New Feelings, New Warnings!

Lacrima goes to visit Eilam after all the stuff that happened the past few weeks and sorting out her hea.

Date: 2018-01-16
Pose Count: 17
Lacrima 2018-01-16 21:56:31 88181
Norie has not exactly been avoiding Eilam since the Prince of Nightmares paid her a visit. But she hasn't really been as ubiquitous as she usually has been either. If Eilam has texted her, he'd get back 'I'm fine. Sorry. I'm sorting some stuff out. Not you. Not your fault.' and similar lines. Eventually though.

She starts to seek Eilam out again properly. Like she usually does, when she pops back to the estate one day. Poking from room. To room. "Eilam-kun?" she calls out quietly. There's an candor to her voice. It's still cool but not as cold. Or matter of fact.

She starts at the study first, working her way from room to room that's public and not owned by the caretaker. "Eilam-kun?" she asks every so often until she either gets a response, or exhausted rooms.

In which case that means he isn't here anyways and probably out. Which is always a possibility.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-16 22:09:03 88182
    Perhaps not the /best/ thing, but Eilam did try his best to give her as much space as she liked. Which came in the form of the one text and not much after until she approached him! Though that doesn't mean he had to stand by with no preparations idly! If she started looking around properly, she'd eventually find, in her space in his manor, a box of varying candies. Though for Eilam himself, he was actually out! Not too far away, though, coincidentally he was standing outside in the cold weather while just kind of looking over the something. What was outside? Well, that would be a couple of landscapers who were currently in the process of digging a pond in the manors yard, or at least something like that.

    Could just be a big hole.

    Though there were varying supplies nearby to hint that there would be something there. Eilam, in the cool weather, was wrapped up in a long coat and looking moderately complacent at the moment, just going about his normal day to day life.
Lacrima 2018-01-16 22:20:09 88183
Norie resists the urge to shove all the candies in her mouth at once , which she would probably ostensibly try if she we're not too busy looking for Eilam. He isn't home. She actually chooses to go to text him this time but instead she....

Is that something going on outside? She peeks out the nearest door to see.. well there's Eilam! and some landscapers.

She tip toes silently next to him, and eyes the hole, as if trying to look down into it from her current location.

Then she says with a straight face. "Is this where you're intend to bury anyone that hits on me, in jealousy, Eilam-kun?" she asks in her usual, deadpan humor. She knew Eilam wasn't the jealous type.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-16 22:31:18 88184
    When she spoke, for a moment he tensed up before realizing someone was there - and it was her. "No, burying would allow for others to one day to find them. There are better ways to go about having others vanish." No, not the jealous type, though he was most certainly the type who was fully aware of the process. ...and had probably gone through with such at least once in the past if not more times, though he didn't elaborate on THAT. Instead, he just leaned over to kiss her on the side of her forehead in a friendly manner, going so far as to reach over and hug her.

    "What had you finally come to see me? I noticed you seemed busy with other things lately." Pointedly he didn't ask what, perhaps he didn't care, or he was trying to respect some measure of privacy. "Hungry? ...well, not sure if you are ever hungry but there is always the chance. This will take a while yet, they are setting up a pond of sorts that will be used for Koi, probably, or some little river landscaping. I am undecided yet."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 22:41:18 88185
Lacrima softly eyes the hole. "Oh." she says. "That's far less interesting." she says. Purely deadpan humor still. She shrugs. "Koi might be intresting. Or a river landscaping." she says. "Water is intresting I guess."

A pause. "I can eat. You know that. It's never hunger for me. It's comfort." she asides. "I don't need to eat but I like to." she asides.

Nrg. "Let's. Get down and sit down. Away from... landscapers. and stuff. Before I talk too much." she says as she gently looks towards the house.

"Can we do that? Or... just. Get more distance. At least." she says softly.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-16 23:02:01 88186
    "...sure, we can do that." Usually when she wanted him alone for something it was a matter of talking about things. Offering the vampire girl his hand, Eilam walked along with her towards a part of the yard that had a small pavillion that offered a bit of privacy, walking up onto it and sitting down on a bench before offering her the choice of... well, wherever she wanted to sit, from the floor to the bench with him or his lap or anything else really. "You okay? If you need something there is no need to ask, though you do still have your own funds if i recall right."

    While Eilam wasn't concerned, he did seem to at least be interested in what she had to say, even if it wasn't too terribly much to talk about. "How does a sky castle sound? Is that possible with magic? I think that would be... interesting. Something in the sky, unseen to others, a floating island maybe over the ocean. ...something like that would be possible with magic, right? Or maybe our own dimension. ...though I would have to ask you to limit your pets to certain areas, I do not want to walke up at some point with a tentacle in my pants leg. I do not wish to be in a doujin."
Lacrima 2018-01-16 23:28:40 88188
Lacrima has a twitch at the side of her mouth a moment as she chooses to sit next to Eilam, though she does lean against him. "I work for what amounts to the magical illuminati. I practicly accidently bleed money." she says coyly.

She snorts. "Magical floating sky castle would be a lot of magical resources used to better other things. Other dimension...? More... practical and possible. Odd, but practical." she says gently.

