Good morning sunshine!

Naru comes to visit a still mostly invalid Alexis with some lunch, and a whole lot of conversation. Kriegsfauste 'helps'. Sort of.

Date: 2017-11-23
Pose Count: 18
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 17:32:22 87059
<PHONE> You text Alexis Raskoph: Morning sunshine. How're you feeling?
<PHONE> A text from Alexis Raskoph: <After a delay> lkee ssdit
<PHONE> You text Alexis Raskoph: Hey, your fine motor control is coming back. That's awesome.
<PHONE> A text from Alexis Raskoph: <even longer delay> working on it
<PHONE> You text Alexis Raskoph: If you're up for a visit, I can stop by. If you want to keep practicing texting, I can do that too.
<PHONE> A text from Alexis Raskoph: food
<PHONE> A text from Alexis Raskoph: something i can chew
<PHONE> A text from Alexis Raskoph: no more soup
<PHONE> You text Alexis Raskoph: I can bring you real food, yeah. Anything you have a craving for?
<PHONE> A text from Alexis Raskoph: from what i understood only food i have been getting for the past month plus was liquids through a tube. anything solid will do.
<PHONE> You text Alexis Raskoph: I'l be up shortly.

And so it is how Naru is letting herself into ECFH, and then rapping on the door of the room where Alexis is staying. She's holding a trio of lidded containers, and holding a travel mug in her free hand, managing to not drop or spill anything (yet). She barely lets Alexis have time to reply before she's poking her head in. "Hi."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 17:38:15 87060
The vision given to Naru on the other side of the door is not exactly as before. Alex has, at the very least, graduated from lying limply under the sheets to forcing himself up to sitting, albeit with the assistance of the wall at the head of his bed he's propped his back against. And in the process of flexing the hands of his bared-up arms spread across the blanket bundled along his lap. Fingers closing to form fists and then opening again.

When the door opens, the german boy's eyes flick up from his own hands to the doorway, and after two seconds' worth of staring back at the redhead peeking inside, he offers up a repeated "...Hi," in response.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 17:44:20 87061
Naru flashes a bright smile as she uses her shoulder to nudge the door open and move more fully back into the room. "You're looking better." She notes as she moves to set things down on a bedside table, the mug at the very least. "Progress being made, which is reassuring."

Naru offers him the top of the lidded containers, with a selection of finger food goodies inside. Real food, but certainly on the lighter side for bodies still remembering how to eat.

Naru nudges a chair closer, to be able to settle with her own container. It is lunchtime after all. "When you get sick of me, kick me out. Or just fall asleep on me."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 17:52:44 87062
"Better in the sense that I can articulate now at least," Alex mutters, his tone still sounding distinctly frustrated.

"As far as moving goes..."

His eyes turn down to one of his hands. The hand in question shakes visibly, and lifts upwards, slowly, just a ten or so centimeters up-- and then flops back down against his lap.

"...Moving's more difficult. It's a strange feeling. Like my body isn't my own. I guess this is what all those people you hear about who've been in a coma for years feel like after they wake up. The dark energy probably made up for the difference in time-- body fighting it and all, if Mercury and that... thing, are to be believed."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 17:59:30 87063
"When last I was here, you couldnt manage more than about half a word, nor sit up on your own." Naru points out. "So as much as it feels like glacial progress to you, you're leaping along to my perspective." She opens the container, setting it somewhere convenient. There is nothing spillable. "If you want me to feed you, I promise not to send photos to Sayaka." She teases lightly.

"You were wired up too, and we have no clue what /those/ wires were doing." Naru explains calmly. "Clearly nothing good. That 'thing' is Kriegsfauste, I'm guessing?"
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 18:07:03 87064
"I think it took me about an hour to actually push myself up to sitting like this," Alex admits in a grumble.


The loud synthesized voice from the desk causes Alex to squeeze his eyes shuts with an irritated grunt. "...Yes. Thank you. But point being, I hope you can see my frustration with that."

The teasing words prompt a more or less blank look from him. "...You do realize that would more or less result in me getting stabbed by both her *and* Kyouko?"

"...I asked the rock over there over there about it a little more. It doesn't actually know how it works or anything, but-- maybe they were for monitoring my vitals? YOu know, like in a hospital?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 18:12:25 87065
"But you did it." Naru points out and then turns towards the hidden, but yet still loud voice. "Hi Kriegsfauste. I'm sorry I don't understand you."

Naru laughs softly and shakes her head. "I suspect that there would be equal opportunity stabbings.. mostly me really."

Naru mmms softly, picking up a dumpling in her fingers as she considers. "Monitoring seems the most likely. Both to ensure that you hadn't actually died, but possibly also to see the effects of whatever they were doing. Based on the robot clones, however, I can't help but wonder if they were also being used in a more proactive way rather than simply passive. We just didn't have a whole lot of time to do a detail analysis."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 18:33:42 87066
"Well I'm not going to tell you *not* to feed me," Alex points out with a lift of brows. "You saw how my hands are working right now. I'd probably just drop everything on me."

His eyes do shift to the side in an effort to peer at Kriegsfauste's perch when it pipes up "GRUSSWORT, BETREFF: NARU OSAKA."

