Dolly Town

The Fallen Pretty Cure Ningyo is out to cause mischief for all of Tokyo. Can she be stopped?

Date: 2017-10-26
Pose Count: 42
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 00:08:29 85483
It's been days. Days without seeing the sun. Days of being forced to look at the mirrors containing the family she held so dear. Days of being manipulated, forced further into the darkness. Ningyo couldn't bear anymore. The love she felt for her family, For her friends... It was twisted. Corrupted into this dark mass that she could no longer contain. All that mattered to her now was the truth. The Truth that love was an illusion and that no matter how much she fought, the only constant would be hate, forever.

This forced the young girl to make plans. Yes she was a general of the Phantom Empire. No She wasn't Oresky or his goon squad. If she was going to get the word out, she had to make an epic statement. A Statement that no one would soon forget. Even if it killed her she was going to make all of Tokyo know, Love was a joke and couldn't be relied on. Her plan began coming together. The goal of Turning the whole of Tokyo into her play room. The goal was to go big because going home was not an option.

The sun hung lazily in the Western Sky. People were out and about doing their thing. Things like shopping, Homework, relaxing... getting ready for Halloween... It was just a peaceful time of year. Even now the weather was starting to turn cooler. Still people in the park would be out, having some fun. Playing games like baseball, soccer, lacrosse and a few were even enjoying a mahjong game. All in all, a peaceful evening.
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 00:16:39 85484
The Park is one of those places where, if one were to go looking for an ancient dragon that slipped out of time, surely this would be it. Fortunately, looking for ancient dragons isn't something that people normally do, so Lamya is pretty safe hanging out here. It's a place that reminds her of a time long since past, especially the large pond, where she can be seen crouching at the edge of the water, talking to the frogs that she finds there.


"Yes. I understand that. You have a most elegent voice."


"I just don't think she is into you."

Kunzite 2017-10-27 00:20:50 85486
Kazuo Takeba is not entirely fond of this park, for a number of reasons. But he has reasons to be pacing it right now, reasons to be alert (with his civilian-dulled senses) for whispers of certain kinds of energy.

Granted, those reasons are Naru Osaka, not the Phantom Empire. Someone is in for a surprise.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 00:22:58 85487
"Ahhhhhhhh! WORK UP!" screams Haruna at the top of her voice in a tank top and jeans in the cooler slowly cooling October weather. She's jumping up. To the right then down. "Ahhhhhhh WORK DOWN!" calls out Haruna as she jumps back and tries to crouch on the jump.

She has an MP3 player on that's playing some sort of exercise type track.

"Spin, spin spin SPIN TILL YOU'RE SIC---hrk." she says as she grabs at her mouth and drops down to her butt as she indeed, spun until she was nearly sick. She takes a quick breath. "Ugh okay that was a bad idea. So that's why it said not to eat a big meal before doing the track." she says as she shuts off the MP3 player as she groans.

"Phantom Empire, Naomi, CLUB MATCHES, TOO MUCH!" she cries out in exasperation.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 00:29:08 85488
Makio Ryu does his usual bit where he goes to the park to relax a little before heading home from work at Mew Mew Cafe. However, he's raises a brow on seeing some familiar people here yet again. That seems to be happening a lot more than he expected when he decided to start chilling here post work shift.

As Makio's not quite as in the know about one of these people as the other, it's Kazuo that draws his curiousity the most.... Guy's a bodyguard and his guardee doesn't seem to be in sight. Due to all that, the bluenette makes his way over to the guy pacing around.

"Heeeey, Strong and Mostly Silent, everything ok?"
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 00:35:50 85489
Things start going a little strange. Darkness begins to swirl overhead. it could be a gathering storm but odds are its nothing major. A small group of kids are playing lacrosse. Its them who are interrupted by a Dolly looking girl. "Hello, May I play?" Ningyo asks in her excessively sweet voice. It only takes a few moments for the 3 boys and 2 girls to agree. "Oh thank you! I umm. I have some really cool rules you'd probably like. Ones that make the game even more fun."

