Helping Holdouts

Worn out, Daisuke wants company and asks Koji to join him at Gullwing for hot drinks on a cold night and talk about things. Daisuke gets help with his next big charity gig.

Date: 2017-11-13
Pose Count: 22
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 02:06:47 86494
Daisuke Hansuke had a full plate today and it was getting into the evening hours and everything was done. He stopped and decided it was time to do absolutely nothing of note or productive for at least an hour. He looked around. Places to stop... places to stop places to-- oh. That coffee shop that opened last year. He purses his lips and pulls out his phone to see who would perhaps like to join him.

Mmmmpgh. He's been hiding. He isn't wanting to talk to Mamoru or friends about the Phantom Ace thing. Minako---ahahhaahha no--no. He doesn't have the mental fortitude for a very Minako night. Koji....


Hey. I'm at a Coffee Shop. The one with the seagull theme? Want something tonight there? Relaxing after a long day. -,-;; he texts to Koji's phone.

He'll wait outside for a bit for a reply, as not to enter and order something and wait around like a jerk with his one coffee in a coffee shop.

He leans up against the brick portion of the shop as he waits for a text back, in a comfortable looking warm jacket.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 02:28:26 86498
Meanwhile, at the Silvia Apartment, not more than a dozen blocks away...

Shizukana is currently facing off with the first tier group dungeon boss on the Shibuya server of ARC Saga. It's the latest MMO to come up combining pop culture with samurai tradition and japanese mysticism. Shizukana, in his role as a Beat Master (Think J-pop star meets military officer), and is still low level, but learning the ropes well in buffing his party and debuffing the enemies by dropping tactically important 'beats', and using his backup skills in ranged combat to add a little DPS here and there. It's one of the weaker classes of the game, but it offers some versatility to a group.

Versatility that does nothing when the tank ends up dropping from Masaki Hirohito's Blazing Fist attack, and the party drops like the bass.

So the party breaks up, and Koji reaches over to check his phone.

Hey. I'm at a Coffee Shop. The one with the seagull theme? Want something tonight there? Relaxing after a long day. -,-;;

To which he texts back, Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes. I need a break.

Packing up, he tells his parents he's going out to study and then is off to Gullwing without even a complaint from Tyrfing about not being allowed his turn to place his Tank... who is this frail-looking little Maid-character under the Fashion Guardian class named Moe-Chan.

She's higher level than Shizukana.

She's also more popular than Shizukana.

So there's that too.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 02:47:38 86500
Daisuke Hansuke games when he gets home. He isn't home yet. Thusly, he has not connected to his STREET SAMURAI character which invokes a particular image of some Yakuza with a 9mm but is actually a guy that uses a blade to drop mad break dancing attacks for DPS and is not a support class- that dresses garishly bright and flashy. This is out of his usual element. It's also named 'HeartfulAce75' for whatever reason.

Not that he's projecting or anything.

Daisuke Hansuke reads the text. Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes. I need a break..

Huh. Has Koji been busy too?

He thinks so. He's busy taking care of parents afterall, right?

Daisuke texts back. Okay! I'll go warm us up a seat. Whatcha want I'll try to make sure it's fresh and ready by the time you get here. he says as he pushes into the door inside and nabs a nice two person table.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 02:54:43 86503
< You know it's close enough you could leave me next to the computer, Koji. Moe-Chan needs to be ready for the Kurokami Baka-Chan Raid. I need those Kuro's Shinjuku Clubstompers to complete the Shinjuku set. >

Koji just winces, and instead of his taking Tyrfing with... he runs back in, complaining he forgot something, and leaves his pencil case by the computer, but slips a pen and pencil out to take with JUST IN CASE. Yes, it's Gullwing, but this is his world now.

Creme Brulee Machiatto please. I'm bringing along my school books! Koji texts back, and heads off at a jog towards the Gullwing so he can be there by about the time that his drink should be ready!
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 03:11:00 86505
Daisuke Hansuke looks down and nods to himself, as he gets up and orders himself a hot chocolate- simple and Koji his Creme Brulee Machiatto. He also orders four apple turn overs which apparently just came out of the freshest batch before the night ends. He grabs them and sits down at a table.

Coffee Drinks and Hot Chooclate are being made. Apple Turnovers are still warm. He hangs up his jacket on his chair as she relaxes and practically melts into the chair.

