Sharpe Family Bar-B-Que 2!

Hannah and family throws a bar-b-que. Friends and an enemy show up. There's deep fried EVERYTHING and exploding horseshoes.

Date: 2017-12-11
Pose Count: 48
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 01:24:58 87508
With the weather a bit warmer, the Sharpe household has decided on holding one of their famous cookouts! They've rented out part of one of Tokyo's parks, and there's several grills in place! This particular event is a little smaller than last, more intimate by choice. A pig is roasting over one open charcoal pit grill, while dogs and hamburgers are sizzling!

Momma Sharpe is in a sundress and apron, greeting everyone with sweeping smiles, and for those the family knows better, big tight hugs! Poppa Sharpe is in jeans and a tank top, working the grill with grins and laughs. Beside him, Boris-kun is 'assisting'! Mostly through big begging husky eyes.

Hannah is helping set out the drinks. A combation of sodas, beer, punch, and lots and lots of sweet tea. She's in shorts and a tank top, a pair of her dad's dog tags around her neck. In one pocket, Raging Tempest occasionally pings to any Devices in the area, or just to her Master. Fingers find, an occasional cane tap, or vague correction by R.T. has everything laid out in that neat, orderly way that Hannah's so known for.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-11 01:40:43 87509
Perhaps fortunately for all concerned, Kazuo can't pick up on R.T.'s pinging outside of henshin, much less carry on a conversation with it. He can, however, be a suspiciously old acquaintance for her father to eye! Or not, depending on how much her father knows about Hannah's relationships. Mostly he can be lurking by the open charcoal pit, keeping a sharp eye out for people not paying attention to where they're going. It is entirely possible that, while Kazuo knows the textbook definition of 'recreation,' he may never have parsed the word as being something that had anything to do with him.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-11 01:51:20 87510
Arriving on the edge of fashionably late, there are two things that are clear. The first is that she's got her road bike with her, and the cycling gear she's got is not that of a casual cyclist out for a leisurely bike ride. The second is that she is making the balance of her bike a mess as she's looped a reusable grocery bag over the handlebars that's got something wrapped up within, rectangular and moderately solid, in a stretched canvas kind of way.

Naru leans her bike against a convenient tree, heading closer with the bag. There's a nod to Kazuo and she greets Hannah more verbally. "Hey Hannah, I can't stay long, but I brought you something. You can open it later, if you want."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 01:57:40 87511
Haruna Kurosawa is running around from person. To person. There's a seagull on her shoulder. Hi Momma Sharpe-san I am getting hugs because I am giving them! Hiiii Poppa Sharpe-san, you are getting hugged! "Aki-chan will be here soon I promise and you can meet her!" she says as she skips over to Kazuo.

She does not actually hug Kazuo because she's pretty sure wrapping arms around Kazuo evokes a response like a Venus fly trap instead she spins and goes. "Hiii Kazuo-kun!" she says.

Then towards Naru and Hannah like some sort of Gull-seeking missile. Zooooom.

"Hi Naru-chan! Hi Hannah-channnnn~" she grins. "I'm here!" she says. A pause.

"....Aki-chan isn't here yet." she says as she yanks her phone and grows a belligerent look as she write's a text.
Makio Ryu 2017-12-11 01:58:32 87512
Makio Ryu breathes a small sigh of relief as he wanders in with a cake to share. Who invited him? Well in any case, he's grateful for being able to dress normal again...and eat normal again. Staying at work the past few days was really wearing thin.

The blue haired 'cyclops' looks around a little awkwardly as he decides where to place the aforementioned cake, but on seeing Naru and Kazuo he'd pause and greet them. "Hey! Naru, Kazuo!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-12-11 02:01:52 87513
    Mikoto doesn't seem to mind RT's pings, nor does Carnwennan. It's not as if they're trying to hide their presence, after all. She arrives with Hikari in tow, the two dressed in casual clothes -- jeans and a t-shirt for Mikoto, a short skirt and matching jacket for the not-a-catgirl-right-now familiar.

    "C'mon, you weren't here for the last time they did this," Mikoto tells Hikari, tugging her towards the festivities. "Sure it's all American and weird, but it tastes soooooo good." She gives Kazuo a wave as she recognizes him, smiling cheerfully.