She twirls around playfully, "The first one is, LET THE FUTURE REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR TURN TERRIBLE!" Immediately all five of the lacrosse players are trapped in coffin shaped mirrors and wrapped in red ribbon. "Rule 2 is, Oh Terribads! Come out and play with me!" She laughs a completely insane laugh. A laugh that screams of pain inside her. Immediately 5 terribads come stomping each one decked out for Lacrosse. Each one with Violet scarves. "YAY!! Turn this entire city into my playhouse! Get Going!" She orders. Immediately the begin spreading out and spreading misfortune. Buildings begin looking like doll houses, vehicles like matchbox cars or models. Yup its gonna be one of those evenings.
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 00:47:24 85490
"Look. I understand that you think that she's your soulmate but there are other frogs in the pond. Literally."


Lamya scowls at the lack of response from her froggy friend. She leans closer to take a closer look at him and gives him an experimental poke.


Strange. Lamya was sure she was talking to an actual frog and not a rubber squeaky toy. The dragoness looks up, sensing a powerful magic in the air, noticing how Tokyo's architecture seem to have changed. Red eyes glitter as she takes in the sight.

"No," she concludes. "I'm not getting involvURK!" A hand flies up to the collar that encircles her neck, and pulls futiley at it. "Okay! Okay! I'll help!"
Kunzite 2017-10-27 00:48:07 85491
Kazuo glances in Makio's direction, with a twitch of his own eyebrow as he hears the nickname for the first time. No protest is made, though. It's semi-accurate. Makoto and Nephrite and the Pretty Cures are responsible for the semi-. He considers his response for a lingering moment before he edits the truth for politeness' sake. "The world is safe for pumpkin spice again," he says to Makio. "I'm sure that's an improvement by somebody's standards."

Then there are Things with violet scarves pulling themselves into existence. "Unfortunately," Kazuo adds, "apparently it was by theirs. Pardon me a moment."

He's not particularly concerned about finding somewhere to hide to henshin, thanks to Makio standing there. He only concentrates, and summons up the lightning crawling over his skin, the gem materializing in a gleam of light at his forehead. ... problem is, of course, that one of the things that is Not Okay is that Kazuo's henshin apparently desperately needs to be taken in for a tuneup. These things should happen quickly, close to instantaneously, no matter how elaborate; a few seconds at most. His? His lingers in that intermediate stage, gem bright and startlingly pink at his forehead.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 01:06:32 85494
Haruna Kurosawa stands up to her feet. Ugh she feels sick after that. She needs a moment to heave and just get her bearings.

Then life slaps her with various call outs of various horrible things. Kami-sami Dammit, she thinks. Because you know god, you just say his name.

"ROLLING MIRROR CHANGE!" she calls out as she shoves her main set of Precards into her mirror.


She's just darting at one of the Terribads, to slug it in the side of the face with a powerful right hook as she lets her wings keep her in mid air at 'Terribad face level'.

"NAOMI. SNAP OUT OF IT." she snaps. She knows that isn't going to work. But she can hope.

She knows what she'll get. The usual spiel.

She's heard it too many times. It's a bunch of Baloney. Like the kind Hannah brought her one time she said was from America and she was pretty sure contained delicious pig hooves and beef trimmings.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 01:09:37 85495
Makio Ryu frowns a little between Kazuo's whole lightning thing and the thing that likely caused him to do that in the first place. The dark energy causes him to furrow his brows before he (without looking to see the cause himself) suddenly takes something off of his own person and presses it up against one of his legs just to the upper back of the area between the ankles...which causes a bright cyan light and most likely helps with further blocking off any view someone might have of sparking Kunzite, not that he was really trying to hide anyway.

"Mew Macaroon, Metamorphisis!"

