Crying On A Unicorn

Lacrima continues to learn what Heartbreak is! Ariel Theodore helps her deal with it like the best friend she is! Lacrima accidently gets a bunch of glitter on her face.

Date: 2017-11-28
Pose Count: 11
Lacrima 2017-11-28 00:24:45 87163
Lacrima is experiencing heartbreak for the first time. It's such a weird series of emotion and a rush of devastation. She really doesn't like this feeling. She kind of wants to go find Natsumi's mother, and throw her into the mess of the other two 'bad mothers' she currently knows about. But...

Natsumi's mom is just a jerk. Of the mundane variety. Lacrima is trying not to perptuate undue inhuman horror on a mundane like that. EVEN IF SHE HATES THEM. And... and....

She's trying not to think very hard about the implications of other things.

She has taken to replying to things sent on her phone but she's very short about things. If only because she knows someone may be out to get her thanks to the Alexis situation and she doesn't want to give the impressions she's 'disappeared' even if she doesn't want to talk on the phone. It's the kind of a necessity she hates right now. She'd rather ignore the world right now.

So What is Lacrima doing? Right now, her hand is shaped in an inhuman, large claw! She descends upon her victim with extreme malice!

--and the dead rose bush in the backyard bites it. (again.) as it falls over into the heap of other dead rose bushes she's chopping from the garden in back. She is at least, sparing the few live ones. She's been meaning to do this anyways.

There's signs of telltale crying on her face, but she occasionally wipes her face against her sleeve.

Well. It could be worse. It could be a bunch of innocent people instead of ghastly, long dead rosebushes biting it in her grief.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-28 00:40:29 87164
    Ariel hasn't quite been out of touch. Oh she's been out of touch with the magical world, sure, mostly focusing on her studies and trying to see what having a life in the waking world is like, and occasionally wrangling up a bad nightmare, waggling her finger at it and giving it a stern talking to. But after the incident with the Nightmare Prince, she has by and large been taking it easy. She is by and large unaware of the Alexis situation, and it's been a little while since she's even stopped by the Earth Court penthouse. She has been throwing herself into having a life outside of that dream forest with a gusto.
    But that does not mean she has forgotten her friends. Just the opposite in fact, when a brief text conversation... Actually made her worry. Curt responses seem to make the girl fret. Once she managed to get some actualy directions out of the conversation, Ariel's last message was a quick 'be right there' and then silence.
    It took a little bit, dealing with the commute, and not getting lost, and- and- and-
    And finally she comes on the manor, leaves Lucky at the gates where he curls up and proceeds to get lazy, and... Follows the sound of distress.
    "Um. Is this a bad time?"
    Too bad Lacrima. Much as the desire to ignore the world may be there, the world; in the form of a tiny unicorn-girl, is not going to ignore the vampire.
Lacrima 2017-11-28 00:55:44 87165
Ariel finds Lacrima hacking at dead rose bushes with two ghastly awful inhuman black claws that extend from where her hands are. It had not occurred to her that Ariel would had made to come visit. It should had been obvious to here when she asked where her manor was. Also. She didn't check the reply back when she said she'd be right over.

She blinks a little at Ariel like a deer in headlights and looks down to her claws and then back up and she huffs and they sort of weirdly re-disintend into normal hands against. Black awfulness molding back to pale skin and dainty, well kept hands.

"Nrgh..." she mutters. "N-no it isn't a bad time." she sniffs. "I mean. Not for. You to visit Ariel-chan. I'm sorry. Let's... let's go back back inside okay?" she asks as she begins to walk back towards the inside. She turns around to follow. "...Where's Lucky?..." she asks. A pause. Right. Might be too big for the house. She turns back around to go back inside to the vestibule to sit on the couch there. She pats a spot next to her. Motioning for Ariel to sit. Or well. Sit wherever she wants.

"I um. How are you? I'm sorry. About the other day." she says quietly. "Had to protect Riventon-sama while he was working." she says quietly. She sounds ashamed when she says this. But. No one seemed hurt and everyone survived so uh. There's that?

"-and I've been a mess since. Alexis-niisan went missing. But we rescued him recently. From his stupid mom. Who was doing bad things to him." she says quietly.

"-a--and then I had a break up with.. with Natsumi-chan and now I'm a mess about that still." she sniffs a bit.

