Mom's On The Porch With a Shotgun

Lacrima has a chat with Ariel's mother. It is awkward.

Date: 2018-02-02
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Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 14:38:44 88458
    Things were a little confusing at first, but have managed to calm down. Ariel's visits have renewed, both during the day and at night...
    Tonight though, it's back to that forest. Ariel's home; the quiet woods on the edge of an eternally sunset beach.
    The last vestiges of Nightmare darkness have long faded, returning the forest and waters to their former glory. Ariel has set out a blanket and a picnic basket full of snacks- conveniently donuts are easy to make in a dream and all flavors are easy to replicate. And the best part of it all? Being in a dream means they're just imaginary, so it's okay to pig out without a single thought about calories.
    It's a nice little retreat.
    Especially considering Ariel is perfectly fine tugging Lacrima's head to rest in her lap the whole time.
Lacrima 2018-02-02 14:48:36 88459
Lacrima liked visits from Ariel-chan. Even more so than before, because while she could feel 'slight content' before, she can feel actual 'happy' when she comes around now. And dream visitations to Ariel's home-- well her home...dream. She doesn't know if Ariel has a home in the waking world actually. Maybe she assumes Ariel just comes here. Or maybe Ariel is dreaming in a real home while being in her dream home and... and---

Okay Lacrima is making herself too dizzy with the specifics as she eyes the donut. She tries not to wonder if dream donuts need to be made or if, she could dream a donut device that makes donut and shoves them into her mouth for her.

Lacrima doesn't worry about calories. She doesn't eat food for calories. She eats food to feel human. It's human energy that makes her feel full. She also tries not to wonder if certain people are higher in content of things that might make her dark energy fat.

She fails there's a slight 'snerk' from her, but she shakes it off.

Mainly because her head is in Ariel's lap. And there is much blushing.

"I... had a thought." she says quietly. "This dream is actually mixture of both your moms, isn't it?..." she asks. "I mean there's the forest...." she says. "But then. It's also right up against... an ocean." she says.

"...or I'm overthinking stuff still." she says quietly.

Her tone of voice is much different. Less dry monotone. There's still a certain. Candor to it. But there's slight emotion there too. Like a very boring normal human tone rather than 'might possibly be a living computer' tone.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 14:55:55 88460
    Ariel's situation is a strange and complex one, and she has tried to explain it. Now that she has anchors to the waking world, she generally remains there, so that means she's probably warm and comfy in her futon at Seishi's house at this very moment.
    But that's not important, what IS important is that the unicorn has set herself to the detailed task of braiding a sea flower into Lacrima's hair, while humming to herself, tail flicking behind her.
    "Mm?" The musing does get her looking up, though, glancing first to the forest, and then out to the horizon of the sea. "I don't think you're overthinking it. Sometimes the boundaries between one dream and another are just really close. And I guess if they want, they eventually come together over time." She ventures an explanation she's not even sure about, herself. "But if you really want to bring up a dream that's a mic of both of theirs- well you're talking to her right now." She notes in a tease.
Lacrima 2018-02-02 15:14:42 88461
Lacrima lets the braiding happen. She has a usual flower barrette up there anyways. That's probably replacing that. She narrows her eyes a bit. "Oh!" she says. "I was thinking about that the other day..." she taps her bottom lip. "I"

Yeah that's a blush. "I mean it isn't important." she says, on the subject of 'how two girls can have a kid' more or less. "So you're a mix of dreams?" she says quietly.

"Huh..." she thinks as she taps her lip. "I mean I guess that's no different. Than like the waking world. But... Stuff is probab...."

"It's uh. Still not important." yeah she's jumping off this metaphorical burning plane with a parachute as she chooses to stuff another donut into her mouth. Then another one for good measure.

