Milkshake Madness

Hannah invites her friends to the GCC for milkshakes! Unfortunately, Aki is there. Tables are flipped, and traditional methods of Befriending are planned

Date: 2017-11-06
Pose Count: 58
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-06 01:20:56 86136
Sometimes, no matter whether you're on the more evil or good side of the mahou spectrum, you need friends and milkshakes. That day is today for one Hannah Sharpe. Lounging at a table on the second floor. Her feet are kicked up, she's poking at an EclipsePad linked to a bluetooth receiver on her ear, and occasionally sipping the gigantic rootbeer float in front of her. A teaspoon is lifted, and nomf! Mmm, ice cream. At her side, Boris is happily chewing on a big ham bone that Motoki helpfully scrounged up for the big husky. Chew chew bark chew! His tail wags!

Both of them wait for their friends that they tossed a small array of texts out to!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 01:29:53 86137
Haurna Kurosawa is literarily dragging Aki Kurosawa down the street by her hand. "Commmme on. Hannah-chan wants us for milkshakes!"

"I don't care if she only sent me the text she meant you too!" she says before AKI EVEN SAYS ANYTHING. Push. Tug. Coax!

"Hiii! We're here!" says Haruna Kurosawa as she marches up the stairs. "I brought Aki-chan with me Hannah-chan! I hope that's okay!" she says.

She beams, smiles as ever as she tiptoes across the room like no one can see her despite the loud announcement of self and then gives Hannah-chan a tiiiiiiiight hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Missed ya." she says with a grin. Nevermind that Hannah probably sees Haruna nightly probably.

She pulls out a chair and sits next to Hannah as Boris gets PETS.

"Oh. I want a Chocolate Milkshake but I want it to just be the chocolate syrup I wanna see if I can't vibrate off the ground." she says with wide eyes.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 01:35:31 86138
Hikari is dragging Mikoto away from her family business for the afternoon. Neither of them can stand this particular family occasion -- it involves a visit from a cousin Mikoto particularly dislikes - so any excuse to get out is welcome, really. It's just that Hikari really wanted out.

"C'mon, c'mon, sis! Ice cream! Chocolate!" The catgirl is grinning widely, not bothering to disguise her looks today - now that they're out and away from the annoying mundanes of the family, that is - and her tail flickers behind her as they climb the stairs of the Crown.

Mikoto follows at a more sedate pace, glad to just be away from the house, but when she reaches the top of the stairs she grins. "Well well well, imouto, look who's here!" They must have just missed Haruna and Aki, having started up moments after the other two reached the top.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-06 01:36:51 86139
    Aki had but one proper reply and Haruna already capped it before she could say it because Aki Kurosawa is somewhat predicatable at times. She huffs and puffs as she's draggggggged into the Game Center Crown and then shoves her hands to her side when she's finally let go.
    "Hey." is all she manages to say as she meanders over and has a seat at the farther opposite end of Hannah. Then begins to stare her and maybe Haruna's interactions with her down.
    "Hey." she says again. Yeah. She's as talkative as a brick wall right now with a tape recorder glued to it.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 01:37:22 86140
It's been a while since Kazuo's seen Hannah. As in, the last time he saw her, it was as much haunting her as actually seeing her. That ... could be said not to have gone well.

This time, if something tries to hit him at speed, it at least won't collide with furniture instead.

There are bright-eyed girls. Some of them are loud. Some of them are chattering. Kazuo eyes the stairs, draws a breath, and then ventures near them only when there's relatively little chance of stepping on a catgirl's tail.

(Maybe he and Aki are secretly related?)
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 01:38:55 86141
It is hard to argue with the prospect of a milkshake. And, more than likely a bit of sketching and possibly even some studying.

Possibly not, let's be real here.

Naru spots Kazuo heading up the stairs just a little ways ahead of her and hurries her steps to ghost up behind him, smiling a little as she provides a petite auburn haired shadow behind the tall white haired one.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-06 01:43:47 86142
"Haruna! Hey, I was waiting for y....wait, you brou..."

ACK! Seized by a Gull! Hannah instantly wraps arms around Haruna, fumbling her Epad to the table and managing to not spill all of the things! Smoooch! There's this big smile, a light flush to her cheeks, and she just luxuriates in Haruna-presence for a few moments.

"You too, you beautiful, feathery, most wonderful girl in the world!" Her voice can only be described as 'utter mushy love' for a second. Truly, she has no shame.

Boris, meanwhile, butt-scoots over to Haruna! Yesss pets! Nomf, headbump! Nomf, headbump! Truly, this dog is in /heaven/!

"Get whatever you want! Uhh. ...Is that even a milkshake? More like a syrupshake." Squint.

And then she pauses. "Miko-chan! Is that you? Glad you came, sit down! Huh. Who's your friend?" It seems that Hannah has yet to meet the sister!

Smiiiiile. Her smile turns from gushy to cheshire. "Aki-chan! My favorite sister-in-law-to-be! Somebody still needs to work on their social skills I see!" Hannah Sharpe, grade A jerk!

