Curious like a Vampiric Cat

Lacrima explores Eilam's manor when no one is there and finds a trove of hidden sentimental objects. At least curiosity does not kill the cat this time.

Date: 2017-11-03
Pose Count: 29
Lacrima 2017-11-03 08:19:07 85986
Lacrima has come back from an outing earlier dressed in her fancy dress. She looks miserable and she's hoping Eilam is around because she could really use the snuggles before finding some random closet to pass out in until morning. But before she does that, well!

She finds the suitcase she's packed. She grabs a pair of PJs from it and then meanders on into the shower to get that done. She comes out not unlike a blooming spring flower. A blooming spring flower that's dressed in a black tanktop and long PJ pants with tiny bats against yellow moons on them. Totally totally pretty. In some dimension where this is pretty.

Then she starts peeking around for Eilam. She tip toes from room, to room. "Eilam-kun?" she asks. Her tone is neutral. She isn't worried. And for all she knows. Eilam is out for the night.

Right now she's moving from room to room peeking and seeking. Listening for things like running music or water or anything like that.

Maybe she's alone here. Wouldn't be the first time.

Mrg, maybe she should text. But her phone isn't on her right now and she may be just a bit too lazy to go retrieve at the moment.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-03 08:29:38 85987
    Indeed, as she would come to find out, Eilam /was/ actually out for the night. At least as of yet he was. As was the older couple who took care of the estate/lived there as well. Or so it would seem anyways. There was no sound, no real light, no music, anything. Nothing inside the house is really locked, though. More than normal at least. Which is to say the doors and windows to the house are locked and closed, otherwise, though, the house feels pleasant enough and safe. It's not old, decepit and stuffy like some manors might be.
    Finally ending up in the study that Eilam tended to be in when nowhere else, it, too, was dark. An unlocked. Inside, it was empty enough, with a faint smell of smoke of burned wood. The bookshelves in the room lined the far wall, as neat as ever, and otherwise, there was the recliners she was familiar enough with, the monitors to the computer hanging from the ceiling mount near them, and the Sofa and TV on the far side. Besides the desk nearby, which was pretty much the same as always, it was decorations as usual. Including the painting of pre-war Nagaski... which was a tiny bit off-even but barely so, like it had been bumped from where it was hung.
Lacrima 2017-11-03 08:40:29 85988
Lacrima searched everywhere. She was hoping to run into the old couple- who'd know her by now. She didn't make trouble. And was quiet usually. Except around Eilam. But that didn't happen either. She purses her lips at a moment of an amusing thought to try to get anyone hiding to act but... tsk. Childish.

She instead checks the last room in the manor she would usually find Eilam in if she couldn't find him elsewhere and it was unlocked. She wasn't sure if this was intended or not.

Afterall, she's only been in there when Eilam had been. She peeks the door open and walks in as she moves to turn on the lights.

"Not here." she says quietly to herself. A little disappointed. Not largely so. Maybe a little offput. Tonight was hard.

But it was not distressingly so.

Mph, no let Eilam do whatever he's doing. He'll be home eventually.

Mph that picture. Was it always a little slanted? She moves to fix it, touching it lightly. She uses two hands of course. In case it comes off it's hangings while she's adjusting- she can catch it.

She doesn't wanna ruin one of Eilam's paintings and for all she knows there's a lot of care and love in that painting. But. It could also just be 'another painting' to him for all she knows.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-03 08:50:49 85989
    Touching the picture doesn't immediately make it seem like it was loose. In fact, her fingers couldn't really even fit behind it or pull it from the wall. Instead, it would slide slightly more askew from where it was as she tried, and with a tiny click, a panel in the wall behind it popped open. A secret hiding place? With the picture slightly askew, just barely as it was, one might at most be able to fit a hand or arm into it. Or some manner of reaching tool. No lights seem to come on, and with nothing inherently to light it up, even if she could see inside, it might not be immediately obvious what the purpose of it was. There was a nook just about a forearms length in to the left that would obscure any peeking eyes in the least.

    Maybe he's got gems and riches stashed away, or like most boys, maybe a hidden adult magazine stash? Hard to say, really.
Lacrima 2017-11-03 09:07:29 85990
Lacrima's first reaction is 'shit she broke something and Eilam-kun is gonna be upset with her and kick her out.'. But nothing seems... broken. Instead it seems she activated a secret little cubby behind it and she looks around to the left and right. Nrg. What's going on?

