Technically Humans

Lacrima tells Kazuo what happened when she visited Alexis's mother. Sayaka comes in partway and gets the story for the first time.

Date: 2017-10-26
Pose Count: 34
Lacrima 2017-10-26 23:42:10 85478
Lacrima has been sitting on her information for a bit. She decides it's time to make a choice. Well. Maybe. Get help. Making a choice. She's admitting she is so... emotionally compromised on this she needs help. Where does she go when she needs help?

She falls from a Dusk Step. Fall. Two inches off the ground on the balcony and she needs a moment to steady herself. She's off enough mentally she's getting slightly inaccurate in her stepping. It's probably good she wasn't so far off she appeared in mid air. Well. She can float at least. Not fly very well. But she'd been fine. Really. (REALLY!)

She has a package of donuts that's from another not-Darkbucks-coffee shop. Maybe it's Gullwing Coffee.

"Hello...?" she talks out. "I'm here." she says quieter. Flatter than usual. Not really inquisitive. More like a blase statement of presence.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-26 23:52:17 85479
The rosebush on the balcony rustles, but no spirits manifest at this juncture, which may perhaps be to the good right now.

It's only a moment before Kazuo appears at the balcony door; his eyebrows lift, and he slides it open to allow Lacrima in. "May I get you anything?" he inquires. "Dinner involved a somewhat ridiculous amount of meat; I don't know if that's as helpful to you as baked goods and sugar. Or something to drink, perhaps?"
Lacrima 2017-10-27 00:06:12 85482
Lacrima speaks. "Food. Food is helpful. Always helpful. It just looks odd carrying around a plate of twelve steaks." she says flatly. She's probably being serious but it may come off as flat humor. She has a seat as she walks past Kunzite onto the couch as she then grows unsettlingly quiet.

"Alexis never spoke to her a lot. I know that much." she says flatly. "I know that much because HE told me. And SHE told me." she says.

"But. She knows. Everything. Do you know what was one of the first thing she told me when I said I was visiting to find out if Alexis was okay...?" she asks quietly...

"'You shouldn't worry so much, about your replacement brother.'". she says coldly.

"Implying she knows about my situation Ryo. Implying that Alexis spoke to her about that. And I going to assume. That Alexis did not talk to her about my brother. That he punched in the nose and sent to the hospital and caused a news story about." she says quietly.

"I don't think Alexis told anyone else at all." she says quietly. "/I/ had to tell people that." she says softly, as she clenches her fists a bit.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 00:17:32 85485
Kazuo does not reply at first. He closes the door against the autumn evening chill, instead, and then paces into the kitchen. Shortly thereafter, he returns with a tray that says 'Kazuo was not the one deciding on dinner today': two improbably-large teriyaki burgers, a salad, a bag of potato chips, a couple of apples, and about a quart of hot chocolate. He takes his own coffee off the tray and seats himself before he says anything at all.

"So," he says. "Very likely she was watching him. Whatever she was using to watch him, it was either absent when Mercury scanned him, or sufficiently dormant to evade both her scan and Endymion piecing him back together. It would not be unreasonable to treat as a working assumption that she was moved to institute that watch after his return after that incident; that, or she intentionally took no action while he was injured."
Lacrima 2017-10-27 00:52:25 85492
Lacrima eyes the Teriyaki burgers and she daintly and politely takes one. Then begins doing the opposite of that eating it. If one could inhale a burger whole, this is problaly the closest to it. This has nothing on Usagi though. Then another one shortly after.

"...I... I think it's worse than that." she says quietly.

"...she used language. That me and Rashmi agree. Suggests. Something unsavory. Like she was talking about correcting the behavior of something without free will- or wasn't supposed to have it. 'he wasn't supposed to do that, or it wasn't supposed to matter' 'correcting him.' 'He wasn't supposed to make friends.'" she says quietly.

She fidgets.