    Hikari, burdened by a large canvas shopping bag, switches the weight to her left hand in order to add her own wave. "Hello, hello," she offers, perhaps a little tentatively compared to Mikoto.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 02:06:45 87514
There's a massive shadow falling...well, not /over/ Kunzite, but unlike the young man this one has quite a bit of size and muscle on him. There's a grinning face, full of good cheer that greets Kazuo! What menace is this!?

It's just Poppa Sharpe saying hi! "How's it looking? Kazuo-kun, right? My little girl's told me allll about you, son! Put 'er there!" That big hand seeks Kunzite's for a nice, firm grip and vigorous shake. It's clear where the tall american girl gets her height and eyes.

"Heard you've been helping my girl through some rough spots. You take care of your gift now, you hear? I'll give you a whuppin' otherwise boy!" Then he claps Kunzite on the back hard.

Hannah is /just/ about to sneak a beer when there's a sudden assault of Naru-voice! She turns to the sound, and lets out a double-handed wave. Beer in mouth, sluuurp, plop down on the table. Ahhh.

"Naru-chan! Wait, what? For me?" She sounds actively touched! "Aww, you shouldn't have! Heck no, c'mere! Let's see what we've..."

OOMPH! There's sudden GULL MISSILE! There are also hugs. Sharpe-Mum gives plenty! Poppa-Sharpe a one armed one in between man handling food and-or Kunzite.

Gull gets a big two armed hug, a spin, and a smooch!

"Hello, the most beautiful bird in the whole wide world!" Wink. Awful Hannah lives!

"Bah! Your sister! Tell her if she doesn't hurry up then I'm eating ALL the hotdogs!"

Makio gets a wave too vaguely, and of course there's the pair of Miko and Hikari!

"That you Miko-chan? Hikari-chan with you? Welcome to the party! Get some drinks, food's getting done!"
Kukai Souma 2017-12-11 02:15:06 87515
Kukai is absolutely not sure what to think when his phone pings with a message from Hannah. His confusion only deepens when he reads the contents. A.. what? Barbeque? It's an American thing, apparently, but it sounds intriguing. That's grilled pork and hot dogs and hamburgers and who knows what else. On the other hand, he's only seen Hannah a time or two since the whole Easter building-slash-explosion induced coma, and how she feels about him is confusing at best. Still, free food.

So later that day Kukai finds his way into the park, carrying a big bag filled with a bigger box, looking for the collection of people. There's Hannah and her.. family? And her friends. Kukai feels out of place for a moment before he spies Kazuo and Naru off to one side. There's a reassuring pair of compatriots, and Kukai heads on, more sure of his actions. Daichi is riding on his shoulder, looking around at the warm in winter park, and practically having to put his hands on Kukai's shoulder to keep himself from leaning forward off towards the grilling food.

Kukai presents himself to Hannah first and holds up the box. "Hello! I think I was invited. I brought donuts. That's good, right?"
Aki Kurosawa 2017-12-11 02:17:55 87517
    Other people may see Aki Kurosawa arrive directly behind Haruna and therefore, also hear the 'beep' of a text on her phone just as she arrives. She reads the text and rolls her eyes dreamatically. "Yeah I'm here. Calm down already." she says.

    She brushes off her blouse and skirt as she crosses her arms. "Hi Sharpe-san." she says to Hannah. "You wanna introduce me to your parents?" she asks. Her eyes look over to Naru as she raises a brow a moment before she looks back to Haruna. "Did you seriously bring Corvus here?" she asks. "Her parents don't find that weird?" she asks. "That you have a pet seagull?" she asks.

    She then eyes Kukai. Someone she knows? Not. Really. She gives a short head tilt at him. "Huh. Everything smells good at least." a pause.

    "Where's this entire whole pig Haruna keeps going on about?" she asks.
Naru Osaka 2017-12-11 02:21:31 87518
Naru dodges hug ambushes as best as she can, which isn't likely to be all THAT successful but she attempts it. "I expect you're too busy being hostess to open it now, but I got inspired and I hope you like it." She explains to Hannah, and then steps back to let Hannah play hostess-with the mostest all over the place.

