Arcade Awkwardness

Yomi is trying to study at the Crown, which is a poor idea for somebody who'd rather be left alone.

Date: 2017-11-28
Pose Count: 39
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 16:47:57 87174
    Just another afternoon at the crown, with people going in and out and enjoying the games and food and all the other stuff that the arcade has to offer. Amongst them is one particular young woman who is not a frequent attendee. That's not to say she's never been seen here before, but she certainly is not amongst the 'regular' crowd.

    This particular young woman is wearing an Infinity school uniform and carrying a black bag over one shoulder, though to look at her one gets the impression she must be a junior or a senior, as she has that 'almost adult' look that only comes when one nears the end of high school. Even with that, though, she appears a bit withdrawn. Her long black hair hides much of her face, since she walks with her head tilted down somewhat, though black glasses and a hint of bright green eyes (unusual on an otherwise-traditionally-Japanese girl) can be caught.

    She appropriates an empty booth, placing her bag down upon the table and pulling out a bunch of books and notebooks. Ah.. it appears this is a study visit, and not one for fun, though from the look of her that should surprise nobody.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 17:11:42 87176
Someone who's much more of a regular in the crowd (to the point he used to be like an NPC here) focuses on tapping his name into one of the cabinet's score rankings. Yeah, back in first again! He'd managed to pass up whoever broke his record at...some game where the advertizement graphics are so old and faded it's hard to pin point. As he finishes that up, he'd turn away to take a look over things.

That face over there is REALLY unexpected! Makio raises his one visable brow as he notes the typically sullen looking girl on her way to the table to study. Well, might as well be his usual rude, annoying self and see what's up then! The bluenette casually approaches the booth Yomi's taken before leaning on it's edge slightly like he's already great friends with her or something.

"Hey there Takanashi sempai," he greets, "I didn't expect to see someone as serious and ambitious seeming as you here. It's good to run into you somewhere outside of school for once though."
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 17:19:15 87177
    Yomi was just settling down with her books open and pencil in hand, to begin some really serious studying, when Makio wanders up to her booth and leans on it all casual-like, greeting her as if they are somehow great friends. At the first sound of his voice, the dark-haired girl almost seems to shrink in on herself momentarily, flinching back at the unexpected words as if afraid.

    It only lasts a moment though, before her normal posture, withdrawn but stoic, reasserts itself, green eyes glancing up from behind thick glasses. "Excuse me," She asks, her tone even and polite, though with a cool undercurrent. "Do we know each other? I'm afraid I don't recognize you." She keeps her gaze on him only a moment before flicking it back down to her notebook, fingers with green-painted nails moving to absently adjust a notebook page, a nervous fidget.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 17:26:01 87178
Makio always was a bit clueless about his own actions in the heat of the moment. He's always better at realising how there might have been a problem in hindsight, and just kind of tends to bulldoze toward what he thinks will be appreciated before he notices it might be a BIT much. ...which leads to these not ENTIRELY rare moments like this, where the person he's talking to is all flinchy and he's unaware.

"I'm Makio Ryo," he states, "From the infinity high swim team. One of the higher scoring members? ...I don't expect you'd have reason to notice a dumby like me though. Do you want anything to drink or snack on while you study? I was just going that way to get some fries anyway..."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 17:30:42 87179
Another makes her way though cafe, still in her Seishou uniform, a school bag hitched up over her shoulder. Naru waves to Makio as she approaches, offering the young man a warm smile. "Good afternoon Makio." She greets, and her attention moves to the young woman he's speaking with, and she nods politely. "Good afternoon."

There's a glance around at the various tables, mostly already holding people studying, or eating.. or both and then she looks back to Makio and Yomi, having missed the part where Makio was only just introducing himself.
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 17:41:05 87180
    Yomi looks blankly at Makio from beneath her bangs as he introduces himself. "I.. see." She finally says, after a few long moments of silence when he has finished speaking. "And.. can I help you..?" This last almost hopeful, not in the sense that she wants to be helpful persay, but in the sense of hoping he will actually state his reason for coming over to talk to her. She assumes there must be a reason, as she doesn't deal much with people who just do things without some form of ulterior motive.