"She's knowing where to hit." she says quietly. picking up another burger, but only staring at this one.

"She asked me... to... /help/... whatever she's doing. Because... it's family business. And only family should matter in it." she says tersely.

She shoves the burger into her mouth.

" I don't have anyone. I can't go home... my brother insists that I'm a dead despite various punches to faces and apparently Eliam-kun tried to get him to come along on a trip to the ballet in Australia he took me on a day after my birthday." she says quiet.

"And Alexis is.... I don't even know." she says quietly.

"I'm tired of bad things always happening to my family because of me." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 00:56:35 85493
"This is not something happening to Raskoph because of you," Kazuo answers Lacrima quietly. "This is something happening to Raskoph because of his family and himself. It may have happened earlier because of your closeness to him, yes. If so, and if your worries are correct, then that is to the good; they may have moved before they were really ready."
Lacrima 2017-10-27 01:26:33 85498
She's shoving another burger into her mouth.

"Yes it is. The woman said that what I did to him... that night. Screwed things up." she says quietly. "She knew what I was too. It started with simple hints. 'I know you're probably not hungry. But you can taste it, can't you?'." she offers. "When I told her I had other... nutritional needs to see to. She said 'I understand your need for other substance.'" she says. "Then just. The whole knowing what I did that night to begin with." she says quietly.

Then more quietly.

"She wants an answer." she says. "To that question. 'Am I going to help'." she says.

"She doesn't want anyone else interfering. She knows there was a spy. She's going to take anymore attempts at it as a hostile act I think." she says.

"I could say no. But what then? Is she going to shut me out? Maybe erase me from Alexis's head. Who the hell knows what she's doing to him." she says quietly.

"I could say yes. But what if what she is doing is horrible enough?" she asks. "I could just try to steal him and run. But who would I go to? Riventon? Eclipse? She probably works for them. I'm not going to be surprised when I find that out." she says quietly.

"I don't think Ami-chan would know where to start with that." she says even more quietly. "And I'm just a researcher." she says.

"The fact she even thought to /ask/ me for help suggests she knows something about my background working for UMBRA Labs as a Researcher of sorts." she says quietly.

"Her security seemed human enough. At least. Not the guards like Riventon and Hannah use that are obviously manufactured youma of some sort."

"No Dark Energy Signatures I could personally perceive with my own senses. But that doesn't mean anything since I don't read as 'Dark Energy' when I have my Norie disguise up, either." she says quietly.

"...and you know. Alexis isn't half demon or something obviously."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 01:43:17 85500
"That's the other possibility, isn't it. Raskoph's missing memories. When she may have pulled information out of him, either aloud via control, or directly from his mind." Kazuo does not sound concerned. But he doesn't often sound that concerned about anything. Not much more than Lacrima often does.

Kazuo taps fingers against his knee for a moment. "Regarding your involvement. Either she was lying, or she was telling the truth. Lying is a reasonable possibility; she'd have enough information from Raskoph to know your weak points. Telling the truth is also a possibility. However, bear in mind that if what you did to Raskoph distorted her plan, and she is doing this to repair it, then what you actually did is most likely to both your and Raskoph's benefit in the long run."

The rest -- he doesn't address that as of yet. Only tilts his head down a little, and frowns.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 01:47:16 85501
Sayaka Miki had been keeping a low profile, trying to recover after taking on a number of pumpkin youma while on low energy. Fortunately she'd had some time to rest and recover, and being the impatient person that she is, she eventually emerged from the guest room, eager to continue fighting youma and what not. She pauses only briefly in the doorway as she hears some familiar voices. Mention of 'Raskoph' and 'missing memories' does cause her to catch her breath and she frowns deeply, stepping further into the main room. "Lex-chan? Has something happened to him?!" come to think of it, she hasn't seen him in a while..
Lacrima 2017-10-27 02:00:21 85504
Lacrima seems to reactively terse when she hears Sayaka's voice and then she lowers her head a moment because she's quickly eating two burgers at once now. She's quiet when this happens. "Sayaka-chan." she says quietly. "Please don't be upset about not seeing Alexis-niisan." she says quietly.