Naru waves to those arriving, moving to snag herself a drink, juice not beer, even if she's not grabbing a snack. "Good to see you out and about Makio, and doughnuts sound good, Kukai." She is already stretching as she drinks her juice, keeping half an eye on her bike.
Akane Hino 2017-12-11 02:21:44 87519
There's someone else coming, and it seems only fitting that she would show up, since the sun is shining today and this girl is almost like a manifestation of the sun itself. Especially with her bright smile and positive attitude that she brings with her wherever she goes. For those who know her casually, they'd know it's Akane Hino. But for those who know her true identity, they'd know that she's Cure Sunny, a girl with the power of the sun within herself.

Wearing a bright orange sundress and her usual red flats on her feet, Akane arrives with a big smile on her face as usual and she's waving to everyone, whether she knows them or not. She eventually finds her way to Hannah and bows with a big smile. "Hello, Hannah-chan!" Akane says cheerfully. "I'm so glad I could make it today, because I just KNOW we're gonna have a great time!"
Makio Ryu 2017-12-11 02:28:55 87520
Makio smiles and rubs the back of his neck a little at Naru's greeting. "Err...sorry about the past week," he appologises to her, "Umm...any good place to put this chocolate cake?" He didn't go fancy with it cause he didn't know who would like what and he wanted to go with what felt like it'd be the most widely appreciated in a group of random people.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 02:34:11 87521
Haruna Kurosawa grins. "The /Prettiest/ bird for the /prettiest girl/." she says with an eye glint of sorts as she eeks and turns around. "Ack! Aki-chan!" she says. THEN Aki-chan gets a big hug!

"She's here!" she says. "Hannah go introduce Aki to the parents!" she says with wide eyes.

"Also there's still plenty of hot dogs left don't listen to Hannah-chan on this." she huffs as she says that last bit to Aki-chan.

She eyes the beer and looks around sneakily and steals.... a soda. Nope. Not happening tonight. Also big sis is here. She has to behave SOMEWHAT.

Unlike Hannah apparently.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 02:44:59 87522
Kukai gets a smile from Hannah. A little awkward still. But she's not one to hold grudges. "Donuts, huh?"

Pause. She /ponders/. "HEY DAD!"



Poppa Sharpe laughs. It /carries/. "Bring 'em on over!"

It's Kukai's turn to get a swat on either head or back as height permits. "Glad you made it Kukai. I wasn't sure if you would. Now come on. Deep frying time!"

Hannah uses the opportunity to stick her tongue out at Aki. "You don't get points for being fashionably late, Aki!" Suddenly, there's arms. Momma Sharpe tries to bodily pick up Aki and smooosh her into a warm hug!

"Well if it isn't little Aki-chan, I take it? How's my little sister-in-law to be doin' darlin'? Name's Anne! Aren't you so happy for your sis? She's marrying the best girl in the world! Don't be shy now, we're /family/ too!"

Naru gets a half-hug, stopped only by the presence of canvas! She blinks, but takes it anyway. Hannah looks a little confused as she feels the shape. Whistle!

"Hey Boris! Help!"

"I'll open it as soon as we're done! And don't forget gym next week! I need my running partner! Get some food before you leave!" Boris handily balances it on his back! What a good doggo-familiar! Off to the car with him to carefully pur it away.

Akane! Hannah turns to give a big grin, throwing an arm around Cure Sunny and ruffling her hair. Then she's let go. "Hey Akane-chan! I'll bet you are! Want to play horse shoes later?" There's a number of reasons how that could go very poorly. Hannah doesn't seem to care.

There's plenty of space for Makio to set the cake. Particularly, on the many benches near where there's a deep frier. Which Hannah is tapping a bit, turning up the heat after finding the controls. A waft of her hands, and she finds some tongs.

"I think mom's got this, Haruna!"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 02:46:04 87523
Then winks. "And I'm definitely going to eat them all!"
Naru Osaka 2017-12-11 02:48:51 87524
A half hug for Hannah. "Open it later, and yes, we'll run next week." Naru assures Hannah. "I'll even pick a sane run for ya to get back in the habit." She teases as she drains her juice. "Cake looks good, Makio. We'll chat later alright?" She tosses her juice container into a recycling bin, and waves to everyone as she heads to her bike.

