New Dark Line

... Riventrain.

Date: 2017-11-18
Pose Count: 38
Takashi Agera 2017-11-18 00:10:19 86619
It's a clear, moonless night - Tokyo lit only by streetlamps and the lights of houses for those who hadn't yet hit sleep. And then, shimmering in the night, two parallel glowing purple lines lead out from a warehouse in the Docks district - working their way through the air, as series of planks appear between them - a train track. It connects to a train track just as a haunting whistle echoes out of the warehouse.

But the train that slides out of the warehouse onto the phantom tracks is anything but an old steam engine - sleek, thin-nosed, made of a midnight-black metal with purple-crystal windows, and the words NEW DARK LINE written on the side in blue English letters.

Standing just back from the Conductor's room, on the top of the train, is Riventon, lab-coat-Barrier-Jacket starting to ripple in the wind. "I understand why people do the model train thing now." he says with a smirk to Lacrima below, raising his hand. Inside the rest of the long train, machinery awakens to life, and a shadow falls in a circle around the train, expanding outward - drawing energy from various parts of Tokyo as the train slowly begins to build up speed, traveling around the main loop, drawing energy towards the train and Riventon.
Lacrima 2017-11-18 00:17:42 86620
Lacrima has no idea how to actually drive a train. This is why she's clearly reading a driver's manual while wearing one of those old timey engineer hats that clashes with the outfit of her dark energy henshin dress. She still wears it as she hrmmmms.

"I don't think any of this applies to this train." she says softly.

"Which means I wasted like 3000 Yen on a book." she sighs a bit and closes the book and places it down onto the dashboard.

"Bets until someone shows up?" she asks coyly.

Oh yeah it's a given. "And who?" she asks. "And if a speech will be involved about trains?" she asks upwards.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-18 00:22:42 86622
    Kyouko is driving through downtown Tokyo on her motorcycle. Although it's easy enough to get to and from her job on foot or by train (or by superjumping) sometimes she just likes to take the bike. Kyouko is a very good driver. By that I mean she is a very skilled driver. She is not particularly concerned with traffic laws- having a nigh-indestructible body and a supernatural pain tolerance does tend to dull one's concern. Which isn't to say she's entirely reckless. She doesn't want to endanger random civilians. But it does mean that she does things like weave in and out of traffic as she progresses down one of the main city thoroughfares, driving at speeds which are, to say the least, unwarranted.

    She's not in henshin at the moment, since she's just driving home from work, in her street clothes with a red-and-white motorcycle helmet covering her head. Although she should really keep her eyes on the road, they are drawn upwards by the rather unusual energy-movements being caused by.. a flying train? That can't be normal.

    She taps into her Shitennou communicator, which she has connected to the internal speakers/mic in her motorcycle helm via Magic Bluetooth. "Uh, it's Apatite. There's a flying train downtown. Is that allowed?"

    Even as she's asking, she's shifting course, swerving through traffic at Unreasonable Speed to get closer to the train instead of her house.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-18 00:26:19 86623
Kukai Souma was out later than usual for one simple reason. It's a Friday night, and being out late on Fridays is what teenagers do. Of course, most teenagers are out spending time with their friends, or finding a party, or doing something else sort of dumb and fun. For Kukai Souma, he's out patrolling the streets of Tokyo in civilian form.

It's been a good few nights, and there really hasn't been much happening. Everything's been quiet and cheerful. So when a wave of darkness rolls over him, sapping the energy from him for just a few moments as a mournful whistle goes past, it is the last thing he expected.

Kukai shudders, hugging himself, only a small amount of his energy draining away, the rest protected by his internal magics. He looks up, rubbing his head, seeing the people around him on the street going to their knees or holding their heads, some yawning, some just not able to respond at all, then looks up to see a purple shape passing by above. That must have been where it came from. With the only burst of energy in sight, Kukai sprints rapidly into an alleyway and around towards a back entrance. There is a quiet cry, something about unlocking, and a green flash of light, before Sky Jack, the Jack of Guardians, ascends into the sky on his hoverboard, moving to chase the ... purple flying train.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-18 00:30:10 86624
Naru had been making dinner. There's stirfry sizzling on the stove, timed to be done when someone gets home. (That and she's hungry. Now seems like a good time.)

And then there's a query over her communicator about flying trains and their permissibility.