As the light fades out the dude in the mostly cyan pirate lite suit, with the might brighter colored, better organized, and notably longer hair than Makio stands in his place.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-27 01:15:41 85496
Dressed in a hooded jacket, a fancy looking button up blouse, a long skirt adorned with a sharp, twisting pattern and a hefty pair of boots, all tied together with a few brightly colored bracelets, studded bracelets and some bells seemingly at random probably gives a hint as to where the DJ girl was headed. She doesn't seem to be paying too much attention to anything going on. Or hadn't been until she notices the swirling darkness which gets her to look up. Which gets a frustrated sound and a quick look around. There's familiar faces, one of whom is suddenly changing right then and there. Neat.

Sure she could slink off, but where would the fun in that be? She does duck out of line of sight briefly, or as close as she can at least. She figures the hood might help at least, right? Reaching out, she grips a red cord that appears and tears her hand back while calling out, "Grasp the cord of fate." The cord wraps around her hand, coiling down her arm and surrounding her fully before seeming to shred and blow away in the wind which leaves a figure in layered orange samurai armor, her mask close to looking like a traditional menpo, albeit one with an air filter attached to one side. She's never figured out what it changes every time!

Letting out her breath, she slowly takes a defensive stance. To Gull, she calls out, her voice amplified, "Is this like the bath tub thing?" Which may or may not make sense. Wait, was Gull there? Maybe it was Kunzite. She scowls trying to run it through her head. Then says dismissively, "Whatever! Let's put them in time out!" . . . "That was terrible" she mutters, mostly to herself. She's laughing behidn that mask though.
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 01:24:54 85497
The first of the All Empire Lacrosse Team is knocked for a loop. The terribad is knocked backwards and almost down. it quickly regathers itself and Swings its Lacrosse stick at Cure Gull. The other four are moving further away from the center of the park, spreading more and more misfortune.

Meanwhile, Ningyo is sitting in the middle of the park, playing with a pair of dolls, looking innocent as can be. "Naomi's not here at this time!" She comments as she continues playing. She throws her voice, "I'm a super cool magical girl and I'm going to show you the power of love!" Then she throws her voice again, this time different for the other doll. "hahahaha, Someday you'll realize that love is a joke. The only constant is hate. Love is frail and easily broken. Forgotten when needed the most. Hate rises when love fails." Then she begins smacking the two dolls together.
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 01:39:16 85499
With a begrudging sigh, Lamya, still looking for all the world like a 12 year old schoolgirl marches up to one of the strange warriors that was summoned to wreak havok amongst the citizenry. "You!" She shouts at it, louder and more commanding than any twelve year old girl should ever have been able to make. "Lay down your weapon this instant!"

A lesser being would have immediately dropped that lacrosse stick. Unfortunately, the summoned warriors are not such lesser beings and, so her command is answered by a lacrosse stick to the face, which sends her flying into the pond with a gitantic splash.

"HOW DARE YOU! bellows the dragon shooting up out of the waters on leathery emerald wings, no longer a child. Instead Lamya is a young woman-dragon hybrid, ands and feet all claws, with green scales running up her skin into an elegant dress. Her face is still mostly human, but does have a more draconic shape to it, with horns and fins adorning her hair. "NOW YOU SHALL FACE THE WRATH OF THE DRAGON LAMYA!"
Kunzite 2017-10-27 01:51:16 85502
Start changing first, finish changing last: Kunzite really, really needs to get this thing seen to. It's a known issue, though, and he doesn't waste time; the gem fades, and the lightning leaves him in uniform, cape and all, with a sword at his side. "Most of what I do isn't much good against these things," he says conversationally to Makio. "I redirect energy; physical attacks I can shield against a little, but most of the rest of you have better direct attacks than I do. I don't suppose your abilities include any kind of purification? Baptism and repentance? If not --" He gestures out toward Cure Gull. "-- our best bet might be 'cover her.' She specializes in fighting these things."

There's a breath of time given to see if Makio answers -- if he doesn't, Kunzite's moving, the better to make some kind of a formation with Gull and Hakuomaru.

He has no idea about the dragon, really, but at least it seems to be mad at the Terribads, not at him.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 01:57:42 85503
Cure Gull is midair and she makes a perfect lacrosse ball because she gets hit square on and sent flying through the air. She oofs and catches herself and rubs her arm. Ow. Then she hears Naomi chant and mock her. Then call love an illusion.

