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Takashi and Euphemia discuss Magic! And not the magician kind. The mage kind. They're different.

Date: 2015-08-15
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Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 12:20:56 7643
Takashi Agera is, currently, in his element. He is in his lab, with a bunch of devices (which he did not register acquiring to Eclipse proper) and each of them is a treasure trove of information, technology, magic, and mechanics.

It's like Christmas has come early, and brought Valentine's day and Tanbata along for the ride. Now the biggest question for him was, how to get the information out? Devices didn't like to talk to him - in fact quite the opposite, they all enabled their security lockouts when he tried. The process he had used to build Axion destroyed a great deal of its internal equipment and a great loss of information. He wanted to avoid that this time.

So he's invited Euphemia down to the lab - hoping he can get information out of her, and she can get information out of the miriad Intelligent and Storage devices in his laboratory.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 12:34:46 7644
    Euphemia Barchetta was more than happy to go check out Takashi's lab whenever he'd allow her in. She's simply awed by the place, not only because the science that goes on in there, but the sheer number of scanners, measuring devices, tests in progress and all kinds of other contraptions and doodads that caught the eye.

    This time is no different and rather than bee lining for him upon entering she walks around first, peering into various beakers bubbling or otherwise, just trying to imagine the effects of mixing two or more together. If Takashi didn't notice her arrival he'll certainly hear the "Yowch!" when she lets the jacobs ladder arc rise right up onto one of her fingers. "Not too different from getting hit by Fate-chan's Photon Lancer," she mutters while finally stopping her snooping, going over to Takashi.

    <Lightning attacks with high penetrating power have much in common with a high voltage shock, Master. Though I do wish you would avoid the more obviously dangerous lab equipment.>

    "Don't worry, it was fine this time! Just a little zap."

    <Master, your risk of death from such a high voltage exceeded two percent.>

    "Only two? Now I want to do it again! You'd protect me if it'd actually be fatal, right?"

    <You know I would never allow you to die from a silly little shock, Master.>

    "Aww~." Right about then is when she actually makes it over to Takashi, the girl walking right up to the bench he's working at and turning around, hopping up and sitting on the edge, regardless of how much this puts her in the way.

    "So!" she begins with a bright, mischivous smile on her face, "What'cha need me for? I bet it's really cool and important to call me in like this."
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 12:38:32 7645
There is a part of Takashi that cannot ignore how cool and important /he/ finds the work that he's doing; surrounded by equipment few people know he has, from a world few people know exists, and each containing untold power?

His eyes are pretty much shimmering.

"I want to talk to you about magic." he says, with a smile. "About these devices. I honestly know less than I should - I'm making it up as I go along. But you come from where all of these things come from - you come from a world where magic is common." he adds, making a sweeping gesture.

"I want to know what you know. And I want to know what these devices know. And I want to make my device stronger. And make our little group stronger. And you can help me."
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 12:49:07 7646
    Kicking her legs as she sits on the edge of the lab bench, Euphemia smiles brightly, "I'd be happy to! Magic sure is amazing isn't it? I've wanted to use it ever since I was a little kid, and now I finally get the chance!" Her own eyes are shining bright, though her words might be slightly troubling- she isn't exactly a master in the ways of magic.

    Rather than immediately dive in and start gushing about magic she first seeks to satisfy her own curiosity, "Though, shouldn't your Device have already told you about how to cast spells and about Midchilda and all that? It definitely didn't -seem- like just a Storage Device." It did, after all, cast Round Shield for him when Bulwark retaliated for the powerful blast he hit Euphemia with.

    "I can -definitely- help. In fact, I want to help you become as strong as I can. And your device. And your group too!" About this she is genuinely passionate- she can't quite put into words how gleeful helping someone who would be such an obvious target for TSAB makes her.