Naru squints and reaches over to turn the stove off as she replies. "Allowed by.. whom? Exactly?" She moves the pan off the burner. Just in case and puts a lid on it to ideally keep Dog out of dinner.

There's always pizza if that doesn't pan out.

Naru is headed out of the kitchen, but it's Hyalite who is headed out of the apartment, towards downtown. She figures it should be pretty obvious to find.
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 00:30:36 86625
"I'm going with 'nope,'" Makoto's voice answers promptly over Apatite's comm. "On my way."

She could fly, but truthfully, the kind of flight that Jupiter's powers of wind and storm allows her is not all that great for speed. Especially if she also cares much about, you know, steering.

Thus, some short while after Apatite put the call out via communicator, the growl of a second dirtbike engine join's Kyouko's... and there's Sailor Jupiter, fully transformed and bent low over her green-and-pink bike, ponytail whipping in the wind behind her.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-18 00:43:13 86626
    It's a lovely evening for a walk. That is, in fact, what Ariel had been doing. Leash in hand, the tiny foreign girl is absolutely sure that this time... THIS TIME... She is the one walking her dog, not the other way around. And what had been a quick trip to the local convenience store to try and do something nice and surprise Seishi by buying those snacks she likes turns into...
    Seeing a flying train.
    "Eh...? Eh?"
    Like seeing something right out of a dream, Ariel dog Lucky stop and stare for a long moment before they turn to look at each other.
    "Wuff WUFF!"
    "Lucky, no." Ariel says firmly. Before the small girl hops on the dog's back.
    "Okay, now."
    This time she's prepared when her canine steed takes off at top speed after the train, a flash of silvery light donning Ariel's armor and Lucky's silver barding, Apatite and Jupiter are soon joined by a third as the tiny unicorn rides up.
    "Hi! Um. So... That. Train is happening." ... Pause... "Should that be happening?"
Takashi Agera 2017-11-18 01:08:04 86627
Riventon has to raise his voice to be heard over the increasing wind. "Maybe we get once around the city?" he offers. The sound of the motorcycles, though, indicates that perhaps he's still being too generous. "Maybe not." he suggests.

But as the saying goes, it's hard to stop a train. Anyone of the magic persuasion getting too close to it will have to dodge Riventon's darkblasts and try to get a grip. But sooner is better - the thing is only gaining speed - and gaining in its rate of draining parts of the city. "Sorry, this train is on an express route - no stops for additional passengers."
Lacrima 2017-11-18 01:17:07 86628
Lacrima eyes Riventon. "Ugh, already....?" she asks annoyed as she sticks her nose to the window to look out the side of the conductor's area. She reaches up and pulls the train whistle. There goes the horn! Do bullet train even have horns!? Who knows. This one does.

She manages to catch sights of. Magical Girls on Motorcycles!? And... Is that a large dog?

Is that....

OH. Oh nooooo.

"Dammit Ariel..." she mutters. The others. Oh dear. That's Kyouko. Hell if she gives up a chance to punch Kyouko. But Jupiter?

That's gonna be a problem.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-18 01:17:38 86629
    Apatite frowns up at the train as she speeds along the street beneath it, doing her best to follow its track. She grins at the responses she gets over her communicator.. soon enough glancing to her side to see Makoto driving up behind her on her own bike. And Naru is coming! And.. also a unicorn riding a dog. Well, that's a fast dog. Apatite is impressed. Driving at reckless speed, and weaving through traffic, any reply not over her communicator is unlikely to be heard over wind and engines, so she doesn't bother to reply to Ariel in words.

    Instead, she henshins, a flash of scarlet light enveloping her and the bike both. When it clears, she is leaning over the handlebars with her cape streaming out behind her. And her bike henshined, too.

    Well, not really- the bike has no magic of its own, and certainly can't henshin of its own will, but Apatite's magic has apparently gone far enough to give it a few extra flourishes- some extra plates on the side, and two spears mounted on either side of the bike, pointing forward like lances, attached to the fuselage. More importantly, the tires start to leave a glowing red trail.

