The morning after..

ECFH is usually the gathering spot for conversations the morning after big adventures, and this is no different.

Date: 2017-11-20
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Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 15:45:12 86816
There is always a certain lethargy that descends the morning after. The quiet lull of healing people, of a full apartment with atypical faces in various states of disrepair.

There are also some constants. There's coffee on, and Naru is awake and in the kitchen. The apartment smells like baking already, and she's gathering up ingredients for something else already. School does not seem to be a priority today.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 15:49:51 86817
    Kyouko was not actually part of the final strike team last night, despite a desire to be so. She had helped earlier in the process of tracking Alexis down, but the fact was that somebody had to stick around and keep an eye on Mamoru, and with Kunzite going off to be part of the rescue team and the other guys in various states of not-entirely-present, Kyouko drew that straw.

    Which isn't to say she wasn't on top of the situation and eager to help if she could. At the moment, she is leaning over the kitchen counter, watching Naru bake. This is her flavor of helping when it comes to baking- mostly 'not hindering'. Hey, it's a step in the right direction.

    "And you're sure that you're feeling alright?" She presses Naru with the mild concern that always surfaces when she wasn't actually there to witness her girlfriend putting herself in mortal danger.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 15:56:40 86818
"You've seen the bruise." Naru replies mildly to Kyouko. "And my shoulder aches like stupid, but full range of motion and when or if someone has extra healing mojo, I wouldnt argue, but considering I rolled out scones without whimpering, it can't be /that/ bad."

There's a wry look as Naru glances up from where she's measuring flour. "I even got purified, so I can't even get a new lecture about procrastinating on /that/."
Lacrima 2017-11-20 15:57:55 86819
Lacrima did not go to sleep immediately. This was a conscious choice. Sleep was a switch for her, usually. She just sat awake in the closet for a few hours staring into the dark and eventually let herself pass out until she believed enough time had passed.

She felt a lot better when she came to. Not great, but she felt less like she was a ragdoll. The first thing she did was text Riventon about the situation- incase Hulda thought to drop by UMBRA or make some stupid overture. She already knew Riventon's general consensus on matters like this. He had her back in this 'screwing with another member of Eclipse.' situation.

Then she curls her arms around her knees and pulls her chin to her kneecaps and sits there in a small ball for a bit as she continues to stare at the wall until...

...Is that baking? The smells have finally absorbed through the closet door as she peeks it open. She steps out with a little limp and turns around to examine the closet. Good. She stopped leaking up on the roof then since there isn't a large black puddle at the bottom of the closet.

She then peeks into the kitchen and-- Naru-chan! and... Kyouko Sakura.

"Mrfgh. Is it morning?" she asks. She hears those last few questions.

"I should be asking that. She kept her eyes open during the Dusk Step. That's a good route to writing Lovecraft stories, probably." she says a little strained.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 16:02:12 86820
    Kyouko snorts mildly at Naru, then steps back to walk around the counter and into the kitchen with the other girl. "Soo, should I massage it, or not?" She asks, grinning as she reaches out to grip Naru's shoulders lightly. "I don't actually have healing mojo but I might still be able to help with stiffness.."

    She cuts off as Lacrima enters the room, her grin turning into a faint scowl as she steps back, hands dropping to her side, and then arms crossing over her chest. She's not happy with how easily other people accept avowed enemies into the base- especially considering Lacrima was involved in that train incident that nearly got her killed just a few short days ago.

    On the other hand, she really did want to have Alexis rescued, so she keeps her comments to herself, though she doesn't look particularly happy.
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 16:03:38 86821
As if to respond to Lacrima's question, a synthesized voice suddenly echoes from... somewhere within her, of all things.


Well then.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 16:06:40 86822
"Scones will be out shortly." Naru replies to the query about morning, as if that somehow makes it obvious. Perhaps to the morning person she is, it really does. "There's coffee too." Because overnight guests clearly require coffee, or at least the baker does.

"Considering the build up I've heard about the Dusk Zone, I was expecting something different." Naru comments causally, tipping flour into a bowl and then moving to measure sugar. "I will totally take a massage of that shoulder once muffins are in the oven. In the meantime, could you get me milk and eggs from the fridge, please love?" The second of those comments is clearly for Kyouko, leaning back into that touch oh so slightly, appreciative.

Naru quirks a brow at the synthesized voice emerging from Lacrima.. or Lacrima's stuff. "I continue to regret not keeping up on my German. Duolingo doesn't have Belkin, unfortunately."
Lacrima 2017-11-20 16:16:03 86823
Lacrima blinks. "The Dusk Zone has numerous topological points. That point just happened to be some sort of weird crab leg field. That's not the entire Dusk Zone. There's some... ancient temple ruins that seem to be Escher style... what looks like that set in that Star Trek episode Mamoru was watching the other time I visited. There's a few large oceans of black ichor that has it's own eco-system somewhere..." she says flatly. "Lots of places like that."

She goes to frown at Kyouko but instead a voice rings from her and she blinks and then 'ohs!' and digs the device out of her pocket.

"Right... The Belkan Armed device."

"....Can you tell me your name or designation now?" she asks.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 16:18:35 86824
    Kyouko glances back at Naru, and does have a grin to re-summon for her, at least. "One massage once things are in the oven, roger." In the meantime, she moves to do as requested and fetch the items from the fridge. Luckily they are not items which are easy to eat some of before they get delivered, and so they arrive on the counter next to Naru more or less intact.

    Then she blinks at the rather abrupt (and rather loud) voice which emanates from Lacrima, turning to look with furrowed brows at the Device that was dug out. She doesn't know a whole lot about Devices, other than the basics, and her frown is more cautious than anything else. "That thing ain't dangerous, is it?" She asks, and although she doesn't henshin on the spot she's clearly prepared to do so if the answer is unfavorable.
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 16:23:20 86825
The item that Lacrima digs out is a black gemstone, about the size to fit easily into a palm-- edges all rough and jagged, but not sharp enough to cut at anything.