"Ari-chan what was it like growing up here?" she asks quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 15:22:08 88462
    Ariel saves the day, gently pressing a finger to Lacrima's lips to stop her train of thought part way in. "It doesn't have to make sense." she says very simply. "It just is."
    So yes. Not important. There is another question that gets the unicorn's attention more, though. "It was... Very peaceful." She admits. "My only friends were butterflies and fish. --Don't get me wrong, they were lovely friends, but it's not the same as the way things are now and the friends I have. So I guess it was also a little bit lonely. I know mom likes the solitude, but I don't think I could live like that anymore."
Lacrima 2018-02-02 15:38:59 88463
Lacrima purses her lips and thinks. "So it was just you? visitors...?" she asks quietly. She bites her lip when talk goes to her mom liking solitude.. "I don't... think your mother cares too much for me. Because of the whole dark energy thing." she says quietly. "I mean. Not hate. But. That feeling of being tolerated." she says quietly.

"But I mean. You figure she probably spent most of her life hunting things like me. And from what I understood that's. A very long number. In terms of years." she says quietly. "So I imagine it's hard to trust one."

There's a slight pause as she peeks up at Ariel. "...How old are you Ari-chan?" she asks quietly. "I mean. Are you as old as you look or...?" she wonders a little.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 15:50:19 88464
    "Just me and my moms." Ariel notes, but the way she dips her head in a nod makes it clear enough. No visitors.
    A little more work with the braid though and she finishes it, tying it off at the end with a blade of grass. Now it's Ariel's turn to purse her lips.
    "Mom never liked to talk about her days from before she met mom. I mean she's told me stories at bedtime, and I think some of them might have been about her. She was never very direct, but she'd always get this look in her eye..." She murmurs. "I wouldn't worry about it though. As much as she jokes about being retired, I think she really means it when she said she was done." Still though, now Ariel is looking thoughtful for the moment. But she is briefly distracted by the next question. "O-oh. No, I'm nowhere near as old as her, I'll be turning twelve this year." This is about when another voice breaks from the treeline.
    "That's funny. I could have sworn someone was talking about me just now. And calling me old."
    It is now that Amalthea shows herself, poking from behind a tree she had been hiding behind for who knows how long. It's her forest, she can move and be as silent as she chooses, after all. "You know, you two have it the opposite way from how it's supposed to be. The unicorn is supposed to rest her head in the maiden's lap."
Lacrima 2018-02-02 16:05:24 88465
Lacrima purses her lips. "When I lived at home. It was just me and my brother. Brother and I would go camping. And he'd give me the guff brothers normally do..." she says quietly. "Then he started trying to suffocate himself on other boy's lips claiming it was studying. So I got to give him guff. Then I turned into this thing and ruined everything when he was the person I saw first was this thing so I drained him into a hospital visit without really knowing I did so." she mutters.

"...I'm sure she just didn't wanna scare you with stories about bad things." she says quietly. "I have dreams of the other person sometimes. That had this power before. That are like that." she says quietly.

She blinks as her head turns to the tree line as her eyes focus on Ariel's mom.

"W--well maybe vampires rest their heads in unicorn laps and we can't both have heads in laps at the same time so maybe we're taking turns and maybe it's just the start of my five minutes." she insists.

It's been way more than five minutes.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 16:16:27 88466
    "Dreams of Poderoso?" Ariel asks, before she jerks with a slight start, caught by surprise by her mother's arrival. The elder unicorn regards the pair for a moment before making her approach to the sands, and plops herself on the beach blanket, sitting herself down with legs folded.
    "It's been more than five minutes." Noted before she jerks her chin toward the water. "Go take a swim." She says simply to Ariel.
    There's a hesitant beat. But Ariel takes the hint and scoots herself back. There is a whisper of "Good luck." as she heads for the water, leaving Lacrima alone with the elder unicorn. Who simply tilts her head to turn her good eye to better face her, without another word for a long moment before she does speak.
    "I've known creatures far and wide. From the Adar Llwch Gwin to the Ziz. Vampires sleep in coffins, not with their heads on a unicorn's lap."
Lacrima 2018-02-02 16:37:21 88467
Lacrima sits up. She watches Ariel leave with a sad little frown but she isn't too far away or anything. She gives a short, purses of her lips, but doesn't know what to say back as her eyes turn to Ariel's mom.

