Totally Fine

Alexis is still recovering. Kukai is getting pretty familiar with this by now. Kazuo tries siccing Nephrite on the situation.

Date: 2017-11-29
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Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-29 02:51:22 87216
It is entirely possible that Kazuo thinks Neil's ability to pry particularly interesting and/or tasty takeout out of random parts of Tokyo is supernatural. Maybe the stars have opinions, or something. Certainly it means that when there are accessory chores around takeout, like fetching plates or bowls or utensils, he's a silent volunteer. (When Jadeite isn't around to have the job dropped on him, that is.)

Granted, Neil might appreciate it right now if the word 'silent' were entirely applicable.

"The Raskoph boy's current problem," Kazuo is saying to Neil, "is that he's not certain what part of the rest of his life has been programmed into his brain by his mother. And that he doesn't know where to start dealing with that. I can try to talk with him about it. But cushioning emotional shocks isn't exactly what I'm best at."

There might have been another sentence coming. Or maybe a silence. Except that there is instead a rather loud thump from the hallway, and Kazuo pauses and turns to glance that way instead.
Nephrite 2017-11-29 03:08:27 87217
Neil is in the process of setting down two heavy bags of said takeout. See, the thing about him is, he enjoys tracking down Tokyo's ideal takeout spots. It somehow satisfies both the caveman part of his brain that enjoys the thrill of the hunt and the rich foodie part of his brain that appreciates fancy artisan ingredients. It is less of a chore than it is a pleasure. Tonight it's a little hole-in-the-wall Indian place, and the curry scent is already quickly flooding the apartment.

He winces at the phrase 'programmed into his brain.' "Yikes, got it. Well it's a good thing we've got food, because that helps me deal with emotional shocks. And anyway--" Thud. That's not normally a good sound. "Everything okay down there?"
Kukai Souma 2017-11-29 03:20:44 87218
Kukai Souma is still at the ECFH. Granted, his stomach has mostly gone from open to bloody to a bruised purple to currently a bruised yellow color, but that's the steady level of improvement. One or two more nights and he should be able to go home to his brothers. What he's going to tell them he doesn't know quite yet. He'd called the first night and said he'd ended up staying with some friends and would be a few days, but... For what it's worth, at least his brothers don't think he's part of a gang or a criminal or anything.

So now he's waiting for some takeout, which was kindly being provided (again he marvels at the amount of money just being thrown around here. Odd jobs and begging from his brothers are what funds his hobbies.), playing catch with Daichi, tossing a little ball back and forth, getting his body active and mobile again even in this little fashion, ignoring the ache in his midsection. There are voices in the distance, which is probably the food, but there's never any telling for sure. But there IS a few moments later a loud THUMP in the hall. Kukai looks at Daichi and tosses the ball onto the bed, grabbing his shirt and tugging it on as he steps into the hall. "Everything ok out here?"
Stahlritter 2017-11-29 03:23:05 87219
There's a long pause after the THUMP. But after the combined questions yelled out by bouth Neil and Kukai, there's eventually a certain, male call of "I'M FINE!" laced with frustrated german accent.

Well. Someone's apparently trying to get out of bed. Emphasis on the word 'trying'.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-29 03:58:18 87220
Fine. Yes. Kazuo glances sidelong at Neil. Does not risk saying one word. Because suddenly the potential topic has shifted from 'emotional shocks' to 'oh hey, Kazuo, look, we've got somebody else who's as bad a patient as you are.' He sets down plates and goes to investigate the hall in the name of possibly providing a stable point to clamber up. One that hasn't been recently impaled.
Nephrite 2017-11-29 04:05:36 87221
"Was that a 'fine' as in fine, or 'fine' as in, call the medic right this moment?" Neil sets down the box of curry he had been pulling out of a bag and trails after Kazuo.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-29 04:10:36 87222
Kukai sees the other two enter the hallway and then nods to them. "Hey, did you actually go get the food and get back this quick Neil?" He follows them towards Alexis's door, wanting to make sure the other major patient in the place hasn't beaten himself on the head by falling onto an end table or something.
Stahlritter 2017-11-29 04:13:51 87223
"I'M FINE," the voice repeats itself from within ALexis' room.

But of course, because no one is going to actually *believe that*, the opening of the door is likely imminent. And that, consequently, reveals... Alexis, face-first on the floor just besides the bed, ass in the air and legs bent over to hanging comically over his head.

Totally fine.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-29 04:24:43 87224
This is a point at which Kazuo should clearly be helpful and mature, and go and quickly assist Alexis before either of the others can see.

