Sunday is Laundry Day

Kyouko has to wash her clothes. She runs into Fate and Sayaka while doing so.

Date: 2015-08-16
Pose Count: 22
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-16 22:55:53 7838
    You know, sometimes being homeless is tough. What am I talking about, being homeless is tough all the time. Usually though, it doesn't really bother Kyouko Sakura that much. Oh sure, maybe she'd like to have a soft bed, doors that lock, a private bathroom, ANY bathroom, or a change of clothes- but she's not the type to let the lack of those 'luxuries' keep her down day-to-day. Some days though, you just need to take care of business. And sometimes that business is laundry.

    Now, as noted, Kyouko only owns one set of clothing (not counting her henshin outfit, which is magical and doesn't really get dirty). This becomes an issue when you need to do laundry, so she has solved it in the best way that she can. She sits in a laundromat in downtown Mitakihara, a rather clean and nice if bland place, staring with a bored expression at a humming washing machine. Inside said machine, one can make out a hoodie, shorts, and various sundries spinning about. What, then, is Kyouko wearing?

    Well, she has what appears to be a white bedsheet wrapped around her like a toga, and pinned securely using safety pins. It looks like the sort of bedsheet they might, just for example, hang out to dry on the roof of a hospital where a magical girl, were she so inclined, could easily steal one.

    Although she looks like she's about to attend a rocking frat party, the truth of it is, she's just bored. Wearing a bedsheet toga in public doesn't seem to bother her really- more the enforced idleness of waiting for the washing machine. At least she has pocky, a stick hanging from her mouth and an open box in the hand on her lap.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-16 23:51:09 7850
Fate Testarossa and Arf walk through the door. Fate is in normal civillian clothes, a black hoodie and some jean shorts. Arf is in her human form, though despite it being a human form one could notice a pair of orange dog ears sticking out of her orange hair. Arf seems to be carrying something in a suit bag, but it's a small suit back. It's about the right size for the 9-year-old Fate, actually.

"I'll handle this," says Arf. Fate silently nods, and Arf goes up to the clerk to go sort out the details of getting Fate's suit cleaned and pressed. While Fate's glad to have someone other than her deal with strangers, it does leave Fate without anything to do.

Fate's wine-red eyes begin to wander, first to the drycleaning machines and their constant spinning, then to the various other people at the landromat. Finally, her eyes go to Kyouko, who is in a bedsheet toga for some reason? Fate doesn't get it. Older people are weird sometimes.

Fate goes to take a seat. The only convenient, empty seat is close to the strange toga-wearing girl. She fidgets with her fingers a bit, watching as Arf handles things at the other side of the laundromat, occasionally glancing to Kyouko and her strange toga.

She's either nervous or bored, and it's hard to tell which one.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-16 23:57:24 7851
    Kyouko glances up as Fate and Arf enter the laundromat, idly adjusting her makeshift garment. It's really rather secure, she did a very good job with the safety pins (Kyouko has always had a way with sharp objects), but that doesn't mean it's the most comfortable thing to wear. Still, we do what we must. She glances at the timer on the washing machine again. Sigh. Why does this take so long?!

    Her eyes idly track Arf as the woman walks over to deal with the clerk. Her eyes narrow slightly. Are those.. inumimi? What, is she some kind of weird cosplayer or something? Her eyes then move to Fate, just at one of the moments the younger girl is staring at her. She makes eye contact (her eyes actually a very similar color), and then scowls a bit. Stop staring, kid, her expression seems to say!

    After a moment it softens though. She must realize she looks kind of silly. So, as if in apology even though not a word has yet been spoken, she offers a one-fanged smile and holds out her box of Pocky. "Laundry sucks, huh?" Is her greeting. Will Fate take candy from a stranger? Surely Precia has told her about the dangers of such things!
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 00:10:25 7855
Precia doesn't tell Fate jack squat. Maybe she told Alicia that at some point, not that Fate would be able to tell the difference between her real memories or her implanted ones.

Granted, it's generally understood that 'strangers' means 'strange adults' and people under the age of 16-17 are exempt, right? That seems to be how it works. Or at least that's what Fate decides that it means.