And in response to Lacrima, the thing pulses with red light in time with the synthesized words that follow:

"BELKAN BEWAFFNETES GERT, BEZEICHNUNG: KRIEGSFAUSTE." There's a brief pause, but before anyone asks anything else of the thing, it adds in, unprompted, "DANKE, DASS SIE JUNGEN HERAUSNAHMEN."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 16:26:03 86826
"Of course. One can say the same about Earth and differnet locations." Naru replies with a nod to Lacrima about the diversity in the Dusk Zone. There's a soft murmur of thanks as milk and eggs appear, and muffins get the wet ingredients to go with the dry ones, and a couple of quick stirrings shortly become handing the bowl and wooden spoon to Kyouko. "You get to stir too."

Possibly the shoulder is less happy than she wishes to admit to. Or perhaps she's just keeping Kyouko busy while they sort out an unfamiliar Device.

"We don't think so." Naru answers about the device, possibly stretching that just a /smidge/. A smidge. "I know what Danke is, at least. I got /that/ far in duolingo."

There's a waft of good baking smell as Naru opens the oven door, checking on the scones and then removing them from the oven, setting them on top of the stove to cool.
Lacrima 2017-11-20 16:28:49 86827
Lacrima eyes Kyouko. "It is a device. It's mostly harmless without a proper user." she says. "If it wasn't for this device, we wouldn't had found Alexis-niisan." she says quietly. "That place was a nightmare."

She looks down. "The device says it's 'name' is Kreigfauste. It's also thanking us for getting the boy out." a pause.

"Kreigfauste. Is that boy your registered user?" she asks confusedly. It's a shot in the dark guess she makes. Because devices often /care/ about their user. "Or.. was supposed to be?" she asks.

She makes a face, though as she sighs and rubs a hand down her face. "If not. What was your goal with helping us?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 16:32:57 86828
    "Mostly," Kyouko says to Lacrima, still sounding suspicious, "But mostly ain't the same as never, and maybe it might.. I dunno, explode or something." Still, she doesn't henshin and try to stab the Device, so apparently she's willing to extend it the benefit of the doubt for the moment.

    She then finds herself burdened with a bowl and spoon anyway, and dutifully starts to stir the mixture. Luckily the Device continuing to talk distracts her enough that she doesn't try to steal any tastes of the muffing batter (so far, anyway).

    "Sounds like weird foreign talk to me." Says Kyouko, with the typical native-Japanese distrust of foreigners, even if those foreigners are both non-human and from space. (That makes them even less trustworthy, really).
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 16:42:30 86829
There's a pause. If an Armed Device in standby mode is able to express hesitation nonverbally, then Kriegsfauste manages it, upon Lacrima's first question. The followup question, however, prompts it to answer, "POSITIV."



Who'da thunk an User-less Device would be so verbose?
Lacrima 2017-11-20 16:48:00 86830
Lacrima rolls her eyes at Kyouko, because of course she does. "It's Belkan. Which translates as German." she says. "I understand an older dialect of German, but that's even closer to Belkan than modern German is." she says frankly. "Riventon-sama has taught me enough about devices to get a basic grasp of the basics. I can't use them though." she says softly.


"Kriegfauste says that Alexis-niisan's parents intended him to use Kreigfauste after...treatments. But. Something interfered with those treatments." she says.

"...I already know what that is. When. He died. And I did. That stuff. To him." she mutters. "That's what ruined whatever it is they were doing and causing the things like black outs because it wasn't compatible with whatever they were doing to him." she sighs a bit.

"Also. The device says for me to tell 'Angry Red Hair' that it doesn't have the capacity or intent to explode." she says. Raises a brow, rather than smirk, at Kyouko.

This'll probably go over easier.


A pause. "Right. We found Alexis-niisan in some sort of weird pod/tube." she says to Kyouko. "I don't know what they were doing to him but it looks like various.... alterations. Mentally and physically if I had to guess. Based on prior context." she sighs as she rubs a hand up her face.

"Kyouko Sakura. How would you like to commit a crime of spite?" she asks curiously.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 16:51:23 86831
    "Foreign-talk." Kyouko says dismissively upon the explanation that it is Belkan, which is basically space-German. It's not Japanese or English, and apparently everything else just gets lumped together in her mind.

    She keeps stirring the bowl of ingredients as she frowns at the Device upon hearing the translation of its reassurances. "I ain't angry. You'd know if I was angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." This is definitely not angry-Kyouko, just suspicious-Kyouko, which is pretty much her default state when around anything mildly unfamiliar.

    "Yeah, I heard about that from Naru earlier." She then says, referring to the state Alex was found in. "It's sort of what we had suspected anyway- well, not the details, but that they were doin' some kind of funky crap to him." Then she blinks, eyes narrowing. "I don't do crimes anymore. I'm a good guy now. And also I'm not spiteful." Apparently she does not consider lies a crime.
Lacrima 2017-11-20 17:01:01 86832
Lacrima sighhhhhs. "'Angry Red Hair's' name is 'Kyouko Sakura'." she says softly. "-and is a friend of Alexis-niisan. My name is 'Lacrima' or 'Norie'." she says. "Alexis-niisan calls me Norie. If that matters to you." she says softly to the device.

"When Alexis-niisan is awake, we'll go say hello. If you're Alexis's device then you should still be that. Besides."

She takes a deep breath. "I'm gonna be backup when I confront him about his mother- anyways. He's going to resist." she says with a sigh.

She eyes Kyouko. "Basically I want to have Alexis' bike stolen from Hulda's Estate. I would like him to come out of this with at least his motorcycle." she says. "His jacket is a loss for sure I think though. Unless he keeps it somewhere on the bike." she says. "If I have to do it myself, I will." she nrgs.

