Glitterbomb in the Making?

Lacrima talks to Kunzite about her current (Quite well for a change!) Status. Discuss gumbo. Feelings. And potentially using Ariel-chan to glitterbomb his dad.

Date: 2018-01-17
Pose Count: 30
Lacrima 2018-01-17 19:36:28 88200
And Naru is off to her appointment! Who knows when or if she'll be back. This leaves Lacrima to finagle about the kitchen looking for A: Rose Honey, which she finds a jar of. And B: Various things in the kitchen which she can use to make /something/ like a ... gumbo?

Yes that is gumbo. It smells like it. HOW Lacrima knows how to cook this odd American dish is anyone's guess but her dad is Japanese-American so maybe he brought it over and taught her at some point. That is in fact, the most likely and correct guess.

Also, it's spicyness and pepperness really clears out sinuses so she's made a big pot of it- since she's assuming the super malaria going around will need it.

It is now however, on it's low simmer stage which means she doesn't need to touch it anymore and she's more or less sat in the living room waiting for anyone to come home with a mug of tea that is probably more honey than actual tea.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 19:42:19 88201
Cold season. Flu season. Youma season? Hopefully not in combination. Virus-sized youma are not anything anyone needs, not least because they probably couldn't hold enough dark energy to keep from going pop the instant their host went awww over a kitten gif.

Kazuo makes it home, oddly enough, the mundane way; he has a military-styled wool coat on that doesn't quite combine right with either the satchel for books over one shoulder or the bag of groceries in the other arm. He blinks at Lacrima's presence in the living room, but says nothing till he's had time to get shoes off and replaced by house slippers, and the groceries set down on the counter that tops the half-wall between living room and kitchen.

Then comes the polite, "Good afternoon, Lacrima. Has your recovery been progressing?"
Lacrima 2018-01-17 19:59:07 88202
Lacrima is mostly enjoying her honey-tea. Seeing how it affects her. She'll know in a bit, but right now she's mostly eyeing the TV and considering turning it on. When there's a door opening and she can hear feet being kicked and groceries placed down and that's when she turns to the right and head tilts. "A-ah. Kunzite." she says. "Hello. I actually. Came to. Talk to you. About that. Naru-chan was here earlier but she had a doctor's appointment about her sickness." she says.

She shifts. "I've been doing. Well. Since. The thing." she says quietly.
"Actually. A little better than. 'Well'." she admits.

"Ikiko, Alexis and Ariel all came and visited me already." she says quietly. Shifting a little at the last name.

"But. I wanted to first say... sorry. For all that." she says quietly. "And secondly... say thank you, for... helping to. Take care of things. After I passed out." she says. "...I did pass out. Right?" she says quietly.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 20:04:26 88203
"You at least appeared to pass out." Kazuo sets down his satchel, leaned against the half-wall out of the way, and paces back to take off his coat and hang it neatly in the foyer. He returns after a moment. "You're welcome for the help. It seemed unnecessary to risk the weather getting inside the house, after enough damage had been done already. The apology ... also seems unnecessary. It is hardly your fault that you were targeted by that entity. Other than in having become significant to enough people that that entity thought you might be a keystone, of sorts."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 20:26:03 88204
Lacrima shifts. "Apologizing. More for my state of mind. I wasn't. Doing very well." she says quietly. "Between.. the stuff with my own brother. And breaking up with Natsumi-chan. And Alexis... saying. That. The only reason he met me. Was because his mother wanted it to happen.A nd he had to rethink things." she says quietly. "Between all that happening at once I was in a way that I had taken to.. attacking the old dead plants in the backyard. Because I felt I needed to... hurt something." she says.

"Just. Done. At that point." she shifts uncomfortably. "When I realized what happened. What that thing did." she says quietly.

"He probably was just trying to hurt Ari-chan. Via hurting me or her friends." she says quietly. There's a short pause there.

"I don't know what Ari-chan did but..." she says quietly. "I'm.... incredibly. Stable. For what I am right now." she says gently. "I can...."

"Feel. Things. Like. Positive things. Not strong I..."

"It's like. Before. There was a wall. You know the feelings are there. What they look like or should but you can't feel them or see them or touch them and now it's more like a chain link fence. There's still. Something there. But. You can see them and if I... put my arm through like one of the fence holes I can juuuust brush my hand up against something." she says quietly.

