Totally Wasn't My Fault

Never one to leave tinkering with forces beyond her comprehension to others, Miss White tries an experiment. A grief seed, a youma, and a bit of borrowed time with the good Professor's equipment. This has nothing to do with the massive youma then stomping around Tokyo. It totally isn't Miss White's fault.

Date: 2018-01-23
Pose Count: 23
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-23 02:28:02 88343
~Earlier, Infinity University~

In the dark lower depths, Hannah Sharpe stands before one of the many devices Professor Tomoe has created. This particular youma furnace is one she's gotten some play time with, and the mage juggles a pair of grief seeds, and the struggling form of a stupid, animalistic youma.

One RFID tag punched into the thing's ear, and she gives her best version of her boss' twisted laugh. Grin! "One mobile Witch-hunting youma, coming up!" Chuck. Punt. Hannah puts it on high, presses a button, and....Rrrrrrt ding!

Open. "Come to Miss White you beautiful little..." That's about when the teleportation spell slowly winds it's way up, mostly done. Then a mass of thick, black, planty tentacles emerge. POP.

The coordinates are entered completely at random, and Miss White goes flying out of a portal, currently being held aloft by a three story tall mass of black vine-y tentacles, her Barrier Jacket and shield spells struggling to not get her crushed. Atop that mass beneath, sits a beautiful figure of a woman in emerald green and black. With elfin ears, six eyes, and multiple large blade-shaped ends on six larger tentacles, the thing laughs as it starts to spread it's tentacles out like roots, right near a skyscraper in downtown Tokyo. Civilians start to fall unconscious. A parked bus loses it's back half.

Hannah snaps off a quick spell, the world going grey and emerald as a Barrier keeps the real world safe. Then she's firing off texts to those she knows might be closest by.


It's totally her fault.
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-23 02:35:06 88344
The aggrieved, put-upon sigh that is biologically specific to teenagers, manages to follow Rashmi through henshin, out her window, into the air, and halfway across Tokyo as she flies toward the Barrier.


Annoyed, perhaps, but that hasn't yet kept her from helping out people in need. When one's tactics run toward support and defense, one rarely has an excuse not to show up.
Akane Hino 2018-01-23 02:39:11 88345
There's trouble going on, and Hannah has fired off texts, and one of them happened to reach the phone of Akane Hino just in the nick of time.

When Akane receives the text, she's not doing much, just relaxing and being in her usual cheerful mood. However, when she gets the text, Akane's eyes go wide for a moment before she shakes her head and smiles. "This looks like a job for the power of the sun!" Akane heads off to an undisclosed location to change into her henshin form, Cure Sunny!

Once she's done that, the Precure rushes towards the area as quickly as she can with a look of determination on her face and an optimistic smile as well. "The sun shall shine through any difficult situation! I shall see to it!" Cure Sunny says as she continues heading towards the area where things are going down. It's not hard to miss it, either, as there's a huge monster on the loose and it's wreaking major havoc. Civilians are going unconscious, a bus has been torn in half, just to name a few examples of what's going wrong right here. It's a bad day in Mitakihara City indeed, but Cure Sunny is prepared to help bring an end to this menace and make the sun shine again!
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-01-23 02:39:42 88346
Mikoto is out tonight. It isn't a date... it's just her. There was pizza. There was going to be a movie. She'd just purchased her ticket for the latest chapter of Space Battleship Yamato: 2202 and was heading for the theater door when it happened.

    (~Emergency Message from Miss White, Meister. She appears to have stepped in it again.~)

Palm meets face, and Mikoto groans, low and deep, leaning against the door. After a moment of this, she hands off her ticket to a kid waiting in line (a fetching lass in a rather convincing Gamilon uniform and some blue body paint) saying, "Here, have fun, gotta run, bye!"

