Casual Conversation

Hyalite runs across Deadmaster causing some simple havoc. The two have a nice conversation- while fighting skeletons.

Date: 2017-11-27
Pose Count: 24
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 16:04:55 87138
    It's the early evening in the part of the central harbor district which is home to all the touristy stuff. Restaurants and shops, throngs of people even in this cooler part of the year. Visitors and natives alike going about their business.

    Also being chased by skeletons. Is that normal? Probably not. It's not, at first, clear why they are being chased by skeletons, but some of them very certainly are. The skeletons are black, with glowing green light emenating from between their bones and the plates of the rusty, ragged chainmail and armor that they wear. Some of them have old notched, chipped swords or axes, though most seem unarmed. They aren't doing a very good job of catching anyone, shambling about and going 'raaaa' at a fairly relaxed pace.

    This doesn't seem to reassure the shoppers, however, who have begun to flee the area en masse, screaming and running for their lives, bags and food items abandoned in their haste. Meanwhile, nearby atop a short two-story shopping building, a slender figure clad in black watches the scene unfold.

    She sits upon a brick overhang, slippered feet dangling, one leg crossed over the other. Her horned head swivels, watching people fleeing and shambling skeletons making ineffectual pursuit. Her expression is bored, even as her brilliant eyes, an almost neon-green that matches the light spilling from the skeletons, swivel from one sight to the next. One hand rests atop a skull. A big skull, about the size of a basketball, that hovers in the air by her side. A clawed finger, clad in overlapping metal plates, absently taps upon the top of the hovering skull in another apparent expression of boredom.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 16:11:30 87139
If someone was directing this movie, Hyalite would land on a suitably high platform, provide a stirring speech about sanctity of the dead, and blah blah, yadda yadda.

The director of this movie is clearly a slacker.

Instead there's a flicker of white and a young woman who is moving through the crowds fleeing, towards the skeltons. She too is unarmed, and while she doesn't precisely look /bored/, she looks more quizzical at the skeletons that seem to be shambling rather than rampaging, and not actually DOING anything. Beyond causing mayhem, but no one's dead, they aren't making more. No apparent mind control, fresh youmas, or energy drain. There's just shuffling skeletons.

Hyalite glances around, and then finally glances up and there's a quirk of her brow as she calls over to Deadmaster. "You're a month late!"
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 16:22:48 87140
    The skeletons are doing something- they're causing a panic. Some people have even gotten hurt amidst the fleeing, although thankfully a cursory examination would show that none of the injuries are serious, more along the lines of bruises and scrapes from falling or being jostled.

    As Hyalite approaches, looking mysteriously non-scared, one of the skeletons shifts direction, moving towards her with its bony arms raised. It's jaw opens, green light spilling out from between black teeth, as it 'raaaas' at her, shambling at her.

    Deadmaster, for her part, regards Hyalite with the barest spark of curiosity in her gaze. At the call up to her, about her being a little late for Halloween, the black-clad young woman merely lifts her shoulders in a blase shrug, lifting the hand from atop the floating skull to make a dismissive gesture. 'So what?' the gesture says, though she speaks no actual words.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 16:29:11 87141
Hylalite lifts up her hands as the skeleton hisses out green light in her direction, and she infuses the green light with a soothing golden glow, much like the light in late afternoon in autumn. "Are you trying to curse people? Steal energy? If this is a take over the world gambit, you're going to have to step up your game."

Because clearly Hyalite has had plenty of practice in one-sided coversations of late, the lack of much reply doesn't seem to phase her much.
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 16:43:08 87142
    The skeleton wasn't so much hissing out green light in any form of attack insomuch as the green light seems to be the animating force within the skeleton and it raaa-ing at Hyalite caused more of it to spill forth. However, that's irrelevent, because as Hyalite changes the color of the light from green to gold, whatever force had been compelling the creature seems to dissipate, the gold spreading down throughout its skeletal body, which then crumbles apart.

    It must not be a 'real' creature, as in, not made from actual physical bones because as it falls apart, the bones vanish, simply puffing away into nothingness.

    Deadmaster frowns as her skeleton is destroyed. She has many more, of course, but that doesn't mean that she likes it when people mess up her toys. Green eyes narrow, and for a moment it seems as though she isn't going to say anything still.