Except, of course, that there is no possible way for Kazuo to cross that distance before Kukai and Nephrite get a look. Therefore he settles for closing his eyes silently for a moment instead, before going to cross to the far side of Alexis and help him back to something resembling vertical. 'Help' is an important word here, because the only way to salvage any dignity whatsoever is to avoid just hauling him to his feet, and that makes this a two-assistant job. (Salvage may still be doomed, granted.)
Nephrite 2017-11-29 04:34:10 87225
Neil would like to believe that it is to his credit that he does not laugh. (That sort of reaction would be better reserved for, say, Jadeite.) Instead, as he follows Kazuo through the door to assist in the recovery efforts, he cheerfully quips, "well you wouldn't be the first person to eat the carpet in this place. Not even the first person in this room. I would suggest, though, that you try to follow it up with something tastier than floor, like a kabob."
Kukai Souma 2017-11-29 04:37:36 87226
Kukai lets Kazuo and Neil lead the way since the idea of picking Alexis up off the floor still makes his stomach ache. Instead he leans against the doorway and nods. "Nadeshiko tried that position once and she said it made her back hurt. She was trying to imitate the whole 'scary ghost girl crawling across the floor' thing though. I dunno how she got there in the first place, honestly." He looks at the other two and then has to look away, biting his lip as they help Alexis up.
Stahlritter 2017-11-29 04:49:25 87227
"Funny," Alex manages to grumble indignantly back to Neil and Kukai before the effort to bring him up begins. FOr his benefit, he at least has enough mobility available that he can help with a push of his hands, and a much weaker push from his feet. There's bound to be lots of wobbling involved nonetheless, no matter the offered support for stability. "Nnh... Body's still feeling a stranger..."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-29 05:02:34 87228
"Your brain is still working on the assumption that you have muscle mass that isn't presently there. You'll get it back." This is not the first time that Kazuo and Neil have stabilized someone wobbly and without working knees between them. This is probably not the first time this month they've done so. "I try not to wonder how Nadeshiko gets anywhere," he adds to Kukai. "Half of the time, she's a vast and elegant mystery. The other half of the time, Temari." The most terrifying chara of them all. "Alexis. Where do you want to end up? In here? The living room?" Where are they pretending not to carry him to?
Nephrite 2017-11-29 05:05:55 87229
"If you're looking for suggestions," Neil adds, "food is out there. But we can also bring it to you. And there's like, a dozen kebabs, if you're looking for the protein to get that muscle mass back." Ever helpful. Ever looking for ways to resolve anything with food.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-29 05:12:18 87230
Kukai nods. "This is part of what Ami and I told you the other day when we were talking about healing. Getting used to the body you've got now will take your brain some time. You may even need a little physical therapy. But you can get there."

Kukai snorts at Kazuo. "Don't I know it. I'm surprised I don't piss off Temari more often. By the way, Alexis, little tip - don't piss off my girlfriend's Chara. Na-chan's dangerous. Temari is scary." He grins and then nods. "Yeah. C'mon, man, let's go find some food. We can see if we like anything and oooh. Kebabs. Dude, kebabs."
Stahlritter 2017-11-29 05:23:39 87231
"I can't have lost so much muscle mass in a month I can't *walk*," Alex grumbles unhappily. "Just let me-- try to get used to it again, damnit." Not a very good patient, this time. And nothing if not determined to get better, at least, even if it is by terms that aren't entirely reasonable.

Kukai gets a long *look* from the german boy. A stare, really. Cue sweatdrop. "...Sssuuure..." is all he really manages to let out on that particular subject. He's learned not to question supernatural hijinks of the people around him *too* much, by now.

"Kebab sounds really good though," he mumbles then. "All the protein, actaully."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-11-29 05:35:41 87232
Movement toward the kebabs is probably ultimately slower than moving the kebabs toward Alexis, but it's less likely to wind up with a human pile of fume. Given that Alexis didn't give Neil a 'please?' look at the prospect. Kazuo lets Neil take the lead on getting Alexis through the doorway, though. It's easier if the one with more bulk manages it first.

"He's right," Kazuo says with apparent unconcern as they maneuver. "I annoyed Temari once. Fortunately, I was rescued before she wrecked the greenhouse." Kebabs come with other people's embarrassing stories, apparently. And with a little work on rebuilding muscle mass and convincing nerves that they need to work again.

Also practical things. Because Neil and Kukai are right. Food. Contact. Physical things that are, no matter how annoying, incontrovertibly real. All of those will help.
Nephrite 2017-11-29 05:47:58 87233
The bulk leads the way! Neil continues talking cheerfully as they guide Alexis down the hall and to a chair by the table. Couches would be more comfortable, but curry is messy. They can be civilized enough to sit at the table sometimes. "We got some butter chicken and a few different kinds of curry, too. And all kinds of rice, because they never give you enough if you don't order extra."

When the patient is seated, he starts opening up boxes and spreading them out on the table. The kebabs are placed close to Alexis as a kindness. "Soooo I'm told somebody around here has memory issues. Which I may or may not know something about." Subtle, as always.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-29 05:54:46 87234
Kukai follows the three of them towards the dining room, smiling at that nervous sweatdrop. "No, really! Na-chan is the most awesome girl you'd ever wanna meet. Ah.." He flicks through his phone till he finds a picture of her in her school uniform, purple hair in a long ponytail with a bow, all polite and proper looking. "So you know what she looks like beforehand. But yeah. Kazuo and Temari had a.." Kukai lets out a noise somewhere between a snort and a laugh. "I don't even know what. She thought he insulted her and she got really mad at him." Kukai doesn't continue on with the following thought that Temari getting mad meant that she drove Nadeshiko around like an angry naginata wielding princess mecha, chasing Kazuo. Best not to scare Alexis. "But the vast majority of the time she's the perfect lady."

Kukai nods to Neil and after they get Alexis set down at the table he seats himself as well before blinking, standing back up. "Wait, what do we wanna drink? And I'd better stick with whatever the weakest curry and rice is. My stomach may be in one piece but it's still liable to give me hell if I put something too spicy in it. Hate to go from stabbing to ulcers." He nods at Neil, letting him pick up the conversation with Alexis.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-05 15:16:14 87338
That it's raining is not an excuse for Kazuo being home this morning. He hasn't manifested other than to make certain there was coffee and breakfast for people who were actually awake, either. That was some time ago. Now he's finally moving. Quiet as usual, but there's a faint pale reflection that whispers across the glass. If Kyouko hadn't noticed already. Of everyone around here, she's the most likely to pick up on Kazuo entering before he draws attention to herself. Other than Mamoru, who cheats.

Not that Mamoru's always noticing these days, either.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-05 15:28:02 87341
Coffee is about to be in the making. Except that Kazuo pauses to eye Kyouko over his shoulder, not quite foiled by the counter between them. "For Christmas?" he repeats. It's pretty much the reaction that one might have expected if she asked his favorite variety of snail: a slightly disconcerted 'yes but why?'