Who are we, anyhow?

Lacrima visits a plague filled Naru in ECFH and conversation mostly settles on identities, and the changing therein.

Date: 2018-01-16
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Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 18:37:06 88164
It is midday on a school day. By rights, very few people should be home. And indeed, very few people are. ECFH is terribly quiet, and there's really but a single person puttering about in the main apartment.

Naru should be at school, but instead she's here, in utterly casual leggings and a hoodie, wearing a mask like so very many do on Japanese streets, and laying on the couch playing video games. Badly, based on the irritable grumbling and the rapidly depleting health of her avitar upon the screen gamely hacking at a dragon.
Lacrima 2018-01-16 18:49:44 88165
Lacrima is stir crazy for lots of reasons. One of them is the recent stuff. The other is that she's starting school again on the 18th when the 3rd term begins and she is running around trying to get stuff ready for her new identity to attend school. And.. and and...

Ugh. She hasn't.. visited the ECFH in a while has she? Maybe she needs to chill. She does need to maybe talk to Kunzite, but it isn't so important (to her) that she can't just drop by and take a gamble on whether he's there or not.

-and besides other people might be there, as she arrives via a short dusk step as she shakes it off, and peeks in.

"Hello...?" she asks.

She steps in and then eyes Naru. Hi Naru! Wait. "...are you sick? Or trying to avoid it?" she asks. "....I can't get sick. Like that. But. Asking anyways." she asides a little cooly.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 18:53:43 88166
The arrival of someone effectively out of nowhere is no longer something that particularly startles and Naru twists a little on the couch at the sound of Lacrima stepping through. "Reality barged in on my acute case of denial that I'm sick." She acknowledges with a rueful tone as she resettles on the couch. "Now I aspire not to get anyone else sick, while being too awake to sleep it off, and not awake enough to be actually useful."

Naru hits pause on the game, her character having emerged from the fight with just a sliver of health left, but still alive. "I'd hoped I couldnt get sick either, but alas.. no such luck. I haven't seen any of the boys, if that's who you came to see."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 19:16:09 88167
Lacrima ahs. "Well. It is. Winter." she says silently. That's when humans get sick usually, right? Right. She sighs a bit and gently and shakes her head. "I was hoping to catch Kunzite to talk about some. Things. That happened. The other week. And. Discuss the after effects." she says silently.

Mainly, the whole. Prince of Nightmares garbage. Ugh.

"....sorry you're sick. I find most magical peoples still can get sick easily. Can Mamoru's healing not cure maladies like that?" she asks curiously.

She scratches the side of her head as she eyes the screen. "That looked like a close one. I haven't played this one before though. What is it?" she asks curiously.

"You go to... Seishou. Right?" she asks.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 19:20:31 88168
"I haven't been sick in a couple of years." Naru wrinkles up her nose, setting the controller down. "I haven't seen Mamoru to even tell him not to bother wasting the energy on it. It's a mundane sore throat and cold, it'll heal easily enough."

"Dragon age." Naru answers with a gesture. "I am terrible at it. It's an older game, and I'm /still/ terrible at it. It's moderately forgiving, however." She quirks her head, considering Lacrima. "What sort of things? Or would you prefer not to talk about them with someone who isn't Kunzite?"
Lacrima 2018-01-16 19:34:56 88169
Lacrima ahs. "I don't. Really. Play. Games." she says stiltedly. "Not often. Usually. On my phone." she says. She may have the high score in 'Flappy Bat'. She nods a little. "Well. Still. Being sick isn't any fun. If I remember correctly." she says. She shifts again and moves to sit down on the couch somewhere next to Naru because she can't catch Super Malria (tm).

"I guess I can talk to you. But. Kunzite was involved directly so I'll still need to talk to him about it." she says silently.

"Basically..." she fiddles. "...The Prince of Nightmares-- or rather. Some sort of piloted... dark.. energy shell. Thing. Attacked me in my home. Alexis-niisan and Ariel showed up. But not before it.. did something to me. Basically it. Damaged the barrier between my soul and the dark energy I'm made up of. So I basically began eating myself." she asides.

"Anyways. Alexis-niisan used his device finally and then others showed up, Kunzite and Ikiko and Jia-chan. and he punched the thing hard enough with Kokoro-chan that it basically exploded into goo." she says.