"It's like that. Muddy...." she says quietly.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 20:45:09 88205
"Alexis says a large number of stupid things when he's emotionally wounded. Which is surprisingly often. My condolences on the breakup, though." Kazuo inclines his head toward Lacrima across the room. Maybe over the breakup, though odds are good that he's never met Natsumi to know whether or not to regret in earnest. Maybe over her taking her anger and pain out on the old dead plants.

Not taking them out on people is a very large step in itself.

"It's possible he was just trying to hurt Ariel. It's also possible that he's aware of all of our nightmares from that event, and took more than hers into consideration. There is an unfortunate amount of information that can be culled from such things." Kazuo doesn't quite look at Lacrima while he's saying that; he redirects his attention into crossing the room, taking a seat convenient for her to watch.

He falls silent after, for a few moments.

"I've seen her weep before," he says at last. "She helped work part of a miracle then, too. I'm glad that it seems she found a way to work part of one for you."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 21:03:03 88206
She shifts again. "I spoke to Ariel about. Things after I confirmed with Ikiko-chan that.. I...." she mutters. "Kissed her... suddenly..." she says quietly. She doesn't seem particularly proud of that. "No better than... Seth because. Couldn't. Make words. Just. Did. The other thing." she mutters. "Action instead of words..."

She shifts. "Told her. her. She just smiled and hugged and held my hand. and I said I was crying and upset because I made her sad and cry." she says.

"And she told me that Unicorns choose to cry. That she was trying to help me because. She was afraid she was going to lose me." she says quietly.

"Then we just cuddled and watched TV and ate donuts the rest of the day." she says gently.

"Alexis came and apologized for the stuff and hung out. Ikiko visited first to check up on me.

"Nrg this is strange." she shifts.

"I had things to do yesterday and instead I watched this stupid slice of life anime? I hadn't done that since I was human. Like. Actually. Procrastinate." she says.

"Right. I go back to school tomorrow." she says. "Going to Seishou. Riventon-sama. Helped me out with a new ID. A new 'disguise' he programmed into my bracelet when he upgraded it recently. The name is.... Maria Hanazawa." she says.

"Spanish-Japanese exchange student who is here to learn about her Japanese heritage." she says. "New school so. I can't accidently know things. S'not. A secret persay. It's so I can go to school. Not. Hide from people." she says.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 21:19:30 88207
Kazuo's eyebrows lift just a touch. "I don't recall Ariel telling you not to kiss her," he says. "Or voicing any protest. Or trying to stop you. Or pulling away. Or appearing upset. Sometimes unwise things are only unwise, and no worse."

He falls silent for a little then, his attention dropping to his hands. Then lifting, at the end, back to Lacrima.

"I'm glad it's Seishou," he says. "Some of the girls there aren't kind to people who act strangely. But there are people there who'll be willing to counteract that. Though you may be subjected to more slice of life anime. Or possibly Disney movie marathons."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 21:35:34 88208
Lacrima gently shifts a bit. "Yeah. But that's no different than Seiyou. But at least the difference will appear to be more mundane. Than. Hey. Remember Norie. Who went on some sort of strange anger bender one day after nearly dying a month ago and got kicked out of dance club and all sorts of other weird changes." she sighs and rolls her eyes.

She gently looks to the kitchen. "I started. A soup. Gumbo. Stuff my dad. Taught me. From his time in America." she says softly. "S'help clear. Nasal passages and stuff. A little spicy. But not too spicy. It's on simmer. It'll need another hour or two. Should be thick but not like gravy thick." she says.

"Figured. If Naru was sick. It might not be too far behind for others. So. Big pot. It keeps well in the fridge or even if you just leave it on low heat for a bit. But fridge is better for long term. I mean..."

"Of course it is, It's a fridge." she mumbles.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 21:46:05 88209
Kazuo says somewhat drily, "Also, they've had more attractive targets lately. So any oddness on your part will look the better in comparison. And I think some of them have learned not to be too harsh toward transfer students, particularly from other countries."

... or at least some of them have learned that those students can frequently punch. Even if it wasn't directed at the girls in question, it's a good thing to prompt thinking twice.

He glances toward the kitchen when Lacrima does, then inclines his head toward her, solemn. "Thank you," he says. "Both for the gesture and for the thought that went into it. What would you prefer I do if Neil starts pestering about the recipe, or asking about the cook? He tends to overenthuse about foods he likes."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 22:06:08 88210
Lacrima says. "I can write the recipe down? It isn't special or 'secret' as far as I know." she says. "You can tell him I cooked it. I am not an expert, but I think I can cook something like that easily enough." she says. "And if he wants me to make more, just. Make sure there's the things I used around and I can just come in and make another pot and put it back to simmer." she says.