She's trying to suddenly keep a level head of tone.

"Sayaka, please sit, before I start talking. There's things I need to tell you." she says. She waits for this.

"....Please do not. Act. Alone. On what I'm about to tell you." she says quietly. "Not yet." she says.

She takes a deep breath. She doesn't need to breathe. She's doing an old human habit because it helps.

"We have reason to believe that Alexis's Mother has locked him away somewhere, for some sort of unsavory purpose we can't figure out." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 02:05:08 85506
"We have further reason to believe that she is aware of magic and capable of responding to it," Kazuo says, his voice no louder than Lacrima's, and with as little inflection. "She's already spotted it repeatedly. She has guards who may or may not be aware. And she may be aware of our identities, and of the weaknesses of ours that Raskoph knew. This is why Lacrima asked you not to act yet; we will be able to do much more for him if we don't give her the opportunity to take us on one at a time."
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 02:11:52 85508
Sayaka Miki narrows her eyes on Lacrima, noting the large amounts of food in front of the emopite with a bit of curiosity...Although it hasn't quite registered yet, just why it's so strange. Perhaps it is because Saya is a bit worried - okay, very worried about what she may be about to hear. When Lacri tells her to sit, she just nods wordlessly, sinking into a nearby armchair, eyes still fixed intently upon Lacrima. "Uh...Wait, what?" she swallows, shaking her head, trying to understand. "Lex-chan's...Mom is....? But..But that doesn't make any sense! Why, I saw her the other day! She said..." Saya clenches her fists, gripping the arm rests of her arm chair tightly, her mind racing. "But..She seemed nice, and....Dammit, I should have sensed something was up with her! That last time she......" She sighs, hangs her head, not sure what to think really. Kazuo's comment about magic causes her head to snap up, peering at him intently. "Why? Why would she do this to her own son!?"
Lacrima 2017-10-27 02:24:30 85510
Lacrima blinks. "The last time?" she asks. "Sayaka. Have you met Hulda Raskoph? If so, I want to hear what happened. Even if nothing untoward and it seemed normal." she says softly. "I want you to recount the meeting. Please?" she asks.

She leans forward as she eyes Kunzite and nods rapidly at him. "That's the primary concern." she says quietly. "We need more information." she says.

"It's all unknown and for all we know she could be something or someone intensely powerful. But she could also just be some enlightened normal person who has no direct access to magic herself. There's lots of people like that where I work. Just. Bussiness people. Who know. But can't fling powers around." she says flatly.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 02:34:33 85511
"If it was a meeting at their home," Kazuo says, "then anything you could say about the security would also be appreciated. I recall someone mentioning an astonishing number of guards; it would be interesting to know whether that was a new addition to the decor."

He rises, and paces into the kitchen; it doesn't bar him from listening, there's a counter between rather than a solid wall. Shortly after, he returns with a tray for Sayaka as well. Burger (he must have saved one for her), chips, hot cocoa in a saner size, water and whatever fruit soda someone overstocked the fridge with this time as alternatives. And, tucked onto the side, a plastic container labelled by date. She already knows that those are the ones they keep their emergency-grief-cube rations in.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 02:38:10 85514
Sayaka Miki hmmms, "Well, it was a really big house. And very highly secured. Lots of high tech security cameras, a gate around the premises, lots of servants..He's really really rich." she makes a face, "And I thought my parents were well-off." she laughs a bit, trying to lighten the mood or relax perhaps? "But, umm..I guess I found it strange how very attentive and clever his mom was. Even though we were very sneaky and quiet, she still knew I was there, and even when I took the back entrance down the pipe drain to get out..She was waiting there for me, expectantly, like this happens all the time. Or..Maybe she just keeps a very close eye on her son at all times, through some secret security camera or something? I dunno.."
Lacrima 2017-10-27 02:50:24 85517
Lacrima mmmmphs. "So the security isn't new. My experience is different though. She seemed.... surprised. I effectively knocked on her door to ask her inside. Like she /didn't/ expect it." she says. "Everything else she seemed prepared for mentally, yes." she says quietly to Sayaka.