Fate meekly looks away from Kyouko as Kyouko gives her a scary look, staring straight ahead to avoid further eye contact. It isn't until Kyouko speaks up that Fate turns her head to look back at the redhaired Puella. Her eyes dart between Kyouko's own eyes and the pocky box.

A little worried of what might happen if she /doesn't/ accept the pocky (Kyouko is kinda scary!), Fate meekly accepts the little candystick and responds, "It's boring. I'd rather be outside."

Fate looks at the stick of pocky for a second. Should she really be sitting around and eating candy when she could be working? Well, Agera-sempai /did/ say that she should have more fun, and that having fun during downtime meant one could work harder when it was time to work. Some might question Takashi Agera's suitability as a role model, but he is the role model that Fate has at the moment.

Fate quietly munches on pocky before trying to attempt conversation. "Um... are all your clothes like that?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 00:14:52 7858
    Kyouko watches as the smaller girl tentatively takes the pocky stick, grinning when she finally does so and begins to munch on it. She crunches into her own, her sharp teeth snipping it in two easily before consuming both halves, before she fetches another. "You're damn right it's boring." Kyouko agrees, apparently seeing no need to moderate her language in front of elementary-schoolers. She heaves a wistful sigh. "I'd rather be doing anything else. But there was all this bl- uh.. dirt on my clothes, and I only have the one set, so.."

    Then Fate asks her about her current 'outfit'. She looks down at it, and smirks a little. "What? Oh.. no. I just rigged this up because I didn't want to be arrested." She gestures to the busily spinning washer. "That's all I got, see, so I can't very well stand around here while it washes without doing something to cover up." She plucks at the makeshift toga. "Think I did a pretty good job actually. Maybe I shoulda been a seamstress." She sniggers to herself, as if finding the very idea absurd.

    Then she looks over at Fate again. "You here with your mom, or what?" She jerks her thumb at Arf.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 00:27:51 7862
The impressionable young Fate listens to Kyouko's coarse language. 'Mommy I learned a new word today!' 'Mommy doesn't care, sweety.'

The explaination that Kyouko gives makes sense. All of her clothes are dirty, and she needed /something/ to wear. That's only normal. "Oh. Okay."

Kyouko mentions being a seamstress, and Fate looks over the bedsheet toga. She isn't sure if there was a lot of sewing involved in making that, but Kyouko's laughter seems to indicate that it was a joke, anyways.

Fate looks to Arf as Kyouko asks about her. Fate never once thought of Arf as a mother. If anything, one might think it was the other way around. Yet Arf did look older than her, and she was constantly looking out for her.

The truth of the matter would be too difficult to explain, especially since Fate doesn't know anything about Kyouko's involvement with magic. Yet even in a lie she couldn't claim anyone to be her mother except Precia. So she goes with the more convenient lie. "She's my sister. She's getting my suit drycleaned."

Through Bardiche, Fate makes a mental note to Arf. ~By the way, when we're out in public, you're my older sister.~

~Got it.~

Arf, now curious, glances back to Fate, and the redhaired girl who's talking to her. For a moment she shows concern, but Fate doesn't seem worried about it, so Arf doesn't worry either.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 00:33:08 7864
    Kyouko actually looks a little.. surprised as Fate simply accepts her reasoning for wearing a bedsheet toga in public. I mean, it's not that she wanted to be mocked, but even a kid should have realized it was a bit of a strange thing to do, right? But Fate just accepts it as easily as can be, which makes Kyouko blink a few times. She shrugs though, and dismisses it after a moment.

    "Sister, huh?" Kyouko mutters, glancing over at Arf again, leaning one hand on the bench to support her as she lounges, gnawing on her pocket. "Why's she got them weird ears on? She some kinda otaku or something?" She asks, her tone neither scornful or appreciative, merely curious, as she regards Arf and her inhuman anatomy.

