Demons, Schmemons....

Hokuto and Lacrima meet. And talk across one another. Happiness is neither Mandatory nor Achieved.

Date: 2017-11-02
Pose Count: 17
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 01:12:25 85883
It's a brisk November evening in Tokyo, but fortunately it isn't raining at the moment. Still the restaurant seems to be doing a fairly brisk business, with few empty seats. Hokuto has been sitting for a while, sharing tea and appetizers with a friend, it seems. There's an empty plate sitting between her and the other girl, at least.

Then there's a chime, and the shorter girl pauses to look at her cellphone... and goes 'yeep!'. "Uh-oh," she says to Hokuto, "It's almost six! I've got to get going, get this story in before we go to print!"

Hokuto nods to the girl - the same 'Aya-chan' who's been seen with her now and again - and sets down her tea. "Go and do what you must, then, Aya-chan. Everything seems to be fine at this end, I've no objections to the story. Please, give my regards to your editor."
Lacrima 2017-11-02 01:26:08 85886
Lacrima is on break. She's on duty, technically. So that means she's dressed for work. Business suit that Riventon-sama suggested one day. In purple. She thinks it looks nice enough. The labcoat and id and googles are left in the lab and she is hungry and she wants food and she makes way into the Korma because she wants intensely hot AND flavorful right now.

She stops as she glances at Hokuto and.... frowns really hard.

That stupid purifier. Not that Hokuto is stupid. She just has a blanket understanding of purifiers. She turns back to the counter and continues to walk towards it. She wants food. That will come first.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 01:35:47 85889
'Aya-chan' nods and hops to her feet. "Thanks! I'll see you 'round!" And then she rushes for the door. The girl seems to run everywhere she goes. When she isn't jumping up on tall things like walls and roofs and balconies.

On the way out she brushes up against Lacrima, not hard enough to hurt or knock her over, but certainly noticeable. She stops immediately, turning around to apologize. "'Scuse me miss! Sorry! Gotta run!" And without waiting for a reply, she dashes off again.

What's surprising about it is the sheer amount of dark energy permeating the girl, that can be noted at that close contact. Tightly leashed, by the feel of it, but definitely dark. Well, probably.

Hokuto looks on with a soft sigh, shaking her head, and gets up to walk over towards the counter where Lacrima waits to order her food.
Lacrima 2017-11-02 01:47:39 85893
Lacrima is brushed and she doesn't seem to take too much offense to the act of nearly being run over. This is a mundane thing. What isn't expected is the dark energy feeling and this causes her to pause and turn around to follow the girl with narrowed eyes.

She is debating about whether she is staying here to enjoy her break. Or follow the girl.

She frowns and just merely turns back around to order her curry and lassi and moves to a table to sit down. She doesn't say anything to Hokuto.

Hokuto is going to have to be proactive if she wants to talk to Lacrima. She sits down in a booth near the back as she sighs and closes her eyes.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 01:51:34 85895
To be honest, Hokuto had considered simply ignoring Lacrima, since the girl seems uncomfortable around her. But with Aya behaving that way she does feel some obligation.

So she heads over towards the back booth, and rests one hand on the empty chair opposite the vampire. "Do you mind?" she asks, quiet and polite. "I'd just like to talk."
Lacrima 2017-11-02 02:02:06 85897
Lacrima had been hanging out near the back to be alone so when a hand rests on the chair she gets a little annoyed. When she sees who it is, she gets even more annoyed. "Fine." she says sternly. "If you really want to." she says.

But then she just rests her eyes on Hokuto. She's watching her. Waiting for flares of positive energy.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 02:04:08 85898
Hokuto's energy is tightly constrained, perhaps even more so than Aya's. The product of extensive training, no doubt. To avoid ... accidents. "Thank you," she offers as she pulls out the chair and sits.

"I wanted to apologize for Aya-chan. She can get a little... enthusiastic. And abrupt, when she's in a hurry. And she's always in a hurry." She smiles ruefully.

"The girl has no tact, I sometimes think."
Lacrima 2017-11-02 02:22:01 85903
Lacrima frowns a little. "She's full of dark energy. Why aren't you purifying her?" she asks. "Surely you can /feel it/." she says. This is asked in a VERY accusatory way that suggests Hokuto is keeping her to some sort of double standard.

"She bumped into me. People bump into other people." she says flatly.

"It happens." she says. "It's not like she did it on purpose." she says.

Then adds. "Unless she did." she says, eyes down on Hokuto.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 02:26:39 85905
Hokuto shrugs. "I doubt she meant it. Unless she was curious about you. So, you sensed her youki, did you?" She hmms softly. "More likely she was just being thoughtless, as usual. Focused on her story."