Somehow, she managed to escape for her ride without getting any food. Probably for the best.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-12-11 02:53:37 87525
    "Did someone say hot dogs?" Hikari asks, perking up. "Hauling neechan's load of crap is hungry work for a kitten!"

    Mikoto chuckles, and whaps Hikari on the shoulder, still grinning. "Sure, sure, you say that every time, and yet every time, you're the one who ends up taking responsibility for the food."

    Hikari snorts and kicks at Mikoto's shin. "Only because if I left it to you you'd live on takeout and protein bars."

    With a sigh, Mikoto has to agree. "Come on, then, let's get some real food, hm?" The pair amble on over to the grill, pausing to greet anyone they pass.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-11 02:55:43 87526
Kukai nods politely to Aki and waves to Naru. "Good to see you! Take.. one.. well, she's gone." He shrugs, then awks and is pulled along by Hannah. "...Why would you deep fry a donut, it's already been fried, hasn't it? Won't that ruin the sugar coating?" He brings along the donuts anyway, they're hers to do what she wants with them.

Kukai gives Haruna and Makio and Kazuo all a wave as he walks, as Daichi detaches himself from Kukai's shoulder and flies over to investigate the grill, all magically invisible to the non-magical people. If there are any.
Aki Kurosawa 2017-12-11 03:03:46 87528
    Aki Kurosawa is whisked away by Mom Sharpe. "Ack!" she goes. "H--hey easy." she says. Aki is way more traditional than Haruna. "D..daughter-in-law, too." she says. "At least. Here. I dunno how you guys do it in America."

    "Yeah. Haruna-chan's okay." she says. A pause. "Unless you mean Hannah-san. In the other direction. Still not sure." she says quietly.

    Aki is mostly a realist!

    "There better be a hot dog for me." she grumbles.
Makio Ryu 2017-12-11 03:03:52 87529
Makio Ryu spots the empty spots on the benches and hesitantly places the cake there. Hopefully that's nice and not in anyone else's space they expected to use! He waves after Naru as she's on her way out before he peers around, now that he's not carrying the box of cake around. "'re Hannah," he wonders, just right out showing off his mildly out of place-ness. As Kukai waves he waves in turn.

"Ahhh, Kukai, this is another one of those things that seems popular from what I hear about America from mom and dad. Lots and lots of fried foods. Like that whole fried chicken dinners for christmas thing." Yes, as much as some people think Makio's American or at least BEEN to America, he's very much just someone who gets American info indirectly or through things his parents import.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-11 03:04:01 87530
Not hugging Kazuo does not get Haruna snapped up in a giant leaf-mouth, so CLEARLY SHE WAS RIGHT. "Haruna-chan. Makio. Good afternoon." ... Haruna just got a -chan from Kazuo. With her first name. Possibly he's not feeling well. Possibly RIVENTON HAS MADE ANOTHER CLONE. In either case, he's distracted immediately by an Elder Sharpe, to whom he first bows, then clasps hands American-fashion. He is not Nephrite. He cannot compete directly. He can at least hold up. By which we mean 'actually remain standing after that clap on the back.' "I wouldn't dare," he says gravely to Poppa Sharpe. "Even with you and your daughter taking vengeance one at a time, and even with you both tired from the fight over who was first in line, what man could hope to survive?" And then an instant's pause on his part, as he glances sidewise, and adds, "Is that Haruna's sister?" as Aki starts looking for the Whole Pig. That Kazuo is hanging out by.

... for once, he's not mantaining Daichi-watch.
Akane Hino 2017-12-11 03:08:10 87531
Half a hug is better than none, but Akane reciprocates fully, wrapping her arms around Hannah and smiling. "Oh yes, Hannah-chan, I'd love to play horseshoes with you!" She frowns a little. "I should've brought my volleyball but I didn't know if there'd be a net or not." She shrugs a little. "Oh well, there's still plenty of other fun to be had!" She giggles.