Not using R.T. right now, Naru and Kunzite sneak in unnoticed by Hannah at first. Boris does perk up, and pokes her mentally.

Down goes the float, and there's a speeding Hannah Missile coming for Kunzite! Arms outstretch! Lord help you, big and amazingly beautiful. Huuuuuug!

Naru may well just get caught up in the flying hugstorm.


"Oh God, you're real, you're solid, and you're alive! How've you been, you overly manicured amazing ball of stoic! Come on, sit down!" Squeeeeze! Hannah has definitely recovered from her little issue with dark energy and linker cores. All of her muscle tone is back. All of it.

"Is that you Naru-chan!?" Pardon her, she's strangling one-and-or-both of them.

"Milkshakes on me, boys and girls!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 01:53:57 86143
Haruna Kurosawa beams and smiles. "Heeee~" then she says. "That'd be silly! I'll only order it with heavy syrup." she insists. She looks up and--- "Kaz! Naru! Mikoto! Hi! Um...." she motions to Aki. "Kazuo, but blonde and a girl over here is Aki-chan, my sister." she says softly. "I dragged here her to have fun tonight!" she says.

Then a gasp! "Hannah-chan! They need ribs to live." she says with mock worry. She know she won't break ribs in hugging.

She looks to Aki and whispers something to her and then skips off to the counter to aquire milkshakes for her and Aki quick. Others can order for themselves she's imagining.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 01:59:58 86144
"Heyyyy, Hannah, yes, it's me alright!" Mikoto grins and saunters towards her, but steps back when the Haru-Missile hits its target. And then there is the glomping of Kazuo. Okay. Hannah's happy. Good.

"Great to see everyone," she tries to start again, offering Haruna a wave. "Hi Haruna, Hi Aki. Good to see you both again."

Hikari waves to people, then tugs on Mikoto's sleeve. "Milkshakes," the catgirl insists.

"Right, right. Milkshakes. I want strawberry. I assume you want chocolate?"

Hikari shakes her head, tail flickering again. "I want all of them."

Mikoto blinks, pauses, then shrugs. Marches over to the counter. Waits patiently behind Haruna. "Right, start with one strawberry and one chocolate, and if neko-chan here is still up for more when she's done with that use your imagination. And get me a strawberry too."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-06 02:04:06 86145
    Aki Kurosawa doesn't get the name she was just called, but she leans her ear over and listens to Haruna then blushes and moves to try to shove Haruna and misses as she skips off. "H-hey!" is all she says, not elaborating.
    She crosses her arms like a grumpy gus.
    "Hey Kazuo-san." she says with a mutter. She eyes Hannah again with glaring eyes.
    "Uck." she goes! When Hannah gets into the sister-in-law-bit. "You and I need to have a talk anyways." she says at Hannah when Hannah turns attention back from death hugging people apaprently.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 02:09:09 86146
The important part of all of this is not to let Hannah knock Kazuo back down the stairs. Fortunately, sound stil travels slightly faster than Hannah Missiles. Slightly. He has enough time to brace without stepping on Naru.

This does not mean he won't necessarily stagger into Naru if she didn't dodge, and if she did dodge Hannah probably tagged her, so there may be doom anyway.

"Overly-manicured?" Kazuo repeats once he's been able to take a breath to replace the one knocked out of him on impact. "You're mistaking me for Izumi. There's a small height difference." About a foot. Also, Izumi would object to the 'overly' part. Zoisite is perfectly manicured, thank you very much.

Either way, a due attempt to escort Hannah back the table's way is made. No comment on why his being solid is a notable thing. "Hello, Kurosawa-san." Presumably he means Aki rather than Haruna, since he adds, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I've heard you have sense."

He does not attempt to bow. At his height, bowing in crowded situations is ... a little awkward, and possibly a little hazardous when people may be moving unexpectedly. Like Hannah. Like people tempted to punch Hannah.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 02:13:55 86147
It's a fine dodging line between not ending up trying to break basic laws of physics with Kazuo, not indulging in a classic demonstration of gravity and getting captured in a Hannah-hug, which is a law in and of itself.

"Yes, it's me." Naru confirms for Hannah, her voice just a wee bit strangled thanks to enthusiastic hugging. Or strangling. Mostly hugging.

Naru lets Kazuo be the social one, enjoying the shift in positions in acting as his shadow for the moment.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-06 02:18:38 86148
"Ribs are a crutch!" Huuuuug!

Finally, however, she lets go. Reach up! She musses that hair just as he's bowing, to make sure the affection sinks in. That lingering guilt? Oh yeah, still there.

She composes herself though. "Right! There's not enough milkshakes being drank. How's everyone been?" Already there's a waiter getting everyone's order with a snap of Hannah's fingers. She tips well, after all!

Two more seats get pulled out. "Good to see /both/ of you. Have you gotten your own art gallery yet?" She teases Naru. "Looks like I need to spar with you boys more then! That way I can admire the mirror shine of fingernails /and/ memorize your heights." Hugs and violence. Hugulence. Some of Hannah's favorite things.