"That matches with my experience." she says with a sigh.

She looks at the burger tray. She grimaces. There's a salad there. She starts eating that. If 'inhaling it from the bowl with a fork' can be described as eating.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 02:58:09 85520
Salad. Apples. Chips. Donuts. All of these things are technically food. Kazuo returns to his seat quietly, listening to the pair of them compare notes. He hasn't been there; he doesn't have anything to add.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 02:59:18 85521
Sayaka Miki frowns a bit. "Huh, why would she detain her own son? I mean, isn't it taking the whole 'grounded' thing a bit far?" she laughs nervously again, "Geez, I hope I didnt get him in trouble or something. I wonder how she'd react to another visit from me? I mean, she's already met me and seemed to like me..Or was it just a front?" she eyes the food on Lacri's plate. "You need help eating that?"
Lacrima 2017-10-27 03:04:24 85523
Lacrima hesitates. "I don't know what's going on." she says. "She says what's going on with him. The blanking out and lost memories he's been having going on is related to... what happened. With the whole. Vampire thing." she says quietly.

"So if you want to blame someone for this right now. I guess I am. Technically." she says quietly.

"It's a front." she answers adamantly. "She knows exactly what she's doing and she probably knows you're a Puella Magi I bet." she says softly.

She eyes Kunzite and sighs. "Thank you. For the food." she says softly. "I'm going to get up. And get something to add to my donuts. I would normally ask Mamoru. But I am sure given the situation. That he will not mind. And if he does. I will compensate him and I will apologize." she says quietly, as she picks up the closed box of donuts.

She comes back with the plain cake donut box open and the donuts are sort of covered in that Rose Honey. She shoves one of the donuts into her mouth.

She kinda needs the magical Rose Honey boost right now.

"So who's idea was teriyaki burgers?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 03:12:28 85525
"She says. We don't know whether she's telling the truth. We don't know whether the relationship might be, for instance, 'he began to display too much independence, so we accelerated a mind-control-implant program, and it had unforeseen results.'" Kazuo's voice hasn't acquired anything most people would recognize as concern. It's just gone drier still. "Until we can get actual data, we don't know what the truth is. Unfortunately, we don't have a good way of locating him to try to get that data."

Kazuo inclines his head to Lacrima when she announces her intent to get something, and doesn't ask questions about what. Nor does he say a word when she returns with honey-drenched baked goods. That's an excellent plan. Maybe they should try candying rose petals for her.

-- her question throws him off guard for a moment, but he answers it honestly. "Neil found a place he likes that makes them," he says. Then clarifies, "Nephrite." A moment's pause. "If you ever need to locate somewhere in Tokyo that specifically serves some ridiculous food, he's the one to ask."
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 03:19:50 85526
Sayaka Miki blinks slowly, "Wait...His blanking out is related to the whole vampire thing? In what way? And what about his suddent intellectual flood of random information from time to time? That part of the vampire thing too? And what's that have to do with his mom? You dont think...She's experimenting on him, or something? I mean, if she wanted to help him, she wouldnt be so secretive about it..." she grits her teeth, slamming her right fist into her open hand.

"Dammit! I need to get back to his house right away! If she's got him locked up somewhere..I mean, at least I kinda know the layout of the house.."