Then she's dashing off to get henshin'ed and on her way to whatever trouble her not-really-a-boss has gotten herself into this time.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-23 02:41:00 88347
Haruna Kurosawa was tip-toeing around Hannah's apartment. Sneak sneak sneak. Pork goes into a slow cooker. Sneak sneak sneak. BBQ sauce goes in. Sneak sneak. Water. Sneak sneak close and set for a few hours. "Soon I shall be the pig master." she says. Corvus snorts from the couch. "Pig master." he says. "Pig master!" says Haruna. "Master of all that is pork!". Corvus says. "But I thought you we're only into g----"

Before Corvus can finish what he thinks is the funniest thing ever he can say, her phone starts blinking repeatedly. "What...?" she says.

There's a transformation and then there's a green streak sort of criss crossing across the city. UNTIL it finds the barrier and then the green streak stops and there's a Cure Gull and a Corvus perched on her shoulder.


"Ohhh that is a lot of tentacles." says Corvus. Gull huffs. "Right better keep away from those and...." she throws her arm back and forward unleashes an array of cutting sharp teal green feathers. "GULL FEATHER STORM!" she callls out, trying to aim for the mass of tentacles giving Miss White trouble.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-23 03:01:25 88348
Hannah outright grins. "I assure you, I always risk assess everything I do. This was completely within my expectations." She sounds so self assured. Mostly.

Cure Sunny gets a wave in turn, as Hannah starts brushing herself off after a hard tumble. "Now that's our favorite radiant PreCure!" Mikoto too gets a wave, with a wink. Oh yeah. She stepped in it!

Cure Gull has Miss White laughing nervous. Smile. Smiiiiile! "Don't worry Gull-chan! It's all covered under both our insurance, /and/ plausable deniability!"

First, the Gull Feather Storm slashes down the tentacles keeping Hannah pinned, and she sighs happily. One fist raises to the air, and wind swirls into a tight ball, before she punches at the Alraune youma. A burst of wind vortexes it's way into the thing, making it lift up from it's rooted spot!

Then, those main lashing arms fly out, trying to carve into each of the magical girls present. Hannah kicks straight into it, shield and wind-fuelled foot managing to win out on that particular exchange even if she's thrown back into a skid with the force of the blow.
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-23 03:09:48 88349
"KAIJU ARE AN UNACCEPTABLE OUTCOME," Rashmi shouts, flailing her arms... then shrieks in startled fright as a tentacle slashes her way, knocking her spinning into a nearby building. Peeling herself off the wall, she throws one final annoyed glare at Hannah. "We'll talk about this later," she says, voice firm with promise.

Pushing off the wall, she darts toward the air above the levitating Alraune. Nicomachea chirps out invocations, layer after layer of kinetic shielding wraps around the young Mage, as she weaves around and through the writhing forest toward her target.

Now and again, a tentacle lashes out at her shielding, only to be violently rebuffed and her momentum altered far less than it should have been. She might even make it to her goal, this way...
Akane Hino 2018-01-23 03:11:59 88350
Normally, Cure Sunny would be flattered to know that she's Hannah's favorite PreCure, but now is not the time for thanks or things like that. Because there's far more important things to focus on at the moment. Namely the fact that the monster here isn't friendly and wants to cause trouble. Unfortunately, the Gull Feather Storm from Cure Gull seems to have gotten the monster's attention, and it's really not happy about being attacked like that. Nevertheless, Cure Sunny calls out to Cure Gull, "Nice one! That should show it we're serious about taking it down!"

Unfortunately, the monster does not seem to be keen on being taken down, as Cure Sunny anticipated. The arms are aimed at everyone who's there to try to take it down, and Cure Sunny is one of those who wants to stop it. The PreCure gets hit and goes flying across the area, but manages to right herself and land on her feet, skidding to a halt quickly. Cure Sunny notices Rashmi getting hit into the wall, and is about to ask if she's OK, but it seems she's peeling herself free.

"It doesn't matter what you are or where you came from," Cure Sunny calls out as she summons a sphere of pure sunlight energy between her hands, "But you won't stop the sun from shining!" Cure Sunny then tosses the sphere into the air and slaps it at the monster as if she's serving a volleyball, although this one goes straight ahead!
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-23 03:12:46 88351
With Hannah free, Gull can concentrate on the big stupid monster. "THAT ISN'T WHAT I ASKED, HANNAH-CHAN!" she yells out over all the chaos. She has typically learned that, Hannah doesn't like lying to her. So she says things that aren't technically lies.