    Then she turns her eyes back on Fate, her brows drawing together slightly. "For that reason, why do you have a suit to get cleaned anyway? Am I that far behind on kids' fashion?" She briefly looks concerned. "Maybe I been livin' in that church too long.."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-17 00:42:25 7865
    Sayaka was pretty excited. Having been recently invited to a formal performance by none other than Kamijou-kun, she needed only to find some attire fancy yet formal enough to attend the high-profile outing.

    Unfortunately, the only really super formal outfit she had (and probably the only skirt other than her school uniform), is quite old, water stained, rumpled, a little torn and smells like moth balls. Let's just hope she can manage to at least clean and iron it at this place!

    She steps into the laundromat, carrying the delicate dress in a suitbag, searching for a washer to use..
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 00:48:33 7867
Fate looks at Kyouko, and then looks at Arf's ears, and then back at Kyouko. Her familiar's ears are kindof a giveaway that she isn't human. It's actually surprising that Kyouko is the first one to ask that. Fate doesn't really have an answer thought up right away.

"She just likes them. I think they look cute." Fate /did/ kinda choose to have her that way, though Arf has never complained either. Tiptoeing around the truth is hard.

The suit is asked about, and Fate just says, "Well... it's for my job."

Wait, a 9 year old has a job?

"I actually don't know much about what the other kids my age wear. My co-workers thought that I'd look nice in it."

Sayaka enters the laundromat, and Fate stares at her for a moment. She hasn't seen the girl before, but she's new and strange and interesting. Yet, Fate being shy as she is, she doesn't say anything.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 00:52:31 7868
    "They are kind of cute." Kyouko admits, snapping off another piece of Pocky in her mouth as she contamplates Arf from across the way. As Fate explains that the suit is 'for her job', she glances back at the kid, brows raised. "/You/ have a job?" She asks, then after a moment she just chuckles and shakes her head slightly. "Damn, you're makin' me look bad, squirt. Next thing you know you'll tell me you're some kinda ace fighter too, and totally upstage me."

    At this point though, she's distracted by Fate's distraction as Sayaka enters the laundromat, turning to follow the younger girl's gaze. Her face actually lights up when she sees Sayaka, a genuine smile coming across her features- not that Fate, having just met her, would recognize that as out of the ordinary! "Hey, it's Raspberry-chan!" She exclaims, and then suddenly freezes.

    She glances down at her toga, suddenly concerned. "Oh crap, I look like a weirdo, don't I?" She looks over at Fate, her eyes demanding reassurance. "Do I look like a weirdo? I do, don't I? Dammit!"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 01:20:35 7871
Fate glances away at the mention of her being an 'ace fighter'. She doesn't confim or deny it, she's just really quiet.

Besides, what she saw from Suzuki last night makes her wonder if she could just upstage someone like that. Fate's good, yes, but Earth is surprisingly full of magical potential for being such a backwater planet.

"Yeah um... I work for..." Fate freezes. It's probably supposed to be a secret that she works for Eclipse, but she forgot what her cover was supposed to be! Oops oops oops.

Fortunately Kyouko is distracted from that line of conversation, and suddenly panicked over how she looks.

Fate isn't sure how to respond. She has no idea what a weirdo looks like! How can she answer that?

"U-um... I'm sure you look fine?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-17 01:32:06 7874
    Sayaka sighs as she sees there are currently no free washers available. Must be a busy time of day. She sees a kid hanging around, accompanied by a strange human with weirdo ears?..As if she hasn't seen enough strange things aronud lately! However, the person she is talking to looks pretty familiar..Oh hey, that's Kyouko! In a strange toga-sheet..?

    "Kyouko-chan! Heey! Err..What's that you're wearing?"
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 01:35:45 7875
    Kyouko frowns slightly at Fate's less-than-sure sounding response, glancing down at her 'outfit' again and wondering what she should do. But by then it's too late to do anything anyway, because Sayaka is coming over to say hi. And of course the first thing she does is question the toga. I mean, it's what any reasonable person would do, really.

    "Ah.." Kyouko blushes, also something she doesn't do very often, and tried to play it off, laughing a little bit. "W-well I hadda wash my clothes, y'know? S'not like I have more than one set.." She pauses, realizing this might seem weird too, and hurrying to change the subject.