After that, Akane looks around to see if there's anyone she knows. Even if there isn't, she'd still be willing to greet everyone with a cheerful smile and a positive attitude in hopes of making this nice day even nicer for everyone!
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 03:12:53 87533
Kunzite got a squint and a lean in from Haruna which just turned to a smile and she darted off. Did she notice? Probably. Is she thinking much of it? Maybe a little too much. 'Yay, Kunzite is finally super comfortable with me!' is probably her train of thought.

"Hi Akane-chan~" she sings at Akane. She leans against Hannah a little after Akane is done hugging as she sighs a bit. "Aki-chan is really old fashioned sometimes." she says. "Cuz while she didn't agree with everything at home she still tried." she rolls her eyes and sighs.

She puts way too much mustard on a hot dog and proceeds to bite into it and all the mustard comes out the other end onto the ground.

"Ah. Ooops." she says as she looks around left and right. Before she resumes eating without mustard leaking out everywhere.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 03:20:04 87534
Somewhere, Boris wags his tail with a happy doggie grin. There is one less hot dog in the world.

Correction, two less hot dogs as he chomps his own, a little baggie on the end of Naru's bike.

Miko and Hikari are almost instantly accausted by Poppa Sharpe! The big man turns from harassing Kunzite to the two girls! "More friends of my baby girl! Name's Paul! Who're ya'll? Come and get some darned hotdogs!" He's already serving!

Kukai pfft's. "Kukai. Kukai, you sweet summer child, don't you know anything? You can fry /ANYTHING/ if you try hard enough. Come on you coward! We're killing arteries tonight!" Then Kukai gets tongs too! Donuts go in. Sizzle!

Hannah grins to Makio while she's working. "That's me! Welcome to the party. Any friend of Naru-chan's a friend of mine!"

Finally, Aki is free! Momma Sharpe puts her down, and smiles. "You need to relax, Aki, darlin'. Nothin' good comes of not loving your neighbor!" And then she's getting ruffled on the head, and sent off towards the grill with a meaningful look.

The 'all skin and bones look!'

It seems that Kunzite meets Poppa Sharpe's approval, as he gives the young man a swift nod. "Smart boy. Gonna make some pretty young thing happy with that kind of attitude! Just remember: never wrestle your daughters, and don't back talk a woman. Momma Sharpe's got a mean power bomb!" Is his sage advice.

Akane gets a grin! "Wonderful! I'll get Dad to nail in the peg soon. For now though..." She's digging out deep fried donuts. ONe gets passed to Akane!

Haruna gets a small sigh, and a careful elbow to the side. "Well don't worry, Haruna-chan. We're going to take your sister over to our house again and again. My family is going to soak her up with so much love and care, that she's going to learn how to take that tailfeather out of her butt. And then we're going to do the same thing for your family."

The Sharpes and the Kurosawas at the same table. Surely nothing could go wrong. Surely.
Akane Hino 2017-12-11 03:38:29 87535
Accepting the donut happily, Akane thanks Hannah before looking to Haruna, grinning as she's sung to. "Hello there, Haruna-chan!" Akane replies with a bigger grin than ever. "Seems you're in a good mood too. Perfect attitude for a time like today!" She giggles a little. "I hope you're doing well?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 03:44:56 87536
Haruna Kurosawa sort of opens her eyes and coughs on mustard covered hot dog. "I'm pretty sure the world is gonna pop if your parents and my parents meet." she sighs loudly.

She then eyes Akane and smiles. "I'm doing well! It's a nice day! Like Indian winter!" she insists.

Then she eyes Hannah again. "Youuuuu and I. Need to go into the city proper. And see the lights~" she sings to her teasingly.

She looks over to Kunzite and smirks. "That guy isn't missing a beat with your dad." she says.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-12-11 03:45:21 87537
    Mikoto smiles and shakes Mr Sharpe's hand, smiling broadly. "It's always a pleasure, sir, and thank you for the welcome. This is my little sister, Hikari; she wasn't in town last time we met." At Hannah's last barbeque, in fact.

    Hikari steps up to take his hand as well, shaking it. "Pleasure to meet you, Sharpe-san, Hannah's been a good friend to 'neechan and she really needs friends sometimes."