She eyes Rashmi's indignance about it to. "GOOD. YOU CAN TALK TO HER...."

"FROM THE COUCH TONIGHT." she calls out.

She summons up wind across her hand as she calls out. "GULL WINDY PUUUUUUUUU------" she has to stop mid attack to lift herself higher into the air on those wings of hers as she stops and then huffs...

"GULL WINDY PUNCH!" she cries out as she shoots forward and tries to punch through two tentacles at once with a mighty punch!
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-01-23 03:15:29 88352
"Gotta agree with my fellow Mage here, White-chan," Hagane comments as she circles her blade above her head, the tip leaving behind a sequence of glassy flickers, her favorite ranged spell. Things are about to get fun. For certain values thereof.

As the flickers accumulate, the figure in blue leaps into action, bounding off of a nearby building, across the street, and back towards the creature, gaining in height with every jump, leaving a trail of flickers behind her as she goes.

The glassy echoes slowly catch up with her as she moves, her blade gaining in apparent weight to the shape of a claymore as she brings it crashing down on the monster, the stream of flickers following it into the impact one after another!

Her strike made, she bounces back from the monster towards another wall, already starting to gather a new batch of flickers.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-23 03:31:19 88353
"Hey, I'll have you know that kaiju are in the low end of my theoretical research! Only twelve percent!" Huffs Hannah, as though any non-zero number is is acceptable at all! /Evil girlfriends/, yo!

Then she gives a bit of help, more wind-bursts punched to help clear Rashmi's ways. She's not sure /what/ the girl has in mind. She's not support minded, she's punching minded!

Cure Sunny doesn't get a response from the youma. Not in words. Instead, it lets out a tortured, pained cry like the abomination it is. Witch Energy is not good for anything, people.

She actually manages to slump her head while aiming a series of hard kicks towards some oncoming tentacles. "/My/ calculations were perfect, and I double checked the settings! The subdimensional and Evil Quotients aren't on our heads! It's all going into the insurance claim!"

Noooooo. Well, at least she'll have a Boris Pillow.

UP Gull lifts, and then she shoots forward! Her fist presses into the tentacle before it's blow apart by the sheer force of a Windy PUnch! The thing staggers back, and then Hagane moves in. A grand sword of flickers smashes into the creature, and it starts to smash into the skyscraper itself! Glass pierces it, and then it screams!

Then it starts sucking in a breath. Hannah snaps her fingers, and a dozen Wind Runes cover the thing, only to explode. Prematurely vomiting, the alraune lets out a mini tidal wave of black-green ooze now mixed with suspiciously Witch-like black blood. Metal and concrete start to dissolve as it lands! Acid!
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-23 03:37:54 88354
With her way cleared, Rashmi skids to a halt above the Alraune's head, cheeks turning green at the sight of a torrent of green-black youma-urp. Closing her eyes for a moment and shaking her head, she flips Nicomachea open, turning his gem toward the top of the monster's head. "Now, Nicomachea."

*bing!* << SOLAR SHIELD -- RED SHIFT >> A circle revolves into being just behind the redhead, augmented by a ribbon of runed, sun-colored light around her shield's equator. Both circle and ribbon glow brightly, and her shields shatter in a very carefully-timed sequence.

Collapsing a kinetic Barrier is a common last-ditch tactic when a Mage is facing a relentless onslaught from short range -- say, a suitably miffed Belkan -- converting all the mana being used for defensive purposes into an unfocused burst of kinetic force. Good for getting some distance.

Rashmi's half-dozen layered shields, their force channeled by the specially-constructed collapsing spell, slam on top of the Alraune's head with the force of a small truck at top speed.

Mages can punch too, y'know.
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-01-23 03:42:04 88355
"Now," Hagane calls out, bouncing off another building, a trial of flickers following her once again as she circles the battlefield, waiting for the right moment to strike. She ... really, really, doesn't want to get caught by those tentacles. For obvious reasons. "We shall recite the Mad Scientist's Creed."