    "Hey, um, lemme introduce you to.." She pauses, faltering as she realizes she hasn't asked Fate's name yet and has no idea who she is. "T-this.. kid.." She turns bright red at this point, and just turns away to hide her face, turning her back on both of them, as she tries to work out a way to recover, and fails miserably.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 01:42:16 7876
Fate looks between Sayaka and Kyouko, confused. She isn't sure what to make of all this. Did she mess up somehow? Fate really doesn't understand.

When she's introduced as 'this kid', Fate says, "I'm... Fate Testarossa." She finds a business card on her person and hands it to Kyouko, to show how her name is spelled. The company name on the business card is a cover, provided by Eclipse, but calling the number would either get Fate or someone set up to cover for Fate when she's... busy.

Fate still isn't sure what to make of the exchange between Sayaka and Kyouko. She just asks, "Are you two friends?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-17 02:02:01 7877
    Sayaka chuckles at Kyouko's awkwardness, scratching her head, "Ahh, right! Of course. I guess if you have to wash your clothes...Err..." Although that part about it being the only set of clothes she has, and Sayaka has to wonder if she just lives on the streets or something?

    "Hmm Kyou-chan, if that's the case, then I'll need to take you on a shopping trip some time! So you dont have to run around in a toga-sheet like that again!" She chuckles, trying to lighten the situation, before glancing at the...Kid. Who is forced to introduce herself. "Testarossa-san?" she says with a slight smile, "Nice to meet you, my name is Sayaka Miki!" peering at the business card as its passed to Kyouko, Sayaka arches a curious brow, "Wow, you have business cards? At your age??"

    Though the question side-tracks her briefly and she nods, "Yeah, we're good friends, although I didnt expect to run into Kyouko again so soon, after that last time.." She has a thoughtful look in her cerulean eyes, remembering the sombre cloud cast over Kyouko last time they met, as she told her she might not survive whatever is to come..
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 02:06:09 7880
    Kyouko stiffens a little bit as she hears Sayaka start to question the fact that she only has one pair of clothes.. only to follow it up with an invite to shopping? Kyouko glances back over her shoulder, still flushed. "Well, that sounds like a lot of fun but ah.. it's.. not like I really have any money.."

    Luckily Fate interrupts at this point to introduce herself, and also to hand over the business card. "Fate, huh, that's a weird name." Is Kyouko's completely off-the-cuff and unintentionally rude remark as she accepts the card. She glances at it, then tucks it behind her ear. She'll probably remember it's there and give it a closer look later on.

    When Sayaka says they are 'good friends', Kyouko reddens a little again. She's just not used to people saying that about her. In fact, if you asked her, she'd probably say she doesn't have any good friends, which makes Sayaka saying that so casually all the more surreal sounding to her. "Ah, yeah.." She says, as the blue-haired girl brings up that she hadn't expected to see her again so soon, "Look, my life's just a little crazy as all, you shouldn't worry about that.."

    THen she turns to glance at Fate again, something Sayaka said registering a moment later. "Yeah, no kidding, kid. A suit, a job, and business cards? Are you some kinda.. whatsitcalled.. prodgiy, or somethin'?"
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 02:19:30 7881
"Yeah... I have business cards..." says Fate. "... is that strange?"

Now it's Fate's turn to be awkward and shy. Did she do something wrong? Is it really that weird to have business cards and a suit? She sits down and clams up about this.

She isn't sure how to answer. Finally she's caught in a corner.

Finally, Arf comes along, holding Fate's suitbag and loudly proclaiming. "Yeah, that's right. A prodigy! My /little sister/ here is just /overflowing/ with talent!" There is genuine pride in Arf's voice. Fate starts blushing. What's going on right now?

Arf continues on, taking advantage of the fact that Fate is letting her play the role of her 'older sister', resting her hand on top of the embarassed Fate's head. "She's a Ma-ah-ah-ummmm."