But it's AKi that has Hannah almost looking serious in between slurping down float. "Mmm? Have something on your mind, Aki-chan?"
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 02:19:13 86149
When Koji decided to take a little time away from home, a little time to think... this was one of the off the wall places that came to mind. A little chance to get away from the world and family for a bit and just lose himself with a few in-house credits in a digital world of either arcade robots, shooters, and letting Tyrfing grouse that because of how things have changed with their ability to coordinate that he cannot maintain his top score on DDR.

So it's a touch of surprise as the bespectacled young man spots several familiar faces he hasn't seen for months, many not since the last Hannah incident, and some even further back. He takes a breath, and then moves off to get a fresh game card from the machine, only to find that one out of order... so he moves up to the second floor and where the backup machine is close to the eatery. Though, for the moment, he'd not acknowledged anyone as of yet.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 02:31:41 86150
Haruna Kurosawa returns with a chocolate milkshake that looks a little darker than usual in it's glass and a normal strawberry one for Aki. She sits down and grins as she begins to sip at her shake. She frowns a little though as she keeps quiet when Aki mentions there's stuff she wants to talk about.

So she begins looking places in awkwardness. Oh look! There's a ceiling how about that! and a floor! and walls! and a Koji-kun! OH! A Koji-kun!

She slips away with a dumb grin at Hannah as she sliiiides up to Koji.

"Is it working...?" she asks.

"....want me to put eleventy dollars on it?" she asks with wide innocent eyes.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-06 02:40:11 86151
    Aki Kurosawa looks left and right and then nods to Haruna with a little annoyed touch to her expression as she takes a sip of the milkshake. She stares at it as Hannah askes her if there's something to talk about.
    "Ya know." she says. Because she has no qualms talking about things in public. Shame isn't really a thing Aki has.
    "For someone that seems pretty big on family you sure didn't have any qualms about asking my sister to marry you without maybe talking to me about it first. I mean normally you ask the father and that's a bad idea for us." she says.
    "But I mean I'm right here you know?" she says with her arms splayed out.
    "and----" then Haruna says eleventy dollars and she just rests her palms against her face and leans forward, elbows to the tabletop encompassing her milkshake.
    "This again." she mutters.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 02:45:02 86152
Mikoto accepts her strawberry milkshake, and Hikari claims her pair, and the two turn about from the counter to see Hannah enmeshed in Kazuo-hugging. And Koji is here. Cool.

"Ribs are..." Mikoto mouths to Hikari, a quizzical look on her face. The catgirl starts to shrug, but when the liquid in her cups starts to slosh she stops, not wanting to spill a drop.

The two head over to the table, taking seats opposite Aki. "Well, they're in fine form today," Mikoto comments.

"Do you really object to their being together?" Hikari asks, then starts slurping at the chocolate shake. After getting a good gulp of it, she adds, "Or are you just teasing them? I mean, that's the fun part of having a sister on a date..."

Mikoto grows softly and elbows the cat-girl.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 02:51:44 86153
"I'm considering a show next year." Naru offers to Hannah as she settles into a booth, next to the action but with enough room for both milkshake AND somewhere to put a sketchbook and her pencil case. Its yet another new sketchbook, only a couple drawings in it yet.

There is no chocolate in her milkshake order. Lychee is her flavour of choice, and fortunately the Crown makes a good one.

Naru flips through her book to find a blank page, listening in on the various conversations that are happily going on without her.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 02:57:50 86154
Kazuo just glances at the waiter, who nods wordlessly -- then eyes Hannah.

(Kazuo may perhaps resign himself to the inevitability of someone trying to compromise on a coffee milkshake.)

"You'll need to spar with Mamoru's organic-chemistry homework first," Kazuo says easily to Hannah. "But the semester won't last forever."

He does not ask about the catgirl. Maybe he figures she knows Makio.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 02:59:49 86155
The normal reaction of one Koji Silvia would be startlement, embarrassment, and apology for something real or imagined. Instead he just says over his shoulder to Haruna, "No thank you, Kurasawa-senpai." His voice almost overly formal, "I don't intend to be here long. And you should go back to be with your friends... and your girlfriend." Adding the last as he finally get a thousand yen note from his pocket to load onto one of the arcade's cards.

Standing back up, he turns around to face her, still in full formality mode and gives a faint bow, "It's a pleasure to see you again."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-06 03:04:08 86156
Sigh. Well, here it comes. As Haruna slips off, Hannah crosses her arms.

"Isn't it obvious? You don't like me. And frankly, the decision is mine and Haruna's anyway. You would dissapprove even if I was the most wholesome girl in the entire world."

Frown. "After what happened with Beryl and Walpurgisnacht? I'm not waiting for anybody to make sure the world knows I want to devote all of my love and heart to Haruna. So I'm sorry if it makes you angry, but that's how I feel." She already died once. She doesn't want to miss the chance.

A wave. "Hey Koji! Good to see you again!"