    Eventually though, after a pause long enough to seem unnatural, she does speak. Her voice is low and cold, clearly inhuman although the words are perfectly understandable. They drip with unnatural chill, yet still carry with them a tone of barely-invested indifference. "We were bored."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 16:47:12 87143
The disintegration of the skeleton as Hyalite changes the colour of its energy and the fact that it just /vanishes/ is a surprise to her. Not one that is completely visible, Hyalite has almost feline levels of 'I meant to do that'. She has even higher levels of acceptance for the weirdness going on around her as she turns to face Deadmaster properly.

Hyalite watches Deadmaster in similar levels of silence as Deadmaster is watching her. A consideration. Sizing up, perhaps, acknowledgement certainly. The mention of being bored, and the 'we' brings a glance from Deadmaster to her pet skull and then back to Deadmaster. There's a pause, considering that.

"Have you tried Sudoku?"
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 16:51:12 87144
    Deadmaster does not seem amused by the joke, but then again to look at her one does not get the impression that humor is one of her strong points. Still, at the very least she seems to find Hyalite's appearance properly diverting, even if it did result in the destruction of one of her skeletons.

    The rest of them have given up on chasing the much-faster humans now, and are turning to converge back on Hyalite where she stands. There are perhaps seven or eight of them, not counting the one she has already destroyed, and they continue to shamble slowly as they approach her, though they are slightly more threatening en-masse than they are singly.

    For her part, Deadmaster remains where she is upon the rooftop, legs crossed. She says nothing more, but the gaze she directs towards Hyalite is almost anticipatory- as if saying, 'what will you do now, hmmm?'
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 17:02:06 87145
For as long as the skeletons aren't actually attacking her, Hyalite holds her ground, even while being surrounded. She's a brilliant spot of white amongst the green glows and general skeleton-ness.

"It wasn't entirely just a snarky comment." Hyalite points out, her voice calm and reasonable as she uses her clearly unarmed hands to gesture along with her point. "I can't imagine that making a bunch of mundanes run from your skeletons is actually all that much more interesting. Over and above the fact that I feel obliged to point out that making people run away scared is a fairly terrible hobby, and I would discourage it and ask you to find a new hobby."
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 17:10:40 87146
    If Hyalite continues to stand there and not actually do anything, eventually the skeletons will attack her, although their attacks are bumbling and ill-coodinated as well. Swipes of the arm, almost a flailing, trying to smack her with bony limbs.

    Deadmaster continues to look on. When Hyalite speaks again, there's another unnaturally long pause, as if Deadmaster is unused to the normal rhythms of conversation, or perhaps subscribes to a difference cadence. At least she says, "Fear is entertaining. And Yomi told me not to hurt anyone."

    This does not seem to stop the skeletons from trying to whack at Hyalite, however. Perhaps she simply assumes being whacked by a skeletal arm doesn't count as being hurt.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 17:17:27 87147
Hyalite lets the skeletons attack first, but she isn't shy about defending herself. Her hand to hand can always use practice, and the skeletons seem like an excellent place to get it. She doesn't seem offended by the attacks, per se. It's to be expected, really, and if she gets herself hurt due to her own stupidity in standing there, it's her own damn fault.

"Fear can be, in the right context, but it is far more entertaining when people wish to be scared." Hyalite comments and then nods at the mention of Yomi. "I would like to meet Yomi. Do you know where I might find her?" There's just a bit of a pause, not only to deflect a skeleton arm as it attempts to smack her, but also as another thought occurs to her. "Or perhaps when."
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 17:27:16 87148
    The skeletons do not seem to be 'attacking' seriously, but rather almost pantomiming the actions. Oh, there's no doubt that if Hyalite allowed herself to be hit by one of those swung bony arms directly it would smart something fierce, and the skeletons look scary and intense, but there's no sense that they are trying to do her greivous harm. No sense that they are actually trying to injure or kill her. They make good training dummies, really.

    Deadmaster slowly rises from her sitting position at this point, standing atop the brick precipice and tilting her head. Her long dark hair, braided on either side of her face, falls to one side as she considers. Finally, she answers, "Yomi is not here. I am here. I am Deadmaster." These statements delivered in that same cold tone, and with an air of 'spelling out something obvious for a child'.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 17:39:13 87149
"Yes. I can see that you are here." Hyalite nods in agreement. "Do you have a name? Is Yomi /ever/ around?" She asks, making the leap that quite likely, Yomi is never around when Deadmaster is. These things happen.

