The Duel

When there's no more Jewel Seeds left, what else is there to fight over? Part 1 of a 2 Part Finale. CONTENT WARNING: Child Abuse. Percia Testarossa is not a nice person.

Date: 2018-02-03
Pose Count: 58
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-03 21:24:01 88489
Supposedly, most of the Jewel Seeds we're spoken for. Either. Her or her friends had them. Or Precia, Fate's mom, had them. There's one unaccounted for, but Yuuno can't make heads or tails of it's reading. He assumes it might had gotten stuck in a dimensional fissure, and thereby, unreachable by anyone. They could wait for it to show up. But it could also never show up in their lifetimes.

But. Precia still had some. And even that many, could be enough for bad things to happen- Yuuno suggested. Technically. Just ONE. But she had several or more.

Nanoha Takamachi was talking with Yuuno about it again. When she just. Narrowed her eyes again at Yuuno. "This is stupid. If we have them all. And she has them all. And there's one that no one can get like a stupid candy bar stuck in a vending machine then...."

She didn't quite finish the thought as Nanoha Takamachi took off towards Sunset Tower. That strange tower that dominated the skyline on that side of the city as she frowned a bit and sat midair, Yuuno hanging on her shoulder. She wasn't aware of the Tower's secrecy as a Eclipse HQ. Just that it was an odd landmark. Somewhere new.

She sent out a transmission to Fate.

< Fate-chan. Meet me at the Sunset Tower. There's no more Jewel Seeds to find. >

Anyone could had seen her fly towards there with purpose and followed. Or maybe there was just that odd hanging in the air that precipitated when things we're about to go down.

Or maybe Nanoha set 'send all' on that message by accident to other devices for all she knew. If she did. Raising Heart isn't correcting her.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-03 21:46:49 88490
    Fate Testarossa had recieved the transmission. It did not bring good news.
    She had already known the vast majority of the Jewel Seeds had already been accounted for. There had still been one missing, and top it all off, of those she had accounted for or had given to her mother totalled fourteen in number.
    Mother made it very clear. She wanted all of them.
    A slow breath and a nerve-wracked Fate rises from where she had been seated on the bed of her penthouse apartment, Arf lifting head to watch her and revealing the blue glimmer of the Jewel Seed locked into her collar.
    "It's about the last of the Jewel Seeds, I don't have any doubt." Fate murmurs.
    "It could be a trap." Arf counters.
    "I don't take that girl to be the kind to set traps like that... I'm going."
    "If you think you're going without me-"
    Fate shakes her head. "Whatever she wants... You can come, just don't interrupt us."
    A golden sigil of light forms beneath the girl's feet, runic symbols setting up a complex series of calculations that make her, and her Familiar, vanish in a clap of thunder, and appear on the roof of Sunset tower.
    A dour looking blonde in a full black suit, Fate adjusts her necktie as the wind whips her long twintails around, and she waits.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-03 21:57:16 88491
    It's possible Kokoro was one of the people who got that message. It's possible that Rashmi sent her a text to tell her something was up. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. What matters is, there's a towering crane nearby, at the very tip of which a tall girl clad in crimson can be seen.

    Dengeki Shoujo has planted herself on some prime real estate to watch the show, standing tall, resting her hands on the pommel of her hammer - while the head of it sits on the surface of the crane, right in front of her feet. There she stands, unmoving; there's a variety of subtle, half-formed reasons in her mind for why she's not getting involved, but in the end, what she doesn't realize consciously is that they all boil down to a simple 'warrior's honor'. Interfering in this would be the height of insult to both girls.

    So, of course, instead she's silently watching, sweeping those violet eyes around occasionally to make sure no one /else/ interferes either.
Koji Silvia 2018-02-03 22:02:42 88492
It's a rare day when Koji isn't off doing something for his family, at school, or for someone else in the increasingly vast Mahou network that exists in it's own sense inside of normal Tokyo.

No, this isn't one of them.

With it still being somewhat in winter, and the weather threatening to drop down into snow-dumping range, the young man is dressed in a warm winter jacket with a fake wolf-fur lined hood, and matching red scarf and beanie to help ward off the worst of it. His hand was JUST about to go to open the entrance to the local conbini to pick up some things for dinner when Tyrfing piped up...

I'm detecting Raising Heart, Koji. No Jewel Seed signals local though.

That causes him to look up and around until he can see the flitting form in the sky, and he sighs deeply, "Well, so much for dinner. Can you contact them to see wha's going on?"

After a moment, his Device replies, Heart's not talking, says it's personal business. For Nanoha.

That causes Koji to step away from the door and move around to the alley beside the conbini so he can activate his Knight Cloth and follow.

But having lost Nanoha when she gets to the Sunset Tower, he ends up spying and then landing close by Kokoro, feet touching lightly on the crane close by... nothing said, just Bits popping out and deploying in a sweep in case someone else comes along to interfere...
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-03 22:04:47 88493
    When Koji touches down, Kokoro doesn't move - but her eyes do dart briefly to the side, and then she speaks up with a simple, "Yo, cat, senpai."
Takashi Agera 2018-02-03 22:05:56 88494
Takashi didn't get the message directly, even if Fate oversent it - but he was informed in another way.

A tiny, fuzzy white animal head with two cat ears and longer, dangling 'whiskers' pokes its head out sideways, grey eyes blinking, before vanishing back behind one of the air conditioning cubes.

Moments later is when the barrier between worlds sudders a little bit, and Riventon, arms crossed, appears floating in the sky, Nyubey perched on his shoulder.

Whether Riventon knows enough about what's going on via Kyubey, some other way, or just intuition - or he sees the determined, serious look on his adopted Kouhai's face - he doesn't move to interact, merely watching from up here much like Nyubey, before he notes the others and slowly shifts to at least watch from the same direction as they do.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-03 22:23:43 88495
With a duel in the offing, Rashmi is very much not going to let Nanoha go without moral support. ....Luckily, it seems that a respectable fraction of the mahour community has the same idea, and the redhead looses a sigh of relief as she makes a wide pass around the Tower, giving Riventon a small-but-still-polite wave before touching down on the crane, behind Koji.

"Hey guys... Has anyone said anything yet?"
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-03 22:26:45 88496
Nanoha Takamachi can see a streak of blonde in a black suit on top of the tower. Good. She makes a zip over to it. Indeed. Raising Heart, sends back if pinged, a polite request to more or less 'butt out' in it's usual Mid-Chidlan device fashion.

Nanoha only smiles a moment, and it's when she's far off. By the time she's within earshot, she's hovering off the edge of the building and moves to land on top of it with a more serious tone. Oh is that Riventon. Hopefully he knows to stay out of it! This is business. Serious business!