Naru gets a grin. "You'll kill 'em! Better invite me to the opening!"

Huff. "Somehow I don't think he'll appreciate me putting a fist through it, and I'm not into that deep of chemistry just yet." Offers Hannah apologetically to Kunzite.

Back to Miko. "...Eh. She's serious. Say what you want about her manners, Aki-chan loves her sis, and cares for her."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 03:12:24 86157
Haruna's face lowers in concern a little when Koji is ultra polite. She winces a little. "Uh....hey...." she says. "So you're just gonna agree with me that eleventy is a number today?" she asks sheepishly. "Yeah. She's here. So is Hannah. You should come sit with us Koji." she says softly.

"Is something wrong...?" she asks softly as she leans in closer so that Koji can whisper if he wants. She looks back and then waves wildly. NOTHING WRONG HERE. NOPE.

She leans back down. "Usually you're pretty insistent about the random number thing." she says. "Are you giving up on teaching me proper numbers?" she asks with wide eyes.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-06 03:31:12 86158
    Aki Kurosawa eyes Hannah as she talks and she leans forward and crosses her arms and actually stands up to lean forward a moment. "What makes you think I'd say no? Because I don't like you? And you for people that want to harm and rule the world?" she asks. "Because maybe I have a little common sense?" she says.
    "No." she says sourly. "Because I didn't punch my god damn father in the gut and drag Haruna-chan here to tell her how to live and do things like he did." she says.
    "Oh don't get me wrong." she says. "I'd have told you that. If it was up to me no. But it IS Up to her." she says.
    "But you couldn't work up the god damn courage to ask me." she snaps.
    This is when she grips the bottom of the milkshake and it looks like a long moment she's debating trowing it at Sharpe, but instead she just slams it against the table and sits back down.
    Then turns away from the rest of the table.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 03:35:12 86159
... someone just insulted Hannah's courage. Kazuo pretends he is not eyeing Hannah and considering whether it's even possible to separate two girls, either of whom could probably beat him up, before Motoki has to kick the entire lot of them out. Without getting anything broken himself. Getting broken is an option, but Mamoru gripes about that for weeks.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 03:38:56 86160
Naru's milkshake didn't last long, and there's a few preliminary sketches in her book. Naru eyes the group at the next table over, really as one might a movie. Popcorn probably should be on the menu, or at least Academy nominees as the Drahma! gets going in full swing.

It seems unlikely that Naru is going to try and break things up, more likely to sell tickets.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 03:41:55 86161
Hikari seems to be focusing on alternating slurps of milkshakes. Chocolate, strawberry. Chocolate, strawberry. "Hey," she says, poking Aki in the shoulder. "Don't be so grumpy. You've got a milkshake, be happy. Enjoy it." She grins and leans in to give the girl a hug, and - miracle! - offers her a sip of her own milkshake. The strawberry one. (She can always cadge more off of Mikoto later.)

Mikoto leaves Hikari to her dairy delights, while turning to watch the others. She waves casually to Kazuo and Koji. "Hey, neighbor," she calls, "C'mon, have a milkshake." She puts her feet up on Hannah's empty chair and leans back. "This was a great idea, 'kari-chan."
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 03:47:42 86162
With a bit of a sigh, Koji is not actually hearing Haruna and her attempts to evade tension in the air... instead he's looking past her and right to where the conflict is brewing. He blinks a couple times and adjusts his glasses before saying, "If you want to believe in a world where there is an eleventy, Miss Haruna, then I shouldn't stop you."

And with that, he moves past the group and then towards where the rest are, giving a faint smile and then a bow to the pair, before saying, "Sumimasen."

"In the brief time I have known Miss Hannah, there are two particular traits I have seen in abundance. She has very strong feelings for many things, which can get her in trouble... and she very much cares for Miss Haruna, your sister, Miss Aki."

Turning slightly, he addresses Hannah first, "Please understand something, Miss Hannah. Miss Aki is her sister's family, and as such, perhaps she feels as if she has been left out of a piece of her sister's life. A sister who she was lost to, and then was brought back to. Losing someone makes you protective of them. You do not want to see it happen again."

Then he addresses Aki, with a deeper and more respectful bow, "Miss Aki... no one is ever going to be good enough for your sister. And that is your fear speaking. A fear of losing her. Yes, Miss Hannah is argumentative, sometimes a little insulting to people, and she associates with people who are not the best in the world... but no one is perfect."

There's something sad in his eyes as he then says, "I'm sorry for interrupting. I was not invited."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-06 03:56:54 86163
Hannah somehow manages to look /even more smug/. At least Haruna has Koji settled. No problems over there indeed.

"That's because, even though you're arrogant and self righteous, you're not a stick-in-the-mud that doesn't know what century this is!"

Miko and everyone might want to grab their drinks from the Sharpe Table. Because, Hannah's eyes go wide as Aki finishes that sentence. She doesn't even hear Aki's drink get sat down.