    The crack earns her another swat from Mikoto, who adds, "Come on, show him the goodies." Apparently they'd brought something to contribute -- a bag of assorted sausages, cheeses, and fruit, it turns out. "A little something to add to the festivities," she describes it.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-11 03:51:02 87538
Kukai follows Hannah over to the fryer and helps with the deep frying of the donuts. "I'm sorry. This feels really weird, but ok, if you say so. Thank you." Once he's sure Hannah has things under control, he dips off to nab a hot dog of his own, only a little bit because he can see Daichi hovering over the platter and looking at Kukai with puppy dog eyes fit to beat Boris. Litle cheese, little chili, the two of them have food!

He heads back over to see how Hannah's doing, just in time to hear Haruna's last comment and wince. Just a little.
Makio Ryu 2017-12-11 03:54:01 87539
"Good to meet you then, Hannah," Makio replies, "I'm Makio Ryu. Brought a big, chocolate cake from work over at the Mew Mew Cafe. Anything you guys need done aside from making food disappear?"

He's surprized how few people here he's already met before! Then again, he's probably met some of them in mahou form and just doesn't recognise them yet. He is not sure what to make of these going ons with Kazuo. The bluenette 'cyclopse' watches on with a tilted head for a moment.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-11 03:57:00 87540
Fruit? Fruit? One can neither properly deep-fry nor properly barbecue fruit! ... actually, no, one probably can, but Kazuo takes the opportunity to slide quietly out of Poppa Sharpe's field of vision while Mikoto and Hikari have him distracted. There are some conversations that Kazuo is going to be wildly uncomfortable with until a certain Minako Aino reaches a certain age. Fortunately, time takes care of that all on its own. In the mean time, escape is ... in the direction of Makio and Kukai and Hannah and company, apparently. Congregations happen. "So far," he says by way of greeting to Hannah and re-greeting to Haruna, "I'm permitted to live. On probation."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-11 04:09:30 87541
"Not if you don't keep me hidden from Paul," comes Mamoru's voice, really really quietly, from the shadows that Makio and Kukai and Hannah and company are making. He looks... furtive. He has hashi, which he waves warningly at Hannah. "I will eat your barbeque with my fingers if you promise not to tell your parents I'm here."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 04:15:41 87542
Hannah seems, as usual, undeterred. "Then you'd better be ready to reinflate it!"

Leeeean in. Leeean. A tickle of an ear! Then she whispers. "I'll get us a rooftop view at the best restaurant in the city. Candlelight, everything. Just you and me, and the endless lights!" Promises Hannah to her dear love.

POP! Then Hannah's fishing out a slightly burnt fried donut. Kukai gets a 'bleh' of her tongue. "You don't know what's good." Her accent is peaking again. It's no doubt her family's fault.

Speaking of, as Daichi begs? A certain big doggie wanders over! Sluuuuuurp!

More handshakes! "Nice to meet ya'll then! And help keep my daughter out of trouble. Gotta keep your eye on that one!" Offers the elder Sharpe good naturedly.

A laugh. "Don't we all? Ooh, that'll go great on the dogs! Thank ya'll!" He takes the cheese tray, and Momma Sharpe takes it to be set out.

"You too, Makio! Huh, I've heard of that place. Well, you can't beat the Gullwing!" Boasts Hannah. Soon all the donuts are fried. Then she's grabbing a hot dog and bun. THIS TOO IS BEING FRIED!

Hannah looks positively /beaming/ as Kunz survives Poppa Sharpe's Women Advice Corner.

"Oo-rah! I'm so very proud Kazu-kun. Next time, I'll be sure to send you and Mom off to Adventures In Muscle Car Restoration and Why Every Man Should Own A V8."

Arms slowly cross as Hannah digs out a Very Deep Fried Hotdog. She puts it on a place. Then finds a /bunch/ of freshly done pig. She takes off...the ear too! And a foot. Then slathers it allll with barbeque sauce. Oh, and there's fried donuts too. This plate is handed over to Mamoru with a beer.

Her grin is pure Eclipse brand evil. "Deal. Now clean your plate before dad decides he wants to wrestle you. Or worse. /Mom/ does."

Then she smacks him with a light jab in the side. "Mamoru. Thanks for coming. Seriously, it means a lot. I've missed having so many friends around me." Is her voice a little tight there? Nah.

