Battle Over the Sea

In a gambit to get the last of the Jewel Seeds, Fate activates SIX of them of Japan's coast, and is forced to work together with Nanoha Takamachi, Rashmi Terios, and Kokoro Akakuma, to put something long lost at sea back to rest. (Don't give up, skeleton!)

Date: 2018-01-20
Pose Count: 24
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-20 22:55:43 88231
    The storm came from nowhere. Off the coast of the city, the harbor is in disarray due to the sudden freak weather that had come without warning... First the skies darkened. Then the clouds rolled in...
    And then came the lightning.
    It is not a natural storm. Everything about it screams with magical signatures that are tangible far and wide around the city. It is a ritual- someone is funnelling magic into the sea itself.
    Driven to desperation, unable to find any more Jewel Seeds upon land, Fate Testarossa has taken to Japan's waters, standing over the sea on a golden magic circle high in the sky.
    "F-Fate this is a bad idea!" Arf, her loyal Familiar; already in War Form, cries out over the raging storm.
    "It will be fine..." The blonde girl whispers, voice barely audible over the raging winds as she raises her Device to the sky, cloak fluttering wildly in the winds.

    "Arcus... Cultas... Aegias..."
    "I call upon the heavenly gods that shine upon all, descend now where I guide you..."
    "Baruel... Zaruel... Brauzel..."

    Fate intones an incantation passed down the Testarossa family line, entreating the skies themselves to come alive with anger and fury, the dark clouds overhead roaring with thunder as lightning dances in the skies, rain beginning to downpour as though the world iself was weeping.

    "Releasing so much energy into the sea to find the Jewel Seeds isn't a bad plan... But Fate you're going to get yourself killed!" Arf protests. Her protests are ignored, massive spheres of golden voltaic energy forming in orbit around Fate and crackling with life.

    "Let lightning strike, and roar with resonant thunder..."
    "Arcus... Cultas... Aegias..."

    Bardiche is raised high...
    And with a fighting cry, Fate bends all of that power to her will, lowering her staff like a general giving signal upon the battlefield, unleashing torrents of violent storming magic down into the sea itself...

    Causing six beautifully dangerous points of light to form beneath the dark waters...
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-20 23:02:03 88232
One Jewel Seed is a problem. *Six* Jewel Seeds are a Priority Issue. The moment Nicomachea warns her of the impending doom, Rashmi is out of her room, scrabbling her window open and launching out. It's really something, how she's managed to get used enough to the whole henshin thing that she'll manage it while falling from a second-story window.

As her Flier Fin activates, the redhead scrabbles for her phone, punching in a hurried text message: HURRY DENGEKI MEET AT WATER. And with that, she angles toward the oncoming storm, steeling herself for whatever she may be headed toward.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-01-20 23:03:16 88233
    Lying on her bed at home, playing some handheld game or other, Kokoro begins to feel uneasy. It's not something she can put her finger on. She has to word for it because it's something she's never felt before. But something, buried deep in her mind, starts to warn her that something is subtly, unnaturally Wrong. She frowns, at first trying to ignore it. But the subtle sense of wrongness starts to creep up on her. She rolls onto her back. She shifts onto her side.

    Her instincts tell her this isn't something she can just brush off.

    "Oi, Momoko. Headin' out for a bit. 'unno how long I'll be."

    Around a corner, down an alley, and seconds later, Dengeki Shoujo is leaping to the rooftops. It only takes a second or two of sweeping the skies. It's the first time she's ever experienced something like this, but she knows it instinctively. For once, she's the one to sense trouble. "...the hell's that," she mutters. But she's already in motion, hurtling towards the harbor. About the moment Rashmi sends the text, Kokoro goes soaring right past her in a long leap. "I know," she calls out. "Let's move it."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-01-20 23:09:37 88234
Yuuno looked out at the storm with wide eyes. "No way...." he says. Nanoha Takamachi sat up. It was a half day at school. And her parents didn't need her help in the shop and today was a lazy day. Nanoha Takamachi hated lazy days. She looked up from the bed. Maybe she was thinking about Fate-chan. Maybe she was thinking about the fact Yuuno is a boy in ferret form. Maybe she was wondering about other things. Regardless, there's a sudden gust of wind by the window and this combined with Yuuno's words causes her to sit up. "Huh?"

Nanoha Takamachi is using flier fin to fly across the sky, leaving a magenta streak as she makes for the ocean. What's going on out there. Why does she feel this dread?

Hey. Is that. Rashmi-chan? And Dengeki-chan? She frowns. Yuuno isn't here with her today. Or. IF he is, he's hiding somewhere. She passes by and hovers down.