Where's Boris? Who knows. There is, however, a giant of a bald russian man smiling right beside Naru and Kunzite. He does, in fact, have two fluffy husky ears. And makes a lovely shield as Hannah quite literally flips the entire damn table over as her /courage/ gets insulted!

Any flying drinks get caught by a giant russian hand.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You don't know the things she and I faced together, what each of us fought by ourselves! If you want to call me an idiot, a fool for trusting them, an overinflated blowhard, FINE! But I'll show you courage you limp wristed little..." Hannah's volume is as ever. That is to say, /loud/.

She's trembling. And it's only as Koji actually approaches that Hannah lowers the fist she was making. She missed most of his compliments, but the grit-toothed mahou is still radiating rage.

"...Quit talking like you know anything." Her tone, at least, isn't yelling at /Koji/. She's still hopping mad.

"And don't be stupid. You're welcome to anything we're involved in, Aki. Fine. Next time, I'll ask you when something like that comes up." Heck no she's not apologizing.

She's pointing out the door. "You. Me. Deserted beachfront. I'm going to smash you into the sand soon, got it!? Like I'm going to let you insult me like that!" Violence...maybe averted?

Kunzite and Naru are both being handed milk shakes that went flying.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 04:02:56 86164
"Here Koji." Naru looks up at his mournful commentary upon his lack of invitation. "I'm headed out, take my seat. I've got odds on Hannah when it comes to blows." She gestures to where she'd been sitting as she stands...

And then there's a giant russian and table flipping and milkshakes everywhere. Oh yes, and the yelling. Naru pauses, taking a step behind Boris to keep the flying milkshake splattering to a minmium.

"Not quite too late to get bets in." Naru watches the challenge offered and just shakes her head. "Good luck Hannah, I'll text you later."
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-06 04:05:03 86165
    Aki Kurosawa turns to regard Hannah as she gets in her face and the table literarly gets flipped and she may not be welcomed here again. That's okay. This isn't her usual haunt anyways.
    She gets up and spreads her arms and she's about to haul off and punch Hannah herself when she stops. Maybe because she can feel Haruna's eyes burning through her now even as she doesn't look that way.
    "Pft. Fine." she snarks. "You wanna fight, fine we'll fight. You have your stupid service dog tell the seagull and we'll sort it out then." she says.
    She steps up and storms off angry.
    "Later Koji. Not now." she says. "Sorry." she says.
    She DID hear that from Koji, just she isn't gonna respond to it right now. Later.
    She does steal an apologetic sideglance to Haruna on her way out. But says nothing.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 04:12:19 86167
Haruna Kurosawa eyes go wide when she hears the word coward and she rockets forth and oh god Hannah is already flipping the god damn table. She throws her palm to her face. "FFfffffffffffffuuuuuuuuu-----dgggggge."

"HEY!" she calls out. She storms over and Aki is already leaving and she seeeethes and she rubs her face and her milkshake is being held by Viktor and she steals it back. "Thanks Vikkkky~" she says, giving him a peck on the cheek at least.

She huffs and storms over to Hannah and sighhhhhhs and just collapses towards her.

"Ugh. That could had gone way better. You know we're probably gonna be banned from the Crown for a couple months right? I mean at least me you and Aki. Don't bring the others into this, yeah?" she asks with wider eyes.

She sighs and looks to Koji and flumps further against Hannah. "Sorry Koji-kun. It looks like something happened with you cuz you seemed all down and stuff and now you're giving large speeches and it's like there's too much jerk going around for it to matter." she says sheepishly.

"Well you try to tell her that again when the jerk isn't so loud?" she asks softly.

"I mean jerk as a feeling. Rather than a person." she says. "Right?" she offers.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 04:15:49 86169
Hikari leaps out of her seat as the table starts to flip. And balances on the railing by the stairs, a milkshake in each hand, slurping loudly from the chocolate one. "Hey!" she calls out, after swallowing. "Watch where you're throwin' those! You could spill somebody's milkshake!"

Indeed, someone did not move fast enough, and now Mikoto has strawberry shake all over her nice top. That's certainly not going to make her happy. "Frakkit, Hannah! What the black?" She shoves herself to her feet, shaking her half-empty milkshake at the white-haired American. "Next time pick a table that other people aren't using!"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 04:18:37 86170
"Hannah," Kazuo says, sounding rather tired, and much as if he's not expecting his target to be hearing him right now either. "Motoki is not the person you're angry at. You shouldn't be hurting him." Or his family. That's going a little abstract for Hannah at the best of times, though.

Though, granted, Aki not having thrown any punches means that she'll probably be just fine coming back in.

He exhales, inclines his head to Boris, and then glances Koji's way. He may be managing to retain dignity largely by dint of firmly ignoring the amount of chocolate milkshake currently gluing parts of his hair together. "I heard you being invited. You may have regretted being invited; that seems fair enough, today."

Any bets he places with Naru will probably be done in private. ... there may actually be one, this time.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-06 04:23:00 86171
"Any time, any beach-head, you Blue-worshipping foppish excuse for a..." Hack cough. She shuts her mouth. Even angry as she is, Hannah respects secrets.