She stands up to walk to the kitchen and back, with her tea cup and and cleans it out, and put it up to dry, and then also checks the simmering pot. Causing a big whiff of cajun scents to escape before putting it back down and walking back into the room. "It's about done." she says.

"...I promise there's no dark energy cooties in it or something." she rolls her eyes. "If that's the problem with 'who made it'." she says says.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 22:09:29 88211
Kazuo lifts a hand. "I didn't think there were," he says. ... if only because he could probably have noticed the crawling feeling on the back of his neck when he put the groceries down on the counter. Presumably they're nonperishable, he hasn't tried to put them away. "My concern is more that he ... overenthuses. It's more about the possibility of needing to protect you from him. If he really likes it, you may suddenly find yourself besieged by businessmen trying to arrange restaurant deals. Feel free to tell them to go away."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 22:34:36 88212
Lacrima rolls her eyes. "I dunno. Maybe I'll say yes and have a bunch of money to show for it." she says coyly. "You know. One of those big cartoonish burlap sacks with a big dollar sign on it." she says. "I mean. It's not like I need the money." she rolls her eyes. "When you work for the people I do it just sort of magically appears when you need it or want it." she says flatly. "That I don't think Riventon-sama understands what a 'normal' paycheck is." she snorts a little.

"I'm actually a little annoyed the windows aren't the originals now in the back of my manor." she admits. "But. Original. Old windows are expensive. Practically. Highly breakable antiques." she says.

"Right. Also. In the future..."

"My coffin is in the basement. That's. 'My area'. The basement. But if I ever pass out again, it's okay to go place me in there. I rest better in there still. Despite the changes. Beds are okay. Just. Coffin. or box. Or closet. Better." she says.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 22:42:11 88213
"Of course Riventon understands what a normal paycheck is," Kazuo says. "It's a tool to stifle the drain on resources by unproductive personnel." He gives a brief smile a moment after. "Which is nearly an accurate description, at least, and more so than many ostensibly normal people his age would give."

There's a brief nod at the mention of old windows being expensive. Glass breaks. Old things -- well, age. And then --

Then Kazuo shifts uncomfortably in his seat.

(Yes, those were actually the correct words, and perceptibly so.)

"Thank you for your permission," he says, and his voice is a little quieter. "Though I should ask. Are there people that you are comfortable having in that environment? It --" Words fail him for a moment, and he glances aside with a little frown, finds them again, glances back to Lacrima. "Seems unnecessarily intrusive. For me to be there. If there is another option."
Lacrima 2018-01-17 22:57:30 88214
Lacrima shakes her head. "I actually don't like /anybody/ in the basement besides me. There's nothing dangerous down there. I mean. If you count the dangerous possibility of encountering some fine aged wine from the bottles that survived during my initial clean sweep when I first 'moved in' as it we're." she says. "If you don't feel comfortable, you can always have someone else move me into the coffin. Ikiko. or Lamya. Alexis Or Ariel. Though. I think Ariel wouldn't be able to carry me easily. But she has Lucky to help." she says.

"...still need to feed too." she sighs. "Not sure if I should be concerned if having access to 'good' feelings again hasn't made that any less harder OR easier." she says.
Kunzite 2018-01-17 23:33:52 88215
Kazuo is not given to fidget. ... Kazuo fidgets. "Lucky would be a help. Yes. Ikiko is certainly strong enough." Alexis is at least Lacrima's brother. Lacrima is wearing a body made of solidified dark energy why is this even awkward.

... his internal narrative has started playing Internet-grammar games with its punctuation and phrasing. This cannot be a good sign.

"It seems possible that the need not changing may actually be a positive sign," he offers. "Since it suggests that, whatever your route is to the emotions in question, the hunger can no longer access them in the same way." No longer consume them, and her self with them, the way it came so close to doing.
Lacrima 2018-01-18 00:06:33 88216
Lacrima eyes the fidget. She tries to think how she's making Kunzite uncomfortable right now. She isn't talking about former dark energy things. Too much, right? She tries to use this moment to reflect. A pause. Wait. What?

"....are you worried about being in another girl's room?" she asks curiously. "It's. Not really an issue for me. I trust you. If that's what you're worried about. If you're worried about what OTHER people may think, they can get bent." she says. "But you can also just hand me off to anyone else, or just. Lay me anywhere if I ever passout again. Just. Wherever it is. Safe." she says quietly.