"Yuuno says. It feels something like half a dozen Jewel Seeds. Activating at once." she says gravely. "That'd be more or less almost all the remaining ones." she says. "-that count could be off too." she says.

"I dunno what's happening beyond that. Um..."

"Can Kokoro get out there?" she asks. "Or do you got it Rashmi-chan?" she asks softly. She looks back out over the water.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-20 23:30:42 88237
    By the time Nanoha, Rashmi, and Kokoro reach the harbor, the storm is a full blown disaster. The seas roar and and waves leap high in a frothing rage, thunder and lightning dominate the skies, and the rain comes down with beating force...
    And Fate is in the middle of it all, soaked to the bone, struggling against four massive tornadoes of water reaching up towards the sky like grasping fingers trying to crush her. This says nothing about the two she can't even handle on her own, but as she weaves and jerks through the air, the tornadoes begin to converge, the glowing blue lights in the water at the base of each twister slide through the water and coalesce to one point. The Jewel Seeds have all found something to latch onto beneath the sea. Something massive.
    Oblong in shape and glowing with eerie blue light it begins to rise, breaking the water with a roar of rushing water sloughing off rusted metal. The wreck is given life once again by the Lost Logia, in their wild and uncontrolled state. Lost long ago, during the Second World War, the sunken submarine breaches the surface, gun and torpedo ports creaking open and launching a fusillade of deadly blue energy in every direction.
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-20 23:37:09 88238

That is the opposite of good.

Bobbing her head in answer to Nanoha, Rashmi pulls up at the harbor, waiting for Kokoro to land. "So uh... Couple options, Koko-chan. Either you make it to that..... omigod seriously?! ....that thing out there... Or I give you wings for a bit. That okay?"

Trying very hard to keep a grip on things, Rashmi draws in a breath, and tries to project confidence. Kokoro by now knows her well enough that she is *terrible at faking it.*
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-01-20 23:42:34 88239
    Even Kokoro's usual leaps and bounds seem more determined, somehow. Electricity crackles faintly every time her feet touch the ground, and her focus on the harbor ahead is razor-sharp. Even the appearance of Nanoha only faintly tugs her attention. "If it's Jewel Seeds, that ain't good. I normally ain't one for sensin' stuff, but..." She lifts her hammer, pointing it straight at the storm. "That don't feel right. Somethin' about it bothers me-"

    A submarine rises from the depths. It begins unleashing blasts of energy. Without skipping a beat, Kokoro is suddenly just /there/, in front of Rashmi, hammer held up defensively. She stops only to look over her shoulder briefly, then up at the sky. "...I ain't cut out for swimmin' like this, and I don't run on water." Flight is the only option, then.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-01-21 00:01:37 88241
Nanoha Takamachi eyes as... something lights that errie blue and something breaches the waves and...ohhh boy is that a big submarine. She blinks rapidly. "Is that a... submarine..." she says. It looks old and years of ocean has rusted it and there's probably weird oceanic growths on it like coral or barnacles.

"I think that's a-----" something blue and light cuts through the air. THAT wasn't a torpedo. Or if it was it was solid and blue and fast.

"This is dangerous!" she says. "That's a shipwreck or something!" she says.

"Rashmi-chan. We need to keep that thing busy. And figure out how to deal with more than two of these things." she calls out. "Like at least five." she says.

"Raising Heart, do you have any suggestions?"

< Shoot It, Master. >. Nanoha didn't expect any other kind of answer. She'll begin off the moment when Kokoro is ready to move. It's a BAD idea to head in one at a time, or solo right now. Are those tornadoes? Wait is that...she squints into the distance. Who is that?
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-21 00:05:05 88242
    Fate is struggling. Even before the Jewel Seeds has caused the ancient sub to rise from the depths, She was biting off more than she could chew in what was already a very dangerous gambit.
    The blonde and her Familiar launch an attack. But injury and exhaustion shared between them lend to a completely ineffective counter assault as they can do little more than dive aside and evade the lethal beams. But now they know they aren't alone. Bardiche, ever faithful Bardiche, knowing the danger his cherished master is in acts on his own , without thought for Fate's orders, broadcasting a clear distress signal to Raising Heart and Nichomachea. It's squelched a moment later by Fate, who only redoubles her efforts against the submarine, another ineffectual lightning bolt striking against aged plating.
    "We... Don't need their help..." Fate says- more to herself than to her Device or Familiar.
    "FATE DON'T BE A FOOL!" Arf howls, the giant red wolf being disobedient for once in the chaos. "LET THEM HELP US!"
    Fate charges- a blast of golden energy lancing for one of the blue spots on the sub and- seals one of the Jewel Seeds. The problem is there are five more to go and the seal is liable to break and release that Seed again if the others aren't handled fast.
    But now that the others are here, the submarine also has more targets, streams of deadly crackling blue energy lashing out everywhere.
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-21 00:16:47 88243
More help for Fate means more targets for the ship, and a hastily-erected shield blasts Rashmi off course with a startled shriek. Bobbing back on course, and looking rather singed around the edges, the redhead continues on her course, wincing as she presses her free hand to the arm holding her book. "Ow ow ow... Nichomachea, Telepathy please!"