"And he's a service /Familiar/!"

Fist shake! Fiiiist shake at retreating Aki-chan!

Catch. One armed hug. Oh yes, still shaking fist! "...Bah. You're right. I'll get the usual bribery going. Just a week or two, I promise~." Curse you evil money and power. Curse you!

Lean in, angry-smooch, and she lets her go, letting go. Then, she kind of slumps too.

"That's just low, gem-boy. Fine. Fiiiine! I'll pay for everything." Then her voice gets very, very low. It's a squeak.

It almost sounds like 'apologize'. Surely that was just wind or something. Or a leaky milkshake.

Then, a big hand reaches out, and Hannah's being dragged away. Haruna has a far-more-comfortable shoulder ride if she wants. Boris waves. "Da! Charge all drinks on idiot white kitten!" Hannah flails the entire time as her giant familiar drags her out.

Hannah to, shakes fists at Miko. Out of mutual respect.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 04:24:18 86172
Watching it all unfold and the girls fairly well stomp off on their own, Koji takes off his glasses and then uses a napkin from his pocket to carefully wipe away all of the milkshake streaks stuck to them. It takes a couple different passes to get that stuff mostly off, and then he uses a cloth for the rest. Something about glasses attracts things like this, but still, they are glimmery clean once they perch back on his nose.

After that, he just loose s a sigh, and looks back at Haruna, "I..." And he stops himself from saying something obviously sitting on the tip of his tongue that he may regret. So he just pushes his frames up once more, and says, "Yes Miss Haruna. I'll go order some more shakes."

But this time before he actually leaves, he adds with a sniff, "I'm the peacemaker at home. Sometimes between my parents and other people. It makes you see people outside of themselves and let you guess what they may need to hear. That's all."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 04:30:07 86173
Haruna Kurosawa eyes Hannah. "Jerk. I'll see you at home. No worries. No couch tonight~" she sings teasingly. "Vik, you make sure she gets home okay!" she sings. Of course he will. She sighs and lifts the table back up if no one else has. She fixes chairs and steals napkins to wipe it down if it needs it.

She flops back into the chair and begins sucking down milkshake.

She sighs. "I was hoping. She was gonna ask in like a park or something and not the middle of a gathering but I should had known better but I know I'm not at fault don't worry." she sputters as one run on sentence.

She eyes Kazuo and smiles. "Kaz." she says. "Sorry about that. You okay?" she asks. Naru. Where did she go? She musta run off. Pout.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 04:44:19 86174
Hikari blinks as she looks at the drenched Mikoto. "Uh-oh," she whispers, then gulps down her strawberry milkshake at insane speed. Time to run!

Then shudders, clutching her head, dropping the chocolate shake - oh no! - and falls off the railing onto the floor. (And fortunately not down the stairs.)

"Owwww..... brain freeze....."

Mikoto sighs and shakes her head. "Well, that's torn it. And now I need a new blouse." She sighs and gets to her feet. "Sorry, 'runa-chan. This was supposed to be my afternoon off."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 04:45:41 86175
"I'm beginning to suspect," Kazuo says to Haruna and Mikoto dryly, "that ice cream should be treated as a controlled substance." He glances at the fallen catgirl, shakes his head slightly, and turns to keep an eye on Koji. Annnnd therefore on Motoki.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 04:48:52 86176
Returning with replacement shakes for everyone, the young man somehow remembering what each person was drinking before the table-flip and everything else that just went down, Koji has for himself a salted caramel milkshake. Sitting down in Naru's seat, he looks back around to all the others, and then just holds his drink in both hands, "I'm sorry about your blouse. Before you have it laundered, mix some baking soda and some water and pour it over the stain. It'll help get that up before you put it in the washing machine. My mom gets wine stains on her when she goes out for karaoke with some of her old friends, and that's what I do."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 04:54:36 86177
Mikoto accepts the replacement shake from Koji. Then pauses to glare at him as he advises her on how to do laundry. Which she hasn't done for herself in, well... ever.

"Cat-boy." Her tone is flat and unamused. She pauses to be sure she has his attention. "This blouse is one hundred percent silk. It is dry clean only. Baking soda and water and a laundry machine will destroy it."

Turning to Kazuo, her tone definitely lightens. "I'm not even going to bother, I'm just going to bill Hannah for a dozen new ones." Blouses, not shakes. Or maybe shakes too.

Hikari just lies there twitching. Brainfreeze and catgirls do not go well together.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 04:56:11 86178
Haruna Kurosawa eyes Mikoto. "Awwww." she says. "Go chase the kitty." she says softly. "She seemed in a rush!" she says.

"I'll see ya back at HQ later maybe it's HULA MONDAY!" she says with wide eyes.

She looks back to Kazuo. "Nrg. Sorry. Aki was been sort of upset about the whole. Engagement thing. I think Koji hit it pretty on the head. She feels kind lost." she says quietly.

"I mean. I know that. I told her that. SHE told me that. But then she had to go call Hannah the c-word and ugh."