"His bike is kind of his baby...." she says softly. "...and this is enough of a mess." she says quietly. "For him without also taking his motorcycle away." she deflates a little.
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 17:15:48 86833
"SYNCHRONISATION MIT THEMA ALEXIS RASKOPH IST NOCH NICHT EINGEFHRT," Kriegsfauste seems to point out to Lacrima, after she calls the thing "Alexis' device". "WENN ER ZUSAMMEN KANN, KANN ER NOCH NACHRICHTEN."

When it comes to the offering of names of Kyouko and Lacrima, there's a pause, before the thing pulses again and declares: "POSITIV. IDENTIFIKATIONEN "Kyouko Sakura" UND "Norie" GESPEICHERT."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 17:19:17 86834
    Kyouko eyes the Device as it continues to spout (to her mind) nonsense-words, just rolling her eyes a little bit when she hears it say her name. Well, at least it can be taught to talk real words if you try hard enough, it seems.

    Still stirring the bowl of muffin batter, she then glances at Lacrima. "What, you want me to steal his bike from his parent's house for him?" She pauses a moment, seeming to consider. Then she shrugs her shoulders. "Sure. If it's still there, anyway. It was when Naru and I were snooping around the place a little while ago."

    "Stealing from bad guys doesn't count as a crime. And it's not spiteful- it's for Alex, so it's sympathetic." She nods her head firmly. Easy to justify and therefore no problem.
Lacrima 2017-11-20 17:30:40 86835
Lacrima nods at the device. "Yeah I know you're not linked to him yet. But you /should/ be. He's going to need you when Hulda comes searching again." she says quietly. Not if. When, as far as she's concerned. "-at least he should understand you." she says quietly.

She looks up to Kyouko and nods. "Well help steal it back. Don't go alone. I'll go- but I think you'd prefer working with someone else on this." she says.

"-and thank you for at least considering it." she says with another wilt. She eyes the tiny device in her hands.

"I hope you're like two armored fists because I don't think Alexis is gonna know what to do with you if you're a sword or a spear or a naginata or a staff." she sighs miserably at Kriegfauste.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 17:47:19 86836
"Hell, I am fond of Alexis' bike enough to steal it back simply out of spite." Naru comments into the conversation as she returns to the kitchen and peers into the bowl that Kyouko's been stirring before taking it back from the redhead. There's muffin tins to be filled, and the batter doesn't need to be the focus of Kyouko's irritation any longer.

There's a soft little 'hmmph' as the Device chatters in a language she doesn't understand and she nods. "At a guess, I'd vote with mostly mind control. I have no clue what sort of state he's going to be in when he wakes up."
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 17:48:25 86837
"JAWOHL," Kriegsfauste offers in simple-enough agreement to Lacrima's first statement.

The matter of what manner of equipment the Device transforms into upon use and wether or not Alex would know what to do with him, though, the thing neglects to say anything on. Probably rather purposefully at that.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 17:51:10 86838
Makio Ryu would arrive in looking...a deal more alert than his usual norm. No casual, lazy looking posture. His eyes (or at least the one visable one) are darting around between sources of noise some what. This discolored shock of his hair is standing straight up like it was fashioned into some sort of agressive looking ahoge. However, more in character for the commonalities of a Makio visit, is the fact he's brought food to share. The 'cyclops' is carrying a large, sharable bento and a box of donuts with him.

"H-hey guys," he greets, "Are nevermind, that'd be a stupid question." That said he'd find somewhere suitable to drop off the donuts and the bento, opening it to reveal that it's actually healthy-ish breakfast options (banannas, granola, and other more portable things that aren't as awesome as the baking going on) instead of the usual sweets he'd bring. Kukai DOES tend to worry about eating too many sweets after all. Donuts were in consideration of the fact Lacrima's likely still coming off of all the mess.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 17:54:49 86839
    Kyouko hands the bowl of batter back over to Naru without too much complaint, having mostly forgotten that she was stirring it anyway. Luckily over-stirring muffin batter probably doesn't harm it too much- not that she'd know if it would.

    She puts her hands on her hips instead, frowning at Lacrima again. "I don't need help to steal a motorcycle." She says, sounding mildly defensive. "It was just parked in the garage, all I gotta do is hop on, magic hotwire it, and drive it away." She pauses after a moment, then begrudingly admits, "Though I guess they might have beefed up security after you guys stole Alex back so.. maybe I'll take somebody to watch my back. Just in case."

    She glances up as Makio enters carrying food, but doesn't immidiately move to relieve him of it- there's going to be fresh scones after all to divert her wrath. "Everything's fine." She says, in a half-dismissive, not-entirely-truthful manner.
Lacrima 2017-11-20 18:01:27 86840
Lacrima eyes the device as it spouts yes at nothing particular. "That's 'Yes'." she says for those who don't speak Belkan. "Ugh. I wish Rashmi-chan was up, her device could translate." she says. She eyes Naru and gives a little small just subtle twitch at the corner of her lips. "You should make a date night of stealing his bike back." she says.

She then eyes Kyouko. "Yes, They would had. Considering her security appears to be fake magic tech people and not real people, there's less worry." she says frankly. "In doing horrible things to them."

She then blinks to Makio and tip toes over. "That's a lie. Some of us are a mess or worse." she says quietly. She tip toes over to the donuts and grabs two and somehow manages to have one completely in her mouth by the time she turns back around away from the box.

"I think Kukai-k...." she frowns. "Kukai-san is okay in so far as being alive. I think I'd know by now if it was worse."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 18:15:34 86841
"Hey Makio, there's scones.. there will be muffins, there's coffee and juice and can be tea." Naru leans a little to peer out from the kitchen and welcome him in. Becuase clearly there's not yet enough food.