<< I need everyone to group up for a second, >> Rashmi's voice says at the back of her friends' heads. Also Arf and Fate, but, chalk that up to Rashmi's peculiarities. << The moment I'm done, disperse as far as you can. I do not want this thing to be able to focus on us if it possibly can. >>
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-01-21 00:22:10 88244
    "Keep it busy, huh," Kokoro rumbles, grip tensing on her hammer. "You two handle the seeds, I'll make that thing regret every second it ain't got its eyes on m- WHOA!" Her initial flight goes up about ten feet, arcs over, and slams into the ground just shy of the water. "Gh... stupid... freakin'..." She hauls herself to her feet, rolls her shoulders, and then erupts into the air.

    It's a wobbly, wavering flight at first, but Dengeki Shoujo learns fast, and eventually she's flying straight and true. It's curious, though; her course takes her not downward, but up. Higher and higher up, close to the 'ceiling' the thunderstorm represents, but never quite touching it, until she's floating directly over the submarine. For a few seconds, she floats there - and the wind carries her voice downward.

    "Oi, dumbass! You die out here, who's gonna get those seeds back to your mom, huh? Who's gonna help her if you never come back?"

    She knows she's hitting a sore button. But it's the only way she can think of to get Fate to look after herself. And she doesn't wait for a reply, either. Thunder rumbles in the clouds, arcs of electricity dance across Dengeki Shoujo's body, and down she goes, straight down, from the clouds to the submarine like a bolt of lightning made of anger and hammer.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-01-21 00:33:27 88245
"FATE-CHAN!?" she says. She looks back out the air and begins taking off. She keeps near Rashmi-chan as she says. "Right." she says. "I'll go right you go left and..."

Well Kokoro is already going straight ahead. "I think she has the right idea!" she calls out.

"FATE-CHAN. THIS IS DANGEROUS!" she calls out. "We need to do this together. We can barely handle one sometimes and this is many!" she says.

Adding her own words to various things being shouted out as she summons up some Divine Shots around her, hovering magenta orbs that lance out towards the ship.

"...Nrg. How do you fight a resurrected... junk heap." she says. Ah, the wind is strong this deep in. She has to keep more energy on Flier Fin than usual.

Hopefully that won't affect her other actions.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-21 00:45:25 88246
    Fate is not having an easy time of it... But as stubborn as she is, she can only say no so many times. Bardiche sent a distress signal without her permission. Arf chided her. For a beat she's left staring at Kokoro, expression unreadable... Somewhere between indignance and shame as she's called out on being such a fool.
    And then there's Nanoha. Always wanting to work together.
    Fate, waterlogged and exhausted, has no choice but to relent.
    <<Aim for the Jewel Seeds. If we can seal them quickly enough they won't be able to control it anymore.>> She replies over the telepathic link, already taking aim and firing a few golden bullets to join Nanoha's barrage.
    One seed is sealed, five more to go, and the ship looks ready to fire again... Until Kokoro hits it hard enough to force it a few feet back DOWN into the water with a loud crash.
    The deck doesn't dent beneath her... It breaks away entirely, letting her drop inside the rusted sub into a world of coral and barnacles. And a crewman's skeleton, bones colored green with algae and plankton and who knows what other microbial sea life absorbed into the bones, reaching out at her like an angered revenant."
    Back on the outside, Arf lands on an orange magic circle, summoning chains of orange light to hold the old wreck into place and open it up for further counterattack. She won't be able to hold it long.
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-21 00:56:38 88247
Drawing in a slow, deep breath, Rashmi drifts up to Arf's position, alighting just outside the radius of the woman's circle. << All right, >> she sends back, releasing her book and allowing it to drift in place in front of her. Nicomachea glows brightly, its lines melting away into solid light as it changes shape to something more armored and protective.