She doesn't comment on the pet issue. "But...more. Seriously." she says silently.

"I was attacked in my home by someone who calls himself 'The Prince of Nightmares'. Probably , most likely, to hurt one of my friends. Ariel. She's.. a.. Unicorn." she says quietly.

Yes, a vampire has a unicorn friend. and a dragon friend and also knows a werewolf. This is perfectly f'ing normal to her at this point.

"He.. did something to me. That damaged the wall between my. Soul and my Darkness and I effectively started eating myself." she says quietly.

"People came and.. stopped him. Well. It. It was more a shell he was controlling. Like a remote controlled monster. But. Ariel. Cried on me. And it fixed the damage and I feel odd and strange and weird and odd and strange and...nrg." yeah she realized she started to get into a loop cycle there.

"Remember. How I can't feel positive feelings?" she asks.

"Well. I can. Now. Kind of. Like. It's muddy but...." she shifts a bit. "It's more like. Instead of a wall between me and good feelings, it's a chain link fence now? I guess might be a good visual for it. There's still a wall there but I can... stick my fingers through and see through it and stuff..." she says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-16 23:44:32 88189

    Eilam listened the entire time, not speaking, before finally saying, "Is that why you mentioned burying someone? Because if you point me to this person I can certainly take care of that for you. Because while I am not jealous about your affections, I am most certainly jealous about you being taken away from /me/, or harmed."

    It was a minor difference, but a difference, for him at least. Yes, he certainly cared about the girl, but there was something else there a bit more... possessive? In a different way. But she probably recalled him having mentioed that before. Of course, he didn't talk about how absurd the idea of unicorn tears fixing damage seemed, perhaps out of not wantin g to offend Lacrima in some way. She knew he was still skeptical about all of this already, no reason to beat the dead horse, even if he did seem just a bit uncertain how to respond. But since she supposedly could feel positive feelings now, though, he did the next best thing! He just hugged her and said, "I will try to learn magic sooner, if you wish. While I doubt I will be able to... protect you, like some knight, at least I can help, right?"
Lacrima 2018-01-17 00:15:30 88191
Lacrima almost giggles at that concept. She does in fact snerk.

"Eilam-kun. The Prince of Nightmares is as his label. He is the 'Prince of Nightmares'. If you have had a nightmare. It's literarily probably his fault." she says. "In some round about manner." she says.

"Basically. You'd be trying to off a person that can literarily rip into me and touch the concept of a soul." she asides. "-and honestly. I don't wanna see that happen to you." she says more hesitantly. "I had something there to save me." she says quietly.

"It's up to you, Eilam-kun, but magic isn't something you can just learn and--- much... other magic is preempted by what's in you already. It's. Like. Magical Girls and Boys are all their own operating system and it doesn't like playing with incompatible hardware." she says silently.

"I can use my own stuff. But a device won't interface with me because they can't. I can't wish to become a Puella Magi. And so on..." she says gently.

"But...I'm not sure about you...." she says quietly. "So I can't tell you if it's even possible or not to begin with."
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-17 00:22:47 88192
    "I will figure something out, some way to make sure I can at least do something. ...what I am not sure, but I cannot just very well give up, righ? I have been about too long to just accept something like that so easily now. ...after all, if unicorns are crying on my vampire forever buddy and fixing them, or if there are dragons or ... or magic amulets turning people into vampires or any other silliness. Surely there's something out there somewhere that will turn me into Yen Sid and let me put on some doofy wizard hat and be a grand magician or something, controlling brooms and water and..."

    He held out his arms and made a reference to Fantasia and conducting before sighing and looking back at her. "I cannot just cede control so easily after working so hard t be in full control. But we shall see. As long as you are... better off. I will have to give your unicorn a good bucket of oats or something for helping you. ...if they like oats. ...let me guess, they only eat cupcakes with sparkles?"
Lacrima 2018-01-17 00:35:32 88193
Lacrima sighhhhhs. "Unicorns aren't horses. She's a humanoid girl like me or you. Also her mother is like some old ancient unicorn. And her other mother is like a mermaid witch. So technically she is Unicorn and also part Mermaid." she lets sit in Eilam's head for a bit. "Donuts or something. Instead." she says quietly.

"Also. I try not to think too hard that. She has two... moms and...." she shakes her head.

"I try not to ask about it. It's. Dream stuff. Anything is technically possible in a dream." she says.

She sighs. "It's up to you Eilam-kun." she says. "I'm not saying it's impossible. I mean. friend can use those Clow Cards when he captures then and he has his own magic too." she says.

"And just. Be careful. Usually. If something is giving you a bad feeling. No matter how much you want something. It's usually. Not a good thing. Anything offering you power for... it's freedom is usually using you. I mean. It's your choice and call just..." she sighs.

"Sorry. I'm trying to warn.. not. Tell you. What to do." she shifts a bit as she tries to lean a little closer.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-17 00:50:34 88194
    "It is a good thing you mentioned she is humanoid like you, or otherwise I would have pictured her looking like a Narwhale or maybe a horse with a fish butt." Okay he's taking the mick out of it just a little with that, but then again, that's his way of coping. "It's okay though, I know you mean well and I am happy you do. And I will take your suggestions to mind. Though about... capturing and using those cards. ...I wonder if I would be able to do so with the one that was obsessing over me."