"Fate-chan. There's no more Jewels to find and the one that's out there is stuck in something that seems to move around a lot and Yuuno is pretty sure it's some sort of dimensional fissure from it's movement." (Riventon knows better.).

"You have a lot but we have a lot too. So there's nothing to fight over anymore. Except...."

"Fate--- you don't belong here. With them. They hurt you... and...!" she's getting angrier. "If I need to fight you to do that, I'm going to do it!" she says more determined. She says nothing about the (Non-)use of her name by Fate- but she suddenly thwips Raising Heart down in a pointed manner- but there's no telltale glow of a spell being cast. Why?

Because she knows Fate is going to want to fight. Because Fate believes she's the strongest because that's what her mother keeps telling her about 'Testarossas being the strongest' and all that.

And about standing alone. WELL.

If that's the way it has to be then Nanoha is going to work with that!

She may notice the watchers, but makes more sign of it. Ten to one Raising Heart let her know in her head. She isn't calling out to them.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-03 22:47:16 88497
    Nanoha is met with tired, mournful, scarlet eyes as the redhead approaches. Fate says nothing, simply adjusting her gloves and meeting the girl with a level stare. As soon as Nanoha touches down... Bardiche erects a barrier.
    It is a pointed display of intent. This will end in a fight no matter what words are said here today. Not just for the Jewel Seeds, but for more than that. Family honor is on the line as Nanoha deems to tell Fate where she does and does not belong.
    "You're wrong." Fate says, voice soft and level. "I know exactly where I belong. Mother's happiness means everything to me... And for that... If I have to... I will shoot you down here and now, one last time."
    In a flash of gold, Fate's midnight suit is replaced with her Barrier Jacket, cloak tossing behind her in the wind as she clasps Bardiche ready in hand. Her fingers clench, finding silent reassurance in her grasp, in the form of her faithful and silent companion.
    "Winner takes all." She declares. "If I win... You give me all of your Jewel Seeds and walk away. If you win... I'll give over the ones I haven't given to Mother, yet."
    As the challenged party it is Fate's right to set the terms of the duel, and she does so, narrowing her eyes. Her vision tunnels. She sees Nanoha and only Nanoha, and says nothing, at least verbally, to the watchers.
    <I can beat her. I'm sure of it.> Whispered mentally yo Takashi.
    Her fingers clench on her Device and Fate draws a breath...
    This girl has grown... This girl who was nothing but some girl that picked up a Device on a backwater planet, a girl that had never known magic before in her life... And Fate has watched her grow. Before, Fate could have made easy work of what she intends to do here tonight. Now she knows she must earn this victory. Fate vows to herself right then and there to not underestimate That Girl's strength...
    And that is why she's a blur of motion in th next breath. There is no warning to it, just the crack of the sound barrier breaking, and then Fate is there, in Nanoha's face, Bardiche raised in scythe form, like a spectre of imminent doom. It is a direct assault from the front, rather than her usual modus operandi of striking from blind angles. Were she to do that, she would simply grow too predictable after all.
    Fate strikes, intent on showing no mercy. All of her focus, intent, drive, and desire, are given form into one perfect strike, with which she intends to end the fight before it can begin and cut Nanoha down atop Sunset Tower.
Takashi Agera 2018-02-03 22:56:50 88498
Riventon would cheer for Fate, except he's pretty sure that's not appropriate in a duel where the two girls are giving each other such serious glares. He is pretty sure Fate can win, but he can feel the difference in Nanoha's demeanor, in her energy, in a more scientific way than Fate does, thanks to readings from Axion. And he can only truly hope that Fate fells her in the way she seeks to. But on the other hand...

He really doesn't want Precia to get any more Jewel Seeds...
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-03 23:04:20 88499
Nanoha Takamachi does not scream 'You're wrong. Because I've seen the marks on your back.'. She could. And it would prove her point. But that would be using her words again. Words do not work on Fate Testarossa. That is just how it is. For now at least. If words worked. She could had kept this a conversation between her and Fate over Raising Heart's message link, rather than calling her out.

Raising Heart whispers tactics in her ear, and she agrees. Fate is going to try a flank or a back attack with her speed. As Fate is talking a barrier goes up that she cast herself.

That's good, it gives her a moment to ready a defense if Fate wastes the second it takes to set it up.

At some point, Yuuno crawls up next to Arf, in his ferret form. "This isn't going to end well." he says, absent mindedly.

There's a sudden blur of motion and----

That is not a side or a back attack. That is a frontal assault and it's very very VERY strong. Fate doesn't underestimate her-- and Nanoha....

Takes the hit. Nanoha is many things, before and after everything that's happened but 'super fast' like Fate was never quite one of them-- and the light bloom of red blood against the usual odd white grey tones of the barrier is enough to punctate that. That in fact- was the perfect strike.

So why isn't she falling to the ground in a heap? < Thanks, Raising Heart. > she mutters into her head. She did have SOME defenses up. Just not on the right heading.

This is not having the result Fate had expected as Nanoha calls out and.... she does not call out the name of the spell as it casts up around her, Divine Shooter suddenly lashing out in an array of Fate recovers from her own attack--- surely- putting all that energy into an attack would take a moment to recoil from, right? And Nanoha was just /starting/ as an array of laser beams lashed out in the form of balls that streaked fast enough to look like lasers.

No more words. No calling out Fate's name right now. She's gonna speak Fate's language back of her with her determined glare, and spells.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-03 23:19:14 88500
    Arf is already watching intently, eyes locked on as Nanoha and Fate meet head on, as the blow strikes true and Nanoha... Recovers valiantly. She doesn't have the heart, nor spirit, in her to attack Yuuno, as the ferret draws near. "No. It's not." The giant red wolf murmurs glumly.
    If Fate is surprised when Nanoha rallies so fast and so well, she doesn't show it. Not visibly. But she had put everything she had into that one physical blow. Her intent had been for a solid and crushing victory at the gates.
    Truly that girl has grown strong.
    [WELL DONE.] Bardiche even commend's her foe's last second defense. But Fate's focus is wholly on the fight now, jerking aside and putting that intense speed of hers to use in an instant, weaving and darting amid the bright pink bullets and bolts of energy lancing for her. It looks to put her on the backpedal, but looks can be decieving as she swerves wide, flying off the ledge of the building's roof and circles back, several golden arrowheads of voltaic light forming up around her before they lance out, streaking for Nanoha in a rapid fire fussilade, several shooting Nanoha's bullets out of the sky before continuing on toward the girl herself, grim determination locked on Fate's face the whole way.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-03 23:36:36 88502
As the Mages clash, Rashmi draws in a short, worried breath. It's not difficult to know who to root for, but with everything surrounding this fight... Rashmi worries, for all involved.