    <Has my Master's partner been unsuccessful in extracting information from these Devices?> asks Bulwark, probably placing Euphemia at a level above her actual station. <Why, pardon me! I didn't mean to be rude; but of course they wouldn't synchronize with such a polluted Linker Core as yours.>

    If either Takashi or Euphemia wondered if Bulwark is capable of holding a grudge, that probably answers that.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 12:54:40 7647
"That's funny - I've been using magic in small ways since I was in kindergarten. The device just helps me focus." he says. Then, he pulls a small measure of dark energy into his hand - without his device being out of standby mode - and drops it onto the floor. It creates a small, malicious looking humanoid shadow, which cackles slightly before the energy that makes up its form dissolves into the air.

"As your device so... eloquently... mentioned, Devices don't like to work with me. They can be quite... difficult." he says, picking one up, and closing his eyes. The Device, quite frankly, goes a little berzerk, spitting out a bunch of error codes audiably and then going into a shelled version of its standby mode. He puts it down on a lab table. It'll go back to normal in a few moments.

"The device I wear is a bit... jury rigged. I built it out of parts from at least three others, and it's still got a bit of an attitude." To be fair, an Earth human making a workable device out of spare parts at all would be unimaginable to anyone on Mid-Childa. "And once I got it working... it was missing a lot of data. It was a fun adventure."
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 13:10:27 7648
    "My parents wouldn't let me," she says with a roll of her eyes in response to being told Takashi was using magic from a young age. This display of magic, and without a device, gets her attention. "Ohh..." she sounds as the little shadow forms and dissipates. "I bet I could do all sorts of amazing things if I could have started using magic in kindergarten. No fair!"

    <Master, didn't you tell me about that lovely home you grew up in? I'm sure your parents would have been very upset about the time you burned it down with magic.>

    "Hahaha, that's so true!" Euphemia responds with a genuine laugh, "I'm not saying they didn't have -reason- not to let me use magic, only that they didn't."

    The Device is observed as it goes into a lockdown mode. The girl scratches at the back of her head and then reaches over to snatch it up off the table. She pokes around with it, her tongue sticking out a bit, and blinks, "Wow, it really doesn't like you, huh? My dad's Storage Device didn't do this except the time I put it on the stove." Then with a pause she adds, "Heating it up won't remove security locks."

    Setting it back down she gives a bit of a shrug, "I can fill you in I guess but it'd probably be a lot faster if we just got you access to one of these without smashing it's memory to pieces in the process. They can talk right into your mind and the really cool ones like Bulwark can even create artificial combat zones in your mind where you can practice magic."

    Reaching over to one of the other Devices, an Intelligent one this time, she sleepily says, "Register Guest user, Euphemia Barchetta." <No, Sir. Access Denied.> "Oh, right. TSAB model. Ugh." She looks to Takashi and rolls her eyes as if he'd somehow know and share her frustration.

    "Register Guest user Euphemia Barchetta, Authorization Code QAS54Delta286." <Guest User Registered. How may I help you, Sir?> To this the girl laughs aloud, "Guess this means Dad never realized I cracked -that- particular code. I'm kind of shocked he didn't put the secondary and tertiary lockouts in too like he did on his own Device, but then I guess it is only guest mode."
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 13:22:18 7649
Takashi watches Euphemia simply pick up a device and, with a small amount of effort, have it respond in a way that wasn't an error code. "I have to admit, I'm jealous." he says with a smirk. "I didn't even know these things had a guest mode.

I guess I trip some sort of security feature designed to prevent 'the wrong people'" he points to himself with a grin "from getting information. And you don't. Which is super-handy."

Inwardly, he's already thinking about some sort of proxy he can use to bypass this issue - he presumed all devices were just issues like this - but for now he's very curious.

"Artifical combat zones in my mind?" This is VERY intriguing indeed. He looks like the proverbial kid in a candy store. "Are any of the ones we have here able to do that?" he pauses. "I mean of course, none of them look like they have quite the quality of your Bulwark, but..." No, Takashi is not above flattering Devices, either.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 13:35:42 7650
    "After how awful your magic made me feel I'm not really surprised. The TSAB is really finicky and prickly about anything like that. I mean, you can have enough power to blow up a city just fine but if you start messing with dimensional space too much?" The girl's voice goes mockingly deep and she pantomimes a little, "Ohhh nooo, now you're a bad, bad Mage!"