The dollops of muffin batter into the cups of the muffin tin is an efficient and economical task, as if she's done this approximately a million times already in her lifetime. "Everyone's alive, for their own personal values therein, even if not eveyrone is awake yet. This can, on a great many measures, be called fine. There's a lot of healing and investigation to be done, but we scored a win."
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 18:26:38 86843
Makio Ryu's shock of hair seems to calm down a touch as he sighs in slight relief at Lacrima's answer to his unfininished question. Kyouko almost guessed right, but Lacrima (probably without even hazarding a guess) told him Kukai was at least not doing /worse/. Kukai's condition was what he was most concerned over at the moment, though the donuts prove he's still worried about other people too.

The guy's probably already making himself out to be the kind of person that worries about people he doesn't really know at all (but that's one of the stereotype mahou hero traits, isn't it?), but Kukai's one of the people he feels closest to. That combined with the fact he's still adjusting to the whole mahou thing in the first place...well having a friend seriously injured is extremely new to him.

He finds a space to stand or pace slightly in as he takes in things he'd been too distracted to notice imediately. Devices are not totally /new/ to him but still not a thing he's used to. "...thanks guys," he replies to Naru, Lacrima, and Kyouko in what's probably only slightly less half dismissive sounding than the way Kyouko answered him.
Kunzite 2017-11-20 18:31:06 86844
Kazuo does not, upon his appearance, attempt to compete for space in the kitchen. He ghosts in from the hall; nods to Kyouko and Naru; regards Lacrima slightly more carefully for a moment, then bows to her. Glances to Makio last of all.

Actually saying anything is apparently not yet on his agenda.
Lacrima 2017-11-20 18:40:04 86845
Lacrima eyes the muffins as she peers back down at the device. Then to Makio. "Thank you for the donuts." she says softly as she lays eyes on Kunzite. She takes a deep breath. "Good morning Kunzite." there is a bow back. "I apologize for putting you thought... that. Yesterday. I couldn't find another way out." she says quietly.

She looks down to the device, then back up again. "The device's name is Kriegfauste. Alexis-niisan's parents were intended to give it to him whenever whatever they were doing was done. This is his device. He isn't sync'ed to it yet. But it's intended for him." she says quietly.

"I'm hoping he'll take it. This is gonna get messy in the coming months." she wilts a little.

"Kriegfauste this is Kazuo. He is also someone Alexis-niisan knows." she says softly.

She does kind of peek up into the muffin tray now though. As she stuffs the second donut into her face. Nomf nomf oh god donut heaven.

"At least it gives a damn about him." she mutters. Oh yeah she's still upset at Hulda. Then to Kunzite.

"Is Kukai-san okay?" she asks, as if to confirm anyways.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 18:42:44 86846
    "What she said." Kyouko nods in agreement with Naru. She might have a rather broad definition of 'fine' after the life she's led. It basically consists of 'nobody died'. Ooh, scones.
    Listening to what the others are saying, but not adding anything else herself for the moment, Kyouko moves over to grab one of the fresh scones and enjoy it thoroughly, sharing a glance with Naru as she does so.

    Kunzite's arrival is greeted with a raise of a hand, her mouth too full of scone for much more at the moment.
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 18:46:31 86847
The black gemstone promptly pulses red light within Lacrima's hand again, in time with the synthesized words of, "POSITIV. INDENTIFIKATIONEN 'Kazuo' GESPEICHERT."

This thing is very loud. Hopefully no one has a hangover.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 18:59:32 86848
The likelyhood of an alcohol hangover seems slim amongst those awake at the moment. Although the potential for headaches seems high.

Naru lifts the coffee carafe in silent over towards Kazuo as he appears in the hallway, although there's no mug out for him yet. Naru's own cup gets topped up, and she might be a touch more careful in just how she climbs on the counter to retrieve more mugs than many mornings. Plates are easier to retrieve, at least.

"So." Naru starts after a few more mometns of quiet. "I'm going to just note that we should expect retribution, and be on alert."
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 19:01:45 86849
Makio Ryu quietly takes in the information about the Devise that Lacrima is explaining. "Kr-eeg-fau-st," he wonders, not sure about how he's pronouncing it, "...devices seem even more complex every time I hear about them." And they apparently all have names from some language he can't quite pin point in his lack of knowing much at all outside of Japanese and some broken amounts of not quite fluent American English.

Makio is quick to laser focus his attention on Kunzite as Lacrima asks him about Kukai. He'd at least offer a little rise of hand in reply to the glance he was given though. At what Naru says, he gives a nod toward her though. "Well, same as before...if I can help out somehow, you know you guys can text me. ...and hopefully I'm not fighting some sort of predasite at the time so I can actually show up."
Kunzite 2017-11-20 19:09:07 86850
"Good morning, Lacrima," Kazuo answers. Her first, apparently. "I don't believe you did anything that warrants an apology. Thank you for rescuing us. I apologize; I was doing what I could to remove the others' traces, and hoping that Tsukiko and Cure Sunny's work would scramble dark-energy remnants enough to make them less useful, but there was nothing that any of us could do to conceal how we departed, or your magic enabling it. Which means that that woman will have further information on you and your escape routes in future. That seems likely to be a concern."

At the introduction, Kazuo bows again, this time to Lacrima's hand rather than to Lacrima himself. "Hello, Kriegsfauste. Thank you for your assistance last night."

Naru ... Naru gets a momentary shake of Kazuo's head; the nod afterward is acknowledgment, not agreement. "Fortunately, there's enough traffic to and from the Dusk Zone that tracing us here directly seems unlikely. But the nickname for the place was said out loud; she may have been able to pick it up, and may have been able to resolve it. We'll take care not to leave anyone here on their own. To begin with."

