else instead.

Date: 2017-10-19
Pose Count: 24
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 16:50:13 85038
As far as cunning plans go, it's a basic one. Alexis is incommuncando. Naru knows where he lives (and by extension where his parents live). Therefore Naru and Kyouko should stop by and see if he's home.

Granted, the fact that it's Apatite and Hyalite who are going calling and it's highly unlikely that they are about to go walk up and ring the doorbell.. minor technical detail.

It's a swank part of Tokyo, in a fancy pants neighbourhood that includes detatched houses and fenced in yards and gates and the like. Hyalite pauses across the street and gestures. "That's the one. How should be go about doing this? I.. have no clue what Alexis' current relationship with his parents is, or anything."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 16:53:36 85039
    Apatite has a simple assumption about people- if they're hiding, and you want to find them, you don't announce yourself. It just makes sense, right? They don't know for sure that Alex is hiding, or that someone is hiding him, but the point of this excercise is just to make sure he's not dead, or captured or something. She'll settle for a glimpse through a window, or a spotting on the sidewalk.

    It's less that she's super worried and more that if they did nothing, and then it turned out Alex was in trouble, she'd feel bad. She assumes it's probably nothing, that they'll swing by, spot Alex moping about, and then go on their way with the knowledge that they are not Bad Friends.

    Apatite perches on top of a lamp-post when Hyalite pauses, because of course she does. No fear of heights here. She glances down at the other girl, then over towards the house. "Let's just go over there. I'll hop on the roof and peek in a few windows." Because that's way more appropriate than just ringing the doorbell.

    So saying, she takes off, leaping from street-light to street-light until she can approach the house in question.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-19 16:54:25 85041
The Raskoph estate is certainly a testament to how filthy rich Alexis' family really is. It might not sink in to many with how the boy himself doesn't dress or act like a rich kid at all, but looking at the sprawling grounds walled and gated off with the large, two-story house that just barely avoids being classified as a suburbian mansion, all doubts of that go away.

There's even two security cameras set up to overlooking the gate. ONe can imagine the gate itself to be electronically controlled and locked, and the grounds on the other side of the wall to be even further lined up with further security and surveillance.

Of course, most of the cameras likely don't actually point up.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 17:11:58 85043
"Mind the cameras." Hyalite points out quietly as she gestures just a touch. There is not a change on this green earth that she is going to go jumping from lamppost to lamppost, nor is she jumping up to the roof. Nuh uh. No way. Not a chance.

"His room is on the second floor, at the back in about the middle." She explains, quietly enough that they aren't announcing it to the whole neighbourhood. "I'll keep an eye out down here." Because see aforementioned 'not going on the roof' part of this conversation.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 17:15:23 85045
    "Why, do you think they shoot lasers?" Kyouko asks, eyeing the cameras. She apparently has no fear of being spotted- mundanes wouldn't remember anyway (which she assumes Alex's parents are), and even if they weren't.. well, it's not like she has a secret identity. This attitude is probably ill-advised, but it's her attitude regardless.

    Still, perhaps just to keep Naru happy, she does mind the cameras.. doing her best to stay out of their line of sight as she leaps up to the top of the wall, then nimbly over onto the roof after nodding to Naru's information. Once there (assuming no giant alarms go off), she pads along the roof to a couple of the windows, peeking inside while trying not to be too obvious.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-19 17:27:43 85047
There aren't, in fact, lasers being fired at Kyouko when she soars through the air and onto the roof.

Not ones visible to the naked eye, anyway, and not ones that cut through anything either.

So still flying casual, at least.

The window to Alexis' room is, at least, conveniently placed just above a lower set of roofing that covers up the wider footprint of the first floor, thus providing a perch for Kyouko while peeking inside without having to balance off a windowstill or hang upside down off the rooftop's edge.

And what she sees, is, darkness.

Or as much darkness as there is to a room lacking any artificial lighting. Alex has hardly been known to go to sleep in an early time, so that would suggest that he's not in the house.