She eyes it. She peeks up into the cubby at first. Not that nook to see if anything is there. She looks left and right again.

She lets herself hover a foot off the ground to get a better peek inside. Floating is something she does good.

What's hiding in here?

Eilam doesn't seem the kind to stash embarrassing things away. Does he? Is her presence here making him hide things?

She'll peek around the corner. She's trying not to touch.

Riches? Does Eilam just hide his money in places like that? That doesn't make sense.

Banks are much easier. Right? Even if you're an immortal... you can still move it around.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-03 09:12:47 85991
    No matter how she looked, the most she would see was the nook off to the left obscured whatever was inside from sight, and that overall it seemed fairly old. Dust was present, though nothing like spider webs or dead bugs. Maybe it belonged to the old couple who lived here? Or if there was a previous set of owners before Eilam? Hard to say. Regardless, looking alone would not reveal anything too impressive. If she really wanted to she might be able to reclose it/try to force the painting back into place, or press forward. Or the safe route of walking away and not possibly getting caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar.
Lacrima 2017-11-03 09:26:45 85992
Lacrima is feeling like she's reaching a point where she might upset Eilam. But she's curious. She doesn't feel like there's anything Eilam could from her that'd upset her. But maybe there's something sentimental in there. So what does she do?

She closes it, yes, as carefully as she can. She purses her lips and---

She becomes a mass of black and begins to squirm and shift until!---

She's a tiny bat made of wispy shadow. She lets herself wisp form through the cracks in the painting to the other side. In this form, she fits perfectly in that cubby. There.


This cubby feels really safe. and small. and confined. Oh, don't fall asleep in here, she thinks to herself as her tiny bat form gently crawls along the wall towards the recessed cubby.

She wants to see what's there. Or it's hiding.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-03 09:37:30 85993
    Whoever designed this hole in the wall likely had no idea that magic was real, or one could shape-shift, or get into it without smashing things or in such a manner. Which is why, once inside it like that, she would be able to see exactly what was there! Finally! It was...

    Absolutely nothing. The recess had a single palm-sized knob on top of a small shaft, not to mention above and below the ball were a pair of holes that housed a pair of blades. A trap? Or actually something that had significance. In her bat form she might be able to manipulate the knobbed shaft enough to set off the blade trap, which was a pair of spring-loaded serrated blades that jerked out and seemed to lock in place.

    As well as what would likely be dried blood. Whoever hid something with this device certainly didn't want anyone finding stuff - or getting out unharmed. Pulling the knob and setting it off, though, would reveal a mechanism going off and a few gears and such turning before something creaked outside the painting and a piece of one of the bookshelves slid away, revealing a hidden passageway! That one was even lit up with proper lighting, a short trip to a descending lift like was installed a couple of other places in the house, such as the one Eilam used often to get from bottom to top floors.
Lacrima 2017-11-03 09:53:35 85994
Lacrima blinks a bit. Nothing? Who hides. Nothing? A nihilist? Eilam didn't seem that kind of type of person. But she does fidget a bit, with things. Lacrima doesn't bleed blood. She does leave behind thick black ichor that would dissolve eventually on it's own accord--but probably stain the wall. She doesn't trip the mechanism but she does hear something outside.

She peeks out from behind the painting-- just a wisp of black smoke to see a--- secret entrance? She looks back to the mechanism. Why so elaborate? Why not just make it a book on the shelf that triggers it?

She hesitantly slips from behind the painting and then lets herself reform into what appears to be a humanoid shadow of some sort. She carefully peeks into the door.

She's kind of hoping it isn't a secret torture dungeon circa 1440.

...Maybe it's the other kind of dungeon. Lacrima seems to tap her chin thoughtfully.

.....yeah she doesn't see *that*.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-03 10:17:03 85995
    It's totally a secret torture dungeon! Or... something like that. In fact it was just a passageway that was maybe ten feet deep, the book shelf having quietly hid this passage out of sight except likely for those who knew it. Where did it lead? What was the purpose of the lift? Hard to say. The lighting in here was minimal enough, a strip of electronic lights lining the floor to show the way to the lift. The lift itself was much the same as the rest, a simple metal platform with a hydraulic-like raising and lowering mechanism beneath it likely. Controlled by a set of buttons on the wall, though this one only had a single button, which could let the shadow-bodied Lacrima assume there was only one destination. IF she even wanted to use it.