COWARD! That is.

"They'll be okay. But the last time Aki only thrashed Hannah because Hannah had that gunk going on. Hannah's back at one hundred percent now I think she's gonna get a wake up call about pushing around the girlfriend." she smiles smugly.

She gently nods to Koji thankfully and touches his hand. "Thanks Koji-kun." she says quietly. "I know you tried to help. Just. It's a big deal. Ya know?..." she says.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 04:58:24 86179
Kazuo meant to be drinking coffee. Somehow, Koji has brought back not merely a coffee milkshake, which Kazuo suspected he was doomed to, but a caramel mocha milkshake. Inflicting sugar on Kazuo may be Motoki's way of getting revenge. He doesn't complain; he says instead, "Thank you," to Koji. And then regards Mikoto evenly, before giving a brief inclination of his head toward Haruna and arranging himself to finally claim a seat. At the table Naru had been sitting at, and Koji is now sitting at. Which was not the flipped one -- just one convenient to it. He keeps one with good line-of-sight to the Gull, though.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 05:05:35 86180
Koji just sighs, and then looks back up at Mikoto, and it may be a bit of a swipe, but he replies, "Allright, but if you are just going to get rid of that very pretty blouse, please donate it instead of just throwing it away? My mother would have to pay a whole paycheck for one like that."

He then finally sips at his drink, and adds to Haruna, "Has anyone ever told the two of them they behave like boys?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 05:13:47 86181
Haruna Kurosawa grins at Kazuo and Koji. "Oh man yeah they do." she grins cheekily. "But that's part of the reason I like Hannah. I mean. She's like that. Confident and so sure~" she grins dumbly... "But, Aki... yeah she's always kinda been like that. But it's a little worse because of the... yeah." she says. "I keep trying to drag her into things? And it's always 'Nah' or 'no' but then she still gets upset when I go on with it without her and it's like.." she nrgs.

"Like you can't... want to be a part of something but actively not be a part of it." she says quietly.

"I know that much." she says as she sips her milkshake.

"Sorry you had to see that Kazuo." she offers. "Still."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 05:32:06 86182
"She wants you to come back to her things, instead," Kazuo agrees to Haruna. "Why else would she be angry at Hannah for expecting you to be the one in control of your own life?" He almost says something else; his expression flickers into a quiet frown, instead, and he directs it down at the milkshake. Which fails to gratifyingly freeze solid. After a moment, he adds, "Perhaps in time she'll come to terms with the idea that you're kin to her, but not an extension of her. Not that that's easy."

At least he's refraining from the urge to defend boy behavior.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 05:33:29 86183
Mikoto sighs and settles back in her seat, plucking at the milkshake-stained blouse. "Fiiiiine," she finally mutters, then gets up and heads off towards the restrooms. "Back in a minute," she announces.

Hikari, meanwhile, has managed to get herself up off the floor, and approaches the table. Somehow she's perfectly clean, even though she was covered in chocolate shake a minute ago. "Hey, Hannah's refills get here yet? I want strawberry-banana next."

The promised minute later, Mikoto returns, with a light windbreaker over a cami top in lieu of the blouse. "Here," she says, thrusting a bundle of silk at Koji. "If you can clean it, it's yours. Do what you will with it."
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 05:37:32 86185
Accepting the blouse, Koji stands up and bows, turning to go back to the counter to get Hikari her strawberry banana milkshake, not another word spoken.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 05:42:43 86186
Haruna Kurosawa sighs. "Well..." she says. "Before. She disappeared? It was just me and her. And she'd go out and work. And I'd stay home and read books and I was really shy and hard to deal with because of things at the time." she says quietly. "And she /tried/ to get me to go out. She lined up blind dates for me and tried to get me to make friends?" she asks.

"But I was happy, you know? We'd go out together and with her friends and we'd parade all over the damn beach like we owned it." she says.

"The she disappeared. Because Phantom's idea of a hobby is collecting magical girls." she says dryly.

"-and I changed and I was alone and I was unhappy and I became the worst of all things." she leans forward, eyes narrowed. "Gothhhhhhh." she says with a wry smile. "But seriously I was a mess." she says quietly sitting back down. "And over those years I got so much a mess that I guess dark energy found a good home in me because wooooow did that wake Corvus up from his 'I'm finally free, time to conquer earth!' nap." she mutters.

"The only reason I'm the way I am right now is because Hannah gave me that confidence. Hell, EVERYONE did." she says quietly. "Everyone came to just... save me. That night?" she says quietly.

"Then we rescued Aki and..."

"From Aki's point of view, Kaz? It's like no time had passed. And I think that bugs her. Because she missed so much and all she has go on , are the stories and stuff from other people." she says quietly.

"I wish I could help her experience all the stuff she missed." she says quietly. "Because I think that's what's hurting her."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 05:48:10 86187
"And because she focused what she was doing on you," Kazuo says quietly. "And having suddenly lost that focus, it's possible that she may not feel like she has a way to make a difference."

