Respect - Dark Energy & Favors

Lacrima wants to thank Kukai for making her laugh on Halloween. And ask a favor. And has things to say about Riventon-sama.

Date: 2017-11-25
Pose Count: 15
Lacrima 2017-11-25 07:58:11 87104
Lacrima had spent most of her day with Alexis-niisan now that he was awake and largely coherent. She was just going to spend one more night in a closet here and she'd leave in the morning. She didn't want to wear out her welcome. At least two of the people that actually live in the building would probably kill her if she twitched a little the wrong way.

-and she didn't want to give reason for Kunzite or Mamoru to be upset at her-- or because of her. She just wanted to make sure Alexis-niisan was gonna be okay. She was... mostly okay.

She passed by Kukai's door on her way back to the closet to hide when she paused, and walked backward a few feet and turned to Kukai's door. She knocked a little softly on it. Not too loud. As not to disturb him if he was actually sleeping.

"Kukai-kun....?" she asks softly against the door. "Are you awake. May I come in?" she asks softly.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 08:06:28 87105
Sleep, even with a once-sucking stomach wound, now mostly a mass of healing purple and yellow bruises, is impossible after a point after all you've done for a few days is sleep. Kukai has been in the living room a time or two, and in the library, and in the kitchen, and taken a really uncomfortable shower in someone else's bathroom, and played whatever games a Guardian can play with his Guardian Chara while resting in a big soft bed, and mostly laid in his room and killed time. So when someone knocks on the door, he's about 90% awake, higher brain functions disabled while he flips through the TV channels (1,000 channels from across the globe and nothing's on!).

Kukai immediately perks up at the light knocking, then blinks. Oh..kay. Lacrima. Sure, why not. "Yeah, I'm awake, come on in." He scoots up in the bed, wincing at the movement, and stares at the door.
Lacrima 2017-11-25 08:24:05 87106
Lacrima peeks her head in, then walks in and closes the door behind her, before she looks back and sighs. "Hi." she says softly, giving a little wave. She looks a little tired mentally, but not physically. She sighs and walks over and crosses her arms.

"...are you okay?" she asks quietly. "I heard you were stabilized and all that." she says.

"Alexis-niisan woke up. And is talking coherently now." she says gently.

She shifts a bit uncomfortably.

"Thanks for... helping. To get him back." she says quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 08:32:30 87107
Kukai watches Lacrima enter, then waves back at her. "Hi. Wanna sit down?" He motions to the big plush chair next to the bed.

He sighs and shrugs. "Well. Really, yes and no. I'm not going to feel like doing much of anything for a bit, but otherwise I'm ok. It's part of the job." He shrugs and then grins. "That's good. I'm glad he's doing all right. We were all worried about him."

Kukai nods and then smiles. "Sure. Nobody should be held against their will like that."
Lacrima 2017-11-25 08:51:21 87108
Lacrima looks to the chair and then back up at Kukai... then back over to the chair and sits hesitantly. She settles in and places her hands down into her lap, folded one over the other, so Kukai can see where they are. It's a threat thing.

She shifts a bit uncomfortably again. "I'm glad...?" a question always a question when she's never sure. "You're okay." she says quietly.

She sighs a bit. "Um..." she mutters. "I never got a chance to... thank you." she says.

"For making me laugh on Halloween." she says gently.

"Like I said. I. Haven't really laughed. Since I was a human. Not in my own body." she says gently.

"I mean. Laugh in a way. That you laugh at something that's funny. Humorous. Not. Laugh in a nervous breakdown. Like I normally have." she says quietly.

"But thanks." she mutters.

"Dunno if I'll get a chance to say that again once I leave tommorow." she says.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 09:08:04 87109
Kukai leans back against the headboard, letting Lacrima sit, watching her get all comfortable and organized and ladylike. "Well... thank you. I appreciate that. I'm glad I'm ok too."

He ohs and then rolls his eyes. "I still sort of think it was a mistake on a bunch of levels, but then again on several it seems to have been a great big hit. And I think I confused the crap out of a few people walking home with Makio, too." He grins weakly, then continues. "Well... it is always a great joy to laugh. It's one of the few really positive things, laughter. So I'm very happy I was able to make you laugh, so that's good."

Kukai arches an eyebrow. "Where are you going after you leave that's so far away, then?"
Lacrima 2017-11-25 09:26:58 87110
Lacrima blinks and ahs. "You misunderstand. I'm not going anywhere. Rather. I don't imagine our interactions will be as personable when I leave." she says quietly. "Riventon-sama is very cross with you." she says softly.

She frowns. "So I don't think things will be very quiet." she says.

"Because of that." she says. She shifts again. "He's been agitated lately." she says. "And I wish I knew why." she says. "You... blamed him for hurting... Fate-san?" she asks. "I don't know Fate-san very well." she admits. "Riventon-sama said that she used to work for him. But then didn't. But does again." she says quietly.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 09:35:57 87111
Kukai ohs, and then snorts a little when she mentions Riventon. "Yeah, well, I'm pretty cross with him in general. I'm looking forward to him getting walloped again when the time comes."