*BING!* << SEALING MODE, >> the book announces once the glow fades completely, somehow managing to sound pleased with itself. << Okay! Everyone, huddle up now! As soon as I'm done, break! >>

Holding the book out in front of her, she raises her free hand, and beneath Rashmi a trio of circles form, one after another after another.


The circles lock in place, then explode with golden light, and ribbons of energy streak out to wrap around the wrists of Nanoha, Arf, Fate, and Kokoro, adding the redhead's warmth to their own considerable power.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-01-21 01:03:26 88248
    CRASH. With a deafening report of thunder, Kokoro smashes the sub back down, bright ribbons of electricity dancing around her at the point of impact. It's so brutal she finds herself /in/ the ship, with a freakish sea zombie lunging for her. She swings her hammer around without hesitating, a reflexive grunt of "Guh-!" and a swipe aimed to cave the thing's ribcage in. Hopefully with all the important bones there, it'll be disabled by a hit like that.

    She's just about to start considering her options when a familiar sensation lends power to her. She brings up her wrist briefly, then looks out the hole in the sub into the stormy sky. That glowing golden band around her wrist might just be enough to make a more... comprehensive strategy, feasible.

    "Alright, let's see how much juice I can crank out."

    Kokoro takes a deep breath and... Crackle. Cracklespark. A web of lightning erupts around Kokoro, radiating off her hammer in particular; she'd normally contain this power for her signature strike, but for now she's letting it all leak out, trying to just obliterate everything in range. And at the same time? She starts swinging her hammer. Smashing anything that looks vaguely important. And anything skeletal that's dumb enough to move.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-01-21 01:13:20 88249
Nanoha Takamachi gets enough time to actually circle the area once before ending up back near Rashmi for a power boost apparently. "Oh!" she says. "Good, this will...." SMASH!

"....woah that thing cracked easily but that doesn't mean an....."

Oh god. Are those weird skeleton monsters in there!? An.. an entire crew of skeletons!? Somehow. This is worse than the zombies in her head. Thinking out being somewhere dark, and wet and....

She ALMOST freezes up, but instead powers through it because the Jewel Seeds. OH! Are those what those points of blue are? RIGHT THEN.

She fires off a series of Divine Shoots again as she points Raising Heart down at one of them, blasting an arc of energy at one of them, weaken. Then seal. Quickly!

"Attempting s-seal!" she says out wavering.

Don't think about skeleton hands dragging you into the deep blue. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, she keeps telling herself subconsciously.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-21 01:20:54 88250
    A plan is hatched. All that matters now is that everyone enacts it to the letter. Rashmi supplies new strength and energy. Fate had needed that, but it only cements in even further that she has to work with the others to accomplish this right now.
    Inside the sub, the skeleton's chest caves in and it falls to pieces, wet and brittle with the years, only barely held together by coral and sea-life. But where one falls, more crewmen rise to try and fend Kokoro off.
    They do not do a very good job of it as the thunderous magical girl takes her hammer to EVERYTHING, crushing and bludgeoning vital support structures, making an entire section of the ship fall apart on itself.
    In an instant Fate is beside Nanoha, a grim look of determination on her face as she takes aim, trying to distract the other girl from the horrorterrors of the deep by giving her something to focus on. "On three."
    "One. Two..."
    Pink and gold streak down, slamming into two close by Jewel Seeds and sealing the both in one blow, leaving just three left.
    Three that still don't want to be sealed, as they lance beams and bullets of muderous blue energy like anti-air fire at Nanoha, Fate, and Rashmi.
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-21 01:28:33 88251

A half-dome of golden light coalesces beneath the trio of mages, knocking a good many of the beams to one side... But not nearly all of them. The redhead ducks and weaves, but cannot avoid every attack, and by the time the barrage lets up the redhead is panting and scorched, one eye closed against her many hurts. Flipping the pages of her book, she analyzes the signatures displayed, and manages a short nod. "Let's finish this quick," she says, voice tight. "Fate-chan, get the one on the left, I'll get the one on the right. Nano-chan, right down the middle."

Summoning up the last of her strength, she turns the book outward, a series of aiming circles forming in front of the open pages.

*BING!* << SOLAR STORM, >> Nicomachea supplies. He's a helper!
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-01-21 01:39:11 88252
    One part down. But that's only one part. Dengeki Shoujo can't stop swinging yet. Not until this thing's sinking. So onward she tromps, attempting to do her very best to smash open a bulkhead door and move into the next area.

    But swinging like this, constantly radiating electricity; even with Rashmi's boost, it's tiring her out, faster than expected. So that much cuts off. But the head of her hammer still crackles, and as she brings it around to smash through a skeleton and the console behind it, the thunderous girl unloads an extra jolt of lightning.