(It's also possible that Kazuo is projecting.)

He glances after Koji again, more than once. Unlike Mikoto, he's just coping with the milkshake. In his hair. Leached into his shirt from his hair. Inflicted on him by Motoki. Maybe he can pawn the caramel mocha off on the catgirl if he needs to distract her in an emergency.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 05:53:18 86189
Hikari eyes Kazuo's caramel mocha milkshake thoughtfully. But accepts the strawberry-banana as her due. She also grins at him. With bright sparkly moe eyes.

What she does not do is say "Thank you."

"So," Mikoto adds, "She gets frozen for a while, comes back, and all of a sudden her innocent charming little sis has got a girlfriend. And all she sees is that Hannah is a Yankee and weird and maybe a little bit evil." She shrugs.

"Yeah. Sounds like she needs to spend a week on a desert island all alone with nothing but Hannah and a crate of MREs and some fishing gear... pallet of duct tape... ok, maybe some general survival gear. But no magic."
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 06:03:30 86191
Returning to the group, Koji sets down the strawberry banana milkshake in front of Hikari and then sits down where he was before, as he says, "That sounds like a horrible idea, actually. What they need is something to come together over, not something to leave them heated and bitter at each other."

He sighs again, and just sips at his drink a moment, going on, "Hannah? When people give you strength, it's on you to make sure you give it to others. You need to give Miss Aki the reassurance that you're still her sister, you still love her, and you still want her in your life. Ideally?"

He pauses for a sip.

"You should let them start their fight, Cure up, and beat them both into the sand until you have their attention. Because they're so focused on each other... they're not seeing what they're doing to you. Miss Aki needs her sister, Miss Hannah needs her fiance, and neither can see that you can be, and are going to be both."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 06:10:30 86192
Haruna Kurosawa sighs. "Something like that." she says to Kazuo. "I mean. I started dating Hannah maybe a little after that whole mess." she says quietly. "After her first girlfriend dumped her or something. Hannah says she was always kind ice queen." she says quietly.

"I never knew her name. I think she moved out of the city." she says. She taps her finger against the table a little as she looks over to Koji. She sighs. "I dunno if I wanna beat Hannah in the face again so soon, Koji-kun." she says quietly. "I mean she's behaving in so far as cooling it with the un-nessacry evil." she says quietly.

"--and I kinda expect them both to never really get along. But I do need to make them stop fighting." she sighs. "Or getting angry like this." she says.

"So maybe just a /little/..." she says. "Won't hurt."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 06:12:48 86193
This is the point at which the prospect of any caffeine finally overcomes Kazuo's distaste for the sugar, and he tries the caramel mocha milkshake. It is alas impossible to tell whether he thinks this is a good idea or a terrible one. Either way, he's lapsed into listening for the moment.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-11-06 06:22:10 86195
Mikoto shrugs. "The point is to let them both just cut loose. Preferably where there's no danger of breaking fragile things, like the city of Tokyo." She sips at her milkshake, then looks down at the table, and back up at Haruna.

"I don't think you'll ever really stop them from fighting. But at least you can get it down to the point where they're fighting because they're having fun, rather than because they're angry at each other." She picks up the cup and stands.

"Time I was going. C'mon, 'kari-chan. Let's get to the lab, get some homework done or something. This is just getting me depressed again." The catgirl hops to her feet, gives Kazuo's milkshake one last longing look, then nods and hurries after Mikoto.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 06:25:27 86196
Standing up, Koji gives Mikoto and Hikari both a bow as they depart, "Thank you for lending me the shirt. I will make sure it's as clean as I can get it before I return to you, Miss."

Though, he does look at the others and says, "I should be going too. I was just going to play a few videogames to get away from the house. It was a pleasure to see you both again. I hope you both have a good holiday coming up."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-06 06:32:09 86198
Haruna Kurosawa flashes Koki a smile! It's a warm bright one, as usual. "Thanks for the advice Koji-kun~" she says. "Be sure to play eleventy games." she narrows her eyes.

Yeah you better! She eyes Kunzite. "I should get back to Hannah's and snuggle my girlfriend before I conk out for the night because oh lord school tomorrow and then a little work after." she says with wide eyes.

"Bye Mikoto! REMEMBER HULA MONDAY AT WPS." she calls out. "HAIWANN SHIRTS!" she calls out as she jogs out towards the door.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-06 06:34:47 86199
"Not a day for any of us getting away from problems." Kazuo rises as well; he half-bows toward Haruna, and then glances sideways at Koji. "You've only gone from one thing that needs fixing to another all day, haven't you."
A Siberian cat 2017-11-06 06:39:09 86200
Shaking his head, Koji replies to Kazuo before he turns to depart, carrying his to-go cup with him, "I hope your father is doing well, too, Takeba-senpai If he needs someone to come by and help him with his residence, let me know. I am coming up with some spare time now that my parents are doing better, and I'm always happy to help out a friend."

Sidestepping the question, he's down the steps and out of view, trying to hide the fact that his calm facade is crumbling like a cookie.