When You Leave Town I Get Mangled

Nagihiko, back from another tour, comes over to visit the still banged up Kukai at his house, and Kukai catches him up on what all's happened in his absence, including being skewered.

Date: 2017-12-12
Pose Count: 22
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 13:25:20 87588
It's a drizzly, cold day in Tokyo, just after school. Kukai had begged off practicing today because for some reason running (and lifting, and moving, and whatever else) was sending a painful ache through his still-bruised stomach. That was one of the things his magic seemed to not affect a lot - he could survive things no normal kid could when he was in henshin, and was even just generally tougher than normal, but bruises, scrapes, dings, and little cuts seemed to be beneath the notice of whatever power had granted him a Guardian.

Shusui and Unkai were both home as well, with Shusui working from home in his room and Unkai 'taking a day off', which meant he was in the living room watching samurai movies. So when the front doorbell rang, it was Kukai that ended up going to it from the middle of poking at the kitchen to see if there was any sort of snack.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 13:43:27 87589
Nagihiko is, of course, standing on the other side of the door. Though he'd just seen Kukai not long before, there isn't a lot of fussing that could properly be done in school. And, well, that Kukai skipped out on practice gave Nagihiko the hint that perhaps his boyfriend isn't as well and recovered as one would hope.

When the door opens he wants to be irritated that Kukai isn't horizontal somewhere, feet up and being fussed over. But, well, Kukai is perhaps as stubborn as Nagihiko can be. Sometimes. He holds up the thermos with both hands, heavy plastic bag dangling from a wrist. "I've brought the tea Aunty makes."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 14:02:06 87590
Kukai had obviously seen Nagihiko in school, but as usual, there's no cuddling in school. So he'd said hello and smiled and then headed to the house after class. Which had sucked, but oh well. Seeing Nagi behind the door made Kukai smile more than he had in a few weeks. "Hey. C'mon in. That sounds good - I haven't had any in a while."

Unkai looks up from his movie and waves at Nagihiko, but doesn't say much. He's used to the purple-haired dancer showing up at various times and at this point doesn't pay much attention to Kukai heading back to his room with Nagihiko in tow. Kukai nods back to Nagihiko as they walk. "I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. Sorry I wasn't too active at school - I'm doing better, but not great." He coughs and closes the door behind them, looking up at Nagihiko. "So... um. While you were gone, some stuff happened."

Meanwhile, Daichi has found Temari and Rhythm and is possibly hugging the two of them harder than he has ever hugged them.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 14:22:50 87591
Nagihiko returns Unkai's wave, even offering a smile as a greeting, but his focus is more on Kukai than...well, anyone else. In the room, he sets down the thermos and the plastic bag, both with varying levels of 'thunk.' Though his workload for dancing was considerably less this season than it had been in previous years, it still required to pull him away for weeks at a time.

"Stuff seems to happen every time I'm gone." His hands settles along Kukai's face and shoulder, looking him over as though he could tell what's wrong through sight alone. "What happened? You weren't in practice, Kukai. You were in school, but not practice."

Temari and Rhythm both squeeze Daichi just as hard. Rhythm very enthusiastically pats his back in comfort. Temari is, oddly, more gentle with head pets.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 14:49:29 87592
Kukai looks up at Nagihiko and then leans into those hands. "Yeah. Well..." He sighs for a moment, just enjoying the touch of two soft hands for a moment, before shifting and sitting back on the bed, pulling his shirt up and off. Underneath on his stomach is a large, nasty yellow (with purple spots in a few places) bruise. "So... I got hurt when a bunch of us went out to help save Alexis from his mom. I don't know if you know who Alexis is, but he's a friend of a friend, and his mom has been doing weird mind control magic stuff to it."

Kukai coughs, looking away, knowing Nagihiko's going to freak out. "So Rashmi had us all in a Barrier, protecting us, and Lacrima was powering up to warp everyone out through the Dark Zone. I know, this is a stupid plan. And just before we jumped, Alexis's mom - from out of the room and nowhere in sight, mind you - made the floor jut up and spear me in the stomach. Through henshin. It felt like someone had taken a big, hard, sharp spike and ran it into me. I couldn't even scream it hurt so much. And then Lacrima warped us through the Dark Zone, and I was hurting so much I had my eye jammed open, so that was the least fun thing ever. I had nightmares for a week afterwards that I didn't tell anyone about."

Kukai sighs and shrugs. "But we landed at the ECFH, and Sayaka and Mamoru were right there to stop the bleeding, even if neither of them could fix it right off, and I spent a week or so there oozing onto their bedsheets, but I'm ok now." Kukai idea of 'ok' is probably not the same as Nagihiko's. He shrugs. "I can at least get up and move around and do things, as long as nobody hits me in the stomach. Or I run around a lot. I can eat more than broth now, which is good."