Riventon's presence also hangs a heavy weight over the proceedings. If the battle starts going Nanoha's way, will he hop in? Will he honor the duel? It's hard to say, but for now, she thinks, best proceed as if he's on the up and up. At most, she'll direct Nicomachea to send Axios a simple ping; the Device equivalent of a broadband-modem's fistbump of acknowledgment.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-03 23:42:15 88503
    At first, Kokoro doesn't look visibly different than she has before. The first exchange has happened; she is doing no more than silently watching, gripping the pommel of her hammer.

    But both Koji and Rashmi can probably see the tiny little arcs of electricity that dance across her arms here and there. Small but sure signs of tension, of anxiety.
Koji Silvia 2018-02-03 23:46:01 88504
Instead of just watching from a distance, Koji's Bits form a rectangle close by, and the others can begin to see an image form from the collected views of the Spion Bits he's deployed around the tower... letting them see close up, and the raw emotions on both the girl's faces.

Another half-dozen come out and form into the hologram of Tyrfing, who gives Koro a nodgrunt and joins in the viewing... neither of the pair speaking a word...
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-03 23:50:08 88505
Yuuno isn't also here to attack, He merely watches with Arf. He knows there's others watching.

Nanoha Takamachi is want Fate to expend as much energy as possible of course. She also isn't worrying about her own conservation of it right now. Raising Heart is keeping track of Fate's movement. It made one slight mistake already and it's trying to not make the same mistake- but it's doubting Fate would try that again in a row and it seems she's moving back to her usual combat methods-- weaving in and out closer.

She's eyeing Fate. Not speaking yet. Soon but not yet.

golden arrowheads lash out, destroying some of her projectiles--- as she makes a mad dash upwards--- high into the sky to try to outrun arrows. She mostly succeeds, for now- as she fires back with another array of lasers both into them and out towards Fate.

Raising Heart is keeping a track of the other people and none of them are making an attempt to interfere. Good. Raising Heart makes another suggestion into her head. Nanoha makes a short 'do I have to?' face. But she finally talks.

"IS THAT IT FATE-CHAN!?" she calls out. "SHOW ME THIS TESTAROSSA POWER!" she calls out. This is not what Raising Heart told her to say. But it's probably a nicer version of it.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 00:02:16 88506
    Taunting now? Is that what comes of this? Fate's face twitches with a flicker of annoyance, but otherwise keeps her cool. That grim expression barely faltering as she weaves and darts amid the lazers as they come, grazing through several as she streaks downward, her own speed leaving contrails of golden light in her wake through the skies, before she turns.
    No words from Fate, though. She gives her response in action as she heaves a violent swing of her scythe from a distance.
    [ARC SABER.]
    The result is that the golden blade of electric energy detaches from her Device, whirling through the air like a boomerang on a menacing trajectory, up at Nanoha from below.
    It's not meant to hit her on the first pass though- but rather turn around in the air and catch her opponent from behind before Bardiche makes an announcement.
    Heralding the immense concussive force of the blade's own explosion.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 00:25:04 88507
Nanoha Takamachi has a plan. Raising Heart is trying to facilitate that. Taunting yes. Make Fate spend more energy. The plan of course, isn't the weaken Fate's reserves. After all. Nanoha isn't being stingy herself. A spinning blade of electricity comes spiraling through the air. She manages to avoid the inital swipe--- she's aware of it being a boomerang. It's been use before.

She turns around and she attempts to try to counter---except.

The 'Saber Explode' part is new and it explodes before it actually connects with her defense, causing her to explode downwards in the air--- but not before catching herself as she rights herself and spins around. There's red where she's bleeded from earlier, but she's still standing strong.

She raises her own palm as Raising Heart casts the spell. < STRIKE SMASHER. > it exclaims as the quick casting circle calls out, lashing out with a quick flash of a laser. This is a lot faster than her usual other spells- though it lacks power in exchange. Another trick she learned.

She finally replies back to Fate. "I'm right." she says. This is less of a taunt.

"I saw your back. You're wrong. They /hurt/ you Fate-chan." she says more seriously. Now she's talking about earlier as Raising Heart calls out again. < STRIKE SMASHER. > as another quick blast comes out from her palm. And again.

AND AGAIN. "No one who cares for you... NO ONE WHO LOVES YOU. WOULD DO THAT TO YOU." she suddenly says way, way more angrily at the concept.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 00:27:50 88508
    Kokoro's eyes flit between the screen and the actual fight a few times, her body and expression still frozen. Some corner of her mind picks up on... something. It's hard to notice. But some instinct is telling her that Nanoha isn't just fighting hard, that she's working some kind of plan. The little arcs of lightning dance more energetically... and then even more still, when Nanoha brings up the marks. Her fingers tense on the grip of her hammer.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-04 00:33:02 88509
Rashmi Terios reaches up, resting a hand on Kokoro's shoulder. "Easy, Dengeki-chan," she murmurs. "You're starting to spark."

The redhead would try for a smile, but, the tension is thick enough to chew... And at Nanoha's comment on Fate's back, she does a double-take from fight to friends. "Wait.... what?"
Takashi Agera 2018-02-04 00:34:04 88510
Of course, this fight have Riventon's attention - or at least the attention he's not currently focusing on using to avoid jumping in himself. But every move by both combatants is a flood of valuable information - not just in the moves themselves, but in the way Devices work with their masters to mold and shape energy and magic. Because Riventon is, first and foremost, someone who focuses on the hows and whys of things, and as the two powerful mages clash with all their personal might, there's a moment that is new - and impressive.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 00:41:55 88511
    Kokoro briefly tenses even more when Rashmi pats her shoulder, but then relaxes. The sparking settles out a little, but doesn't stop. "...Ain't a good idea to ever get me in the same room as Fate's mom," she mutters. There's a brief pause, then she adds, "...Nanoha's plannin'... I dunno. Something. Can't tell what. Feels like she ain't just swingin' for the jaw, though."
Koji Silvia 2018-02-04 00:42:05 88512
Koji's Bits might be detectable by Riventon's own Device, the Spion Bits just another complex mana construct tethered to their creator... the young man on the crane across the way, long hair being blown some in the wind as he continues to watch just like Kokoro... back and forth from what the screen shows, and what it happening in the distance.

Sniffing once, he gulps and then says two words in a whisper...

"...She's Angry..."