    It was a thought. In fact, how many more cards were there? "...I wonder if your friend is willing to part with them for a price. Though if he is like me at all, he would not be interested in that. We shall see, I guess."

    With a bit of a teasing tone he added, "Besides, if anything is possible in a dream, maybe I should just... dream forever and never wake up, do whatever the hell I want and no one can stop me. Not even your Nightmare Prince. I'll... dream him into a tutu or something."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 01:07:12 88195
Lacrima snorts. "You'd have nothing Riventon-sama wants except you and your curse that lets you live forever which is why I've kept you a secret from him. He has a habit of just assuming anything he wants is already his. Sometimes that's fact. Sometimes it's imagined." she says quietly.

"Besides. Those cards are a part of something important. Riventon says important to the future of the world." she shrugs.

"I dunno how to make those cards. Those cards we're made by someone who is 'kind of a big deal' on a magical level. That Clow Reed asshole we met that one time with that card that had...or has.. interest in you." she mutters.

"It'd be better to. Get my hand on devices or something and see if one meshes with you. Probably not. But..."
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-17 01:17:44 88196
    "...oh? Well now, that is something I will have to deal with at some point. Because I have met people like that in the past and, well, they are no longer here. And there is a good chance no one will ever remember them or their deeds again. ...except me. You seem to... respect them to some degree, but I will say, if it ever comes down to it and they try to do something stupid regarding me? I will settle the matter sharply and without remorse. And the same would ever happen if he tried to use you to get what he wants from me."

    A rather simple statement. "I imagine most anyone who claims something so grand is talking out of their backside or has some bloated sense of self importance that anything they do is for the future of the world. Did you know people have tried to claim that to me in the past? That my refusal to submit to their 'research' was proof I could not see that the 'future of the world' was at stake? That if they just... understood my curse, as you put it, that they could save so many lives or all that nonsense. And in the end... it was all about themselves. So do not get wrapped up in that charismatic nonsense. If you really want to change the world, get rich and buy off politicians. Then in the future the children who are born will only know what they are raised in and the world will be changed already. The world changes as the old die and the young are born, not by those with delusions of grandeur. Convenience, innovation, not... saving it. Life is not an anime."

    Though for all he knew it was a damn anime at this rate, with unicorn girls with lesbian fish horse parents and dragons and vampires and astrology that wasn't just quackery and ah to hell with it! Eilam grumbled and rubbed at his forehead, leaning against the girl next to him. "Besides, at least one thing in this world is safe from his assumptions." Lacrima gets a smooch on the cheek. "You're already mine, so you can't be his. And if you want me to be your secret, well... okay."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 01:44:47 88197
Lacrima explodes into a blush at the kiss. Not just any blush. Nope. This seemed to be a /super blush/ and also came with /heaving/ and coughing. She seems suddenly taken a-back! "A..ah! S..sorry! I dunno what happened." she says with wide eyes. Nrg. "P..probably. The. Emotional. Stuff I talked about..." she huffs and actually needs to recompose herself. She huffs.

She clears her throat.

"Eilam-kun. Those people in your past we're just men. Riventon-sama is something close to what I am. He's still. Human at his core. But he's a powerful magic user too." she says.

"Just. If he does end up finding you on his own? Just. Name toss me. Lacrima. Norie. Tell him you're important to me. It should make him rethink things. I don't think he wants to upset me. I mean. Not for. Fear reasons? For. Friendly reasons." she says softly.

"Poderoso used to deal with those types to. In the memories I have. Inquisitors." she says softly. "Blah blah blah abomination blah blah god, blah blah blah scriptures." she says with a sigh and an eye roll. "And then he'd raise his hand and they'd become black ash as his darkness consumed them because they we're just men with words and bronze trinkets." she says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-01-17 02:20:26 88198
    "I will... try to keep that in mind. I do not wish to use you like that, but you did offer." Her response to the kiss was interesting to watch, though he didn't say much about it just yet. Just put away he would have to try and embarrass her in other ways just to test out her reactions. "Still, since you are feeling better-ish now, what are you going to do? Go out and find you someone to kiss on or something, maybe invite someone with more energy to go dancing or something?"

    Eilam looked back towards the pond digging before back to her. "Speaking of dancing... I should apologize, I never did get about to taking you to that ballet I had gotten tickets for. I was so distracted trying to get your silly brother to tag along that I got distracted trying to make everything perfect."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 02:45:00 88199
Lacrima snorts. "You can take me soon. I might even enjoy it more in my current state. I don't know." she says softly. She snorts. "Actually. I'm going back to school." she says frankly. "Riventon-sama helped me out with a new ID. Um. Maria Hanazawa." she says. "I mean not just the paperwork portion. He added function to my bracelet, with a disguise." she adds.

"The cover story is that. She is a Spanish-Japanese transfer student here to learn about the Japanese side of her heritage." she says softly.

"It's. An open secret. In that. It's just for the mundane hiding. I don't really care if magical friends know." she asides.