    At the offer of food, she blinks a few times, then just shakes her head. "No thank you. If I want anything I'll get it myself.." She pauses as Naru walks up to the table. Her eyes narrow just a little bit, as the girl seems faintly familiar, but the magic of Henshin means that she does not recognize Naru on sight, despite that nagging familiarity, and so she just says, "Hello. Um.. can I help you?" Clearly unclear as to why people are approaching her and probably regretting deciding to get out of her house to study.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 17:43:44 87181
Makio Ryu grins more as he waves at Naru. "Hey, Naru," the 'cyclops' greets happily, "Want anything? I was just going to go to the counter... This is Takanashi-sempai. It's the first time I've seen her outside of school, but...if the way she seems at school is true at all, she'd probably make a MUCH much better study partner than the likes of me."

"Takanashi-sempai, this is Naru Osaka, she comes here to study sometimes, and is one of the people that's better at actually /doing/ the studying. ...I should probably go be quiet now, huh?" Noticing he'd been asked a question he shakes his head. "I don't think there's anything you can help me with, I just thought I'd say hello since I don't see you around much."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 17:52:16 87182
"Its a pleasure to meet you, Takanashi-san." Naru tips her head politely. There is a similar pause, that niggle of familiarity without any context to support it. "You also go to Infinity?" Stupid question, as Makio has just referred to her as a schoolmate, but there's a desire for that confirmation after a brief flash of school uniform.

"I'm headed to the counter myself, Makio. Although if you happen to spot a free table before I do, snag it. It's busy up here this afternoon." Naru replies with another glance around.
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 17:55:22 87183
    Yomi gives Makio this look, like 'just saying hello' is one of the strangest things anyone has ever cited as a reason for talking to her. Then again, in her experience, it probably is. Her gaze then shifts to Naru as he moves off to the counter, although she continues to keep her head tilted down, looking up through bangs and glasses with those startlingly green eyes of hers.

    "Yes, although I am near to graduating." She glances down at the books scattered on the table and makes a small gesture with one hand. "Entrance exams, you see." She, notably, does not invite Naru to sit at her booth despite the other girl's obvious searching for a place to sit. She is likely hoping these strange people will leave her alone- although she's also far too polite (or perhaps timid) to actually say as much.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 18:02:03 87184
Makio Ryu wanders off toward the counter, seeming mildly confused by Yomi's responce. Eh, it's not like it's the first time (by FAR) that people weren't interested. She's trying to study after all. He tries to keep an eye out for a table like Naru had asked of him.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 18:06:17 87185
"The exams are daunting, and all encompassing." Naru nods in quiet agreement as she looks over the books on the table. "Friends of mine are just past that stage, and I will be there soon." She considers Yomi a moment or two longer and then nods. "I won't disturb you any further. Good studying."

Naru takes a step away from Yomi's table, accepting of anti-social even in a public space, and as she turns, the table right next to Yomi's booth is just coming free. Naru waits as the pair who had been there put on coats and pick up their things, offering them a smile as she tries not to be too obtrustive in her vulturing, but makes it easy enough to plunk her school bag and coat on a pair of the chairs to hold it for herself and Makio.
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 18:17:35 87186
    "Ah." Yomi says, to the information that Naru understands her plight, at least (if not the extent of it which has driven her here to study, when she is clearly not particularly comfortable around lots of people). As Naru turns to leave, Yomi tilts her head up slightly. "Thank you.. Osaka-san, was it?" She seems mildly emboldened, if only perhaps because Naru is actually going to leave, which belatedly makes Yomi realize she was being somewhat rude and not wanting to leave a poor impression. "I apologize for not introducing myself properly. That boy," a glance towards Makio at the counter, "Seemed to know me already and I was unsure.. My name is Yomi Takanashi, 2nd Year at Infinity High School. It.. was a pleasure to meet you."

     Her tone indicates that this is not actually true, and she is just doing her best to maintain a facade of politeness. She seems to have an easier time doing this with Naru than with Makio, likely because Naru's reaction fits more in-line with how Yomi expects people to behave. Still, she is clearly not intending this introduction to lead to further conversation- it is simply what you do when someone is introduced to you, even if Makio did give her name earlier. She did not want strangers thinking her rude, that is all.

    Once Naru claims the next table over, Yomi gives her another glance, but then burrows herself back into the task of studying her notes.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 18:21:35 87187
Makio Ryu waits in line for a moment, fiddling with his phone here and there. In a few more moments he'd return with fries to see Naru at her own table and invite himself to sit with her. "Um, best of luck Takanashi-sempai," he shoots over to the next table, "I'm sure you'll be completely fine without something like luck though."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 18:28:49 87188
Naru smiles, a polite smile as Yomi exercises the socially mandated expectations of polliteness in their introductions, a nod as she accepts those words with the warmth they are given. Aka, very little. They are a duty, and one that has been accomplished.