And then there's the topic of Kukai. "He's not well," Kazuo says, "but he's not dying. Not this time. It was closer than I prefer; we're not equipped to keep supplies for blood transfusions on-site."
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 19:20:17 86851
"DIENSTLEISTUNGEN GUT ERHALTEN," the black gemstone on Lacrima's hand intones in time with red pulses. "DU HAST DEN JUNGEN HERAUSGEBEN."
Lacrima 2017-11-20 19:25:42 86852
Lacrima shakes her head. "I'm not worried about that woman. Takashi-sama has my back if she tries to retaliate in organization. I already made him aware of the situation this morning. He supports my actions last night as far as that goes." she says quietly. "As far as what she can learn from last night. She can learn how I step like every other being that does so. I'm not unique in that regard. It's just easier for me because I'm just a mass of dark energy rather than a body infused with it." she mutters.

"The device says that it was glad to help, and we got the boy out , afterall." she says.

She shifts. "I hope Alexis-niisan is able to wake up soon." she says quietly.

"It isn't gonna be easy trying to convince him to say. Not go home after this and then we're back at square one." she sighs.

"...and hopefully it's still Alexis-niisan. And not whatever stupid thing they were trying to do to him."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 19:28:28 86853
    Kyouko glances up from eating her scone, swallowing a moment later and responding, almost casually, to Kunzite's statements about the potential risk of Alex's mother figuring out where they had taken him. "Just let her, or anybody else, try to attack us here." She says, baring just a bit of fang. "I'd enjoy the chance to get to make up for missing the action last night."

    "As for retribution in any other forms or places," This with a glance to Naru. "Well. If you need me.. anybody, I mean, ya'll have my number."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 19:31:38 86854
"My expectation is not only that she can trace Kriegsfauste, especially as she was working with it, but also that when those of us who do not live here go back to say.. moving around and living in Tokyo, that we will be trailed." Naru pauses a moment as she starts piling scones on a plate. "Assuming she knows who we are seems like the right level of paranoid in this situation. I do not have, nor should I have, Eclipse's protection, so yes.. I am worried about her. She is a significant threat. I do not think she is one that we cannot handle, but acknowledgement of her AS a threat is important."

"Fortunately, Kukai should have some degree of resiliance, simply for being himself. Hopefully that helps him work up more blood volume." Naru is thoughtful on the notion of how much mahou actually NEED blood transfusions.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 19:42:07 86855
Makio Ryu frowns at Kazuo's note about blood transfusion. "Do we know his blood type even IF we had the tools available," he wonders before looking lostly toward the getmstone again. "...thank you for translating," he says toward Lacrima, " we have any ideas on how to handle this if he DOES try to go home?"

And Naru's point causes him to deflate a little more. She has a point...between his sportsman-ship and the whole mahou thing, he might recover better than most!
Lacrima 2017-11-20 19:45:48 86856
Lacrima scoffs. "Oh. She is a threat." she says quietly. "She shut off Rashmi's barrier. Which means she can overload it easily-- which is quite a feat- or she knows how to dispell things. Which is also quite a feat. Given she could mess with a drone with a slap of her hand- apparently. I'm betting 'Dispell'." she says.

She eyes Makio. "Well." she says. "If I have to, I just drain him until he passes out then we shove him back in bed." she says cooly. "I'm gonna do it. He isn't going back home." she snaps.

She sighs to the others. "Like I said. We need to get his bike back so. That's a start of petty revenge if there ever was something like that." she says flatly as she leans against the counter.

She eyes Makio. "Blood is one of those things you need to actually go to a medical facility for I think." she says. "If you have to do that. Just tell them a car or truck hit you. That seems to be the go to."
Kunzite 2017-11-20 19:51:22 86857
"It's not that you step," Kazuo says quietly to Lacrima. "It's where she needs to have the ambush waiting, and whether she can use remnants of your energy to locate you, and perhaps whether she can arrange something to trigger specifically on that energy, or perhaps whether she can design appropriate containment." He pauses. "Or so I presume, judging from the design of that particular trap. The next one will be ... concerning. If I were her, I'd make Raskoph's possessions its focus; so I personally would not try to retrieve them. Let her waste her effort. But you're correct that your alliance with Riventon will be a significant asset for you, where it comes to this. if you vanish, he'll be distinctly annoyed."

And then a lot of things will explode.

As for Kukai's blood type -- "No," Kazuo says to Makio. "But if we had the tools available, analyzing his blood type on the fly would not be prohibitively difficult. Still. That's not something we keep in the apartment. Too much waste of too scarce a resource; hospitals need that more."

And then there's Alexis. And ... draining Alexis. Kazuo exhales. "Kriegsfauste," he says. "I hope it will not come to that. But. If it were to become necessary to physically restrain the boy to prevent his turning himself back over to the woman we just freed him from: would you be obligated to interfere, and at what point?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 19:55:16 86858
    "We don't know if Alex is in his right mind." Kyouko points out on the heels of Kunzite's statement. "Since he ain't woken up yet, can't be sure what they mighta done to him. It's possible he's like, brainwashed or somethin' and that as soon as he wakes up he might try to invalidate all of ya'lls hard work by waltzing right back to the place you rescued him from. Obviously that wouldn't be ideal."

    A glance to Naru. "You might not have Eclipse's protection, but you got us. I mean, not saying it's not correct to be cautious but. Have some faith, hmm?" She smiles sweetly. "Your girlfriend is just itching for the chance to commit some righteous violence. That woman better steer clear if she knows what's good for her."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 20:00:23 86859
"I have a great deal of faith. You guys kept me in one piece for months." Naru leans over to settle a kiss upon Kyouko's cheek. "And at that point, my main skills were screaming and running. Neither of which worked terribly well. I'm not entirely thinking just of me, but my point's been made."