    Hell, at this point, she could likely just shadow her way through the cracks between the lift and the floor and make her way down a good three or four hundred feet to what looked to be a gigantic manmade cavern of sorts underneath the house itself. Well, gigantic is a bit of an overstatement. It's still quite the large area belowground, lit with hanging electric lights on hooks that look at best haphazardly placed. But the entire place did seem much like the small nook, dusty, barely used, a few trails of footprints from the lift into and back to it - likely Eilam or whoever else knew of this room. The contents? Well, it really /did/ look like a bit of a torture dungeon. Except it was set up a bit more like a medical facility, partially. There was what looked to be a somewhat comfortable bed, as well as a basic set of chests and containers off to one end, with various instruments and ties and even stuff like a hammer and chisel. Though that was the creepier side. Surely there was an explanation?

    The rest of the place looked like a lean-to storage facility, clean and maintained unlike everything else, comparitively anyways. There were a lot of things here too, ranging from arts both fine and unfine, old and new objects, trinkets, some things such as 'riches' and vases and antiques... as well as just odds and ends that might even be considered some kind of ecclectic treasure trove, such as brand new, unboxed, factory sealed items. Take an entire family, and everything each person might be into collecting, and now stick it in the same room. Really hard to pin down and describe, but that's what it was. And in the far back, what looked to be some kind of elaborate vault.
Lacrima 2017-11-04 07:14:49 86078
Lacrima gives the lift a side eye. Like it could be affected by it. What the hell is Eilam hiding that it needs a secret behind a picture, traps and a bookcase that hides what appears to be an elevator? She was kind of wondering if this was a secret that just came with the house- but the electronic, automatic lights confirm it's new.

She sighs a bit. She has to go down. So she does. Via the lift.

-and she arrives.

It's a small manmade area. That's for sure. She makes the lift stay down on the bottom level if she can. If it goes back up, she knows Eilam or someone else is coming down here- she figures.

She's still in that shadowy form as she purses her lips. A bed. Chests and containers.

A large pile of various things. She sniffs the air- to get a sense of the smell of the room.

Dammit. Eilam is going to either be acceptant of her finding the room or he's gonna personally kill her.

--not that he could.

But he bets he would try if he was angry enough.

Then she looks down at herself. "Oh..." she mutters.

She shifts back into her more huamnoidish form. She has no idea if Eilam has seen her as her most basic form. She doesn't wanna cause a heart attack or something.

She then walks around the room a moment and places a hand against one of the chests as she tries creaking it open.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-04 07:38:56 86079
    The room itself didn't smell /bad/, perhaps a tiny bit stale. Like an old storage unit if she'd ever been in one. Even just looking around, the place likely didn't ring of anything untoward. Just perhaps a bit... strange. Why would this place be down here? What could be the purpose of it?

    And he really hadn't. Though as of the moment, he wasn't here to see it! Hard to say how he would respond. Touching the chest would reveal it really did seem to just be a plain chest, no traps or any kind, even when she opened it. What was inside? A bunch of towels folded up, a bunch of surgical instruments and... some more blunt-looking ones too. Blunt in that they were not really for surgical precision so much as getting the job done. Maybe it really /was/ a torture dungeon. There were no bodies chained up, though, or bones or blood or anything of the sort.
Lacrima 2017-11-04 07:57:58 86080
Lacrima is used to stale storage places. Eclipse has thousands of them. Potentially magical or magical artifacts that have no particular current usage. Maybe focuses stolen before they could reach magical girls- because of study. Odd and out of places books and research.

She eyes the various instruments inside. Eilam doesn't get sick does he? Doesn't he regrow? She thinks this over a lot. What if Eilam got a large shard of glass stuck in a leg? Would it be pushed out? Or does it need removed? How about many shards of glass? She grimaces a bit. She closes the chest.

She's glad she can just change to a mist form to remove physical objects from her state.

She eyes that lift as she moves over to the pile and stack of things to see if anything stands out.

She doesn't touch, not yet. She doesn't want to hurt anything.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-07 08:46:23 86238
Just as Lacrima reached to start messing with things, there was a ding from nearby - what was the source? Some kind of alarm. Oh no, did she trip something, or was that a sign of someting else? Hard to say!

    Meanwhile, above ground, the gates to the manor were opening and the towncar that Eilam was always in started up the driveway once they were open, closing behind it. It would seem Eilam was back, at the very least.

