I Cried Because...

...I was afraid I was going to lose you. Lacrima has Ariel over to talk about the events of Darkest Nightmare. CONTENT NOTICE: Donuts and Slice of Life Animes.

Date: 2018-01-12
Pose Count: 9
Lacrima 2018-01-12 23:52:06 88090
Lacrima wants to talk to Ariel Theodore. A lot. She had to confirm some things, that she got from Ikiko-chan. She's a little awkward about it, but Ariel gets a series of texts inviting her over and wanting to talk to her. Then asking 'Please?' like Ariel has some reason to reject it outright like Lacrima did something wrong.

She's acquired a visitor's spread of what the Donut Shop called a 'Unicorn Donut'. It was a Pink creme filled donut- topped with blue icing and multicolored sprinkles, a gallon of milk. A pitcher of fruit punch. ALSO she made sure the donuts are vegetarian. They are.

She's sitting there in front of that on the table in the vestibule on the couch as she sits hesitantly. She's watching the door, every few seconds-- and the TV is on for some idle noise as not to seem weird sitting there in silence. It's on some slice of life anime about school girls but the school girls are also animal girls with ears and tails and they play off the species a lot. With the dog girl chasing the cat girl and so on and it's kind of super silly.

She's never actually cared about that before. The whole seeming awkward and weird thing. Why now, she thinks.
Ariel Theodore 2018-01-13 00:02:55 88091
    Well it was bound to happen. Ariel had partially been expecting to receive word from Lacrima- or maybe she had been hoping she would. There it is though, and there's a momentary fumble as she plinks away the response on her screen that makes the little 'Ariel is typing' note seem to go on for forever before she agreed to pay another visit.
    It's not painfully long after that, that she arrives- sans Lucky for once. Though there is a momentary beat of hesitation in ringing the bell of the old manor, it sounds loud and clear when she works up the nerve to do it.
Lacrima 2018-01-13 00:14:25 88092
Ding Donnng. The doorbell is one of those old kinds that sounds weird like an actual bell was run twice. Something mechanical and old. This is followed by the sound of flailing and Lacrima running to the door to open it. Thud!

"Ari-chan!" she says with wide eyes. "C..come in! Please." she says as she steps aside.

Woof woof woof the dog girl in the anime on TV has chased the cat girl up a lamppost and the pig girl and the monkey girl are trying to intervene and it's so stupid and inane.

She steps inside and flails a little more. "I got donuts and drinks." she says as she moves to sit down. "Sit down." she says. "I mean please?...."

"I wanna talk..." she says quietly as she begins to grow quieter and fidgeting.
Ariel Theodore 2018-01-13 00:24:46 88093
    Ariel waits for the door to open, rocking on her heels, hands held lazily behind her back. But she doesn't wait long, and when she's face to face with Lacrima there is a beat of silence. But it's dispelled when Ariel puts on a thin little smile. "Mn. Hello, Norie."
    She's ushered in easily enough- though her brow knots with curiosity when she catches a glimpse of the anime on TV, it does not hold her focus as she follows over to sit. The donuts and drinks can wait a little bit though, because this is clearly important.
    "Okay. Let us talk." She prompts, settling down and folding hands on her lap, staring without judgment.
Lacrima 2018-01-13 00:34:54 88094
Lacrima softly ushers her inside and she sits down and then bites her lip and then wraps her arms around herself a little softly. "I..I'm sorry." she says quietly. "I was hurting so bad before all that and then that thing came... and.. and I just. I'm so tired. Of.. of making headway. And ... like. Wrecking balls. Destroy it all. And I start at square one again." she says.

She sniffs again, she isn't crying, but. "...and.. and I'm sorry I said those things and I made you cry and and..." she bites her lip.