...Even though his bike is parked in the yard.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 17:40:41 85049
"Because the number of parents who notice keeps growing exponentially, and I've never /met/ Alex's parents to know what they're like." Naru retorts back before Kyouko vanishes again. She paces a little, along the sidewalk and down to the alley between the houses, keeping an eye out for oddities. Naru peers through the fence periodically, getting a look into the yard.

While their communicators don't technically match, they are complimentary enough that Naru can secure a channel for just the two of them. "See anything? His bike is here. Which is .. actually not really encouraging."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 17:44:02 85051
    "Nah.." Kyouko's voice comes back over the communicator. "I think this is his room, and it's dark. Like, light's off, nobody home. Don't see anything suspicious, though. Just empty."

    She moves back to the edge of the roof, then in a series of nimble leaps, jumps to the wall, then down onto the sidewalk next to Naru again, a faint frown on her face. She glances through the gate, confirming that Alex's bike is indeed parked inside.

    "Well, he's not in his room. I guess it's possible he's somewhere else in the house we can't see from up there. For all I know he's got a basement workout room or something. Really doesn't look like anybody's home though." She pauses. "I mean.. he could go out without his bike, right? We do have trains and busses around here.."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-19 17:58:20 85055
It is a phenomenally large house, so anything could be possible, right? Right.

Speaking of Alex's parents, though. Three cars come rolling down along the street. Two black SUVs pinching a dark-blue sports car. Traffic isn't exactly unexpected at this kind of an hour, but-- all three make the turn for the gate into the estate. Briefest of pauses while a window rolls down on the frontmost vehicle of the tree, driver speaking into the gate's intercom, likely.

Someone's coming home.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 18:42:04 85061
"I suppose he could be elsewhere in the house." Naru muses and then reaches out to tug at Kyouko's arm to draw them furhter back into the shadows as the cars approach the house.

"Oh /hey/.. Koji sent me a drone.. we could totally follow them in and scope out the house.. or follow them in legit, but I'm not much for climbing." Understatement of the century out of Naru as she's already flipping through pages.

The picture from Koji isn't much help as a picture on a cellphone, but Naru has already copied it into a drawing in her sketchbook and, as expected, may have embellished a smidge. Or at least added enough oomph to give it a bit of a glow, even on the page. She looks to Kyouko for her opinion.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 18:46:27 85064
    Kyouko lets herself be tugged back into the shadows alongside the wall, said dimness doing a good job, in concert with the fact that they are both in henshin, to keep them from being noticable. Not that standing on the sidewalk is illegal or anything anyway, right? She glances down at the sketchbook that Naru breaks out, which has the layout of the house.

    "We could," She says frowning slightly. "But you'll have to jump at least a little bit. I'm not really a fan of the idea of just walking in, especially with all the cameras. It might also not do us any good if he really isn't here, but.." She glances back to the cars as they begin to pull through into the driveway. "It does seem a bit odd.."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 18:49:56 85065
"Yeeeeah.. my plan was to send in the drone and say out here and record." Naru points out as she gestures at the book. "If he's not here, there might be some clue as to where he is. Or like.. has his room been trashed.. would we notice if it had been. Is his jacket in his room? Was he in the middle of doing something and got yoinked? Did he bleed all over everything in there and is unconcsious half in the closet?" Clearly Naru is pretty good at coming up with reasonable clues that could be in Alexis' room. Mixed with a healthy dose of unreasonable guesses. "And if there's a thrice damnned card in there, please light it on fire. After stabbing it. And then stab the ashes."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 18:56:50 85068
    "Oh, he actually gave you a drone?" Kyouko asks, drawing her brows together. "I thought you meant he just gave you a picture." She points to the sketchbook. "How.. um.. how does it work?" She looks a little confused. "Also, I could see into his room from the window. It was dark, like the lights were off, but it's light enough out that I could see in there pretty well and I didn't see anything suspicious. It was just empty."

    She pauses, then adds, "Kunzite said he was last seen Friday, at which point he randomly vomited blood, or something. Now, it is Alex, so that might not necessarily mean anything other than that he was in a big fight but it's usually not a good sign.." She glances over towards the house again, and sighs. "I guess I can take another look." The sigh is not because she doesn't want to, but just because she had really been hoping this would be a simple issue.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-19 19:04:01 85071
While the two converse, the gate slides open slowly for the small convoy of cars, permitting them driving inside and curving to a stop just before the patio and stairs leading up to the front door.