There's something to be said for convenient training dummies to work on one's hand to hand work WHILE having to multitask in a conversation. That makes it an excellent practice time, even if there's no real sense of it just being practice, other than the lack of death in the immediate offering. Hyalite is fighting back only to the degree of not getting smacked overly hard or overly often. In spite of them not being real, exactly, there's no sense that she's looking to destroy them quickly. If damage adds up, it adds up, but the conversational tone would probably shift if there was a lot of rampaging destruction of each other's toys.
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 17:43:51 87150
    Hyalite's blows do not actually seem to be damaging the skeletons, for the record. While she can fend off their blows easily enough, just doing so or even punch them back with the sort of force she can muster casually does not seem to have any lasting impact on them- the general impression is that it would either take substantial physical force (more than she is offering), or a magical attack (such as she used before) to do them serious harm.

    They also do not relent in their attacks, clumsy though they are, which means eventually Hyalite is going to have to choose to either take more drastic action or attempt to run away, because the skeletons show no signs of growing tired. Deadmaster, for her part, narrows her eyes faintly at the follow-up questions. "I am Deadmaster." She repeats, her tone mildly acidic, as if wondering why this girl asked her name after she clearly just gave it. To the latter, she simply replies, "Yomi is always around. But she is not here."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 17:49:19 87151
Chalk it up to the ongoing combat that is instructive, and eventually will be tiring for Hyalite in ways that aren't for the skeleton. That does tend to make one a touch distracted and lose track of names one was just given. She can accept that eye narrowing as legit.

"Are you willing to let me speak to Yomi?" Hyalite asks, although there's a flash of instictive reaction when a skeleton gets a little better hit it on her, and she turns ahd raises a hand not to strike, but rather to alter the colour of its energy, the flash of pain, brief as it is, enough to make her step up that game. "Are you new to Tokyo?"
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 17:53:34 87152
    Similar to the first skeleton, when the color of its glow is altered, this skeleton crumbles as well. It isn't so much that the color is important than it is that Hyalite, through changing the color, is infusing her own magic into the creature which disrupts the magic Deadmaster is using to maintain it. Regardless of the details, though, it is effective.

    Deadmaster shows no reaction to the skeleton's destruction, nor do the other skeletons, merely continuing their mindless assault. "No." Is the simple reply from Deadmaster. "This is my time." Whatever that is supposed to mean- clearly it means something to Deadmaster. "We are not new to Tokyo. We have always lived here."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 18:02:47 87153
It is a whole new training exercise for Hyalite now. Conversation, hand to hand AND infusing her magic upon the skeletons via the colour change. It is the most reliable way for her to affect things magically, through colour. She's mixing and matching the attacks now, with both physical and magic, keeping skeletons generally off her, although she's going to have a good set of bruises to show for this exercise, and starting to thin out the numbers with magic as she has openings to do so.

"I'm surrpised I haven't met you or Yomi before." Hyalite seems to accept that this is Deadmaster's time, and doens't press for Yomi any further at the moment. "But I am glad to meet you now." It sounds sincere, in spite of the assault upon her person.
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 18:09:43 87154
    The skeletons are reduced to dust, one by one. Soon, there's just one left, still swinging and shambling around at Hyalite. Deadmaster has stayed upon the building watching. "We have been.. occupied." She says, to Naru's surprise at not seeing her before. And then she adds, "We are glad to meet you, as well. You are entertaining."

    And then, as if to test the limits of said entertainment, she lifts her hand. The floating, basketball-sized skull which has been beside her the whole time floats up to hover in front of her palm, where it bursts into bright green flame. And then it hurtles down, directly at Hyalite, trailing fire like a miniature comet from the heavens.

    If Naru doesn't dodge it, this attack will certainly leave a mark.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 18:22:35 87155
Hyalite was willing to loiter with the skeletons because they didn't hurt all that much. She is not willing to just stand and take a basketball sized flaming skull to the face, however. They clearly don't know each other that well yet, for such a step in their relationship.