Naru waits for Makio to get back to the table before she gets up and lets him babysit it while she gets her own food. "Mmm. The fries look good today, crispy, but not overdone." She looks pleased by this, as she considers his food. "I'll be right back."

There is an awareness of Yomi at the table next to theirs, but Naru lets Makio dig his own grave in that direction. She has shared words with Yomi Takanashi, they do not need to do so further for the moment.
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 18:34:30 87189
    Yomi, for her part, seems content to apply herself to her studies, though with her face continually turned down towards the tabletop and the books spread thereupon it's hard to tell if she's really absorbed or just putting up the facade of being so.

    She notes Naru rising again, and then glances over as Makio wishes her good luck.. considering him for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. "I don't believe in luck, anyway." She says, before looking back down to the book in front of her. "Or at least, I've never had any to speak of."
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 18:42:13 87191
Makio Ryu had been planning to be good and shut up at that point, but Yomi's comment causes a raised brow. "Huh? But don'---" Thankfully he trails off, thinking over it more as he holds up a hand, but eventually lowers it, seeming to dismiss his own question. "Nah, nevermind. That question was /collassaly/ stupid. I know from experiance that things like your position aren't 'lucky'."

He nods at Naru as she gets up to make her own way off. "One of the better cooks this time it seems!"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 18:49:27 87192
Naru does leave Makio chatting with.. or likely at.. Yomi as she moves over to the counter to order herself some fries, and a milkshake. She waits over there, watching Yomi and Makio from distance enough where she can not quite hear them well, but instead focus on body language, and unspoken commentary.

There's a little wave and a bright smile to another girl in a Seishou uniform, who is sitting amongst a gaggle of teen girls, but the interaction is little more than that.
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 18:55:04 87193
    Yomi turns to give Makio a rather withering look at his cut-off comment. It's likely that she's heard similar things many times from people, both in earnest and out of envy, but her particular filter on the world (aided by the truth of the situation which is obviously unknown to most) make the comments sound a lot more two-faced than they actually (usually) are.

    "My father is an employee of the company." She says shortly. "There is no luck involved." This much, at least, is entirely true, if an extremely simplified version of the truth. Not that Yomi is dumb enough to spill Eclipse secrets in any event.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 19:04:47 87194
Makio Ryu nods in reply. "Yeah, that's why I said it was a stupid question," he explains, "I'm not part of some company or anything, but the only reason I'm in infinity, or much of anything else is because of my parents. On one hand, yay I'm in infinity. On the other...what did /I/ ever do to get there? Even if I /did/ do it, no one's going to look at me and think /I/ did it. ...and that's the way with most things..." "You're just there because you're there. It doesn't define you, but that's what people see you through, and that sucks. Sorry... Man, I meant to shut up, but I'm still talking...err, sorry again."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 19:16:11 87195
Fries and milkshake, lychee of course, accompany Naru back to the table. She glances from Makio to the studious Yomi and then back to Makio as she settles, trying not to smirk as she listens to Makio stumble over himself in the conversation.

"So if you could go to any school, which one would you go to, Makio?" Naru asks curiously, reaching for a fry and then quickly realizing that they are far too hot still. She tries to be patient about letting them cool by digging out her own books, a mix of school and sketchbooks.
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 19:18:14 87196
    Yomi listens to Makio rambling on about parents and school and such, even though (from her perspective), the situations are nothing alike. Then again, teenagers always think they are the center of the universe and totally unique, on both sides of the equation.

    She just gives him a look when he finally finishes, then looks back at Naru as the girl re-appears with fries and a milkshake. Then she returns to her books with a faint sigh.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 19:20:23 87197
Makio Ryu frowns slightly and tries to busy himself with eating his fries. He'd peer toward Naru with pleading eye(-s) upon her return. "Stuff like this is even harder than S.A.M.S.," he states, looking greatful for her having said...well ANYTHING to give him a distraction, "Umm...I don't know, actually. I wish I didn't have to go to any school, BUT if I'm going to go anywhere in the field of helping out with animals and the environment that isn't really a choice. Whatever would be best for stuff like vetrinary work or marine biology, I guess...or maybe I could just focus on the swimming thing and help with the animals some other way?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 19:29:31 87198
"S.A.M.S?" Naru asks with a quirk of her brow, extracting her phone while she's at it, to scroll through some messages. "Well, working within the reality of most seventeen year olds are in some form of secondary school, so while dropping out is certainly an option, it's not an ideal one. No matter how much you hate homework or classes."