She starts heading up once more, towards a nearby roof. "Rule one: Thou shalt not call up that which thou canst not put down." She aaaaalmost hits a window, but misses it by inches, flipping over in a mid-air somersault to make her next landing. "Rule two: Always properly secure your specimens!"

By this point she's reached the roof, and then she's coming down once more, blade held high to strike with the maximum possible force. "Rule three! NO! KAIJU!" The blade slams home, the stream of flickers once more following through to crash into the monster's flesh in their dozens.
Akane Hino 2018-01-23 03:46:18 88356
Cure Sunny isn't expecting such a loud cry from the creature, but she can't sympathize with it either. "You brought this upon yourself! You must pay the consequences for your action!" The PreCure then watches as Cure Gull moves in for a punch, and then Hagane comes in with that sword attack. Unfortunately, Cure Sunny isn't going to cheer her allies on in this battle, as there's something far more important happening.

"What is that?" Cure Sunny asks as the ooze comes out, and then her eyes widen as she realizes what it really is. "Acid! Everyone look out!" Cure Sunny calls out as she attempts to run away from the ooze, jumping onto a nearby tree and then a street lamp, before landing on the roof of a small building nearby. Only now does she cheer on her allies. "We're doing great! Don't let up now!"

After Hagane lands with another blade attack, Cure Sunny decides to shoot forth a small series of miniaturized sunshine bolts, shooting them rapidly with punches as if she's directing them with her hands at the enemy.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-23 03:54:54 88358

Almost right on time, there's Acid and it actually WASHES over here. OH god that burns. She quickly screams out "GULL WINDY SHIELD!" she calls out, wind exploding up around her, to help avoid burning. Ow. Hot. Ow Acid. Burning. Ow. Yeah okay. Wind isn't gonna cut it...


There's a bright blue flash as she transforms into BLUEBERRY WALTZ.

"WALTZ FREEING RAIN!" she calls out, as with a little spin, it begins raining horrible freezing rain, trying to freeze parts of the giant creature, and also negating the acid that was burning on her a bit ago.
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-23 04:05:57 88359
Rashmi uses the power of a collapsing Barrier to punch a youma in the face. Hannah reads the data in her head thanks to R.T., and actually snifles. It's so /beautiful/! She jots that one down for Ideas later.

WHAM! The youma is now thoroughly /through/ a faux-skyscraper, the thing barely keeping from collapsing. Several dozen lesser tentacles, and a vast majority of it's major tentacles are now on the ground.

"Wait. Since when do we have a Creed? Why didn't anyone teach me this in Evil Science School?" Cue /more notes/. Today is learning day for Hannah Sharpe.

Ffffffff acid! Hannah's up, up, up, and more up. Hagane slams that blade down, and more tentacles go flying. There's goop everywhere. Hannah is blowing away a burst of acid, her tie thoroughly ruined and having a lovely gash on her shoulder that /really flipping hurts/!

Sunshine punches the alraune, and it wilts rather than grows! It's actually burning now in places. The thing is on the ropes!

Which is then put out by freezing rain as Blueberry Waltz spins and freezes the thing right in place. It struggles, wiggle, and howls once again. The ice is already melting thanks to the acid it's now leaking!

Hannah lets out a very, very angry snarl. "Like heck that'll happen! PUNCH THIS THING TO DEATH!" Orders Miss White, and then with a burst of jet-like wind from her feet, she zoooooms straight for the thing! One hand up, and a minor tornado gathers in her hand!

"Violent Raging Tempest!" Two cartridges click, and then she's punching the youma into a newly formed crater into the ground, the swirling winds only making it's ice-hold that much stronger. Then she zooms away from the range of the others' attacks!
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-23 04:13:45 88360
With the kaiju brought back down to earth, Rashmi flits up a little higher. Nicomachea glows, rearranging its shape as a trio of circles spread out beneath her, revolving at varying speeds, as Nicomachea is directed to begin a new invocation.