"I am also fully expecting that there's some degree of mind meddling in Alexis' life and has been for a really long time." Naru peeks at the timer for the muffins and then takes her coffee to go settle on the couch for a few minutes at least. "He's stubbornly independant, so I have faith there. We're at a whole lot of 'wait and see', for everything."
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 20:03:30 86860
Makio Ryu nods, possibly all too accepting of Lacrima's idea of how to handle it. He'd normally be a deal more hesitant to agree fully to such a plan, but the others went through a LOT to help Alexis. What kind of worth is their effort put to if Alexis just goes walking RIGHT back into the situation he was freed from? Kukai got a hole in the stomache for this, hell if Makio'd be pleased with the idea of him having gotten that for NO good reason.

He nods in agreement with Kyouko as well. "I might not be a lot yet, but after this mess...I don't even know what the woman looks like and I'd already rather freeze her solid for the heck of being a painful annoyance to her than even bother giving her time to say anything." Which doesn't sound like much, but it is for Makio.
Stahlritter 2017-11-20 20:09:13 86861

Devices make for pretty damn inconvenient conversationalists, what with lack of body language. And especially so when someone else has to actively translate what they are saying to everyone else.
Lacrima 2017-11-20 20:14:45 86862
Lacrima listens and then she blinks a lot a bit taken aback. She looks over to the others. "The device says that it can't do much without a linked user. But. That Alexis /knew/ what was happening and /tried fighting against it/." she says softly.

"So... maybe. Maybe it won't be so hard..." she mutters.

She looks over at Kunzite. "If she wanted my signature, she had it before the lab invasion. I was in her house, afterall." she says quietly.

"But as she said, she wasn't prepared." she sighs a bit.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-11-20 20:25:12 86864
    "Well, I assume he wasn't any happier about the stuff being done to him than we were, knowing him." Kyouko says, with a mild shrug as she pushes off of the counter.

    She leans over to kiss Naru on the cheek, then turns to walk out of the kitchen. "Listen, I gotta go. I got work in a bit and I need to change. But I mean what I said.. that lady starts lookin' for trouble, I want to be the first one who gets called." A glance towards Lacrima. "And I'll see what I can do about his bike."

    She glances around. "I'm itching to teach her the consequences of messing with my friends, and I'm sad I missed my chance last night." She pats Kunzite on the arm as she passes him (his shoulder is too high). "Let me know if anything happens, alright?" And then she's heading for the door.
Kunzite 2017-11-20 20:33:39 86865
"We'll sing out if your sparring partner remembers where to find his consciousness." Kazuo covers Kyouko's hand for a moment before she's out the door. Then inclines his head gravely to the Device and to Lacrima-as-translator. "Thank you," he says, to one or both of them. "Still. It may be a better idea to have someone sitting with him when he wakes. Usually we leave messages, but in this instance, someone capable of conversation may be of more assistance."
Lacrima 2017-11-20 20:37:17 86866
Lacrima nods a little. "I'll watch." she says softly as she takes the device with her. "I need some time to think as it is." she says quietly.

"If he wakes up, I'll let others know." she says as she begins to slip away towards the room Alexis is being rested in.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 20:42:53 86867
Makio Ryu waves after Lacrima and Kyouko. He then steals one of the scones and starts ripping into it like he hasn't eaten for a while now. "Sorry again," he murmurs, "I really wanted to make it, but a big predasite dog was attacking people around that time and Nyan-tan wasn't on hand so...someone had to handle it." He wants to ask if there's anything he can do NOW but he feels like that statement must be getting so tired right now... He's here, they already know he wants to help, surely they'll ASK.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 21:03:55 86868
"Honestly? We're generally such a tight community, that we all want to be there for everyone, but pragmatically the tactics break down when we're getting to legion rather than skirmish group." Naru offers an apologetic smile to Makio. "Usually I'm where you're sitting though, and it still feels crappy even when you were doing something else. I totally get it. Then after, that lull that always seems to come feels /so/ hard to be patient in, while people heal, and wake up and all the rest of it. Relax. We'll get there."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 21:08:19 86869
Mamoru sticks his head in for the first time today, hair haphazardly fingercombed and mooshed down from Epic Bedhead, then holds up a finger as he stifles a yawn. He's barefoot and in jeans and a MARS ATTACKS t-shirt with a picture of Sailor Mars in her henshin pose underneath the movie logo. "Kukai is stable," he says first, "and Zoi got him plasma at least. I'm sorry it took so long. Naru, I can handle your shoulder now."
Kunzite 2017-11-20 21:26:22 86870
"If we all concentrated on single large events," Kazuo says, "then the minor problems would rise up and flood out the city. We do what we can, that's all." A pause. "And appreciate the flamethrowers when they turn up. It --"

Mamoru's appearance silences him. Whether it's the T-shirt, the hair, or the practicality.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 21:27:47 86871
Makio Ryu nods in understanding toward Naru's attempts to calm him down. His strangely expressive shock of hair is, at least, settled into a sort of scared cat fur kind of situation instead of looking like it could be pulled off of his head and used to cut somebody. He's also settled into a fidgety stand instead of pacing around in the spot he chose. He's not darting from one point of focus to another...the normal Makio calm is starting to sink back in, slowly but surely.

With Mamoru mentioning Naru's shoulder, the shock of hair gets a little more pointed looking again, however. "Aww, crud, does that mean you got hurt too, Naru?" He pauses and then offers a slightly sheepish wave to Mamoru. The blunette will adjust, surely everyone knows that first time a friend was in a bad state set of jitters....hell first time isn't like the ONLY time those happen. Everyone else here deffinetly knows better than him.

Kazuo's comment causes a breath to be taken. "...yeah...gotta look at the big guys are right."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 21:29:50 86872
"It can wait until you've gotten coffee and something to eat if you want." Naru points out as she leans over towards where Mamoru has emerged. "It wasn't so bad that I couldn't roll out scones, so I'm hardly about to break out the sling." She declines to note that after rolling out scones, Kyouko got to mix the muffin batter. There's a touch of a rueful look to Makio at his concern. "I zigged when I should have zagged and got a swat for my efforts. Nothing dire, although the bruise is a fairly glorious set of colours."