It's good to just melt after carrying heavy donation boxes all day.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 03:17:01 86506
When Koji steps into the Gullwing, he's dressed almost like people would think that he's here on a date, but the boy just is one of those people who always tries to look nice no matter what. So it's a collared shirt with vest under a brown coat with a fake wolf-fur ruff on the hood. Heavy slacks and boots round it all out, but it gives him almost too much of an adult image as his glasses catch a glint from the interior light.

He looks around for a few moments, and then when he sees Dai there's a smile and wave before he makes his way over. Sitting down across from the other young man, he gives a wan little grin and says, "Sorry about that. Sundays are the one day a week that Tyrfing and I get to do anything not training or school related. So we swap out times for gameplay. He likes the..." Pausing to make quotes in the air, " ...'human' experience. Whatever that's supposed to mean."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 03:44:15 86507
Daisuke Hansuke is dressed in basically a boring blue shirt and jeans. the opposite of looking like he's on a date. So when Koji comes in all dressed this makes him feel a little self-conscious. Should he had dressed up? Well he was out. He does, muster a smile when Koji gets closer and starts to talk. Then a slight look of shame. "Ugh, sorry. I'd left you alone if I knew." he offers. "I appreciate you coming anyways." he smiles warmly.

He motions to the drink and the turn overs as she smiles. "Human experience, eh?" he asks. "He needs to go to school then. Or catch a cold but still need to do all the things you normally need to." he smirks.

He sips his hot chocolate. "I spent today all day handling donation boxes. Lots of heavy boxes of goods and all that." he says as he rubs his face. "I'm sore all over. But worth it. Only need to do it once a month, but it always gets heavier in the winter months." he says.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 03:59:00 86508
Waving it off, Koji reaches out to take his coffee and it's burnt custard-like flavor that somehow Haruna's able sidekick is able to craft here that he can't find anywhere else, and he looks like he's rnjoying it. But after, he sits back, and replies, "Oh no, it's allright. He's playing Moe-chan right now, and it'll be fine."

Listening to the short explanation, the young man chuckles a little and leans forwards in his spot, "Donation boxes? Well that's at least something good you're doing right? I mean... if you think about it, despite the fact that it's all heavy and sweaty, you're making someone else's life better. That sounds a lot better thing to do than me playing ARC Saga badly. I'm thinking of starting a new character. I just can't seem to get the Beat Master right. I do everything I'm supposed to do. I've watched all sorts of videos from streamers about how to play properly... maybe I'm just not good at it. I could try playing a Shin Otaku, they can do just about anything."

Then he stops, and almost blushes, "Sorry... I was just playing so it's still fresh on my mind."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 04:31:38 86509
Daisuke Hansuke smirks a little. "That's part of why I do it. But part of me just wonders it's because it's what dream secret past me would do." he mutters as he rubs his face. "Eh, forget it." he says, choosing not to deal with that specific bit of mental mess today.

He shakes his head. "I was gonna get on when I got home." he says. He listens and leans back as he crosses his arms. "I find it's good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and learn something else." he says. "On most games. That's why I'm trying the DPS this time instead of the healing support." he smirks a little coyly but more to himself and just for a second as he leans back. "If you want I can take support role if you want?" he asks.

"You might work better with Tyr there at the front with him tanking." he offers. "-and I'm used to the support thing. Though still learning Arc properly admittedly." he offers sheepishly.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 04:44:57 86510
"We only have the one account. It's all my parents will cover." Koji admits, and then sniffs at his drink a moment as he cups it in both hands and sips once more, "But I'll tell him you want to run with him."

There's a good moment of silence as he takes one of the apple turnovers and just nibbles on it, "How about next weekend I come with you and help? I mean... it's not like I can't spare a little time to be there. And even if you're doing this because you think dream-you would want? It's still something you're DOING. More than most people can say. I mean... yeah... there's the whole magic-fighting-evil thing, but really? That doesn't really make me feel like I've done something good. That's more of a... thank god we're all okay."

He smiles back faintly, "How about we both just keep playing until we figure out what works. I don't want you to lose out on fiddling around either on ARC Saga."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 05:03:52 86511
Daisuke Hansuke rubs his face. "That's... that's a good way to describe that." he says. "I mean. Yeah, you're helping people but there's never been a lot I can do to /help/. I mean. Everyone has these beams or rose darts or blasts or projectiles and I have--- this blob of purple energy that sort of spluts against whatever and slightly irrates them." he offers.

"I heal- and I move super fast. That's it priamrily."