"Um. D.. do you want some tea? I can make some tea." she says. "Usually. I just make it! But.. um. I... um... well. I can't offer you tea. I... hadn't. Been out to get more tea! Um..." she bites her lip. "I think there's... fruit punch. Unless. Unless someone else in the house drank it.. um. That? Fruit punch?" she asks with wide eyes.

Yeah she's a mess and she's barely holding herself together. Somehow.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-28 01:11:13 87166
    Oh dear, this is bad and Ariel doesn't know and sure is not prepared for the worst of it. Though she shows no sign of fear at the monstrous dark claws, she waits patiently as they visibly recede, awkwardly scuffing her toes at the ground while Lacrima recovers her wits.
    Oh shoot, this was a bad time, wasn't it.
    Still, Ariel came out of worry for her friend, and the 'foriegn' girl isn't going to let much deter her. "Are you sure?" She does venture, lips pursing for a beat before she nods. Maybe going inside would be for the best.
    "He's at the gates, probably already napping." She notes in regards to her canine steed. Once inside, though, and and her shoes are off (as is proper for guests, so she has learned!) when the seat is offered, Ariel climbs herself onto the couch right beside Lacrima without so much as a second though.
    She shakes her head slowly. "What? The train? Oh I put that out of my mind already." She says, Lacrima's involvement clearly not shaking her all that much. "I'm sure mister Riventon had a... Perfectly good reason?" She realizes that's a stretch even by her standards of thought, but the man is some kind of researcher. He was probably researching something at the time. Though the last time she had met him, he was stealing medical supplies.
    Face it, she knows Riventon is a bad seed, but somehow she still manages to be nonjudgmental about it. Towards both he and her shared vampire friend.
    "Alexis?" She's clueless on the situation there but listening intently. And then... And then it all comes out. Ariel is left staring intently, half confused, and more than half worried by the time the fumbled offer for tea is blundered on.
    She doesn't have any words at first. Just a small hand setting on Lacrima's shoulder and resting there while Ariel stares at her, deep golden eyes suddenly turning almost entirely fathomless for the briefest instant.
    "You sit." Is all she says at first. "Breathe." It's a simple instruction, but from how intently Ariel is staring, she probably won't take any other response for an answer.
Lacrima 2017-11-28 01:22:50 87167
Lacrima listens and sniffs a bit as she listens. "O-oh. If he's fine out there. That's okay. Usually. There are some kids that dare each other to come to the door and knock it. N' I'll just invite them in. And we'll talk. And they'll leave kinda bizarre like. Because you know. Spooky old manor." she says quietly.

"I'm sure a big dog there will stop it for a bit." she says with wide eyes. "I mean. That's good!" she says. "I don't really wanna talk to anyone today like that!" she says. Oh god when Lacrima is a mess she just. Talks and talks and talks and---

"Alexis-niisan. Um. Have you met him? Alexis Raskoph?" she asks quietly. "Um. Him. Stuff happened. I.. um. Yeah." she says quietly. Not sure how to explain it.

She was actually getting up to get punch when Ariel tells her to sit and she... looks around and sits down as instructed softly. and then... immediately makes a weird face. A Weirder face.

Breathhhhe in out.. in out. It's weird.

Mainly because 'breathing' is just this weird involuntary residual thing to her rather than something she actually needs to do as an undead being.

It's kinda like a fish out of water. Just for a second. Just a second! It gets more normal as she tries to relax.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-28 02:01:46 87168
    Ariel waits. She waits- and if needed prompts Lacrima to just... Keep breathing for another moment or so; waiting for her to actually calm before beginning the conversation again.
    "I know Alexis. My dog dragged him through a mall, hunting a ham sandwich." She reminds with a sheepish grin." She doesn't even re-raise the topic of the neighborhood kids. A big dog like Lucky will probably make them think twice about even coming near, for a little bit yes. But no, Ariel raises the most important thing to her in the moment, a priority that, to her, overshadows everything else.
    "Are you alright?"
    What she wants is an honest answer, not ramblings, hell, Lacrima could even lie and say yes and she would accept it, but that where her focus of the moment is.
Lacrima 2017-11-28 02:15:40 87169
Does this actually calm Lacrima? Noooot really. But it gives a very good illusion to her not flailing around for longer than thirty seconds so that's something. She sighs. "Aleix-niisan went missing after my birthday party. He.. held it for me." she says quietly. "I didn't really want one. But. It was fun regardless." she says quietly. "We found out his mother is some sort of.. evil magical person. Who was doing strange things to him and his head. We had to save him." she says quietly. "We did. But I had to Dusk Step everyone out. Through the Dusk Zone. And that hurt me and subjected everyone to bad dreams for a bit." she says quietly.