    Would she continue snooping through the alarm? Into the pile of old newspapers that seemed to be preserved in plastics of some kind as if trying to preserve some trace of history.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 08:53:23 86239
Lacrima figures she could go back up and force everything back the way it was and laydown on the couch in the study and pretend she was sleeping. But...

That's wrong. She's going to have to tell Eilam-kun she was down here. It was wrong to lie. She didn't want to lie. So she continued.

Besides. It's not like she was snooping with purpose. Maybe Eilam would understand that. Newspapers.

....why would Eilam-kun stash newspapers? She carefully picked up the newspaper like it was one of her lab specimens, carefully, and began to examine the cover through the plastic. She did not take out of the plastic.

Surely the headlines would explain why, right?
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-07 09:05:17 86240
    It was a series of newspapers from the 'far' past. Some dated from the turn of the 20th century, all the way up to more modern things . The large stack had a few hundred, certainly, though the occasions of what they are is hard to say. The most recent one atop was a recent one from earlier this year, in fact, though there was nothing specific of note about it at least from the front. Even the headlines was just talking about the general elections of Tokyo that day. As the moments pass, Eilam stepped out of the car and made his way inside, though he wasn't directly going to check on anything or hurrying along by any means.
    The one beneath was much the same, in fact if she started checking, really the newspapers all seemed... incredibly benign on a glance. The reasons behind these specific papers, well, she might have to really know Eilam and have to check them out.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 09:23:55 86241
Banal, boring headlines. Lacrima isn't getting it. Maybe she would if she were still human she thinks. She places them back neatly without touching anything. She figures Eilam is in the house by now. She figures she only has so much time until he actually goes to his study.

She makes a fussy huff to herself as she continues to explore the pile of 'treasure' as it were.

She's careful not to break things. She's being gentle. She's not touching unless she has to.

She isn't thinking it as junk, regardless. She wouldn't want her things treated like junk...

She grabs the pendant that Alexis-niisan gave her around her neck. Never like junk.

She wonders if she'll have a collection like this in many years.....

Should she be having one?

Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-07 09:50:57 86242
    Outside of the newspapers, she would begin to find even more simple things, everyday things. Almost like some glorified otaku, there were just... boxed, unopened items of some kind or another. Some CD's, some videogames, or systems, electronics, hell, there was even a few smaller appliances, like a boxed toaster. There were some clothes, some toys, just... it's hard to get any indication of /why/ or rhyme or reason to the purpose of things being here. Maybe there was none, or perhaps there was some kind of sentiment to things.
    Instead of going to the study, though, Eilam just went straight to his room to lay down, though not immediately going to sleep. Instead, he went to shower first.

    Amidst them she would find a collection of photo books, inside were a bunch of photographs of landscapes, places, buildings, those sort of things. And a few photographs of people. Men and women, boys and girls, mostly just of them waving at the camera perhaps, though nothing of him ever.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 10:06:38 86243
Lacrima eyes that toaster. Wasn't that a model recalled for bursting into a fireball because the company was trying to cut corners? She purses her lips. She eyes the items. This makes her lips twitch. Things familiar and things before her time. She can't hear much up there. The lift isn't moving.

She sighs and purses her lips. She's learned one thing.

People are gonna look through her stuff when she's like two hundred years old and be confused about the rather large trashy vampire romance collection filling bookcases, she figures.

She takes a look around. Yeah she's done here in this room. She gets back on the lift and back up.

If no one is there, she'll go back to resetting it all and putting it back the way it was. She figures Eilam-kun is somewhere in the house of course by now.

Is that water running?
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-07 10:15:11 86244
    Indeed, the water /was/ running. And she'd find that once she closed the bookshelf, everything else seemed to click back into place, including the picture and the spot behind it in the wall. Seems it was all connected. With the water running, and from where it was running, it was probably quite obvious he was both back and taking a shower.
    Tonight, at least, he seemed quite exhausted. Enough so that he was being particularly lazy. Eilam was just laying in the opulent shower of his while staring up at the ceiling. He wasn't even wet or undressed yet, just kind of... not having convinced himself to get up and undress for the task. With the door to the shower room completely open, if she came up to look she'd likely be able to just see him looking like an expensively-dressed lump.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 10:23:45 86245
Lacrima wasn't caught. That's okay. She should still mention it to him. She'd be found out eventually. She knows so. Moved dust. Something out of place enough. But she needs to actually find him first. She tip toes into his room. "Hello....?" she asks quietly.