"I don't know any of those creatures or names." she says quietly. "But I'm assuming it's in an order of magnitude from either 'obscure' and 'not so obscure' or 'least dangerous to most dangerous'." she says quietly.

"Yeah... I sleep in a coffin. In the basement of my manor. It's comfortable to me. I mean. Not. A coffin. I mean yes a coffin but. Sleeping in a closet is like. Sleeping in a bed that isn't yours. And... sleeping on a bed for me. Is like sleeping on a sofa. And sleeping on the sofa is..."

"Well it's like sleeping on the ground." she says softly. "and sleeping on the ground is.... like sleeping on the ground." she says more dryly.

She shifts uncomfortably. "Does it matter where I sleep...?" she asks quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 16:43:32 88468
    The way she tilts her head again to look at Lacrima from a new angle is almost bird-like. Though the elder unicorn is still staring with an intensity and force that says she is thinking very, very, carefully about how to proceed here as she regards Lacrima with that lone, fathomlessly deep, eye.
    "It's more from 'a' to 'z'." She replies matter of factly. "Vampires are a bit of a wildcard, their strength being derived from both age and bloodline. Maybe when you get old enough, you won't need that coffin, eh?"
    "But." Indeed there is a but. "This isn't about your sleeping arrangements, no." She confirms.
Lacrima 2018-02-02 16:56:48 88469
Lacrima fidgets a bit. "I don't have any blood. But that doesn't mean anything. Since by bloodline you could just mean. Dark energy... stuff." she mutters. "And in that case. The predecessor was a terrible dark energy construct that couldn't be defeated the usual ways you defeated those things and people had to think laterally to make him not a problem." she says quietly.

"But I don't have that benefit." she says softly. "I have theories about why. But none of them really fun to think about it. But things like that rarely are." she says. "And. In terms of how old I am as a Vampire. That's basically three years old at this point." she shrugs.

"W-what is this about then." she says quietly. "I haven't done anything wrong. I mean. If you're... your're upset. About me needing to feed. I can't help that. I don't like it either." she says quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 17:03:51 88470
    There's a snort, just a soft sound that blows silvery hair out of Amalthea's eye as she regards Lacrima a moment longer. "Bloodline. Their sire, progenitor, which more powerful vampire made them, not their actual blood." she explains. "Kids these days take everything so literally, it is as though we speak two separate languages."
    Considering how antiquaited and archaic her Japanese is, she may as well be.
    "This? This isn't about anything at all. Though you seem to think it is. You think my daughter does not speak to me? She says I worry you, for some reason. Come then now. Let's hear it. I will listen."
Lacrima 2018-02-02 17:32:33 88471
Lacrima nods. "Like I said you mean. The one before. Despite me dreaming constantly of him. He lived many hundreds of years and I'd need to dream that many hundreds of years to probably touch everything." she says softly. "But I find that I mostly get useful things." she says gently. "But there's something I dream often enough, sometimes."

"Hunters." she says quietly. "Sometimes it was just an ordinary man. Who thought he could make an easy legend he could rich off of because 'vampire's aren't real', walk up to his manor on the mountain and then find out vampires are very real and probably not make it back down to Vados." she says. "Erm. That was. The village. That the mountain overlooked. His village." she says.

"But sometimes, it'd be someone who had a better vauger idea. But even then--- not much of a threat but then you'd have.... the real deal."

"---I'm not sure if you remember, but something stuck with me when we talked. After. The whole. Thing we're we. Got you back from. I'm not quite sure. If I remember but it was something to effect of."

"'d be duty bound to end me. Centuries ago. and just. Stuck with me. Because."

"That's things those Hunters used to say- and just."

"....Stuff." she mutters.