*bing!* << BARRET BLESS -- BOOST UP >>

The circle locks into place, and golden ribbons snake out from its circumfrence. Snaking through the air, each ribbon winds around the right wrist of everyone involved -- Hagane, Gull, Sunny... and yes, even Hannah -- lending a faint wamrth, and a large amount of power for the mahous' ranged attacks.
Akane Hino 2018-01-23 04:16:36 88361
It's raining? Perhaps Cure Sunny should've brought her umbrella with her! But then again, it's for a good purpose, since it's freezing the enemy and negating the acid. So Cure Sunny made a good idea leaving her umbrella at home. Still, the monster is on the ropes, and that's a good thing for Cure Sunny and her allies, but bad for the monster in question!

Cure Sunny then feels the golden ribbon wrapping around her, and she can feel the power within her along with the warmth in her body as well. A smile forms on her face as she is filled with confidence and encouragement as she summons forth her biggest sphere of sunshine energy within her.

"Thank you," She calls out to Rashmi, before looking towards the youma. "The sun shall shine again thanks to my allies and myself! You are not one with the sunlight, so you must be eliminated!" Then Cure Sunny hurls the large sphere of sunlight at the youma, using all her might.
Haruna Kurosawa 2018-01-23 04:20:17 88363
"HEY EVERYONE. I'M GONNA FREEZE IT. THEN SMASH IT LIKE. LIKE THAT AMERICAN MOVIE WITH THE SHAPECHANGING ROBOT!" she calls out as she spins in the air again and calls out. "WALTZ DEEP FREEZE!" she calls out as she summons up a large cone of freezing energy down at the beast--- which is only made more potent by that BARRET BLESS - BOOST UP.

She aiming to freeze it solid before others attacks can reach it for optimum effect!
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-01-23 04:36:55 88365
Hagane leaps away from the creature, the last few flickers interposing themselves to deflect the bursts of acid from the thing's wounds. She bounces off a couple of buildings again, building up another batch, but then Rashmi's ribbon catches hold of her.

"Of course we have a creed! We're UNIONIZING! Mad Science Local 1337! It's in the charter, didn't you get the memo?"

She grins and makes one last bounce, then settles in place, making part of the circle around the thing and sending her flickers down the ribbon to meet Rashmi's spell and be sent back, even faster and sharper.

"Now!" she shouts. "Let's show this thing our EXAM PREP! Because I have homework to do and I'm missing YAMATO! Ready the Wave Motion Super-soaker!"
Hannah Sharpe 2018-01-23 04:41:46 88366
BB Waltz's deep freeze does it's job: with that buff, the giant kaiju-youma is made into a singular ice block. No amount of acid could break it away, now caught within the crater that Hannah made for it. It's stuck in an icey tomb!

Cure Sunny launches a monster ball of sunlight like the sunbro she is. It impacts, gloriously incandescent in the extreme, the youma going from frozen to burning with the heat of the amazing heavenly body above!

Then the many flicker shots rain down upon the half-frozen, half incinerated kaiju-youma, and it slowly fades off into nothingness. Hannah walks forward, as a duo of Grief Seeds rotate and float down. She snatches them up greedily, and shoves them into her Barrier Jacket's pocket.

"I'll be the treasurer, Hagane-chan!"

Then she addresses the group, snapping her fingers as the barrier fades. It leaves them on a mostly fine street, aside from one bisected bus.

Miss White laughs. "Well, wasn't that a fun evening everyone?" It's way too nervous. She knows her punishment is yet to come!
Rashmi Terios 2018-01-23 04:44:58 88367
Drifting down onto the street, Rashmi levels a Look at Hannah. "A riot," she says, voice deadpan. Finally, the redhead sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Y'know... It's stuff like this that makes me really think I need to form an Ethics Committee dealing with Mahou Science. Just.... Seriously, two Grief Seeds?! What would you even want a double-Witch for, I still remember what a regular one did to Sacchan!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-01-23 04:49:51 88368
Hagane eventually finds a place next to Rashmi, her bladework done, the weapon-device sheathed at her side with the mega-youma's apparent demise. "She probably thought it was a cool idea. Just be glad she didn't add 'Hey, hold my beer and watch this'."

She reaches up and clasps Rashmi's shoulder briefly, intending some slight comfort for her friend. "Come on... I want some ice cream to make up for missing the movie."