Daichi leans into the headpets, which is funny and weird because he seems to be leaning both directions at once into two sets of headpets.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 15:33:23 87593
Nagihiko flounders from the moment Kukai takes off his shirt to the moment he stops speaking. Then the dancer just gapes at him for several long moments.

Then he gapes some more.

"You mean to tell me when I was fending off old geezers who were getting so handsy I'm fairly certain they realized I wasn't a girl, you were getting stabbed and having nightmares?"

He thinks back to the time he was gone. "Is this why I kept getting missed calls from you at two or three in the morning? Didn't I answer once?"

He plops onto the bed next to Kukai, very much keeping his freaking out internal for now. "I'd thought you'd rolled over in your sleep and kept butt dialing me."

Temari pulls out a sizeable blanket to wrap around Daichi.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 15:42:08 87594
Kukai shrugs. "... Yeah. I mean I figure there's some law of the world that says when you leave town I end up getting mangled. That seems to be the way it goes. It could've been a lot worse. All it ended up being was a lot of pain and some mental scarring." He grins weakly.

Kukai sighs and nods. "...yeah. I'm sorry. That wasn't good on my part. I apologize." Why he's apologizing for calling like that there's no telling why. "And yeah, you did. I don't know if you were awake, though. Lots of mumbling and muttering." He shifts over so Nagihiko can sit down besides him and shook his head. "Ah... well, that's ok. You're here now."

Daichi snuggles in between his two friends and stretches. He's ok for now, but he's also better than he was a few minutes ago.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 15:56:17 87595
"It always seems to happen that way. I'm wondering what will happen if I just stop with the travel." Because really, Kukai's well being is a little more important than dancing for men who like to grope.

His eyes grow wide and if it weren't for pesky little things like abdominal wounds he would have just shoved Kukai off the bed. "The hell are you apologizin' for? That's exactly the time you should call me if you're having nightmares." The nerve of him, being concerned over whether or not Nagihiko gets enough sleep!

Rhythm holds up a small plushie for Daichi to snuggle. It's obviously been well loved.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 16:08:14 87596
Kukai sighs and shrugs. "I can't make you stop living your life, honey. I wouldn't want you to, anyway. This sort of thing would've happened if you'd been here or not." He smiles. "I do like the fact that you're all upset about it, though."

Kukai blinks and then puts his hands up. "Hey, hey, I was just trying to be considerate! Excuse me princess, I thought you'd appreciate that!" He eyes the slightly frustrated purple haired dancer, then grins. "...I'm glad you're home, though. I missed you."

Daichi skips the plushie and snuggles Rhythm instead.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 16:19:59 87597
Nagihiko snorts. "Well, true, but if I'm around I won't be three weeks late in kicking someone's ass." It's hard being torn between the two. It would be easier if Nagihiko hated to dance. In truth, he loves it. "You'd think there would be a way to just call someone up while traveling to come back for a short while. Okay, sure, phones, but I mean to actually bring the person there." It would solve so many problems!

It's hard to stay irritated when someone's being considerate. It really messes with the flow of things. "Well- You- Don't go giving me adorable nicknames and thinking you've won." And then Kukai just has to go and destory all the anger altogether. Nagihiko sighs and leans his forehead against the other boy's. "I've missed you, too. And you can call me if you need to. Or even if you just want to. You can always fill up my voicemail with even the inane stuff when I'm gone."

Rhythm happily snuggles back! The plushie is thrown at Temari as the little blue chara treats Daichi like one instead.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 16:24:47 87598
Kukai laughs and then shakes his head. "Yeah, well, there wasn't much ass to kick. I don't even know what the lady looks like, honestly. And... yeah, if we could just teleport back and forth it'd make things so much simpler." He hmms. "Of course I dunno what I'd do if only half of you teleported around. We'd both be in pieces." He grins, widely.

Kukai chortles and shakes his head, putting an arm around Nagihiko's shoulders. "Of course not, Na-chan. Nothing like that." He winks and then nuzzles against him, petting his side. "I know. Well. I mean, if I do that, I'll be calling all the time. So. And sure, I can do that too."

Kukai hmms and then looks up at Nagihiko. "So. Lemme... ask you a question. Assume there's a great big monster that's threatening everyone. And someone you don't like and whom you know is doing bad things is helping fight it along with everyone else. How would you take it if somebody on your team, oh... say... hit them with a really strong sucker punch once it looked like the big monster was down?" Kukai looks only a little embarrassed.

Daichi eees and pulls Temari in for snuggles too, giving her almost no time to recover the plushie.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 16:34:14 87599
"I'd find an ass to kick, don't you worry about that." Whether or not it's the right ass... Nagihiko snorts. "If that happened and I teleported back, I may very well be beside myself."

His cheeks lightly tinge with pink. "Well, if you did, it'd give me something new to save and listen to fifty thousand times. If I did such a sappy thing."