Fate is telepathically and emphatically saying ~no don't say that don't say it they'll think i'm weird!~

Arf looks down at her, confused. ~What's the big deal? It's not like you have a secret identity like that Riventon guy or something!~

~b-but...~ Fate protests.

Arf scratches her head and looks at Fate, then the other two. Fate glances over to Kyouko and Sayaka. "So how long have you known each other?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-17 02:35:07 7883
    Sayaka smiles a teasing smile at Kyouko. "I promise, when this is all over, I'll take you on a shopping spree. My parent's are pretty wealthy and all.." But she leaves it there, not wanting to seem like she's boasting or anything. As for the 'good friends' bit, perhaps she was just teasing Kyouko, trying to get her to lighten up.

    Her attention turns towards Fate however, equally curious, "A suit too, huh? Is that why you're here? To clean a business suit?" She chuckles, "Wow, they sure start young, don't they? Umm...May I ask what kind of job you have? Must be pretty important to have to wear a suit!"

    As for Arf (Her big sister, presumably?), Sayaka just peers at her long and hard..Eventually noticing that Arf has...A tail? "Wow! Is that a really good costume or what? That tail..And those ears..Are so cute!" So cute she almost wants to reach out and touch 'em..But then she has to wonder if she's another..Magical girl of some sort.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 02:40:36 7884
    "Oh, I see.." Kyouko says, turning back around.. suddenly on the offensive again, apparently having decided that if she's going to be in a 'combat' of sorts with her embaressment, she might as well come out swinging. "So that's the story. You been holdin' out on me, Raspberry-chan, I had no idea you were an Oujo-sama." She grins, poking at Sayaka as she says it in good-natured attack.

    She then looks at Arf as the older-looking woman comes over and begins bragging about Fate. "Yeah I bet. She certainly seems talented." She says, regarding Fate, her tone concilliatory.. before what Sayaka says registers, and she frowns. "I hadn't even noticed the tail before, but Sayaka-chan makes a good point." She says, narrowing her eyes at Arf. "That tail is awful animated for a costume."
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-17 02:49:49 7886
"She does /insulting/ work!" says Arf, full of pride. She thinks the cover was something along those lines, anyways.

"... she means consulting," corrects Fate.

"Yeah! Consulting! What did I say?"

Arf's ears and tails are complimented, and she proudly exclaims, "Thanks! Fate gave 'em to me!" Well that's not wrong. She's beaming right now. Then Kyouko makes a comment on her tail. Arf's tail flaps around as she blinks. She completely forgot that was showing. Most people don't even notice it, really.

"Well it's one of those... um... things like..."

Both Fate and Arf are under scrutiny at the moment. Their various attempts to distract from their cumulative weirdnessess have failed. Fate feels super awkward right now, and Arf is aware of it. She wants to end it, to make Fate feel better.

"Well you see the thing is..." Arf starts to explain, and then she /grabs/ Fate, literally lifting up her 'little sister' and saying, "Okay, Fate, it's time for ice cream!"

Arf just runs out of the laundromat, with Fate and Fate's suit in hand.

Once Fate and Arf are a good distance away, Fate telepathically transmits, ~Thanks... I wasn't sure what to do~

~Sure no problem! But as your Older Sister I think we should do something fun next! It's what your boss said to do, right?~
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-17 02:53:26 7887
"Well...That was sure weird!"
But hey! At least there's a free washer now! Sayaka grins sheepishly as she proceeds to wash her dress..
Kyouko Sakura 2015-08-17 02:56:05 7888
    Kyouko just blink as Arf suddenly grabs Fate and bolts out the door with her like a running back going for a big gain. "You said it." She says to Sayaka, as the blue-haired girl comments on the weirdness of that particular reaction. Just then her washing machine dings, finally done, and she goes over to collect her clothes.

    Well, I'm gonna go home and hang these up to dry. I dun wanna waste money on a drying machine." She says, giving the other girl another smile. "Listen, that shopping trip.. it sounds fun. Maybe we can do that if.. y'know, everything works out. I'd love to stay and chat but I should get this stuff home."

    She offers another wave, then turns to leave. "See ya around!"