"I... I felt. Something. and I tried to say it. But. I... did. Something else instead..." she says quietly, she shifts uncomfortably. She's talking about the kiss. "Because. I acted. Instead of talked. Because I felt so... tired. Very tired... after that." she says quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-01-13 00:52:07 88095
    Ariel settles and listens. And she stares. Long, silent, intent. Almost more curious than anything else as she lets Lacrima try to explain herself; topaz eyes locked on the other girl and almost unblinking. She's nearly as still as a statue, save for the faint rise and fall of her chest as she breathes.
    "Norie." When she does speak, her voice is soft, as though broaching a delicate topic. "It's not easy for you, right?" She doesn't finish that thought at first, but a beat later she does. "Feeling things. I remember you said you had trouble with it."
    "You felt something... So you did something. And I didn't see you do anything bad that night." She notes very plainly. "But you didn't make me cry." Ariel says.
Lacrima 2018-01-13 01:26:52 88096
Lacrima sort of 'nrfs' a bit and her eyes glance to the floor before looking back up. "Something about that isn't true anymore." she says quietly. "I feel... things. I'm not used to feeling anymore. Not since I was. Human. At least." she says quietly.

"Or not since I was in Kukai's body." she says. "Li..like relief. and comfort. and I've even found myself... snorting. At this stupid anime all day." she says. "I mean like. I found it silly." she says.

Now the cat and dog girls are chasing each other around a tree. THE CHAOS NEVER ENDS!

She fidgets. "I won't ask you if you know how hard it was in the earlier days of when I was this thing." she says quietly. "Because you met me in those days. But. There wasn't a lot of people willing to talk to me. Or understand. I was hurting people so I had to be made to stop. I understand that but.... It's not like. I had a choice. Or still don't have one." she says quietly.

"....when I saw you starting to cry." she says softly. "That hurt more than the burning." she says quietly.
Shehe reaches out to touch the other girl's hand and softly bites her lip. "I... L---" she sighs and takes a deep breath. "I love you and I'm sorry you cried and I know you said it wasn't my fault but-- but I.. I normally. Can't even say those words. I stutter and it hurts but for some reason it doesn't hurt anymore and I feel so many things I'm not used now Ari-chan and I think you had something to do with it. Good things. Not bad things. Li--like I said." she says as she bites her lip.
Ariel Theodore 2018-01-13 01:43:11 88097
    Lacrima looks to the floor. Ariel is still staring. It is only when prompted to even think about the anime running that she turns her attention to the television, head tilting at the sight on the screen. She is that focused on the other girl.
    "I remember." Ariel says. "I won't pretend to know how hard it was, back then. But I didn't have any reason to not try and talk to you, either."
    The anime is amusing, but Lacrima is the center of her attention. Topaz eyes flick down when hands meet. Then gazes meet.
    Ariel clasps Lacrima's hands in her own."
    "Norie. You didn't make me cry." She re-iterates. Now it's Ariel's turn to bite on her lip.
    I love you...
    It's a doozy of an admission, but she takes it with a thin, sheepish little smile.
    "Mom said we can only give our tears willingly." Is how she explains it at first. "It's not easy, and we can do it only when really emotional about something, but the only way a unicorn ever sheds a tear is if we want to." That hangs in the air for a long silent moment before she finishes.
    "I cried because I was afraid I was going to lose you."
Lacrima 2018-01-13 01:56:57 88098
Lacrima doesn't let go of the other girl's hands unless she makes a move to. She doesn't want to. It's...rare for her to want contact. It's how she eats afterall. And she'd had mishaps where she's accidentally drained as a reaction. But for some reason she isn't worrying about that right now. That's not at the forefront of her brain.

She shifts. "I'm glad you didn't." she says quietly. "And I dunno what you did. But I'm pretty sure it..it fixed. Portions of myself." she says with wide eyes. "I'd go into details. About it. But It'd be confusing but... what I am. Usually generates some noise? On some level. But I don't even have that anymore." she says quietly.

She gently pulls Ariel toward her, and into a hug. And then nothing. She just wants to be close right now. There will be time for donuts and drinks and weird slice of life animes in a small while later~.