"Maybe." she says quietly. "I still don't know what happened. I do know that. My. 'Dark Energy Signature' has changed dramatically. Which is a silver lining. In a way. It means that whatever Alexis's mom has on me has changed enough to be dubious at best. But it also means Ari-chan changed ... something. I...."

"I tried explaining it to Alexis in a manner and his eyes sort of glazed over. You'll probably understand it better." she says as she gets up and begins searching for a paper, and a pen. Which she finds and walks back.

"Okay. So... This is like. Basically a youma's normal signature." she draws a zig zaggy line. It has sharp peaks close to together. "This is a dark energy infused human. Someone like Riventon." this has peaks, but not as close together. There's periods of flatlines too. "And this would be basically a human." she draws a flat line. VERY Shallow peaks once in a while. Probably periods of distress represented.

"Basically. I was usually like...."

She draws a zigzaggy line. It has the sudden hard peaks of the youma, but then the more subtle peaks from Riventon, but no flat lines. Basically. 'Always on a flare up, but different highs and lows'.

"But recently I've been...." she draws a line that looks similar to Riventon's. The flats aren't as long, but it looks 'healthier' than her usual for sure. "Flat is 'good'. High is bad." she adds.

"But it's also stable. It looks the same when I'm... calm. And even when I felt slightly agitated it didn't peak.. as high as it used to. I don't know about stronger agitation or anger yet though." she says.
Kunzite 2018-01-18 00:23:06 88217
"If I could place what's unsettling me about the idea," Kazuo admits, "I could resolve it. But whatever it is, it's my own problem, not yours. And if the situation comes up, we'll see to it that you're taken care of as well as we can -- not just laying you anywhere."

Kazuo shifts position when she retrieves the paper; his hands lift after a moment, as she starts describing it. He's not in henshin. There's no power behind the gestures. And they're not designed to invoke power anyhow -- to an extent they echo her drawings in a way, but with different details conveyed in distance between the hands, or the way fingers are crooked like claws for the youma's signature, or hands flat and describing gentle, separating curves for the human.

"More stable," he repeats, agrees, when she finishes. He hesitates. Then says, "I cannot, of course, be sure. But I would guess that you might ... you had already created for yourself a certain degree of choice. Once, when you became upset, you might not have thought of taking it out on dead plants instead of people. I would guess that you might, perhaps, find that when you become angry, you have more of an ability to see those other paths. Not enforced upon you. But if you choose to continue developing it. It would ... be consistent with the way Ariel's powers have worked in the past. But I've only seen this happen once before. I don't know which of my guesses about it might be true. If any."
Lacrima 2018-01-18 00:51:55 88218
Lacrima nrgs. "Ikiko told me that Unicorn tears are something super ... primal. Old things. And Ariel told me that she has to choose to cry, like that." she says quietly. "and I think the only one that might have an inkling of the truth would be her mother but I'm uh...."

"Her mother only tolerates me, I think, because Ariel talks highly of me." she fidgets a bit and blushes. "She told me. Because if it was any other situation. She'd try to kill me." she says quietly. "Because you know. Dark Energy being. And all." she says. "I mean. Her unicorn mom. Her other mom doesn't seem to mind me as much." she says.

"I visited when. The walls between the dream world was mending after that whole affair. The corruption was starting to heal. I haven't asked how it's been. I should next time I see Ari." she shifts a bit.

"Well. I didn't. Know what to do. Either. I could go hurt people. Or I can just start cutting down dead plants hoping that'd be enough. I just."

"....I'd felt. Bad. Trying to come back here and going... 'I'm having some kind of break down. I need help' immediately after... the stuff." she shifts. "With Alexis and all.... and... people seem to be. Having their own issues." she says.
Kunzite 2018-01-18 00:58:52 88219
"Her mother also owes you her existence as a free entity thinking her own thoughts," Kazuo says, a trifle dry. "I suspect that's a small influence on her."

He falls silent again, but this time he doesn't look away from Lacrima. And it's a much shorter pause. "Even if we're having our own issues," he says quietly, "please don't hesitate to come here if you feel you need to. The worst outcome is that we can't help, and then you're in much the same position as if you didn't come at all -- likely no worse. And it's possible that even if we can't help, we can find other people who can, or in talking out the problem you might find a solution for yourself."
Lacrima 2018-01-18 01:18:00 88220
Lacrima makes a face. "Ari-chan said I shouldn't be taking out my anger on dead plants either." she says. "She visited when I started getting short in my text messages. Just. Trying to keep a minimal contact so people didn't think something awful happened and started worrying." she says dryly.