    That should be answer enough for Ariel. And the purpose of magicking-up the bike becomes clear a moment later. "Meet you up there!" Apatite says over the communicator, before she suddenly kicks the bike to the side, up onto the sidewalk and then drives straight up the wall of a building. Her gravity seems to shift effortlessly, the bike leaving a glowing red trail as it speeds at an angle up the side of the building which fades out after a few seconds. As she gets nearer to the train, blasts of dark energy start raining down, and she has to swerve and manuver the bike to avoid them, windows shattering as they hit the side of the building she's driving up. "Definitely not allowed!" She calls over the communicator. "Pretty sure that's Riventon in there."
Kukai Souma 2017-11-18 01:24:22 86630
Sky Jack looks down as he chases the train, looking back and forth to see if anyone else has caught up as well. A trio of figures are off to one side - 2 motorcycles and someone riding what appears to be a giant dog. Jack grins, but stays above the chase, approaching the train and steadily catching up to it, missing the flash of scarlet behind him.

The train's defenses kick in, and now it's dodging time, as Sky Jack slaloms back and forth through the blasts of dark energy, flipping his board up and over to keep away from the shots, but not making much headway in the chase as purple-black balls of hate fly everywhere back and forth across the sky.

Jack considers getting some altitude and calling for more reinforcements, but then shakes his head. If the group aligned now can't figure out how to punch Riventon in the face and redirect the train somewhere it won't hurt anyone, then they have other problems. Of course, a bit of altitude does give him a good shot of Apatite driving her bike up a wall....
Naru Osaka 2017-11-18 01:31:19 86631
"How high is the train flying, exactly?" Hyalite's voice is vaguely worried as she makes good use of her running skills, as someone has neither dog transport nor motorcycle. And be damnned if she's going to super jump. Just no.

She emerges out on street level, looking up at the train and Sky Jack in the air and .. a motorcycle up the wall. Because of course it is. Hyalite shudders slightly, and goes flipping through her sketchbook, considering options, keeping an eye out for not only blasts of dark energy but for Apatite's attacks, to throw energy into them.
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 01:40:20 86632
Mako normally tries to be responsible when she's out on her bike, but in this kind of situation, unfortunately, some reckless driving is kind of necessary. She's not going to catch that train by obeying traffic laws. Apatite's comm gets a brief raise of a hand, a salute of acknowledgement, and then Jupiter peels off and cuts across the road in a VRRRRRRM! of acceleration, disappearing between buildings down a side street.

For a little while it's not clear where she's gone. Has the train's growing speed managed to outpace her and leave the Senshi of Thunder in its dark energy dust?

If those on the train start to think that's the case, they're soon proven wrong. Alongside and below those glowing purple tracks, only a little behind the engine, groggy and energy-drain-befuddled pedestrians somehow find the energy to scatter as the green bike roars several dozen yards along the sidewalk. Swerving to dodge Riventon's dark energy blasts, Jupiter ramps off a parked car and into the air, a rush of petal-strewn wind lofting the dirtbike into a soaring arc aimed to land on the roof of the train itself.

Sky Jack with his aerial vantage, and Riventon and Lacrima on board the train, may get the chance to see the look on Sailor Jupiter's face as she hurtles through the air. She looks pretty pissed.

Ariel Theodore 2017-11-18 01:47:58 86633
    And that is answer enough for Ariel. Especially when Kyouko- Apatite drives up a building.
    A bead of sweat forms on Ariel's brow as she glances down at Lucky, the glowing hound charging along, tongue lolling out one side of his mouth. She looks up and there goes Sailor Jupiter ramps her way up.
    "WAH! Lucky dodge!"
    There's a moment of paws skidding, claws scraping the ground, and then Lucky shifts his focus from speed to evasion. The massive dog swerves and jinks, his reflexes put to the test by the fusillade of dark energy blasts hailing down, causing him to lose speed. But while her mount slows, Ariel thinks fast.
    A breath of concentration and her horn begins to glow, brow knotting as she focuses her thoughts and weaves the very stuff dreams are made of, with her imagination.
    In a flare of white feathers, wings appear on all four of Lucky's paws. They begin to flap and he regains speed. Ariel clenches her teeth as Lucky takes a mighty bounding leap, landing first on a lamp post before another gigantic jump launches him for the train for--
    "Wait wait! LUCKY! TOO FAST!" Ariel squeals through the air.
    It's not going to be a good landing, but it should at least get her on the train.
Takashi Agera 2017-11-18 02:04:37 86634
Riventon has his back turned to the rear end of the train as various Magical Girls find their way there, with Kukai still in the sky. "You'd think going this fast people would understand we have the right of way." he muses to Lacrima before turning on his heel to face them, gauntlet already aflare with Dark Energy.