Naru looks up from her phone, and there's a sparing glance to Yomi before she's looking back to Makio. "You commented on Infinity having a reputation, and it does.. but so does all of the other schools. Seishou is different from Verone is different from Seiyou is diferent from Infinity. So not that I expect you to be changing schools now, but play what if.. do you want to go live in the dorms at Verone? The beautiful old building at Seiyou? The pretty much nondescript Seishou?"
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 19:39:28 87199
Makio Ryu looks thoughtful and tilts his head a little. "Yeah, good ol' Strong And Mostly Silent," he answers, "I'm not really sure between the other schools. I haven't really looked into them much. And I'm totally not honestly considering dropping out of school, I already feel pretty dim as it is." He eats his fries a little more as he considers what she's saying more. "I guess that does sound kinda nice though, I mean, if I was in a dorm I wouldn't have to constantly be a bother for my grandparents," he murmurs, "What about you? Which school would you choose?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 19:48:13 87200
"Unless you're a complete selfish arse at home, I don't think you're a bother to your grandparents." Naru points out. "Somehow I don't picture you as the lounging about, expecting to be waited on hand and foot type. Being an active member of a household isn't being a bother." She reaches for her milkshake and flickers a smile. "There's humility, and then there's absurd levels of self deprication. I am well practiced in the later, and if I don't get to partake in it anymore, neither does anyone else."

There is a pause as Naru takes a long drink from her milkshake, setting it down before reaching for her pencil box. "I made the choice to go to Seishou, and I don't regret it. I would not wish to live in the dorms, I value my freedom too much for that, and I do not think I would be well suited at Verone or at Infinity. I'd manage, but I think I'd find both to be like wearing an ill fitting uniform. I think I'd of done fine at Seiyou, but I'm fairly content at Seishou."

Fries are cooled enough for another try at least, to ensure she doesn't miss that sweet spot of hot, but not too hot. "Although I think if forced to choose between the two, I'd rather Infinity than Verone."
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 19:56:47 87201
Makio Ryu listens to Naru's reply as he noms a few more fries. "Well yeah, my grandparents wouldn't let me /live/ if I was that kind of person," he states, "As much as my parents encourage it. ...yanno, sometimes I wonder if my parents actually HAVE something against my grandparents." He shrugs and quickly dismisses that thought to focus back on the topic at hand. "I don't have any problem with infinity itself, it's just where my parents decided to pay for me to get good grades in. I honestly haven't thought about all of this all that much. I really should get a move on being serious though, shouldn't I? At this rate I'll be out of highschool with no where to go for my future... Other stuff to deal with first though."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 20:03:06 87202
"Most people who are not me, have not given this much thought." Naru laughs softly, shaking her head. "This is about as quintessentially overthinking it as one might get on the topic of high schools. Which is why this is a thought experiment. There's nothing stopping you from thinking about it right now. Nothing is going to change even if you say 'I really love Seiyou, I wish I'd gone to school there'. You're not going to wake up tomorrow morning to find all of your Infinity uniforms magically transformed." There is just a brief beat of a pause and then she adds, "And if you do, call me."

"Well, if you are planning to be a vet or a marine biologist, then your choices are pretty obvious if you are staying in Japan." Naru smiles. "Ultimately, you get to study like stupid for entrance exams." She gestures towards where Yomi is demonstrating exactly that task. "And either party when you get into the university you wanted to, or cry when you don't and try again the next year."
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 20:11:40 87203
Makio Ryu nods in reply again. "I'll have to figure out what to do," he decides, "First about my situation...and then about school. I really don't think it'll work the other way around. I'm...too much like the myth about the ostrich right now." That said, he props his head up in his hands. "And I don't know if I'd call it /over/ thinking, but that's part of what's nice about you Naru. You /think/, I mean. You probably don't know how many times you've had the answers to something I didn't even /think/ to ask."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 20:32:36 87204
"About your relationship with your parents?" Naru asks, looking for clarification as she wipes her fingers on a napkin before flipping open a sketchbook. She's a fine one to talk about grades when she's sketching rather than doing her homework.

"I like to ask a lot of questions." Naru gives a little shrug. "And some of them have answers, and many of them lead to more questions, but I enjoy working out how things work, and what other people's perspectives are. Even if they are very different from my own."
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 20:41:26 87206
    Yomi has been studiously going through her notes this entire time, her pencil occasionally scratching on the paper as she marks something off, or adds a notation. She's quiet, and it's very easy to forget she is there at all, which is a constant trait of hers which has served her both well and poorly at various times in her life. By the looks she occasionally shoots to the next table over, however, it's clear that she's at least vaugely listening to the conversation between Makio and Naru, although she makes no move to interject herself, such bold actions not being within her normal comfort zone even if she had something valuable to add.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 20:46:22 87207
Makio Ryu nods in reply to Naru. "It's like I can just burry my head in the sand and let my life roll away. Just pretend and never face any difficulties or consequences. The option is always there for me," he explains, "So I have to somehow make it so my head can't reach the sand anymore...take away the more reason for excuses that aren't /all/ on my /own/ head."