To which he can only speak to the image that is caught in the holographic screen, the close-shot of Nanoha's determinedly mad expression, her hardened eyes, the frown in her expression, the set to her jaw... all the signs of a young girl who has Had Enough.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 00:57:07 88513
    This girl has... Vastly improved.
    Fate cannot settle into her usual tactics for this fight anymore. By now Nanoha practically knows them all, and that means she has to resort to making herself faster, more unpredictable.
    Nanoha is not making it easy.
    But seeing the red bloom of blood on Nanoha's white Barrier Jacket shows that Fate can still get her hits in.
    'That's probably going to leave a scar', she thinks guiltily to herself.
    It is only when Nanoha brings up her own scars that she remembers them, and in that instant Fate's eyes harden. Memories dance in her head one by one, fleeting and vivid.
    Her mother, frantically working over a console, desperate and haggard.
    Her mother, hunched over her desk, sobbing over an old picture of herself and...
    Fate shakes them from her mind.
    "If I'm beaten here... I won't be able to help mother..." She whispers to herself, clenching her grip on Bardiche.
    "That is none of your concern." She replies with a voice as hard as steel, back to Nanoha.
    The memories flood back again, in spire of her attempts to push them aside for the moment.
    A picnic on a warm summer day, back on Mid-Childa...
    "If I lose... I won't be able to go back to the way things used to be..."
    A small girl stares up at her mother on her way to work.
    'Will you be late again, tonight?'
    'I'm sorry... There's a test next week. Once that's done I'll be able to take a little break.'
    'You bet. We can go anywhere you want.'
    'You promise?'
    'Mm. I promise... Alicia.'
    "I was always selfish and thinking about myself... Causing trouble for mother. I... ... I..."
    She trails off. That's not right...
    Fate's distraction is crippling. Like a victim of shellshock, she stares through Nanoha.
    "Alicia... That's not my..."
    It is the perfect opening, the second blast from Nanoha's palm connecting solidly, erupting point blank into Fate's chest. It sends her spiralling through the air, winded and caught off guard. But she catches herself after a brief fall.
    Bardiche's call heralds several bright gold restraints that snap to lock Nanoha in place. All for Fate to prepare her next line of assault... Countless golden orbs manifest behind her, like a legion of soldiers in perfect formation. She raises her Axe to the sky...
    "Photon Lancer, Phalanx Shift..." She whispers.
    And like a general on the field of battle, she lowers her Device, a flourishing motion signalling the relentless, unstoppable, fussilade of golden eneergy to fall upon the other girl like drops of electric rain.
    But she does not end there, raising her free hand, a great javelin of electricity forming, elongating, sharpening. Until she HURLS it with explosive force, to finish te job.
    "... Spark End..."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 01:13:21 88514
Nanoha Takamachi would probably stop if she knew what she was doing. Because Nanoha doesn't like to hurt people. Or someone who's been her rival for the last two years. Something is happening but before she can move---she's locked in place. Uh oh. That's no good. She signals Raising Heart to work on a Bind Break but those are not instant--- and the moment they actually break?---- there's already a quick, hard flash of a spear of light intruding into her position and there's probably a hard, fast electric explosion.

She didn't have enough time to get any sort of shield up so the latent hardening of her barrier jacket gets shredded in various places.

And it gets red where it wasn't before. She's not looking good. But she's still floating there as she shrieks into the blast.

When it's all over. She /has/ to take a second. But that's okay. Because. Raising Heart sends out a ping into her head.

That blast put it at the right levels she needed in the barrier world. Just barely. But it's enough. So she makes for a wide arc upwards as she stops midair and then looks down. "FATE-CHAN." she calls out. "Y---you keep. Going this alone and you think you're strong.... B-by yourself!" she says. The tone in her voice- that stammer isn't hesitation. She's hurt. And she's bleeding. She's yelling through the pain and the haze and that much is clear.

"But you're wrong about that and---I can prove it too!" she calls out. A bright, magenta circle forms up under her. "I've been working. On a new spell. To prove that...." she calls out. "Of my own design."

Raising heart calls out as the cast properly begins.


Magenta pinkpricks form in the air as the spell begins to draw in all the energy expended between them. Her's AND Fate's. Gathering and collecting all the energy from the casted spells--- and the resultant explosions and blasts and slices and bursts. Collecting into the air directly below her. Not to mention she's shoving almost everything she has left into it herself.

It expands dramatically fast and hard until it reaches a critical mass, beating out. "My power.... Your Power, Fate-chan.... and EVERYTHING RAISING HEART HAS TAUGHT ME...." she calls out.

"STARLIGHT BREAKER!" she calls out.

Something splits through that giant ball of energy before it just...turns into a tremendously powerful blast of energy. It's large. large enough perhaps to even try to avoid it. It lashes out past Fate and into the ground and AGAINST the barrier construct of the Sunset Tower. Takashi and anyone on top of the tower can feel it /shudder and begin to crack/--- that construct is likely CRUMBLING IT and probably also lashing out at other buildings and the barrier itself. Pushing against it, threating to collapse it-- through it'll probably hold out. Probably. At least until the tremendously powerful spell has resolved itself.

Also various devices of the others probably insist on putting up a shield at about the time of the sheer power of the spell begins to become realized as bursts of magic explode everywhere.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-04 01:18:16 88515
*bing!* << SOLAR SHIELD >>

Nicomachea's shield blinks into existence around the trio on the crane the moment the circle spreads out under Nanoha... which would normally be an annoying block on the battle, but thanks to Tyrfing's Bits, not so much.

Rashmi's eyes are glued to the screens, her breath indrawn in the manner of an amateur artist witnessing the Mona Lisa being painted. "Tyrfing, Koji-kun... do you see what she's doing? That's awesome, Nano-chan! You're using all the leftover magic from the entire fight to power that one spAUGH!" That's about when the blast lets loose, and the screaming magical fury begins. Lucky thing Rashmi's Flier Fin is still on, or she'd chance falling off the crane thanks to her startled flailing.
Koji Silvia 2018-02-04 01:21:47 88516
For his own part, Koji winces as Tyrfing's interactive construct discorporates and the Bits change to a Shield Formation behind the Solar Shield... as well as the screen as the image just vanishes... as Nanoha's power literally sucks in his Bits with the rest of it. He winces once as he feels the loss, and then brings his hand up to cover his eyes from the bright light!

"...very Angry..."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 01:25:45 88517
    Watching Nanoha take all that fire - oh you bet Kokoro's tensing up again. But the plucky little mage comes out of it still standing... and somehow Kokoro knows without knowing, that's all she needed. Something's about to happen. Whatever Nanoha was planning, this is it. "What's..." Whatever she might say, however, she falls silent. First for Nanoha's words...

    Then out of sheer awe.