"You're the one who landed on the back of MY train, I really should be the one snarling and angry." he says to Sailor Jupiter. "But if you-"

And Riventon's posturing is interrupted by Ariel hitting the train. Loudly. "Is she one of yours? You know what, I don't care."He raises his hand up.


And with the announcement of the attack from his device, a massive surge of Dark Energy bursts along the top edge of the train. "NO STOWAWAYS ON MY TRAIN."
Lacrima 2017-11-18 02:12:35 86635
Lacrima sighs and gently lets herself float up to the top of the train, to join Riventon on the outside of it. Just in time to watch Riventon ask about Ariel. "Th--that's Ariel-chan. She's a friend." she mutters softly. "She's a pacifist. She isn't going to raise her hands against you." she says quietly. "Not that. She isn't gonna get in the way." she says as she sulks.

She just winces as the dark energy crackles along the roof of the train. Yeah..

"Sorry Ari-chan." she mutters. She does admire Kyouko making her way up that wall as she looks away a moment, as she grimaces.

"They're gonna make it up here." she says as she levies a hand at the path Kyouko is taking as she attempts to throw a dark blast of energy in the area in front of the bike. Blowing out windows and attempting to make a large gap to screw up Kyouko's ascent. This may or may not work.

But a wall wipeout would look great.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-18 02:14:16 86637
    Apatite continues to chase the train, swerving wildly to avoid the darkblasts. It isn't getting her onto the train, but if she can draw fire away from others to let them get on, it's still serving a purpose. And that purpose does seem to be fulfilled, as both Ariel and Jupiter, performing a rather impressive ramp on her bike, make it atop the thing. She glances down, instinct and magic senses letting her pick out Hyalite on the street below her.

    "Uh, if we blow this thing up or something, there could be quite a bit of collatoral damage. I mean, lookit the size of it. Anyone got any bright ideas how to do this without crushing half a street?" This said over the open comms.

    Glancing back up, she winces as the top of the train suddenly explodes with Dark Energy, but she'll have to trust Jupiter and Ariel to be able to handle it. It's her turn to get up there. Her hand is forced by Lacrima suddenly blowing a chunk of building out right in front of her. "Dammit!"

    Putting on a burst of speed, she spins to face the train, and one of the spears mounted on the side of her bike shoots off, extending into sections of wood and chain just like her normal spear. The blade thunks into the bottom of the train like a grappling hook. Keeping it connected, she crests the rooftop of the building she was riding up, barely avoiding the trench Lacrima created, killing the engine on the bike at the same time she leaps off of it.

    The bike loses its extra bits, and falls over on top of the building, relatively unscathed. She'll come back for it later. She's busy being reeled in by the spear, which is now contracting, pulling her up along with it until she slams into the bottom of the tran with a solid 'thump', twisting to get her feet on it though she's still only anchored by the spear-blade stabbed into the bottom of the train car.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-18 02:18:53 86638
When one is not really keen on flying (or anything higher than a foot stool, let's be honest here), a flying train is a pain to keep up with. Hyalite mutters softly, reaching out with her free hand towards that surge of Dark energy that is all along the top of the train and some of the energy headed towards Apatite. It's a quick gesture, and one that's possibly entirely too practiced as she scoops and sculpts and smears it. At a distance.

There's a twist and a hiccough in the energy as it gets wrenched into a wall like form. A brick wall, appearing all solid and immobile entirely too close to the nose of the train. The fact that it has been 'painted' with the image of a 'tunnel' is just a bonus.

"Next stop is approaching quickly! Hold on tight!" Hyalite notes as she braces to try and give that wall a chance.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-18 02:21:18 86639
    That is the sound of a unicorn and her dog landing on the train. Ariel and Lucky land in a sprawl, tumbling and rolling before coming to a complete stop. With Ariel practically at Riventon's feet.
    "Um. Oh it's you, I remember you. -- And Lacrima, too. H-hi?" A pause.
    "... Can I interest either of you two in Unicorn Scout cookies?" Cookies are always an amazing peace offering. But then Riventon opens fire. Ariel bleats and throws herself aside- nearly back off the train as a result before she scrambles to hands and knees huffing. That wasn't very nice, but what Lacrima said was true. Ariel is a pacifist. So then why is she raising her hand? She raises her hand good and high...
    Before planting it down, palm first on the train, where she rests on her knees. Riventon is being unwelcoming. He's not sharing the train, and he's putting up a fight... And in that instant, Ariel recites two great words of power that trump all claims of ownership and enforce playground rules without question...
    "Dibs! Mine!"
    She pulls her hand away revealing a sparkling handprint.
    "... That's how that works right? I called dibs, so it's my train now. ... But I don't mind sharing it with you or the others. So maybe now we can slow down and maybe talk things over?" She chirps hopefully.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-18 02:25:50 86640
Sky Jack continues to approach the train, seeing Riventon (grr) and Lacrima (sigh) atop it as he descends towards the top. "Lacrima! LACRIMA! Step to one side, I've got an appointment for kicking your boss's~" The top of the train erupts in a wave of dark energy and Jack grabs the bottom of his board, launching himself upwards and riding the wave of force with a yelp.