Hyalite is fairly quick on her feet, and as she's dodging away from it, her sketchbook appears in her hand, and she's drawing forth a shield. Literally, like a knight's sheild, the front of it painted white with slashes of colour across it, holding it to protect her from the skull heading for her again.

The time for practice isn't over, however, as Hyalite reaches out to attempt to enforce her will upon that green glow, to infuse it with the calming orangey golden hues that have been working so well on the skeletons.
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 18:48:26 87157
    The flaming skull strikes then ground where Hyalite had been standing, impacting with a tremendous boom and a scattering of broken bits of pavement. Even as Hyalite pulls that shield from her sketchbook, the skull is flying again, rising in the air trailing green fire to come for her again like a homing missile.

    This time, as Hyalite reaches out with her magic, it does not destroy the skull. Rather the skull merely slows somewhat, being diverted by the golden glow, though it quickly circles for another pass.

    Deadmaster herself leaps nimbly down to the ground, her slippered feet striking softly. A huge scythe appears in her hand, black and ornate, though she makes no move to attack herself. She watches Hyalite contend with the skull, as if to see how she handles it.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 19:01:37 87158
There is no sense of panic, or worry in Hyalite's motions, nor fatigue, in spite of the skeletons. She holds that golden glow upon the skull, her shield up and prepared for its slowed approach and she watches Deadmaster hop down with a giant weapon. Offense vs defense, as it stands currently.

As with the skeletons, Hyalite is not the one who is here to attack first, she keeps herself moving, making the skull work for it while tracking her, altering its energy and staying aware of Deadmaster and that scythe. A twist of Hyalite's hand as she tries to manipulate the skull herself.
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 19:20:50 87159
    The skull resists being manipulated by Hyalite. There's a much stronger sense of control here- as if Deadmaster simply animates the skeletons and leaves them be, but for this skull-missile is controlling it directly. As such, it is not nearly so easy to mess with in that way, the same as it would be to try and dissipate Kyouko's spear or Sailor Moon's tiara.

    Deadmaster advances towards Hyalite, even as the girl merely works to defend herself, that huge scythem held almost casually against her shoulder. She looks as though she might attack.. when suddenly she pauses. A faint frown touches her face. "Time is up." She says simply.. and both the skull and the scythe vanish.

    Without another word, she turns and starts to walk away down the street, now empty of mundanes who have all fled the area, though police sirens are wailing faintly in the distance and getting closer. The impression is that they are not the reason for Deadmaster's statement, however.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 19:27:01 87160
There is information there, even if Hyalite gains no control of the skull. There's the feel of it, the resistance, the sense of what Deadmaster's energy feels like, and exactly how it resists the manipulation, the intrusion of another.

Hyalite watches Deadmaster approach, prepared for that attack. Her shield readied, her body prepared to move, to absorb.. for a blow that doesn't come to pass.

Hyalite stays where she is as Deadmaster turns to walk away, relaxing a little from that stance, although her wariness is still present. Still reasonable, even. She is not concerned about the approaching sirens. There is more than time enough based on the sound to slide into the background, to slip away before officials wish to ask her for whatever made up story she might provide. She does not leave until Deadmaster is out of sight, watching the other girl walk away.
Deadmaster 2017-11-27 19:32:09 87161
    Deadmaster does just that. She walks away. Although there is a brief moment, just as she's rounding the corner of the nearby buildings when something odd happens. She seems to turn... inside out. Not in a gross physical way, but there is a sort of sense of inversion. She's passing out of sight just as it happens though, and there's just a brief flash of what appears to be black hair and an Infinity uniform before the wall blocks anything else.

    And running to the corner to look will reveal nothing but a street crowded with curious onlookers and approaching police.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-27 19:37:11 87162
And so the aforementioned Yomi appears.

Hyalite watches that blip of oddity, and she does hurry to the corner to see if she can spot anything.. but no. It is not meant to be.

Her shield slips back into nothingness before she rounds the corner, relying on the innate ability for the mundane eye to slide right over her henshined self to let her travel with the crowd, a little ways before she slips into a quiet spot and becomes Naru again. A few stretches find where the bruises are going to be, now that the adrenaline is easing off. Coffee is going to be a requirement.