    Then the arms close around her neck from behind. "Tch-!" Shutting off her 'lightning globe' effect has left her vulnerable, and now she's got one on her back - with no choice but to slam her whole weight, with her whole strength, into the inside wall of the sub.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-01-21 01:48:45 88253
Nanoha Takamachi is honestly still unnerved by awful ocean skeleton thoughts but that almost disappears when.... Fate-chan moves next to her? And they're... working together!? She's torn between 'just being happy about this' and 'Wanting to say something to effect of 'see!?'.' But she says neither.

"R...right!" she calls out to Rashmi-chan. "Let's go, Fate-chan!" she calls out as she moves to the middle. Ohhhh she has a renewed vigor now, after that!

There's an array of fire up from the sub though. Like Anti-Air flak. Uh oh! Straight lasers are one thing. Clouds of awful are another. She can't make protective shields, Not strong ones. She summons a simple round shield spell and holds it towards the sub. Rashmi's own shield spell stops anything from getting though before she's moving again.

"SEALING!" she calls out, another seal being sent out at the one she's been aimed at by Rashmi-chan. Hopefully splitting up makes it a harder to target them but hopefully they can each seal them separately easy enough!
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-21 01:55:56 88254
    From the outside of the dread submarine... A Kokoro-shaped outline dents one of the rusted old plates.
    It handles the problem of the skeleton on her as the revenant crewman is crushed to a wet jumble of broken bones. There's nothing stopping her from ripping a bulkhead apart with her hammer and tromping into the engine rooms, where the power of the Jewel Seeds have forced long inactive machinery back to life.
    Outside the ship though there's no time to argue the plan. As soon as Rshmi declares targets, Fate is already moving into optimal position to hit her assigned seed, once the anti-air fire is warded off by the redhead's shield spell.
    "You can't take another hit like that." Fate warns softly. "If we fail let Bardiche handle the shield."
    That's an IF, though as she takes aim, a golden circle forming beneath her as her Device shifts.
    [GLAIVE FORM] Bardiche intones, energy forming at the black axe's blade. [JEWEL SEED SEAL] announced before she unleashes her own fire, the three unloading their spells as one and...
    Sealing those last Jewel Seeds.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-01-21 02:02:43 88255
    A magically-empowered engine. Well if smashing THIS doesn't take it down entirely, she's out of ideas other than 'smash every single thing in here'. And even with Rashmi's boost and her taking it easy, Kokoro doesn't have enough in her for that. So she's gotta bet it all one one hard strike.

    Fortunately, she is very, very good at 'one hard strike'.

    The engine room floods with electricity - then the hull. Drawing on her own full might and the entirety of Barret Bless, she pulls out every single electron of lightning she can muster, pushing it into her hammer until the light is near blinding. "TENHA...!" It's a strain, so much so that Kokoro even grits her teeth. But with a stationary target? You're free to wind up as hard as you like.

Rashmi Terios 2018-01-21 02:36:53 88257
Panting and scorched, Rashmi struggles to catch her breath. Not anything like the combat ace that the other two girls are, it takes a goodly amount of time to get her stamina back... which point Nanoha is streaking down for the prize, causing the redhead's eyes to grow wide as dinnerplates. "Wh-- hey! Nanoha that's cheating!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-01-21 02:44:36 88258
    Kokoro's Wreck-It Ralph impression is thorough and complete upon the submarine's engines, the sheer awe-inspiring electrified hammer work reducing many of the old machines to their constituent atoms, the sub, now powerless and engineless begins to sink, the skeletal crew falling apart to resume their eternal rest at the bottom of the sea.
    The waters slowly calm... The skies brighten, but the rain still falls in a heavy downpour; although minus the violent winds. A waterlogged Fate pants quietly catching her breath... Before she catches that look from Nanoha. Nanoha who... Bolts. Nanoha, who Rashmi calls a cheater.
    In an instant Fate is off like a bullet; a streak of gold and black zooming through the night sky to overtake the mage in white.
    Nanoha gets close... So close... But not close enough. Just as she's within arm's reach of the Jewel Seeds, Fate manages to overtake her and blazes by. In that same instant, three of the Jewel Seeds are missing.
    Leaving three floating there serenely in the air and waiting for Nanoha to take them as Fate slows to a stop and turns to glance over one shoulder, cape fluttering behind her.
    It's only fair, after all.
    "Half and half." She says firmly, adamant on a share that she will not back down from as she stares with tired and melancholy eyes.