It's all Jack can do to get his board back under him, and at this point he's losing pace with the train. He growls and ramps back up, chasing after the two of them again as he spawns soccer balls, thumping them out towards the head of the train where the two dark energy users are standing.

And then he's flying through building explosion. It was not something he was expecting, but crap crap crap. Jack ducks his head into his jacket, feeling rocks and pebbles and pieces of glass carom off him. "You gotta be kidding!"
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 02:41:42 86641
In retrospect, Sailor Jupiter probably could have thought this through a little better.

Oh, launching herself on her bike up onto the train worked brilliantly. She even manages to stick the landing, tires hitting the roof with a squeal of protesting rubber - just in time for the whole shebang to erupt in dark energy courtesy of Riventon.

That is far too much for Jupiter's control of the dirtbike; she and it go tumbling back along the roof, and she only just barely manages to keep from going right off the side of the car by slamming her hand against the roof hard enough to buckle the metal. Just in time, too, because in the next moment the engine makes impact with Hyalite's wall, a massive jolt that sends Jupiter tumbling back the other way with a yelp of protest.

Finally managing to right herself, Sailor Jupiter pushes herself up until she's half-kneeling, half-crouching on the traintop, from which position she stares at Riventon with a mixture of incredulity and intense aggravation. "What is wrong with your brain?"


She starts to say something else... but then she checks herself, glancing down at her wrist comm. And makes an incongruously sheepish face, just for a moment. "...good question." That's probably directed to Apatite over the comm, though it's hard to tell for sure. "How close is the bay?"
Takashi Agera 2017-11-18 03:01:23 86642
Riventon frowns SO HARD at Ariel. "That's not how it works! At all. I built it. I own it." Hands come up to either side, Round Shields appearing to block Sky Jack's soccer balls. "Not this time, Blindsider Boy."

He is about to open his mouth to answer Jupiter when suddenly he's taken off his feet and he goes through the air before reflexively vanishing into the Dusk Zone.

As Takashi vanishes and the train slams into the solid wall, there's another haunting train whistle - much louder, this time - as the wall takes so much of the momentum of the train away. The front of the train looks crumpled, and the speed it'd gained has all gone away, leaving it slowly (for a Bullet train) moving forward now.

Takashi reappears out of the Dusk Zone, hitting one knee for a moment before rising back to his feet. "You all just can't let me have the energy. Look at these people - they aren't using it. I'm doing great things, and they're just plodding around. Most of them don't even recognize it's missing! I am using it to forge a new future!"


Riventon generates several black spheres in the air, and they swarm at Jupiter and Sky Jack - while his two small orbs detach from the gauntlet and swirl around him. "Lacrima is the reason I'm giving you a chance, horse. Get off my train." he warns Ariel one time.

And then, the train starts to move again, and... it's starting to uncrumple - like the dents and bangs are being knocked out of it. And then the train itself shudders, left and right, almost like a dog shaking itself off as Takashi floats just above the roof's surface.
Lacrima 2017-11-18 03:09:32 86643
Lacrima can't see Kyouko on the train so she assumes that her attempt to cut her short on the jump up worked. She rubs her face. "She's a unicorn." she says softly as she sighs a bit. "Actually." she says as she takes a harder breath.

"Ariel-chan that is not how it works. Please...don't...try to get hurt." she begs as she sighs a bit.

Then she's suddenly jolted into the air for a tumble and she ends up on her butt, and then there's shaking and she has to dig her hands, which form into black-ichor like claws into the top of the train on reflex. "Que demonios!?"

Oh, the train hit something. She'll wait for it to even out as she stands back up and frowns.

"Kukai. Find something less stupid to do." she says.