Black suits leave the SUVs. Private security, obviously. Of course Alex's parents would have their own bodyguards, wouldn't they? Filthy rich people love to have reassurances for their own livelihood beyond just that of the public sector.

One more suit from the driver's seat of the sports car. Rounding around the vehicle to open the passenger-side door, permitting a woman to climb out.

The details might not be easy to pick out from the distance, especially with the gate in between them, but guesswork alone likely places the identity of the woman in the disgustingly expensive, dark-grey dress suit with the long strawberry-blonde hair.

Alex's mom?

Either way, it doesn't come with much fanfare, all things considered. Not any more than the escort of private security brings, anyway. The suit that climbed out from the sports car stays close upon her side when they turn for the front door, and the woman looks on over her surroundings on the way there.

It's certainly difficult to tell what precisely she looks at from that distance away, but...

Just for a split second...

Did she look directly at the two henshin'd girls?

Couldn't have.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 19:06:37 85073
"Picture of a drone, which for me.. is basically giving me a drone." Naru points out as she draws out the small mechanical flying machine from her sketchbook. Y'know, like you do. She considers it and then considers her sketchbook and then digs out her phone. Not her usual phone, but the one that's plainer and has a much more elborate passcode. "The key is, we're not sure if I can coax it into recording to my sketchbook, or my virtue phone."

Naru nods a little. "Yeah, puking blood is just rarely a good sign. Nor is leaving abruptly, although that could just be Alex. But if he was seriously hurt.. like internal organ not even seriously magically hurt, he'd try and hide it. Cause it's Alex."

Naru pokes at her phone and then shakes her head a little, turning back to her sketchbook and drawing there to get the drone to move. "If this goes horribly wrong, please stab the almightly daylights outta this drone, kay?"

Naru glances up just in time to spot Alexis' Mom getting out of her car, and as the woman looks at the girls, on the other side of a fence, in henshin.. or didn't.. there's only a soft 'hunh' from the slightly smaller redhead.

"And please be careful." Naru adds.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 19:11:10 85075
    "Ohh, I get it." Says Kyouko, as she watches Naru take the drawing of the drone and turn it into a real drone. She considers the thing as Naru tells her the problem.. and then shrugs. "Well, fuck if I know. I've only owned a phone for the past year or so, y'know." She is not much help when it comes to technical problems.

    She turns her eyes through the gate and towards the people getting out of the cars. "Check out the goon squad." She comments, before squinting towards the woman who exits.. then possibly looks right at them. She glances at Naru, then back at the house, but the people are going inside already. Probably just her imagination.

    "I'm always careful." Says Kyouko in a blatant lie, before she leaps up onto the wall again, then drops down onto the grass inside.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-19 19:31:50 85078
The 'Goon Squad' is seperating some at this point. Most of them are accompanying the woman to the door, slowly keeping up perimeter with her in escort, while some spread off away from her. Off further outward from the yard.

Judging from the amount of attention put to security already, it might not be unreasonable to expect some guards besides them already present, too.

Either way-- the door is open for a few seconds longer at least. The drone won't have much difficulty slipping through, but the window for Kyouko? Much smaller, without literally bumping into people.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 19:45:19 85079
Naru watches Kyouko leap away and there's just a slow sigh at the lie. It's a lie they both tell, but /still/. There's fishy things about, and well..

Naru really doesn't have time to worry about the what if game, as she attempts to dart the wee little drone across the yard and dart it into the house. It's small and low and magical, which are all things that are not out to catch a whole lot of attention.

The matter of recording seems to be working, if a little oddly. There's a sketched animation, much like an 80's pop music video, being enacted on the page that the drone came from which lets Naru see where the drone is going.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 19:50:00 85080
    Kyouko halts outside, on the grass behind some bushes. She narrows her eyes at the door.. but she's not dumb. There's really no way she can sneak in through the door behind the people who are entering the house and not get noticed. She might be in henshin, but she's still an entire person. It's not like they're going into a store or something, it's their own home.