Then tasty baked goods arrive.. Her mouth waters hungrily at the sight of the sweetly glazed donuts. "Waaah!? You need help eating that!? I'm starving!" well, help or no, she's already diving for one, or two. Hey, being a Puella Magi is hard work. "You sure seem hungrier than usual, Lacri-chan. What's up with that?"
Lacrima 2017-10-27 03:23:45 85528
Lacrima nods. "I haven't really interacted with Nephrite. But I mean to. Natsumi-chan thinks that she won't be welcomed here because she... 'talks to stars' and thinks she'll be seen as odd." she says with a slightly coy tone. "You understand why I want her to meet him of course. To show how really silly that is." she says.

She scowls. "If this is some kind of... mind. messing. I'm going to be fairly upset. But I'm already upset. I'm not sure how much more upset I can get. I don't think I want to find out right now." she says as she shoves another honey-covered donut into her mouth.

She offers, hesitantly, one of the donuts to Sayaka. "They're covered with a rose honey that Mamoru and Makoto make. Specifically. From the roses that Mamoru are able to just pull out of thin air." she says quietly. "Um. I think Mamoru would want me to warn you they have some sort of positive magical properties. I know it helps me." she says quietly. "It might make it easier for you handle this news right now." she says softly. "But. Just. Trying to remember the stuff he told me." she says.

"As for how it's related I'm not sure. He isn't.... /relapsing/. I'd /feel that/. I'd been able to /reach out/ and feel it." she says. "Besides. It was my energy in him and I know my energy." she says quietly.

"It's possible it screwed with some prior procedure or action done on him. It's my best guess. But then again right now these are all guesses." she says quietly.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 03:39:23 85530
Kazuo has repeated 'it's also possible she's lying' often enough tonight that he stops beating that particular dead horse. What he says instead is, "He was repeating Device-related information that he is not known ever to have been exposed to. Someone is experimenting on him, or something is. Knowingly or not. His mother is the current best candidate. But that's not certain."

... he stops there, too, because Sayaka has never been known to be good at sorting out gray areas. But there's the rose honey. "Very small positive magical properties," he notes. "But they seem to do some people a little good." Maybe Mamoru should feed him the stuff. "Lacrima, have you considered luring this Natsumi with looking at one of the telescopes? Not Nephrite's, but Mamoru owns one that I don't think he'd mind someone else using."
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 03:42:25 85533
Sayaka Miki belatedly arches a curious brow at Kunzite's theory, shaking her head. "She could be lying, sure, but I just want to be ready for any possible angle..The idea of mind control, and trying to prevent independency..That sounds like a possible angle too. But.. Why would she do that to her own son? And I thought Seth-kun's family was messed up.."

She sighs, quietly munching away on tasty donuts for several minutes. And it's true, they really are quite relaxing. At least she's not yelling or charging out to his house right now.

"Wow, so he can really summon roses out of thin-air? I always kinda imagined he just hid 'em all under his cloak, although that would seriously hurt, with all the thorns. Unless he de-thorns them first, which is a lot of work, and he sure has tons of roses to spare!" She chuckles a bit as she tries to figure that one out, about to pop another sweet treat in her mouth when she notices the burger and chips and drink. "Oh, maybe I'll save the sweets til later. Thanks Kunz-san!" she grins at him, digging into her burger. Boy, is she ever hungry tonight!

"So...What should we do? I mean, we could always just charge in there guns blazing, or I could show up pretending we had a date or something..Or we could try a more sneaky approach, though that'd be difficult with all the heightenned security..I mean, he's just gotta be somewhere in that house, don't you think?"

Peering back at Lacrima as she mentions Natsumi, Saya scratches her head. "Hmm, I think I met her once or twice, she seemed nice.."
Lacrima 2017-10-27 03:55:33 85536
Lacrima raises a brow. "If there's a telescope up there Mamoru wouldn't mind us using I could lure her over here with that, yes." she says quietly. "I don't see a lot of Natsumi-chan as much as I'd like." she says quietly. "I don't think her mother likes me very much because I'm not 'bubbly' and 'personable'." she rolls her eyes with a sigh.