"I don't believe that." she says in one of her more serious voices. "I remember being alone. I remember hating the world. And the people around me. People that would try to help me. People that would try to reach out." she says softly.

"I would tell them I hated them and it. And just drop dead already." she says. Oh god she's glad very very few pictures exist of those days. She was goth. Total goth.

"-and I thought it couldn't get worse but it did when a stupid dumb$#@! raven entered my life." yeah she's just swearing now because Hannah had to rub off her in someway afterall.

"And it took the caring, and hope of love, of a LOT of people and the Love of someone who's my fiance now to save me! AND IT MATTERS." she yells out. "BECAUSE I WANT TO SHOW YOU WHAT THAT LOVE TAUGHT /ME/..." she screams out as she throws her hand back.....

"WIND BOMB!" she screams out as she throws a terrifying suddenly built mass of spinning wind energy into one of the Terribads. Horrible on it's own. Even more horrible when it's Hannah Sharpe's old special she learned training with her. Destructive and terrifying. A compacted torando in a god damn ball.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 02:01:52 85505
Mew Macaroon shakes his head as he over hears 'Naomi?'s going ons about love. "Sounds like somebody needs a time out and a few hugs," he states only to hear someone ELSE had used the time out thing in reguards to the others...well darn, now he sounds like he's just ripping someone else's work. Not just that, but it's someone he knows from work...though he likely doesn't recognise her at the moment.

He holds out his hands and says what sounds like 'Macaroon Shards', before some metalic, bladeless, hand guard like items appear in both his hands. "Unfortunately not, I just have ice stuff," he answers to Kunzite, "But, since you say cover her, cover her it is!" That said, he moves along with him to join with Gull.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-27 02:07:58 85507
Hakuomaru calmly draws her twin flintlocks and knocks them together twice like she's knocking dust loose. "Covering Gull shouldn't be too hard." she states, her stride carrying her past Kunzite with a hint of laughter in her voice. "It's not the first time, probably won't be the last." She doesn't interrupt the speech though, not letting her voice carry too far, distortion and boost or not.

It's only with the splash that she sees what happened to Lamya, thinking at first she should probably cover her first and foremost, but then suddenly a dragon. Ish. She stares for a moment, glances back and murmurs, "I figure she's fine."

She doesn't linger any longer though and suddenly lurches into a run, heading straight at one of the terribads, using a column of earth to boost her flying kick into something great! Or a horrible mistake should she whiff! But where's the fun in not doing something crazy from time to time right? She's sure she can recover from it. It's about halfway there that she remembered she had wanted to say something, forgot to. She'll wait until she can land! Right? She'll totally land it right?
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 02:20:46 85509
The Terribads begin doing something that wasn't planned for. They begin moving away from Ningyo, leaving her well open for whatever may come. Was this planned for? Could Naomi be in there somewhere trying to get out? It is a small hope. The Terribads wouldn't act without her orders after all. The one that Gull is attacking is hit hard by the wind attack. He quickly winds up and swings his stick sending a dark energy ball at her before continuing to back away. Another of the terribads is slammed into. It gets knocked on its bottom before standing up again and trying to attack Hakuomaru.

"Aww don't sound so grouchy Gull-chan. We both know what Pretty Cures do to their enemies. So why don't you come and play with me! I promise I will play fair!" Ningyo stands up from her dolls and crosses her fingers behind her back. "Come on, give me a reason to believe you over what I've been shown." She comments. There is a serious cocky nature to her. Then again, This is still Naomi and Naomi as Cure Spark wasn't exactly a pushover.
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 02:37:11 85513
The Terrabad that's facing Lamya follows suit and winds up and flings a dark puck of energy at the dragon, who defects it with a casual backhand, sending the puck careening, exploding into a nearby tree. "FOOLISH CREATURE OF DARKNESS AND SPITE," Lamya bellows, as her wings flap to gain some altitude. "YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A GNAT BEFORE MY GREATNESS!"

