More Sustenance Required

Alexis and Kyouko talk ongoing threat level over burgers. Lacrima shows up to add gumbo to the mix. Kriegsfauste really, really wants Alexis to eat.

Date: 2018-02-06
Pose Count: 19
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 18:27:24 88556
It's an odd little thing in the frat house. A length of chain suddenly comes up from below and wraps along the railing of the balcony.

And right behind it, comes what's on the other end of the retracting chain-- a tall figure in a high-collared, multi-belted sleeveless long coat reminiscient of old student uniform coats draped over breastplate and armored legs, swinging over the balcony just before the chain releases from the railing and retreats fully into a massive black and red gauntlet. Face concealed behind an ornate, t-visored helmet, and other gauntleted hand holding... a huge, overstuffed plastic bag.

The glass door to the balcony is consequently slid open to permit the figure inside, peering inside before a deep, booming voice from beneath the helmet calls out "Hello! I brought burgers!" just as he slides the door shut behind him.

With no answer, the voice of the figure switches to... german, of all things, while he mutters to himself (though the voice is no less booming for it);

"<Either no one's home or they're just not paying attention.>"

Slowly, the armored figure stomps his way towards the couch arrangement of the living room proper, and another voice chimes in-- a loud, synthesized voice.


"<...Suppose that's one way to look at it.>"


"<Yeah, yeah, mom.>"


"<THat was a joke.>"


"<...You gettin' smart with me?>"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 18:36:21 88557
    Kyouko doesn't actually live at the ECFH, but most of the time it seems as though she might as well. Just as the Mysterious Figure is breaking in via the balcony below, she is coming down from the roof, dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, her standard 'I've been at or am going to work' outfit. The only clue that she has actually been in the apartment, rather than just arriving via rooftop access, is the fact that she is barefoot.

    There is only a brief pause upon finding a tall, armored figure standing near the kitchen and arguing with himself in German. Kyouko likely recognizes Alex, even if she hasn't actually seen him in his henshin before (although she might have done so, in passing). This is probably a good thing, because she's gotten enough blood on the floor of the ECFH over the years that she's not in any particular hurry to add to the cleaning tab.

    Her nose twitches, as she catches the scent of food. "Either the burger place really changed up their delivery uniform," She says as she enters the room, "Or there's some sort of crisis which requires bribery with food."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 18:43:38 88558
The sound of footsteps is likely what Stahlritter notices first, with that t-visored helmet turning towards the source before Kyouko really speaks up.

But, in response to the words from her, one gauntleted hand lifts up the bag and that booming voice declares, in japanese, "Just takeout," before a rapid *clickclackclickclack* resounds from the helmet itself as various platings start retracting from around the figure's head, only for the whole thing to disappear into a puff of mana dust-- leaving visible the face of one (1) Alexis.

"Yo," he offers then, with a flash of teeth. "I was hungry. You want some? Krieg think I should be eating a lot more now that I'm like this and only mostly recovered, but I would feel bad if I didn't give out some of this stuff."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 18:55:47 88559
    Kyouko eyes Alex as his helmet starts to come off, then seems to just give up and vanish altogether. "Neat." Is her general pronouncement on that, and then she shrugs as Alex asks if she 'wants some'. As if he is totally unfamiliar with her, or something. "I can take some of that off yer hands." She says, doing her best to position herself as the magnanimous benefactor rather than the food-mooch that she actually is.

    She walks into the kitchen and leans on the half-wall, propping her chin on her hand and her elbow on said counter as she regards the guy on the other side. "Nice outfit. I'm glad to see you're getting along with your.. y'know, thing." She gestures in the vague direction of the gauntlet. "Means I have to worry about you less when you go out and try to punch something supernatural."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 19:04:24 88560
And thus up comes Alex to the kitchen, diverting from the original destination of the living room den in favor of following after the redhead. Bringing up the full bag to set it on the dividing counter.

"We had our... problems, but..." He brings one of those gauntleted hands up, making a show of flexing the metallic fingers and closing them in again. "Stuff happened over at Norie's place. So... I had to make a choice, you know? At the very least this thing isn't exploding on me or beaconing my mom's people to swarming this place afterall."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 19:07:15 88561
    "There's no such thing as power without a price." Kyouko says, well-schooled on the sacrifices one has to make in order to be able to stand in the supernatural world without getting one's face caved in. "But we all make our accomodations with it. If it ain't trying to kill you you're a step above some others I know." She eyes the bag, but apparently has been thwapped enough times to instill the basic manners of allowing him to open it before tearing it open herself.

    "Though for the record, I almost wish they would try to swarm this place. It's been too long since I've had somebody I could stab without feeling guilty about it." A faint twist of her lips and a cast of red eyes to the side. "I ain't built for peace."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 19:20:33 88562
"Yeah," Alex lets out in a breath, turning a look over Kyouko. He doesn't say anything, but-- she knows he knows certain things about Puella. It's the kind of look that speaks of him understanding all too well, but electing not to outright say anything for propriety's sake.