She fingers a menu for a moment, then sets it aside. "As for 'purifying' her, why would I bother? She isn't harming anyone. Should I be looking more closely at someone else, perhaps? Like you?"

She waves a hand dismissively.
Lacrima 2017-11-02 02:37:07 85908
Lacrima frowns and scowls. "Just like you purifying types. Only give a crap when it doesn't involve you, you, you." she says. She remembers being hit too many times in her early days as this thing. It's awful. So so awful.

"Do you even think about the things you purify? Some of them only end up here due to a fluke. Or because someone placed them there to do bidding. Most are happy being in the Dusk Zone." she says quietly.

She eyes the counter. She wants food.

"Without wanting out here to this plane."
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 02:49:00 85912
"Ah. I take it you've met my uncle Isshin," Hokuto says, rather flatly, her hands ceasing their motion. "Tall, stocky-muscular, scruffy facial hair? Yeah, that's his line. Earth for humans, anything else can take a hike or be taken for one."

She settles back in her seat and sighs. "I've met a lot of youkai who live the whole predator-prey lifestyle. Humans are there for food, or worse. Those... sure. Those I'll fight. The ones who just want to get along, like Aya?"

She raises a hand to beckon the waitress over. "Those, I've no problems with."
Lacrima 2017-11-02 03:07:27 85913
Lacrima frowns. "Humans are food." she says flatly. "I don't like that fact. But if I don't 'eat' human 'energy', I become something worse and uncontrollable. So I hunt on my own turns to limit the damage I can do." she says coldly.

"I never met that man. I'm talking from the point of view as an ecologist of sorts. They have a right to life as anything else." she says flatly.

She leans forward. "Was Aya human at any point?" she asks. "Youma can't know what it's like to be human." she says quietly. "Unless they were before they became as such." she says even more quieter.

She remembers various talks with Riventon on the subject as she frowns a bit. And various research papers.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 03:21:05 85914
The waitress approaches, and Hokuto orders an entree for herself, and then adds, "Whatever she wants, it's on me." with a gesture to Lacrima. She waits until the woman is out of earshot before resuming the conversation.

"Aya? Mmm. I know she's lived in the human world most of her life, though. She's certainly never mentioned your 'Dusk Zone'."

She adds, quietly, "I think she's a bit of a Touhou fan. Tengu, reporter, calling herself 'Aya', looking like that? Bit of a Thing, don't you think?"
Lacrima 2017-11-02 03:33:51 85915
Lacrima frowns. "Then she's only playing at being a human." she says quietly. "There's things she won't ever understand. Or know." she says flatly.

She raises a brow. "So I like plenty of trashy vampire romance. Doesn't make me any more human." she says quietly.

"I mean I liked that before I was this thing too." she says quietly. "Purification is which forces a youma to confront the feelings they don't know of being human. Part of the damage is the overload of feelings and experiences they can't understand." she says quietly.

"...and if they were human and understood. All it does is painfully remind them that they can't feel it again." she says flatly.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 03:45:49 85916
"... so? This is supposed to make me not like her or something? You're in an odd place to be arguing against getting along with non-humans, neighbor." Hokuto shrugs again.

"I don't 'purify'. I've excorcised possessing spirits, or pulled dark energy out of someone who can't handle it, sure." She leans back in her seat a little, crossing her legs at the ankles, watching Lacrima.

"If there was a reliable, safe way to turn them human again? Sure, I'd take it. Beats the hell out of having to deal with them killing people. But most youkai are born the way they are, they've been around for millennia."
Lacrima 2017-11-02 03:53:31 85917
Lacrima tsks. "Typical response of a member of a group of purifiers and hunters." she mutters.

"Or shrine maidens or whatever it is you do." she says. She leans forward.

"I don't like you." she says flatly. "I have memories of the Inquisition. In Spain. When Humans would kill their own kind accusing them of being monsters." she says. "Thousands and thousands dead over hundreds of years. Which is silly." she says flatly. "Because I can probably count the actual number of monsters on maybe two hands." she says.

"You are not to be trusted." she says.

"It's not her acting on you I'm worried about. It's you acting on her." she says flatly as she begins to stand up. She's walking out.

She doesn't need this after last night.
Hokuto Minase 2017-11-02 04:06:00 85918
Hokuto just stares at the vampire-girl. Or maybe glares. The Inquisition? Really?

"Fine," she says, eventually. "Be that way if you want. But Aya's been my friend for years. I've never known her to have the malice to hurt a fly."

She pushes her seat back and rises, tossing some yen on the table, not bothering to count it. "If you think I'd ever hurt her, you're as insane as those... those blasted goatsuckers you just had to bring up."

She scowls and turns to walk the other way, looking for a side exit so as not to go out the same way as Lacrima.