"HEY AKANE! Come on, I'm getting the horse shoes set up! I wonder if we still have the ones with firecrackers attached to them..." Wait what?

There's soon sounds of hammering, and what might be a lighter being flicked on.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 04:19:39 87543
Haruna Kurosawa leans in toward's Mamoru and whispers. "It's okay. Aki is playing distraction. But distraction I mean Aki is visiting Hannah's parents for the first time over there and they're fussing over her like the future daughter-in-law and I think she's gonna come with a super stomach ache." she grins widely.

"Also. Aki and Hannah beat the crap out of each other until they got along so hopefully there shouldn't be any more problems." she says coyly.

Then a pause. "Wait what!?" at Hannah.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-11 04:26:26 87544
Hurriedly pocketing his hashi, Mamoru takes the plate and the beer and looks confused, because how is he supposed to eat it when he has a beer in the hand he needs to use to eat with. "I deep fried a Big Mac a few months ago, I'll be fine-- once I figure out how to-- I--" And then Hannah's doing that not quite wibbly thing, and he carefully hugs her without getting BBQ sauce on anything, then smiles a little lopsidedly. "Sorry I've been so occupied with school."

He GRINS! at Haruna, then. "Good. Pretty Cure Solutions, Ltd." And then he surveys the plate a moment longer, and says, "Like this, Hannah?" And he flickers a quick glance at Kazuo, brings the plate up to his face, knows for sure where he's aiming his mouth, and then looks at Kazuo again while he shuffles the deep fried BBQ-slathered hot dog toward the edge of his plate very delicately, with his teeth, and then slowly takes an enormous bite of it.
Akane Hino 2017-12-11 04:27:43 87545
"With firecrackers?" Akane asks, raising an eyebrow. "Uh, maybe we should just stick with plain horseshoes instead." She sweatdrops but tries to force a grin nonetheless. "I really don't want this game to end with a bang!" She can't help but giggle at her own bad pun.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-11 04:27:45 87546
Kazuo says, utterly blandly, "I should probably take this moment to note that I haven't reviewed procedures for CPR lately."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 04:28:22 87547
Haruna beams at Mamoru then to Kazuo. "I have a nurse Precard on me, he'll be fine." she insists.
Makio Ryu 2017-12-11 04:28:33 87548
Makio Ryu smiles at Kunzite's report. "/That/ is good news," he insists, "...want any food that might change your odds of that? -or well, yeah, someone DID say they brought fruit!" On saying that, however, he looks a little surprized on seeing Mamoru's right there amoung them, when he didn't remember seeing him before this point. ...guy's good at making a silent enterance.

Hannah's comment about the gullwing raises a shrug rather than any sort of offense. "I haven't gotten to try much of it myself." But he works at a cafe so why would he be eating at another cafe? With that aside he smiles and offers her a little wave before going to look into grabbing some of the food. "That's one way to do it!," he approves of Mamo's strategy.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-12-11 04:30:50 87549
Boris helpfully wags over, and watches. He mentally describes Mamoru's genius. Slowly, Hannah scowls.

"Y...You win this time. NERD! I promise VENGEANCE of the saucey kind!" Huuug.

She looks, as she walks away, happy.

Too happy. "You don't know how to have fun, Akane-chan!"



Kukai Souma 2017-12-11 04:34:38 87550
Kukai eyes one of the deep fried donuts and picks it up, taking a bite. Mostly to keep it away from Hannah as she builds the Devil's Plate for Mamoru. Kukai eats a lot, but that plate of food looks dangerous. And big. Kukai makes a note to get another hamburger and prevent Hannah from deep frying it too. Thankfully she seems to have wandered off to play exploding (what.) horseshoes.

Kukai moves over to nod at Mamoru and gives him a grin. "Been a bit since I actually saw you. Thank you for the previous week - the healing and room and all that. I appreciate it. How is everything right now?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-11 04:38:31 87551
Mamoru sweeps an insouciant bow at Hannah's accusation and Makio's praise and Boris' approval, giving Kunzite a sidelong smirk as he chews and swallows and straightens up. He washes the bite down with the beer and gives Kukai a quirky kind of smile in return. "No problem, that's what we do, right?" There's a pause at the last question, as if he's tallying things up, and then he answers a little too carelessly, "Just fine! I mean if you want details I can give 'em later, but otherwise-- totally fine."
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-12-11 04:40:15 87552
    Mikoto and Hikari go to set out their goodies on the table with the rest of the food, then build plates for themselves. Hot dogs, hamburgers, both piled with barbecue sauce and mayonnaise and grilled onions and some of the good rich cheddar cheese that they'd brought, and some grilled pineapple slices and baked beans on the side. Mmmm. Food.