In the meantime, he works the bag open, and duly brings out the topmost tinfoil wrapping and slides it across the counter to Kyouko's reach. "Two patties, melty cheddar, bacon and bacon jam. Enjoy."

The redhead's last commentary earns her a sharp look, though. "I appreciate the... eagerness to take the fight to my folks, but I am in the camp of trying to avoid trouble with them until necessary. My mom alone has some serious heavy-duty power to toss around from what I've heard, and... a lot of resources. Both mundane and magical. And yet they never caught the eye of anyone here until that whole mess with me. I've dealt with enough mundie-level organized crime to know that if there's someone who can toss a lot of force alongside with financial and political pull about while still flying under the radar, they are *serious* shit, you know? There's hardly any real intel, too, and..." He looks to the left, and frowns.

"...Tell you the truth, I'm kind of afraid of what they might have gotten from me while I was. Under."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 19:26:45 88563
    Kyouko snatches up the foil-wrapped burger and has it unwrapped and a bite taken out of it practically before Alex can even finish telling her what's on it. With her mouth full, she asks, "What's bacon jam?" Apparently the need to know what she's putting in her mouth does not outweigh the need to eat it, though.

    She chews and swallows while Alex goes on about his parents, before putting the burger down momentarily to consider him across the counter. "I didn't mean like.. that I specifically wanted to fight your parents, although don't get me wrong, if they bring the fight I ain't gonna back down. I just meant that I'm getting antsy without anybody trying to kill me. It don't seem right."

    "But look dude.. I ain't about to underestimate your parents, or anybody. But we did take down an evil space queen, a meteor-driving city-devouring plant-monster, and a Witch the size of a hurricane that can level cities. It's not that the threat isn't serious, but. If your mom, or anybody, thinks that money and power is enough to get the better of us," a vague gestures to the apartment, encompassing both the residents and their friends and allies, "Then they're the ones who seriously need to reconsider what they are getting into. I'd tell them to ask Queen Beryl what power and influence can achieve, except they'd have to reconstitute her atomized remains in order to do so."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 19:37:17 88564
"It's bacon and sugar and some other stuff mixed up into like a sauce," Alex offers in explanation to Kyouko-- and he just grins at the sight of her asking that with her mouth full of BURGA. Apparently he's just more amused rather than put off by her table manners (or lack thereof).

"But no, what I'm sayin' here..." He murmurs on then, just as the rest of the outfit around Alex flashes, and it all is replaced with... a much less impressive dark-grey hoodie and jeans. And bare hands. Much better for taking another burger out and undoing the wrapping. "These people are dangerously smart. And they have plenty enough ability to go dealing with the supernatural-- and clearly willingness for it too. That's a dangerous combination. Especially since..." He peeks down towards his pocket. "Krieg says his archives of being in the Raskoph Congolomerate's holding goes on for several decades. Since well before we were born. They have had a long time to set themselves up with whatever. And if they are going to act like I fear they might, it's not just folks like us they might go after in order to put pressure down. Get my meaning?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 19:40:35 88565
    Anyone expecting table manners from Kyouko clearly doesn't know her very well, but at the very least she's been trained not to spray crumbs all over the counter- at least most of the time. Still, before she manages to open her mouth to speak again, like half the burger has vanished down her insatiable gullet.

    "I get what you're saying. All I'm saying is that we've faced as bad or worse before, and if they're gonna mess with my friends then doing nothing about it don't sit right with me, no matter how smart or powerful they are. We've dealt with smart and powerful before. It wasn't enough then and it won't be enough now." Her confidence, at the very least, is impressive whether or not it is entirely in-touch with reality, though the track record she speaks of is real enough.

    She sighs. "But, I appreciate the fact that you don't want anybody takin' them lightly. There's a difference between feeling prepared and feeling overconfident."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 19:52:27 88566
Alex isn't very far behind, at least, once he gets a burger into the open for himself. Most of the burger is practically inhaled up on his part by the time Kyouko starts talking again. Becoming a magical boy certainly did wonders for his appetite if nothing else.

"For what it's worth," he murmurs then, while wiping at his mouth with one of the tissues provided with the takeout itself. "I'm not sayin' not to do anythin'. I'd be a hell of a hypocrite if I said to do that. Especially when--"

Flashback to Alexis in London charging headfirst into a gang hideout over stolen jewelry from a friend's family.

Back to present. "... Uh... You know what I mean. Ahem. Anyway, I'm just sayin', with things like this, you gotta play smart rather than just hard, you know?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 20:05:13 88567
    "Well, I'm not gonna go looking for trouble." Kyouko says, in a tone which suggests that she'd like very much to do that but certain people whose opinion she values would be severely displeased with her if she did. "But if trouble comes to me, I ain't exactly going to turn and walk away.. like I said. I'm getting antsy. It's tough to be a fighter with nothin' to fight."