    The girl fiddles and toys with the Intelligent Device in her hands, Bulwark still safely on her chain Euphemia's neck. "Don't be too impressed, the most you can do with Guest Mode is access its memory, use it to communicate, and maybe use it to seal something or scan the area if it has those capacities. Anything really powerful you have to either synchronize or put it into a repair or debug mode and sadly I never got that far." If the Intelligent Device is annoyed at registering a guest who doesn't seem interested in actually using it's functions for the moment it doesn't voice it.

    A moment later Euphemia blinks, "Wait a second. You do know you can use them to communicate, right?" She accesses Bulwark, who connects to Axion, and then speaks to Takashi's mind, 'Like this? I mean, it's a pretty basic but amazing function.'

    "And I think I might have a way to let you talk to the Device directly without it shutting down on you using it!" she completes verbally with a bright smile.

    To the question the girl gives a little shrug, "I donno, probably?" Bulwark on the other hand explains, <The Time Space Administration Bureau should have equipped all of it's Intelligent Devices with the ability to engage in simulated combat exercises, though how complex these can be would depend on the specific model. With that shadow magic of yours I think you'd need a powerful one, hun.>

    Hun? Well, that's probably an upgrade from 'polluted Linker Core'. Maybe the flattery worked?
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 13:42:21 7651
Takashi had actually not used them to communicate, and looks with a little wonder. The fact that such a basic function had been lost to memory until Euphemia opened it probably speaks to the level of damage that Axion's component devices recieved during assembly. 'Okay, this is cool too!'

Takashi has the biggest grin on his face now. 'You think we can use this like a pass-through, so that I can speak through your device without tripping out the security.' he explains, mostly to himself. 'You're amazing too, Euphemia-chan.' he adds.

Then, to Bulwark's comment, he adds further. 'The TSAB can't be too smart if they locked both of your potentials away. So it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't do something they should have.' He smiles. 'But you really are amazing in your own little way, Euphemia-chan. I'm glad you're on our side now. I think you'll have a lot more fun with us. Just let me handle the paperwork!'
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 13:55:03 7652
Since Takashi seems to be having fun with the mental communication Euphemia goes along with it. After all it's good practice and somewhat fun and new in and of itself. 'That's exactly what I'm thinking, Takashi-san! You're pretty quick.'

    Euphemia is in mental contact with Bulwark even during this conversation, and the Intelligent Device pipes up to both of them in their minds, <A mental link through another Device will not alert it to your otherwise incompatible state. Axion should be prepared to lock the datalink open once it is engaged, as otherwise TSAB security measures would prevent tampering. And this just would not be any fun at all without a little tampering, would it? Lucky for you I just do not care for those silly lockouts or this might not work at all.>

    'Weeeell it was my parents who locked -my- potential away,' responds Euphemia with a mental sigh, 'but you're right about Bulwark. She's amazing and wonderful and powerful and they were just too stupid to realize it. Bulwark is the perfect example for just how flawed their stupid code really is.' Then with a verbal laugh she adds, 'You can handle every last bit of paperwork, Takashi-san!'

    A moment later she's looking down at the TSAB Intelligent Device in her hands, her voice gone on the mental link as she communicates with it mentally, preparing it to connect with Bulwark. <Prepare for impending connection. Warning: All safeties and mental limiters disabled.>

    That's not worrying at all!
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 14:02:00 7653
Takashi just keeps grinning madly. 'Axion is prepared, I think.' Axion had better be prepared if it doesn't want to be diassembled and reassembled again for improvements, he reminds it.

Axion is prepared.

'That's horrible. Of all the people who want to see you succeed, it should be your parents. They should be assisting your potential, not hiding it. I wouldn't have the powers I did if not for the sacrifices of my parents!' he adds as the links are made from one device to another.

Frankly, it doesn't worry Takashi a single bit. After all... curiosity is his second most abundant state, right after prideful. And Axion is doing a lot more than just participating; it's recording the connection path Bulwark is making, and recording a /bunch/ of general data about all of the connected devices. What it lost in original information, it is making up for with a very impressive data awareness.