"...It says hi," he grumbles.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 18:46:51 87067
"That's why I brought things that aren't messy, even if your hands aren't working well." Naru points out as she finishes her own dumpling and then reaches over to pick one up for Alexis and offer it at a height reasonable for the capturing as he wishes. "No chili cheese fries to spray goo everywhere and nothing that needs chopsticks." The no soup was a given.

"If I'm going to keep meeting Devices, I seriously need to go back to learning German. Totally your fault." Naru comments absently. "You two seem to be fairly well suited to each other. Hopefully the time with your mother.. your parents? Is your father alright?" Naru's thought train derails slightly to a new question.
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 19:10:58 87068
The dumpling held over is immediately caught into Alex's teeth when held up there. He can't do much of leaning yet, but given she holds it close enough, he can still snatch it up and chew out.

"...I don't know about that," he mutters when it comes to the matter of Kriegsfauste, with brows furrowed down post-swallowing. "I don't..." He lets that thought pass away, and he shakes his head.

MOving on, apparently.

"I don't know about my father," he confesses. "I see him even less than I see my mom. The stone said he was party to this too, though, so..."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 19:26:36 87069
Naru waits for Alexis to capture and chew the dumpling before gesturing. "You're the one eating, I'm just providing the hands. What would you like next?" There's more dumplings, onigiri, little steamed buns, a wide selection.

"So probably not also in need of resucing." Naru mms thoughtfully. "Still possible that he might not be a willing participant, but less likely. He hasn't yet appeared in active conflict with us."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 19:44:16 87070
"I mean, maybe," Alex says with a quiet sigh. "But I... kind of doubt it. Dad, he... He was the one who started the corporation they run. Since before they got married, from what I understood, so..." He side-eyes the desk where Kriegsfauste rests. "Norie said they're involved with Eclipse. So... One would assume, right?"

"... I don't know if I trust that Device either," he confesses then, voice quieter.

"...Gimme one of those riceballs?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 19:50:23 87071
"Ah! Right.. so probably not so much, no." Naru reaches for a riceball to offer to Alexis for the noshing. "I'm not sure if that means that he's going to be even more of a threat than your mother, or if he's just quietly doing this thing and isn't going to try and kill us all. Good to know that we need to keep an eye out for him as well, most certainly."

Naru takes the pause when Alexis is chewing to reach for her travel mug and a swig of coffee that's held within before turning back to Alexis. "So far, Kriegsfauste has been quite emphatically on your side, rather than your parents. He.. it? I'm not sure on preferred gender pronouns for Devices.. but either way.. he ensured we found you to rescue you. That put a lot of points in the positive column off the top."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 20:25:26 87072
"That thing was also being prepared by my parents for me," Alex points out with a quiet grunt. "From the way Kaz talked, my mom..." A pause.

His mother.

That's a strange thought. To consider his mother someone to be an immediate threat to a point that some of the most powerful people he knows are unsettled.

"...It might be a trap," he finishes eventually, with a sigh. "They were pumping all that shit to me. Trying to change me into wahtever. For all we know, it's..." His head shakes. "Even if it is. I was meant to use it for their bidding. I feel like that alone is reason enough to ignore it."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 20:35:34 87073
"Right." Naru nods on the whole 'prepared for him' and she offers him another choice bit of lunch as she talks. "But if they were making something well suited to you, I am leaning towards Kriegsfauste being as stubbornly independant as you are. Which I've also always gotten the sense that your parents /really/ didn't grasp the depths of that in you. If they tried any mind manipulation on you, it clearly didn't work terribly well."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 20:52:30 87074
"Or maybe they expected that anyway and and--" Alex goes on and then just ends up letting out a loud groan of sheer frustration, his head sent tipping back to the point that the back of his skull bumps into the wall with an audible *thud!* "I don't know, okay? It's just-- I just shouldn't take something from *them* at this point, okay?"


Naru Osaka 2017-11-23 21:08:11 87075
"We don't have enough information either way." Naru agrees, a faint wince at the THUD. "We're running on a whole lot of speculation and conjecture and guessing. What I do know is that we've got an awful lot of people who are pretty familiar with things and people having been negatively influenced and how to get past it, if they choose to. Or how to work with it, if people choose that route."

Naru gives a little shrug. "We'll make it work either way, and pry out whatever surprises they left.. beyond the pretty much obligatory need for therapy at this point.. I'm pretty sure our entire community should qualify for a group discount and a lifetime subscription.. and whatever crap they left in Kriegsfauste." She pauses. "Your job at the moment, is to heal and regain strength." There's a thoughtful little frown. "I don't know if you'll notice things that you find that are different in your thoughts.. I can't usually, but did manage to at least realize that the slide into depression was probably not normal." She quirks a rueful smile. "Still ended up with an Intervention, but at least they knew to keep an eye on me. If you feel things changing, now is not a great time for stoic."
Alexis Raskoph 2017-11-23 21:32:18 87076
"Doesn't change how I feel," Alexis insists with a huff. "Just.." Another grunt. "...Give me another one of those rice balls," he urges. "And then get that damn stone out of here."

Kriegsfauste doesn't say anything, this time.