Lamya inhales deeply, and her great maw opens, and a stream of high pressure acidic liquid spews forth like the worlds greatest firehose towards the hapless Terribad. Between the acid and the bioling tempurature of her breath attack, it is able to strip the concrete from the ground, and where it rests, it is able to eat through even the toughest of metals.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 02:43:24 85515
Cure Gull reflexively looks down to her right arm. The Prebrace isn't there anymore. She made her wish. She doesn't need it anymore. She nrgs, with a little determined face as she turns around to face Ningyo. "Fine Naomi, you wanna spar, like old times? Sure." she spits.

She says as she slams back down to the ground and then eyes .... um. Mew Macaroon? Huh. She heard that discussion maybe soemwhere in the back of her head.

"Heeey Haku. Try to keep up. The dollgirl that used to be my friend and needs to be punched into a state of re-friending is my target." she mutters.

She takes off fast towards Ningyo and tries for the obvious straight punch first. Better to test Ningyo with something that's more predicatable than a random array of feather darts.
Kunzite 2017-10-27 02:43:51 85516
Terribads moving away. That's not a good sign. And that one --


Kunzite lifts both hands, and calls up a hemisphere of darkness in the air between Gull and the Terribad flinging the dark energy ball at her. He can't absorb it; he might be able to deflect it away. Ideally to an unoccupied patch of grass or a tree without fleeing people around to fall on. A diorama tree. If the thing spatters flock on impact, well, they'll live with that.

"Macaroon," he calls. "Do your ice tricks extend to holding one of these things in place?" If the creatures are team players -- maybe it'd be a good thing to disrupt their plays. If not -- well. Kunzite has an ice-wielder on his team. It's amazing how many dark monstrosities are perfectly vulnerable to the stuff... and how sharp it can get.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 02:57:49 85519
Mew Macaroon raises his brows at Kunzite's question. "I don't know, actually, but I can try it out," he states as the Maracroon Shards burst to life, emitting jagged iceciles from them in a form like short blades that reach upward along his inner arms (with the sharp ends outward and not against his arms obviously). "I did manage to slow that little sleep card pixie down some, so maybe if I try hard enough?"

He hasn't gotten to experiment much after all, but either way he tries going for one of the closest Terribads after the one Kunzite's focusing on, slashing his arm with the blade in it's direction to hit it with the more ranged version of his attack, a cold wave following the shape of the slash moving away from him. It was how he slowed down the pixie so...maybe if he manages to put more force into it somehow, or just repeats it?
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-27 03:00:57 85522
Hakuomaru spins on her heels, using the momentum to swing the heavy barrel down like a bludgeon on the terribad. Looking to Gull after, she says, "Hey! I was busy!" before promptly discharging a fireball into the creature on her way to rejoin her friend. She shakes her wrist out a few times, checks the barrel of the antique and begins running towards the other two, calling out properly, "Should I be keeping you safe or helping with the friend punching?" beat, "I punch friends more than I'd like to admit." Beat "Uh... ignore that."

She does level the other flintlock at the baddie, though she doesn't act yet. Not wanting to step on anyone's toes Or ruin anything. Or any other number of things she thinks she'd be used to by now. Then again. She's glad she's got a mask on, she looks really confused. Maybe it's her past self and that idea of Bushido? Though Haku was prone to unorthodox measure
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 03:10:03 85524
The Terribad that was fighting with the Dragon girl is coated in a nasty acid. It does the trick though. It begins to turn to a little soup. Then, its gone. The first mirror vanishes letting one of the boys out. Hakuomaru gets knocked down courtesy of the flitlock shock. Then there is the ice. They all start shivering and it becomes more difficult to move around.