She hears water. She peeks just inside, ready to dart her head back, but... he's just sitting there.

In expensive clothes. This looks like some chic music video shoot to her, like Eilam is about to sing about the girl he misses or something. All that's missing are blowing cherry petals.

"Eilam-kun?" she asks quietly.

"Are you okay?" she asks. She's dressed in her black tank top and bats and yellow full-moon PJ pants. Casual and not dressy. "It helps to take your clothes off to shower." she says.

"...and if you're expecting me to do so, you're going to be more disappointed tonight." she says coyly in a deadpan tease.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-07 10:35:48 86246

    There was a bit of movement about him as his head dropped to the side, staring at Lacrima quietly and listening to what she had to say. It earned a small snort out of him. "No, I just... it was a long day of sitting around and riding in a vehicle and I found myself sore from the trip. I was going to shower and go to bed, but once I sat down to undress, then laid down to wait a bit... I never got back up." and with that he rolled back a bit to stare up at the ceiling again. "This bench is not even comfortable, why did I ever get this installed. I should have got the cushioned one." #1stImmortalProblems
    "Would you like to join me? At this point I would kind of just like to... feel a bit like a lump. Maybe fall asleep in the hot tub or something." Yes, there was a hot tub in there too. "We could even try talking about your day. ...well, you can talk, I can be content to listen." He was trying, at the least, slowly pushing himself upright to try and figure out what he wanted tonight.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 10:47:13 86247
Lacrima raises a brow and gently takes a step to the edge of the tub and then settles into the tub next to Eilam. She gently sighs a bit. "Before I get too comfortable." she says quietly. "I also had a rough day." she says quietly. "Lots of bad feelings. I'm emotionally unstable. I apologize if I act odd." she says softly.

"But I came here looking for you. I wanted contact." she admits. Rare for her. She of course means cuddles. or snuggles. or hugs. Or just... presence.

"I figured I'd wait for you in your study but I noticed a picture slanted so I tried to fix it because it was irking me." she says.

"I found the entrance there." she says.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... snoop." she says. "I understand if you'll be upset." she says a little worriedly, admittedly.

"I didn't destroy anything down there. I did look and peek." she says.

"I guess I wondered what I might gather in my own time alive." she admits. "I'm seeing bookshelves among bookshelves of trashy romance about vampires." she admits. Though still worried. So she probably means that much.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-07 23:58:58 86273

    Eilam just kind of stared at Lacrima. "You did not mean to... how could you possibly not mean..." It was hard to say if he seemed upset, or just confused at something. He took a deep breath and sighed before asking, once he reached over to take hold of her hands, "Did you hurt yourself in your 'not meaning to snoop' snooping?" Yes, he didn't seem to buy it. "Given you would have had to stick your hand into the paw trap and likely would have set it off. I am a very private person, you know this, and as I only recently learned of... magic, so such protection is meant to... catch would-be snooping types red-handed."

    It's hard to say if he's upset, or concerned about her having hurt herself, or both. Or maybe even something else. But he /was/ holding onto her hands at least as of the moment, looking at them, idly hoping she didn't have to un-stick herself forcibly like it was originally planned for. "I have time to be... frustrated later, you said you wanted... contact?" he wasn't certain about the phrasing of it, but understood the intention. He thought.
Lacrima 2017-11-08 00:21:56 86277
Lacrima seems to think. "No. I turned into a bat to get into that cubby hole. And even if I did not--- blades and sharp objects don't kill me or hurt me very much." she says softly. "I mean. It'd work for a mundane." she says quietly. "If you want to ward off magical snoopers I can add something exotic to the mechanism. Some sort of crystal that would shock or zap." she offers.

She purses her lips. "Honestly." she says quietly. "I didn't mean to find it. I really was fixing a picture." she says quietly. "I mean. After. I saw the hole and started snooping instead of just... putting it back. Maybe...." she says quietly.

"But my curiosity got the better of me." she sighs a little.

She nods and mmmmphs, trying to lean against Eilam a little in the waterless tub. "Contact." she says. "I should try to be around people I know when I feel like this. Something about connections or something.' she says quietly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-08 00:33:40 86279
    "Very much or not, I do not want to see you hurt regardless." and with that, Eilam slipped off the bench to kneel down in front of Lacrima, still holding onto her hands lightly, in fact raising them to press a kiss onto her hands. "But you... bat..." With a dramatic sigh his forehead came to rest on one of her knees. "I swear magic gives me a headache sometimes. No, no, just..." with a bit of a soft mumble, Eilam found himself just looking up at the girl instead.