He gives another nod. "And that's good, Naru, you seem to have a lot of insight. Though, that probably gets you in trouble sometimes too, huh?" He hasn't forgotten Yomi at all, but he's not doing much to show it short of trying to talk at a volume that's not going to be a constant irritant to her studying near them.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 20:51:36 87208
"You might think you can, but I promise you that the head burying is entirely an illusion." Naru notes with a gesture of a french fry, poking the air in Makio's direction. "You may be able to ignore school, but to blithely dodge challenges or consequences? I promise you that it isn't possible. There are always things that are going to shatter your delusions and invade your bubble."

"My curiosity has gotten wonderful places.. and challenging places. And places that my friends cringe to realize that I've been off exploring." Naru nods in agreement. "Still, on the whole, I'd rather ask the Question than not. Kazuo might disagree." She flashes a smile. "He's often the target of my musings."
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 20:56:29 87209
    Finally, it seems, Yomi has had enough of attempting to study while Makio is being his loud self only one table over. The whole place is pretty loud, of course, but his drawing her attention earlier had apparently made him (and Naru) stand out to her, which made it impossible to focus on her task as much as she wanted to. She begins packing up her books and such back into her bag, a faint sigh from her lips.

    This takes several minutes, but once she is done, she slides out of the booth and stands, preparing to make her way back out of the crown. She'll have to find someplace else to do her studying.. though what, exactly, made her come here in the first place when she very obviously isn't comfortable her and isn't usually seen here is somewhat of a mystery to begin with.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 21:10:15 87210
Makio Ryu blinks and frowns a little as he notices Yomi's leaving. Jeeze he screwed that up. He we trying, but he apparently screwed up by even calling attention to himself in the first place. "Well, yeah, Kazuo seems pretty knowledgable of things...and he tries...despite not saying much. He's at least good enough to not decide to leave us all to rot or anything..."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 21:16:05 87211
Naru turns towards where Yomi is packing up, and there's a nod. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Takanashi-san." As if the other girl had been part of the conversation all along, in spite of her silence, and the lack of questions directed at her. "Good luck on your studying. I hope we might meet again sometime." Actually hopeful, or merely polite? Hard to tell out of Naru. Could be either.

Naru's attention settles back upon Makio and she chuckles softly. "As much as I adore him and have no desire to have him not be around for whatever reason, if Kazuo decided to study abroad for a year, Tokyo would not collapse in a heap. Give the rest of us some credit."
Deadmaster 2017-11-28 21:22:48 87212
    Yomi pauses for a moment as she starts to move past the other table, towards the exit. She glances at the two seated there as Naru speaks to her. She doesn't smile, but she does incline her head in the barest of nods in response to the other girl's words. "Have a good day." Is her polite, if cool farewell to them both as she then turns, hoisting her bag back over her shoulder, and makes her way towards the exit./
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 21:25:14 87213
Makio Ryu shakes his head for a change. "Nah, I didn't mean it like that," he insists, "Just with how much he doesn't seem a big fan of talking to people he could just /not/ bother answering any of our questions. Like...that one time we were a thing...and he said what I should do rather than just letting me flail around like a clueless idiot and possibly get hurt." He waves after Yomi, not really knowing what else he should be saying in her direction. He'd probably just say something totally wrong at the rate he was going.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-28 21:30:05 87214
"He could." Naru agrees. "Although not being unduly chattery and wishing others to come to harm, or to live in ignorance. They are mutually exclusive." She grins and then glances over to her phone as it beeps to get her attention. She reaches for it, checking the message within.

"I should get going too." Naru taps out a reply on her phone and then sets it down to be able to slide her notebooks away. "I'll catch you later, Makio?" It's a far less formal farewell than what she offered Yomi, certainly.
Mew Macaroon 2017-11-28 21:33:18 87215
Makio Ryu waves after Naru as well. "See ya Naru," he replies, "But yeah, duh...didn't mean that either..." He gives a little sigh of his own and finishes his fries. Back to the games for now. This whole up coming seriousness stuff is going to be /hard/ for him.