"Ariel... cried. On me? Unicorn tear. Did something. Not sure. Fixed the problem of.. eating myself. But. Other stuff too." she says.

She shifts a bit uncomfortably... because she isn't also adding 'also I kissed Ari-chan because I was overtaken with too much positive emotions suddenly to use words'.

"Emotions aren't as... stonewalled? Not clear. Muddy. But.. odd." she asides.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 19:41:28 88170
"I rarely do." Naru agrees on the game thing. "I'd rather art, generally, and they sit in the same sort of free time space. I don't have the brain to art right now, so video games it is." Clearly she is not so devoted to the game that she's not willing to set it aside for the time being.

Naru is quiet as Lacrima explains some of what she hoped to talk to Kunzite about, nodding here and there. Frowns punctuate the reality of barriers being broken down, and self consumption being on the menu.

"I'm glad Alexis and Kriegsfauste are getting ot know each other. I did enjoy spending time with it." Naru muses quietly and then quirks a brow at the notion of a unicorn tear landing on Lacrima.

"It wasn't painful? The unicorn tear.." Naru asks thoughtfully and then hunhs softly. "Emotions are rarely clear, which says a lot for them being stronger again. That seems more typical of normal emotions."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 19:49:21 88171
Lacrima wonders. "You can speak German?" she asks. "Or. Belkan. Technically a Belkan device speaks but for some reason it's German too. I try not to think too hard about it." she asides. "I speak most European languages, or at least the ones that... the person that had this power before me did. Mostly. French, Spanish, Italian and German." she says. "Some other languages sound similar enough but..." she shrugs.

She says. "Oh. It burned. For a good long while. But it also didn't... instantly make me pop like I thought it might. It's strange." she says. "Ikiko said Unicorn tears are real.. 'primal' things." she asides. "And Ariel did it on purpose trying to fix it, or at least... maybe. Do. Something else." she asides. She's vauge on the something else. She doesn't like thinking about it. Kunzite would probably elaborate on 'clean death' probably if he was here.

"I primarily want to thank Kunzite. I kind of immediately passed out and he took to... arranging to have the yard cleaned of the glass and windows tarped up in the meantime. The entire back wall of the manor had all the windows break." she asides.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 19:53:19 88172
"Not enough for a solid conversation, but we were starting to get somewhere with google translate and duolingo and guessing." Naru flickers a half smile. As if she really does hold fondness for being yelled at in almost-German by a Device. "I speak French and English. I'm working on German."

"I can imagine that unicorn tears are pretty much like nothing else." Naru nods slowly, with a little mmm. "I'm glad that you got a better outcome than what you feared at least. Even if unexpected."

There's a nod and an utterly understanding look at the mention of Kunzite's general competancy in arranging such things. "He does that. He's very good at that sort of thing. Sucks about the windows though, was that from the fight with the Prince of Nightmares?"
Lacrima 2018-01-16 20:13:44 88173
Lacrima nods. "Yeah. I couldn't really. Land a hit on hit on him. But I also wasn't really trying I was...."

She sighs. "I was a mess. Between. The Natsumi-chan break up and... Alexis-niisan saying that we probably only met because her mom wanted him too and he had to rethink everything in frustration and my own 'real' brother problems that I was turning to... cutting down all the dead plants in the garden." she says. "Because I felt like /hurting/ something." she asides.

"The thing didn't talk the whole time." she asides. "But he was probably. Trying to either. Hurt Ari-chan via hurting her friends or... getting personal revenge for any part I played in helping Ari-chan." she sighs.

"Oh. Right. I'm. Going back to school. At Seishou." she says. "Um. I have a. New Identity. Taka-sama helped me out with it. Getting the paperwork done and.. adding a feature to my bracelet for a new disguise of sorts." she says. "Maria Hanazawa." she says. "Spanish-Japanese Exchange student, who is here to 'learn about the Japanese side of her heritage'." she asides. "That's the cover story. At least." she asides.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 20:27:22 88174
"That is why all of us work better as a team. When one isn't super effective, there's others." Naru points out mildly. She pauses and then shrugs. "Just because you and Alexis might have met because of his mother, who is a helluva piece of work, doesn't mean that there's anything actually wrong with the relationship. I've met all sorts of people in circumstances that rather sucked, but what one does with the meeting, and afterwards.. that's far more relevant."

Naru nods at the notion of something called 'Prince of Nightmares' getting at Ariel via her friends. Sounds perfectly legit, really.