She sighs. "Yes. Yes. Lying. We're all guessing. Assumptions." she sighs a bit and frumps.

".....I miss being grumpy about missing dance recitals and nothing else." she mutters.

Yeah the honey is helping her loosen up. Which is good. Less worry and more. Letting her mind wander off it for moments.

"If you can keep a straight face. And keep your discussion off obvious topics. She might buy the 'We had a date?' story." she says.

"...even better if you could get a time he may be able to go on it. Would give us an idea of how long we have." she says tersely.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 04:01:55 85537
Yes, yes, lying: Kazuo half-lifts a hand. "I didn't say it," he says mildly. This time. Only the previous four or so. Ahem. "But there's certainly a telescope around Mamoru wouldn't mind you using, yes. I'll show you which one."

He glances to Sayaka a moment after. "Out of thin air, yes. They have traces of his magic, and a trace of that in turn makes it into the honey. I presume it keeps a shadow of its properties. Connection and recovery, a little. I haven't tried it myself; not my experiment to work with."

Then he falls silent again, because what Lacrima is saying is much more useful.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 04:06:44 85540
Sayaka Miki hmmmms, rubbing her hands together thoughtfully. The food tastes great and she's feeling rather lazy. Yeah, definitely dont wanna go bursting into anywhere with guns blazing. Not tonight at any rate. Tomorrow? Maybe. "Alright, I think I could pull that off. I'll have to act totally oblivious of his disappearance of late. Maybe act like I've just been busy and haven't had a chance to connect with him in a while, but that we did have an important date that was set up a while ago." She grins, "It might work. I'm sure it will..."

And with that out of the way for now, Saya focuses on finishing her tasty meal, relaxing more, sitting back in her seat. "Thanks for this, Kunzite-san, it's really good. And the honey donuts too. I didn't realize Mako-chan was such a good cook, but then I don't really know her as well as the other senshi."

She smiles at Lacri, yes, definitely a bit different tonight, she is. "Yeah, Natsumi-chan sounds like she'd have something in common with Nephrite-san. I mean, I don't know him that well, except for the time he helped me out with recovering my lost marbles.." she makes a face. Hey, that actually happened, even though it ends up sounding weird. "That's too bad..I mean, not everyone can be bubbly and personable, y'know? People like you are what keep people like me on her feet." she grins at Lacrima.
Lacrima 2017-10-27 04:14:14 85543
Lacrima scoffs. "The donuts are from some shop in Uminari. The honey I think has Makoto's hand in it in some way." she says. "But it's still good." she says quietly.

She purses her lips at Sayaka. "I used to be that way. Bubbly. I mean. I think I was. At least." she says as she sort of seems to search her thoughts and she legit acts like she has a migraine recoil as she takes a deep breath. "Do not think about that right now." she says lowly. But it seems more to herself than right now. "Later. Not now." she says quietly to herself as she carefully resettles herself.

She doesn't explain that little episode as she takes a deep breath.

"Yes. It's actually ... in character... for Alexis to not contact me first. Usually I need to contact him." she says flatly.

A sighs. "I am completely personable, Sayaka-chan." she insists in full deadpan. "Completely."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 04:22:34 85545
"Makoto made the rose honey, yes, and came up with the idea," Kazuo notes. "The rest of this -- this isn't hers, no. It's good, but her cooking is better."

He glances away from them, then, toward one of the rooms. "Does Raskoph contact anyone if someone isn't physically making him do so at the time?" he wonders. "Ever?"
... annnd keeps looking away for that moment. It's not the lost marbles that causes him to need to hide the twitch at the corner of his mouth. It's Lacrima's deadpan. What, he thinks she's personable...
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 04:28:59 85547
Sayaka Miki smirks at Lacrima. "Heh, I mean, no offence or anything Lacri-chan. It's just..Well, you can be kinda...Scary sometimes." Saya continues to try and lighten the situation, a tricky thing when dealing with two somewhat serious people. However, her smile fades a bit at the 'used to be bubbly' bit. "I'm sorry, Lacri-chan. I'm only kidding." she shrugs.