"....Did Ari-chan talk to you about the things that happened recently. At all?" she asks. "I'm not sure. What she speaks about." she shifts again on the blanket.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 17:44:42 88473
    "I remember." Amalthea confirms. "I remember it as well as though it were yesterday. It may as well have been yesterday for me," she says.
    This is when she sets a hand on her knee and snorts again. And she throws her head back.
    The ringing, bell-like, sound that begins to rise sounds very much the same as Ariel's giggling, tinkling, laughter, although older and more world-weary. And it goes on for a moment before the unicorn finally slows- and begins to still. "Well damn, child, I've not had a laugh like that in centuries I'd think." Muttered as she pats her knee,
    "Aye, centuries ago I would have," She does confirm. "But look at me now? Old, tired, and retired. I see not the need for putting on my armor when I can spend the rest of my days with my Mate on a sunset beach, in the sunset of my life. I think you read too much into the tired words of an addled old beast that took one too many hits on the head. Especially when my daughter speaks so highly of you."
    Ah, but recently though. That raises a brow in curiosity. "Actually about that. She has been more guarded as of late. 'Tis not like her. Would you know the reason why?"
Lacrima 2018-02-02 18:05:45 88474
Lacrima looks off to the right to make sure Ariel is still swimming. She can probably see movement that suggests this without turning her head so she looks back. "Ah... I wouldn't blame her." she says quietly.

"I was.... not in the best of states." she says quietly. "My. 'real' brother. Knows what I am. And he rejects me. I can't really. Go to my actual home. To my family. Because of it." she says. "And then. There was a break up with. My girlfriend at the time." she says quietly. "-and I was hurting but it was. Bearable enough if I tried hard. But then. My 'adopted' brother-- we'd saved him form a bad situation. His mother was. Using Dark energy to program him or something. And... when we saved him. He wasn't well and said that. The only reason we even met was because his mother wanted it to be so. And he'd need to rethink the relationship and that. Made something inside me break. I dunno if it's heartbreak. Or a mental break but."

"I ended up. Just spending time cutting the dead plants in the garden out. Instead of trying to step outside the bounds of the manor. Trying to get back to. Bearable."

"Then. The Prince of Nightmares. Shows up maybe a few weeks later. At my manor. I'm not sure what his end goal was. I assume either. Revenge for my role in things or maybe he also wanted to hurt Ari-chan by trying to hurt one of her friends. But... it wasn't him. Directly. It was like. A shell. He was controlling I guess. He didn't even talk through it. But..." lots of buts.

"He scratched the barrier that protects my soul from the dark stuff I am. And I started eating myself, as far as I could figure out and everyone was fighting that thing while trying to get me distance."

She fidgets. "When I realized what was happening. I.... gave up." she says quietly. "Everytime. I got somewhere I was content. I had to claw and scrape and climb to get there. And then. Something would happen that would knock me back down. And I'd have to scrape. and climb to get there again but this time there would be traps too. And it'd happen again. But the next time there was also the traps but also army men maybe." she says.

"I mean. Metaphorically." she says quietly.

"I was tired. After that. I said I gave up. I said that I was gonna become a monster without a soul. Then they could just end me and I wouldn't need to suffer anymore." she says.

"Ari-chan was holding me though. And just... she started. To get upset. Not mad but..."

"I felt so bad. Worse than I felt ever. I didn't want her to be sad. Or cry. and I tried to grab her. And I tried to beg her that I'd be okay. And I tried to say things. And I tried to take things back and...."

"She cried and then it burned but then I was okay after. And then I felt something. And I... tried to tell her. But I couldn't tell her because I was tired and my head was fuzzy and I was going to pass out. So. I did. The other thing. Which was kiss her." she mutters, rubbing her arm.

"When I was okay. I called her over when I. confirmed stuff that happened. And I talked with her. And I told her what I felt... that. I loved. Her. Because that's what I'd felt and...."

"I don't. Feel. Love." she says quietly. "I mean. I do. Now. I feel. Lots of things now I wasn't able to. After that day. And some habits I lost when I became this thing have returned... somewhat. Not. Fully but. Like. I get. Distracted more easily. I mean. In the good way that. One seeks to be distracted. If that makes sense...?" she asks.