"Yeah...Yeah." she says in reply to that. "Just..."

"....Ari-chan was. One of the first people I met that didn't. Immediately try to kick me or hurt me when she caught me feeding. She asked me why I did that. I told her why. Because I needed to feed. That I was some sort of vampire. And she just. Accepted it. She seemed sad about it.. but..."

"She didn't... judge me. After that. On it." she says.

"I mean I don't think she LIKES me doing that. But I think she knows I don't have much of a choice either and. If I didn't have to. I wouldn't be... attacking people in alleys." she mutters.

She shifts. "And I know just... I didn't want to. Find out how I'd respond if I couldn't get help. Or anything. And. I'd like to. Be able to keep coming back here and not be banned because I tried to.. rip Naru's mural off the wall in anger or something." she mutters. "Over something stupid."
Kunzite 2018-01-18 01:29:22 88221
"There are degrees of should and shouldn't," Kazuo says. "It's unwise to disregard an improvement only because that improvement doesn't approach perfection. That, I suspect, is one of the differences between human beings and those of us who approximate that on one hand --" one corner of his mouth quirks -- "and unicorns on the other. No matter how adored the unicorn in question might be."

He considers Lacrima's statement. Falls silent again after a moment. Then says, "I understand." His eyes flicker off toward the halls that lead toward Mamoru's room. "Most of us here would understand, I think. Or come close enough to understanding to count."

And about her coming here: "I understand that, too. I am only asking that you consider the door on our end open, if you need it. Whether you decide it's the door you want to walk through on a particular day is always up to you. You know your situation better than any of us can."

A pause. "Besides. If you tried to rip the mural off the wall, we'd only ask you to clean it up. Which would likely involve paying Naru to paint the wall again, granted, which might not be an approved expense."
Lacrima 2018-01-18 01:54:05 88222
Lacrima shifts a bit uncomfortably. "Also she's one of the first.. magical types I met. Period. I'd managed to avoid. Detection for a bit I guess, but. The way I understand it, that was when the whole. Thing was going on with you guys in that. 'Dark Kingdom'. So it was probably easier for me to fly under the radar until I couldn't anymore." she asides.

"I... know." she finally says silently. "Just. I didn't want to be the one to hit that.... 'Eff you, I'm done' point.... considering." she says. "And- I know that. People might understand." she says. "Just. Hard to make a call when you're compromised like I was." a pause.

"...It didn't even occur to me I could had invited you or someone else over to talk." she mutters a little ashamedly. "If I was worried about damage." she sighs a bit.

A pause. "That gumbo should be done by now." she says as she stands up. "Do you want a bowl now? It's okay to say no." she says. "But I did make it for you guys here."
Kunzite 2018-01-18 02:04:04 88223
"Plagues of youma, not to mention Walpurgisnacht," Kazuo agrees. "Easy to go unnoticed. Still. I'm glad that Ariel was one of the first you met. There are far worse possibilities."

He nods a little more deeply to the 'hard to make a call.' "Yes. It is. So we talk about it times like now. And you'll notice that it didn't occur to me to mention that, either -- even though I'd been thinking about going looking." ... for Lacrima, presumably.

Kazuo rises as Lacrima does. "I'd appreciate one," he answers her, grave as usual, safe in knowing that the current company isn't going to call him on it. "Would you join me, perhaps? And is there anything customary to drink with it?" He'll accompany her to the kitchen. Cabinets mean being tall is useful.
Lacrima 2018-01-18 02:25:33 88224
Lacrima purses her lips. "A crusty bread. French bread-like. Like a bauguette." she says. "Buttered but can be used to junk or pile the ingredients on." she says as she opens the top. "Sausage. And some of the shrimp I found." she says. "Vegetables. A Roux." she says. She gently makes two bowls and then says. "Hot sauce if you want it more spicy but it should be 'tolerably spicy' on it's own. Nothing that should offend." she says as she takes a taste.

"...It actually needs a touch more pepper." she says as she grabs said pepper and sprinkles a little more in and stirs as she turns the heat down even more.

She then takes her bowl. IF There's bread if Kazuo can find it, she places it on her plate she puts the bowl on and heads back out to sit down.