    "The room you discovered, everywhere I live for the most part, I have something of that sort somewhere in one of my properties. But it is not just about storage or keepsakes, even if I do maintain such there. It is also about my own safety. There is always a couple of people close to me who know of my whatever it is, employees perhaps, or stewards or something, who have instructions and knowledge of what to do should certain things happen. I never brought it up to you before because to be honest, I've been terrified of the thought of others finding out things about me from you somehow magically. I know I shouldn't still be worried about that stupid card or things like it, but I am. I might always return to how I am, but... some things can interfere with it until taken care of. It is why I am... terrified of being buried. ...again." That last bit was rather quiet. "Or... other things like that. If someone who... who truly knew... about me really wanted to hurt me, they could do far worse to me than anyone else in this world. Anyone else could die... could end it. I cannot. i need a place where someone I trust can... save me, should something happen. If... if..."

    At the end of the day, some might consider immortality a gift, regeneration a gift, like what he seems to have, but to Eilam, it really is a curse. "It is why I always... keep a knife hidden on me. Why... my pain tolerance is... what it is. Why I have the place below here, just in case something happens to me in Japan, I can be taken there until someone else can fix the problem whatever it is, if I cannot myself."
Lacrima 2017-11-08 01:11:15 86282
Lacrima sighs and nods at Eilam. "I saw that. One of the chests I mean. And the surgical instruments inside." she says softly. "Pain is a thing I feel differently than a human. But then things don't work the same. Some thug stabbed me in the head once. That was uncomfortable. But there's no brain to stab there. Just this stuff I'm made of. So I was standing there just with a knife in my face and that ichor streaming down it." she says.

"I'm pretty sure he ran at the sight." she says quietly. "People are always going to hurt me for what I am." she says quietly. "Whether that's physical or emotionally." she says quietly.

She shakes her head. "But you don't have the same luxuries I do in how you're able to handle things." she says. "Your body is still human. I'm sure of that." she says quietly.

She closes her eyes. "I'm scared too." she says quietly.

"...all it's gonna take it someone like Sailor Moon. Someone with great purifying power, to decide I've had enough time and end me." she says quietly.

"Some misunderstanding. And I'm gone." she says softly.

"If I let myself revel in what I am. I could become as powerful as the person before me. But I wouldn't even be a little human then." she says quietly.

"I don't want to hurt people. I don't want to rule a village or a city. I don't want to be happy over hurt and pain and agony." she says quietly.

She sighs.

"I'm here." she says to Eilam. "If anyone hurts you I will hurt them worse." she says flatly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2017-11-08 01:27:02 86285
    Letting her talk, the pink-haired fellow just watched her expression, studying her a bit. Though what he did at the end might surprise her a bit. Eilam raised one hand to reach up and grab the collar of the outfit she had on, tugging her down just enough so he could lean up and kiss her warmly. A slow, lingering kiss to let her know that he both appreciated what she offered just then, as well as perhaps letting her get that contact that she seemingly wanted. "Stay tonight with me? You can rule my bed and keep me wrapped up in a dungeon of blankets or something at your mercy."
    That attempt at a joke was awful, though he tried, hoping that was obvious. He wasn't really going to touch on the risk of someone trying to 'end' her, he really didn't even know how he would react to someone trying to take her out of his life forever. So far she's the only possible 'permanent' other thing like himself that he's aware of really, so it's very possible he might just flop into the deep end if something happened there to try and keep her safe. Keep her to himself.
Lacrima 2017-11-08 02:02:08 86287
Lacrima is kissed. This is welcomed. Because mostly she doesn't fight it and kisses back and---- mmmmmm. Yeah. Yeah that's she needed. That. That right there. Things settle in her head. Not fully. But enough. Enough for now. Enough to find grounding.

Grounding she needs so desperately right now. She purses her lips. Just a twitch there.

No smile though. "I think I like that idea." she admits. "But you need to take a shower first." she says with pursed lips. "I'm going to go laydown then." she says. "and I'm going rest." she says.

"And when you're done. There shall be cuddles." she says flatly with another purse as she begins to crawl off and make her way to the bed.

It's been a long long day.