    "...holy-" Up goes the Solar Shield. Just in time.

    Even protected, however, the thunderous magical girl's eyes are wide. "...that's what she was doin'. She led the entire fight to this. It looked like she was tryin' for a win by exhaustion, but then she was goin' all out too, so I couldn't figure... cripes, Takamachi, were you spendin' that whole fight just making this one shot stronger? That's... that ain't just halfway nuts." The quiet tone of her voice is one that's fairly new for her - a mix of pride and faint awe.
Takashi Agera 2018-02-04 01:42:12 88521
Riventon doesn't seem impressed - not at the goings on here. At least, not until Axion pings him. That's when his eyes go serious - and he looks over at Fate once before he raises his hand. There's an almost visible wince, but the danger here is too much to ignore - at least for himself. He still doesn't interfere in the obvious duel.


A dozen black tendrils of ink arise from the air beneath Riventon and coalsece into an sphere, liquid Dark Energy dripping off the solidified magic ward. And inside, he waits.,
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 01:47:01 88523
    That should be it... It should be over...
    Fate is breathless and panting as the dust and smoke settles. She had thrown her most powerful spells at Nanoha in double succession, intent to finish the fight. By all rights it should be done. Any moment now the smoke will clear and Fate will see the small redhead fall from the sky, one of her friends will inevitably catch her, Fate will get the last of the Jewel Seeds and this will be all over.
    Rasping for air, hands trembling as her body quakes from exertion, she waits patiently. She waited long enough for this victory, amfew more seconds longer is all that separates her from her mother's smile once again.
    Except that's not what happens.
    When the smoke DOES clear, Fate stares in horror at the sight that greets her. That girl. Nanoha. Right there before her. Bloody, beaten, and battered... But Not falling. She's not giving up.
    "No..." Fate whispers, her voice a hoarse croak. "NO!" She cries out, shock, horror, and rage bubbling to the surface in a single instant.
    Fate Testarossa screams.
    Calm, cool, level-headed, Fate Testarossa unleashes a cry bearing every ounce of months- no a lifetime- of frustration. This was supposed to be her moment to look up at the sky and say 'I did it, Mother. I did what you asked of me.' And Nanoha, stalwart, unyielding Nanoha has taken that away from her.
    Fate's rage is tempered fast when she realizes that girl is not just standing... She has something left in her. Something Fate, for all her speed, will be unable to dodge.
    Scarlet eyes widen as she watched in horror and awe as that one spell is formed. And it comes for her.
    She thrusts out a hand, pouring the last of her strength into shield after shield after shield, layering defenses one on top of the other in hopes she can weather the onslaught. She has to be at her limit... I just need to survive this! she thinks to herself as the giant ray streaks down toward her and hits her first shield.
    It shatters like sugar glass.
    Her second, third, and fourth, shields shatter like sugar glass.
    "... A focused bombardment..."
    Fate can only watch as her last shield forms hairline fractures. Her glove starts to disintegrate on her hand. All of that power comes weeping through the cracking shield, and with one last SNAP her final shield gives in.
    The last thing Fate sees as she tumbles through the air towards the roof of Sunset Tower is a world of endless pink light.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 01:50:07 88524
And then... eventually the giant, giant laser starts to taper-- fast. Because giant built up lasers burn very very bright but not forever-- and it finally dissipates into nothing. Then there's nothing. Except the tell magenta glow of Nanoha's flier fin.

Which is stuttering. She's breathing a little hard. That was. A lot to make a point. Raising Heart starts pinging in her head wildly. Her levels are dangerously low as she pants.

Yes Raising Heart, she's aware. She just...needs to... focus. Just. A little more. Just a little....

She passes out mid air. And high--- as Flier Fin shuts off due to a lack of sheer energy to keep it going left as she tilts forward and begins to fall straight down from that height, towards the ground.

Maybe gravity will beat her after all that. Afterall, her barrier jacket looks shredded. Surely it might not take the sudden jolt of a hard physical hit.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-04 01:54:02 88525
"Tyrfing, Dengeki, get Nano-chan, I've got Fate," Rashmi says, not even waiting for a response before blasting out at top speed toward the falling blonde. It's a calculated risk, but given that Riventon is very clearly here to cheer for Fate as they were for Nanoha... best it be her to talk to him, when they inevitably meet in the middle over Fate's passed-out self.

Axios gets another modem-fistbump, as if in tentative emphasis of the fact that they're not here to fight, but to support.
Koji Silvia 2018-02-04 02:04:27 88526
While Rashmi has given an order, and Koji is apt to follow it... something makes him pause a moment, even as he watches Nanoha fall silently through the air... something that doesn't feel right to him.



Koji... What's wrong?! Go save the girl!

But still Koji doesn't move as he says, "No... something doesn't feel right... regenerate and deploy all Bits, reconnaisance formation."

Tyrfing hesitates, and if he was visible his jaw would be dropping at the seemingly cold and calculating action of the young man, but as the Mage, he has authority and the trust of the hybrid Device, so the sheath on his back opens it's hatches and more of his Bits fly out, joining the others that are already there, until his whole compliment is floating around him, and then begins to spread out, all of them scanning the air and searching... leaving his trust in the Thunder Child to make the save...
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 02:08:25 88527
    Rashmi blasts off. Tyrfing and Koji go into full scan mode. "Wait, I can't-"

    But there's no time for objections, Nanoha is already falling pretty alarmingly fast. "," Dengeki Shoujo mutters to herself, already hurling herself off the crane in a long, thunderous leap down to the nearest rooftop. And from there, to another, and another - until she's on the nearest rooftop to where Nanoha /will/ be. She can't fly, but if she stands in the right spot and jumps at just the right moment, she can still catch the little mage.

    The downside is, she'll only have /one/ shot at it...
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 02:16:20 88528
    When Fate lands in a tumbled heap in Rashmi's arms... She isn't moving. But she is breathing.
    Mid-Childan magic is non-lethal after all, unless I properly trained.
    And for a long moment she remains down, fading in and out of consciousness and only able to bask in the agony of her sorrow and defeat. Her lashes flutter. She stirs. And then scarlet eyes flicker half open. There is a brief instant where she realizes she's in someone's arms, and Fate tenses from the physical contact.
    "I lost..." She whispers, more to herself than to Rashmi. Before she glances back skyward. She sees it. The drunken way Nanoha wobbles in the air. How her flight spell gives out and she begins to fall...
    Fate makes a strangled noise in her throat and squirms. Before she leaps free of Rashmi's grasp.
    With barely any strength left, she freefalls, hurling herself through the air towards Nanoha to grasp onto the shredded collar of the girl's Barrier Jacket. It takes all she has left just to slow the descent, and she starts to very wildly off course as a result. She's going to need some assistance to reach Kokoro's jump vector, and she's struggling.
Takashi Agera 2018-02-04 02:27:17 88530
As soon as Riventon's ink shield vanishes into fog, he takes stock of what's going on. That was a lot of energy - he's glad he spent the effort to set up things to send raw data back to UMBRA's machines! But he barely has any time to pat his own back as he surveys the damage.