The buzz of the oven timer prompts Naru to set her coffee down and head for the kitchen and at least check on the muffins. Because what this apartment needs right now is more carbs. Clearly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 21:33:40 86873
"Mf, I'll eat la--" starts Mamoru, one corner of his mouth turning down, and then the kitchen buzzes at Naru and she flees him. Okay, she doesn't, but she so frequently does that he has his suspicions. He gives Makio a salute as he shuffles in further, then amiably bumps into Kazuo's shoulder with his own. "I will get coffee. Not hungry yet though."
Kunzite 2017-11-20 21:41:02 86874
Kazuo reaches for Mamoru's far shoulder with a hand, mock-trapping him in place for a moment so that he can inspect the post-bedhead. "You might have mentioned that you'd had an emergency comb failure," he says deadpan to Mamoru, and lets go. "I'm sure we can find someone to send for a replacement." He glances at Makio. "Nearly everyone got hurt, one way or another. Only that most of us weren't hurt that badly."
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 21:47:34 86875
Makio Ryu nods toward Kazuo again. "Sorry..." he murmurs simply, not really knowing how else to respond to the current situation. He's over here stressing when everyone's already stressing, that's not helping matters at all. "Things'll work way or another..."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 21:54:06 86876
"Ass," Mamoru says comfortably, leaning in a way that's dismissable as a push for a second after Kazuo lets go, and then rolling away. "Makio, chill out, you're fine. I overheard you saying something about a monster you were fighting on your own elsewhere at the same time. What would've happened if you hadn't been there? Because I can tell you what would have happened," he says, glancing around for where Kazuo put his own coffee so he can steal it, "if you'd gone with them last night. You'd be hurt too. I couldn't go because I can't count on my powers, and my powers are how I get the hell out of the way of things shooting at me. So look: you were doing a lot better than I was. If you want to help, actually, you can do some sheet-bleaching?"
Kunzite 2017-11-20 21:58:43 86877
There is a remarkable lack of Kazuo-coffee. There is a mug out, granted, but it's Naru's. There are other mugs! They are empty. The carafe is not empty. Coffee is available. Kazuo just ... doesn't ... have any.

He's not attempting to offer Makio any reassurance, either. That part's rather more normal. Between him and Mamoru, he knows which of them is better with people.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 22:08:48 86878
Makio Ryu blinks slightly. "Sheet bleaching," he replies. "Let me just let me talk with my expert for that sort of information..." That said, he whips out his phone and starts texting away to....probably his grand mother. He's more appologising this time cause he's over here stressing and not cause he didn't get to join in last night, but it feels silly to bother explaining as much.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 22:27:54 86879
Mamoru looks puzzled, then mildly alarmed, at the lack of a coffee mug belonging to Kazuo. He gives his guardian side-eye for a second, then swipes an empty mug and starts filling it. He nods to Makio. "People are always bleeding on stuff here. I could put black sheets on everything but that would look way too goth. So, lots of bleach, and then those are the ones that get used when-- you guessed it-- people are bleeding again. I changed 'em out but I wanted to tell people-- uh, and get coffee-- and deal with Naru's shoulder-- before dealing with them... they're in the laundry room soaking in cold water..." And he sips his coffee, and moves over to where Kazuo is again, waiting to see if his gets stolen. Experiments.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 22:31:46 86880
"Oxyclean." Naru comments as she emerges out with a plate of muffins and sets it on th table, stealing one for herself. She clearly isn't concerned about the carb levels in her life. "I don't think I've ever bled on anything in here." She muses, thoughtfully. "Weird."
Kunzite 2017-11-20 22:36:44 86881
"Not physically," Kazuo supplies to Naru. Once again: his version of being helpful. When Mamoru moves over, he ruffles Mamoru's hair with his fingertips, which doesn't really leave it looking appreciably different. "You shouldn't have to be doing laundry. But I suppose expecting Neil not to sleep in is something like expecting sunset to come at noon."

He does not attempt to get a look at Makio's phone. For the record.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 22:37:53 86882
"Bleeding is enough of a thing that it's surprizingly easy to make up a story for why I'm asking my grandmother how she thinks is the absolute best way to get blood out of sheets for someone at school..." Makio murmurs before looking between Naru and the text notification on his phone, "...and oxyclean it is..." He nabs one of the muffins as well, noming into it a deal more relaxedly than he had the scone. "Then, I'll get those clean for you guys so you can focus on other stuff."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 22:44:05 86883
There's a lean of Mamoru's head into that fingertip hair-ruffle, too. For a half-second, he's frowning slightly, starting to look frustrated-- but then what Makio just said actually pases. "You don't have to," he laughs. "Like Kunzite said, it's Neil's job right now. But if you're looking for something to do, physically, that'll keep you from fretting too much, then-- there's something."

He straightens as Naru's coming in, and he does a half turn to press his coffee into Kunzite's hands, and pointedly wrap those hands around it. The tightness around his eyes smooths out, and there's a faint smile, and he turns back to stalk the wily Naru and her shoulder. "Quick, while it's goddamn working right," he says, wiggling the fingers on his now-free hands.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 22:47:06 86884
"Mental and emotional bleeding doesnt' require soaking." Naru points out as she sips from her coffee, her muffin already half gone.

Naru lifts her hands in mock 'horror' at being captured, no matter that they hadn't been playing that game and she comes closer to Mamoru and turns her left shoulder towards him. "I feel like I'm back to early training, where every bruise was a reminder on where I needed to learn how to block more effectively."
Kunzite 2017-11-20 22:48:13 86885
Kazuo squints down at his hands, and at Mamoru's coffee. He doesn't say a word. Not about the coffee-infliction, anyhow. "Of course it requires soaking," he replies to Naru. "That was part of what Tsukiko was taking care of last night."

