Cocoa, Bird Dates, and Snug-Gulls!

Hannah and Haruna take reprieve from the cold through cocoa, embarrassingly pink bath robes, and cuddles. Bird dating is discussed.

Date: 2018-01-14
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Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-14 01:04:54 88099
It's just after dinner at the Hannah apartment! There was a delicious pasta dish for dinner, and now Hannah has claimed part of the couch! It's movie and dinner night, Boris is over at her parents. So, here Hannah is in a big fluffy pink bathrobe with a big kitten on the front that she would never admit to owning in a million years.

The upsides? It's big and comfy! And so as Hannah awaits her beloved, she has R.T. start flipping through netflix. It stops first on a documentary about Ramen. Hannah mentally bonks R.T., and then it's on to a superhero movie!

"Harunaaaa! Can you get some cocoa?" It /has/ been pretty cold out.

"I require warm liquid and Cure Snug-gull!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-14 01:16:04 88100
Haruna Kurosawa probably has a selfie of Hannah and her in that bathrobe for photographic proof! She probably hasn't posted it online anywhere though, keep HANNAH'S SECRET SAFE for her TWITTER WHIMS. Or maybe Corvus will get a feather up his butt and make such a post himself when he snags 'Runa's phone in the future for kicks.


Haruna has arrived with HOT CHOCOLATE in Gullwing cups. Hot Chocolate is hot right now with, what, it being the dead of winter. The hot chocolate has been whipped covered and drizzled with fudge syrup just enough to make perfect whip cream mustaches.

(Haruna has it down to a science now!)

She huffs. "Oh god it's freezing out." she says with wide eyes as she tip toes in and takes off her jacket and then plops the hot chocolate holder down onto the coffee table. Also. There's two croissants in there. They are filled with some sort of vanilla cream.

"I come bearing cocoa! a snack! and also snuggulls~" she insists as she plops down next to Hannah with a wry smirk. "Huddle in a bath robe kind of a night?~" she insists.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-14 01:28:32 88101
Corvus is truly Hannah's greatest foe! Never trust a mascot with twitter. The shame will ruin any evil girlfriend! Elsewhere, Boris is enjoying a ham bone and lots of belly rubs thanks to Papa Sharpe!

Taking the cup, she sluuurps down the delicious cocoa, soon adorned with a whip cream 'stache! Then she leeeeans right over, and smooches Gull on the cheek! Mwa hah, now Haruna is bewhipped! Grinning, she pulls in the other young woman with that warm robe beckoning. Really, it's huge and fluffy enough to contain them both! Maximum warm and fuzzy!

She's ignoring the movie even as it plays. Background noise to the presence of someone she loves. "You have to be freezing going to the Gullwing. Don't get a cold, or else you'll be suffering through Evil Nurse Hannah-chan! I will make you take love and care and bedrest! Oh, and home made chicken soup!"

Snug-gulls initiated, she sighs happily, one hand brushing through Haruna's hair.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-14 01:48:06 88102
Haruna's eyes glances to the movie. She makes a face at it and then back to Hannah before, mwah and then there's a big blob of whip cream on her cheek and she huffs and wipes it off with a finger. This is not the first time whip cream has ended up places it shouldn't in her job at Gullwing!

Snuggles. Mmmm. She gently taps her bottom lip. "I dunno. I don't think cold makes people catch colds. I remember some documentary about that. I'm pretty sure it's a mix of other stuff too." she says.

She huffs and leans. "Christmas was fun, for the record." she says. "Christmas is different here in Japan. Usually it's just kinda like. Valentine's Day light between couples and for very young kids?" she asks. "I mean we get the lights and stuff." she says.

"But I've never seen so much ham ever!" she says with wide eyes. "And with pineapple on it and cheeries and stuff!" she says.

"I didn't even know ham could come from a giant can." she says.

She begins tapping her finger. How do they get such a giant pig into a tiny tiny can. She's thinking about this her usual Haruna manner as she eyes Hannah. "Also, getting up earlier the next day to watch the Christmas parade was weird. Do they throw parades everyday in America?" she asks with wide eyes.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-14 02:10:36 88103
Hannah Sharpe closes her eyes, head against Haruna's shoulder in between sips of cocoa. The warmth is magnificent after such a cold day. Hannah soaks it all in, the healing energy of love and friendship making her feel better than she has in a long time.

She's grinning as Christmas comes up! "And think, it could've been even bigger! Next year I'm getting your and my parents together in one house. And we're all going to help cook! Oh, and we'll have to remember to keep our dads from killing each other." Wink!

"Seriously though, I do want to get to know your parents more. And...your sister too, I guess." Frown! Grrrr grrr Aki-chan!

Then she laughs. "Give me a home cooked ham any day, but spam is good occasionally. Especially fried. With nacho cheese and red pepper!" /Americans/!