He can't really also talk about the craziness of being Phantom Ace because that isn't common knowledge yet but he'd sure add it if he felt comfortable to.

Koji offers to help and he terses a bit. "If you want to. You're welcome to come help me. If you feel you want to help me. Not that. I'm discouraging you." he raises his hands. "But when I talk about my work sometimes I get the feel people are thinking I'm guilt tripping them but that isn't my intention. I think people should help only if they want to. So if you want to, yes! Please!" he says.

Oh god, he's this flustered mess now he sips Hot Chocolate.

"Yeah, let's just keep on playing." he smiles dumbly.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 05:19:31 86512
Koji just shakes his head once, and then reaches over to touch one of Dai's hands to try and help calm the fluster, "You're not guilt tripping. It's like talking about someone going out and helping at an animal shelter, or at a clinic or something. People doing things for others. People doing good. It's not a BAD thing. I love that my parents do what they do... because it's not glamorous or dangerous, but it helps people. You wouldn't think it did on it's face, but it really does."

After that, he brings himself back to his drink, and then actually unslings his bag and leaves it by his calf on the floor, "And for the other stuff?"

He lowers his voice a little, "I'll bet if you stop and really think about how your stuff works, you can figure out how it can be a real help out there for the other stuff. Tyrfing and I are still trying to figure out everything WE can do."

To emphasize the point he brings out one of the metal pencils in his pocket, and lets the gem-clicker glint a moment at you, "If all you look at is what you can't do, you'll always ignore the things you CAN do, my mom always says."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 05:38:12 86513
Daisuke Hansuke does appreciate that comfort as he relaxes. He sometimes needs that check as he purses his lips a bit and thinks some more as he listens. "Yeah. Yeah I know what you mean. Just. Sometimes the looks I get from some people? Just. yeah..." he mutters a little under his breath softly. "Not. You or anything." he says.

Then he sighs as he leans forward and also says lowly.

"Not every ... magic?.. person. Mahou..." he says with a breath. "Can 'learn' like people like 'device users' do." he says. "I'm pretty sure I can do everything I remember past me being able to do." he offers.

"Not that I'm not trying. That's what. That whole mess with Venus was about. That stupid night. With the thugs and---" he just shakes his head. "Forget it. Sorry." he says.

He shoves a turnover into his mouth. Other people have foot in mouth he has turn over in mouth. Nomnomnonom.

"Soffy." he says through it. 'Sorry'.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 05:44:58 86514
With a tilt of his head to one side, Koji just watches his friend talk and then just nods, "Over and done with. I... look, recently I found out a friend of mine wasn't quite what he really was. Not that he wasn't a friend... it's... well... it's a magical person thing." This seems to take a bit out of him as he holds just his coffee with his hands, turning the cup slightly, "I found out that it didn't matter who he really was, because I knew who he really was. Someone who wanted to help. Someone who wanted to care. And in the end he was the one who needed help."

Shaking his head once more, he looks away a moment, some of the sorrow still in his eyes before he says, "You want to help. And that's enough... it doesn't matter if it's handing out blankets or making people's pain go away, Daisuke. Help is help."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 06:04:49 86515
Daisuke Hansuke gets a few moments of turn over face stuffing where he doesn't get to say anything while Koji talks which also makes him a good listener as he listens and leans forward. "...lots of people aren't who they seem at first." he offers. "For better or worse. But it's best to accept people for who they actually are." he says. "Also, for better or worse." he says quietly as he sits uncomfortably about this.

.Yeah he also has his own experiences with this kind of thing. He nods. "Yeah. Yeah I do want to help and that's why I still do." he settles a bit as he sighs a bit and takes a deep breath. "Thanks for offering to help me." he says gently.

A pause as he leans forward. "No problem standing around for a long period and cooking? Next time when you offered to help I'm supposed to be a soup kitchen helping prep. I don't have time to stay for the service as I need to go help dad with his doctor's practice in the office. But Another cook in the kitchen could make things go faster when you're making big batches of things." he says. "--and it's never anything super exciting. Rice and seasonings and dried meats are cheap and easy for places to donate. Unless you have a better idea that might work. Getting supplies won't be hard for me." he offers.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 06:18:44 86516
The look on Koji's face is more like a 'So?' when the whole offer about cooking for a soup kitchen is brought up. His face spreads into a bit of a smile, and his eyes brighten a little more as he leans in, "I cook every year for the Seiyou maid cafe and at help do recipies for at least three of the other booths at school. I cook all the meals at home, and I know pretty much how to do big groups like that."

