The Most Pretty Cure Solution Ever!

(Warning: Language!) Aki Kurosawa and Hannah Sharpe work out their differences between one another. But it's all a plot so Haruna Kurosawa can make her sister and girlfriend/fiance to ''BEHAVE'' with one another! Aki might roast and baste Corvus for his role in it.

Date: 2017-11-25
Pose Count: 12
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-25 00:55:35 87086
    Corvus would had relayed a time to Aki Kurosawa that Boris would had given him when Hannah and Aki agreed on a place to throw down. Aki Kurosawa knew the beach like the back of her hand and there was a stretch of beach behind a complex that had a too 'rocky' crag blocking it off from being easily accessed or used- not to mention the beach was gravel rather than sand.
    It was a nice place to come in the past and think.
    She'd be doing more than thinking tonight though! She was standing on the beach, as Cure Tide, walking back and forth in an angry pace. How dare Hannah Sharpe exclude her. How dare she steal her sister from her. How dare she.... was running out of excuses to be upset.
    "Idiot..." she mutters. It's not clear who she means when she utters that under her breath.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-25 01:07:14 87088
Suddenly, the world is coated in a mixture of emerald green and the odd grey of a Mage's dimensional-altering Barrier. With a gust of wind, and Miss White adds her own shoes to the sound of crunching gravel. Everything might sound slightly muted in this space.

"So you didn't chicken out. Good! I would've been annoyed if you had." The mage offers with a wide grin. An open taunt. Raging Tempest sits in one hand, and she makes a 'bring it motion' with her other hand. Her Device beeps.

"Wind Divination Active, Mistress." A brief pulse of wind flows throughout the beach, rustling gravel. Hannah's body trembles, and she sets into a fighting stance.

"Come on. Show me if you're even one fourth of the Pretty Cure that Haruna is. Maybe then I'll listen to your objections to us." She snarls that last bit out. Seems Hannah too isn't very pleased.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-25 01:24:00 87089
    Cure Tide, when she last fought Hannah, Hannah's linker core was a mess. Now it isn't. Because Haruna wished it back to it's normal strength. Well back into existence.
    "What the hell gave you the idea I'd chicken out!?" she snaps. Then that barrier comes on. That's good. She doesn't need to worry about stray punches or shots.
    "Hey now, I've been doing this for a lot longer than Haruna-chan has." she adds angrily. She summons up a hammer, that also happens to made up of water into her hands. She doesn't call out an attack- she just slams the hammer down to the ground....
    And a giant tidal wave of salt water explodes in front of her, aiming to rush up and over Hannah as she grunts out after the slam, moving after the wave. She doubts it's gonna bowl Hannah over if Hannah is back at full strength. So she needs to follow up.
    Just think of her as a quicker, more sevelte, smarter Oresky, she thinks.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-25 01:43:35 87091
"I didn't say anything about 'more experienced, Aki! I've seen the battles that she's fought through! I've yet to see a Pretty Cure that even gets close to her brilliance!" Comes Hannah's impassioned 'defense' of Gull! If there's one way to enrage her, it's to dare say that they're stronger than Haruna! Well, except her of course~!

But she's not about to count Aki out either, as the young woman summons up that water hammer. She can feel the displacement of the wind around it, how beach and water shatters with her strength.

Hannah actually whistles.

"You're creative at least! But not good enough!" Her right hand glows, and she snaps her fingers.

"Tempest Barrier" Chimes Raging Tempest.

A thirty foot area around her lights up in emerald, and then wind bursts from nowhere. The swirling vortex reaches up into the sky around her. As water meets wind, it's sucked up into the massive wind funnel around her. Inside, it's mostly dry, though a stray rock does ricochet off of her own personal barrier. A grin.

"Well, I could use some practice with ranged attacks! R.T!"

The vortex stops, and then each bit of mixed water and wind forms into round balls! Then each one streaks down aiming right for Cure Tide! Oddly, there's definitely a range on the things, where their accuracy peters out. A limit of her Device's 'sight', perhaps?
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-25 02:17:02 87094
    Cure Tide eyes Hannah as she talks, as she chases her own tidial wave, but she has to stop at some point because she's still on the ground and that's gravel beach under her. Even in the barrier.
    Well. Crap! Hannah just took her attack and turned it back on her. She stops dead her tracks and raises her hammer to tank balls of wind and water using the handle as a bracer. She does attempt to dodge too, until she reaches the last one. She swings her hammer on it and aims to smack it back into Hannah. She's ragged after the tanking and dodging. But not tired out.
    "Come on, Hannah Dulle." she says. "This is first tier leauge shit." she calls out as she jumps into the air and takes off, wings forming from the bow on the small of her back, aiming to try to smash directly into Hannah this time with a large swing--- if it connects, the hammer with explode out in a water burst and not exist anymore!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-25 02:52:06 87096
Hannah is...smiling? as Tide so deftly blocks and dodges her way out of that mess! Then it's time for baseball! The last water-wind ball comes for her, and she kicks it out of the way. She's about to let out a taunt when...