Kukai nods. "I did hit him pretty hard the other day. I imagine anyone would be agitated about that. Plus we wrecked his train. You were there for that. As for Fate..." He shrugs. "It's what Nanoha told me. And I don't have much reason to disbelieve her. So I blamed him. I imagine being faced with something like that would piss anyone off. But so far nothing he's done has proven that I was wrong...."
Lacrima 2017-11-25 09:55:47 87112
Lacrima blinks and just shrugs. "Riventon-sama has done nothing but treat me with respect. And consider my friends when I ask. Like when Ari-chan tried to interfere. I asked him to give her a chance to back off. Because she's a pacifist." she says quietly.

"-and he did back off her when she stepped back when what she tried didn't work." she says softly. "He understood me when others didn't. And gave me a device that helped stabilize me to where I am now. Instead of where I was." she says quietly.

"He helped me become comfortable with what I was." she says gently. "Knowing that it's unlikely I'll ever get a real body again." she says quietly.

"So when people bad mouth Riventon-sama. That's the person they're badmouthing to me." she says with a frown.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 10:13:25 87113
Kukai leans back, thinking. What Lacrima is saying doesn't square with what Nanoha said, but it still doesn't explain the wounds and bruises on Fate. "Does he treat everyone like he does you, then?"

He sighs and rubs his head. "It's... I mean, it's good that he helped you. It's just hard for me to see what he does as being out of the goodness of his heart or a kind gesture towards a friend, since everything I've seen up to this point has been him having a secondary motive. But he was able to help you when nobody else could, so I do appreciate that."

Kukai grumbles and then looks at Lacrima. "Yeah, I get that. On the one hand he's a sweet, generous, respectful guy. On the other hand he drains energy out of everyone in the city on an industrial scale, has his own warpack of black and white chippies with guns, drives youma-piloted robots around to steal anything and everything, and leaks dark energy on a Queen Beryl scale. So the two sides don't exactly square up, you know?"
Lacrima 2017-11-25 10:27:32 87115
Lacrima frowns. "Yes." she says matter of factly on that front. "He's treated me with nothing but respect. Even when I fail miserably." she says softly. She sighs and shakes her head. "So?" she asks. "It's not like I don't leak dark energy when I get so incredibly angry or upset either." she says quietly. "It's part of being a dark energy being of any type. Partial or full. If your negative emotions get a better of you, the dark energy starts building up."

"Gotta go somewhere." she shrugs.

She shakes her head.

"Look..." she says silently.

"You're not getting into anything while your recovering so I have a favor to ask of you." she says quietly.

"Alexis-niisan. Is having an identity crisis. Of sorts." she says. "He's been 'groomed'. 'conditioned' for eleven years of his life. In stuff like that tank." she says quietly.

"So it's a good deal that the way he's acted in the past eleven years. Things like what he wanted to do in the future. Or even just beating thugs- we're conditions instilled in him to make him stronger or act a certain way by.. by his parents." she says quietly.

"Basically. When. You can both walk and leave could you try to get ahold of him for... guy stuff?" she asks.

"Like just go out. And talk about. Sports. Or girls. Normal stuff." she says quietly. "So he can start to maybe. Figure himself out? What's 'real' about him and 'what's not'?" she asks softly. "By doing things."
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 10:39:13 87116
Kukai hmms. Was that a bit of a clue, in a way? That if a dark energy person got really angry or upset, their energy would start to bleed off them? Something to think about later, maybe. For now he shrugs and looks at her. "I suppose perhaps he's not such a bad guy. I'll move him from a 9.75 to a 9.7. If what you're telling me is the truth."

Kukai whistles, lowly, then nods at her. "So.... he's sort of been piloted by his mom since he was born? That's awful. That sounds really awful." He blinks. "So you want me to be his friend and hang out with him? I can handle that. I mean, he seemed like a decent guy beforehand, just always distant and busy dragging a bully over the concrete. Sure, I can spend some time talking to him."
Lacrima 2017-11-25 10:51:13 87117
Lacrima nods. "That may not even be the case anymore?" she asks. "It's possible that 'bully bashing' behavior was intended by his mother. We're not sure. We'll see." she says quietly. "Less piloted and more. Guided? Mentally maybe? We're not sure. And.... yeah. I mean."

"He stills sees me as his little sister? But well."

"/I'm his little sister/." she says. "That's also kind of like a vampire? I'm not the best... human. To do. Human. Searching. Feeling stuff." she says quietly.

"It's gotta be someone else that actually. You know, experiences fun from fun things." she says softly.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-25 11:09:14 87118
Kukai yawns. He doesn't mean to - sleep just runs up on him and bashes him over the head with a brick from time to time, even though it's all he's doing. "Mmmph. Yeah. I think I get the idea. So... yeah, I'll hang out with him."

Kukai nods at her. "The emotions get in the way when you can't feel emotions properly. I know."

He yawns again and then looks at her. "... Sorry. This thing has really pulled all my energy out of me."
Lacrima 2017-11-25 11:10:35 87119
Lacrima sighs and shakes her head. "Thanks. I'll let you be now." she says quietly as she gets up. "I'll dim the lights when I leave." she says as she walks over to the door. Turns down the dimmer on the wall, and then gently leaves without a fuss.

She makes a big sigh when she closes the door and starts down the direction she started earlier towards the closet she'd claimed for the nights here.