"I...I'm not... okay." she says softly. "I feel depressed and sick and sad and angry and mad all at once." she says quietly. She rubs her hands up her face. "Natsumi-chan knew what I was but still loved me. But then she stopped trying to talk to me. and.. and then she wouldn't want to meet my friends and... and..." she sniffs and places her hands against her face. Yeah. She's crying again, but it's not an all out ball.

"I don't know what this feeling is so I don't even know what it is!" she says. "I never felt it before! I.. I..."

She sniffs again and wipes her face.

"I.. I was cutting the dead rose bushes because I need to hurt.. something. I don't even know why! I just needed to lash out so I did that. I..I been meaning to anyways. was helping. A little." she sniffs.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-28 02:21:52 87170
    It's not a very good illusion. Ariel listens, intent and staring with those endlessly deep eyes. Not once does her gaze leave Lacrima.
    "Oh." It's a small sound, one of disappointment; with herself. She missed Lacrima's birthday. She didn't even know about it, and the fact results in something of an awkward silence on her part as she continues to listen. To the ordeal with Alexis and what happened. And then Netsumi.
    She'll have to tend to a few bad dreams after this now that she knows about them, but that's not what's on her mind, as she rummages in her skirt pocket. A small hand halts Lacrima from woping her face, because Ariel does it for her, albeit with a somewhat glitter-dusted handkerchief.
    "I wouldn't know." She admits. "But I think it sounds like pain." She says very gently. Though she frowns a touch. "You shouldn't let your pain make you take it out on anything else. Even dead plants. ... But I'm here. You can talk to me."
Lacrima 2017-11-28 02:38:44 87171
Lacrima softly takes the handkerchief and shoves it to her face to wipe off her eyes, which darkens the handkerchief with that brackish ichor. Luckily it isn't dark energy toxic. Just. staining. Which may be worse. At least it'll come off in water. This also covers her face in glitter. At least she can't see it.

She sniffs. "It's okay. Alexis forgot to invite a lot of people and he was blacking out due to what his mother was doing to him." she sniffs. "13th.. of October. In case. You're wondering." she says quietly.

She sniffs. "Of course it's pain just...just." she shakes her head. Heartbreak. She's never felt it before.

She sniffs. "I..I know." she says quietly.

"But I just. Needed to. Do something." she says quietly. "And everyone's busy dealing with their own problems. They don't.. don't need mine now right now." she says gently, as she sniffs and wipes her eyes with the handkerchief again.
Ariel Theodore 2017-11-28 02:46:18 87172
    It's pain. Many experiences and emotions are new to Ariel. Unlike Lacrima she was never human at all, and had lived alone in a forest with butterflies and fish as the only things to call her friends. Pain and sorrow and loss were things she learned when she left that sanctuary and came to the waking world, but they did not corrupt her. They nurtured something else in the unicorn; a strong sense of empathy.
    Everyone may be busy dealing with their own problems but Ariel is here right now, because she had come out of worry for someone she considered her friend; creature of dark energy or not let anyone who tells her otherwise be damned.
    So the lack of an invite is out of her mind now. Ariel opts to not use words next. Lacrima is hurting. Words can't balm that pain, and as silly as a vampire with glitter on her face may look, Ariel does not laugh.
    The unicorn simply... Guides Lacrima's head to her lap.
    This is, in many ways, opposite the old tales of unicorns laying their heads on a girl's lap to rest, but the old tales don't matter much in the face of a friend in dire need of comfort.
Lacrima 2017-11-28 03:02:46 87173
Lacrima will probably look back and be grateful Ariel managed to not crack a hard smile. She's just a mess and when Ariel says nothing, she's expected that Ariel is on her way out. She wouldn't blame her. People don't want her around. She's sure that some people just tolerate her. About the only one that's made extroverted attempts at wanting her are Alexis-niisan.

Then she's tugged into her lap. Well her hair is and she just sniffs and rubs at her eyes and just kind of... well rest. She isn't fighting it. And it takes her a moment to realize what happened because despite how small and svelte Ariel looks, there's still some pull there.

She just mmphhrls and just lets herself cry. And cry.

And cry some more. Less stilted at least. She's been keeping it inside.