Ningyo smirks as she sees the attack coming. This is what she was waiting for. As Gull comes sailing towards her. She sidesteps and dark purple magic forms around her hands, "You're holding back... Don't."
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 03:21:56 85527
Satisfied at the proper melting of the Terribad, Lamya turns her attention to the cause of it all: Ningyo. Red slitted eyes glow menacingly as she ascents a few more meters before dropping to high speeds, claws bared, and mouth dripping with acid, her features become more draconic as she flies in to cut girl to shreds. "DIE PITIFUL CREATURE!

But something stops her. It's like an invisible hand yanked on her collar, and her feet swing out in front of her. "URK!" She doesn't have time to recover before falling to the ground on her back, staring at the sky in stunned silence.
Kunzite 2017-10-27 03:31:46 85529
Slower Terribads make it considerably easier to aim. The dark looming figure that'd been playing with Gull, therefore, is caught in a dome of ... well, dark. At least it blends in. Until lightning flares inside the dome, clear pure white and warm Valentine pink. Kunzite's powers aren't any more in theme for autumn than they are for his own whites-and-grays color scheme, really. "Thank you," he calls back to Makio.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 03:39:25 85531
Cure Gull hrrrrrs as she whiffs. Okay. She can move. That's important to know, so she whips around and then throws her hand in the air. "You know what. I don't need to fight you." she says cooly. "ENOUGH!" she calls out as she raises her hand skyward.

Wind begins to pick up around her. And Naomi. But not just Naomi.

Also Kunzite, and Lamya, and Macaroon and Hakumaru. And there's feathers in the air. Not a mass of them. Seagull feathers. Here. and there. And they seem to dance lightly in the air. And there's the feel of heat. and sun. and the sound of surf. And the sound of gentle waves lapping at a hot, inviting beach--- and the chirps of seagulls. All visualizations one might experience.


Nothing happens yet. But those good, pure feelings begin lightly hanging in the air over the ultra dread of the playroom world Ningyo has made.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-27 03:41:43 85532
Hakuomaru looks confused as Gull's side stepped. She waits for Gull to either recover or pass by before she steps in with hard swing with the barrel of the flintlock, though halfway through she's buffeted by a gust of wind and feathers, raising her arms to cover her eyes first and foremost. From there, she looks to Gull, ready to help in any way needed.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 03:43:21 85534
Mew Macaroon seeing the terribads start shivering and slowing down encourages him. He takes a couple more slashes through the air with the shards, experimenting to see if he can fully lock any of them in place and make them REALLY easy targets. Even if he can't, it should at least cause some damage in the process. "No prob dude," he calls in reply to Kunzite's thanks, "Maybe I can really put it on ice this time!" Yeah, that one was terriba---terrible.

After saying as such, no matter what his success level is on the freezing, he leaps at the nearest one. Making his way back down, he brings both his arms Maracroon Shard side out infront of himself, attempting to land an actual melee attack into the terribad with them before pushing himself off with his feet, backflipping away to land somewhere in closer to Gull. He's honestly not sure how she's wanting a hand, he's still super new at this whole thing. He tries to focus his energy though, expecting to prep for some sort of attack.
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 03:52:29 85535
The remaining Terribads continue spreading their horrid misfortune. They largely don't seem to care about the heroic Magical types. After all, their goal is to spread misfortune. Then one of them is frozen completely. Only 3 left.

Then, another figure appears out of hiding. A small, panda-esque fairy with a ladybug backpack on her back. Lilac. She flies over to lend her power to Cure Gull. "Naomi-chan! I know you're in there. You don't have to do this. Look around you. People want to show you that they love you! You're a good girl, you don't need to do what you're doing!" She calls out. Her own magic ignites. Magical shields form in front of each of the people being pulled into Gull's spell.

Ningyo snickers, "So this is your plan? You're going to throw all you've got at me? And when you fail? Are you going to just punch me into submission." Then there is the fairy that has been her companion since she became a Precure. The cold heart of Ningyo though is far from warm like Naomi's was. "Oh Lilac. I seen your home. You would enjoy the redecoration there." She winds up and throws several blasts of dark energy, one going towards Gull, another toward the fairy, And another toward the dragon that attempted to attack her.
Kunzite 2017-10-27 04:02:41 85538
For almost everyone, heat and sun and sand and water are a lovely set of associations, perfect for focusing something like this. For almost everyone. And then there are the people who have mysteriously avoided every last beach party for two summers running, and mutter dark commentary about the swimming portions of triathlons. Kunzite draws a sharp breath, taking a half-step back, drawing his cloak about him with one arm as if to protect himself ...