Then Jupiter. Nrrggggg Jupiter. She also doesn't want to fight Jupiter. For various reasons. Mostly because doesn't like hurting a whole lot for a few days.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-18 03:09:44 86644
    Kyouko hangs from the bottom of the train, considering her best course of action. This is somewhat interrupted by the train ramming into Hyalite's magic wall, which jolts the whole thing hard enough for her spear to come un-attached from the metal and send her actually spinning forward along the train several yards. Before she can start falling away from it, she stabs upwards again, the spear cutting through the bottom of the train and anchoring her.

    "Good lord, love," Over the comms. "Warn a girl next time! Nice move, though. As for the bay.." She shades her eyes, trying to see past the glare of Tokyo's myrad lights. "It's off to the right. Too far though.. unless.."

    Kyouko eyes the phantom rails the train is driving on, even as it begins to pick up speed again after the collision. "Maybe it's time to divert onto a new track."

    She swings on the spear, enough that she can grab onto a protruding pipe with her free hand, which lets her yank the spear free. Then she concentrates, willing magic into the spear-tip, which begins to glow red. "Fair warning- no idea if this will work, but just in case.. hang on." That over the comms.

    Then she slashes her spear forward with a crackle and an arc of red light, attempting to slash straight through the phantom track on the train's left side. Which she hopes will divert it to the right, towards the bay.

    She hopes.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-18 03:21:18 86645
Sky Jack snorts and watches his balls vanish off into the distance as Riventon deflects them. Then there is a searing CRUNCH and the train is much, much slower now due to Hyalite's wall. Jack whoops and charges forward towards the black spheres, rolling past and around all of them - well, almost all of them, as one of them abruptly changes direction and slams into his side before exploding.

Jack lets out a yell, a smoking blackened hole in his jacket and scorched, black-purple skin showing below it as he catches up to the train again. "This time you're going to lose more than your stupid machines! I'm going to beat you silly for every mark you put on Fate, and then I'm going to start in on you for my own enjoyment!" More charged soccer balls, faster and more accurate than the last batch, focusing in on Riventon and ignoring Lacrima.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-18 03:27:16 86646
    Ariel frowns right back, brow knotting as she thinks it over. "But I called dibs." The murmurs helplessly. Before the train hits Hyalite's brick wall. The impact sends Ariel tumbling again with a bleat, landing face down hard with a clatter of armor. She picks herself up, bruised and stunned and put off that calling dibs did not resolve the situation. But Ariel stumbles back to her feet.
    "H-horse?" She squeaks, sounding genuinely offended, before Lacrima corrects Riventon for her. Ariel is presented with an option though, and she's not quite sure she's equipped for this situation if Dibs didn't solve the problem. She furrows her brow- and that little horn flickers to life with a seashell green glow.
    Floating shields suddenly appear, hovering for a few seconds in front of... Just about everyone, Lacrima included, except Riventon. The shields appear briefly before vanishing, but the sense of being protected does not fade as Ariel decides to exercise discretion over valor, backing up to the rear and away from Riventon threatening her.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-18 03:36:56 86647
"I told you to hang on." Hyalite notes back to Apatite as she wriggles her fingers, stretching after wall building, wall supporting and possibly, just maybe, attempting to distract herself from using more of the dark energy. No matter how effective and efficient it might be.

The appearance of the shield in front of her, even being relatively far away, makes Hyalite pause barely a moment before nodding. Thanks, more than likely.

Hyalite reaches out again, still holding her sketchbook, even if she's not using it, and starts curving the train tracks in the direction that Apatite's already started careening the train off in.

So much for not using the dark energy. At least it's efficient!
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 03:45:38 86648
"You don't get to steal from people just because you think - you think you have a better idea for - agh!" Sailor Jupiter's fierce retort to Riventon sort of sputters out into incoherent agitation under the barrage of dark spheres. She ducks and swats at them not very effectively, with a good bit of appreciation for Ariel's dream-shield, until finally with an inarticulate roar she lets loose with a burst of electrical energy that jabs crackling threads of lightning out in all directions.

It buys her some space from the dark energy barrage... just about in time for the train itself to start shuddering underfoot. Suddenly it's taking most of Jupiter's attention just to keep from being flung off and into the long drop to the city streets below.