A hand wave. "Every day? Nah. Only every other week on Parade Day and during holidays. One of these days I'm going to get them to make a giant parade float me! Giant Hannah Float will rule over all the other floats!" Mwa hah hah! Her Evil Laugh could use some work still.

"So how's Corvus and his girlfriends? Any movement on the bird-love front?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-14 02:32:33 88104
Haruna Kurosawa taps her bottom lip. "Dad would probably bring his finest fish. Lots of Sushi places will drive out to buy from him every morning. But I heard Americans don't like Japanese Suishi and it needs to be smoooothered in something called... Spicy Mayo?" she asks.

"Anyways. I hope your family likes big ol' tuna slabs and stuff." she says.

She sighs. "We'll go to visit them soon. Or being them here. I dunno. Maybe Mamoru'll can rub off on them. He's good at that stuff by now with like Kaz's Dad I bet." she says.

She eyes. "Spam is good! We have spam here!" she insists.

She's vaugely imagining the horror of a Hannah-chan float when she ohs!

"There's this big blue bird that's his main squeeze right now. She's probably magical. I dunno. Super big." she says with wide eyes. "Also it's more she pounced him." she grins evily. "it was super cute."

"Corvus keeps denying they're a thing though." she insists, as she leans against Hannah and tries to snuggle up closer as she sips her Hot Chocolate. Sip sip. Ow. hot. sip~
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-14 02:58:43 88105
Hannah Sharpe shakes her head! "Uncooked fish is weird, Haruna! You're darn right I'm going to put gobs and gobs of spicey mayo on that! What you call sushi, I call a spicy mayo delivery system! In fish form!" Armcross. Hmph!

"Mom loves fish, and I can go for a good tuna. Tuna, rice, and an obscene amount of soy sauce. Salt death for daaaays." A pause. "Yeah. Yeah, I could see that. Heck, we should maybe ask the rocks and skirts if we can borrow the house for a house party. Invite everybody. They've got the room!" Evil plan go!

Cue Hannah laughing and ignoring the sound of Tetanus Man being knocked out by Fist Girl on the tv. Siiip. Mmm, so much delicious cocoa. She snatches a croissant, chomps half of it, and then waves the end towards Haruna's face.

"Sounds like someone needs some encouragement. Oh, and a bird date! We can reserve a table somewhere for him and Big Blue. ...What do birds even /do/ on dates? What do you get a bird for a present!?" Mysteries of bird-dom.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-14 03:11:08 88106
Haruna Kurosawa perks up. "I don't know! I keep asking him and he won't tell me what birds do on dates!" she says with wide eyes. "I think it involves garbage cans and french fries for some reason though." she says flatly.

She squints. "How can mayo be spicy anyways!?" she asks. She then blinks. "I dunno if that's a good idea, but I'll let you hash that out. Just make sure Mamoru-kun knows the score? Don't want there to be unexpected yelling and fighting." she says.

She ughs. "Sometimes." she says. "I wonder what life would had been liked if I stayed in the village. I imagine life would had been more boring. and fishy. Very very more fishy." she says softly.

"...and more seagully. But not talking seagully." she says. "And also less Hannah-chan. That wouldn't had been fun!" she huffs.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-14 03:28:28 88107
Hannah Sharpe down goes the cocoa, and she ponders. Chintap. "Hmm. Fancy restaurant, really tiny table with flowers, and a high-end trashcan fry meal. Got it." Hannah sounds like she's seriously considering setting this up.

Lord help Corvus!

"You put spices in it, obviously." Hannah looks like she's ready to duck a poke! "Yeah, I don't want misunderstandings and people getting annoyed. Or one of the skirts throwing me through the roof. Or Makoto to pan-murder me. Or more Kunzite-ing."

Both arms wrap around Haruna, and the young woman squeezes. "It would be terrible, because then I'd never met you. You're strong, hard working, and lovely Haruna. A light would go out of my life without you. I don't want to think about a world like that. Cutting up fish isn't for you. You're the best Pretty Cure around, and /that/ is what you deserve to be."
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-14 03:44:43 88108
Haruna Kurosawa huffs. "I wouldn't be the one doing fishing but I'd be around it a lot probably just because." she says. "Small seaside village and all." she smirks. "But... yeah. Aki woulda been the one taking over cuz she's older. But I know she hated fish." she says. "She always liked the turkey bacon dad would import in though." she says.

She does hug tightly though as she huffs. "I wish I could had still ended up here without the bad stuff though." she admits.

"But it's okay now~" she practically sings. "Cuz I have my Hannah-chan~" she says. "My lovely lovely Hannah-chan~" she sings.

A pause.

"Well duh spicy mayo has spices in it." she huffs suddenly.