Fortunately, someone not Kunzite took precautions after the pumpkin spice incident. Not against this specific event, no. But they'll do. Kunzite's own energies and emotions right now would poison what Gull's doing rather than help it; but he has an alternative. He lifts one hand, the hand he's taken to wearing a golden ring on, with a golden stone. It's someone else's words he's using. Someone else's emotions. Purer than his have ever been.

No surprise, not for several of the people here, when the bright white-gold energy he feeds Cure Gull is accompanied by the call, "TUXEDO LA SMOKING BOMBER!"
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 04:05:04 85539
Lamya picks herself up, still dazed from being so forcefully held back. Her features are back to being more humanish, a hand going up to her collar, the skin underneath raw and burnt. She finds herself blinking at the feel of warm sun, at the smell of the sea, all of which calms the violent dragon within her. She finds herself standing beside Gull, her wings ruffling in the wind.

"I think I would hurt your friend if I were to use my breath on her," she informs the Gull. Red eyes turn to regard their target. "Fortunately, I am also a mage of considerable power." With that she closes her eyes and starts to speak in a long dead, arcane language, the ground on which she stands starts to glow with each syllable. She focuses this power, which ismuch much harder to do in this age than it was in her own, and expels it out in one titanic blast at Ningyo, engulfing the dark energy blast that was thrown at her and overtaking it.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 04:09:34 85541
Mew Macaroon narrows his eyes as he listens in on Ningyo. "Look dude, I don't really know the whole story here, but you obviously need to get your precious porcelain doll face up from however far you burried it in the ground," he calls, "I don't even know you and I can /still/ tell your head is in SO deep that you're missing the obvious." Oooh hey...why does he feel like he's back at the sea park? In whatever case, he's continuing trying to gather up that energy.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-27 04:14:00 85542
Hakuomaru gathers energy as well, reaching behind her and seeming to draw an overly large sword, dark in color and flickering briefly with said power. She oophs as it finishes drawing from the place she was hiding it, then she hefts it. She makes a few adjustments in her stance before suddenly planting it into the ground, causing a small localized tremor and cracks to form around her. Those cracks inch towards Gull, sharing her own preferred magic!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 04:20:57 85544
As people feed the energy into the area around Gull, or even just the area at this place, that sensation picks up. It never quite become real, those sounds and smells. There's no visual hallucination to go along with it, of course--- the feathers don't quite seem to be illusionary.

"You know what. You keep saying Naomi isn't here but I don't believe that. I just think you're holding her back." she says as the wind picks up. There doesn't quite seem to be an epicenter for this magical effect. It seems to be all around.

"There's a curious girl inside there and I'm gonna LET HER OUT." she calls out.

"GULL GENTLE BREEZE!" she calls out. And there it is. It's a sudden hard breeze that suddenly fills with flowery seagull feathers that washes off over the entire area. It doesn't harm any of the heroes. It's positive energy. Large amounts of it thanks to everyone's additions, that is washing over the Terribads. And those mirrors. And MORE importantly Ningyo.

"Haaaaaaaaaaa!" she screams out as she keeps it up after long as she can.
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 04:28:50 85546
The magical release is like a bomb going off. The remaining Terribads go down and their mirrored counterparts are promptly released. The world around them begins to shift back to normal, all damage promptly undone. This leaves the Target. Laying on the ground in front of everyone, wearing nothing but a glowing purple underdress. The very same one she worse when she stripped of her Precure abilities. She does move a little, showing she's alive. She simply looks rough. The facade of the dolly is gone. All that is left is Naomi and she does not look like she's in the best of shapes.

