Training Day

Date: 2018-02-01
Pose Count: 9
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-01 17:56:17 88445
It is time to bring Alex into the training sessions!

Since Koji and Rashmi like to change up where they go, this time it's the woods outside the Hikawa Shrine. And, given that she happens to know who lives and works here, Rashmi has passed word along through the ECFH that there is going to be magic happening in the woods, and not to worry it's not a threat.

With the Barrier down, and the trio shunted off half a dimension over, Rashmi quickly swaps into her Barrier Jacket, and grins at the boys. "Hi! Ready to have some fun?"
A Siberian cat 2018-02-01 18:13:01 88447
As the Barrier goes up, and the pair feel the dimensional shift around them, Koji takes a moment to take off his glasses, even as the trio of pencils and pens pop out of his pocket and float in the air... reshaping after a few moments into the Bit forms that are now so familiar for the (only slightly) senior male Mage. They assume positions of head-heart-limbs and a hologram of Tyrfing's own projected and independent form appear next to him even as Koji's form is washed with blue-light of two triangular diagrams sweeping up and down along him to shift him into his Knight Cloth.

At this words, Tyrfing grins and punches his virtual hands together, You're gonna make me use trainin' mode on him, ain't you. Don't see why... kid always looked tough enough to take a few hits.

For his own part Koji sighs and gives a shrug, "I suppose? Mom thinks we're studying at the library. I'm expecting Dad to text me ANY MINUTE now telling me to kiss you or something."
Alexis Raskoph 2018-02-01 18:13:15 88448
Alex, thankfully, isn't required to make any excuses for his mom and dad about where he is.

What with... well. THem being evil jerks, as it turns out.

So when he came along and shifted to his Knight Armor, with the longcoat and helmet and all, he's perfectly calm about things. With arms bearing massive gauntlets crossed over his chest.


At this, the helmeted head of Stahlritter tilts down to peer at the gauntlets. "...Could you maybe not talk about me like I am not here and *actively wearing you*?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-01 18:23:13 88449
"It was more a caution for us, Alexis-san," Rashmi chuckles. "So okay... Given our capabilities, I think we'll make the first round an obstacle course under bombardment? Nicomachea and I'll be the youma, and Koji-kun and Tyrfing'll be the aerial support. Alexis-san, what you want to do is go to the edge of the Barrier, and try to land a punch on my shield. We'll all keep our output down for now, but you'll still feel hits."

At Koji's statement, Rashmi pats the boy on the shoulder. "We could go to Akiba afterward? Get some udon?"
A Siberian cat 2018-02-01 18:36:47 88451
It takes Koji a couple seconds, "Just to be clear, we're going back on the 'Koji, don't shoot at Alex' thing from earlier, right?"

The huge anthroform snow leopard starts laughing, and then just shakes his head as that big burly furred arm comes up and rubs the back of his virtual head, Oh man, I love these old-school Belkan Knight Devices. Don't worry kid... all you gotta do's earn Kriegsfauste's respect, and he'll stop acting like like a jackass. If the Professor can get used to ME, you should be able to wrangle to the Old Man there.

The laughter continues even as the hologram dissipates and the six Bits form up around Koji, three of them going to his feet and forming a Shield that becomes a platform for Koji to float on, even as his eyes glow and a brief wind picks up around him as he intones, "Tyrfing, Barriereform."

He replies to Rashmi with a smile, "Udon sounds good. Don't forget your schoolbooks. We're studying history, remember?"

As he floats up into the air, "Allright, Tyrfing... engage Training Mode."

There's an audible sigh from inside his mind, Koji, that's an old-time Belkan Knight. His defense index is going to be insane. We'll have to change up to give him a challenge.

Koji just replies, "Deploy bits Seiben through Zwolf."

Everyone else hears Ja Wohl. Deployed.

Now up above the group, the young man dispenses a little wisdom, "Okay, Alex... each Device has a Grimoire. It's the index of spells the Device has identified, either cast by others, or used by it. So tell your friend to access your Personal Grimoire, and see what you've got. Since you're running Belkan, most of it will be close-range and melee-related. You'll see classes with spells. They'll be in Old Belkan, but your brain will translate it to Japanese. Your basics, according to Tyrfing, are going to be Strikes, Boosters, Shields, and your Knight Armor."
Alexis Raskoph 2018-02-01 18:52:54 88453
"...So essentially you want me to run through an obstacle course of death while I'm getting magical artillery rained down on me," Stahlritter murmurs, his voice... significantly more booming than Alex's is out of henshin. Probably wahtever is helping modulate his voice through that thing is making it take on that quality.