    First courses acquired, the two search for a place to sit, with Hikari pausing briefly to skritch Boris behind one ear before giggling and rushing off. They eventually end up within chatting distance of Mamoru. Mikoto gives Kukai a hard look for a moment, then shrugs and settles in to take a big bite of hot dog.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-11 04:41:58 87553
"Only you would decide that that phrase needed to become a real combination," Kazuo mutters not quite under his breath, glancing warily off in the direction Hannah walked. And then gives Haruna a solemn half-bow, and says aloud, "I should not have doubted that you'd arrive prepared for the family."

Makio receives a brief glance, before Kazuo eyes Mamoru's plate and Kukai's deep-fried donut. "I'm not entirely certain how much of this is actually food rather than cleverly-disguised weaponry," he says to Makio.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-12-11 05:06:29 87554
Skirting around the other side of Kazuo with a quick apologetic look to Kukai and an indication of his massively full plate, Mamoru goes off in search of a bag to put most of it in that won't drip on everything on the way, so he can put it on the counter at the frat house and be sure of it not going to waste. In search... while also still attempting to avoid the notice of Hannah's parents. Somehow, he vanishes this way.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-12-11 05:07:32 87555
Haruna Kurosawa asides. "I'm pretty sure that's just fried dough and crunchy bits and not say. Arsenic. They'll be fine and it'll go right to their hips." she insists at Kazuo as she grins dumbly.

She eyes Mamoru. "Wait did something go down recently?" she asks dumbly before looking at Kukai. Then Mamoru's gone. "Argk!" she mutters.
Makio Ryu 2017-12-11 05:10:20 87556
Makio Ryu returns with food, smiling nervously and rubbing the back of his neck. "Yeah, uh...sorry for asking to visit with you guys so soon after all that mess," he says toward Mamoru and Kunzite, but I'm really gonna try to be out of the way fast like."

With Kazuo's statement he let's out a chuckle. "That's like most American food I've feels like if it isn't designed to give you too much sugar, too much salt, or drownd you in oil, it's meant to make you THINK you're eating so you don't notice that you're slowly starving to death...still, somehow it's actually fun." Despite his words, however, he's just got a normal hot dog and cheese hamburger rather than any deep fried insanity. He's been eating Cafe Mew Mew and not getting access to the school pool or sea park for several days now, it's time to be a little carefuller with his eating.

That said, he peers toward Kukai with slight concern. "You sure you're ready for this kind of mess, dude?" He then blinks and notices Mamo was actually as gone as he was just THERE. Was he even there when Makio appologised to him? ...maybe people need to ask the guy for ninjitsu lessons?
Kukai Souma 2017-12-11 05:14:02 87557
Kukai shrugs back at Mikoto as she glares at him, then nods to Mamoru. "Sure, later is awesome." He grins as Mamoru vanishes with his food baby in the making and finds a place to sit down with Haruna. "Oh, I got hurt in a fight and Mamoru let me stay at the ECFH instead of having to go home and explain things to my brothers. That's all." He grins at Makio and then nods. "Yeah, I'm fine, really. I've gotta get back on my practice at some point - sooner is better than later. I'm up for the challenge!"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-12-11 05:15:34 87558
Kazuo makes a vague gesture in Makio's direction. "That's why we have guest rooms," he says. There's a flicker of a glance from him to Haruna (yes, apparently something went down recently), then to Mikoto and company. People he has, apparently, not so much met in context. And with Hannah around, 'not in context' sometimes means 'Eclipse.' Fortunately, between Makio and Kukai, explanations are covered.

Vanishing Mamorus are not covered; Kazuo glances after him, regards the empty space, and closes his eyes for a moment, possibly in mute appeal to ... well ... something.