"But I.. I mean. That's all stuff. She may not had talked to you about. Because. Things." she says. "And stuff."
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 21:20:07 88484
    There's actually a lack of motion from the water- which means Ariel is probably beneath the water chasing fish. She knows the cue when her parents tell her to get lost, and it looks like Amalthea has given that cue for some alone time with Lacrima. Now though seems like it's story time, and the old unicorn falls to silence as she regards the vampire as Lacrima regales her with everything recent of worth telling.
    There is a moment in which Amalthea clicks her tongue once or twice, but she largely remains a silent listener. It's on mentioning Ariel's tear that makes her brow raise, but she keeps her reactions measured and shows no response, emotional or physical.
    "Things." She repeats. "And stuff."
    A slow breath and the elder unicorn leans back where she sits, drumming fingers on her knees thoughtfully. "Well I can tell you a few things." She ponders.
    "The first is that unicon tears darkness don't mix well. She could have killed you." Amalthea says. "But." She lets it hang. "It meant it was worth it for her to try it if she felt like it was the last option available. But it sounds like there was more than just the intended effect." She notes, clearing her throat awkwardly and attempting to avoid certain subjects
    Like the kiss.
    It must be almost funny. To see the ancient unicorn caught off guard and trying to not show it, failing miserably. "She might have mentioned some things. And not others."
Lacrima 2018-02-02 21:46:14 88485
Lacrima nods. "I know." she says. "I just assumed it'd be a hazard of ... being friends with her. Just like. The hazard I might accidently drain her if I get spooked or I starve myself. Though. Neither have been an issue for a very long time." she says softly.

"Don't get me wrong. It burned. It burned like nothing. But it didn't. Elicit the. Usually responses I associated with..."

"'Being Purified'?" she asks. "Those big. Bright attacks. That wipe darkness out like an eraser." she says. "Getting hit by those is like. Feeling my humanity come back--- almost. Then. Having it pulled away with this really... sinking feeling that I'll never be human again as I feel myself kinda. Pull apart and burn?" she asks. "The tear was nothing like that. It burned but. I didn't feel. Like the other things." she says quietly.

She does notice the avoidance of certain topics. She's happy to avoid it. Her Japanese-American dad would had made the. Dad on the porch with the shotgun metaphor probably here.

"Had Ariel ever talked about how we met?..." she asks silently. Trying to break the ice of that statement maybe.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 21:55:25 88486
    "Life is full of hazards." Amalthea says very simply. "If you live afraid of them all, then nothing will ever get done." The unicorn says matter of factly. She pointedly came without her sword though, so she's not trying to come across as 'pa on the porch' here. "But a unicorn's tear is an especially potent source of magic. It takes a near act of God to make us cry, and when we do it's an outpouring of all our emotions right then and there."
    It's the same explanation Ariel has given in the past- not quite surprising considering she was the original source anyway. Though the unicorn dips her head in a nod. "She said she came across you feeding, one night."
Lacrima 2018-02-02 22:23:13 88487
Lacrima nods. "She came across me feeding. But. She was also. One of the first to.... talk to me." she says quietly. "Up until that point. It was. A Yell. And an attack." she says quietly. "And people not understanding. What was going on." she says.

"I mean. Don't get me wrong. She wasn't excited. About what I had to do." she says quietly. "But she didn't call me a monster." she says.

"It's why when. She needed help. I'd show up." she says quietly.

She fidgets a bit. "Kunzite said it was a miracle." she says silently. "And that he'd seen her do it before." she says. "I dunno. Something tells me it was dire. I don't think he cared to elaborate." she says gently.

She fidgets. "Probably about. That D-point. Situation. I wasn't a part of that." she says quietly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-02-02 22:53:28 88488
    "Mm." Amalthea makes a non-committal noise as she props her chin on her palm. "I did my best to raise her to be everything I could not be. The rest was on Ariel to grow up and make her own decisions as she pleased. I'm glad she was abele to make friends like you in the waking world, where I can't always watch her."
    Back on the topic of the tear, though, she shakes her head. "I only vaguely heard about that disaster, and that it may have been the kind that only a true miracle could have prevented. But unicorns are not the cause of those miracles. We're just usually around to remind people that those kinds of thing- miracles- are possible whenever they're needed the most."