With his brain running like this, he almost seems like a different person, focused and engaged, pad of paper and one of his pencils coming out as he begins writing some things down, "If you get down to the docks pre-dawn, you can get really good deals on fish coming in from boats. Just ask for what the restaurants aren't going to buy and you can get a lot cheap. Those are easy to gut and fillet to grill on a stick. Bulk pickled plums for onigiri, and then skewer some hard tofu and daikon to grill right next to the fish, and you've got a filling but fun meal for anyone who's coming in. Side it with some miso soup for some extra heat and drink to drop the daikon and tofu in? There you go."

As he's talking about it, he's written down not just what to get, but where it could be gotten from, little off-market places selling foods cheaper than most of the major chains might.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 06:35:52 86517
Daisuke Hansuke purses his lips as he leans forward. "This is a good lot of people, so as long as you can do it, that's fine. I just need to take any list you're making there, and bring it down to the place to make sure they're willing to do it--- if we're tanking the majority of the help and cost--- the cost I have down. Don't worry about that part. And I'm not exactly a cook here...." Woe to him If Koji is ever in Daisuke's dorm room-- he'd find there's a microwave and a lot of ramen cups and bowls.

"---but I think I can follow basic directions like 'boil the water' or 'set stove to whatever'." he says lightly.

"Might wanna make sure any stores you're writing down can provide said amounts if it's a larger amount than usual." he says.

"We still have a week afterall." he smirks.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 06:44:51 86518
There's a slurp of coffee from Koji before he sighs and replies, "I can buy everything I need to make it all tomorrow after school and then cook it all using my dad's camping stuff. And so I can time how long everything takes. So then all I have to do is hand you and other people directions. The really great thing about communal cooking is if we get overwhelmed? We ask for help from the people there. A lot of people have grilled fish on the beach, and it's the same thing."

Still smiling the whole while, he reaches over and touch on Dai's hand with two fingers once more, but he stops just short and draws back again, "Anyways... if you know any restaurants, all you have to do is ask where they buy from? Or just go to a warehouse store. Daikon, Rice, Tofu, Bamboo Sticks, Dashi for broth and Miso Paste anyone can get in bulk... it's just the fresh fish. And that would be a treat for a lot of people with the winter setting in."

ANother gulp from his coffee and he actually attacks a couple more bite on the now-cooled turnover, "Thank you."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 07:08:58 86519
Daisuke Hansuke sips his hot chocolate which is almost done. (Corvus is sitting boredly over there trying to get his Flappy Bird as far as he can in some phone game.). He nods a little. "Yeah." he says. Does he notice the attempt at touch? He doesn't seem to. But he thinks.

"I know of a lot of restaurants in the area. More than I care to because I only have a Microwave in my dorm." he laughs.

"So it's either I eat out. Get something brought in, or I'm putting water into a ramen cup." he smirks lightly.

"Or other self-stable microwave whatever." he says with a sigh, though not a sad one. More just exasperation.

"Thank you for what? You helping me?" he smirks.

"Uh. Thanks. for the... Thanks. Then I guess?" he chuckles.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 07:11:11 86520
Koji shakes his head, and replies, "For... letting me do something with you. Not just ARC or the six other MMOs we tried out whenever we could get online. But... face to face. Since what happened with Tyrfing going offline I... pulled away from people. I need to stop doing that. One piece at a time, right?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-11-13 07:27:48 86522
Daisuke Hansuke shakes his head. "That's no problem Koji." he smiles. "If you ever wanna do anything you just need to text or call or just poke me in the messenger app if I'm at my computer at nights." he offers.

He looks at his phone. "HOWEVER. I'm gonna need to be getting going." he smiles flatly.

"Because I have classes in the morning that I still do need to go to." he sighs and does this blow-air-over your bangs things.

"Need anything before I head out?" he asks.
A Siberian cat 2017-11-13 07:28:55 86523
Bringing his books up and over onto the table, Koji replies, "Take the turnovers with you? I can't really have all of that, and I need to use this coffee rush while I can to get caught up."

He then smiles back and tips his chin up with a nod, glasses glimmering in the light some, "You be safe on the way home."


Moe-Chan does a happy dance on the screen as she shows off her new boots, thus completing her gothic Lolita-maid attire, and strikes a V-pose VERY reminiscent of Sailor Venus on the still-open and still running screen.