Hannah /DULLE/!?

The feathers on her coat flutter, and her voice is /loud/. "DON'T PUSH ME CURE LOW TIDE! I CAN'T EVEN CATCH CROAKER FROM YOUR WATERS!"

In comes the Pretty Cure! And Hannah meets her head on! The first hammer blow is met by one of Hannah's legs. A shield flares up, and then she's blown backwards by the burst water. Heels dig in, and she skids to a stop. One cuff has been feathered, and her shoe is scuffed.

But both of her legs glow. "Wind step!"

And then like a rocket, she bursts forward. There's no subtlety here. She simply pulls back, and lays an expert's kickboxing punch into Cure Tide. The melee-focused Mage hits like a wind-aspected truck, and she doesn't lay up. Fists fly furiously. Jab! Jab! Body! Sides! And then...UPPERCUT!

"Get over yourself Aki! There's no one who's going to get between me and Haruna! Not your parents! And especially not you!"
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-25 03:27:36 87098
    Cure Tide can feel her hammer burst off as she uses the blast back to push herself forward and land back onto the ground, though those wings don't shut off. Can't stop. Never stop.
    "Least don't I smell like cheeseburgers and big bussiness at Low Tide." she snerks. Probably making a jab at the American heritage there. Tide is playing dirty.
    Then there's that wind step a burst of speed. Speed Hannah didn't have at their last fight. "Son-ofa-...."
    She doesn't get to finish that rating concerning statement when she gets uppercutted hard after a series of hard jabs she can't really dodge well enough as she goes sliding through gravel beach.
    Ow is kind of an understatement here as she gets back to her feet with a short burst from those wings. She then snaps. "I TOLD YOU. I DON'T WANT TO GET BETWEEN YOU. I JUST WANT TO GOD DAMN BE A PART OF THINGS TOO!" she cries out angrily, before she gets angry- like she's on fire!
    Wait. She suddenly... is?
    <S-s-sStrawberry Salsa!> emits the PrechanMirror as Cure Tide seems to don some sort of magical salsa dancing get up.
    Snap! Flame! Snap! Flame! SNAP SNAP SNAP! and CASTANETS.
    "SALSA SNAP DRAGON!" calls out Tide as a giant flaming dragon erupts outwards towards Hannah after spinning up into existence around her.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-25 03:38:09 87099
A teal green light suddenly puts down between the two. It's hard a fast. Recognized as one of Blue's Pretty Cure doing the fast beam of light travel thing. It's Haruna. Well. Specifically, it's Cure Gull. In her Super Happiness form. The first thing she does is raise a fist, wind and feathers building around it. "GULL WINDY...PUNCH!" she cries out as she punches the oncoming dragon. Wind and Fire clash before Haruna blows through it with the wind infused punch, as she makes an angry face at Aki.

"AKI KUROSAWA!" she huffs. "How COULD YOU!?" she asks with large wibble eyes. "HANNAH CARES A LOT FOR ME AND YOU KNOW THIS!" she says softly. "STOP FIGHTING WITH HER! IT'S OKAY TO BE UPSET BUT THIS HAS TO STOP!" she calls out as she dashes forward. "SHUT THAT OFF!" she calls out as she makes a large punch toward her gut. "STOP!" she demands as she stamps her foot! "I'M ALL POWERED UP AND I CAN THRASH YOU SO HARD RIGHT NOW!" she says.

Hannah may think this is quite a show. Except. Haruna turns into that beam of teal green light again. NOW she's suddenly in Hannah's face. And SHE gets a punch to the gut too. "AND YOU!" she stamps her foot. "I DIDN'T WISH YOUR POWERS BACK SO YOU COULD BEAT UP MY SISTER!" she yells.


Mind you. She also used Aki's full name but she's also the sister.

"GULL WINDY TORANDO!" she calls out as she begins to just whipping up a huge amount of air and rocks and beach gravel into the air, encompassing them BOTH of them.


Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-25 03:55:44 87100
The arrival of Aki's Salsa Dance form has her grinning. That's...actually kind of awesome. There's no dancing now, except of the violent variety though! Both hands pull back, wind curling around them in emerald-green lines of magic as that big bloody dragon starts spinning into existance!


Before Hannah continues, there's a beam of light. Gull, in her Happiness Form! And it's a sight to behold. As Gull starts to berate Aki? Some part of her heart is vindicated...and she falls all the way in love again. She's defending her, even now! She's so strong!

AWK! WHAM! Said gut punch puts Hannah into a massive, gravelly hole in the ground! Twitch. Nnngh. Hannah 'looks' up to her girlfriend, and then just kind of flops in the hole. That massive tornado is impressive. Enough so that R.T. gets a sneaky scan in for later analysis. But right now?

All of the tension goes out of her body, and she just flops again. And laughs.

And laughs, and laughs, and laughs until she's crying.

"...No, no it isn't." Comes her voice, and she smiles.

A sucked in breath as the wind tossels her hair. She soaks in the pure power of Cure Happiness Gull.

"Aki! The only reason I /didn't/ include you is because I thought you hated me. That you'd never come over if we offered. I...I'm going to marry your sister. But you, and your parents? I want ya'll to be family too. I mean, have you even /met/ my parents yet?" She finally confesses, heart stirred by the emotions of her beloved Gull.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-11-25 04:04:47 87101
    Haruna's arrival catches her off guard--- aren't barriers supposed to keep others away? Dammit. How did she find out? Wait...
    Oh she's gonna roast that turkey of a seagull. Aki really doesn't have it to punch her sister and the punch literaly causes the dance henshin to be punched off. Like a guilt switch.
    Now she's just Cure Tide again.
    "Yeah. Yea I know." she mutters. She rubs the back of her head.
    "Well...maybe I'd said yes just. Warnings. and stuff. about hurting her.... and stuff." she says.
    She's hurting. And tired. She isn't about to fight her sister. Or Hannah while she's here.
    She's also imagining basting Corvus in the oven as he makes sounds through a gagged beak. There's that. Lots of that.
    "Look..fine. We're done. Turn off. The thingy. Then." she says, motioning to the barrier. "No fighting then right?" she murmurs.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-11-25 04:12:53 87102
Haruna Kurosawa frowns and lets the Super Happiness form stop... along with the wind and gravel that falls down to the ground as she sighs and lets her feet rest to the ground. "Good..." she says with a sigh as she looks over to Aki. "Good. Just. I don't think Hannah was trying to keep you out on purpose." she mutters.

Then she turns to Hannah and.... she wraps her arms around her and tugs her in for a kiss. Not just any kiss. The kind of kiss one has in a barrier when the entire world doesn't get to see. The kind where one doesn't need to say 'I love you'.

"And--- you." she huffs. "Even if you think she'll say no just ask anyways. Because seriously, when has no stopped you anyways if you're gonna do it anyways." she rolls her eyes as she huffs. "Because you and I both know 'No' hasn't stopped you anyways." she says gently. "It's the attempt that counts. I think." she says. She does whisper that when she's so close to Hannah's face so Aki can't hear that. 'Just ask. It keeps peace' she's saying more or less.

She sighs a bit. and blinks. "No, she hasn't met your family. She should!" a pause.

"Oh! Cookout! Like. That one before?" she asks. "With the whole pig? Remember that, Hannah-chan?" she asks with wide eyes, still clasped around Hannah.

Then she turns her head to look at Aki.

"Aki, you like pork right!?" she asks. "I KNOW YOU DO! YOU HAVEN'T LIVED UNTIL YOU'VE EATEN IT FRESH OFF THE PIG!" she says with wide eyes.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-11-25 04:21:07 87103
For once, she can sympathize with Aki. Just a little. "And maybe I'd ask if you'd call or something occasionally!" Mutters Hannah in turn.

Then! Arms, and that kiss! Hannah passionately returns it, safe in a comfy barrier. And a big hole from Gull-punchings. Her henshin fades, and she holds Haruna close happily.

Her heart shudders in joy.

"Ahh...fine. You're too cute and convincing to say no to. That was overkill."

Grin. "I /LOVED/ IT!"

Then she turns a blistering /grin/ to Aki. "Unless you're too squeemish and afraid of some home style American cooking! I'll bet she'll be too busy cowering from my culinary might!" Challenges Hannah!

The cookening is in the cards!