And when Fate rushes to save Nanoha - and is looking perilously close to being sunk under the water - Riventon moves. **Fast** through the Dusk Zone, and he's there with the two of them, Dark-energy aided strength helping Fate to help Nanoha and keep them both above the water and moving forward.

"I don't think either of you are in any shape to be swimming right now." he notes, as he helps pull them away from the water and towards Kokoro.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 02:32:57 88532
    Fate hurtles in to start moving Nanoha her way. Kokoro grits her teeth.

    Riventon Exact-Opposite-Of-Flash Steps over to the both of them to give even more push. Kokoro's expression grows flat and disbelieving.

    "...are you kidding me. How many of you people I gotta save?!"

    It's probably a blessing in disguise that the rapid nature of the problem forestalls any further complaint. She sounds like there's more she'd like to say. But down the trio comes, and Kokoro waits, waits, teeth gritted, boots crackling with a building charge - and then with no preamble, she very suddenly launches herself like a rocket.

    The arc is perfect. The speed is hefty. Being caught probably results in a minor case of whiplash. And the landing is rough - mostly because it involves Dengeki Shoujo turning in mid-air so that her back hits the next roof first and the other three are cushioned by her body. "WHFF-!" But hey, any landing you can walk away from. soon as the ache stops.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 02:35:37 88533
If Nanoha could had made that spell deadly, she would not had so. Hurt a whole lot? Maybe that's something else. She's freefalling. It's something she hears that starts to peek her awake.


"Nrg---?" she mutters as her eyes start to peek open and she's suddenly aware of her predicament. "F..fate-chan?" she asks as she looks up sharply. She's trying. Nanoha doesn't have the energy to move them. IF she could, she would- and she imagines it's the same for Fate. They both spent a lot fighting.

"I'm going to----"

And then there's Riventon and he's guiding them towards... is that Dengeki-chan? It is!

Thud. That's the sound of being caught!. And by caught we mean. Land on Kokoro hard enough. Hopefully also with Fate-chan. Riventon most likely has enough energy to not become street pizza too. But maybe also Riventon too.

"I may have." she says. "Overdid it." she says, as she kind of looks around for Fate out of the corners of her eyes. Whoops. Also. Understatement of the century but that's besides the point.
Precia Testarossa 2018-02-04 02:40:52 88534
    There is a slight bzzt in the air as Precia Testarossa appears somewhere on top of the mess of the Sunset Tower. At least in the barrier world here. The first thing she does it point towards Arf and makes a 'come hither' motion. What actually happens is her collar glows.... and an active Jewel Seed flies from it. Her hand glows as she clenches it hard into her hand--- sealing it- using the glow of the magic to protect herself from it's taint so to speak. Why Arf had an active Jewel Seed there is anyone's guess. Probably for a really bad reason. Maybe making sure Fate would do what she needed to.

    But that doesn't matter anymore right now. She looks back over at the others. She'd been watching perhaps. "Fate. To me. Bring me the Jewel Seeds." she says clearly out in a call. Her tone is it's usual cold tone to it. She sounds unhappy. That is nothing new.

    She does not introduce herself. She merely calls out to command Fate. She does add. "ALL of the Jewel Seeds." she says. It's clear what she means by that.
Takashi Agera 2018-02-04 02:50:55 88535
Riventon doesn't become street pizza - instead he just arrests his fall and floats there because he doesn't take orders from Gravity. Mostly, he doesn't do much of anything else - until Precia appears, and her presence makes the teen take a step back, even though he's in the air - it's a noticable falter, and he instinctively puts his hand up to ready a ward. But his other hand is a clenched fist.

After all, the last time he really encountered Precia directly, she knocked him through a dimension and out of two seperate henshins. One of which he no longer has.

Axion clicks, and something heavy slots into place within his gauntlet. He doesn't act, yet, but the face he's putting in her direction is a mixture of worried, offended, and angry. Still angry. Angry about the fight and about Fate's back. So angry.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 02:53:07 88536
    It's not the best landing, but it's better than the other options.
    "Th-thank you, Takashi." She barely manages, before Kokoro catches them all and brings them down.
    A stunned, sputtering, little blonde slowly sits herself up. "I..."
    She doesn't get more than a word out before the air tingles with a familiar power. Power she recognizes as Precia apparates upon the Sunset tower. Even from a building away Fate would recognize her own mother's approach.
    The girl stiffens, her grip clenching on Bardiche, the Device cracked and battered.
    "I... I lost." She states the obvious, voice trembling with the weight of her failure. "B-Bardiche, release."
    The Device hesitates. Before he decides to follow his wielder's request.
    [PUT OUT]
    Ten Jewel Seeds float free. Ten she had intended to give Precia on her own, maybe impress her. Hopefully, anyway.
    Ten Lost Logia that are now technically Nanoha's after her loss of the bet.
    She wouldn't dare deny her mother.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-04 02:55:35 88537
As Fate pushes away from her, Rashmi soars after. Not terribly upset that Riventon cheats his way to help Fate first, she comes to a halt somewhere between the boy and Dengeki, and one glance at Riventon's clenched fist tells her all she needs to know. When someone can make Riventon feel helpless and outraged...

Her mouth presses into a thin line as the Jewel Seeds are released into Precia's 'care.' Buton the emphasis, the redhead holds Nicomachea to her chest with both arms, jewel interface pointed outward. "She doesn't have any more," she says, her voice flat.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 02:55:47 88538
    "...y'don't say..." Kokoro grunts in reply to Nanoha. She lets her head drop back to the rooftop for a moment, and blows out a breath - and that's about the instant the goosebumps hit. What...?

    With a groan of effort, the magical girl pushes herself to sit up - and grunts in pain, pausing in the act of doing so. Long enough for Precia to speak, and for the sheer sound of the woman's voice to spawn an instant dislike. "...tch... that ain't gonna..." The objection rings hollow - she's slowly getting on her feet, but with a drop that long backed by the weight of two people, even Kokoro 'the fastest way around a wall is through it' Akakuma is gonna be slow getting vertical again. "Fate, no, that ain't..."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 02:58:23 88539
Nanoha Takamachi almost smiles and is about to say something when.... Precia Testarossa appears. Oh god. Fate's Mom. The woman who.... threatened to hurt Tokyo after everyone had come back from D-point. That she gave up Jewel Seeds to stop.

