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Date: 2017-12-31
Pose Count: 9
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-12-31 01:18:53 87889
There is a Witch here. Or there was a witch here. It's Labyrinth just collapsed in that billowy weird reality swirl that kind of looks like the mirage off hot pavement. Ting. Tiny. Ting. Something shiny clatters to the ground. Jewel Seed? No. A different seed. Grief Seed.

Mai Sakurarko-- Puella Magi Mai- is a Puella Magi none of you have met before. She's a Puella Magi, evident by the Soul Gem that gleams teal green on the choker on her neck. She's dressed in some fanfical dress, has long green hair and is currently breathing heavily. That is definitly a microphone in her hand, but it kind of dissaptes into green sparkles as she seems to be recovering from what was a very recent fight just then.

The musical vocal theme probably betrays her wish.

She staggers towards the Grief Seed, her hard won prize as she gently touches it. She takes it into her hand. She'll need this. It's getting harder. But something glimmers just past it. Something stuck in the dirt.

...Two Grief Seeds?

Wait. No. This isn't a Grief Seed, as she takes it out of the dirt and brushes her finger over it, it glows an unearthly series of colors as she stares down at it.

"...What are you?" she says to herself.... eyes seemingly transfixed on the gem.


"Oh... I see now..." she says with wider eyes, the purple light erriely reflecting off her face.


MEANWHILE There's definitly a Jewel Seed signature in the dead of night, in a small park where people have been going missing for the past week. MOST likely the result of the now defeated witch.

Nanoha Takamachi happened to be on Patrol with Yuuno.

"You know Yuuno, that was mean letting me think you were just a ferret." she brings it up. As she has been since the fight with the giant bee, ALMOST every other day. "I mean why not tell me!?" she says.

Yuuno sighs. "We've had this talked many times Nanoha. I didn't... really have a choice." he says.

Nanoha sighs. "Annnd if I push the issue you'll just say it's more important to pay attention right now~ And you'd be right." she says. Almost there...
Sayaka Miki 2017-12-31 01:25:19 87890
It was a long, gruelling battle, and Sayaka has not actually fought a full on witch in a while, mostly just wraiths here and there. But, with the help of another Puella Magi that she chanced upon, they managed to bring down the witch, shattering its labrynth and returning the landscape to its former semblance.

She grins as she steps towards Puella Magi Mai, resting a hand on her shoulder. "Well done, Mai-chan. I believe that grief seed belongs to you now.." she peers over at the glimmering seed, then blinks, taking a step towards it. "Woah, two grief seed...? Is that..?" she scratches her head in confusion as Mai makes a grab for it.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-12-31 01:31:38 87891
    Some people here can't fight. Some people here have no option other than going across the rooftops; and depending on which person is being spoken of here, they might not even have the benefit of some kind of magical girl lightness to carry them through the air.

    Of course, we're talking about Kokoro here. So of course, she's doing it on pure brute strength.

    Naturally, this means that her landings are a bit heavy. Feel bad for anyone in a top floor apartment, or working late in the highest office. But it's probably reassuring for those who hunt jewel seeds to see the crimson-clad form of Dengeki Shoujo vaulting across the skyline, flickering occasionally with arcs of electricity. When Kokoro spots Nanoha up in the air, she even calls out. "Oi, Takamachi! We know anythin' 'bout what we're goin' in on?"
Akane Hino 2017-12-31 01:48:44 87893
Akane Hino had a bad feeling something was happening, and she decided to trust her gut instinct. Believing that something was very wrong, Akane quickly changed into Cure Sunny and made her way to where she felt things were going wrong. She took a few wrong turns a long the way, but she finally made it... only to find a couple of others whom she did not recognize at first. But she did sense that they were also 'magical girls' like she was.