"...I should take a little to your dad. I enjoyed talking with him last time I did." she says softly. "But I'm not sure how welcome that might be." she says. "Does your father take visitors?" she asks.
Kunzite 2018-01-18 02:38:43 88225
Like a baguette. Kazuo considers this, then paces out of the room entirely. It takes him a minute or two to make his way back through the maze, but there is, in fact, a baguette to be found. He'll replace it for its owner later. Butter is easier to fish out, it lives in the usual kitchen. He fetches it without a word, then a pair of cups; a pitcher of water is filled, and the milk is brought out to go with the dairy-versus-spice theme. Which one Lacrima prefers is up to her.

"When I lived with him," Kazuo answers, "he wasn't at home to take visitors, except perhaps for a couple of hours on Sundays. But I understand Naru's managed to find him at home a couple of times. Perhaps being chastised for not calling in dead made him decide that work hours should end before the collapse from exhaution instead of with it."
Lacrima 2018-01-18 03:01:42 88227
Lacrima takes the milk. She takes a sip--- and.... oh is that a smile? Oh just for a /second/ but that is one. Kind of. "I should bring Ari-chan over with me one time. Either his heart melts out of his chest or maybe he softens up just a little." she scoffs.

"...But maybe your dad also doesn't like finding glitter everywhere." she says.

"It's all over the manor now. Not a lot of it. But I see it every so often." she says.

"Not too spicy?" she asks.

"It might make your nose run but that's the point in this case." she says.

She eyes. "By the way. Is Mamoru...okay?" she asks raising a brow.

"He...hugged me. During New Years Eve. That's strange. Since. Contact and all." she says.

"Or...was he more drunk than he think he was?"
Kunzite 2018-01-18 03:13:53 88228
"I admit that I'm fond of the image of his finding glitter everywhere," Kazuo replies. "The middle-aged don't exercise enough, people say. Constant frenetic vacuuming might be good for him." Mildly vindictive spite is probably not good for Kazuo, granted, but he doesn't seem to mind at the moment.

Kazuo's trying the gumbo definitely wins Lacrima a physical reaction: there are relatively few people who get to see Kazuo flushed under any circumstances. That's probably more color than he's had this year -- wait, the year's only two months old. Okay, the last six months. But he gives her an approving nod all the same. "Not too spicy," he says a few moments later. "For a few people, granted, but they can be given fair warning. If they pause long enough to read a note, anyhow." If not, well, that's on them, isn't it?

(At least Usagi probably won't actually have her twintails stand on end. Which is good for the ceiling.)

Kazuo's tone turns dry again at Lacrima's question. "He was fairly drunk on New Year's," he says. Then more normally: "And I suspect he was being careful. Large parties tend to include large numbers of people who decide he needs to be hugged right at that moment. So he was probably taking steps to make sure nothing would come of it."

(That Kunzite has to say 'probably' might be noted, there.)
Lacrima 2018-01-18 03:33:12 88229
Lacrima snorts. "I need to ask him to make more fudge. That jar didn't even make it home with me." she says quietly. "-and honestly. I kinda needed that." she says. "The fudge I mean. It made the night much easier. I spent all day pulling myself together to even kinda step outside my manor for a moment." she says gently.

"-and the donuts I picked up turned out to be a hit. I had to stop at... having include gold leaf donuts. That'd been a little too out there." she asides.

She does eyes Kazuo. "Oh I'll need to see about brining her over for sure now." she says. "I mean exercise is important in that age, right?" she says innocently. "This is clearly helping." she asides.
Kunzite 2018-01-18 03:45:56 88230
"... gold leaf donuts." From Kazuo's tone, he does not in the slightest doubt that Lacrima found such a thing. He is only having the briefest moment of regret that saving Tokyo inevitably involves saving people who make those.

Oh, well, Mamoru likes the city, and Usagi's pretty attached to her family and the Crown, and Zoisite's piano is here. He'll cope.

He draws a deeper breath, then nods more firmly. "I can speak to him about the fudge, if you like. He'll be pleased to hear how much it helped. And I'll see how the honey supplies are doing. We should be starting to see southern-hemisphere honey in a few weeks -- a couple of months, with time for shipping and inspections. A somewhat better time for restocking in quantity, if we need to." We? Him and Mamoru? Makoto? Lacrima? Pronouns are comfortably nonspecific.

There's a quick nod to Lacrima at the last, perfectly grave. "Excellent help. And much appreciated. At least by me."