    Then she smirks a bit. "Though playing it 'smart' has never exactly been my strong suit. Then again, in my experience, going hard works perfectly well if you just go hard enough. The problem is people ain't willing to follow through." She laughs, then takes another bite of burger. "Though I got people to do the thinking for me these days.. when there's time. So maybe you should be talking to nii-chan or Naru. Me, I just look at what's in front of me and then decide where to stab it."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 20:25:19 88568
"Well shit no, if they actually decide to come here, then stab. All of the stabbing and such. Just..." Another burger gets unwrapped, and one more pushed to the way of Kyouko. "I kind of don't expect them to. It wouldn't be the smart kind of play. And don't get me wrong, I play plenty hard too, but..." A quick, huge chomp taken off burga. "Mmmmph. Hard can still be controlled. The trick is in figuring out how to be the one in control of it. Don't discount yourself on that part, Red. You're sharper than you might acknowledge yourself."
Lacrima 2018-02-06 20:25:26 88569
This is about when Lacrima enters through the balcony after a general small wisp of dark energy and small distortion of dimensional space signals her step through the balcony. She has a basket with her filled with. Things. Mainly sausages and shrimp and various other weird spicy smelling spices.

She blinks. "Ah... Alexis-niisan, and Kyouko Sakura. Hello." she says. "Excuse me. I'm going to the kitchen quick." she says. "I brought things to make more gumbo." she says. "Since people seemed to like it last time." she says. She places the items in there, as she walks back and head tilts.

"What's... going on. Is everything okay?" she asks quietly.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 20:30:04 88570
    "I don't do well with control." Kyouko says, tossing her head in such a way as to make her hair flip lightly over one ear. "I do best when I'm out of control. Just.. need to make sure I'm pointed in the right direction first." She doesn't acknowledge the comment about being sharper than she admits, but there might be just a hint of pink in her cheeks as she takes the next bite of her burger. Compliments are something Kyouko has never quite gotten used to.

    She glances up as Lacrima enters, frowning slightly, but she is under instructions not to mess with the girl, so she just nods her head in return to the greetings. Anyway, it's hard to argue with gumbo. "Nothing much." She says in response to the question of what's going on. "Alex brought burgers and we were just discussing.." SHe pauses, then says, "Tactical approaches."
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 20:36:29 88571
Wether the pink on Kyouko's skin is noticed or not, Alex still flashes a vague smile to her... right before tha telltale sign of spatial muckery happening nearby. ANd the smell of food.

Alex's attention goes on towards Lacrima, thusly, and he lifts a hand up. "Hey, Imouto," he offers, right before he pushes himself over, taking a quick few steps into arm's reach, and...

...Pulls the girl into a quick, one-armed hug. Much like any good, embarrassing big brother would to a little sister. "I was hungry. Got food... *Lot* of food. But, uh..."

Cue the synthesized voice of Kriegsfauste informing, helpfully, in Belkan; <MORE SUSTENANCE REQUIRED FOR RECOVERY>

"...Yeah, that. So... gumbo's good too."
Lacrima 2018-02-06 20:41:23 88572
Ack, awak, hug. At least she deals with it better. There's a hug returned. It's not as strong. "Most magical people require a larger intake of food." she asides. "Gumbo'll be fine. It'll need a few hours before it's ready when I start it." she says softly. She eyes Kyouko. "Tactical approaches." she says. "Is that what we're calling running forward and trying to stab it head on?" she asks with just a little snark as she starts heading back towards the kitchen. "I mean. That seems to be what everyone does. Stab. Or punch. Or hit. Or beam it." she says softly.

"I'll go get started." she says more softer.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-02-06 20:44:25 88573
    Kyouko looks mildly amused at the awkward hug- nevermind the fact that she has much the same sort of interactions with Kunzite, or at least they did in days gone by.

    She finishes the last of her burger and balls up the foil, turning to neatly toss it into the garbage can before she sticks her tongue out at Lacrima, showing off the small red metal stud she has pierced through it. "Running straight at something and stabbing it is a valid tactical approach. Nii-chan says so." Then she huffs softly, before turning to move back into the living room.

    "Anyway, I should probably get back downstairs. Momo should be getting home soon, and Naru probably soon after that. Um.. if there's gumbo later I might come back." She punches Alex on the arm as she passes him. "Nice chattin' with ya, bud." Then she's heading for the door to take the elevator down. Like a normal person for once.
Stahlritter 2018-02-06 20:50:09 88574
"Be nice," Alex says in an almost-chiding tone down to Lacrima, with that previously-hugging arm coming up to guide his hand to teasingly tousling the girl's hair.

And the punch to his arm earns Kyouko a quick knuckle-bump to her shoulder while she's still in reach. "Yeah. Try not to trip on something nasty. 'Least while I'm not in punchin' range too."