"Uh, excuse me?" Cure Sunny said trying to be polite. "I'm Cure Sunny, and I'm guessing that you also had a sense that something was wrong out here too?" She smiles a little. "I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but I had a feeling something was wrong..."
Fate T. Waldia 2017-12-31 01:52:21 87894
    Bardiche's taciturn nature generally means that when he speaks, Fate listens. And when the young mage's faithful black axe of light pinged the coordinates of a new Jewel Seed, the small blonde was already plotting a course that would carry her. A flare of golden light replaces a frilly black dress with the streamlined form of Fate's Barrier Jacket as she races through the sky, intent on capturing this Jewel Seed before that girl can get there. At least that's her plan, when Fate lands atop a nearby park lamppost in silence.
Nanoha Takamachi 2017-12-31 02:00:22 87895
Nanoha looks towards Kokoro and heads downwards to get closer to Kokoro and more groundwards. "Jewel Seed." she says. "I dunno what to expect yet." she says. "'s not active yet!" she says. Indeed. There's a distinct lack of... anything just yet as Nanoha (and most likely Kokoro, by proximity) reach the entrance of the park and head in, Nanoha making a beeline towards---

Oh! There's people here...! Some teal green colored magical girl. A blue haired magical girl who looks familiar and Cure Sunny who helpfully introduces herself so she doesn't need to guess or place a name.

"...hey why is everyone here...?" she asks. Indeed. This seems like a gathering more than an attack taking place. Wait. That green girl looks hurt. Did... did the Jewel Seed already pass and go?


Mai suddenly goes wide eyed and clutches the Jewel Seed. She does not keep as tight of a hold on the Grief Seed as it tumbles to the ground. "....No.. you keep away!" she says pointedly. There's that slight twinge of crazy to her expression suddenly. Widened eyes. The paranoid lean forward, as if to protect and cradle what's in her hands.

"This is my second chance! Don't you see!? This is better than-- than a grief seed. A Second chance! All for me!" she says with a little more than a 'happy' grin. "YOU KEEP AWAY TOO!" she says to the newcomers.

She giggles a little insanely. Then she makes a mad dash into the brush. WITH the Jewel Seed.

Yes she is cackling.
"H..hey was that the Jewel Seed, H-hey WAIT!" says Nanoha as she begins jogging after. Thank god for daily runs every morning.

If Fate is nearby she hasn't noticed. Maybe Fate will notice her from the distance diving into the brush after the girl that clearly has the Jewel Seed.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-12-31 02:08:43 87896
    Down comes Kokoro with a last, hard THUD, hitting street level and jogging her way into the park behind Nanoha. Huh, there's a lot of people here. Nanoha must have... wait, Nanoha didn't call them? Oh, that can't be good. That means the Jewel Seed might already be-

    ...ah hell, that's not a normal 'kneel on the ground and lean forward'.

    "O-oi, that ain't a second chance, that's just-" And off she goes. Crap. "Takamachi, track 'er from the sky! I'm goin' in, steer me right if she loses me!" Without waiting for a reply, the red-haired magical thundergirl hurls herself into the brush after Mai, taking long, loping strides, exactly the sort of thing that applies her strength best for 'running fast'. It might not be the most maneuverable run, but... well, if there's one or two damaged trees here and there, nobody'll care, right? ...right...?
Sayaka Miki 2017-12-31 02:11:55 87897
Puella Magi Sayaka smiles at Mai, quite happy to have worked alongside a fellow Puella Magi after such a long stretch of working alone. However, something seems...Wrong.."Hey, wait a second, I dont think that's a grief seed!" she frowns, moving towards her, moving to try and knock the jewel out of her hand. "Dammit, what's it doing to her?" and then suddenly she's acting and talking funny and jumping into the brush. "Hey, wait!" She frowns, about to follow after her, pausing only briefly as she sees some other magical girls have joined her. "Woah, what's going on? You all after that magical jewel too?" she arches a brow at Nanoha, having met her once or twice briefly before perhaps. "Nanoha-chan? What's going on?" glancing around, she nods briefly towards the others, "Puella Magi Sayaka Miki at your service. That..Whatever it is, is definitely not a grief seed..We need to stop her.." she peers around, searching for where she went.
Akane Hino 2017-12-31 02:14:48 87898
"Why is everyone here?" Cure Sunny repeats, frowning a little. "Uh, well, I got the feeling something wasn't right and I..." She trails off, sounding like she's making up a lame excuse or something. "I honestly don't get it either." She sighs for a moment and begins to look around, then does a double-take as she sees the green girl herself. "Hey, she looks like she's hurt!" Cure Sunny runs over to check on her, a look of fear and concern on her face.

"Are you all right?" Cure Sunny asks. "What happened to you? Can you talk?" The Precure's eyes begin to shimmer a little almost like there are tears welling up, but she blinks them away, trying to remain strong.