His arms unfold, and his t-visored helmet turns up to look towards Koji when he speaks.

"German," he says then. "It's coming to me in German. Or probably Belkan, I guess? Since supposedly they're really similiar. I'm not native japanese, remember? But I think I get the idea either way. Sort of."

HIGHER-END SPELLWORK NOT POSSIBLE UNTIL RECOVERY AND REPAIR FINISHED, declares Kriegsfauste then, which prompts Stahlritter to wave a hand.

"As he says. I have no idea what exactly he means with that though, since he keeps saying that even when I ask if I'd be able to do more once my body's fully back to the norm from that whole coma thing."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-01 19:04:29 88454
"No, more like you're gonna be running through trees while Koji-kun shoots high-power waterballoons at you," Rashmi grins. "And don't worry about Kriegsfauste. He's probably got a good bead on what you can do, and the more you practice and learn, the harder you can push yourself. Nicomachea and I were the same way, and Koji-kun and Tyrfing are... well, a bit more unique than that, but the theory applies."

Chuckling, she tosses her hair, setting her ankle-length plait swinging. "So! Take a jog out to the edge of the Barrier, and let us know when you're ready. Koji-kun, you good?"
A Siberian cat 2018-02-01 19:13:58 88456
From his perch high over the forest, half-way to the Dimensional Barrier's 'roof', Koji replies, "Waterballoons. Got it! Ready to commence operations!"

And he cannot help but smile as he says it and fans out his fingers, "Eins through Drei, Spion. Vier through Zwolf. Drucken Barret."

Once more in his mind, he hears the chuckle and the response from Tyrfing himself, Ja Wohl. You wanna just surround him and hit him hard right out of the gate?

Koji shakes his head, but says internally, "No, let's play fair. He might be a big time jerk, but that's in the regular world. Here he's just learning the ropes."

Tyrfing internally sighs, You're really lettin' her rub off on you kid. C'mon. Cut loose a little. Not like she'll know... and I can regulate the power enough so nothing REALLY bad happens...

"No Tyrfing. Training Mode."

Yeah yeah, whatever...

The silence is a heartbeat, and then the Bits sink down into the forest in various places, beginning to position themselves in cover while the cloaked trio come down to float close by Stahlritter and begin keeping track of him.

For Rashmi's benefit Nicomachea receives a ping from Tyrfing with a request to receive scanner data while the nearly invisible Bits begin to happily gather data.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-02-01 19:34:18 88457
"Yeah, yeah, alright..." Mumbles Stahlritter from underneath the helmet before he just straight up leaps off to one side. "I'll have Krieg send you a call when we're there!"

And off he goes. He doesn't fly like Rashmi and Koji tend to. He just... runs. And occasionally leaps. Faster than even the fastest non-magical human would be capable of, certainly, but still. It's a clear limitation on his own mobility, that.

At least both that and the size of the Barrier mean that he has time to think over his situation.


"Maybe," Stahlritter himself mutters. "But I've seen this guy fight before. He has all those drones-- Bits you called them? They move more or less independently from each other. Panzerschilde might be a tough one to crack, but-- it's single-directional. We can't pull up a multi-directional defense like one of Rashmi's barriers, so with those numbers they would just get around it. And that's not even taking into account the mobility loss from having to maintain it."


"Yeah, I know. Even if my reflexes can keep up, my body might not."

A leap upward to bring him sailing above the trees for a few seconds-- more as an experimentive thing than anything else.

"...There is something else we can try, though, isn't there?"

Soon enough, the Knight comes skidding to a stop. And where he halts, he... actually brings up one gauntleted hand to tap at the 'air', just to see the reaction from the barrier. Yup. That's definitely the limit.

"Okay, give them the call, and-- let's switch it up."


He holds his arms down in front of him, so that they cross together at the wrists, and-- with a bright flash of light and mana dust, the gauntlets themselves change. His hands themselves still remain similiarly covered in enlarging metal pieces, but from the wrist up-- there's chains, instead. Wrapping up all around his forearms.