"Kyouko what did you do?"
Takashi Agera 2017-11-18 03:59:37 86649
Riventon snarls at Kukai. "You think I put those marks on her? You're as stupid as you look! Why would I harm one of my favorite emplo-" and he's cut off as, suddenly, between Kyouko's cut and Hyalite's change to the track, the train lurches HARD towards the bay.

So hard, in fact, it comes off the rails - there's a horrific grinding of metal-on-pavement as the train stays upright for a moment once it hits the ground, but then one of Takashi's circling orbs flies off and zaps a link between the last cart and the rest of the train. That cart stops, but Riventon leaps off the train as it starts to roll, crashing loudly near the bay... before a surge of Dark Energy erupts from that part of the train, a column of black miasma - leaving... a very, very large train, now pointed at Jupiter. It's not just any train though - the windows have warped into eyes, and the front opens up to reveal a jaw of crystal-glass teeth.

This is a train YOUMA.

"Don't stick your nose in things you shouldn't involve yourself in. Stick to your ancient history of being a princess - leave the future to me." Riventon noted, landing near the remaining train cart and starting to open up a teleportation gateway as the train lets loose with a blast of wailing sonic train horn before charging towards Sailor Jupiter with the speed of... well... a bullet. A bullet train.

"Lacrima-san, please cover me!" he calls out.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-18 04:07:57 86650
    Well, it was a good effort, anyway. The plan had been to crash the train into the bay- they had managed the 'crash' part but come up a little short on the 'bay' part. At least, heading in that direction, it wasn't crashing down into the middle of a crowded street.

    It also wasn't crashing onto Kyouko, thankfully, because once the train came off its tracks and started heading at full speed towards the ground, she has wisely let go of it and fallen to the ground- a good distance away from where it finally crashed, as she had fallen straight down and the train had kept moving. She lands with moderate grace and an 'oof', being in henshin making a trivial matter out of a drop of several stories.. looking up to track the train's progress with a frown. So close.. hopefully nothing important got smashed. (This includes people).

    She's far enough away, though, that as Riventon transforms the train into a train-youma and sends it at Jupiter, all she can do is trust that the Senshi can handle it. "You got this, Jupes!" She calls over the comms, as she starts leaping up to survey and hopefully mitigate the damage- confident that Sailor Jupiter can deal the final blow (Especially with Sky Jack's help, and too far away to do otherwise herself, anyway).
Lacrima 2017-11-18 04:09:13 86651
Lacrima eyes Ariel with a sympathetic look and--- she gains a shield of some sort. This feels odd. She sighs and turns back around to let herself coalesce into darkness and reappear somewhere over near Riventon as she nrgs. "Riventon-sama this is a mess now." she says quietly.

She watches the train smash into the bay and suddenly... a train youma.

"....Is that supposed to happen Riventon-sama?" she asks. She nrgs and still, waves her arm into the air as she calls out... "Fuego oscuro!".

The air erupts in a flare of dark purple fire, aiming to fill the air around her, Riventon as they begin launching randomly towards both Jupiter and Sky Jack.

There is a pause though.... then a more darker look of anger. "Idiota." she says at Kukai. "Don't blame Riventon-sama for such things. He'd never do something like that!" she says---- as Riventon commands a Train Youma to probably attack the city.
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 04:20:44 86652
There is no staying on the train once it comes all the way off the track. Jupiter manages to leap clear at the last moment, a whirl of wind and petals cushioning and controlling her trajectory enough that she manages to land on the ground clear of the rolling train and even more or less on her feet.

Sailor Jupiter straightens up from the three-point crouch she landed in and looks up - just in time to watch the engine's transformation. Her green eyes widen, mouth falling open for a moment as the train-engine-youma starts building up steam towards her. "You've got to be kidding me--"

No time to be caught flat-footed, and there's no way she's outrunning that thing. Almost reflexively, Jupiter's stance shifts, both hands coming up in readiness as the youma bears down on her like the speeding locomotive it literally is.

In the last second before it steamrolls her flat, she lunges a single step forward into the train-youma's charge, pivots, and heaves the enormous monster into a suplex that redirects all that crashing momentum up--

--and over--

--and slams it into the ground with force fit to make the earth shake.

"Jack!" she calls skywards, breathlessly. "Now!"
Kukai Souma 2017-11-18 04:32:26 86653
Sky Jack shakes a fist at Riventon, still sailing alongside the train and approaching fast. "I dunno why you'd hurt her either but who else would be that awful to do it?!" He looks back with a wince at the sound of the grinding of metal on pavement, slowing just a moment, then glances over at Lacrima. "You're covering for him! I... oh, boy."