"PRECIA!" she calls out. "NO! THE JEWEL SEEDS ARE DANGEROUS! WHATEVER YOU PLAN TO DO....." she yells. Fate seems to think that her mother is a good person. That there's a good reason she wants the Jewel Seeds. So she's putting that much faith in it.

Maybe hoping she can be talked away from whatever she's doing.

She does notice Riventon's reaction though. What happened there?
Koji Silvia 2018-02-04 03:07:40 88540
Koji... no, this is a bad idea...

"Since when is it ever a GOOD idea."

Okay, I'm the first Device out there to throw down on a good challenge. But she's not S-rank. She's off the scale. Even if we're in full Unison, this is not a fight we can win easily.

Koji steps off the edge of the crane and begins to plummet down towards street level, "This isn't a fight for us, Tyrfing. This is for them. I'm sick of it. We've got a target, we've got a mission. This is what we do."

Hot damn, kid... allright, I got your back.

"And I've got their's. FLUGMODUS!"


Three Bits lock on Koji's back, creating his flight wings to carry him into an upwards arc towards where Precia and Arf are, and where the Jewel Seeds are beginning to go. The other 18 bits form into 6 wings of 3, 3 on each side, and their tips begin to glow with Silver-Blue mana. As he passes over the gang he says, "Rashmi! Give Dengeki a flight Boost! Help those two. We'll stall her as long as we can!"
Precia Testarossa 2018-02-04 03:20:08 88541
    Ten Jewel Seeds. This is more than enough now. She can see Koji getting ready. She isn't caring. These are gnats. She doesn't give them the time of day. She does shoot a glance to Nanoha Takamachi though. Was she watching earlier? Yes she did. Though her eyes seem to shine a moment. Maybe like what Fate remembers.

    Then there is a smile. But it isn't the one Fate remembers. It's all wrong. All very very wrong. "With this I can...."

    Fate says the world mother. Mother. Then she looks down at that face. Fate's face. Alica's 'face'. The face that's been mocking her for the past many years. "Mother...." she says quietly.

    That smile turned into a twisted scowl. She raises her hand and she backhands Fate directly in the face. "You.... you....." she says raising her hand back, and then there's the tell tale purple bzzt of a whip- and that comes down with a crack. "You're nothing but a tool. A thing I created---!" she says with that smile again- mad and wide. "You're not my daughter. You're not Alica...." she then scowls. "And I am tired of this thing. That wears her face." she says again. That whip comes down again. "THAT MOCKS HER MEMORY!" she says out.

    "Your usefulness is at an end..." she says. "Project: FATE." she says as she raises her hand over her head for what looks like a more final strike.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 03:31:13 88542
    Maybe now Precia will approve of her?
    Fate dares to look up. There is no eye contact, but she dares to look up. "Mother? I-"
    Whatever she was going to ask is cut off by the sharp crack of Precia's palm across Fate's face. It is a credit to the last of the girl's strength that she can even take the blow standing, but after that she crumples to her knees.
    "FATE!" Arf howls.
    "But I... Did everything you asked..."
    She doesn't understand. She has broken herself for Precia repeatedly, all to see her mother's smile. Fate can only watch in numb confusion as that familiar lash is summoned. She does nothing to stop it as it comes down and belts Fate down. "A-ah!"
    Comprehension of the pain comes after the shock, and she curls up into a ball. There's that name again. Alicia.
    "M... Mother... That's not... My name..." She protests, meek, pained, blind and confused to the truth.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 03:35:32 88543
    Shock. Bare, undisguised shock. Kokoro's eyes go wide, full of stark disbelief. "Wh... what the /hell/?! No, don't- what are you even-"

    Arcs of tiny lightning start to dance across her arms. Her legs. Shoulders, her body, from her to the ground. Tiny crackles, but steadily growing larger and louder. "Wh... what the /hell/... don't you lay one more finger..." Already, she's starting to push herself to her feet, but even a building fury can only push her so much faster. "You dirty...!" This is one she's not gonna stop in time.
Takashi Agera 2018-02-04 03:38:02 88544
Riventon hears the first crack of the whip and... it hits fate... and the rest is somewhat of a blur.

When you embrace Dark Energy, and you channel it, some emotions get softer, and some get louder. Hate is one of those emotions that grows. Anger is another. You can draw strength from it, if you are already hearing those whispers. But it doesn't mean your heart is necessarily blackened and without caring for someone else. It means your lust for vengance when they're hurt can overwhelm a lot of things. Like common sense, or decency.

"You stop... stop that right now, you wretched old hag!" The machinery in Riveton's gauntlet grows loud, making banging sounds and each bang accompanies a shockwave of energy as he doesn't even move through the Dusk Zone, merely moving at breakneck, near Fate-herself speeds to interpose himself between Fate and that whip with one hand, while the other hand holds a sphere of raw black energy that would be darker than the surrounding reality even if the world was pitch black. With one hand a barrier shield erupts but with the other hand, just outside of it, he unleashes a small but concentrated, poisonious, noxious burst of Dark Energy that is raw and pure, at Precia's hand which grips the whip. "I will END you if you swing at her again." There's a crazed certainty in his voice, that hate far overwhelming any feelings of fear or powerlessness he had. That and about four Dark Energy cartridges.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 03:41:38 88545
Nanoha Takamachi has to process what happens next because she doesn't understand at first-- but that's only a /second/ before she's just screaming. "/PRECIA. YOU... YOU..../" she screams as she begins running with Raising Heart in her hand. That's also busted. Raising Heart's central orb is glowing. It's also heavily glowing. "STOP IT!" she screams. "STOP IT! SHE'S STILL YOUR......" she's shaking in her voice. She wishes she had energy to speed up. or fly. She has to run. Run powerlessly.

Someone else acts first though. It's Riventon. Riventon saying the kind of stuff really wants to say. Calling Precia a name like hag. Saying she wants to end her...

Maybe someone needed to say it. Even if Nanoha is trying hard not to even think it. Because.

Fate still thought a lot of her mother. Would Fate even still be sad if Riventon did end her right now? She doesn't want to find out right now. Right now. She just wants to get Fate away from that... that woman.
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-04 03:42:34 88546
The plan was hasty, but it was a plan. And since no plan survives first contact with the enemy...

The moment Precia has the whip out, Rashmi has Nicomachea open. Though she flinches at the first strike, her voice is small and hard as she looks down at her book. "Nicomachea.... Sealing Mode."

By the second strike, her Device is reconfigured, and she raises the book high, pouring all the mana she can muster into the one spell she thinks can put momentum on their side.