Nagihiko gasps and pulls back a little. "You mean if I were there, at that particular moment? Probably something along the lines of 'I am upset you beat me to it.'" His expression turns devious. "Who'd you punch and how good did it feel?"

As Temari is (happily, if a little surprisedly) tugged into a cuddle pile, the poor plushie spins through the air before falling. It hits the ground with a squeak, as all plushies are wont to do.
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 16:50:02 87600
Kukai rolls his eyes and looks at Nagi. "C'mon. Don't kick the wrong asses. We have enough of that problem." He snorts more and grins at Nagihiko, then hugs him for a moment, glad somebody gets his stupid jokes.

"Well.. I mean, I could call you a dozen times for no reason..." Kukai blushes as well, then nods. "No reason not to." His reaction to Nagihiko's comment though is a little shocking. Kukai just stares at him for a long moment before grasping the other boy and squeezing him tightly! "Oh thank God. You're the first person who didn't say 'shame on you for ambushing that guy, he was helping, you shouldn't start fights.' Uh. I... well, a bunch of us were fighting a giant tin soldier - long story, kinda sad - and Riventon was there and he unloaded on it so while it was collapsing and he was powered down I hit him with a Golden Victory Shoot. Knocked the wind out of him enough to where a giant pile of..." Kukai pauses, and reaches over for his phone, flicking through the gallery to a video. It's Riventon, collapsed, as a black portal opens behind him and a veritable platoon of magical girls - Senshi uniforms, Prism Keepers, Pretty Cures, and more - all in greyscale colorless outrfits. And all, creepily, missing faces - just blank flesh - pour through, all carrying various melee and ranged weapons, helping him get to his feet. "I caught this on video just for a few moments. Nobody's ever seen any of these... they're not girls, but.. I don't know who they are. Or what. But he was in enough trouble to summon them." Kukai looks down at the video for a moment, then back at Nagihiko. "But yeah. They all pulled out and he threatened me and I couldn't care less. He's a jerk."

Kukai scratches the back of his head. "There's more. Nanoha thinks Riventon is beating Fate for failing in her tasks, but Fate said to stay out of it, and he and I got into another fight later and we yelled at one another - it was a long story. Things have been a lot quieter for the past few weeks since I smacked him, though." Kukai grins. "It felt really good to sock him."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 17:14:06 87601
Nagihiko indelicately snorts as he rolls his eyes. "Have you met Temari?"

Cheeks still pink, he shrugs. "I mean, it isn't as though I've figured a way to save them and have a playlist for when I travel. That would be a bit...weird." He really does.

For a moment Nagihiko thinks maybe he's misinterpereted Kukai's question. Before he can retract, though, he's hugged! And of course it would be Riventon. Nagihiko looks at the phone, a slither creeping up his spine. "That is creepy. What...what are they? Where the hell are their faces?" He leans in to squint at the screen before pulling back with a sharp shudder. "Yes. Definitely yes to the punching thing. That alone deserves another punch."

His eyes widen. "He might be...and you're expected to..." Man. You leave for a few weeks and things go all to hell. "Yes. Punching him is perhaps the least you could have done."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 17:28:46 87602
Kukai looks over at Daichi, now happily sitting with Temari and Rhythm, and then nods at Nagihiko. "Yup. I know you've broken a few tables and such when you get mad."

Kukai just... blinks at Nagihiko, then grins and kisses his cheek. "You are weird, and I love you."

Kukai leans against Nagihiko and sighs, setting the phone back over to one side and nodding. "Nobody knows. I have no idea. I wanna say I recognize some of the outfits but it doesn't come to mind. And I don't know where their faces are or anything about them. They literally came out of nowhere. I think I accidentally sprung one of his traps before anybody else could hit it." He rubs his chin. "I worry a little that he's going to try to mess with me, but I've got friends and allies to help if something does go down. But you should just know, ok? He's got a mad-on, now. But yeah, just more reasons to punch him."

Kukai nods, then grins at Nagi. "You know that is exactly, point for point, the thoughts I had? I just wanna pound the crap outta him now. I know we're supposed to be trying to save everybody, but he just rubs me the wrong way."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 17:48:51 87603
Temari, being Temari, pulls out a teaset from her sleeve, the little pot still steaming as she pours small little teacups for the three of them. Nagihiko snorts again. "Yes. And threaten people who could likely tear me apart if they wished."

Little heart bubbles begin floating in the air where the three charas are sitting. The source is easily identified as Temari visibly swoons. "Kunzite-sama~"

Nagihiko rolls his eyes and is quickly flustered all over. "If any body finds out, just remember the tables." It is, of course, the emptiest of threats.

He sighs, eyebrows furrowed. "I just...I don't even know why he would do that. Maybe they're supposed to have faces but the trap was sprung too early? That or he realizes just how creepy that is."