"Ah! Well I'm not the only one who is plague filled at Seishou right now." Naru sighs irritated at that reality. "What grade are you going in? You were smart, arriving after the most recent set of exams."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 20:33:38 88175
Lacrima ahs. "I should be in 8th grade." she asides. "When I go in." she says quietly. She settles in. "Yes. The idea was to go in at the 3rd term and make it until the next few grades." she asides.

"Ah...it's also. Not a secret- to. Other magical people--friends I mean. The identity of... Maria Hanazawa isn't to fool... magical types. It's to fool normal people. So I can go to school." she says.

"--and do other things. As a normal human." she says.

"Since 'Norie Okana' is missing." she says.

"Alexis is going to need something similar." she sighs. "His mother is gonna be on the look out. But that'll be harder..."
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 20:43:14 88176
"It will be easier knowing that it's not a secret." Naru nods in agreement. "Amongst magical types at least. For mundanes, the difference is negligable really. They didn't, or shouldn't have connected Norie to Lacrima most of the time anyhow, and now they just won't connect Maria with Lacrima. Easy enough."

Naru nods thoughtfully. "Alexis is much harder. His mother /is/ magical, and it's quite a bit harder to hide from other magical types. He's distinctive too, being not-Japanese, and that doesn't help even a little."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 20:51:04 88177
Lacrima nrgs. "They don't but..." she says quietly. "Humans. Some of them. Will stare when I'm like this. It's the little things that nag. 'Why is her skin so pale? Is she sick? No. Something else....' and things like that. It can weird some out. Mainly because it's my... 'bare dark energy self' as it is." she says. "Just. Barely human enough to pass." she says. "Not something I'd want to go to school as. Too many. Things. People. Rumors." she says. "That form around a girl that people instinctually might avoid or get too curious about." she says.

"Not that. 'Maria' won't.. cause curiosity. But that would be more. Mundane curiosity." she says.

"The more healthier kind." she says quietly.

"Yeah...." she says in regards to Alexis. "I don't really. Know how to help him in that regard." she admits. "I told him to speak to Mamoru or the others and see if they have better leads since my leads all lead to... well. The same people his mother work for anyways." she huffs.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 20:57:25 88178
"Hey.. I get it." Naru smiles. "I go to school as my perfectly mundane Naru self, and not my more magical self. I don't want the questions either. But Norie mundane self, or Maria mundane self, most normal people don't realize that there's been a switch at all, which does make it easier."

Naru mmms softly, reaching over for her phone from the coffee table as it bings at her a reminder. She sets it back down again. "I don't really have any brilliant ideas either, although I have hope that we'll come up with something. I'm certain Alexis has no real desire to become a hikikomori out of this."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 21:15:16 88179
Lacrima nods. "Yeah..." she says quietly. She shifts a bit. "Just. Looking forward to school again. And normal mundane school things. Like homework. And evading people you might have a crush on and things like that." she rolls her eyes a little.

"Yeah. He wants to go out and stuff. He braved trying coming to my place to fix things twice..." she says quietly. "So." she shrugs a bit.

"I should. Go see if there's any rose honey laying around. I'm out. and I want to see how it affects me without the emotional blocks." she says quietly.

"Your phone beeping seems to suggest something you need to attend to soon anyways and... maybe I can whip up something for Kunzite and Mamoru and stuff before they make it back." she says quietly.
Naru Osaka 2018-01-16 21:21:33 88180
"That is the surest sign that you have not been in school for a while.. looking forward to homework." Naru comments with a soft snort that speaks to her own lack of adoration for the stuff. "Although I totally understand the appeal of a bit of normalacy. It's important. It's grounding."

Naru nods as she reaches for the game controller to turn off the console, by the lack of saving, either it autosaves, or she just doesn't care about that bit of the game enough to save it. "In my own bit of mundane normal, I have a doctor's appointment to see if I need antibiotics." She gives the controller a wipe with an antibacterial cloth, in highlight of just exactly why she's going to the doctor, and she smiles as she stands.

"I think they'd appreciate that." Naru comments with a gesture towards the kitchen. "I don't actually know if there's any rose honey in the cupboards, but I have faith in your ability to check. Take care, Lacrima. It was good to see you again."

Naru collects up her phone, glances at the time and then hurries, lest she be late.