"But you're right, Lex-chan can be such a flake sometimes. Well a LOT, I mean, you practically had to drag him, kicking and screaming to me to...Err...Kiss and make up.." she blushes a bit, looking away. That came out all weird. Saya coughs a bit, busying herself with stuffing her mouth with more sweet donuts once she's finished the main meal.

"I mean, maybe it's just a guy thing to act that way, but...ANYWAY! That would be a good front for why I'd show up at his house at least. It's worth a try, right?" she smiles sheepishly, wiping the sticky honey from her mouth as best as she can, looking around for a napkin or something..
Lacrima 2017-10-27 04:46:31 85551
Lacrima eyes Sayaka. "I'm a horrible vampire that's effectively a ball of animated dark energy. It's reasonable to be scared of me if people are." she says lightly. "I like it when people I talk to /aren't/." she offers. "But I understand if I unnerve them a little. Some people are more sensitive to what I am. And sometimes I'm more sensitive to what they are."

She purses her lips. She's positive that Kunzite is leaving to fetch a napkin before she can offer or look for one for Sayaka.

"I think it is a typical boy thing, maybe yes." she says. "But I think all boys are different. I'm sure Kunzite and the others are gentlemans about such things. I'm not sure I could say perfectly so." she offers. "But gentlemens."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-27 04:53:31 85553
Lacrima would be one hundred percent correct. Kazuo returns after a moment with two hand towels for Sayaka, one dampened with comfortably-hot water to help remove the honey, one dry to deal with the water after. He is, as usual, listening the entire time.

"I assure you that brooding is neither a masculine nor a feminine trait," Kazuo says solemnly to Sayaka. He inclines his head to Lacrima after. "I'm flattered by your esteem. But we remain human, and therefore as capable of being idiots on the subject as anyone else. Alas."
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-27 04:54:42 85554
Sayaka Miki peers intently at Lacrima for a moment or two, remembering her first reaction when she initially met the emopire. "Y-yeah..I guess I can understand that. I was never afraid of you mind, but I was always wary. I mean, it took me a while to...Understand you, a bit better and all.." she shrugs, "I wouldn't say you're 'horrible' though.." she yawns a bit, suddenly feeling very tired after engorging herself on all that food.

"Hmm, don't get me wrong, Lex-chan is a complete gentleman, he's just...I dunno, rough around the edges? A bit...Clueless in certain departments? But, he's a good guy." she smiles, glancing back at Kunzite with a chuckle, "Yeah, I guess Kunzite-san and the others are..Well, something akin to royalty, afterall, right? So there's a higher standard right there." Saya grins and nods to Kunzite as he returns with towels. "Thank you, Kunzite-san.." Speaking of being a gentleman..."Hehehe, but I'm sure Lex-chan could learn a thing or two from you!"
Lacrima 2017-10-27 05:02:28 85556
Lacrima snorts at Kunzite. "I don't think Alexis is a hard brooder. I think he does it because his anime characters do. Unlike. Well the other guy.". she says. "And he's easy to snap out of it. He's aware. Very. Very. Aware." she says.

She eyes Sayaka. "Alexis-kun is a gentleman and understands the basic conventions of 'being a decent human being.' Sayaka-chan. Even I know that much aswell." she says a little icily for no good apparent reason. "--and I only technically qualify as human under broad physiological definitions and because The Prince of Earth Said so." she says with another deadpan expression

"I should go. I feel a little better having talked it out better. I still have a tough choice to make. I won't act until I've spoken to any of you." she says quietly.

She begins to stand up. A pause.

"I'll help clean up. Before I go." she says. And off she goes, helping to clean up all the mass of food Kunzite had brought up--- or at least get into the kitchen area for ease.