On top of it all, the possible threat to Kukai made Nagihiko glad he is done traveling for now. And hell, if it is still present when it is time for another trip, he knows how best to feign an injury. "Well, if he tries, I'll...I can...tie him up and pelt him with soccer balls."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 17:57:07 87604
Kukai snorts and giggles. "I think the thing that keeps you going is the simple fact that while other people may be able to tear you up, they know for a fact that you'll take a chunk out of them while they're finishing you off. There is no safe way to deal with you when you're really mad except run." He looks over at Temari and he and Daichi both have the same 'what is her real problem' look on their face, staring at the little Guardian.

Kukai chuckles. "I will. And...I don't know. I mean.." He looks over at the turned-off phone for a moment. "I think trying to figure out what's going through his mind may be beyond me."

Kukai looks back at Nagihiko and then grins. "I'm not going to say anything about you tying people up." He lets Nagihiko splutter over that one as he fishes up the thermos and plastic bag from the floor.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 18:15:59 87605
He preens at that. How can he not? "Well. I do like to make it difficult for people in that situation. Try to get some permanent damage in while I can." His spine straightens and he's more prim and proper. "My favorite is when they aren't expecting a delicate flower to come at them like a freight train." Rhythm looks at both Daichi and Kukai. Seeing their matching expressions he gives a shrug. So far as he can tell, it's just Temari being Temari!

Nagihiko throws up his hands a little. "Honestly? I'm not even certain we should try. It likely wouldn't end well. Isn't that the issues profilers have?"

And boy does he splutter! He makes a nice enough recover, at least enough that it looks as though he's recovered. "Well, I certainly wouldn't enoy tying them up the way I might a certain someone."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 18:33:01 87606
Kukai smiles and then snorts. "I dunno whether to be proud or scared that you think that way. Maybe both." He chortles at the second bit, though. "That's probably what surprises the most people - you can be all nice and gentle and quiet and then get pissed off and practically drive the air itself in front of you when you charge."

Kukai sighs and then shrugs, scooting back on the bed as he investigates the plastic bag, unscrewing the thermos to get at the tea. Just cups or...? "Pretty much. All I know right now is there's something crazy going on there. But.." He looks over at Nagi and smiles. "I'm glad you get me and what I was doing."

Kukai giggles at the splutter, then blinks. Uh. What. "Uh. Well. I mean." He busies himself pouring out some of the tea, completely unsure of how to even think of that statement. Winner, Nagihiko.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 19:07:09 87607
"'Both' is definitely an acceptable answer in this case." He stretches out, hands over head and one leg kicking out. "You get me. I'm fairly certain most people would have been scared off by now."

There are indeed cups in the bag as well as a container. "Oh, I'd made some curry last night. It isn't too hot, but it might be a bit spicy for your tummy right now. I mean, your stomach. Your manly stomach." He rifles through the bag and pulls up a tube of crackers. "There's also these. And of course. You're looking out for your friends while also enjoying the endorfin rush of punching an asshole. What's not to get?"

Nagihiko smugs the smuggest smug to ever smug. Point! "Trust me, darlin.' I've likely thought of most of it when it comes to that skillset."
Kukai Souma 2017-12-12 19:27:55 87608
Kukai chuckles and nods, accepting 'both' as a proper answer. "I guess so. And I'd like to think I do. We're on something approaching the same wavelength." He pours out some of the tea, offering one cup to Nagihiko, then eyes the curry with something between consideration and desire. "I had a hamburger yesterday... but I also suffered a bunch last night when I ate it, so... I mean, I gotta get my stomach exercise somehow, right?" He pops open the curry container and scoops out some with a cracker, testing it experimentally. As usual, it's Nagihiko's cooking, which is fantastic. "mm."

Kukai laughs. "Oh god. I think you're right. Yeah, and I was thinking long-term - anything to slow him down or keep him in check for as long as possible while we tie up more loose ends and get people ready for him to do crazy things. Like drive a youma train around Tokyo's airways. Which he did." Kukai shakes his head, remembering.

Kukai eyes Nagihiko after that statement. "... Yeah. 'Attractively scary' is the proper setting to consider you at most of the time."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2017-12-12 19:43:23 87609
"So you'll be a deceptively delicate flower who can punch through anything soon?" He accepts the cup and takes a sip. It isn't one of the more potent teas, but is one he drank most often for sore muscles. "Fortunately the curry keeps. Unfortunately... well, do your brothers adhere to the 'name written on food' law? Or does marking it that way ensure it's gone within five minutes?"

His eyes nearly bug out of his skull. "A youma train. What, was he trying to reenact 'Murder on the Oriental Express?' Only this time, surprise twist, the train did it!"

He keeps up his smug and preens. More than necessary. "Oh, yes. And depending on your point of view, you're either really lucky or very unlucky that my sights have settled on you."