'I think you and I are going to have a lot of fun thrashing all those stuffy-rules types.'
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 14:17:26 7656
    Euphemia is still playing with the Intelligent Device in her hands, legs kicking off the edge of the lab bench. 'It was really frustrating, but I do think they had my best interests at heart. I just think they were wrong.'

    A moment later a new voice is heard, one that perfectly matches the one of the Intelligent Device that had just granted Euphemia guest access. >Link Established. Guest access granted by proxy. How may I be of service?<

    That's when the Device notices the disabled limiters, >Access Violation in progress. Disabling Dataink<. The device tries, but fails to cut the mental link. <Access Denied> chimes Bulwark, <Severing the link now would cause irreparable mental harm to both parties.>

    This takes several moments for the Intelligent Device to process, which is perhaps astonishing considering the processing power at it's disposal.

    >Access....Granted. Please end all tasks and disconnect this link as soon as possible.< This sounds like an order rather than a suggestion, but Bulwark simply replies, <No.> Cue mechanized laughter. <Silly little fool. You can't shut us out when doing so would hurt them can you? Don't you see now that your safeties only serve to harm you?>

    The silence on the other end of the mental link is deafening, and Euphemia is laughing aloud again. 'Hee! I think we're going to have more fun than even you know, Takashi-san!'
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 14:30:16 7657
Takashi is... impressed. He's impressed with Euphemia, and he's impressed with (and even jealous of) her device. 'Thank you, Bulwark' he adds over the link.

And then he's through. Working with Axion's code-spam for so long has gotten him to the point where he can read device-code in a more direct way, but the sheer amount of data allowed to him is phenomenal. 'Is this what a device is supposed to have?' he asks Euphemia.

If she tries to keep up with him through the mental link, she'll quickly find it a bit tiring - Takashi is reading as much as he can on a data level, rather than waiting for the device to translate it into normal form - that way Axion, constantly watching, can hold it as information.

'Did I tell you that you both are amazing, Euphemia-chan, Bulwark? With this sort of information I can do things with these devices that were unimaginable.' And indeed, that's very clearly his plan - to do unimaginable (and unethical) things with his newfound information.

'Can you imagine how upset your goofy space police would be right now?' he adds with a mental laugh.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 14:50:14 7659
    Euphemia is sending Takashi a beaming smile as he thanks her and Bulwark. Bulwark is quiet for the moment because she is monitoring the information being passed along, and though Euphemia can't even begin to keep up with this much raw data the Intelligent Device can. She's not looking for a reason to sever the connection, but she's also making sure nothing incredibly dangerous is attempted while the mental link is established.

    Likewise any attempts to connect to Bulwarks databanks in this manner don't even get response pings- Bulwarks 'mental' defenses are nearly as strong as her physical and magical ones and she has no intention of letting Takashi access anything she doesn't want him seeing, especially not in a direct data-reading fashion like he's doing now.

    'I'm pretty sure they'd already be sending me to prison forever just for giving you these Devices, never mind helping you to break through their security. By the way, were you telling the truth about that whole 'irreparable harm' thing, Bulwark?'

    <Yes and no, Master. This technique should never be used on a Device that has a registered user that is in anything near a conscious state. Active defenses could be mentally damaging, as could a sudden disconnect in the middle of operations; but you know I would prevent the link from terminating at such a time.>

    Despite the Guest access Takashi's ability to read the data raw will let him get much father than one might expect- it's effectively 'read' level access to just about everything but next to know 'use' level access. This would normally be a problem- it's the difference between being told how to cast Round Shield and being spat the minutae of mana usage, the reason each little piece of the magic circle is where it is, actual mana into shield formation, along with hundreds if not thousands of variables... but reading the device-code directly will crunch straight past most of these issues, and if anything is even more potent.

    There is encryption in some places, like the Device's AI itself and anything having to do with the Combat Safety Limiters and how they function, but these can be brute forced- especially with Axion and Bulwark's help if Takashi doesn't want to strain his mental capacity.