Oxyclean is ... noted, but silently.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 23:07:55 86887
Makio Ryu nods in reply to Mamoru. "I feel like I should do /something/ and it's not that big of a deal...besides, sounds like Neil won't mind the job being taken off his hands," he states, "And of course, there's always easy to get cake when I'm not around too...."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 23:14:12 86888
"Cake is a way of life," Mamoru says to Makio over his shoulder, grinning, and then glances down at Naru's shoulder. He squinches his nose for a second, laying two fingertips at Naru's elbow and two at the top of her collar, and she can feel a slight relaxing of ache there. "Why the hell did you put on a t-shirt this morning?" he asks, then drops his hand from the side of her neck and switches up, so he can hold her sleeve open and awkwardly reach up to put his hand over the back of her shoulder. This means that the glow is coming from inside Naru's shirt!! for a moment. "Kinda wrenched it too, didn't you?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 23:21:10 86889
"Because I was going to go for a run." Naru notes to Mamoru, vaguely sheepishly, on the topic of her choice of clothing. "Until I managed to get dressed and then decided that was not my wisest course of action."

"There's more than a couple of us who tend to bake when we're anxious." Naru comments to Makio as she holds still for Mamoru to go digging up her sleeve and make her shoulder feel better. "Mako makes the most amazing things when she's relaxed, and her stress baking is out of this /world/."

Naru mmms to Kunzite a moment. "I tend to think of that less like the soaking required and more like.. wiping up a spill? Does that make sense?"
Kunzite 2017-11-20 23:25:19 86890
"Only difference between those two," Kazuo says to Naru, "is what the spill landed on." His words come more easily now; it's a tiny difference, close to imperceptible, but most of the changes in his expression and attitude are. On the subject of wrenching, he says, "The guards in the place were constructs. Looked like magic-enhanced technology. Their energy batons included some interesting kinetic-energy variation." It's not like he escaped unbruised. It's just that he actively cheated with his powers to minimize it. Then got bruises through that.
Makio Ryu 2017-11-20 23:31:22 86891
"Ok, gonna go take care of those sheets now," Makio decides, "I'll be gathering things up and everything, so if you need anything thrown in just throw it at me."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-20 23:44:12 86892
"You got smacked by a firefight and you thought it was a great idea to go for a run. Jeez, training? Nah it's like Kazuo taught you or something," Mamoru says, rolling his eyes. It's only a little bit worse than it looks, so it doesn't take a hell of a lot of time, just maybe more than it should. A moment later and he's dropped his hand from Naru's arm, and he steps back to where Kunzite's holding the coffee as he waves to Makio. "You should wear armor to soak damage," he says authoritatively, and then steals his coffee back, glancing up. "It's been yours long enough for me to steal it now, thanks. Were they like Hannah's old Robo-Goons?" He says it like it's a name, not Hannah's descriptor for them.
Kunzite 2017-11-20 23:51:16 86893
That's a question for Naru; she might have met the Robo-Goons. Kazuo hasn't. Yet. Mamoru reaches for his coffee, and Kazuo chooses that moment to finally thieve a sip of it, passing it off to Mamoru only ''after' his hand's had a chance to close on empty air. Like Kazuo taught her. Ahem. "The armor in question was a little farther off at the time; my apologies. Six to one is unpleasant odds, and I didn't want to clip her with any of Makoto's lightning."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-20 23:52:58 86894
"Autopilot kicked in." Naru gives the freshly happy shoulder a roll entirely to appreciate that she can again. "I did think better of it once I was awake enough to think it through, and that's how you guys got scones instead. Also not the wisest course of action, I probably would have hurt less going for a run."

Somehow, it's safe to admit that /now/, because it's all healed up.

"Clone robo-army. The only ones of Hannah's goons I met were shooting me. I didn't get hit in melee by any of them." Naru wanders back to where she'd taken over a spot on the couch. "There was an /awful/ lot of them. Which, resource wise, hopefully that makes a dent on her inventory for at least a little while. It cant' be negligable to produce in those numbers."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-21 00:04:22 86895
Empty air earns Kazuo first a comedically uncomprehending look of dismay, and then Mamoru slowly turns his head to EYE the taller man. He appears to be considering, for just a moment, wildly varying methods of vengeance, and then just as clearly decides that revenge is a dish best served cold. He turns to Naru to say very very pleasantly, "Clones. Well. Awkward. Made of dark energy and toasters, then?"

He very firmly reclaims the coffee and deliberately sips it.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-21 00:08:58 86896
"Dark energy, electricity and high end toasters, with batons and ready for magical opponents. They moved fast, for us, and hit hard.. for us." Naru curls herself up on the couch, tucking her feet up under her, holding her coffee with both hands. Possibly to ensure that it stays unclaimed by any but her.

"Hulda.. Alexis' mom, is pretty hard core awful. She was quite happy to have all of us as potential experiements." Naru explains quietly. "Which made the step through the Dusk Zone seem like a good idea."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-11-21 01:06:57 86897
After a long moment, all Mamoru can really say is a super quiet, "I'm sorry. I know that's--" He glances back after where Kunzite's disappeared-- probably the kitchen-- and then he shakes his head at Naru and smiles a little. "It would've been safer than any other kind of teleport, from what I'm hearing, yeah. I'm sorry." He exhales through his teeth, then looks down the side hall. "I'm gonna go check on Alexis and Lacrima, see if there's anything I can do to help."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-21 01:34:09 86898
"It was the only real option." Naru pauses a moment and then notes quietly. "It wasn't as bad as I feared. I'm not sure what to think of that. But it is what it is, and it's alright." She nods as he notes that he's going to check on people. "Let me know if they need anything."