    Lucily, it seems a lot easier for a tiny flying drone to do the sneaking, so Kyouko doesn't even try- she lets the drone enter the house behind the people, and instead moves over to the wall, doing her best to avoid the attention of any suited guards who might be left outside. She then nimbly leaps up to the first-story roof again, sneaking along to try and get a good view through the windows where the drone might be headed. "Where are they going?" She murmurs into the communicator on her wrist.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-10-19 20:08:56 85081
The observation of the naked eye might have been lost, but the drone's through, at least.

And the animation of artistry upon Naru's notebook rapidly shifts about, turning from presenting the patio the woman under heavy securit escort had stepped upon, to painting the foyer just inside. The future-chic decor might not come through quite as well in the sketch-like images, but the basic layout at least gives enough of an idea for the locale.

It's the usual kind of routine as one might expect. Removal of shoes on the part of the caucasian woman while the security detail fans out, before she steps on further--

And then the lines of the sketch go wild for a second. Straight lines go awry, everything turns into a mess as if though someone had taken a pen to the paper and just indiscriminetely swiped it about.

It only lasts for a second before it settles again, but the image presented is much more static than before. Plain. Wait. There's a lamp. Is that the ceiling?

And then there's a face leaning in-- caucasian, middle-aged features, framed by that perfectly silky, long hair they'd just seen before, outside.

It's almost as if she's staring straight at Naru herself through it, while her lips move to say... something. The disadvantage of the creation not quite managing anything besides the visual representation.

And just like that, in the next instant: The page turns blank.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 20:15:20 85082
Naru watches the drone's progress, into the house.. and then she startles as it all goes berserk.

"Apa.. stay away from Alex's Mom." Naru murmurs through their communicator immediately.

Even as she's speaking, Naru is flipping to a fresh page.. not the one that just had an animation, and a drone upon it, but a fresh one and starts sketching her own rememberances of what, exactly that looked like as the woman talked to the drone, when there was no sound. She might not be able to read lips, but she's certain that others can, and when she touches it with power, it's even animated to be effectively a gif of that last image. "Drone's found and dead." She adds quietly. "We may want to back off."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 20:18:39 85083
    Apatite remains crouched on the low roof of the first story, her back to a wall, out of sight through the windows. She quirks a brow at the information that the drone was found and caught. "That quick, huh?" She considers what this means- yeah, if the woman (or someone else in there) was able not only to see the drone in the first place, but also to catch and destroy it so easily... something more than 'Alex in a sulk' is going on here.

    "Runnin' away don't sit well with my blood, but.. you're probably right." She acknowledges after a moment. "We should try to figure out more about what we're gettin' into. At least it seems like there's definitely something going on that deserves our attention." She glances down off the roof.. making sure the path is clear.

    Then in a quick series of leaps, she traverses the yard and drops back down onto the sidewalk beside Naru. "We should talk to Kunzite."
Naru Osaka 2017-10-19 20:24:39 85084
"And Rashmi, who is taking point on the info gathering about Alexis." Naru is already taking a few steps away from the fence now that Kyouko is there beside her. "Basically immediate, and she totally looked right at us. I am thinking that the likelyhood that Alexis' mom is fully mundane is pretty much nil."

Naru is still sketching, capturing more moments of what she remembers of that static, of the house, of that face.. especially of te woman's face.

After all, they've never met Alexis' mom.. it might not even be her.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-10-19 20:27:05 85085
    "Kind of ironic really, considering how mopey Alex gets about his lack of powers." Kyouko points out, although she doesn't look like she finds much to be amused at in the situation. She glances down at the sketch that Naru is composing, quirking her lips thoughtfully for a moment as she regards the face looking back out at them.

    Then, "Let's go. If she's not mundane, she can see us just fine, and hanging around in front of her front door isn't going to do us any favors. We'll talk to people, figure out what's the smartest play.. and then we'll come back."

    She glances back at the house as she turns to walk down the sidewalk. "In force, if we need to." Then with a flip of her cape, she's walking away back towards the center of the city.