    Then again, maybe he likes a good mental challenge?
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 14:57:20 7660
Takashi isn't even worried about the consequences. If he worried about dangerous consequences he wouldn't posses anywhere near the power and understanding he has now. Besides, his understanding is that Euphemia is also at the same risk, and Bulwark would, as it says, never allow harm to come to her.

'If the come to take you to prison they'll have to go through Bulwark and I. I think they would find I could rally an awful lot of further opposition to unwanted intrusions, too.' And he means it. As long as Euphemia is a useful ally, he will defend her. And Bulwark, too.

'Bulwark, Axion, there's some encryption, some scrambling on some of this code. Can you two clear it?' he asks. He's already taken all of the raw, encrypted code and saved it, but if the two power-calculators can help him break those locks he'll be able to get creative with the code much sooner.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 15:13:24 7661
    It's times like this when Euphemia is really, really glad Bulwark has a mind of her own. Bulwark has to use Euphemia's mana to cast spells, but she doesn't require the girl's mental power to think. She'd probably be a pretty awful Device if she did, at least for this particular user

    'And they'd have to get through me before they could get to you! I'd almost like to see a few of them try. It might be fun.' The encryption has the girl looking a little woozy, and it's at this point she just stops trying to follow the data stream at all. A little dizziness isn't anything she needs protected from, however, so Bulwark keeps the link open. <Encryption levels are recognized as standard for root level operations.>

    A moment later Bulwark herself transmits some data to Axion and Takashi- a very large table of all known root level TSAB encryption keys. How would she have this? Simple; they tried every last one to try and break into her own core files. Next is transmitted a list of a few dozen very basic code snippets, followed by each of these snippets as they appear after being mangled by the encryption.

    <Data will be transmitted one packet at a time. I will handle every odd packet, Axion every even packet. Begin transfer.>

    The same files are pushed through the datalink one more time, but as they go they're morphed thousands of times and cross referenced until the correct encoding is found. The result is the data unencrypted, coming through at an incredibly slow pace compared to before.

    Euphemia is starting to get bored, so she takes a peek at the datalink again, only to make a wrenching sound. It's only half for comedy's sake.
Takashi Agera 2015-08-15 15:29:32 7663
Takashi somehow remains interested in every little bit. It's like unlocking a great secret for him - something he'd nearly given up on for a lack of reference material, and here it is - everything he could need to crack open the juicy shell of these wonderful little machines.

'I guess this will take a while, Euphemia-chan. Thanks for putting up with it. After this, we'll go do something fun - even my brain will need a break.' he says. There is, in fact, only so much machine code he can read himself.

There's a pause while he waits. 'We should get Amaya-chan and do some go-karting. I dunno if you've ever done anything like it, but I think you'd enjoy it. And you certainly deserve a treat. In addition to your pay, of course.' he says with a grin that almost tears at his face.

His mind is just going at a thousand miles per hour with thoughts of what this will enable him to do - doors it will open, plans it will enable - and he is genuinely thankful to his excitable new ally for it.
Euphemia Barchetta 2015-08-15 15:37:41 7664
    'I knoooow. This is really important and your having a lot of fun so I can put up with it for a while. I mean, I'd just leave but you'd lose your guest access if I did. That or breaking the connection now would melt my brain.' Even Euphemia doesn't put a curious tone into her mental voice at the thought of that.

    The mention of go-karting puts a bright smile on her face, "Yay!" 'Gokarts sound like a blast! I wonder how fast I can make them go!'

    Just then there's a little sound that catches her attention. At first she looks around, not realizing where it's coming from, but after a moment recognizes it as the TSAB Intelligent Device in the midst of being full downloaded. <Stop...this. Please...Sir.>


    <Data...Compromised. Breaches....Innumerable. Potential...Harm...Incalculable>

    "Yep! You're pretty much helping us rip your programming apart piece by piece so we can find out new and fantastic ways of sticking it to TSAB." The cyan haired girl tilts her head to one side, "You'll probably be complicit in harm to dozens," her head tilts to the other side, "Maybe even hundreds of people!"

    What follows is probably the closest thing to a cry of torment a Device can utter- a long and unintelligible string of grating consonants.

    "You're welcome!"