*bing!* << STRIKE BLESS -- BOOST UP >>

ribbons of golden light stream from her book, eeling through the air and wrapping tight around the right hand of each of her allies; Tyrfing, Dengeki, Nanoha, Riventon... and even Fate. Because sometimes being a friend is helping someone punch a jerk in the mouth.

And that's the gift she gives to all her friends; the power to punch hard.
Koji Silvia 2018-02-04 03:51:38 88547
As Koji flies up towards Precia, the first strike is met by three Bits forming into a tri-gram Barriereform, and are shattered and dispersed by the impact, like ablative armor. The second one is intercepted by the same, leaving Koji with 12 left and his Flight Wings.

But as he hits the apex he thinks to Tyrfing, 'How long until we can use Stumrschlag?'

The ribbons wrap around him and the gold infuses into his armor, giving him shining accents that glimmer and glow...

Thirty seconds, My Lord.

Bringing up one hand, he sweeps it towards Precia, yelling out, "SCHNELL BARRET!"


A withering barrage of twelve machine-gun like pulses fly out towards the woman, intent on breaking down her Shields, stopping her from casting anything else... or at least buying a few seconds of distraction for the other to recover and regroup.
Precia Testarossa 2018-02-04 03:54:02 88549
    Precia Testarossa is being yelled at. She's been yelled at before by various TSAB agents. The yelling is not new. The blast that throws her off balance and stops her from landing another hit. She scowls at Riventon and raises her hand. Maybe she's gonna try to throw him through floors again. But she can hear the varying call outs of support spells.

    She's so close to her desire. "No. Not now. I'm so close to opening Al-Hazard. When I do... I'll have what I need to bring back my Alica..." she says in a moment of off kilter lucidity. She takes a deep breath.

TShe looks down to Fate and says cooly, without even a flinch in her tone or candor.

"I always hated you.".

    She lets the air around her spark in the smell of ozone as she dissapears off to the Garden of Time. She has all the Jewel Seeds she needs to bring back her daughter. She has so much work to do in a short time frame.

    And there's no telling if Riventon has a way to access the Garden of Time. Or Fate betraying her and bringing them here.

TKoji's shots fly through the air just as she dissapears, peppering the ground there. Just a millisecond too late. He almost had a direct hit.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-02-04 04:07:26 88550
    This is all going so wrong. Fate had done everything Precia asked and yet still she gets the lash. So many mixed singals fly through the girl's mind as she still reels from the shock and the pain. She does not get up though.
    Like a good, dutiful, daughter she remains right where she is waiting for the next strike, to fulfil whatever punishment she deserves for...
    Why is she being punished again?
    It's a question only Precia can answer.
    Fate never held a candle to her daughter. The woman's true daughter.
    Precia says that name again. Puzzle pieces slot into place. Memories from Alicia's life flash through Fate's mind.
    A bright light in the distance getting closer... And then darkness.
    Fate was a replacement. Nothing more.
    It's when Precia says something else that she freezes.
    I always hated you.
    Fate's face falls, her expression replaced with a blank look of shock as the luster fades from her eyes.
    Fate falls silent.
    She remains silent.
    She will stay silent, no matter who may reach out to her.
    She shouldn't exist, and it finally clicks in for the girl.
    She has been cast aside as refuse.
    Fate Testarossa, once proud daughter of Precia Testarossa, heir to the Testarossa bloodline, was never real, her entire life was a lie, and this realization is more than enough to break the child into silent catatonia.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-02-04 04:11:38 88551
    Dengeki finally pushes herself to her feet. The electricity flickering across and around her has, by this point, grown rather loud. She settles her grip on her hammer, and hefts it up again-

    -and four words float through the air.

    Four simple words. Four words spoken so calmly. So plainly.

    Four words that, for a second or two, utterly still the storm that is Kokoro Akakuma. She is agape, brought to a total, screeching halt by what she just heard.

    And then the sparks start again. Small. Not so small. Loud. Louder. It reaches a point where people might not want to stand too close. Her grip is so tight on the hammer that her hands are shaking. And the arcs of lightning are starting to draw interesting patterns on the rooftop.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-02-04 04:15:02 88552
Nanoha Takamachi finally gets to Fate, and she reaches out, to try to touch Fate. To grab a hand or.. a shoulder or. Anything. "Fate-chan!" she says with wide eyes. She wants to say something. But she doesn't know what to say. She can see that look on Fate's face. Nanoha looks angry. Angry at Precia. How could someone say something like that to... to..... She'll embrace Fate. "Fate-chan... please. You can't listen to her! Please.. you have to...." she is interrupted.

Yuuno had been running but then he hears 'Al-Hazard' and 'Opening It' and he speeds up his running and halfway there he gives up and turns back into the dirty blonde haired colored young boy because he can better. He's panting.

"SHE'S PLANNING TO OPEN A DOOR TO AL-HAZARD!?" he says out of breath. "We-- we can't let that happen. The Belkans opened a door to Al-Hazard and their civilization disappeared overnight." he says. "We can't.. that can't happen!" he says.

Nanoha's eyes go wide as she looks around. "We have to get.. help.." she says as she fumbles around her person. She grabs the Virtue phone Lindy had given her. She'll make a call to Virtue. They have to go after Precia right now. They need someone to take care of Fate-chan if she can't.. can't come to in the next moments. They need help from people that didn't spend most of their energy fighting each other to try to prove a point to someone else. She needs someone willing to transfer energy to her.

They need a lot of hope right now.

The next few hours are gonna be messy.
Takashi Agera 2018-02-04 04:34:42 88553
"We can't let her get away with anything she just did." Riventon snarls. "Or anything she wants to do. She has to be destroyed utterly for this." He's still seething with that Dark Energy Fueled Rage. For a moment. But then it visibly leaves him and he slouches. "Fate-chan." he whispers. Then he looks to Nanoha.

"I'm staying with her until she gets somewhere to recouperate." He says it firmly, but there's a false conviction in his voice, he's exhausted now too. "Then... we can figure out how to stop that woman who pretended to be her mother." He won't call Precia Testarossa Fate's Mother, not ever again - Takashi knows a thing or two about idolizing mothers. "But... Fate first."
Rashmi Terios 2018-02-04 04:38:06 88554
"Fate first," Rashmi says, bobbing her head. "You can trust Lindy-sama though, I know she'll do everything she can for her. You might make them nervous, Riventon-san.... but I'll vouch for you."

A worried side-eye goes toward Kokoro, because that is a kind of anger that is rare even from the blisteringly angry. "Dengeki-chan... take a couple breaths, okay?"