"NAOMI-CHAN!!!" The light pink fairy goes flying towards her. She gets closer to her friend just to check on her.

Naomi looks up, appearing really exhausted. "Stay... Back. They're watching!" She exclaims. "I can't Fight them. I'm not... a pretty cure anymore." She frowns deeply.
Froggy Lamya 2017-10-27 04:37:07 85548
Lamya is nearly panting in exhaustion, that spell taking a lot more out of her than she had anticipated. She rests her hands on her knees as she takes deep breaths trying to recover some of the energy that she had expended. "I...." she breathes. "I don't think I can keep...."

There's a kind of *POP* in the air as the dragon reverts to her natural form. Not of the giant flying lizard that people would expect, but of a mix of a frog and a dragon about the size of a small housecat. It is much, much more adorable than anybody would have ever have guessed Lamya could be. She blinks in surprise as she's splatted on the ground and lets out a tired croak, "gero."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-10-27 04:41:46 85549
Cure Gull lets the effect ride out until it just won't anymore and then she lowers her hand. And then she begins to rock back and forth before she shakes her head and 'wheeeews' a moment. Okay. THAT took a lot out of the old mahou battery.

She blinks. "NAOMI-CHAN." she calls out, mimicing Lilac's call as she races over and kneels down. "Relax. Don't try to get up yet. Let them f--- let them watch. I don't care. I'll knock them all down." she spits.

She does look around rapidly though. Oh man. Oresky better not actually show his face. She's shoving that stupid hat so far up his ass... Gull Hat Trick. Yeah. Let's see if he likes that! Huff.
Kunzite 2017-10-27 04:44:34 85550
It's not till the effect fades that Kunzite moves again -- one careful step, then a second. Then he's moving properly, at least. Pacing toward a point halfway between Gull-and-Naomi and where the dragonfrog fell.
Makio Ryu 2017-10-27 04:52:59 85552
Mew Macaroon blinks a little, and lets out a breath, deflating some. " we do it," he wonders curiously. He peers toward the others, especailly the now froggish Lamya. His question seems very much to be in a sense of lostness rather than being in any kind of rush.
Yuzuki Amemori 2017-10-27 04:57:37 85555
Hakuomaru brushes her hands and frowns. "Who's watching?" Looking as usual, completely confused about the magical ongoing of things. She never did quite get trained and sort of just wings it. Not that it slows her down too often... usually. Hefting the blade across her shoulders with a clunk, she walks over towards Gull and the girl on the ground and crouches down to watch.

"If they come, we'll take care of them. Just consider it a bad dream for now." Well, she's trying at least. Sure she sort of looks scary with a mask, but she's a good guy!

Looking back to the others briefly, she raises an eyebrow and hopes it's enough of a curious look to get a better explanation.
Naomi Yomada 2017-10-27 05:07:00 85557
Naomi Yomada winces, "no no! Back up!!! It..." She doesn't get another word out before a blast of very wicked red energy slams into her. With a new found vigour she fights it with all she is. "Lilac! The Cards!" She cries out through the pain of feeling herself being corrupted again.

The Fairy quickly gets out the stack of Precards. The full set. She quickly darts into the red beam giving her the cards and then trying to form a shield to protect her friend.

"Naomi takes the cards and speaks out, "I Wish... I wish I had the strength to save my parents And the strength to take down the Phantom Empire!" The cards vanish...

Suddenly lightning erupts out of her slamming the red dark energy back to wherever it came from. A cute jewel encrusted ocarina appears, marked with the Pretty cure symbol. She takes it in her hand and plays it. Her body is enveloped in violet light as lightning crashes around her. Her clothing changes, becoming an updated form of her precure uniform. The Ocarina slides into a pouch on her belt and then... thats it! The New and Improved Cure Spark stands there. No Pre-brace. No Mirror. Just her.

Her gaze goes to the sky. "Queen Mirage, I'm coming for my family! And then I'm going to take the biggest brick I can carry and I'm going to smash your Deep Mirror!" She snaps looking quite a bit more angry then usual.