Sky Jack dives back and up, dodging away from the darkened purple fire, his side screaming in pain every time a shot even gets close to him. The green and white blur goes past nearby, and a giant purple blur goes even faster past, and Sky Jack gets his board back under him.

A ball appears in front of Jack, spinning and charging up power, giving Riventon and Lacrima a chance to get clear if that's what they're up to. "GOLDEN!"
% The ball shines with enough electrical power and force to make everything around it seem dark and difficult to see. "VICTORY!"

Jack can't fire it quite in time. Jupiter vanishes behind the engine - and it's going up - and the girl SUPLEXED A TRAIN. She's yelling at him but he's already on the ball, literally. "SHOOT!" The glow suddenly goes through Jack's entire body as he punts the shot at the exposed nose and mouth of the bullet train.

A streak of lightning blasts forward into the thing and every window on the train youma explodes outwards, electrical sparks blowing out everywhere as Sky Jack's soccer ball caroms back and forth inside it, sending out bulges in the purple metal as it destroys and dissipates the mechanical beast!
Takashi Agera 2017-11-18 04:42:31 86654
Riventon has a smirk on his face as the train barrels down towards Sailor Jupiter. It grows and grows in split-screen as it gets closer - until... she...

"No." is all he says, incredulously, the smirk sliding from his face, as his current prized youma - his ace in the hole for this adventure - is hefted by the force of its own momentum and a considerably scary amount of muscle power, up and over and slammed down on its side.

He's vaguely aware of the fact that Kukai followed up - the sound of shattering crystal windows and grinding metal components follows as the Golden Victory Shoot obliterates it. Except for the peice near him.

    <Coordinates locked, Meister.>

Axion's ping snaps him out of it, mostly. "Transfer." he commands, and the caboose-car vanishes out of sight, a blue-black magic circle opening underneath it.

"Thank you, Lacrima-san." he says, tugging on his lab coat like it's a leather jacket to straighten it in a display that is not ridiculous at all. "Fine. But you know, this is just a footnote. You come from a ruined and failed past, and soon you'll be like that place on the moon - dead, empty, devoid, defeated. Only reason I'm not beating some sense into you is that this was a trip to gather energy, not expend it." He's quite huffy now, and it shows. These grapes are sour, too.

"And I haven't forgotten what I owe you, Souma." Then with another one of his sharp turns, he walks into the Dusk Zone as easily as one walks another step down the street.
Lacrima 2017-11-18 04:46:39 86655
Lacrima nods to Riventon and frowns as she looks back over to Kukai with a frown. "I'll remember this too...." she says quietly. "Maybe I have a picture to share with Riventon-sama that improve his mood later." she says cooly.

And with this, she also steps back into the Dusk Zone, following Riventon out in a hurry.
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 04:53:45 86656
In the aftermath of the pair's exit, Sailor Jupiter stands and looks at what little remains of the train youma. "...that actually worked," she says mostly to herself, still breathing hard and honestly looking a little bit dazed. "Who'd've thought."

A little later, she'll think back on Riventon's parting shot and realize some of the implications of what he said. For now, she takes another moment or two to steady herself and then looks up, eyes finding Sky Jack overhead. A hand lifts, half wave, half salute. "Nice work."
Kukai Souma 2017-11-18 04:58:24 86657
Sky Jack cheers as the train erupts and vanishes, leaving it in pieces, before letting out a breath and looking back over towards where Riventon and Lacrima are vanishing. He frowns, not happy with the idea of them getting away, being far enough away to not hear them clearly, and then rubs his side, holding the scorched spot. "Mmm..."

With Jupiter waving at him, he grins and waves back, descending towards her. "Are you ok? What about the others, are they all ok? And no, I didn't do much - I mean, compared to picking up a train and dropping it on its roof!" He grins at her. "That was awesome."
Makoto Kino 2017-11-18 05:03:40 86658
Jupiter laughs a little, rolling her shoulder as though trying to loosen it up a little. "Gonna be sore in the morning," she answers Sky Jack with a rueful grin, "but I'm all right. You?"

She glances away, back towards the direction where Apatite, Hyalite, and Ariel were left behind. "...hmm, I don't see the others. They're probably okay, but I think we'd better go and make sure. That was a pretty rough ride for a bit there."